Top 50 Strongest Anime Characters Of All Time


Strong Anime Characters. Still one of the most fascinating aspects of the anime medium that we loved back in Childhood.


And with the wide variety of shows to choose from, this selected group gets added with a bunch of new members now and then.


We still love to compare our beloved characters and see who is stronger than whom.


It’s just a normal, weeb activity now. Therefore, to contribute to the community and add value to this discussion, I have decided to create the Strongest Anime Characters list.


Since anime doesn’t have any metric to judge strengths, all of the rankings are made from personal judgment.


Moreover, to make the list rich and diverse, a lot of characters from just one anime are avoided because that would make this activity way too monotonous *cough* Dragon Ball *cough*.


So grab your favorite action figurine, and prepare for a Kamehameha as we dive into the Strongest Anime Characters list.


I hope you enjoy it!




1. Zeno (Dragon Ball)


zeno (dragon ball)


Zeno, the Omni-King, holds dominion as the ultimate ruler across the Multiverse, seemingly its most formidable entity.


Despite his diminutive stature and neutral expression, Zeno emanates extraordinary power, featuring sky blue skin, purple head sections, and distinctive magenta and yellow attire with the “all” kanji on his shirt.


Revered as the most benevolent being, Zeno possesses the alarming ability to effortlessly erase entire universes with a mere snap of his fingers.


His capability to defeat immortal beings and withstand the obliteration of a universe unharmed contributes to his formidable and feared status among the characters in the Dragon Ball series.




2. Kami Tenchi (Tenchi Muyo)


kami tenchi (tenchi muyo)


He is Kami Tenchi, the one who is not a part of the universe, he is one!


Kami Tenchi is one of the mentioned characters in the anime known as Tenchi Muyo.


And just to explain how strong he is, let me tell you a quick fact about him.


He isn’t a part of the universe, like any other being on this list. He IS the universe.


Yup, you read that correctly. Kami Tenchi is a transcended being who was beyond our comprehension.


He doesn’t have any age, gender, or form to restrict him. He is far above and beyond all this and stands as the absolute being over everyone.


Without a doubt, one of the most insane and interesting characters in the anime medium.


And let’s just say that when you watch the series, you would realize his true potential even better.


Kami Tenchi is Kami Tenchi. You can’t compare him to anything. 




3. Truth (Fullmetal Alchemist)


truth (fullmetal alchemist)


Let’s take a look at Truth. Now for those of you who are wondering what the hell is Truth, please give me a chance to explain.


Truth is one of the side characters in the world of Fullmetal Alchemist. And why is he so strong?


Well, in the world of Fullmetal Alchemist, the absolute rule is that of equivalent exchange.


For something to be obtained, something of equal value must be given. And this rule is set by Truth himself.


Now I won’t spoil you about his strength because he plays a very important role in the ending of the Fullmetal Alchemist series.


But for now, you just need to know that he is the absolute being, the God of the Fullmetal Alchemist world who is second to none.


And once you watch the series, you would also realize that his strength is not something to measure.


It is something to witness and experience. Truth is Absolute!




4. Anti Spiral (Gurren Lagann)


anti spiral (gurren lagann)


In Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, the Anti-Spiral takes centre stage as the main antagonist, overseeing the Anti-Spiral Race’s quest to eradicate Spiral beings and avert the feared Spiral Nemesis.


This dark humanoid entity, featuring white patterns, typically communicates with a detached, emotionless demeanour, claiming to have transcended emotion.


However, in battle, its disposition can shift dramatically, expressing righteous and murderous rages.


With nearly boundless control over reality, the Anti-Spiral effortlessly generates matter, traverses space, commands its home universe, breaches multiple dimensions, and crafts pocket dimensions surpassing the known universe’s scale.



5. Shinigami King (Death Note)


shinigami king (death note)


Let’s talk about the Shinigami King.


Defeating Ryuk is essentially impossible. But as you can see, Ryuk is just a normal Shinigami.


