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Netflix’s “Atypical” takes viewers on a coming-of-age journey with Sam Gardner, a teenage boy on the autism spectrum. Created by Robia Rashid, the series explores Sam’s pursuit of independence, particularly through his quest for a girlfriend, while navigating the complexities of family dynamics.


Production-wise, “Atypical” stands out for its diverse casting, including autistic actors in key roles. This authenticity coupled with Keir Gilchrist’s nuanced portrayal of Sam, earned critical acclaim for its sensitive and realistic representation of autism.


Reviews praised the show’s blend of humour and drama, its heartfelt portrayal of family relationships, and its honest exploration of social anxieties and challenges faced by young adults on the spectrum.


However, some criticised the oversimplification of certain issues and occasional reliance on familiar coming-of-age tropes. Despite these critiques, “Atypical” ran for four seasons, connecting with audiences through its relatable themes of self-discovery, acceptance, and finding one’s place in the world.


While ultimately an optimistic tale, the series didn’t shy away from showcasing the difficulties of navigating life with autism, offering a valuable window into a unique perspective.




Official Announcement About Atypical Season 5


Atypical is a coming-of-age comedy-drama created by Robia Rashid. The first season premiered in August 2017. With the success of Atypical Season 1, Netflix greenlit Season 2 in September 2017.


Taking in criticism from audiences to better the show, Atypical’s approval rating soared, and Netflix renewed the show for season 3 in October 2018. After the premiere of Atypical Season 3, the show was renewed for the fourth and final season in February 2020.


Netflix announced the cancellation of the show through their X (formerly Twitter) account in February 2020. They stated that Atypical Season 4 would be the final season. The audience went into season 4 fully aware that it would be the final season.


Although Netflix did not provide any specific reason for the cancellation of the show, audiences and critics alike felt that the pandemic contributed to the cause. The showrunner, Robia Rashid, however, felt that the show had run its course.


She said that Sam, as someone from the autism spectrum, wanted to taste independence and go to college. Both of which were achieved in the final season. Hence, Atypical can be considered to have reached its organic end.




Previous Seasons and Episodes of Atypical


Atypical premiered on Netflix in August 2017 with its first season. The show had eight episodes of 30 minutes each. Atypical described the life and struggles of Sam Gardner, a teenager on the autism spectrum, humorously.


The show struck a chord with its audiences and received a rating of 8.1/10 on IMDb. Season 2 of Atypical premiered in September 2018 with 10 episodes, just like the other two seasons.


While the plot continued with the story of Sam Gardner, new characters were introduced. The rating of the show also picked up and averaged at 8.2/10. Atypical Season 3 was released in November 2019 with the average rating picking up again to 8.3/10.


With each season the showrunner tried to cover more issues of people of the autism spectrum while also including them on the cast and crew. By the time the final season came up, it was the middle of the pandemic, and filming was difficult.


This delayed the release of Atypical Season 4. It came out in July 2021. The final season was already announced so most of the characters were given a warm send-off.


This positively impacted the audience, and the show was well-received, with an overall cumulative rating of 8.2 for all four seasons.




Where to watch Atypical


Atypical was a series developed for Netflix and available on that platform in all countries and regions. Viewers in the USA, UK and Canada can stream all four seasons of the show on their Netflix account.




Google Trends Data Analysis on Atypical Season 5


Atypical was a fairly unique TV series that presented the life and struggles of a young man on the autism spectrum. While the concept can present a serious and sad perspective on the problem, the showrunner chose to make the series a comedy-drama that presented their troubles in a light-hearted way.


As a result, the show was highly popular on Netflix and built a dedicated following. The showrunner chose to include a cast and crew on the autism spectrum to get a more realistic and honest portrayal of their problems.


Despite the series having run its course and reached an organic ending, fans are still rooting for the characters. The show continues to trend on Google search, and the fans are still looking for Atypical Season 5.


The show has started a discussion on the facts and myths surrounding the health issue and these discussions often refer to the show as an example. This is a testament to the success and reach of the show and its popularity.



Social Media Engagement of Atypical Season 5


Atypical Season 5 has had a more sedate and low profile on social media. On Facebook and X (formerly Twitter) fans appear to have accepted the ending of the series provided by the showrunner.


There was little activity on social media in the past 12 months on the series. Atypical, however, in November 2023, there was a sudden spike in activity following a few articles reminding viewers of the show.


Apart from this, Facebook, X, Reddit, etc appear to have little activity regarding Atypical Season 5.



Expected Plot of Upcoming Season of Atypical


Netflix announced the news that Atypical Season 4 would be the final season long before the production of that season began. This gives us a hint that the plot was in wind-up mode for most of the final season.


There were no cliffhangers or plot twists along the way. The showrunner mentioned that they were happy to be given a chance to tell the story that they wanted to tell and felt that there was nothing more to add to the plot.


