Warrior Nun Season 3: Everything We Know So Far

Warrior Nun


Warrior Nun is a Netflix series, released in 2020. It was a potent blend of action, faith, and teenage angst that was adapted from the graphic novel “Warrior Nun Areala.” It followed Ava Silva, a quadriplegic teen resurrected with a powerful artefact embedded in her back, making her the chosen demon-hunter of a centuries-old order.


The production team filmed in various locations, including Spain, Italy, and Morocco. Creator Simon Barry brought a distinctive, dark humour to the series, balancing its supernatural battles with the messy realities of young adulthood.


The audience response was initially lukewarm, with criticisms aimed at pacing and uneven character development. However, a passionate fan base grew, drawn to the show’s unique blend of genres, diverse cast, and feminist themes.


The LGBTQ+ representation, particularly the relationship between Ava and her fellow sister Beatrice, resonated deeply with viewers. Warrior Nun has built up such a loyal and passionate followership that it has grown beyond the realm of graphic novel adaptations and started to work on creating a franchise that could continue into feature films.




Official Announcement about Warrior Nun Season 3


Warrior Nun is a fantasy action drama based on the graphic novel “Warrior Nun Areala.” It ran for two seasons before tragedy struck on December 13th, 2022. The showrunner, Simon Barry, announced on his X (formerly Twitter) account that Netflix has cancelled the series after just two seasons.


This news of cancellation was quite unexpected, as the series was highly popular on Netflix and stayed in the top ten list for three straight weeks. Another surprising matter was the silence of Netflix on the cancellation and the reasons for it.


However, fans of Warrior Nun have started a campaign to find the series a new home. They started the #SaveWarriorNun hashtag on X (formerly Twitter), which trended and gathered huge support from across the world.


It was successful in giving a new lease of life to the series. Showrunner Simon Barry announced that the Save Warrior Nun campaign was a hit and that the story will be back in a new form.


They confirmed plans to make a film trilogy based on the story. They also announced plans to revive the graphic novel and create a new animated series with possibly newer and more exciting stories about Warrior Nun.


While Netflix will not house the new projects on Warrior Nun, there was no confirmation on which platform was finalised. Prime Video and Max are the frontrunners to host the films and animated series.




Previous Seasons and Episodes of Warrior Nun


The series format of Warrior Nun was greenlit by Netflix in September 2018, with Simon Barry as the showrunner. The series premiered on Netflix on July 2, 2020, with 10 episodes.


Each episode was up to 50 minutes long, and it was named after a Bible verse that represented the premise of the episode. The first season was highly rated on IMDb; the first episode rating started at 7.3 and increased until the season finale was rated at 8.2.


Warrior Nun season 2 was renewed on Netflix in August 2020, and it premiered on November 10, 2022. This season had 8 episodes and maintained an average IMDb rating of 8.4.


The season finale ended with a cliffhanger, and everyone was waiting with bated breath for Warrior Nun season 3.




Where to watch Warrior Nun


Warrior Nun was a show developed for Netflix, and both seasons of the show are available on the platform. Viewers from the USA, UK, and Canada can stream both seasons of Warrior Nun on Netflix.




Google Trends Data Analysis for Warrior Nun Season 3


Warrior Nun season 2 was released in November 2022, and the popularity of the show was at a high point. It was trending on Google searches when season 2 premiered.


When the news of the cancellation came in December 2022, the trends picked up on Google search once again. There were many fan campaigns to revive the show, with #SaveWarriorNun leading them all.


During this period, the search volumes on Google dropped temporarily; however, they picked up again in the last week of June 2023 with the announcement from Simon Barry about the future plans of the franchise.


By the time of the August deadline, the search trends again picked up with news and updates on the plans to make a film trilogy on Warrior Nun. After this, the fans were satisfied and waited patiently for more news.


While the search trends cooled down, they never died, with more news trickling in about the possible future of the franchise.



Social Media Engagement for Warrior Nun Season 3


On social media, Warrior Nun season 3 has had a more uproarious journey. After the news of the cancellation of the series by Netflix, social media platforms like X, Facebook, Reddit, etc., have become vehicles to mobilise fans from across the world.


The X hashtag, #SaveWarriorNun, trended on all platforms and highlighted the popularity of the series. The showrunner, Simon Barry, gave the fans a deadline of August 2023 to give confirmation on the future of Warrior Nun season 3.


Hence, till then, X, Facebook, and Reddit were abuzz with activity. Towards the end of June 2023, news came out that the production team finalised plans to create a franchise for Warrior Nun with a film trilogy and also announced an animated series on Warrior Nun.


Once again, fans were jubilant and showed it generously through their posts, shares, and likes.



Expected Plot of the Upcoming Season of Warrior Nun


Both seasons of Warrior Nun ended with cliffhangers that predicted the future plot of the next season. With this in mind, we need to revisit the finale of Warrior Nun Season 2 for clues.


In season 2, Adriel is revealed to be an ‘other dimensional being’ who plans to take over Earth in the name of Reya and create a new religious order. To help him in his quest for power, Adriel ropes in Lilith and frees her from the control of the OCS.


