Top 30 Best Anime Like My Hero Academia

Kumari Kriti RajKumari-Posted Jan 31, 2023

Top 30 Anime Like My Hero Academia


With a typical theme of school and the supernatural, My Hero Academia served its best since 3 April 2016. It is better known for its story, sound, art, and characters with diversity that can be found in other anime, almost in the same way.


With the concept of two categories present in anime, it follows the story of Izuku and his journey toward supernatural power. The first category is a quirk which was followed by Quirkless.


Quirk are those who have some superpowers, including 80% of humanity, while the opposite of it is Quirkless, lacking powers. Izuku being Quirkless always wanted to become a superhero, and thus started his training with many other characters.


So, if you have liked this anime then it is sure that you must be liking the rest of the anime falling in the same category. So, here are the top 30 anime like My Hero Academia!



30. InuYasha (2000)


InuYasha (2000)


Like My Hero Academia, the anime follows the journey of a school student, Kagome Higurashi, and some superpowers. When Kagome was forced into a well where her family shrine was lying, she somehow was transported to Sengoku Period and met a demon named InuYasha.


Carrying a powerful jewel unknowingly with her, Shikon Jewel, she has already attracted many other spirits and demons in her way, leading to the scattering of jewels. Now the only mission she carries is to recover the jewel with the help of the demon InuYasha before an evil named Naraku gets its hold.



29. Samurai Flamenco (2013)


Samurai Flamenco (2013)


Takahiro Omori's directorial Samurai Flamenco was well-written by Hideyuki Kurata and designed by Chinatsu Kurahana. Masali Yamada is the one who has worked on animation while on the other hand, Kenji Tamai has given well-appreciated music.


Carrying the theme of superpowers and superheroes, the anime shares similarity with My Hero Academia in terms of genre and plot. It is related to Masayoshi and his way of becoming a superhero without having any position of superhero powers.


Masayoshi is almost like Izuku of My Hero Academia who was powerless but started his journey to become one such.



28. Charlotte (2015)


Charlotte (2015)


Getting released on 5 July 2015, the anime was directed by Yoshiyuki Asai. Carrying the theme of school life, superpower, and fantasy, the story shares many similarities with its parent anime, that is, My Hero Academia.


It focuses on an alternate reality in which some children or students transform into a superhuman till the time they reach puberty. In particular, it focuses on a schoolboy named Yuu Otosaka who can transform himself into others, thus grabbing the attention of a council president named Nao Tomori.


The story is quite interesting to catch on to, however, it somewhere becomes too much to deal with. The character is also well appreciated by critics and fans and the designs also go in the same way.



27. Little Witch Academia (2017)


Little Witch Academia (2017)


Following the life of a school related to Luna Nova Magical Academy, the story goes in specific with Atsuko Akko Kagari, a young girl. Atsuko has attended this magical academy with a mission to become a witch and gain some power in her hand.


However, a lot of struggles and obstacles followed as she lacks the things that are needed to get such powers. The only way through which Akko can gain power or complete her aim is by doing some hard work and harsh training, exactly in the same way as My Hero Academia's Izuku.



26. Fire Force (2019)


Fire Force (2019)


Carrying the theme of action and fantasy, the anime went well with magic and some supernatural phenomena. It is set in a fictional world where Shinra, the protagonist, and Spontaneous Human Combustion, a kind of strange phenomenon, become the highlight.


This phenomenon is a happening where human faces some strange and dangerous plague however, with time they recovered. To avoid such a plague to happen again, a special force called Special Fire Force was made.


Shinra is the one who is leading it with her mission to save humanity and cure all problems. However, the situations differ from time to time as they become more complex than one can think.



25. Gatchaman Crowds (2013)


Gatchaman Crowds (2013)


Set in the world of 2015 Japan somewhere in the summer, the story follows some supernatural occurrences with spiritual power. It deals with a team of warriors made to defend the world from alien attacks.


The city of Tokyo is protected by Gatchaman, a warrior team coming with a special suit called Note. This suit has given them power beyond normal human reach. Now it is their mission to tackle an alien called Berg Katze who is there to destroy several planets, including Earth.


In particular level, it follows the story of Hajime Inchinose, the new member of Gatchaman where he starts his journey to defend humanity.



24. Tiger And Bunny (2011)


Tiger And Bunny (2011)


Coming with comedy superhero, and adventure, the anime was released on 3 April 2011 with 25 episodes. It is well known for its driven characters finding true strength in the story, thus becoming a treat to the eyes.


