Away Season 2: Everything We Know So Far

Away Season 2; Everything We Know So Far


Starring the talented Hilary Swank in the lead, Away is a science fiction drama that aims to tell the story of Emma Green, who embarks on a treacherous mission to Mars in command of an international crew.


The binge-able sci-fi soap showcases its central protagonist leaving behind her husband and teenage daughter to go through with the ambitious and equally complex mission. The project is at least loosely inspired by astronaut Scott Kelly and cosmonaut Mikhail Kornienko’s one-year-long mission at the International Space Station from 2015-2016.


It was launched when all of us were locked away in our homes in the middle of a life-threatening pandemic in 2020. That’s precisely what helped it in making it to Netflix’s daily top 10 lists upon release.


Created by Andrew Hinderaker, it comprised an interesting premise and a talented cast that was headlined by an able performer like Swank.




Official Announcement Of Away Season 2


Ever since Away landed on Netflix in 2020, it managed to entice its target audience and was, therefore, able to gain buzz and fans. If you’ve been through its first season, you’d know that it ended with the crew safely landing on Mars.


Needless to say, people were waiting to see what would happen next. However, in a cruel twist, Netflix has decided not to greenlight the crew’s next mission as of now.


While its viewers may be craving news about its second season, the fact of the matter is that it hasn’t been renewed for a second season yet. Away isn’t a show that can go into production quickly, given the sheer amount of special effects involved.


Therefore, to create a realistic space experience and blend with a believable drama encircling the family has to take a ton of resources and time. This could be one reason why its creators are yet to go ahead with the second season.


Netflix has often been criticized for abruptly cancelling several shows over the past few years, and Away happens to be just one of them. So long as no official announcement is made about the show’s renewal we don’t have an option but to consider it being called off for good.




Previous Seasons And Episodes of Away


As mentioned, the first season ends with the crew safely landing on Mars. At the same time, we also get to see how the central protagonist’s husband and daughter are trying to keep up with their lives following her departure.


That being said, as the five astronauts make their way to Mars, they are forced to withstand a myriad of disasters during their trip. Thankfully, they are able to overcome the many hurdles and reach their desired destination.


Now, the plot may sound fascinating and thrilling to you, but the critical reception to the same wasn’t as exciting. The show opened to strictly mixed reviews which makes the second season even more of a gamble.


Be that as it may, those who have seen the first season would have certainly enjoyed episodes titled Home, Negative Return, Spektr, Go, and A Little Faith, to name a few.


The season comprised 10 episodes with a runtime of 44–57 minutes each.




Where To Watch Away


Fans of science fiction shows will be elated to know that the first season of Away is available for streaming on Netflix in countries like the United Kingdom, the United States of America, and Canada.


So, what are you waiting for? Just go ahead and hit the play button on the streaming giant.




Google Trends Data Analysis Of Away Season 2


The first season of Away may have premiered on Netflix over three years ago, but it continues to be streamed quite consistently on the platform. Even though the series was cancelled just a few days after its September 2020 premiere, the Hilary Swank-led sci-fi drama managed to make an impression among its target audience.


Indeed, the story of an international team of astronauts and their three-year-long mission to Mars was intriguing, even though it wasn’t received very well by the critics. We can safely assume that people are still waiting to see what happens to the unit next, for the search trends related to the second season of the show on Google have remained quite consistent over the last year.


While we are yet to gain more intel about what the future of the show could’ve been like, what is certain is the fact that people who truly enjoyed the show seemed to have been satisfied enough with it to wait for it to be renewed.


There is no other reason why the search trends related to the same would remain steady. The searches pertaining to Away show that science fiction shows and full-length features will perhaps always have their niche audience.


And, even though the trends concerning the second season die down in the near future, it will only be because the show’s creators didn’t decide to go ahead with it.



Social Media Engagement For Away Season 2


If you’re someone who has binged the show in one sitting, you’d probably be aware of the fact that it performed well between its premiere and its mid-October cancellation announcement.


This could be one reason why its cancellation may have come off as a total shock to a group of people who were truly enthralled by its storyline. Since the science fiction show was able to garner a following of its own following its debut in 2020, its fans have been waiting with bated breath for its second instalment.


When executive producer Jessica Goldberg was asked about the project’s revival, she did mention that it’s a shame that they are not being able to add to the story. While it’s true that the show has ceased to go as mainstream as it was expected to after its premiere, it also has to be acknowledged that those who really took to its story have been waiting for it to make a comeback for as long as three years now.


As a matter of fact, several fans have posted on social media asking if the series is going to be revived anytime in the future.



Expected Plot Of Away Season 2


Executive producer Jessica Goldberg has already mentioned that the second season of the show was going to be incredibly exciting and creative. This is because they were going to base the entire season on Mars and the things the crew of astronauts discovered on the planet.


In fact, there was also a strong possibility of increasing the drama elements in the show courtesy of the many characters present in it. They could’ve easily shown how their life alters after they land on Mars.


Indeed, several ideas concerning the second season of the show were being tossed around by the creative team. You’d be surprised to learn that the initial plan was to turn Away into a three-season show.


While the first was to focus on the trip, the second season and third were to showcase how things unfold on Mars and Earth respectively. So, if the second season ever goes into production, be prepared to see the five astronauts spending more than a year together on Mars.


