When Is Domestic Girlfriend Season 2 Coming? [2023 Updates]

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Being socially awkward and then falling in love with a beautiful and cheerful girl can be a very relatable situation for most of us out there. 


Nothing makes things complicated when you finally get to know them but now you are with someone else. But now take this. That someone else is their sister. 


A hopeless young boy, in love with his English teacher, sleeps with her sister, and later becomes their stepbrother. That is what sums up the first season of the anime Domestic Girlfriend.


This sounds like a great plot with comedic twists and the anime performed successfully. The story was hilarious and created tons of drama-filled plots which are always entertaining to watch. 


The show also provided heart-warming romantic moments so it did well amongst young adult viewers and created a name for being an entertaining anime. 




Everything we know about Domestic Girlfriend so far


The story revolves around the love triangle between three step-siblings. Sounds interesting? Let me tell you more about it. Natsuo Fujii is in love with Hina Tachibana, his teacher.


Later, he meets another girl Rui, who seduces him successfully and they have sex together. So where’s the twist? To Natsuo’s utter amazement, Hina and Rui turn out to be sisters!


Can you imagine Natsuo’s condition? Wait, that’s not it! Hina and Rui are the daughters of Tsukiko Tachibana, the woman Natsuo’s father wants to marry, and later in the series, they get married.


So, Natsuo, Hina, and Rui become step-siblings. My goodness! You see, how complicated it is? 




Official Announcements and Release Date of Domestic Girlfriend Season 2


The last episode of Domestic Girlfriend Season 1 aired on 31st March 2019, and it’s been close to three since we got any real update from the creator/studio of the series.


Sadly, there has not been any official announcement or release date for season 2. On Twitter, one fan asked Sasuga whether he has a plan for a second season.


The reply to this question is not favourable as he said “I have no plan for a second season.” It’s disheartening to hear but maybe someone other than him might be willing to take it if profits, popularity, and other factors are favourable.


So, let’s move ahead and see what we got.




Source Material Information for Domestic Girlfriend Season 2


Domestic Girlfriend is the anime adaptation of the Japanese manga series which has the same name. It is written and illustrated by the mangaka Kei Sasuga.


The manga was first published in April 2014 and continued till June 2020 (last chapter 276). The series is divided into 28 volumes, also known as Tankobon volumes.


Volumes English Release Date
Volume 1 April 11, 2017
Volume 2 May 9, 2017
Volume 3 June 13, 2017
Volume 4 July 11, 2017
Volume 5 August 22, 2017
Volume 6 September 12, 2017
Volume 7 October 03, 2017
Volume 8 October 17, 2017
Volume 9 October 31, 2017
Volume 10 November 14, 2017 
Volume 11 November 28, 2017
Volume 12 December 12, 2017
Volume 13 December 26, 2017
Volume 14 January 9, 2018
Volume 15 January 23, 2018
Volume 16 March 27, 2018
Volume 17 May 22, 2018
Volume 18 May 28, 2019
Volume 19 July 30, 2019
Volume 20 August 27, 2019
Volume 21 September 24, 2019
Volume 22 October 29, 2019
Volume 23 January 14, 2020
Volume 24 April 14, 2020
Volume 25 June 16, 2020
Volume 26 August 11, 2020
Volume 27 October 13, 2020
Volume 28 February 9, 2021


But how many volumes did Domestic Girlfriend Season 1 cover? Did it exhaust all the source material? Is there enough material left for a whole new sequel?


There might not be any official announcements yet, but this fact is most certainly in our favour. Domestic Girlfriend Season 1 has covered only 8 volumes of the manga.


So, it has not exhausted the source material. Suppose, the second season of the anime covers as many volumes as the first one did, that is 8 volumes.


Yet there is more than enough material for 2 more seasons of the anime. Presently, there are 20 more volumes untapped.




Popularity details of Domestic Girlfriend Season 2


Another important factor to consider for Season 2 is Popularity. There might be enough source material, but what is the use of the fans who aren’t interested in it?


Therefore, we will go through all the trends related to the anime Domestic Girlfriend, as well as the manga, to see what are the fans up to.


Search Volume

Would you like to know how many people search for the keyword ‘Domestic Girlfriend Season 2’?


Of course, you do! What if you don’t? 14K people search for the keyword ‘Domestic Girlfriend Season 2’ particularly, every month. This number may not look exciting, but given the situation that no update regarding the next season is provided by creators, it’s understandable.


