Top 50 Most Popular Soul Eater Characters

Top 50 Most Popular Soul Eater Characters


Soul Eater is one of the most versatile anime series. It is both funny and serious which makes it amazing for people who prefer either of these types of storytelling within their narrative.


However, a good chunk of credit for the success of this series goes to the characters of the show. These characters have made the entire anime nothing less than a 50-episode experience for the audience.


And so, we should take our time and appreciate them with all our hearts. Therefore, in this list, we will be taking a look at all these amazing characters and reminisce about their roles.


I hope you enjoy it.




1. Death the Kid


death the kid


The first character on our list is easily recognizable as Kid, also known as Death the Kid. Kid is Shinigami’s son and was born from a fragment of his father’s soul along with his older brother Asura.


Even though Kid is a Shinigami, he happens to have obsessive-compulsive disorder, which makes him a rather interesting character. When we imagine a Shinigami, we can’t really imagine a person being discomforted by patterns but alright. 


However, he is unable to use his full power if one of them is missing. Kid’s most distinguishing feature is the Lines of Sanzu, three white lines on the left side of his hair that indicate his status as a Shinigami.




2. Evans Soul Eater


evans soul eater


Soul Evans is Maka Albarn’s partner in their quest to become the most powerful death scythe, and he is the primary male character of the series. Despite his laid-back and nonchalant personality, he has a strong sense of loyalty towards Maka.


Soul’s family has a reputation in the music industry, and he is a skilled pianist, but he aspires to establish himself as a formidable death scythe instead. After he and Maka defeat Arachne and consume her soul, he achieves his goal.


Moreover, Kidd’s agreement with the witches resulted in a situation where Evans and Kidd would be paired up. And that’s how the duo managed to make it to the screen. Evan’s presence in the anime is what makes him so incredible in the first place. 




3. Albarn Maka


albarn maka


Maka Albarn is an essential character in Soul Eater and a prominent protagonist. She is a devoted student who takes after her mother, a skilled meister, and strives to surpass her father, Spirit.


Maka’s strained relationship with her father stems from his tendency to flirt with women, which ultimately led to her parent’s divorce. Her objective is to transform her weapon partner, Soul Eater, into a death scythe superior to her father’s.


Maka and Soul’s relationship is a bit complex. While she does get irritated at times with him, when push comes to shove, she does everything that she can to make sure that Soul is safe and secure, making her an incredible person.




4. Crona




Crona, a character from the Soul Eater franchise, has an ambiguous gender and an androgynous appearance. They are armed with a black longsword named Ragnarok, which can transform into a humanoid form.


Crona’s blood contains black blood instead of normal blood, which has a symbiotic relationship with Ragnarok and can lead to madness. Their mother compels them to consume human souls to become a kishin, causing them to initially oppose Maka before eventually becoming allies.


Crona’s presence in the anime has made her an incredible to look forward to. Moreover, the way her personality plays out in the show makes her a remarkable name among anime fans who aren’t even aware of Soul Eater. 



5. Black☆Star




The following noteworthy character on our roster is Black Star. He is a ninja assassin and Tsubaki’s meister, known for his loud and boastful personality and preference for flashy entrances over stealth.


Black Star has a goal to surpass God and often boasts about being a “big man”, pushing himself to his physical limits. He is adept in combat and can augment his physical attacks with soul wavelength.


DWMA took down the entirety of the Star clan. And Black happens to be the last one remaining in the show who still belongs to the clan. However, even for him, there’s a notion of disturbance associated with the history of the Star clan. 



6. Stein Franken


Stein Franken


Franken Stein is a renowned scientist who joins DWMA as a teacher. He sees everything in life as an experiment, even himself, and has a screw protruding from his head, which he frequently twists.


Stein takes on the role of a paternal figure to his students, but his periods of madness cause him to try to dissect anything in his sight. Alongside his expertise in martial arts, he can also unleash powerful attacks using his soul wavelength.


Following Asura’s revival, Stein’s madness intensifies, and he becomes a victim of Medusa’s schemes. Nonetheless, his comrades manage to save him in the end.



7. Excalibur




The most powerful weapon in the Soul Eater franchise is known as Excalibur, also referred to as the Holy Sword. Arthur Boyle originally owned the sword, but it was brought to life due to his delusions, which were influenced by the Second Cataclysm that led to the world’s reboot.