Also, it’d be fun to see them establish their base in an unfamiliar environment. Furthermore, we can expect quite a few interpersonal issues to develop before they set off on the long voyage home.



Top Characters In Away


The following characters strive to make Away worth your time.


1. Emma



Hilary Swank’s Emma happens to be the commander of the Atlas mission. However, it is shocking to see her making far more mistakes than her equally trained colleagues aboard the mission.


Believe it or not, she was even being scrutinized for accidentally igniting a fire while trying to prevent it from spreading. While she may not be the most intelligent person to spearhead the mission, she is, indeed, in charge of things here.


That said, we just hope she doesn’t put herself at risk as much if a second edition of the series is ever released.


2. Lu



If you’ve seen Away, you’ll probably agree that Lu is perhaps the most intelligent member of the Atlas mission crew. Even though she faces a ton of serious problems throughout the mission, she seldom lets it affect her work.


Not only is she seen using InSight to test for a sonic boom but also knows its frequency by heart. This is probably because she had been obsessed with Mars ever since she was a kid.


3. Misha Popov

Misha Popov


Experiences come in handy whenever a mission to the space is planned. The case is no different in the fictitious world of Away, in which Misha Popov happens to be the experienced crew member who the others may look up to.


Since he has logged more hours in space than anyone else, he is quite aware of how things work while out there. The man is practical, smart, and quite straightforward.


In fact, don’t be surprised to catch him putting people in their place.


4. Ram Arya

Ram Arya


Make way for Ram Arya, who is not only a medical doctor but also the second-in-command aboard the complex Atlas mission. While we don’t usually see him making the wrong decisions, he often allows his romantic feelings for Emma to get in the way of his work.


That said, we do catch him taking a couple of decisions after having gone over Emma’s head. So, as the second-in-command, we can consider him to be competent.


5. Matt



Matt, aside from being Emma’s husband, is also one of the top engineers at NASA. Even though he has managed to provide solutions to several problems aboard the ship, he is also responsible for making a few poor decisions over time.


As the story progresses, we find him putting his relationship with Emma above the well-being of the mission and the crew, which may or may not be right, depending on how you see it.



Top Crew Members Of Away


The following people are responsible for bringing to you this science fiction-driven drama.


1. Andrew Hinderaker

Andrew Hinderaker


Also known for projects such as Penny Dreadful and Let the Right One In, Andrew Hinderaker is the creator and chief writer of the science fiction series Away. In one of the interviews, he was heard saying that he resonated with the lead character of the series and could relate to her heart-wrenching situation while writing her for the screen.


2. David Boyd

David Boyd


Cinematographer and director David Boyd has helmed a couple of episodes of Away. He has served as the director of photography for popular television series such as Firefly and The Walking Dead.


Not only that but the man has also worked as a cinematographer on the first three episodes of Deadwood.


3. Jessica Goldberg

Jessica Goldberg


A recipient of the Susan Smith Blackburn Prize for her play Refuge, Jessica Goldberg is a playwright, screenwriter, and television writer, who is also the creator of The Path and showrunner of Away.


In 2021, her work on Away fetched her a Gracie Award in the category, “Showrunner Fiction – Drama”.


4. Will Bates

Will Bates


This award-winning composer and multi-instrumentalist has scored a number of television series over the years. The founder of Fall On Your Sword, he has collaborated with filmmakers such as Mike Cahill, Alex Gibney, Ry Russo-Young, and Fisher Stevens, among others.


Add to that the fact that he has recorded and toured all over under the name of his own post-punk band The Rinse. And, of course, he has taken care of the music of Away.


5. Brian Pearson

Brian Pearson


Brian Pearson has taken care of the cinematography department on Away. A member of the American Society of Cinematographers (ASC) since 2014, he is known for projects such as From Scratch, See, and Into the Storm.



Shows Similar To Away


Thank us for we are saving you the hassle of having to try and find something similar to Away. We are certain these shows are going to keep you as engrossed as you’d like them to.


1. Dark Matter

Dark Matter


In Dark Matter, we are introduced to six people who wake up on a spaceship in the farthest corner of space. What’s startling for them is the fact that their memories have been wiped off completely.


Sooner than later, we catch the group stumbling upon a cargo full of weapons. The show thrives on its mysterious premise and would do great to satiate the fans of the genre.


2. Ascension



Ascension shows the United States government starting a clandestine mission of sending many people aboard the starship Ascension to inhabit a new world. However, they are not at all prepared for the crisis that follows after a young lady is killed on the starship.


There’s a superb twist right at the end of the first episode which will push you to binge the series.


3. For All Mankind

For All Mankind


This Apple TV flagship series aims to explore the possibilities that might have existed if the global space race had continued. Through the vivid imagination portrayed in the series and its spectacular production design, we get to see where humanity would have been had the race still been in progress.


This slightly melodramatic show is definitely worth the plunge, in our humble opinion.


4. The Expanse

The Expanse


The world-building shown in The Expanse is unrivalled, to say the least. In the story, we are introduced to an interstellar police detective named Josephus Miller, who is assigned to find a missing woman.


As the story steadily progresses, we discover that there is a large conspiracy that is threatening to jeopardize humanity.


5. Origin



Origin debuted in 2018 and showcases a group of ambitious people starting from scratch on a new planet. The plot has an unnerving set-up and starts with depicting a spaceship playing host to a number of passengers.


We witness them waking one by one and trying to make better sense of their gloomy surroundings.


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