Those characters coming with special abilities are termed to be Next. They can use power according to their wish, doesn't matter if it is good or bad. They generally chase down some lamplight and gain heroines to become the next king of heroes.


Kotetsu T. Kaburagi is the one who is the central character of the anime. He is also known as Wild Tiger, giving amazing performances however, shares an inability to cooperate with others.



23. Fairy Tail (2009)


Fairy Tail (2009)


Hiro Mashima's anime called Fairy Tail is indeed like My Hero Academia as it not just shares the supernatural or fantasy theme like it but also the story where the protagonist shares the same dream of becoming a magical hero.


Instead of going with Izuku of My Hero Academia, the story follows Lucy Heartfilia and her wish to become a magical wizard. She wanted to join Fairy Tail, a magical wizard guild on the continent.


An opportunity definitely came to her with a character called Natsu Dragneel, one of the legendary guilds, however, it follows many difficulties and obstacles her way.



22. Naruto (2002)


Naruto (2002)


Naruto is one of those anime that is remarkable for its adventure however, one forgets the fantasy that comes with the leading character Naruto. Under the creation of Masashi Kishimoto, anime has given a bulk of entertainment to almost every kind of audience.


It falls on the list because of some supernatural happening that differs from normal occurrences. The life is related to Naruto, first as a kid and then followed by his teenage life.


The supernatural theme comes as a devil lives in his body making other people away from him. Soon he emerged as a hero and went against many odds of society, specifically from his villagers.



21. One Punch Man (2015)


One Punch Man (2015)


One Punch Man is one of those anime that is totally relevant to its title and this list. It is because of some supernatural power that is inculcated in the protagonist named Saitama.


It started with his journey from an average person to a superhero with a special ability to punch. His regular life changed when he decided to become a superhero and trained himself very hard.


Because of this training, he can finish any enemy with a single punch. But now things differ as he decided to go with those opponents who will share almost the same level as him.


Because of its fantasy and action, the anime shares many commonalities with My Hero Academia. It is also appreciated for characters and their development, especially Saitama.



20. Dragon Ball (1986)


Dragon Ball (1986)


Set in a fantasy or imaginary world, the story goes with the adventure of Goku and his supernatural abilities or activities with his friends. The whole plot is related to the search for 7 Dragon Balls whose gathering can make all wishes come true.


After fulfilling the wishes, the dragons come out from the ball and spread across the planet. If one generalizes the whole anime then the character Goku suffers from many transformations.


From a kid to becoming an adult and then transforming back to a kid living, the story somewhere became complicated and too stretched than it needed.



19. Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann (2007)


Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann (2007)


Also known as Gurren Lagann, the anime was written by Kazuki. It revolves around two main characters named Kamina and Simon from their teenagers. Living in a subterranean village, they have always wanted to come to the surface and live a normal life like others.


No wonder, they indeed reached the surface but at the wrong time when a fight was happening with humans against Lordgenome. When humanities under attack by Gunmen on daily basis, these two took it as their responsibility to protect them and bring some action.



18. The Seven Deadly Sins (2014)


The Seven Deadly Sins (2014)


Having a very unique and rare set of the European middle ages, the story follows fantasy, supernatural, and some action. It is related to a group of knights staying in Britannia, called Seven Deadly Sins, the title.


When all the members of this group were accused of some crimes that they have never committed, they all started their journey to clear this accusation. However, the journey is not an easy one as it follows many obstacles and unwanted actions.


One can easily guess the popularity of anime as it has got many adaptations from movies to series and also some specials, like My Hero Academia.



17. Mob Psycho 100 (2016)


Mob Psycho 100 (2016)


Just like My Hero Academia where the life of a high school student came into focus, Mob Psycho 100 also follows the same with a character called Shigeo Kageyama. It is his adventure where an ordinary life changes into some psychic powers.


The psychic power includes lifting some heavy objects and bending spoons like paper. Because of these unique abilities, Shigeo has gained some unwanted attention which brought some negative aspects to his life.


The story also follows the time when he decided to be friends with a girl named Tsubomi, thus finding a purpose in his life.



16. Hamatora (2014)


Hamatora (2014)


Coming with mystery, action, and supernatural as the main genre, anime also includes detective and superpower as its theme. It was released on 8 January 2014 with 12 episodes under the studio of NAZ.


