Dorohedoro Season 2: Everything You Need To Know



Dorohedoro is a Japanese anime adaptation of Q Hayashida’s manga of the same name. Produced by MAPPA and directed by Yuichiro Hayashi, it boasts a series composition by Hiroshi Seko, character designs by Tomohiro Kishi, and music from R. O. N of (K)NoW_NAME.


The show’s 12-episode run on Tokyo MX lasted from January 12 to March 29, 2020. Its narrative unfolds in a near post-apocalyptic future, spanning three realms: Hole, a sprawling human city; the magic-filled Sorcerers’ world; and the torturous Hell.


Amid this intricately crafted setting, the story tracks Caiman, a reptilian-headed amnesiac, and his ally Nikaido as they strive to reclaim his memories and survive the unfamiliar, violent landscape. Dorohedoro garners acclaim for its exceptional storyline, captivating characters, and impressive animation.


It earned nominations at the 2021 Crunchyroll Anime Awards for Anime of the Year and Best Fantasy. Beyond Japan, the series is accessible on Netflix. In essence, Dorohedoro amalgamates action, comedy, fantasy, and horror, delivering a distinct and engaging anime experience.


For anime enthusiasts seeking fresh content, Dorohedoro is worth exploring!




Official Announcement of Dorohedoro Season 2


Currently, there isn’t any official news about Dorohedoro’s renewal for Season 2. Although an exact release date can’t be determined, it’s probable that we might see it in fall 2024.


Right now, Studio MAPPA is deeply engrossed in Jujutsu Kaisen: Season 2, which is expected to continue airing until 2023. This could potentially cause a delay in Dorohedoro’s comeback. In fact, it’s even within the realm of possibility that MAPPA might entrust the project to another studio, especially given their busy agenda with Chainsaw Man: Season 1 and Jujutsu Kaisen: Season 2.


This could lead to an earlier release. The initial season of Dorohedoro covered about 40 manga chapters, meaning there’s an ample amount of content left for a 24-episode second season, depending on audience demand and viewership.


While Season 2 hasn’t been officially confirmed by MAPPA, the triumph and admiration garnered by the first season heighten its likelihood. Enthusiastic fans eagerly await further escapades featuring Caiman and Nikaido.


Despite the absence of formal declarations, the prospect of a premiere in 2023 is in the air. Although a concrete affirmation for Dorohedoro’s second season is lacking, optimism remains high.


The manga source’s accessible chapters (127 out of 167) hint at the potential for more seasons to come. Despite the original plan for a spring 2020 launch, no official date has been announced.


Nevertheless, an announcement could arise unexpectedly, potentially situating a release in late 2023 or early 2024. Stay connected for updates concerning the status and release date of Dorohedoro Season 2!




Previous Seasons and Episodes of Dorohedoro


Dorohedoro is an anime TV show adapted from Q Hayashida’s manga of the same title. Produced by MAPPA and helmed by director Yuichiro Hayashi, the series features Hiroshi Seko as the series composer, Tomohiro Kishi as responsible for character designs, and R. O. N from (K)NoW_NAME is in charge of the music.


The initial run encompassed 12 episodes, airing from January 12 to March 29, 2020, on Tokyo MX. Alongside these episodes, six OVA episodes were packaged with the second Blu-ray release on June 17, 2020.


Later, these OVA episodes combined into a single extended episode, labelled as the 13th episode, available on Netflix from October 15, 2020. Outside Japan, the first season of Dorohedoro can be enjoyed on Netflix, with each episode spanning approximately 25 minutes in duration.




Where to Watch Dorohedoro


The first season of Dorohedoro is available on Netflix for all countries. These countries include the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada. Netflix is like the sole warrior in the mainstream anime game since it provides a ton of good shows on its platform with Dorohedoro being one of them.


There’s a reason why people appreciate the platform so much. Thus, you shouldn’t be hesitant to purchase a Netflix subscription without any hassle.




Google Trends Data Analysis for Dorohedoro Season 2


Right off the bat, the graph is looking very healthy. For the most part, it is on the positive side of the spectrum with the searches mostly exceeding the 50% mark.


We can see two spikes throughout the last year. The first one took place in the first week of January 2023 and the second one took place between April 2, 2023 and April 9, 2023.


However, none of these spikes are justified by any announcements, re-releases or anything else along those lines. This is great because it showcases that the series has a constant search amongst fans for another season.