Fairies reside in a cavern shrine in Great Britain, where Excalibur usually stays. The sword can take on two forms: a complicated single-handed weapon design, and a short, whimsical anteater creature wearing a white suit, top hat, and a mask resembling that of a plague doctor.



8. Shinigami




Shinigami, also known as Death or Lord Death in the English dub, serves as the headmaster of Death Weapon Meister Academy and is the father of Asura and Death the Kid.


He embodies order in madness and strives to maintain peace in the world. Despite his ability to take away humanity’s free will, he chooses not to exercise it. Shinigami was created by Shinra Kusukabe as a physical deity for humanity to interact with after the world’s reboot, and he was once the leader of the Great Old Ones.


In order to prevent the emergence of kishin, he seals his first child Asura and binds his soul around Death City, establishing DWMA to train meisters and weapons.



9. Gorgon Medusa


Gorgon Medusa


Medusa, a female antagonist in the Soul Eater franchise, is introduced as the middle Gorgon sister. She is a scientist who created black blood, a substance that induces madness in people, and aims to use it to transform the world and oppose the DWMA’s efforts.


In order to locate Asura’s whereabouts, Medusa disguises herself as a school nurse and infiltrates the DWMA, enlisting a team to assist her in reviving the kishin using black blood.


Although Franken Stein defeats her shortly after her plan succeeds, Medusa manages to survive by possessing the body of a young girl named Rachel, taking the form of a snake.



10. Nakatsukasa Tsubaki


Nakatsukasa Tsubaki


Black Star’s partner weapon is Tsubaki Nakatsukasa, known as a “shadow weapon” because she can transform into various ninja weapons like a kusarigama, shuriken, ninjatō, and smoke bomb. Despite her classification, Tsubaki has a gentle, friendly, and patient personality, making her a calming influence on her friends.


Her family has passed down a tradition that allows her to take on multiple weapon forms, as they are descendants of the first demon weapons created by Arachne. Later on, she becomes even more powerful when she absorbs her corrupted brother Masamune’s soul, which enables her to achieve her most potent form, the Uncanny Sword.



11. Blair




With exceptional magical powers, Blair, a black cat, can perform spells and transform into a human woman. Initially, Maka and Soul mistakenly label her as a witch because of her witch-like clothing, causing them to restart their soul collection after capturing her soul.


Subsequently, Blair moves in with Maka and Soul, creating tension due to her romantic feelings for Soul, although they eventually adapt and tolerate her presence. And that’s what makes this character so amazing for our list.


If you are yet to experience the beauty of it then give it a go.



12. Thompson Patricia


Thompson Patricia


As a Demon Weapon, Patricia Thompson is the younger sister of Elizabeth Thompson. In the past, they were referred to as the “Brooklyn Devils” due to their delinquent behaviour, but their lives took a turn when they were taken in by Death the Kid, their present Meister and Shinigami.


Patricia eventually changed her ways and became Kid’s weapon while also attending DWMA as a student in the E. A. T class. She was previously associated with Spartoi. Moreover, you will get a good look at her in the anime.


So make sure that you are ready for it.



13. Mifune




Mifune, a human samurai, is the bodyguard of a young witch named Angela Leon. Despite his humanity, Mifune has a soul power equal to 99 ordinary human souls. He fights using the Infinite One-Sword Style, wielding multiple katanas that he scatters around the battlefield.


Mifune quits his mafia job when he is ordered to capture Angela due to his love for children. He joins Arachnophobia, believing they are the only organization capable of protecting Angela.


This is why Mifune’s character is a lot more fun and captivating for the audience. There’s a reason why people look up to it so much.



14. Asura




Asura, also known as the Kishin, is the main antagonist in the anime and manga series. Shinigami created Asura from a fragment of his soul, and his madness is shown through his paranoid tendencies, bandaged face, and love for consuming human souls.


Asura transforms into a god-like being after devouring his weapon, Vajra, and emits a “madness of terror” that affects anyone in his vicinity. Despite being defeated by Shinigami and sealed in a shrine beneath the DWMA building, Asura resurfaces later in the story influenced by the madness wavelength, and he hides on the cartoonish moon in Earth’s atmosphere.