Google Trends

The trend for Domestic Girlfriend season 2 peaked around February 2021, but then it fell and it clearly showed that the interest of people in season 2 is declining.


The trend then somewhat peaked again in July 2021 and then one more time in January 2022. But it is not that significant and it makes it evident that fans are losing interest and slowly and steadily giving up on the idea of a new season. 


As of now, the trend is still pretty low. And if we want the creator to care for the new season we need the popularity to be more than what we have right now.



Domestic Girlfriend does not have an official Twitter page, but no wonder there are many fan pages. However, if you see the volume, the fan pages do not have a huge follower base to boast of.


It is considerable, but not huge.



instagram page domestic girlfriend (fan created)


The scenario remains the same on Instagram as well. There is no official presence, and the fan pages aren’t that crowded.


But the hashtag #domesticgirlfriend does have high usage. 24,500 posts are using this hashtag. I guess that’s a small ray of hope for us.



Finally, we have got something to keep us hoping. Although there’s no official page for Domestic Girlfriend anime on Reddit as well, there’s a fan page with a comparatively higher follower base on Reddit.


A whopping 33,000 members. That’s quite good. So, overall Domestic Girlfriend has a decent number of tweets and posts but it does not have anything massive that would influence creators but don’t worry.


Let’s see the opinion of fans and people because it matters a lot. 



Online Reactions for Domestic Girlfriend Season 2


In the world of the internet, everyone likes to know the opinions of others before making a choice. So, don’t you think the makers of this anime will look for online reactions to the anime before making a decision?


Online reaction has not been good for Domestic Girlfriend. Many anime geeks have negative views of the story and principal characters.


Let’s see what some of them have to say.



If you type #domesticgirlfriend you will see all kinds of posts related to Domestic Girlfriend. Only a few of these posts ask for season 2 while #domesticgirlfiendseason2 has two or three posts at max.


Generally, if you look for a popular anime series then there would be the majority of posts for the next season.


So, we can assume that people are not talking more about season 2 and reactions are quite feeble. Let’s have a look on Reddit and see if there is any positive reaction or not.



reddit reaction for domestic girlfriend season 2


Reactions on Reddit are mostly mixed. Many have argued that anime has skipped a lot of stuff from manga while others say that story is nonsense.


So, no motivation from here for the next season.



myanimelist reaction for domestic girlfriend


This one could potentially destroy all hope. If you are a fan of Domestic Girlfriend then you should not read them.


In summary, they dislike anime.



Expected Plot of Domestic Girlfriend Season 2


Assuming that the creators will take up Volume 9, we can predict the plot for Domestic Girlfriend Season 2. In the upcoming season, we will see how Rui makes her move to get closer to Natsuo.


Whether she succeeds or fails. We will also get to know more about Hina. After getting fired from her job, where does she go?


What happens to her? Does she get another job, or is her future ruined forever? All these will be covered in the second season and probably we will see who wins the swinging ball ‘Natsuo’ by the end of the story.



Domestic Girlfriend Reviews and Ratings


IMDb rating of domestic girlfriend


While things related to the anime are important, ratings of the manga are important as well. The manga has got extremely good ratings. 4.6 out of 5 on Amazon, 3.9 out of 5 on Goodreads, and 5 out of 5 on Barnes and Noble.


Appealing, isn’t it? While the manga has got decent scores, things with anime are not bad either. On MAL, users have rated it 6.7 out of 10 while on IMDb it got 7.1 out of 10.


While there are thousands of anime having better ratings than it, this one is not bad either. But, understandably, it may not motivate creators for the sequel.



Top Five Best-Rated Episodes 


Domestic Girlfriend has fans all over the world, and this anime got really famous all thanks to its extremely popular manga.


So, let’s take a look at its top 5 best-rated episodes. 


1. Is It True, After All? (Episode 3) 

This episode has a rating of 4.4/5 on MyAnimeList. In this episode, Natsuo wants Hina to break up with her boyfriend.


But Hina does not want to. He tries to convince her but somehow kisses her, and to his surprise, Hina kisses him back.


2. And…What About You? (Episode 4)

This episode has a rating of 4.3/5 on MyAnimeList. Natsuo and Rui follow Hina and try to see if she meets her boyfriend; if she does, they are planning to break up their relationship.


But later, Hina willingly leaves her boyfriend after Natsuo and Hina’s boyfriend have an argument.


3. Is It Okay…If I Fall for Him? (Episode 5)

This episode has a rating of 4.3/5 on MyAnimeList. In this episode, Rui meets a new friend, a strange character with a bad reputation.