And that’s why you need to be happy about the show and its potential sequel. With source material in hand and such high demand, it might be a matter of time till the anime hits the news.



Social Media Engagement for Dorohedoro Season 2


The social media engagement for Dorohedoro is also extremely positive. Amongst fan discussions, the possibility of a season 2 is clearly visible. Fans are just waiting for the season to be announced and the reason for this delay is the production of other anime by the studio.


Dorohedoro enthusiasts know that MAPPA won’t get a chance to animate Dorohedoro season 2 until they get done with other projects like Attack On Titan, Jujutsu Kaisen, and Chainsaw Man.


On other social media platforms, we are seeing continuous trolling and memes by fans who are just teasing others hoping for a sequel. All in all, the anticipation seems to be positive and that’s why you shall look forward to the announcement of a sequel.



Expected Plot of Dorohedoro Season 2


Dorohedoro unfolds in the violent world of Hole, inhabited by humans and menacing Magic Users. Caiman, once human but now a reptilian-faced amnesiac due to magic-inflicted disfigurement, seeks his forgotten past alongside his partner Nikaido.


Together, they interrogate and eliminate Magic-Users for insights into his history. Season 2 promises fresh challenges as Caiman inches closer to his origins. Amidst continued magic-user slayings for truth and vengeance, Caiman and Nikaido face mounting threats from furious magic-users and emerging foes.


Undeterred, Caiman’s unyielding determination to unearth his past intensifies, even as he encounters potential allies on his quest for justice. As fans eagerly await, Dorohedoro’s enigmatic and captivating journey will surely persist.


Dorohedoro’s first season concluded with Caiman and Nikaido reconciling after a heartrending battle. Nikaido, a magic user with time-travelling abilities, revealed her decision to forsake her powers due to the tragic consequences they caused.


Her choice to dwell in Hole, a place to lay low, was rooted in this desire. Though specifics about Dorohedoro: Season 2’s manga coverage remain undisclosed, it’s anticipated to encompass the Central Department Store Story Arc.


This arc delves into events following Nikaido’s devil side takeover. Amidst this, Caiman persists in his quest to uncover the sorcerer behind his transformation, a pivotal moment drawing near according to the manga.



Important Characters in Dorohedoro


The beauty of this anime lies in the hands of the characters playing their part in it. Therefore, it is important to take note of these characters and appreciate their contribution to the overall series.


1. Caiman



The central character of the manga and anime series is Caiman. Born a human in the Hole, he possesses a unique resistance to magic. His true name remains elusive, as amnesia led him to adopt the moniker “Caiman,” bestowed upon him by Nikaido.


His reptilian countenance resulted from a curse cast by a Magic User. His primary objective is reversing this transformation by locating the curser, although his memory lapse prevents him from identifying the culprit.


To remedy this, Caiman bites the head of every Sorcerer he encounters, enabling them to converse with the “man” dwelling within his mouth. Upon extracting them, he poses the consistent query: “What did the guy inside my mouth say?” Caiman’s origins become intertwined with Ai Coleman as the story unfolds.


2. Nikaido



Nikaido accompanies Caiman in their pursuit of Magic Users, forming a formidable duo. Within the Hole, she owns the Hungry Bug restaurant, renowned for its signature dish—gyozas paired with a dash of shiso, much to Caiman’s delight.


Concealed behind her ordinary façade, Nikaido harbours a secret: she is a Magic User herself. With lengthy blonde hair, piercing blue eyes, a fit physique, and a shapely form (accentuated after her Devil training), Nikaido embodies youth and vibrance.


Initially, she sported a dark ensemble—baggy pants and a Chinese-styled black jacket. Later on, her attire shifts to green overalls, matched with combat boots and leather gloves, showcasing her evolving style.


3. Noi



Noi stands as an esteemed Magic User, closely tied to Shin as both a partner and longtime friend. Their joint role involves serving as cleaners for En, her elder cousin.


Displaying silver-white hair and vivid red eyes, Noi’s physicality boasts a robust muscularity, making her the series’ fourth tallest figure. Her imposing physique occasionally confuses others about her gender initially, a mystery dispelled by her speech or unmasking.


Each ear showcases an array of piercings—five on each side. Sporting an alluring, curvy form, Noi emanates confidence and an easygoing demeanour. Her carefree attitude even extends to combat; she’s ceased evading attacks due to her swift healing capability, a trait playfully pointed out by Shin.