15. Law Justin


Law Justin


Justin Law is a character in both the Soul Eater anime and manga, serving as a death scythe responsible for Europe. He appears in Catholic priest attire and views Shinigami as his god, and is known for listening to loud music through headphones that impair his hearing.


Despite this, he can understand others by reading their lips. Justin is able to fight alone without a meister partner, by transforming parts of his body into blades and increasing his soul wavelength through prayer.


He achieved the feat of becoming a death scythe at the age of thirteen, making him the youngest weapon student at DWMA to do so. However, in the manga storyline, he goes insane due to Asura’s madness wavelength and replaces Shinigami with Kishin as his god.



16. Frog Eruka


Frog Eruka


Eruka Frog is a character who attempted to kill Medusa but failed, resulting in Medusa inserting magical snakes into Eruka’s body. Eruka must complete tasks for Medusa to have the snakes removed.


Her frog-like nature is reflected in her speech, which includes croaking sounds, her ability to transform into a frog, and her use of tadpole-shaped bombs as weapons. Despite her cowardly nature, Eruka hates Medusa and her plan to destroy all witches.


After Medusa’s death, Eruka works with the DWMA to set up a truce with other witches. Eruka’s mount is a large flying tadpole.



17. Thompson Elizabeth


Thompson Elizabeth


Elizabeth Thompson, or Liz for short, is a demon weapon character in the Soul Eater anime and manga. She and her younger sister, Patricia, used to be street thugs in New York until they met Death the Kid, who became their meister and turned their lives around.


Liz then became Kid’s weapon partner and joined the E. A. T Class at Death Weapon Meister Academy, eventually rising to the rank of two-star weapon. She was a member of Spartoi until the battle on the Moon against the Clown Army.


Liz can transform into two guns that Kid uses in battle, and she has a calm and collected personality that complements Kid’s obsessive-compulsive nature.



18. Lunge Kilik


Lunge Kilik


Kilik Rung is a meister enrolled in the EAT class at the Death Weapon Meister Academy in the Soul Eater franchise. His weapon partners, Pot of Fire and Pot of Thunder, are twin siblings who can communicate with nature and sense danger but do not speak.


Kilik has the ability to produce fire and electricity with his weapons, which makes him a valuable ally to his friends Ox Ford and Kim Diehl. Hero, a character in the anime, has mentioned that Kilik is one of the top three fighters in the academy in terms of raw power.


Kilik is also good friends with Black Star and frequently joins him in battles.



19. Albarn Spirit


Albarn Spirit


Spirit Albarn, who is Maka’s father and the sole death scythe residing in DWMA with jurisdiction over North America, wields a scythe with a black blade and a cross-shaped handle.


Initially partnered with Franken Stein, he becomes a death scythe with the help of Maka’s mother but is later divorced due to his lecherous behaviour, causing him to lose Maka’s respect.


He primarily serves as a consort for Shinigami but becomes Stein’s partner when he is hired as a teacher at DWMA. After helping Stein defeat Medusa, he is reassigned as Shinigami’s weapon, but he is unable to assist Shinigami in battle, leading to his being reassigned to Stein.



20. Free




Free is a character who is also known as the “Man with the Magic Eye.” He is an immortal werewolf who was imprisoned for two centuries after stealing Maba’s left eye and replacing it with his own, granting him witch-like powers.


After being freed from prison by Medusa, he becomes her loyal follower. Free is carefree and clumsy, which sometimes results in him injuring himself in battle. He has the ability to transform into a werewolf at will, which enhances his physical strength and speed.


Additionally, he possesses incredible regenerative abilities and is essentially indestructible due to his immortality.



21. Mjolnir Marie


Mjolnir Marie


Marie Mjolnir is a character who serves as the death scythe in charge of Oceania. Her weapon form differs between the two versions of the story. In the manga, she transforms into a small black hammer that can convert into a tonfa, while in the anime, she is a large grey tonfa.


Marie wears an eyepatch on her left eye decorated with a lightning-bolt symbol, which also appears on her weapon form. She is depicted as being carefree and scatterbrained, frequently losing her way in DWMA’s basement because of her weak sense of direction.


Marie has a romantic past and is anxious to settle down and marry.



22. Gorgon Arachne


Gorgon Arachne


Arachne is a major antagonist who leads Arachnophobia, a spider-like witch and the oldest of the Gorgon sisters. She is credited with creating the first demon weapons by fusing the souls of witches with ordinary weapons and humans.


