Paper Girls Season 2: Everything We Know So Far

Paper Girls


Paper Girls is a science fiction drama that premiered on Amazon Prime Video in July 2022. Based on the critically acclaimed comic book series of the same name by Brian K. Vaughan and Cliff Chiang, the show was created by Stephany Folsom, and took audiences on a thrilling time-travelling adventure.


The show follows the escapades of four extraordinary girls (Erin, Tiff, KJ, and Mac) who run into a conflict between time-travelling factions while on a mundane paper delivery route. Paper Girls’ unique blend of nostalgia, thrilling action, and heartwarming character development cemented its place in the hearts of fans.


To recreate the atmosphere of the 1980s, the production team meticulously planned and brought back vintage clothing, hairstyles, props and set designs for the filming in Chicago, Illinois. The cast included Riley Lai Nelet, Sofia Rosinsky, Fina Strazza, and Camryn Jones, who delivered nuanced performances, capturing the complexities of friendship, self-discovery, and facing the unknown.


The series received critical acclaim for its performances, story, and visual effects. Paper Girls made a lasting impression on viewers and critics alike. The show’s exploration of themes like female empowerment, coming-of-age, and sparked discussions on time travel and where the next season of the series could go.




Official Announcement on Paper Girls Season 2


Paper Girls is an Amazon Prime series that was inspired by a graphic novel series of the same name written by Brian K. Vaughan and illustrated by Cliff Chiang. The project received a go-ahead in July 2020 and premiered on the platform in July 2022.


Upon release, the series was well-received by critics and fans, but within a month, the series was cancelled by Amazon Prime. The reason for cancellation is the low viewership numbers. The series ranked #1 in the top ten listing of Amazon Prime shows in only a few European countries (namely Spain, Italy, and France) for more than a month.


In the USA, the series did not make it to the top ten listings. This poor showing was listed as the cause for cancellation. However, many speculate that this is not the end for Paper Girls.


The show creators were very clear on the fact that there was more to the plot even after the eighth episode. They had plans for season 2 of the show, which were cut short by the cancellation.


If any other network is ready to pick up the show, Paper Girls will be back with season 2 in a short while.




Previous Seasons and Episodes of Paper Girls


Paper Girls is a sci-fi drama inspired by a comic book of the same name. The plot of the comic book was adapted into a series by Amazon Prime Video, with the first season having eight episodes.


Paper Girls is a well-known comic book series with a dedicated fanbase that also loved the TV adaptation. It has a very quirky plot where time travel and bending the laws of time is commonplace. Erin, Tiff, KJ, and Mac run into an ongoing conflict between the two factions Old Watch and STF.


This unique premise captured the imagination of many. However, many other netizens have unjustly compared Paper Girls to Netflix’s Strangers Things. They called the show Amazon Prime’s cheaper version of that show and rejected it outright.


This is not the case, however, since the comic book was created long before Stranger Things. Despite all the online conspiracies and discussions, fans of Paper Girls are dedicated to the show and hope to watch season 2 very soon.




Where to watch Paper Girls


Paper Girls is an Amazon Prime Video series, and you can stream the show on Prime Video in the USA, UK, and Canada.




Google Trends Data Analysis on Paper Girls Season 2


Season one of Paper Girls premiered in July 2022, yet more than a year down the line, the series continues to capture the attention of its audience. One just needs to look at the Google search trends for the Amazon Prime Video series Paper Girls to understand the curiosity and hunger for news about their favourite series.


If we specifically search for Paper Girls season 2, the trends are a little more jagged, with many peaks and dips in volumes. With the publication of different online articles, interviews and reviews of the comic book and the TV series, fans’ interest in Paper Girls refuses to die down.


Although the series’ popularity has dropped as compared to 2022, fans continue to search and share news on the revival of Paper Girls season 2.



Social Media Engagement of Paper Girls Season 2


On social media, the popularity trends of Paper Girls have been much higher. There were several articles reviewing the series by Brian K. Vaughan and Cliff Chiang. These articles generated many likes, shares and discussions online.


Facebook and X (Twitter) have been buzzing with news and discussions on Paper Girls. The show’s creator, Stephany Folsom, and the authors, Brian K. Vaughan and Cliff Chiang, have been quizzed multiple times about the future of the show.


Their statements have generated hope among fans that other networks might pick up the series and also heartened them that a plot for season 2 is in the works. There have also been some unfair comparisons to Netflix’s show Stranger Things, which was released a month before Paper Girls.



Expected Plot of the Upcoming Season of Paper Girls


Although it may appear that the show has come to an end, Paper Girls season 2 was already planned out as per the show’s creator. They said that they never intended to end the series with just one season.


With this news, we can hope for Paper Girls season 2 to be picked up by other networks. If this were to happen, what can we expect for this new season? Paper Girls season 1 ended with the four girls being separated.