So you can imagine how hard it would be to kill the King of Shinigami, the one who can kill other Shinigamis.


While the series didn’t show us the strength of this guy, we can still rest assured that he is one of the strongest beings we can imagine based on the information we were provided in the show.


Being the one responsible for anyone’s death is a daunting task. And only the strongest can pull it off.



6. Ryuk (Death Note)




This man right here is one of the most interesting characters you are going to find in the medium of anime.


Ryuk is one of the leading characters in the Death Note franchise but he isn’t exactly the real deal.


Death Note involves more about Light Yagami and L Lawliet instead of Ryuk. This might surprise you especially once you realize that this man is the reason for the deaths of millions of people.


Being a Shinigami, he is invincible. The only way to kill him is if he makes a mistake.


And that mistake is fairly known in the Shinigami realm. However, to kill you, he needs nothing other than his death note.


At the start of the list, I said that Death Note has its limitations and that’s why Light ranked last on this list.


However, Ryuk has default capabilities that involve seeing someone’s face and realizing their name and lifespan.


So all the drawbacks he had are gone. In a 1v1, you can’t kill Ryuk and if he sees you, he knows your name and face and now you are done.


I don’t think I need to explain anymore. Ryuk is an awesome character and one of the most iconic characters from the series. 



7. Beerus (Dragon Ball)




This name should be new to almost no one out there. Right from the get-go, this character gained an insane amount of popularity thanks to its design and strength.


I mean, he is the God of Destruction after all. Oh, you don’t know who Beerus is?


Quite a rare individual, you are. Anyway, let me just inform you about him real quick.


Beerus is one of the main characters in the Dragon Ball Super series and he is the God of Destruction in the same.


He is also, I believe, the junction of the Dragon Ball Series. Before his appearance, the growth in power levels in the Dragon Ball Franchise was fairly slow.


However, right from his appearance, the series started to reach new, unreal heights of strengths that just can’t be matched at all.


As for Beerus’ strength, I would just say that this man destroyed half of a planet just with his fingernail.


Read that again. Half a planet with just a fingernail. Don’t question his capabilities ever again.


He is a legit God for a reason. And that is why he is also one of the strongest characters in all of anime.



8. Sailor Moon (Sailor Moon)


Sailor Moon


I know many of you are scratching your head thinking, “How the hell can a Shoujo anime have such a strong character?”.


And to answer your question, I only have one thing to say, the concept. The concept of Sailor Moon involves beings that are strong on an interplanetary level.


Therefore, these guys are super strong and their strength is also the safeguard for those around them.


Sailor Moon is a classic anime that gained massive recognition during its release and airing.


However, one of the most overlooked aspects of it is the power level. With beings as strong as Sailor Moon, this realm is just too strong for any other anime to compete in.


The only reason why you might have not heard about this before is that this concept is from a Shoujo anime and these anime don’t get recognition as much as Shonen does.


But now you know why you shouldn’t ignore those magical girls. They can burn planets to ashes without breaking a sweat.



9. Sagittarius Seiya (Seinto Seiya)


sagittarius seiya (seinto seiya)


Now we are reaching levels where the strong mark is just out of the box.


And we can’t put any marks on them.


Let’s talk about Sagittarius Seiya. And I just can’t put into words how strong he is.


I think most of you would have got an idea of his insane strength considering that he is put above Goku and for comparison, he can do all that Goku can’t YET.


His strength involves the ability to take hits that would otherwise destroy planets without breaking a sweat.


Yup, he is a monster. And the thing is, many of you might not even know about him.


He is from the famous Saint Seiya series and I can assure you, that if he is on the battlefield, you just can’t rest peacefully.


I mean, imagine being able to go against a God’s attack and somehow being able to survive it.


Oh yeah, that requires a lot of skill and brute strength. And this is what Sagittarius Seiya already has but there is just so much more to him and his strength.


Now we are at the part of the list where these strengths can’t be put into words.