However, her sister Medusa betrayed her, leading Arachne to scatter her body as black spiders and hide her soul in a golem for 800 years. When Asura awakens, Arachne emerges from hiding, seeking to capture him and plunge the world into madness.


Ultimately, Maka and Soul defeat her, using her soul to transform Soul into a death scythe.



23. Ragnarök




Ragnarok is Crona’s weapon partner in both the Soul Eater series, also known as the Demon Sword or Maken. He was originally a normal demon weapon but was melted by Medusa while in his weapon form and mixed into Crona’s blood.


Ragnarok is known for his bullying and confident personality, which contrasts with Crona’s introverted nature. He is easily provoked, violent, and impolite, often using name-calling. Despite this, he is intimidated by Crona’s assertiveness.


Ragnarok has a muscular body with spikes, large gloved hands, and ping-pong ball-like eyes with X-shaped pupils.



24. Giriko




Giriko is a demon weapon and Enchanter who is fiercely devoted to Arachne and has an unquenchable thirst for blood. He takes on the form of a chainsaw but prefers to fight as a human using a chain he produces.


Giriko is responsible for creating the golem that Arachne used to conceal her soul 800 years in the past, and he has passed his memories down to his descendants under the name Saw for 30 generations.


After Arachne’s downfall, Giriko teams up with Noah to exact revenge on Maka, even crafting a new body for himself after his original one is destroyed. However, Giriko’s soul implodes, unable to endure the bloodlust that he has harboured for eight centuries before he can take down Maka.



25. Little Ogre


Little Ogre


Soul is visited by the “little ogre” in his subconscious after being infected by Ragnarok’s black blood. The creature appears as a small red one donning a black double-breasted suit and offers Soul power that can only be obtained through black blood.


While Soul accepts the ogre’s offers in desperate situations, he mostly ignores the creature. In the anime adaptation, the ogre is depicted as Soul’s alter ego, which is created by the black blood.


During the final battle against Asura, the ogre nearly takes control of Soul’s body, but Maka uses her Anti-Demon Wavelength to save what is left of Soul’s mind and thwart the ogre’s plan.



26. Hiro




Hero, who goes by the name Hero the Brave, is a one-star meister at Death Weapon Meister Academy with poor skills and a passive personality that often results in him being bossed around by his classmates.


In an attempt to remedy this, he partners with Excalibur, and with his newfound power, he defeats the academy’s best fighters, albeit abusing it. Despite being perverted, Hero has a strong distaste for people who sneeze repeatedly.


Despite his reputation as the “Worst Meister Ever,” he has an unwavering will that enables him to follow Excalibur’s burdensome rules without protest.



27. Diehl Kim


Diehl Kim


Kim Diehl, also known as Kimial Diehl, is a witch who has become a meister at the Death Weapon Meister Academy. Initially, she comes across as selfish, unfeeling, and intimidating, earning her the nickname “Witch of the Girls’ Dorm.” Kim conceals her witch identity, fearing the repercussions if anyone were to find out.


However, as time passes, she forges strong friendships and reveals her genuine personality, which is kind-hearted and fond of cute and feminine things. Kim is highly proficient in using magic, especially in regeneration spells that facilitate rapid healing of herself and others.



28. Barrett Sid


Barrett Sid


Sid Barrett, a three-star meister partner to Mira Naigus at the Death Weapon Meister Academy, was highly regarded as a caring and respected teacher. He had a reputation for being tough but had a soft spot for Black☆Star, whom he spared and treated as his own son.


He was known for motivating his students to unleash their full potential and was stubborn in his approach. Unfortunately, Sid was killed in action by Shaula Gorgon, but he was later brought back to life as a zombie by Franken Stein.


Despite his bluish skin tone and the hole through his head, which was covered by a beanie hat, Sid retained his previous appearance and traits.



29. Nygus Mira


Nygus Mira


Mira Naigus is Sid Barrett’s partner and acts as the interim school nurse at the Death Weapon Meister Academy, taking over after Doctor Medusa’s betrayal. She is a devoted member of the academy and values adhering to rules and orders to maintain structure.


Although she can appear unemotional and sceptical, she cares about the well-being of the students. Mira has dark skin, blue eyes, and locs, and wears various outfits depending on her role.