While Mac and KJ are sent into a time capsule by Grandfather from Old Watch to an unknown location, Erin and Tiff are sent by Prioress to 1970s Stony Stream. By the finale episode of season one, most of the members from STF and Old Watch have been killed at some point in time.


However, since our protagonists have learnt that both the past and the future can be changed, we can expect a wilder and crazier season two. With Erin and Tiff in the past, they can choose to prevent the killing of their friends and family, while Mac and KJ could also alter the course by using the logbook they acquired from Larry.



Important Characters of Paper Girls


1. Tiff Quilkin

Tiff Quilkin


Tiff Quilkin from Paper Girls emerges as a quick-witted, determined young woman in both her 12 and 45-year-old forms. Tiff is the paper girls’ quartet’s brain, guiding them through their time-travelling problem with her acute intelligence and scientific understanding.


She zealously protects her companions, confronting danger with unshakeable courage and a hint of sarcasm. Beneath the strong façade lurks fragility as they deal with family concerns and the uncertainties of their time-travel trip. Even Tiff’s future self keeps her core strength and resolve.


Despite her hardships, she acts as a mentor and anchor for the younger Tiff, providing knowledge and hope for the future.


2. Erin Tieng

Erin Tieng


Erin Tieng is a nuanced and layered character in Paper Girls. Erin, a Catholic schoolgirl with strong family values, prioritises safety and following directions. Because of her responsible personality, she serves as the group’s planner and voice of caution.


Erin demonstrates incredible bravery and protectiveness for her friends and family. She prioritises others’ needs before her own, leaping into action without hesitation when danger threatens. Erin’s exterior practicality conceals a sensitive nature. She suffers from personal conflicts, particularly those involving her family, but she also demonstrates sensitivity and compassion for others.


Her creativity shows through as she offers realistic answers and develops new abilities for surviving in strange and often dangerous places.


3. Mac Coyle

Mac Coyle


In Paper Girls, Mac Coyle changes herself throughout the series. Mac is the embodiment of a tomboy with a tough-girl demeanour, a sharp tongue, and a habit of cursing. She frequently provides comedy relief, releasing the tension with her snarky quips and smart retorts.


Despite her harsh attitude, Mac zealously defends her friends, particularly KJ. She takes initiative in difficult circumstances, demonstrating great leadership skills and a strategic mindset. As the series unfolds, fractures in Mac’s strong façade expose a fragility borne of a painful background and a fatal condition she must face.


She gives perceptive peeks into the possible outcomes of their time-travel quest.


4. KJ Brandman

KJ Brandman


KJ Brandman is the affluent but wise member of the paper delivery quartet. As the wealthiest member of the group, KJ frequently acts as the voice of reason and practicality. However, she struggles with the expectations put on her because of her family’s prominence and her own yearning for freedom.


KJ has outstanding adaptability to various settings and obstacles. She accepts new abilities and information, losing her early naivety and growing into a more confident individual. KJ’s strong brain and observational abilities are useful in solving the puzzles surrounding their time travel trip.


She actively seeks solutions and adds to the group’s attempt to comprehend the dynamics at work.


5. Prioress



Prioress is a fascinating and intriguing character in Paper Girls, and her story unfolds over the series. She is a commander of the Old Watch, a party entrusted with preserving the timeline against temporal interruptions.


Her murky origins and unrelenting determination give her an air of mystery. Prioress struggles with conflicting loyalties; caught between her responsibility to the Old Watch and her own personal goals, she makes dubious decisions that create doubts about her genuine intentions.


Prioress’ efforts accidentally set off a chain of events that drive the Paper Girls’ time-travelling adventure ahead.



Important Crew Members of Paper Girls


1. Authors: Brian K. Vaughan and Cliff Chiang

The creative minds behind Paper Girls come in a dynamic duo:The writer, Brian K. Vaughan, is a well-known comic book novelist recognised for his deep storylines and character development. His works, including Y: The Last Man and Lost, have received critical praise.


He adds his unique combination of sci-fi, mystery, and emotional depth to Paper Girls, crafting a time-travelling story about friendship, self-discovery, and the complications of growing up. Cliff Chiang, the illustrator, is a virtuoso in visual storytelling.


His exquisite artwork and emotive figures bring the Paper Girls universe to life. His collaborations with Vaughan have produced visually gorgeous comics that push the boundaries of the medium. Chiang’s artwork evokes the awe and peril of time travel, from the nostalgic 80s background to the dystopian settings the girls visit.


2. Creator: Stephany Folsom

While Brian K. Vaughan and Cliff Chiang developed the comic book series Paper Girls, Stephany Folsom is the creative power behind the television version. Folsom is a renowned television writer and showrunner who has worked on projects such as “Star Wars: Resistance” and “Toy Story 4.” She brought her own storytelling vision and character development expertise to Paper Girls, transforming the iconic comic book into an enthralling live-action production.