So go ahead and watch the series to understand why this man is placed here on our list.


You will be shocked yet satisfied.



10. Goku (Dragon Ball)


goku (dragon ball)


Goku is the main character of the Dragon Ball Franchise and he is just unreal.


Remember when I said that there are two characters people use to compare someone for strength?


Yeah, the first one is Goku. And his strength has become popular to the point that he has become somewhat of a metric himself.


I mean just think about it, he can destroy anyone and everyone without lifting a finger, most of the time.


And as the series progresses, his strength does too which means that he will get even stronger.


Right now, he is beyond the level of a God and is set to be mastering the Ultra instinct technique.


I don’t think I need to say more about him. Since most of you already know how popular he is.


The bottom line is Goku is beyond strong. You can’t even put it into words.



11. Utsuro (Gintama)




Now then, let’s talk about some insane murderers. Those who just can’t be put into words for their actions.


And I don’t think anyone fits this lethal description better than Utsuro. For those who don’t know, he is the main antagonist of the Gintama franchise and this guy is not someone you would wanna miss with.


He has killed an innumerable number of people and his powers include insane speed, strength, and agility thanks to his assassin background.


If you were to ask me, he can destroy anyone and everyone without breaking a sweat.


And that also means that you should beware of him. Being able to kill all of your opponents without breaking a sweat is not something we see that often.


And that is why he is so high on this list.



12. Gilgamesh (Fate)




The Fate Series has some of the most insane characters in anime history. And one of them is the legendary Gilgamesh.


This man is not only super handsome but also super strong. And if you don’t know about him, let me give you some trivia.


Gilgamesh is one of the leading characters in the Fate franchise and let’s just say that he is bad news.


Going against him not only means that you are going to get in a brutal fight, but it also somewhat confirms that you are going to end up dead.


Yup, he is a carnivore. And his skills are jaw-dropping, to say the least. I can go on and on about his strength.


But let’s save something for you to watch as well.



13. Saitama (One Punch Man)




In the anime community, there are only 2 people you would have for strength comparison.


One of those is Saitama. Now, who is Saitama you may ask? Well, Saitama is the main character of the One Punch Man series.


And just as the name sounds, he is a hero who can defeat anyone with just 1 punch.


That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, this baldy can defeat anyone, and by anyone, I mean anyone, with just a single punch.


That’s the premise of the show. There is no second thought about it. And it is shown in the anime that he can break a meteorite and someone’s jaw with just One Punch.


His strength is still a mystery but no doubt. He is incredibly strong and his power levels are something we just can’t measure.


Don’t even think about going against him. Otherwise, you would reach hell one punch later.



14. Vegeta  (Dragon Ball)




Probably the most famous deuteragonist of all time, we have Vegeta. Now this man right here is the symbol of hard work and determination being put up front.


And this is what makes him so strong. Because of his hunger for strength and ability, he is one of the strongest characters in the entire Dragon Ball franchise.


He is known for his arrogant and self-centered behavior. However, he is also known for his deep and mind-blowing work ethic.


Despite all his defeats, he has managed to surpass all those who were above him and he keeps moving forward.


Right now, within the series, he has achieved power levels that exceed that of a God.


And that is why the Prince is so high on this list. If you want some great motivation then he is the one you should look up to.



15. Fused Zamasu (Dragon Ball)


fused zamasu (dragon ball)


Allow me to tell you about Fused Zamasu. Fused Zamasu is one of the antagonists of the Dragon Ball Super series.


And this man has the body of Goku fused with the God of Creation of Universe 10.


Therefore, his strength reaches a level that just can’t be put into any measure. Think about it, being a God fused with someone who has attained the powers of a God.


This equation is God + God = You are done. And that is why this man is always bad news.


Even within the series, this man was a lot of trouble to deal with. So yeah, Fused Zamasu is a force to be reckoned with.



16. Kars (Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures)




Imagine being someone who tried world domination, committed mass murder, and killed those who stand in his way.