As a nurse, she wears a nurse’s uniform, and during missions, she is wrapped in bandages, resembling a mummy to fit her undead theme. Previously, in Soul Eater Not!, Mira wore a suit and did not have bandages before Sid’s death.



30. D. Éclair Harvar


D. Éclair Harvar


Harvar D. Éclair is a prominent character in the series who serves as the demon weapon partner of Ox Ford and is considered one of the top students at Death Weapon Meister Academy.


Following the downfall of Arachnophobia, Harvar is promoted to a two-star weapon and becomes a member of Spartoi. He is recognized by his brown, jaw-length hair that he keeps tied up in a spiky ponytail and his trademark red visor that he wears at all times, even while in Weapon form.


Harvar is known for his serious, deadpan personality and logical approach to situations, often weighing the outcome of his actions before making decisions.



31. Ford Ox


Ford Ox


Harvar D. Éclair’s partner at Death Weapon Meister Academy is Ox Ford, a remarkable student and meister known for his intelligence and logical reasoning. In the highly competitive E. A. T Class, Ox is recognized as one of the best students, although he often finds himself in competition with Maka. Despite his studious and serious demeanour, Ox is a kind-hearted individual who prioritizes the safety of his friends, often defying orders to ensure it.


He harbours romantic feelings for a witch named Kim and is determined to create a space for her in the world. Ox’s distinctive hairstyle, with two bunches of hair styled into sharp points behind his ears, is a source of pride for him.



32. Jackson Tadpole


Jackson Tadpole


Otama Jackson is a massive black tadpole and the devoted Magic Lifeform of Witch Eruka. Although his appearance is quite imposing, Jackson is portrayed as a diligent and loyal creature who is always prepared to put himself in danger to serve Eruka.


Eruka seems to consider Jackson a friend rather than just a servant, and the two share a strong bond. Jackson’s loyalty to Eruka is unwavering, and he assists her in her mission to revive Asura by passing her the needle of Black Blood, even though it poses a danger to him.


When Black☆Star attacks him while carrying out the mission, Eruka decides to carry on with the task solely for Jackson’s benefit.



33. Mizune




The Mizune family is a group of witches with a mouse theme and a striking resemblance to each other. They communicate by making a “chi” sound similar to that of a mouse.


Eruka’s friend is a member of this family and shares Eruka’s displeasure towards Medusa’s behaviour, including bringing Chrona to witch meetings. To protect all witches at Shibusen, Mizune and Eruka conspire to kill Medusa, but unfortunately, Medusa uses bombs inside Mizune’s body to kill her.


Later, five other members of the family unite with Medusa after Eruka lies to them that a Shibusen student was responsible for Mizune’s death.



34. Leon Angela


Leon Angela


Angela Leon is a youthful witch featured in the anime Soul Eater. Initially guarded by Mifune and later by Arachnophobia, Angela seeks refuge at DWMA after Mifune’s death. Despite her young age, Angela’s personality is characterized by playfulness, cheerfulness, and protectiveness, often coming to the defence of those she cares about and calling out those displaying negative traits such as arrogance.


However, she also has a less attractive side, sometimes mocking those she dislikes and even striking those down on their luck. Angela wears a white dress with black ribbons, white gloves with circular objects on the fingertips that resemble a chameleon’s foot, and a chameleon-like hat with white eyes and a long tongue.



35. O. Lantern Dupré Jacqueline


O. Lantern Dupré Jacqueline


Jacqueline O’Lantern Dupre is a character who serves as an honour student in the E. A. T Class and Kim Diehl’s demon weapon partner. Initially part of Kilik’s team, she was later promoted to a two-star weapon and joined Spartoi.


Jacqueline has dark-brown hair and brown eyes, and in Soul Eater NOT!, she wears a dark grey dress coat and skirt with a magenta ribbon tie held by a skull-shaped choker, along with a white blouse.


In Soul Eater, she wears a school uniform similar to Kim’s but with a blue sailor-style collar tied in a knot instead of a tie. Jacqueline is a serious character, committed to following DWMA rules, and reserved about her emotions.



36. White☆Star


White Star


White☆Star belonged to the notorious Star Clan, infamous for their merciless nature and willingness to do anything for money. He was an adept assassin and father to Black☆Star. Nevertheless, his craving for power and disregard for rules resulted in his clan operating outside the established regulations of the Death Weapon Meister Academy, ultimately leading to his demise at the hands of the academy’s forces.