She oversaw the writing staff, creating and developing the overarching narrative arc of the television series. She created additional characters and subplots, broadening the Paper Girls universe while maintaining its core. This brought the characters to life in a way that appealed to audiences, including those acquainted with the comics.


3. Directors: Georgi Banks-Davies and Mairzee Almas

While Paper Girls boasts a talented team of directors across its first season, two main directors stand out for their significant contributions: Georgi Banks-Davies: An upcoming director with credits in shows like “I Hate Suzie” and “Garfield,” Banks-Davies helmed two episodes of Paper Girls.


Her work is noted for its dynamic pacing, suspenseful action sequences, and ability to capture the girls’ youthful energy and camaraderie. Mairzee Almas: A seasoned director with credits on series like “The Sandman” and “Shadow and Bone”.


Almas directed two episodes of Paper Girls, showcasing her talent for building suspense and emotional depth. They brought their unique sensibilities and strengths to Paper Girls, creating a visually and emotionally engaging first season that left fans wanting more.


4. Production Designer: Michael Grasley

Michael Grasley is the production designer for the TV series Paper Girls. He offers vast expertise to the part, having worked on several films and television shows, including “Euphoria” and “Malcolm & Marie”.


Grasley’s work in Paper Girls is visible in the show’s different time periods, which were meticulously created. He moves easily between the nostalgic 1980s of the girls’ hometown and the future landscapes they see on their time travel travels.


He also captures the distinct moods of many historical periods throughout the story, demonstrating his versatility and attention to detail. His efforts are vital in establishing the visual tone and immersing the spectator in the story’s environment.



Similar shows as Paper Girls


Paper Girls plays on themes like time travel, group dynamics between teenage girls, a dystopian future, etc. Here are a few more shows that reflect these themes.


1. The Wilds

The Wilds


The Wilds, a compelling 2020 television series, is a mystery-filled survival story. An aircraft transports a group of adolescent girls on a retreat to a remote island but crashes. In truth, the disaster is orchestrated, and the passengers are unaware that they are participants in a sociological experiment, being closely watched by scientists.


The island is a meticulously created atmosphere complete with concealed cameras and staged scenes. Each of the teenage girls are forced into situations that test their limits and push their boundaries in the name of survival.


2. The Peripheral

The Peripheral


The Peripheral transports viewers on a mind-bending trip between two parallel realms. Flynne Fisher, a great gamer living in an impoverished, dystopian America, discovers a link to an apparently real world in the future. Flynne wears a high-tech headpiece and transforms into a security guard in a slick, sophisticated London.


This other universe has inconceivable perils and secrets, requiring Flynne to confront the shifting barriers between the virtual and real worlds. As she navigates this strange new environment, Flynne becomes involved in a complicated web of intrigue and plot.


She must rely on her quick intellect, ingenuity, and the assistance of enigmatic characters from both worlds to live and discover the truth.


3. Y: The Last Man

Y: The Last Man


In “Y: The Last Man,” a mysterious occurrence kills every animal with the Y chromosome save one: Yorick Brown and his pet capuchin monkey, Ampersand. This horrific catastrophe leaves an unbalanced world in which women must deal with bereavement, societal breakdown, and the threat of humanity’s extinction.


Amidst the chaos, Yorick goes on a perilous adventure, motivated by the desire to find his girlfriend Beth and a scientific riddle at the core of the disaster. We also watch the tribulations of his Congresswoman mother and the covert agent assigned with his protection.


4. Outlander



Outlander transports you on a romantic and time-travelling journey, combining historical drama with sci-fi elements. Claire Randall, a World War II battlefield medic, is inexplicably transported from 1945 Scotland to 1743. She lands in the raw splendour of the Scottish Highlands.


Claire is thrust into a world of warring clans and political instability, where she meets the gorgeous Jamie Fraser, a Highland warrior with a compelling soul. Their passionate love story takes place against the backdrop of the Jacobite revolt, pushing them to navigate danger, treachery, and steadfast loyalty.


5. Loki



The plot of “Loki” begins after Avengers: Endgame. When he steals the Tesseract during the events of Avengers’ time heist in Avengers: Endgame, Loki creates an alternate timeline. This lands him in the clutches of the Time Variance Authority (TVA), an organisation safeguarding the sacred flow of time.


Forced to team up with a TVA agent, Mobius M. Mobius (Owen Wilson), Loki embarks on a time-travelling adventure riddled with mind-bending twists and unexpected turns. He confronts dangerous variants of himself, delves into the mysteries of the TVA, and grapples with his own identity and purpose.


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