Seems unreal right? Well, it wouldn’t anymore once you get to know about Kars. This man right here is nothing less than a monster who can’t be one up by anyone.


His powers involve him being able to blind his opponents using light. However, the way he uses his seemingly simple power and manages to defeat the opponent is just incredible.


It’s a matter of hand gestures for this man to trick his opponents and lead him to their demise.


And the ability to kill millions of people is always there. Without a doubt, a monster who needs to be stopped.


But did they stop him? Watch the series to find out!



17. Frieza (Dragon Ball)


frieza (dragon ball)


Let’s take a look at one of the first villains from the franchise, Frieza.


The destroyer of planets and devil for many, this intergalactic ruler is something that you and I wouldn’t wanna face in real life.


Not only is he ruthless with his massacres and crimes, but he is also incredibly strong.


He is shown to be able to destroy planets with just his finger. Yup, he has destroyed planets with just a finger.


Don’t question it! He is known as the destroyer for a reason. And even within his universe, he was this strong naturally.


He trained for 4 months in the Dragon Ball Super series and Bam and managed to reach the level of Gods.


So yeah, Frieza is strong. And when I say strong, I mean strong. Don’t mess with him.



18. Joseph Joestar (Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures)


joseph joestar (jojo's bizarre adventures)


Joseph Joestar is an incredibly strong character whom we just can’t ignore.


You can’t go wrong with Joseph and his strength. Even though he isn’t the absolute strongest in his show, he is still someone you wouldn’t wanna mess with.


And his stand just so happens to boost his strength to the next level as well.


I don’t want to spoil you by telling you what his stand is. But let’s just say that his power is something that will shock you instantly.


Plus, we already have the famous battle tactics and mind games in the show. Therefore, these characters are no jokes to be ignored.


Joseph can solo clear entire universes of many anime and we wouldn’t even be able to realize it.


Yeah, just watch him destroy, and you will be shocked.



19. Jotaro Kujo (Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures)


jotaro kujo (jojo's bizarre adventures)


Here we have Jotaro Kujo, who is one of the leading characters in the series.


This man right here is nothing less than a monster in terms of combat. And what makes any JoJo character so amazing is their battle instinct.


The way these characters plan out their strategies and work on them is impeccable. And Jotaro is one of the elite ones amongst them as well.


Imagine being cornered by any of these characters. I wonder if life is going to spare you now.


Maybe not.



20. Alucard (Hellsing Ultimate)




Being able to lay a finger against your kind requires a lot of courage.


And you can spot such a massive amount of courage in our boy Alucard. He is one of the leading characters in Hellsing Ultimate and a strong vampire with that.


The premise of Hellsing requires humans to fight against Vampires. And Alucard is a vampire on his own.


However, he is still fighting from the side of humans! Why? Who knows? I mean I know but why should I spoil you?


What I will spoil you about is the fact that he is incredibly strong. A level of strength that just can’t be matched against any character in the series.


Yup, he is THAT amazing. Just wait and see. Surprises are on their way.



21. Naruto (Naruto)




Now let’s talk about this GOAT right here. A name that is very common amongst anime as well as non-anime fans.


This is the time we include the main character of the amazing show, Naruto. Needless to say, Naruto is the main character of the Naruto franchise and he is an absolute motivation.


No one can come out and say that Naruto didn’t act like a motivational figure to them when they completed the series.


He was weak when he started but with love and determination in his eyes, he managed to defeat all the obstacles in his path.


And in the process, he became one of the strongest characters in anime history. Don’t believe me, just watch the show.


There’s a reason why people compare everyone with his strength.



22. Sasuke (Naruto)




Very rarely do we see a character like Sasuke and watching him destroy those villains is a feeling of excitement on another level.


Sasuke Uchiha is one of the main characters in the Naruto series. He is the one who went ahead and became the most elite student in his academy.


Amazing grades and amazing performance were just a few of the many features he had.


However, as the series progressed, his strength started to progress as well. And by the end of Naruto, Sasuke became one of the strongest characters you are ever going to see.


