Shooter Season 4: Everything We Know So Far

Shooter Season 4: Everything We Know So Far


Based on the 2007 movie starring Mark Wahlberg, the Shooter TV series also went on to adapt Stephen Hunter’s three Bob Lee Swagger novels. Wahlberg was brought on board as one of the executive producers.


In the show, we see Ryan Phillippe playing the main character Bob Lee Swagger, who is a retired U. S. Marine Corps Scout Sniper and a decorated war hero who earned that status.


His time in isolation is brought to a close when he is called back to work, particularly because of a complex assassination plot to end the life of the POTUS.


Pursuing another angle is FBI agent Nadine Memphis, played by Cynthia Addai-Robinson. Notable artists in different roles include Shantel VanSanten, Eddie McClintock, David Andrews, Matt Shallenberger, Lexy Kolker, Omar Epps, John Marshall Jones, Derek Phillips, and David Marciano.


Some delays later, season one of Shooter aired on Nov 15, 2016, on USA Network. It ended its run with season 3 on September 13, 2018, with a total of thirty-one episodes to its tally.




Official Announcement for Shooter Season 4


Three action-packed seasons of Shooter simply aren’t enough for fans of the genre, especially fans who saw the show after enjoying Stephen Hunter’s novels. The news about a potential renewal has been in the pipeline for a long time, but no formal announcements have arrived.


The vaguest answer we could fish out of the Internet ‘sea’ was that USA Network has shown keen interest in greenlighting Shooter season 4 and that the next instalment in the hit series may premiere sometime in 2024.


But due to poor ratings and weak reviews, the show has indeed been cancelled, as per latest reports.




Previous Seasons & Episodes of Shooter


The story progressed as expected, and incorporated plenty of interesting and intriguing elements from Stephen Hunter’s books, which featured Bob Lee Swagger as its protagonist. Ryan Phillippe admirably played Bob in the TV series.


A lot of the excitement and action this story is known for centres around this character, as evidenced in the first three seasons. A good many notable dramatizations were present as well, though some last-minute saves and unrealistic action sequences did the script no favours.


But none of this took away from the overall plot of Shooter, even though some of the core characters were often a step ahead of the baddie. Interesting back-stories were also present and added to the show’s appeal.


In the season 3 finale, fans witnessed a vengeful shootout take place at Bob’s house, with his wife still inside. A tragic incident soon followed, setting a dangerous tone for what may unravel in season 4 of Shooter.




Where to Watch Shooter


The American action-adventure drama series Shooter featuring a decorated military marksman is available to stream on Tubi in the USA, Apple TV in Canada, and Sky TV in the UK.




Shooter Season 4 Google Trends Analysis


Plenty of peaks and dips define Shooter across all three of its seasons. Google Trends has an interesting metric chart for this TV show that almost looks like flying bullets in its own right.


Around the time season 1 came out in November 2016, the show wasn’t a hot topic. But that quickly changed when people started watching. Its ratings went up in a relatively short time, setting a successful stage for season 2.


Good engagement for Shooter season 2 continued well into season 3, as per its Google Trends analysis. There is still some interest in a potential fourth season, with users ardently seeking word on the same via Google.


However, USA Network has made it clear there will be no Shooter season 4, not even in 2024 which they previously hinted would see a fourth season release.



Shooter Season 4 Social Media Engagement


Calling themselves the ‘Swagger Squad’, fans of the Shooter series – featuring the fictional character Bob Lee Swagger – have expressed plenty of interest and captivation with what they saw over the course of three seasons.


The show’s plot, writing, and casting were all well-received. The action in every episode was met mostly with acclaim. One user connected the story to something they experienced while playing the hit video game “Call of Duty.” But that’s to be expected in a show featuring a skilled sniper.


Men, especially, were drawn to the series, particularly its military Marine-Corps and brotherhood elements. In this regard, the American nationalist theme was also admired by several different viewers. The different locations used in the series didn’t go un-admired.


Some also appreciated the family angle used in this majorly military action-driven plot.



Expected Plot of Shooter Season 4


Although there’s plenty of room to branch out some of the core characters’ individual and joint arcs, the fact that Shooter later became one of the lowest-rated shows on USA Network made it hard for studio heads to greenlight another season.


Since there will be no fourth season of Shooter, we can only speculate as to who may have done what going forward, particularly in light of that fiery cliffhanger in season 3.



Top Characters in Shooter


Shooter has some amazing characters, many of them being carried over from the original novels by Stephen Hunter. Let’s see who some of these famous characters are from the TV series.


1. Bob Lee Swagger

Bob Lee Swagger


The main action hero of the series is Bob Lee Swagger who follows in his dad’s military bootsteps and goes on to become the most celebrated and decorated sniper in the U.S. Marines. Aka ‘Bob the Nailer,’ he later decides to take a break when he gets severely wounded in battle. He goes into seclusion, taking his psychological and physical scars with him.


But duty calls him back to the game when the POTUS is threatened with an assassination plot. Bob has to leave his idyllic life with his wife Julie and daughter Mary to work on his skills once more. Bob Lee Swagger is played by Ryan Phillippe.


2. Nadine Memphis

Nadine Memphis


A huge ego and a huge intellect are two defining attributes that anyone who’s met Nadine will agree are true. This rising star in the FBI loses her career momentum after an accidental shootout results in the death of a hostage.


Nadine is yet to regain the confidence she once had, especially with firearms. One of her latest tasks is to arrest Bob Lee Swagger, which promises to get her train back on track.