But Rui also starts to develop feelings for Natsuo.


4. This Is What It Means To Go Out Together, You Know? (Episode 7)

This episode has a rating of 4.3/5 on MyAnimeList. Hina and Natsuo go out, and everyone thinks they’re a couple.


Natsuo tells her how he feels about her and how much he loves her, and he also gives her the novel he has been writing.


5. Then I Don’t Have To Be An Adult (Episode 8)

This episode has a rating of 4.3/5 on MyAnimeList. In this episode, the love triangle between Natsuo, Rui, and Hina is at its best.


Rui tells Hina how she feels about Natsuo, and Hina goes away, but later Natsuo finds her, and Hina tells him about her feelings.



Sales and Profit Margin for Domestic Girlfriend Season 2


What about the Sales and Profit margin? Was it high or low? If it was low, I don’t see the creators taking it up for another Season to lose more money.


If it was high, then the sequel is a sure shot. Be it the manga or the anime, both matter.


Manga Sales

If you’re a fan of the manga as well, you already know that it was a commercial success. As of 2020, around 4 million copies of the manga are already sold.


Presently, it is 2023, and I’m sure the number has risen higher. It was received well by some and criticized by others, mainly due to the step-sibling’s complicated and somewhat ridiculous love triangle.


The story is entertaining and keeps you on your toes.


Anime Sales

The next important factor to consider for a second sequel is the disc sales of a particular anime. As per the 2020 data total, blu-ray sales for the anime stood at 830.


This number is pretty low considering in the same year the top one made sales of around 37,000. I didn’t find any DVD sales, maybe sales were too low to be reported.


So, no positive signal for season 2 from here.



Popular Domestic Girlfriend Characters


Let’s talk a bit about the famous characters we can meet in the second season


Natsuo Fujii

natsuo fujii


Natsuo is one of the main protagonists of the anime Domestic Girlfriend Season 1. He is a young man with olive-green eyes and black hair.


Natsuo is a high school student, whose first love is his English teacher, Hina Tachibana. How would you feel if the love of your life constantly treated you like an annoying child?


Not a very pleasant experience, is it? It’s the same with Natsuo. Throughout Season 1, his position has been pretty complicated, and honestly, I pity him for that.


The first time he enters into a sexual relationship with someone, she enters into a sexual relationship with someone, and she turns out to be Hina’s younger sister.


Oh my God! Out of all the people in the world, he had to have sex with Rui? Why? Rui and Natsuo were not even expecting to meet each other again, but Fate had other plans for them.


Not a very good one I’m sure! Ready for the explosion? Just after a few days of Natsuo and Rui’s farewell to their virginity, Rui visited Natsuo’s house.


Well, she wasn’t alone. Rui was accompanied by her elder sister Hina and their mother Tsukiko Tachibana. I smell trouble, and here it is.


Tsukiko Tachibana is the woman Natsuo’s widower dad has been dating and is planning to marry. Somebody save me! Should I laugh at his condition?


Or cry instead? I guess crying would be a better option, but I can’t stop myself from laughing. Lol! Sorry if I offend anybody’s feelings:( As a person, Natsuo is a good human.


He is kind, sensitive, and intelligent. I’m already in love with him, and to intensify it there’s another characteristic of his.


Overthinking. Wow!


Rui Tachibana

Rui Tachibana


Rui is the female protagonist of the anime Domestic Girlfriend. As we already know, she is the younger sister of Hina Tachibana (Natsuo’s first love interest) and the daughter of Tsukiko Tachibana.


Rui is an aloof child who is very difficult to understand. It seems she is very difficult to understand. It seems she is not very comfortable socializing with people.


Rather, her standoffish personality makes it more difficult. She seems to be a cold-hearted person but instead, she isn’t. Rui is very gentle and kind in reality.


The fact that she is bad at socializing, makes her appear to have an unpleasant personality. You know, most of us who have a sibling, often go through a kind of insecurity or inferiority complex if the other one has exceptional looks or talents.


The same happened in Rui’s life. She feels insecure because Hina is more attractive and smart, while Rui is an underdeveloped, shy girl.


Nevertheless, this doesn’t affect her love for Hina. The two sisters are very close to each other. I like Rui’s short blue hair.


It is rather cute. Do you know about her ambition in life? It is to become a chef. Amazing isn’t it?


Now let’s introduce you to her elder sister Hina Tachibana.