And trust me when I say this, his transformation was amazing.



23. Meliodas (Seven Deadly Sins)




Hey, can you split a mountain with a stick? No? Well, too bad because this short boy right here can!


And he can do much more that you can’t even fathom. Meliodas is the main character of the Seven Deadly Sins series and my man is strong by default.


Like, the moment you start watching the show, is the moment you would realize that Meliodas is a being of his own.


Those around him don’t even come close to how strong he is and as the story progresses, the gap becomes clearer and clearer.


There is only one who can have his feet against him. And you will find out about him as well.



24. Natsu (Fairy Tail)




Natsu Dragoneel is a name that many of us have heard of. And it comes as no surprise since this man right here is not going low on his name.


Natsu is the main character of the Fairy Tail series and uses Fire as his primary power.


However, as the series progresses, my man becomes better and better, and soon, he reaches a level that those within the show hesitate to mess with him.


His fire strength becomes unreal and with his team, he manages to defeat anyone and everyone who stand against him.


Without a doubt, a being your shouldn’t mess with at all.



25. Ichigo (Bleach)




Well well, if it isn’t the swordsman we all love and appreciate. Let’s lay our eyes on the monster that we know by the name of Ichigo.


Ichigo Kurosaki is the main character of the Bleach franchise. And I won’t lie, he is just way too good to be a protagonist.


Unlike others who are very weak in the beginning and get strong in the process, Ichigo was fairly strong in the beginning and became even better as time went by.


Soon, you wouldn’t even realize how insane he became and gathered the strength to kill all those around him.


Even the villains in his realm developed a fear of him. And that’s why he is a protagonist you should respect and love.



26. Gojo Satoru (Jujutsu Kaisen)


Gojo Satoru


You know you are incredible when somehow, you have managed to be the most popular character in your anime.


Ladies and Gentlemen, let’s lay our eyes on the handsome hunk, Satoru Gojo. Gojo Satoru is one of the lead characters in the Jujutsu Kaisen series.


And just like All Might, he is the God of his series. Everyone including villains knows that they can’t win against Gojo and fighting him means an automatic death.


He is on our side and acts as a reassurance for the hero team. Yet, if he is in a bad mood, the villain and the heroes, both are going to witness a scenery of pure strength.


The strength that can water you down in an instant. Lesson number 1, don’t mess with Gojo.


Lesson number 2, remember lesson number 1.



27. Kaneki Ken (Tokyo Ghoul)


kaneki ken (tokyo ghoul)


Allow me to tell you about Kaneki Ken.


A boy who lost everything and gained nothing. Kaneki Ken is the protagonist of the Tokyo Ghoul series.


And this man had a miserable life all along. First, he became a ghoul, and then he was tortured to death.


However, as we all know, every defeat is an opportunity for strength, he overlooked all the shortcomings, problems, and drawbacks in his life and became an absolute monster.


He started to torture those who tortured him and in the process developed an amount of strength that can shiver all those around him.



28. Luffy (One Piece)




From one of the most successful anime and manga franchises of all time, we have Luffy.


Luffy is the main character of the very popular, One Piece, and my man has a heart of gold.


However, just because he doesn’t have any ruthless intent doesn’t mean he is second to anyone.


Oh no, my friend. His strength is amazing and the powers he gets from his devil fruit are just so incredible.


He can stretch his body parts and use them at his discretion. With one of the most intelligent battle minds, my man manages to defeat anyone who is against him, making him an absolute beast.



29. Shigeo Kageyama (Mob Psycho 100)


Shigeo Kageyama


Psychic powers aren’t exactly the most prominent power system in the anime medium. However, we are still aware of its capabilities thanks to the existence of anime like Mob Psycho 100.


And this show is also home to one of the most unique anime protagonists in recent memory, Shigeo Kageyama.


Shigeo Kageyama aka Mob is a psychic who can do anything and everything with his mind.


