Raising Dion Season 3: Everything We Know So Far

Raising Dion - Latest News on season 3


Raising Dion is a Netflix series based on a 2015 comic book of the same name by Dennis Liu. Liu created a short film with the characters of the comic book.


This inspired Carol Barbee to make a series out of it. Netflix greenlit the straight-to-series project with Carol Barbee as the showrunner. It starred Alisha Wainwright as the single mother, Nicole Warren and Ja’Siah Young as Dion, her child with superpowers.


Raising Dion also stars Jason Ritter, Jazmyn Simon, Sammi Haney, Ali Ahn, and more. The plot revolves around Dion, the young child of a widowed young mother, Nicole. Dion’s father worked at a biotech company called BIONA, with his best friend Pat.


After witnessing an aurora in Iceland, Mark garners some superpowers, and this is passed on to his son. Nicole struggles with being a single mother while also trying to hide Dion’s superpowers.


She gets help from Pat, but trouble is always just around the corner, and the truth cannot be hidden for long. The series was met with an approval of 83% on Rotten Tomatoes but an average rating of 6.8 on IMDB.


Most critics felt that the plot and performances were good and managed to grab the attention of its audiences. However, it lacked the necessary thrill and edge to become a great superhero series.




Official Announcement on Raising Dion Season 3


Raising Dion is a Netflix series that premiered on October 4, 2019. It was renewed for a second season in 2020 by Netflix, and season two premiered in February 2022.


However, In April 2022, Netflix decided to cancel the show. In the season one finale, the post-credits scene showed a teaser of what to expect in the next season. We saw a similar post-credits teaser on the season two finale as well.


So, most fans were hopeful that it would bode well for the renewal of the series. The young cast of the show enthusiastically encouraged their fans to make Raising Dion one of the most-watched shows on Netflix during the first month of its release.


They explained that this would indicate better chances of renewal by Netflix. As a result, Raising Dion season two was among the top 70 most-watched shows on Netflix for that month.


As of now, Netflix has not announced the renewal of Raising Dion yet, but the fans are hopeful and continue to support their show.




Previous Seasons and Episodes


Raising Dion was commissioned by Netflix to be made into a series with Carol Barbee as the showrunner. The first season was released in October 2019 and had episodes. This season laid the foundation of the series and depicted the origins of Mark’s powers, which were passed on to his son Dion.


In season one, we also see Nicole struggle with the loss of her husband, raising her child alone, and also discovering his superpowers. As the series progresses, we recognise his good heart and drive in Dion to strive for the good of humanity.


We see him make friends and train his powers. The second season was released in February 2022 and had eight episodes. This season showed the forces of evil, the Crooked energy, which also killed and absorbed Mark, Dion’s father.


We see that this Crooked energy has infected Pat, who confronts and fights Dion and his friends. The Crooked energy also affects Bryden, who creates obstructions. At the same time, Pat is still recovering from the blow he received from Dion in their showdown.


As season two ends, we meet more hurdles that Nicole and Dion have to fight together while keeping their friends safe.




Where to Watch the Show


All viewers in the United States of America, the UK, and Canada can watch Raising Dion on Netflix and Netflix Basic with Ads.




Google Trends Data Analysis


The interest in the Netflix series Raising Dion has been strong across the world. This show has a strong fan base not only in America but also in other countries across Europe, Africa and Australia.


The search trends for Raising Dion have been average to high over the past twelve months, but it has been gradually declining. If one searches for Raising Dion Season 3, the search trends are similar but they fluctuate between high and low.


People are interested in every article about the series. The search trends are also high on the topic of why Raising Dion was cancelled. This shows that the show was quite popular, and the cancellation has puzzled its fans due to the lack of relevant reasoning.



Social Media Engagement


On Facebook and X (Twitter) Raising Dion has seen inconsistent engagement. The interest in the series was at an all-time high in November 2022 when an article was released with the latest news and updates on the show, and the possible plot for season three was released.


During that month, fans shared and reposted discussions on the series and encouraged each other to support the Netflix show. After that, the engagement and interest has completely dropped.



Expected Plot of Upcoming Season


After having discussed the previous seasons of Raising Dion, we have established that the superhero is working on developing his powers, and fighting skills. All this while, he is also fighting off powerful enemies and suspicious research organisations while trying to grow up.


Although the future of season three is uncertain, we can be sure of one thing. In season three, we will see more explosive action and drama. Dion is understanding his powers better, and his enemies are making themselves known.


In season three, we could see more powers of Dion and the Crooked energy. This Crooked energy’s influence on Pat and Bryden has alienated them from Dion, and that is not the end of their story.


We are also going to see more of BIONA as the organisation seems to have a more than innocent interest in superheroes. The season 2 post-credits scene gave us a teaser where Pat is seen to be extending his powers over Atlanta, Georgia.


We also see a grown-up Dion working as the Mind Mover to defeat Pat and his bad influence. Moreover, the Crooked energy will not stop with just controlling Pat and Bryden.


So, we could see him infiltrating the minds of more powerful people to defeat Dion.



Important Characters In Raising Dion


These are the most important characters of the series to watch out for, as they could turn the course of the series with their actions.


1. Dion Warren

Dion Warren


Dion, portrayed in the Netflix series “Raising Dion,” is a remarkable young boy with superpowers. He is inherently curious, charming, and full of infectious enthusiasm. He is portrayed by Ja’Siah Young in both seasons.