White☆Star exhibited a dark and malevolent personality and was prepared to embrace the Path of the Demon to gain power. He bore a resemblance to his son, sporting white spiky hair, green eyes with star-shaped pupils, and a well-built physique.



37. Buttataki Joe


Buttataki Joe


Joe Buttataki works as a meister and Internal Investigator at the Death Weapon Meister Academy. He is known for his brash and passionate personality, but deep down, he is insecure about his own abilities and often feels the need to mistrust his allies.


His biggest regret is having distanced himself from Marie, but he is determined to make things right between them. He has a strong affinity for coffee and has a preference for only the best, but he tends to keep it to himself if he doesn’t like a particular type.


Despite his investigative role, Joe is a tall and muscular man with a light beard and close-cropped hair featuring four distinct darker stripes.



38. Pot of Thunder


Pot of Thunder


Thunder, also known as “Pot of Thunder,” is a Demon Weapon and partner of Kilik Rung, who acts as her twin brother Fire’s partner. Together, they are referred to as the “Demon Pots,” and they take the form of gauntlets.


Additionally, they are Earth Shamans. Thunder has a dark skin complexion, blue eyes, rosy cheeks, and mid-length blonde hair. Her clothing includes a striped sleeveless top and white dungarees, as well as a yellow cap.


Thunder can enter her Earth Shaman form by using Kim Diehl’s magic, which transforms her into a young girl wearing a yellow crop top with elaborate decorative sleeves and a hood that goes over her head.


Although little is known about Thunder’s personality, both she and her brother are playful, innocent, easily distracted, and curious.



39. Azusa Yumi


Azusa Yumi


Azusa Yumi is a Death Weapon who is responsible for overseeing East Asia and Oceania when Marie Mjolnir is absent, and she is also one of the Eight Mysteries of DWMA.


While Azusa is described as analytical and bookish, she is always respectful to everyone. She tends to treat her fellow DWMA members like children, which sometimes makes her seem bossy.


Despite this, she has a softer side and has shown compassion towards Marie and Kid. Azusa is of average height with small, dark blue eyes and neatly combed black hair styled in a Graduated Bob.


Her formal attire consists of a black blazer, long collared shirt, black wide-sleeve pants, and brick red high-heel boots, along with simply framed glasses.



40. Eibon




Eibon, a Great Old One and former friend of Death, possesses an unparalleled mastery of knowledge and was part of the Eight Reaper Legions. His character is inspired by the sorcerer of the same name in Clark Ashton Smith’s “The Door to Saturn,” who is a renowned sorcerer and priest of Zhothaqquah known for writing the Book of Eibon.


Eibon’s intelligence is his most notable trait, surpassing that of any other individual observed thus far, but it also has the downside of driving those around him to madness. Eibon is a formal man who speaks using sophisticated vocabulary and rarely displays emotions.



41. Mosquito




Mosquito acted as Arachne’s steward and served as the top henchman of Arachnophobia. He had an aristocratic demeanour similar to his mistress and placed great value on proper etiquette and sophisticated vocabulary, which contrasted with Giriko’s crass nature.


Mosquito was a firm believer in Arachne’s beliefs and was seen crying tears of joy whenever things went Arachnophobia’s way. Despite possessing honourable traits, Mosquito had a dark side and was willing to kill enemies of his organization, regardless of age.


He could manipulate skilled individuals by threatening their loved ones and had a tendency to cap his power in battle. Nevertheless, he was confident in his power and transformations.



42. Arisa




Arisa, who goes by the name Taruho Firefly, is a well-liked worker and hostess at the Chupa♡Cabra’s cabaret club. It is later revealed that she is a Witch who was once a spy for Death Weapon Meister Academy when she worked for Arachnophobia.


Despite her selection being based on her physical appearance rather than her abilities or intelligence, Taruho is a cheerful and gullible individual who enjoys keeping up with the latest trends among young witches.


While on the job, she is seen wearing a blue dress and has hazel eyes and short hair that is slightly darker than her colleague Tabasa’s.



43. Pot of Fire


Pot of Fire


Pot of Fire is a boxing glove-like weapon that takes the form of a demon pot called Fire. It is decorated with intricate grey designs and has openings that resemble a pot’s mouth.