However, unlike your expectations, he doesn’t use his powers at all and instead, relies on his human capabilities to achieve what he wants.


But don’t you blunder to think he is weak, because once he loses control, he is unstoppable.



30. Eren (Attack On Titan)




This name is not something you haven’t heard of. If you have been part of the anime community for even a day, you must be aware of this anime.


But for the small group who isn’t, allow me to explain. The next entry on our list is Eren Yeager, the main character of Attack On Titan.


And this man right is a literal monster. He can become a Titan and destroy anything and everything in his path.


Just imagine going against a beast who is probably 50x times bigger than you and has the same intelligent mind as your own.


Oh yeah, he is VERY strong.



31. Yhwach (Bleach)


Yhwach (Bleach)


Yhwach, often addressed as “Your Majesty” by his loyalists, holds the esteemed titles of Quincy Father and emperor of the Wandenreich, known as “A” – “The Almighty.”


Being the offspring of the Soul King, Yhwach proclaims himself as a proponent of peace, disliking prolonged conflicts and advocating for their swift resolution.


He holds the original Gotei 13 members in high regard, respecting their ability to instil fear within him.


Yhwach particularly admires Genryūsai Shigekuni Yamamoto, whom he refers to as a demon for his perceived disregard of subordinates’ lives.


The emperor disdains values such as justice and honour, criticizing the perceived weakness of the Gotei 13 during his absence.


He treats his subordinates and the Quincy differently, often favouring those he considers his “sons” and actively recruiting them into his empire.


Yhwach is capable of showing mercy and appreciation, acknowledging sacrifices made by his followers, while also valuing outspoken dissent among his Sternritter instead of blind loyalty.



32. All For One (My Hero Academia)


All For One


Remember when I said that All Might was a God in his series? Yeah, allow me to introduce the devil as well.


Now is the time to discuss, All For One. All For One is one of the main villains in the My Hero Academia franchise and he is just too strong.


This man can take anyone’s strength and that is what makes him so powerful in the first place.


In the My Hero Academia realm, if you can run super-fast, he can take that ability from you and have it for himself or give it to someone else.


Just imagine his strength now! I mean, just imagine!



33. Hisoka (Hunter x Hunter)


hisoka (hunter x hunter)


He is a man. Monster*. Sorry about that, that was a typo right there.


So yeah, he is a monster known even within the series as a force to be reckoned with.


And you would realize the truth about it once you start the series. I won’t spoil you much but this man is known for his assassination skills.


And his lethal and somewhat pedophile nature seems to attract female anime fans so much.


Can’t get your head around it, right? But don’t worry, he won’t spend a second snapping that head of yours.



34. Killua (Hunter x Hunter)


killua (hunter x hunter)


The one who always captivates us in his anime is none other than Killua.


My man not only has a super hot body but is also very popular. And this popularity will make sense to you once you realize how amazing he is, as a person.


Despite being super strong, he is humble and his nature is adorable for all the viewers.


Speaking of strong, my man is so fast, stealthy, and agile that most of you won’t even realize how he killed all those around you and you are the last one.


He isn’t the absolute strongest in the series but for the most part, he is incredibly powerful.



35. Gon (Hunter x Hunter)




One of the strongest humans yet again, we have our boy Gon. Now unlike Baki or Thors, Gon isn’t exactly pure human.


Oh no, my friend. He is a hunter and that is why he already has some supernatural capabilities under his sleeves.


But that’s not all. He is also very capable as a hunter with insane strength being one of the factors.


Now the thing about his strength falls in the spoiler territory so I won’t be telling you guys about it in extreme detail.


But just keep in mind that this guy is strong on a completely different level.


Above everything, you would have seen in the series at this point. Yup, be excited if you are watching Hunter x Hunter.



36. Asta (Black Clover)


asta (black clover)


Let me introduce you to my boy Asta as well. Asta is the main character of the Black Clover series and he is known for his bad luck.


He wanted to be the wizard king but unfortunately, he wasn’t capable to do so.