It shows that the ability to do miracles or mystery is not just a supernatural occurrence but also a kind of gift. In this anime this gift is given to certain human beings called Minimum Holders, possessing some power called Minimums.


It started with a detective agency when they received some strange connection with a wanted serial killer. The anime comes with mixed feelings however, one can easily appreciate the plotting that created suspense from time to time.


All the characters are interesting according to the theme and the same goes with animation.



15. Yū Yū Hakusho (1992)


Yū Yū Hakusho (1992)


We have Yuusuke, a 14-year-old boy, and his life blends well with action and fantasy. It was released on 10 October 1992, almost having a similar way of delivering the story as My Hero Academia which can be seen by taking a high school student as the protagonist.


When Yuusuke was trying to help a boy from an accident, he became the victim and died. However, his morality has helped him in a further way as many spirits of the spiritual realm went in his favor.


To give him another chance to live, the head of the spiritual realm called Koenma arranged some tasks that may help him in revival.



14. Hunter X Hunter (2011)


Hunter X Hunter (2011)


Fitting well in the list because of the protagonist Gon Freecs being a 12-year-old boy, like Izuku of My Hero Academia, the story carries fantasy and some action. It has a lot of commonalities with My Hero Academia however, it does shares some uniqueness.


Living an ordinary life till the time Gon met with the reality of life, coming with the existence of his father. When he has discovered the real identity of his father being a former Hunter, Gon started his journey to become one such hunter with the help of his friends and hard training.


He also carries is on one more mission with him and that is to find his father while carrying on his action and profession.



13. Bleach (2004)


Bleach (2004)


Considered iconic because of its action, plot, animation, character, design, and supernatural theme, the anime was released on 5 October 2004. It is about Ichigo Kurosaki and his journey toward getting superpowers.


Following the adventure of the protagonist named Ichigo in his mission to become a Soul Reaper, a personification of death, with the help of another Soul Reaper called Rukia. With the help of his power, he met with the new responsibility of defending people from all evil forces.


At the same time, Ichigo guided some departed souls in the afterlife procedure which brings some puzzles and a continuation of the fantasy story.



12. Katekyo Hitman Reborn (2006)


Katekyo Hitman Reborn (2006)


Having commonality in terms of fantasy, the anime serves well with action and high school student life. It is related to Tasuna who is known for being terrible at almost everything he does, whether it is related to his housework or schoolwork.


Things changed when he discovered being the 10th kingpin from an unknown family called Vongola, a mafia organization. A series of changes followed when he met his tutor called Tsuna who decided to train him in his mission of becoming a great boss.


At first, it became quite difficult for him to achieve it, however, things changed according to time.



11. Assassination Classroom (2013)


Assassination Classroom (2013)


Getting the adaptation of anime on 9 January 2015, the series has got appreciation because of its design and writing by the hands of Kazuki Morita and Makoto Uezu. Just like My Hero Academia, it also follows the life of school students.


The fantasy and supernatural theme came when the students will be recruited to protect Earth from getting destroyed by a powerful octopus creature, a teacher. These students are known as Misfits meanwhile, the octopus is the teacher of these students.


When the teachers have created a lot of problems for others then the Japanese government decided to reward those students who will help in killing the teacher or will kill the teacher, which remains an impossible task.



10. One Piece (1999)


One Piece (1999)


As per the title, the series is related to that one piece or that ultimate treasure which becomes the base of the whole story. It is Eiichoro Oda's creation which is set in a fantasy world like My Hero Academia.


In particular, it deals with the protagonist Monkey D. Luffy and his adventure to become the pirate king. Before getting Luffy into the main plot, the series followed Gold D. Roger and his last word about one piece of the treasure.


According to the words of the characters, the treasure has all the required and needed riches and that's the reason why many characters joined Luffy's journey, either as companions or as opponents.



9. JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure (2012)


JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure (2012)


Keeping the time of 1868, the story follows a father and son duo named George and Jonathan. When this duo, unfortunately, met with an accident then Dario emerged as a savior but with a different intention, unknown to George and Jonathan.


However, things changed when Dario died and left his son, Dio, under George. Dio at first appear to be very gentle however, his plan of getting all the fortune of George is revealed soon as it was followed by the Dio separating George and Jonathan.


This plot later succeeded but suspicion emerged soon when George left sick. It follows almost the same kind of plot as My Hero Academia but differs in the thing.



8. Demon Slayer (2019)


Demon Slayer (2019)


Demon Slayer remained an unforgettable anime because of its presentation and the way things went under development. It carried the genre of fantasy, history, and action in one go which was represented through the character Tanjirou.