During the final fight between the two sides, Adriel is killed but the warrior nun, Ava, is mortally wounded. She is sent to Reya’s world to heal, and Ava and Beatrice are separated.


If we were to have season 3, it would focus on bringing Ava back to Earth. It would also focus on the newly liberated Sister Lilith, who has her own agenda after being released from the control of the Halo.


The OCS would also have to do some reorganisation and soul-searching before it could get back on its path.



Important Characters of Warrior Nun


1. Ava Silva/Warrior Nun

Ava Silva/Warrior Nun


Teenage quadriplegic Ava Silva was given the Halo and brought back to life to take on the role of Warrior Nun. After gaining her independence, she is a disobedient teenager who is eventually forced to face her fate.


She juggles her newly acquired mobility with a crash course in demon-slaying and religious duty after being miraculously revived as the Warrior Nun. At first, she feels that freedom is more important than responsibility, and she jumps headfirst into life.


But when Ava discovers that Adriel, the demon, has returned, her ferocious spirit flares. She struggles with loyalty, sadness, and faith as she develops into a strong warrior who would give her life to save mankind.


Ava is an intriguing and multifaceted hero because, despite her immaturity, her persistence and compassion come through.


2. Adriel



In Warrior Nun, Adriel demonstrates his skill at deceit. He is initially shown as a kind angel before uncovering his face as a crafty, power-hungry creature from the Other Realm.


He is a cunning extraterrestrial who is driven by a desire for power. He orchestrates chaos while posing as humanity’s saviour, manipulating, tricking, and taking advantage of religion. He uses their religion for personal benefit by subtly influencing the Vatican.


In order to get access to his home dimension, he wants to regain the Halo. Adriel emerges as the Warrior Nuns’ greatest adversary because of his terrifying combination of cutting-edge technology and evil purpose, as well as his desire for dominance over both realms.


His sly charm and subdued threats conceal a vicious desire that gives the series a new level of nuanced, terrifying villainy.


3. Father Vincent

Father Vincent


In Warrior Nun, Father Vincent’s morality is a tangled web. At first, he appears as the Nuns’ compassionate guide and strategist. Yet, his troubled past and hidden tattoos hint at a darker side.


He’s a flawed hero, burdened by guilt and past mistakes, making choices clouded by desperation. His loyalty wavers between the Church and Ava, leading him to deceive both. Ultimately, Vincent strives to do the right thing, even if it means betraying trust.


He’s a complex figure, struggling to reconcile his faith, past demons, and the weight of protecting humanity.


4. Lilith



Lilith’s morality in Warrior Nun is a rollercoaster ride. Initially, she’s driven by ambition and entitlement, clashing with Ava for the Halo and defying orders. Her pride masks insecurity and a yearning to prove her worth.


Yet, as the stakes rise, glimpses of loyalty emerge. She protects the sisters, even sacrificing her own power. She’s a study in contradictions: cunning and caring, ruthless and protective. Ultimately, Lilith carves her own path, defying labels of “good” or “bad.” Her journey is one of self-discovery, where she learns the true meaning of being a Warrior Nun, not through divine mandate but through her own choices and fiercely independent spirit.


5. Jillian Salvius

Jillian Salvius


Jillian Salvius in Warrior Nun is a complex blend of scientist, mother, and ambitious power player. On the surface, she’s the CEO of Arq-Tech, challenging the Vatican’s authority with revolutionary technology.


But her true motivation lies hidden: saving her terminally ill son. Using Divinium, a mystical substance, she strives to build the Arc, a portal to an afterlife free from suffering.


This pursuit often pits her against the Warrior Nuns, making her a reluctant antagonist driven by desperation and conflicting loyalties. Her journey delves into the ethical quagmires of scientific advancement, blurring the lines between villain and tragic hero.



Important Crew Members of Warrior Nun


1. Creator: Simon Barry

Creator: Simon Barry


Warrior Nun’s creator is Simon Barry, a Canadian screenwriter and film producer known for his dark humour and genre-bending narratives. Though the series is based on the comic “Warrior Nun Areala” by Ben Dunn, Barry reimagined it as a TV show, crafting a distinct tone and focusing on original characters like Ava Silva.


He’s also drawn inspiration from his own background, injecting themes of religious doubt and family dynamics into the story. Barry’s other works, like the paranormal TV series “Ghost Wars” and the crime thriller “Bad Blood,” showcase his talent for balancing action, suspense, and emotional depth.


He’s a master of subverting expectations, making Warrior Nun both a thrilling demon-hunting adventure and a nuanced exploration of faith, identity, and human connection.


2. Directors: Simon Barry, Sarah Walker, and Matthias Herndl

While Warrior Nun features a talented team of directors who contributed to different episodes, there isn’t a single credited main director for the series. Instead, each episode boasts its own directorial vision.


Simon Barry is the creator, writer and director of the series. He reimagined the graphic novel Warrior Nun Areala and adapted her role into new characters to reflect the essence of the story without copying the novel.