He was the only one who didn’t have magic IN HIS ENTIRE WORLD.


Yet, with the power of dedication and hard work, he managed to do the impossible.


He got his hand on the 5-leaf clover, and now he is on his mission.


With the strangest strength in his realm, he will do all he can to become the next Wizard King.


And no one can stop him.



37. Toriko (Toriko) 


Toriko (Toriko)


Toriko, the eponymous protagonist of the Toriko series, is a renowned Gourmet Hunter known for his immense strength and expertise.


Among the “Four Heavenly Kings,” he is nicknamed “The Glutton” due to his abnormally large appetite.


Toriko’s extraordinary skills have led him to discover around 2% of the vast array of known ingredients worldwide, amounting to approximately 6,000 varieties.


Notably, he shares a close connection with influential figures, including his partnership with esteemed chef Komatsu, his adoption by IGO President Ichiryu, his marriage to Gourmet Research Chief Rin, his role as a surrogate father to the Battle Wolf Terry Cloth, and his alliances with the leaders of the Gourmet Knights and the Gourmet Yakuza.


These connections further enhance Toriko’s reputation and influence in the series.



38. Exodia (Yu Gi Oh)




If you are a fan of Yu Gi Oh, you know that this name is something that shivers the strongest.


This is time to talk about one of the strongest beings in the universe of Yu Gi Oh, Exodia.


Exodia is one of the characters in the Yu Gi Oh franchise and it is looked upon as one of the scariest spellcasters.


Going up against it is very close to forfeiting the match because for the most part, you are not going to win.


The sheer amount of power and magic that this being hold is incredible and that makes him worthy of standing on our list.



39. Touka (Tokyo Ghoul)




Just because she is a girl, doesn’t mean she can’t rip you apart. And if you want to cross-check this fact then you can go ahead and mess with this beautiful yet lethal girl, Touka.


Touka is one of the leading characters in Tokyo Ghoul and she is dangerous on another level.


Since she is a ghoul, regeneration and unreal activities are part of her natural activities.


Plus, she is also one of the best in the series and is capable of defeating most other Ghouls.


One must be in an incorrect mindset while messing up with her. And her strength is a force to be afraid of.



40. All Might (My Hero Academia)


all might (my hero academia)


He is the most elite being of the My Hero Academia universe, All Might.


All Might is one of the leading characters in My Hero Academia and he is a God there.


Not saying that he is some sort of absolute being or anything but he is the strongest out of all the characters in the series.


He is known for being the strongest among all others and that fact acts as motivation for most of them.


Being a symbol is something incredible if you ask me.



41. Baki Hanma (Baki)


Baki Hanma


If I were to say who is the strongest human in the anime industry, there’s a heavy chance that this man’s name would have popped up.


Allow me to introduce you to Baki. Hanma Baki is the main character of the Baki series and this man is just a monster.


Just like Thors, his strength is inhumane and can’t be compared to anyone else. He can beat you to death in a matter of seconds and you won’t even realize it.


And that’s not something exclusive to you. Oh no, my friend. This guy can defeat anyone he wishes to.


And to those whom he can’t, he is working hard to take care of them as well.


Want a physique like his for sure.



42. Izuku Midoriya (My Hero Academia)


Izuku Midoriya


Hard work and determination can let you win anything and everything. And even though you might not agree to it, my man Izuku does.


Izuku Midoriya is the main character of the My Hero Academia franchise and he is nothing less than amazing.


He was born without a strong power and therefore, wasn’t able to shine as one of the strongest beings in his realm and become a hero.


However, with determination and dedication, he managed to make his way to get super strong and finally, have one of the most powerful quirks in his realm.


And that is also how he became one of the strongest anime characters.



43. Tetsuo (Akira)




Sometimes, you are going to find characters that are so unique that you will be fascinated by them.


Just the concept of such characters would make you scratch your head and question everything.


And one such character is none other than Tetsuo. My man right here is one of the leading characters in the series.