The weapon has metal knuckle plates with “Pot of Fire” written on them, which also have large doe-shaped eyes. Its primary ability is pyrokinesis, enabling it to manipulate and control fire.


This makes it useful for enhancing attacks with this element. When combined with the Pot of Thunder during soul resonance, the two weapons can merge their respective elements to create powerful and unique attacks.



44. Alcapone




Al Capone, also known as the “King of the Underworld,” was a self-made gang leader in the anime who aimed to capture Angela Leon’s witch soul for his own gain.


Eventually, he and his mafia family were defeated by Mifune. The character is based on the notorious organized crime boss of the same name, who was active during the 1920s and engaged in illegal activities like smuggling, bootlegging, and running a prostitution ring.


In the anime, he is portrayed as a dominating and power-hungry individual who enjoys showcasing his wealth through extravagant banquets, expensive rings, and cigars.



45. Fisher King


Fisher King


Fisherking was a character in the anime who served as an assassin for Arachnophobia. He was named after the Fisher King from Arthurian legends who was wounded and unable to carry out his task of keeping the Holy Grail, which led to the land’s infertility and turned it into a barren wasteland.


Fisherking’s personality is not well-defined in the anime, but he is portrayed as being slow-witted and easily confused. Despite this, towards the end of his life, he displays a serious and eerie side and has knowledge of a rare secret regarding the link between Death and Eibon.



46. Nakatsukasa Masamune


Nakatsukasa Masamune


Masamune Nakatsukasa belonged to the Nakatsukasa Clan and was the older brother of Tsubaki Nakatsukasa. He had the potential to become a Kishin, and at first, he was a kind and caring person who encouraged his sister to express her true feelings.


However, he later developed an inferiority complex towards Tsubaki and decided to become a Kishin to gain power. He resorted to killing humans to feed on their souls, and he adopted a “survival of the fittest” philosophy to justify his actions.


He even tried to kill his sister and had no remorse for attacking others.



47. Pharaoh




The evil spirit of a former pharaoh of Egypt, known as the Wrath of the Pharaoh, was revived by a witch, but little is revealed about his personality. The Pharaoh is depicted as disliking others leading his subjects and is shown to be perverted as he strips off the clothes of Liz and Patty after capturing them.


Anubis, the Pharaoh’s body, is entirely covered in bandages and his hand is shaped like a hammer. Despite having no legs, he has a worm-like rear and wears a golden lower garment with black stripes.


On one side of his body, there is a separate model head with black hair and red eyes.



48. Rasputin




Rasputin, a phantom monk, was listed as an Evil Person in the Shinigami’s List. His personality is not well known as he appeared briefly, but he seems to take pride in his abilities.


He once boasted to Maka and Soul that even bullets cannot harm him. Rasputin’s appearance is that of a giant figure, twice the height of an average human, with a wide girth and broad shoulders.


He has long arms, stubby legs, and large hands. He wears a black monk’s habit with diamond-patterned stockings, a black ecclesial hat, a white beard that ends in the shape of a cross, and a string of beads around his neck.


His eyes are round and black with white pupils, and he has sharp teeth.



49. Ryoku




Ryoku is a calm and composed young boy hailing from Needle Village, who has an intense fear and aversion towards the Star Clan. This fear of theirs makes him lose confidence in himself, especially when compared to Black☆Star.


He has blackish hair, which he ties back with a pewter-coloured bandana, and bronze-coloured eyes. His attire comprises a two-tone blue shirt with green designs and dark blue shorts. He also wears a violet-coloured kimono top tied around his waist and gets on his feet.


When possessed by the Uncanny Sword’s Soul Possession, his hair lightens, and his skin turns pale.



50. Flying Dutchman


Flying Dutchman


The Flying Dutchman, or Samayoeru Orandajin, was an agent of the Kishin who was closely associated with the ghost ship, Nidhogg. He was a passionate supporter of the Kishin and held a strong disdain for Death, Death the Kid, and the concept of reapers, showing enthusiasm for collecting human souls for the Kishin.


He rejected the idea of the good-evil balance that reapers follow, considering it to be restrictive and taking away his freedom. Despite his eccentricity and tendency towards unusual outbursts, he had a surprisingly perceptive side and was able to detect Maka Albarn’s Anti-Demon Wavelength, realizing that she was immune to the Kishin’s madness.



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