4. Shin



Shin stands as an accomplished Magic User, holding a crucial role as a cleaner under En’s employ. With Noi as both his partner and longtime confidante, their camaraderie is enduring.


Shin’s magical ability allows him to inflict non-fatal cuts upon individuals. Physically commanding, he boasts a tall stature, a robust muscular frame, short blonde hair, piercing blue eyes, and a fair complexion.


His attire commonly consists of a formal suit, coupled with a unique quirk—a heart-shaped mask worn in reverse. When not adorned with his mask, he opts for glasses. Stitches trace his arms and hands, a reminder of his surgical transformation to gain magical prowess.


In combat, his favoured tool is a claw hammer, complementing his distinct magical power.


5. Ebisu



Ebisu, integral to En’s organization as a Magic User, forms an informal partnership with Fujita. Adorning various skull masks throughout the series, her appearance evolves. Ebisu’s petite, slightly androgynous frame features short purple hair.


Outfitted in a black turtleneck, she pairs it with purple leggings incorporating arrow-like metal plates—ranging from ballet-style flats to robust combat boots. Her attire echoes a Grim Reaper theme, with miniature scythes suspended from her shoulders, likely secured by a small backpack on her back.


A skeletal mask, adorned with protruding horns, completes her ensemble. In her past, Ebisu displayed a bright disposition, speaking selectively but meaningfully.



Important Crew Members of Dorohedoro


Dorohedoro is one of a kind anime series that can’t be compared to anything we have seen before. And that’s why, it is important for us to know about the magical minds behind it.


Here are 5 of the most important crew members in the series.


1. Yuichiro Hayashi

Yuichiro Hayashi


Yuichiro Hayashi, a distinguished Japanese anime director and animator, has notably left his mark on various well-received anime series, with Dorohedoro being among them. Hayashi steered the direction of the anime adaptation for the manga Dorohedoro, produced by MAPPA.


This rendition encompassed 12 episodes airing from January 12 to March 29, 2020. Renowned for infusing novel and captivating perspectives into his anime projects, Hayashi’s work on Dorohedoro is no exception.


Through his adept direction, he masterfully translated the intricate and immersive universe of Dorohedoro onto the screen, seamlessly capturing the manga’s essence while imbuing it with his own innovative flair.


2. Hiroshi Seko

Hiroshi Seko


Hiroshi Seko, a prominent Japanese anime screenwriter, boasts an impressive repertoire of contributions to renowned anime series, Dorohedoro included. Notably, he helmed the screenwriting for the anime adaptation of the manga Dorohedoro.


Seko’s distinct talent lies in his adeptness at breathing life into intricate and distinct narratives through his screenwriting prowess. His portfolio includes illustrious works such as Attack on Titan, Mob Psycho 100, and Jujutsu Kaisen, often collaborating with Wit Studio and MAPPA.


In his role for Dorohedoro, Seko skillfully encapsulated the multifaceted realm of the manga, expertly transposing it onto the screen while maintaining fidelity to the source material and ensuring viewer engagement.


3. Tomohiro Kishi

Tomohiro Kishi


Tomohiro Kishi, a distinguished Japanese animator and character designer, boasts a remarkable portfolio enriched by involvement in various renowned anime series, among them Dorohedoro. Notably, Kishi assumed the role of character designer for the anime adaptation of the manga Dorohedoro.


With a knack for forging distinctive and visually captivating character designs that breathe life into the screen, Kishi is revered for his artistic prowess. In his work on Dorohedoro, Kishi skillfully encapsulated the characters’ essence while infusing his personal creative flair.


His contributions to the series mirror this reputation, showcasing an ability to harmonize the manga’s characters with his own inventive touch. Beyond Dorohedoro, Kishi’s notable engagements extend to prominent anime series such as Durarara!!


4. R.O.N from (K)NoW_NAME

R.O.N from (K)NoW_NAME


R. O. N, a gifted composer, is an integral member of the Japanese music ensemble known as (K)NoW_NAME, linked to Toho Animation Records. The collective, established in 2016, specializes in furnishing captivating musical scores for anime series.


Within (K)NoW_NAME, R. O. N has taken up the mantle of composer for various anime ventures. Notable among these are the anime series Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash, along with Dorohedoro.


R. O. N.’s compositional prowess shines through, solidifying his status as a proficient composer. His noteworthy contributions to the anime domain garner widespread recognition and appreciation.