When the series began, Sam Gardner was under the care of an overprotective mother. His father was unable to connect with him on any level, and Sam had a dream of going to Antarctica to watch penguins.


By the end of the series, we see Sam slowly coming out of his shell to taste independence. He moves out into a dorm with his best friend, Zahid. Sam’s relationship with his father also mends to a degree, with the both of them planning a trip to watch penguins in future.


If there were to be an Atypical Season 5, we could watch Sam’s journey through college. Or most likely his trip to Antarctica with his father.



Important Characters from Atypical


1. Sam Gardner

Sam Gardner


In the television series “Atypical,” Keir Gilchrist played Sam Gardner, a high-functioning autistic adolescent overcoming the challenges of puberty. Sam has a deep fascination with Antarctica, and his viewpoint influences how he interacts with friends, family, and the outside world.


Sam, the main character of the series, sets off on a voyage of self-discovery as he struggles with societal issues and seeks freedom and love. Sam is an engaging figure who encourages people to understand the subtleties of life with autism because of his sincere and charming personality as well as his unshakeable honesty.


The programme explores Sam’s development as a person, his family’s relationships, and his quest for normalcy in an unusual existence.


2. Elsa Gardner

Elsa Gardner


The matriarch of the Gardner family in the Netflix series “Atypical,” Elsa Gardner, is portrayed by Jennifer Jason Leigh. Elsa navigates her own personal issues while juggling the demands of raising a neurodivergent kid, Sam, an autistic adolescent.


Throughout the course of the series, Elsa’s character develops significantly as her decisions and deeds affect the relationships within the family. She must resolve marital troubles, reclaim her identity, and adjust to her son’s changing requirements as part of her difficult journey.


The complex interplay between love, selflessness, and personal fulfilment in a family coping with the unusual difficulties of autism is reflected in Elsa’s position.


3. Casey Gardner

Casey Gardner


The main character in “Atypical,” played by Brigette Lundy-Paine, is Casey Gardner, who is the younger sister of Sam Gardner. Casey’s significance stems from her crucial function as Sam’s protective and encouraging sister, exhibiting steadfast devotion and comprehension.


Through her struggles with navigating high school and following her love of track, Casey develops into a complex, resilient, and well-rounded person. Her storyline delves into topics related to friendship, identity, and the intricacies of familial bonds.


Casey’s trip adds a level of realism and relatability to the story and greatly advances the show’s examination of many points of view.


4. Doug Gardner

Doug Gardner


In “Atypical,” Michael Rapaport portrays Doug Gardner, who takes on the role of the family patriarch. Doug’s importance comes from his portrayal as a father figuring out how to raise his son Sam, who has autism.


As a character, Doug experiences personal development as he struggles to relate to and comprehend Sam while simultaneously resolving marital problems with Elsa. The subject of family dynamics and the effects of neurodiversity on relationships is reflected in his journey.


Doug’s character deepens the story and encourages viewer empathy as it contributes to the series’ examination of the range of experiences and feelings that accompany having an unusual family member.


5. Julia Sasaki

Julia Sasaki


As Sam Gardner’s therapist in “Atypical,” Amy Okuda’s portrayal of Julia Sasaki is a pivotal figure. Her contribution goes beyond the work environment; in helping Sam overcome the obstacles posed by autism, she has a significant impact on his personal development and path to independence.


Julia offers an educated viewpoint on neurological diversity and the therapeutic process through her sympathetic and encouraging manner. She develops a close relationship with Sam, turning into a reliable confidante and champion for his well-being.


By emphasising the value of comprehension and acceptance in the lives of those on the autistic spectrum, Julia’s character enhances the series and advances the main themes of self-discovery, relationships, and family.



Important Crew Members of Atypical


1. Creator: Robia Rashid

Creator: Robia Rashid


Robia Rashid is the creator of the series “Atypical”. Its success has made Robia Rashid, a gifted writer and producer, well-known. She gained fame for her work on hit television programmes like “How I Met Your Mother” and “The Goldbergs” before joining “Atypical.” Rashid’s ability to weave gripping stories that strike a mix between humour and moving storytelling is what makes her successful.


She received praise for her sensitive and genuine treatment of autism in “Atypical,” which added to the larger cultural dialogue about neurodiversity. Rashid’s success in the television industry is attributed to her creative vision and her ability to create realistic characters and compelling narratives.


This has established her as a respected figure in the field of current storytelling.


2. Directors: Michael Patrick Jann, Ryan Case, and Joe Kessler

“Atypical” features several directors throughout its run, with key contributions from Joe Kessler, Ryan Case, Michael Patrick Jann and others. Joe Kessler, known for his work on series like “Maron,” brings a keen comedic sensibility to the show.


Ryan Case, recognized for her Emmy-winning work on “Modern Family,” contributes her expertise in crafting family-centric narratives. Michael Patrick Jann, a seasoned director with a background in diverse TV projects, including “Reno 911!,” “The State,” etc.