However, Nadine’s sharp instincts tell her that Bob is not guilty of the crimes her higher-ups say he has to pay for. Nadine Memphis is played by Cynthia Addai-Robinson.


3. Isaac Johnson

Isaac Johnson


Having worked for Homeland Security, you’d think Isaac is one of the most patriotic men working in government. But he’s the one who gets Bob Lee Swagger framed for a serious crime and sets the FBI, particularly Nadine Memphis, on a path to get the decorated sniper arrested.


Isaac himself served as a sniper in the Army, but his ambition warred with the sense of duty every soldier is expected to possess. The fallout that is sourced from his messy handling of Bob’s frame job sees Isaac applying all his cunning and intelligence to clean things up.


He’s a man with loose morals who often believes that a little bad is needed for a lot of good to happen. But somewhere along the way, Isaac seems to have lost his moral compass.


Isaac Johnson is played by Omar Epps.


4. Jack Payne

Jack Payne


One of the most contentious characters in the show is Jack Payne who is, in a lot of ways, a restless hammer that sees everything around him as a nail waiting to be hit.


Having worked for the military in the past has only given him an aggressive edge that doesn’t seem capable of being blunt. This is the man they call in when the going gets dirty as opposed to tough.


But when Jack goes up against Bob Lee Swagger, he realizes he might have met his match. Though respected for being perceptive, Jack also has a perverse and crazy side to him that most people know well enough to avoid.


At the end of the day, it seems to all intents and purposes that Jack Payne does what he does for fun, redefining the words ‘loose cannon.’Jack Payne is played by Eddie McClintock.



Important Crew Members in Shooter


As crew members go, the ones who worked on the Shooter series certainly deserve praise for their military-level efforts in bringing this high-octane and tension-rich series to life. Over the course of three solid seasons, the Shooter crew has proved they have what it takes to adapt a set of action novels for a modern audience.


Let’s see just who a handful of these hard-working crew members are, and what makes them important additions to the ‘Swagger Squad.’


1. David Straiton – Director

David Straiton – Director


David has directed most episodes in the series. His previous projects include captivating series like Blood Drive, Hemlock Grove, Star Trek Enterprise, The Firm, Magnum P. I., The Good Doctor, Stargirl, Hawaii Five-0, The Gifted, The Brave, American Gothic, and Grimm.


2. Simon Cellan Jones – Director

Simon Cellan Jones – Director


Simon’s diverse work in previous productions complements his inclusion in the Shooter series. He has been part of series like The Expanse, The Diplomat, Ballers, Jessica Jones, Power, Manhattan, Bloodline, How To Make It In America, See, Years and Years, and Magic City.


He has also worked in the movie 1984.


3. John Hlavin – Writer

John Hlavin – Writer


John has scripted the most episodes in Shooter. He developed it for TV from the books. His previous work includes series like Blood Drive, The Man Who Fell To Earth, Trust Me, The Shield, and Day Break.


He has also done notable work in the movie Underworld Awakening.


4. Stephen Hunter – Original Author

Stephen Hunter – Original Author


We cannot move on without talking about Stephen Hunter, the man who penned the original Bob Lee Swagger novels. He was part of the writing team for the TV series.


In fact, the earlier film Shooter, starring Mark Wahlberg – and adapted from Stephen’s ‘Point of Impact’ book – directly inspired the Shooter series.



Top 3 Shows Like Shooter


With Shooter having ended its run after just three seasons, it’s only fair that fans would want to see similar shows to whet their appetite for action-adventure stories filled with intrigue, action, duty, love, deception, corruption, loyalty, and lack thereof.


Below, we recommend three amazing shows that are similar, if not better than, Shooter. Take a look and take your pick.


1. Blindspot



This American crime drama series stars Jaimie Alexander and Sullivan Stapleton in lead roles. It features a woman with an unknown past and no memories of where she came from.


The intriguing tattoos on her body, however, tell a different tale. Her journey of recall begins with one of the tattoos on her body, namely the one that has FBI specialist Kurt Weller’s name written in ink.


They soon learn that the tattoos are a clue to crimes they need to crack. Strange abilities and hidden connections enrich this harrowing series. The plot takes its characters globally.


Blindspot is currently streaming via Vudu and Amazon Prime.


2. The Blacklist

The Blacklist


This American crime thriller series sees a former U. S. Navy officer named Raymond “Red” Reddington (played by James Spader) living a fugitive’s life. He has, apparently, been on the FBI’s most-wanted list for decades.


Secret and shady deals featuring lawbreakers on the world stage add to the thrills in this story. Aka ‘The Concierge of Crime,’ Raymond later finds himself working with the FBI to stop his own clientele for reasons only the man knows.


He expresses a desire to work with Elizabeth “Liz” Keen (played by Megan Boone) who is not as experienced as most when it comes to federal police work. Dark agendas, international terrorists, corrupt government officials, and mobsters feature throughout the plot.


Blacklist is currently streaming on Netflix and Peacock TV.


3. Seal Team

Seal Team


This American military action drama series contains plenty of thrills and suspense. The story centres on a 1st class unit of Navy SEALs who train and learn all they can to succeed at diverse missions all over the globe.


DEVGRU or Seal Team Six is brought into special focus. Tier One team leader Jason Hayes is a soldier conflicted. Along with associates like Ray Perry, Mandy Ellis, and Clay Spenser, he fights self-destructive tendencies on one side and important undercover missions on the other.


Commitment and patriotism play out in good measure throughout the plot. The lives and losses of elite SEAL teams are well-dramatized in this show. Seal Team is currently streaming on Paramount+.


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