Hina Tachibana

hina tachibana


Rui’s sister and Natsuo’s lady love. Is that a good Introduction to the character? Not! There’s much more to her than this.


Let’s meet Hina, as a person. Hina has an innocent heart. She is a cheerful and tender girl. Hina has an aura that makes it impossible for people to not notice her.


She is a bit stoical as well. Hina has the personality of her father. She always tries to protect her loved ones.


We see that the two sisters are extremely scared of thunderbolts, but often Hina tries to calm Rui down and gives her strength.


They deeply care for each other. Hina mostly maintains her personality, but sometimes we see her behave childishly. She is very cute.


Her female classmates do not like her. Do you know why? Out of jealousy! It is Hina’s natural beauty, voluptuous figure, and cheerful nature that become a reason for jealousy.


She is extremely attractive. But what attracts me the most about Hina is her support for Rui. In the second season, we will see that Rui and Natsuo develop some romantic feelings for each other.


Hina, who herself secretly likes Natsuo, supports Rui anyway. Point to be noted! When Natsuo and Rui came into a relationship, they were already step-siblings.


This worried Hina a lot, as to how their mother would take it (keeping in mind that first, he dates Hina and later Rui, both the daughters).


But Hina as an elder sister supported Rui.


Momo Kashiwabara

momo kashiwabara


Momo is a storehouse of energy. I mean literally, she is never tired or lazy. Throughout the series, we see her filled with energy.


She has a very cheerful personality. Momo is shown to have a flirtatious nature, which often ends up taking the form of sexual intimacy.


Although we are not shown that in the series. These might just be rumours. Be it or not, the way her classmates bully her is not right.


What she is doing with other boys is personal. Wherefrom do they get the authority to judge or punish her?


Well, it doesn’t seem strange to me, because I know most human beings have this inability to mind their own business.


After all, what is the use of that nose if they can’t poke it somewhere? Anyway, let’s know more about Momo.


Momo is often childish. She is fond of giving nicknames like “Rui-Rui”, and calling sex “making love-love”. Momo and Rui become close friends and we know that she likes Rui a lot.


She even gifts Rui a doll sewn by her. Although she is childish, Momo is very intelligent. How do we know that?


We heard Mui Ashihara say, that she knows Momo because she has often seen her name as the top 10 students of the school.


Momo’s experience with her parents is not very good. Her parents are either in the office or fighting at home.


Due to this, Momo is mostly left alone. Her loneliness creates a self-loathing nature that she hides. People have their struggles, and getting bullied after all this feels disgusting.


She even had been through a small “self-harm” phase. There are marks all over her body. Thankfully, she overcomes this.


Miu Ashihara

miu ashihara


Miu Ashihara, the only member and president of the literature club, is unsurprisingly a bookworm. She is an aspiring writer.


We see Miu, Rui, and Natsuo are all writers, sending their novels for the Shinkousaa competition. Natsuo and Miu are good friends.


She is an innocent girl who is always targeted by Momo in her pranks.


Akihito Fujii

akihito fujii


Akihito Fujii is a character in the anime Domestic Girlfriend. As his surname suggests, he is related to Natsuo. Akihito is Natsuo’s father.


After the death of his first wife, he started dating a woman called Tsukiko Tachibana, Hina and Rui’s mother. Eventually, they get married and he becomes Hina and Rui’s stepfather as well.


Tsukiko Tachibana

tsukiko tachibana


Tsukiko Tachibana, and later Tsukiko Fujii, as we all know, is Hina and Rui’s mother and Natsuo’s stepmother. She starts dating Akihito Fujii after her ex-husband Jou Mikimoto leaves her for another woman.


Tsukiko is a kind woman who cares for her daughters as well as a stepson. In the second season, we will see her deciding to divorce Akihito, as this relationship is somehow putting the three children under strain.


Does Tsukiko divorce Akihito? Well, we’ll see that in Season 2. I’m sorry for the spoilers by the way.



Other Decisive Factors for Domestic Girlfriend Season 2


So you have gone through a lot of decisive factors and it’s time to consider the last of them.


Domestic Girlfriend Ending Explained

I don’t understand why they gave such an abrupt end to it. Many viewers have gone to the extent of crowning it as the “worst ending ever”.


Natsuo and Hina’s relationship was revealed. Hina took all the responsibility on her shoulders to protect Natsuo’s future, and she got fired.


The tragic end of their relationship made Natsuo depressed and he took refuge in writing. What happens next? Boom!!!