However, unlike any other character you might have seen to date, he is also the antagonist of the movie, Akira.


He is the one who possesses insane powers that makes him otherworldly and also someone who deserves a rank on our list.



44. Sinbad (The Real Legends of Magi: The Kingdom of Magic)




From the realm of the Arabian nights stands Sinbad, one of the gifted children in anime.


He is known within the community as one of the most handsome characters and his strength and power just add up to the number of reasons you should be SIMPING for him.


I mean, he is one of the Masters at conquering dungeons and even though he has supernatural factors supporting him, he isn’t hollow without them.


He has his strengths and weaknesses that make him more human and his determination is just a reason to live him even more.


In other words, you are bound to feel safe and confident around him. Sinbad is a man you should look up to no matter what.


Just don’t pick a fight with him.



45. Thors (Vinland Saga)




Speaking of one of the strongest humans in anime, allow me to introduce you to Thors.


This man is a beast. Yeah, exactly! Thors is one of the leading characters in the Vinland Saga series and let’s just say that he is nothing less than an absolute monster.


Despite having zero “unreal aspects” to support him, Thors is probably the strongest human you can find.


His strength is just unreal and his skill is a topic of discussion. In a 1v1, he is unbeatable.


Heck, even in a 1v100 he is still unbeatable. Don’t believe me? Just watch the Vinland Saga anime, and you would start believing.



46. Levi Ackerman (Attack On Titan)


levi ackerman (attack on titan)


Even if you haven’t watched Attack On Titan, you would have realized that this man is a danger. This is Humanity’s Strongest Soldier, Levi Ackerman.


He is one of the leading characters in the Attack On Titan series. And I won’t be able to say this without a sense of respect for him but this man is unreal.


Even though he is very short, his strength is no joke. His agility, precision, skills, and stamina are just way too much.


And that is the reason why you should be afraid of this man. Going up against him means pure death.


And it also means that he is one of the strongest humans in all of anime.



47. Mikasa Ackerman (Attack On Titan)


Mikasa Ackerman


In the realm of Attack On Titan, the Ackerman family is something to be scared of.


And you know that this is more so true when you realize that our Waifu Mikasa, is a part of that family.


Mikasa Ackerman is one of the leading characters in the Attack on Titan franchise. And let’s just say that going up against her would mean nothing but death to you.


She is one of the finest soldiers and with her Ackerman blood, she can do anything and everything to make sure that those Titans don’t make it through.


And that is also the reason why she is on our list.



48. Tanjiro Kamado (Demon Slayer)


tanjiro kamado (demon slayer)


We all know how important it is to breathe properly. But when you take this simple activity to the next level, you will experience something unreal.


And maybe, you would also become one of the strongest humans as well. Tanjiro Kamado is a normal teen from the Demon Slayer franchise.


However, when he has his katana in his hand, you are going to have a very hard time against him.


Just by getting proper control over his breathing, this man became stronger than any of us.


Which essentially makes him one of the strongest protagonists in all of anime.



49. Krillin (Dragon Ball)


krillin (dragon ball)


He is the strongest human in his realm. Although not gonna lie, he doesn’t seem to do human things, am I right?


This is Krillin. Krillin is one of the side characters in the Dragon Ball series and he is one of the only humans in the show.


Although his strength is unreal, he gets overshadowed by those around him. Yet, before the Dragon Ball Z series showed up, Krillin was one of the strongest characters in the entire franchise.


And that is also the reason why he is standing on our list with his bald head held high.



50. Light Yagami (Death Note)


light yagami (death note)


Light Yagami is the main protagonist of the show we call Death Note. Ever heard of that?


And my man Light is also in possession of the legendary Death Note. Moreover, he is the most capable user of that notebook and that is why he is looked upon as one of the strongest characters in anime.


I mean think about it, if the reaches of Death Note are infinite, my man can kill anyone.


But since Death Note has its limitations, my man Light is at this spot.



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