Jet Wilkinson comes with experience in “Jessica Jones,” “How To Get Away With Murder,” “Daredevil,” etc. Wilkinson brings her eye for gritty realism and character depth to episodes with the Vatican conspiracy.


Sarah Walker is a BAFTA-winning writer-director. She has worked on TV series like “A Discovery of Witches,” “Death In Paradise,” “The Crash,” etc.


3. Writers: Simon Barry, Amy Berg, and David Hayter

Warrior Nun doesn’t have a single main writer so much as a team of talented scribes crafting the story together. However, some key figures stand out:  Simon Barry: As series creator and showrunner, Barry sets the overall narrative direction and contributes significantly to individual episodes, infusing them with his signature dark humour and complex character arcs.


Amy Berg is a veteran of “Person of Interest” and “Leverage,” Berg brings her expertise in character-driven storytelling to episodes like “Isaiah 30:20-21,” where Ava grapples with internal conflict and grief.


David Hayter is an actor, director and writer who worked on many successful projects. Some of his memorable writing works include “X-Men,” “X2,” “Watchmen,” etc.


4. Fight choreographers: Ignacio Herráez, Hannes Pastor, and Mirko Stübing

While Warrior Nun boasts various talented stunt coordinators and fights directors across its two seasons, three names stand out as the main architects of the show’s thrilling combat sequences:  Ignacio Herráez: With extensive experience in Spanish action films and TV series, Herráez brought a dynamic, realistic style to fights like the intense opening sequence and Ava’s brutal battles against Adriel’s minions.


Hannes Pastor: Known for his work on German action productions, Pastor contributed his gritty, close-combat style to episodes like the Vatican fight club scene and the rooftop showdown in season 2.


Mirko Stübing: A veteran stunt performer and coordinator in Hollywood, Stübing’s expertise shines in the creative, weapon-based battles, such as Ava’s use of chains and staffs, adding a distinct flair to the action.



Similar shows to Warrior Nun


1. Locke & Key

Locke & Key


After their dad’s mysterious murder, three Locke siblings move into his ancestral mansion, Keyhouse. It’s no ordinary home; it’s riddled with magical keys unlocking powers – talking to ghosts, flight, manipulating memories.


But beware, these keys attract a demonic entity lurking in the shadows, seeking them for its sinister own. The Lockes, aided by their newfound magic, must battle the darkness and uncover the secrets buried within Keyhouse, unravelling the truth behind their father’s death and their family’s legacy.


It’s a thrilling blend of mystery, magic, family drama, and coming-of-age, where childhood wonder clashes with dark forces as the Lockes fight to unlock their hidden potential and protect their newfound home.


2. Cursed



Cursed flips Arthurian legend on its head, starring Nimue, a young Fey girl destined to become the Lady of the Lake. When her mother dies defending their persecuted kind, Nimue embarks on a perilous quest with Arthur, a charming rogue, to deliver a mystical sword to Merlin, the ostracised former wizard.


Facing Red Paladins hunting the Fey and grappling with her own burgeoning powers, Nimue must choose between fulfilling her destiny and forging her own path. Can she find allies among mythical creatures, untangle ancient prophecies, and confront the darkness rising within herself and the world?


This reimagining explores themes of power, faith, and destiny in a vibrant, action-packed adventure, where a young woman defies fate and fights for a future where legends are redefined.


3. The Order

The Order


Jack, grieving his mom’s death, joins a secret college society, the Hermetic Order. He soon discovers magic, monsters, and a war between werewolves and magic users. Jack’s family history becomes entwined with the conflict as he uncovers dark secrets and his own hidden abilities.


Can he master his newfound magic, navigate family betrayals, and choose where his allegiance lies: with the charismatic werewolves or the secretive Order? The Order blends occult magic, werewolf lore, and family drama into a high-stakes battle for control, where the lines between good and evil blur and loyalty are tested in the face of monstrous threats.


4. October Faction

October Faction


October Faction is a Netflix series. Fred and Deloris Allen return to their sleepy hometown, haunted by childhood demons and hiding a secret: they’re monster hunters. Their teenage twins, Viv and Geoff, unaware of their parents’ double life, soon discover their own strange abilities as a hidden war between monstrous forces and humanity erupts.


Family bonds fray as the Allens grapple with betrayal, dark family secrets, and the true cost of protecting the world from creatures of the night. October Faction blends coming-of-age with supernatural thrills, where family ties tangle with monstrous dangers, forcing the Allens to confront their past and redefine their roles as hunters, parents, and guardians against the shadows.


5. Shadow and Bone

Shadow and Bone


Shadow and Bone is a Netflix series. Alina Starkov, an ostracised mapmaker in a world cleaved by shadow, unleashes a hidden power – summoning light. Thrust into an elite Grisha military school, she’s swept into a dangerous quest to find the mythical Fold amplifier, a key to ending the perpetual darkness.


Alina grapples with her newfound identity, forging alliances with a charismatic Darkling and a ragtag crew of Grisha. But as conspiracies swirl and darkness rises, she must confront her destiny, mastering her volatile power and choosing between duty, love, and saving a world shrouded in shadow.


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