He wins an award for his novel. Good progress. Is that the end? Of course not! We see how writing helps Natsuo get over Hina and move on.


Once big sister was out of the picture, it was time for Rui to play the game. She took this as a green signal and started making moves to get closer to Natsuo.


Will she succeed? If she does, how will the parents react to it? Natsuo has dated the elder daughter, and now the younger one, won’t this displease Tsukiko?


No matter what, it will be entertaining for you!


The controversy surrounding Domestic Girlfriend

It would be wrong to say there hasn’t been any controversy around the series. The anime has received mixed reviews.


Some people are in absolute love with it, while others feel it is a ridiculous story with a ridiculous ending!


It takes a tragic heartbreak for Natsuo to write an award-winning novel. That’s not it. In the process of writing, he gets over Hina!


And all this happens in one episode. What is it? A chapter in a book? You flip the pages and the story is over?


Strange love indeed! The sheer idea of heartbreak, followed by him becoming an ‘artist’, winning an award for his ‘art’, and getting over his so-called “first love” by writing a book seems quite a bit.


And about Rui, she starts making her move to get closer to Natsuo as soon as Hina is out of the picture.


Seriously? What was she doing all this while? Waiting for something similar to happen, which might delete Hina from his life?


Ridiculously shameless. ”Everything is fair in love and war.” I guess the creator took this quote a bit too seriously. Lol People have been backlashing the mangaka for the same.


Views apart, it’s very entertaining. There are two possibilities, either you will like the plot, or you won’t. In case you fall in the second category, rest assured that you will have a good laugh. Your benefit, anyway!



Top Similar Anime Like Domestic Girlfriend 


1. The Quintessential Quintuplets (2019-2021)

The Quintessential Quintuplets is an animated series that aired from 2019 to 2021. With a rating of 7.7, it offers a delightful combination of animation, comedy, and drama. Despite having a relatively modest vote count of 6K, the show has gained a dedicated following among viewers.


The talented voice cast, including Yoshitsugu Matsuoka, Kana Hanazawa, Ayana Taketatsu, and Miku Itou, brings the distinct personalities of the quintuplets to life, adding depth and charm to the series.


2. Masamune-kun’s Revenge (2017- )

Masamune-kun’s Revenge is an animated series that has been airing since 2017. With a rating of 6.4, it offers a blend of animation, comedy, and drama. Despite its relatively lower vote count of 3K, the show presents an intriguing narrative.


Featuring the voices of Josh Grelle, Monica Rial, Natsuki Hanae, and Caitlin Glass, the series captures the humorous and dramatic moments of Masamune’s quest for vengeance, exploring themes of self-discovery and personal growth.


3. Golden Time (2013-2014)

Golden Time is an animated series that aired from 2013 to 2014. With a rating of 7.6, it combines animation, comedy, and drama to create a captivating storyline. Despite having a relatively modest vote count of 4K, the show has garnered a dedicated fan base.


With the voices of Yui Horie, Makoto Furukawa, Mike Haimoto, and Ai Kayano, the series offers memorable performances that enhance the emotional depth and comedic moments within the show. Golden Time explores themes of friendship, romance, and self-discovery against the backdrop of university life.


4. Scum’s Wish (2017)

Scum’s Wish is a thought-provoking animated series that aired in 2017. With a rating of 7.4, it delves into the complex themes of love, desire, and the pursuit of happiness.


The show has garnered a considerable number of votes, totalling 19K, indicating its resonance with viewers. The voice cast, including Chika Anzai, Nobunaga Shimazaki, Haruka Tomatsu, and Shiori Izawa, delivers compelling performances that bring depth and vulnerability to the characters, heightening the emotional impact of the narrative.


5. Horimiya (2021)

Horimiya is a heartwarming animated series that aired in 2021. With a rating of 8.0, it combines elements of animation, comedy, romance, school life, and slice-of-life genres. The show has received a significant number of votes, totalling 43K, indicating its popularity and positive reception among viewers.


The talented voice cast, including Haruka Tomatsu, Kouki Uchiyama, Seiichirou Yamashita, and Yurie Kozakai, delivers exceptional performances, bringing the characters’ emotions and quirks to life.





We have gone through all the aspects and except for social media presence and sales, all other factors are in our favour.


The fact that we don’t have to worry about the source material is the best part. There is plenty of supply. So, we can anticipate hearing about the sequel in 2024 or early 2025.


There is no need to be concerned because a 3–4 year delay is typical in anime. Let’s hope for the best.


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