When the whole family of Tanjirou was killed by demons and his sister was left to be good for nothing like a demon then he decided to stop these things and seek revenge.


He carries a mission his way in which the first one is related to revenge against the demon and the second one is defending his sister to become a full demon, thus setting his destiny.



7. Blue Exorcist (2011)


Blue Exorcist (2011)


Unlike My Hero Academia which just deals with school students, Blue Exorcist yet goes by having similarities with its fantasy, supernatural, plot, and saving humanity. It has a plot or storyline where protecting humanity becomes the only thing as the protagonist fights against evil.


But before forming this concept, it deals with two different worlds: one is of the human world called Assiah and the other is of the demon Gehenna, whose leader is Satan.


Having any kind of connection between these two worlds is almost an impossible thing, however, Satan is trying to do it by changing some scenarios. In particular, it deals with Rin Okumura whose normal life changes when a demon will attack him.


Soon he decides to save humanity by going against his family and the definition of two existing worlds.



6. Fullmetal Alchemist (2003)


Fullmetal Alchemist (2003)


The story comes with two siblings named Edward and Alphonse who decided to recover or revive their dead mother which is almost an impossible task. However, this can become possible if they will get a hold of a Philosopher's Stone through the concept of Alchemy, thus it becomes Fullmetal Alchemist.


To revive their mother, the two brothers started their journey to get this ultimate Philosopher's Stone. But this journey is not an easy one as they deal with many attacks and obstacles.


It shares the supernatural and fantasy with My Hero Academia in the same way where protagonists don't try to gain any power for themselves but for others.



5. Soul Eater (2008)


Soul Eater (2008)


This 2008 anime is created by Atsushi Ōkubo to bring a new kind of story to the old theme of fantasy and supernatural present in the animation world. Apart from fantasy, it carries action that goes with the concept of Demon Slayer and Demon Hunter.


It follows in an academy called Death Weapons Meister Academy where almost every student has a unique weapon that can give them the ability to transform. All these students share one common mission to become a demon hunter and among them is the protagonist Maka Alburn.


It also shares a different concept of Death Scythes which can be completed by consuming one soul of a witch and 99 of evils.



4. Black Clover (2017)


Black Clover (2017)


It is an action fantasy and a comedy that was released on 3 October 2017. Apart from all these it also shares a deep story and great appreciation towards its background score.


The series is remarkable for the protagonist named Yuno and Asta with their struggle. Asta is the one without any magical power, like Izuku of My Hero Academia, while on the other hand, Yuno has great magical power.


Just like Izuku, Asta also started his journey to become one such with superpowers and gain the title of Black Clover. The only way to do this is to go with hard training and practice which, later on, became successful with the entry of a villain called Lebuty.



3. Yowamushi Pedal (2013)


Yowamushi Pedal (2013)


Sharing the commonality with My Hero Academia in terms of school life, the series was released in October 2013 and followed by many other seasons. In particular, it goes with a freshman in a High School named Sakamichi who loves anime.


When Sakamichi met some classmates who are famous for cycling, he decided to join the cycling club by leaving his anime club behind. With the help of the club, he realized his hidden talent for cycling and indulged himself in the competition of races which is not an easy task to deal with.



2. Food Wars! (2015)


Food Wars! (2015)


Yoshitomo Yonetani's directorial Food Wars! is well-written by Shogo Yasukawa. As one can go with the title, it is about a food war that is a competition in cooking, making it one of the best in its category.


The story is related to Souma and his fashion for the art of cooking. After many experiments, he has finally discovered the right combination and flavor to go with. After realizing the full potential of Souma, his father decided to enroll him in a culinary school that will prove his worth.


However, the competition present in this school is not an easy one as it deals with many cutthroat situations.



1. Kill la Kill (2013)


Kill la Kill (2013)


Just like the unique high school of My Hero Academia which goes with superpower students and life, Kill Ia Kill also has the same theme. It goes with Ryuuko Matoi and her life through which she wandered in search of the killer of her father.


In between her quest to find the killer, Ryuuko somehow arrives at a high school called Honnouji Academy and met its student council president named Satsuki. Soon she got to know about a special cloth called Goku Uniform which can grant her some superhuman abilities, thus she decided to get it to find the killer.


It is considered to be a good watch because of its visuals, explosive story, and great soundtrack coming with great animation.




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