Founded in 2011 by Madhouse co-founder and producer Masao Maruyama, MAPPA is a prominent Japanese animation studio renowned for its diverse portfolio. Notably, the studio lent its creative touch to produce numerous beloved anime creations, among them the cult classic Dorohedoro—a vibrant adaptation of Q Hayashida’s manga.


Debuting in the winter of 2020, MAPPA’s rendition masterfully captures the original manga’s eccentric yet gruesome ambience, remarkably mirroring Mangaka Q Hayashida’s meticulous yet chaotic artistic approach. Boasting exceptional CG animations rivalled only by Orange’s productions (like Beastars and Land of the Lustrous), MAPPA has solidified itself as a versatile studio capable of adeptly tackling various genres.



Shows Similar to Dorohedoro


If you loved Dorohedoro then you are going to lose your mind when you will watch the anime we are going to talk about next. These are 5 series that you should go for if you enjoyed Dorohedoro.


1. Chainsaw Man

Chainsaw Man


Denji’s mundane life shifts as he tackles his father’s debts and partners with the chainsaw devil Pochita for devil-slaying profits benefiting the yakuza. This semblance of normalcy crumbles when the yakuza betrayal ends in Denji’s grisly demise.


A unique contract melds him with Pochita, unleashing chainsaw-centric devil powers. Makima, an elite devil hunter, extends an offer: survival in return for allegiance. Driven by dreams of joy and companionship, Denji embraces the proposition, channelling his youthful naivety into the determined pursuit of a tangible reality.


2. Blood Blockade Battlefront

Blood Blockade Battlefront


Once New York City, Hellsalem’s Lot melds humanity with a menagerie of supernatural creatures after a dimensional gateway’s emergence. Within the city’s encapsulating bubble, Libra, an eclectic group of superhumans, diligently averts chaos from seeping into the wider world.


Leonardo Watch, a typical youth enthralled by photography, unwittingly acquires divine eyes at his sister’s expense. Seeking answers, he ventures to Hellsalem’s Lot and becomes intertwined with Libra. Unexpectedly enlisting with the group, Leo’s existence takes an extraordinary twist.


Kekkai Sensen trails his ventures amidst the city’s eccentric ensemble, metamorphosing his mundane life into an exhilarating escapade alongside his equally idiosyncratic comrades.


3. Sabikui Bisco

Sabikui Bisco


The aftermath of a doomsday calamity blankets Japan in barren desolation, while a pervasive rusting affliction haunts the survivors. Ascribed to mushroom spores, this devastation links back to Bisco Akaboshi, dubbed the “Man-Eating Mushroom” by authorities.


Yet, Bisco clings to an alternate narrative. In reality, he’s a “Mushroom Protector,” fervently pursuing the fabled “Sabikui” mushroom—an elixir for the rusting plague. Accompanied by his colossal crab Akutagawa and empathetic physician Milo Nekoyanagi, driven by his sister’s illness, Bisco sets forth on his quest.


Unfazed by societal prejudice, Bisco resolutely works to rekindle vitality in the decaying world.


4. Devilman: Crybaby

Devilman: Crybaby


The symbiotic relationship between demons and hosts—Devils—is challenged by human resolve. Akira Fudou, innately compassionate, readily aids Ryou Asuka in uncovering devils. Their venture leads to Sabbath, a cesspool of demonic possession triggering monstrous transformations and ensuing chaos.


A selfless endeavour to rescue Ryou culminates in Akira’s fusion with devil Amon, metamorphosing him into the formidable Devilman—a harbinger of demon eradication. Despite newfound might, Akira’s transformation unfurls primordial instincts.


This amalgamation of the devil’s exterior and compassionate core propels Akira, partnering with Ryou, to counter threats against humanity and cherished bonds.


5. Golden Kamuy

Golden Kamuy


Saichi Sugimoto, renowned as “Sugimoto the Immortal” post-Russo-Japanese war, doggedly seeks gold in early 1900s Hokkaido. Motivated by a pledge to support his fallen friend’s family, especially the ailing widow, Sugimoto’s journey intersects with a narrative of stolen gold and cryptic tattoos.


Amidst intrigue, fate introduces Ainu girl Asirpa, heir to the gold robbery’s victims. Their paths intertwine as Sugimoto faces a bear’s lethal attack. Bonded by circumstance, Sugimoto and Asirpa pool their skills—his survival prowess and her hunting acumen—to reclaim the treasure.


For Asirpa, it’s a reclamation of her heritage; for Sugimoto, a testament to his friend’s legacy.


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