The collective influence of these directors elevates “Atypical,” blending humour and heart in its portrayal of a family navigating the challenges of autism. Their combined experience underscores the show’s success, making it a standout in the realm of contemporary television storytelling.


3. Writers: Robia Rashid, D.J. Ryan, Michael Oppenhuizen

“Atypical” boasts a talented team of writers, including series creator Robia Rashid, who previously worked on “How I Met Your Mother” and “The Goldbergs.” D. J. Ryan, a writer with a background in comedy series like “Mr. Iglesias, contributes his expertise to the series.


Michael Oppenhuizen, a writer and producer, also played a role in shaping the show’s narrative. Additionally, Nicole Betz, who has worked on various TV projects, brings her writing skills to the mix.


The collaborative efforts of these writers result in the show’s success, blending humour and heart while exploring the nuances of a family coping with autism. Their collective experience and creative contributions contribute to “Atypical” widespread acclaim in the television landscape.


4. Casting Directors: Tiffany Little Canfield, Ryan Bernard Tymensky

The main casting directors for “Atypical” are Tiffany Little Canfield and Ryan Bernard Tymensky. They are seasoned casting directors in the entertainment industry, known for their work on numerous successful television shows and films.


Their extensive experience and a keen eye for talent have played a crucial role in assembling the cast for “Atypical,” ensuring that the actors chosen bring authenticity and depth to their respective roles.


Tiffany Little Canfield and Ryan Bernard Tymensky’s contributions to the casting process contribute to the overall success of the series and its ability to portray the complexities of characters dealing with autism and family dynamics.



Similar shows as Atypical


1. The Good Doctor

The Good Doctor


“The Good Doctor” is a Netflix medical drama television series that follows Dr. Shaun Murphy, a young surgical resident with autism and savant syndrome, as he navigates the challenges of practising medicine at San Jose St. Bonaventure Hospital.


Despite scepticism from his colleagues, Shaun’s exceptional medical skills and unique perspective make him an invaluable asset to the hospital’s surgical team. The series explores themes of empathy, acceptance, and the intricacies of human connection while showcasing medical cases that test the abilities of the hospital staff.


Freddie Highmore’s compelling portrayal of Shaun Murphy has garnered acclaim, making “The Good Doctor” a heartfelt and impactful medical drama.


2. The End of the F***ing World

The End of the F***ing World


Netflix’s unique and darkly comic coming-of-age drama “The End of the F***ing World” is an adaptation of Charles Forsman’s graphic novel. It centres on the journey that self-described teenage psychopath James and rebellious classmate Alyssa take to get away from their difficult situations.


The show skillfully tackles themes of love, identity, and the challenges of puberty as it follows them on their journey. A unique blend of suspense, humour, and unexpected compassion, the series captivates viewers with its unconventional storyline and exceptional performances by Jessica Barden and Alex Lawther.


3. 13 Reasons Why

Reasons Why


“13 Reasons Why” is a Netflix drama series based on Jay Asher’s novel. The show revolves around Clay Jensen, who discovers a box of cassette tapes recorded by his classmate Hannah Baker, detailing the reasons behind her tragic decision to end her life.


As Clay listens to the tapes, the series unravels a web of secrets, betrayals, and the impact of bullying on teenagers. Tackling serious issues such as mental health, bullying, and sexual assault, “13 Reasons Why” is known for its raw portrayal of adolescence and its consequences.


The show received both acclaim and criticism for its handling of sensitive subject matter.


4. I Am Not Okay With This

I Am Not Okay With This


The Netflix series “I Am Not Okay With This” combines supernatural aspects with a coming-of-age story. It centres on Sydney, a young girl navigating the difficulties of high school, family and developing superpowers.


It is based on the graphic novel by Charles Forsman. Sydney struggles with the intricacies of puberty and her developing telekinetic powers against the backdrop of small-town life. The show tackles issues of identity, friendship, and growing up with a tone that is darkly humorous.


The show’s attraction is enhanced by strong performances, particularly Sophia Lillis as Sydney, which makes it an engrossing and genre-bending coming-of-age tale.


5. Never Have I Ever

Never Have I Ever


“Never Have I Ever” is a Netflix coming-of-age comedy series co-created by Mindy Kaling and Lang Fisher. The show centres on Devi Vishwakumar, an Indian-American teenager navigating the challenges of high school while coping with the recent loss of her father.


Fueled by a desire to reinvent herself, Devi tackles teenagehood with humour, wit, and occasional impulsiveness. The series skillfully balances cultural identity, friendship, and romance, offering a refreshing perspective on the teenage experience.


Narrated by tennis star John McEnroe, “Never Have I Ever” explores universal themes with cultural specificity, delivering a heartwarming and relatable portrayal of adolescence.


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