What sets him apart is his extraordinary superhuman abilities, which he acquires after the mysterious death of his father. Dion grapples with the challenges of being a kid while possessing powers like telekinesis, invisibility, and weather manipulation.


Despite these incredible gifts, he remains down-to-earth and relatable, often using his powers to help others and protect those he cares about. His unwavering determination to understand and control his abilities forms the core of his character as he navigates the complexities of growing up and uncovering the truth about his father’s past.


Dion’s character is a compelling blend of innocence, bravery, and the universal struggle for identity. As he grows up, Dion changes with his age, and the actor Ja’Siah Young portrays his growth changes and struggles marvellously.


2. Nicole Warren

Nicole Warren


Nicole Warren, portrayed by Alisha Wainwright, plays a central and complex role as the mother of the titular character, Dion. Her character is multifaceted, serving as the emotional anchor and protector of her son, while also dealing with her own grief and challenges.


Nicole is portrayed as a fiercely loving and resilient woman who is determined to provide a stable and nurturing environment for Dion in the wake of her husband’s mysterious death.


She takes on the daunting task of helping him understand and control his emerging superhuman abilities while keeping them hidden from the world. Nicole’s character delves into uncovering the truth about her late husband’s research and the origins of Dion’s powers.


Her unwavering dedication to her son’s well-being coupled with her pursuit of answers makes Nicole a compelling and relatable character, adding depth and heart to the series.


3. Pat Rollins

Pat Rollins


Pat Rollins, played by Jason Ritter, is a smart, intelligent, nerdy guy who was the partner of Mark Warren. He could also be considered a bit jealous of Mark and his success, but he becomes an important figure in Dion’s life.


He takes on the role of a mentor and friend, helping Dion understand and control his superhuman abilities. Pat helps Nicole safeguard and protect Dion, but it is uncovered that he is the Crooked Man with the crooked energy that killed Mark.


He also killed a bunch of other superheroes and infiltrated the mind of Brayden Mills. He uses all his power to suppress and influence Dion, but he is repelled. Pat Rollins starts off as an endearing and lovable character but slowly becomes the villain.


His thirst for knowledge and power drives him to lose his rationality and become a bad guy.


4. Esperanza Jiminez

Esperanza Jiminez


Esperanza Jimenez is Dion’s loyal and supportive best friend. Her role in the series is pivotal as she provides emotional support and a sense of normalcy to Dion, who possesses superhuman abilities.


Sammy Haney played the role of Esperanza. Esperanza is portrayed as a smart and caring friend who stands by Dion through thick and thin, even when she doesn’t fully understand the extent of his powers.


Her unwavering friendship serves as a grounding force for Dion as he navigates the challenges of his newfound abilities and the mysteries surrounding his father’s death. Esperanza’s character is that of a girl who suffers from brittle bone disease and moves around in a wheelchair.


Yet, she adds depth to the series by highlighting the importance of friendship, trust, and the bond between ordinary kids dealing with extraordinary circumstances.


5. Brayden Mills

Brayden Mills


Brayden Mills is an important character in the series, and Griffin Robert Faulkner plays the role of Brayden. He is a major antagonist who starts out as a schoolmate. Brayden’s role is central to the series because he is one of the few individuals who discover Dion’s superhuman abilities.


Initially, Brayden is intrigued by Dion’s powers, but later becomes a source of conflict and tension as he grapples with his own complex emotions and his burgeoning powers of mind control and astral projection.


As the series progresses, Brayden’s character evolves, showcasing the complexities of friendship, jealousy, and the desire for power. Brayden loses his father to The Crooked Man, just like Dion. But unlike Dion, who relies on his good heart and intentions to make friends, Brayden becomes a recluse and a lonely person.


He falls victim to the influence of the Crooked energy and starts to target Dion.



Important Crew Members and Their Work


The biggest attraction of the Netflix series, Raising Dion was the talented group of child actors and the other actors. However, we cannot disregard the excellent work of the other crew of the series.


Here is a look at some of the major contributors.


1. Show Creator – Carol Barbee

carol barbee


Carol Barbee, the show creator of “Raising Dion,” played a crucial role in bringing the series to life. She adapted the story from the comic book of the same name by Dennis Liu, infusing it with her own creative vision.


Barbee’s work involved crafting a compelling narrative that blends elements of family drama, science fiction, and superhero genres. She focused on exploring the emotional dynamics of a mother-son relationship while navigating the challenges of a child with superhuman abilities.


Her involvement in the show’s production ensured a balance between the personal and the extraordinary, making “Raising Dion” not just a superhero story but also a touching exploration of love, loss, and the trials of growing up with exceptional powers.


She has also worked on shows like Judging Amy, Providence, UnReal, Touch, etc.


2. Show Director – Dennis Liu and Seith Man

Dennis Liu


The pivotal directors for “Raising Dion” were Dennis Liu and Seith Mann. Although Dennis Liu is best known for creating the original comic book on which the series is based, he also played a crucial role as a director and executive producer in bringing the story to the screen.


His work involved translating the comic’s unique vision into a visually captivating and emotionally resonant series. Seith Mann directed several episodes of the series and his work was instrumental in shaping the show’s tone and visual style.


He brought a unique blend of drama and science fiction to the series, effectively capturing the emotional depth of the characters while showcasing the awe-inspiring moments of Dion’s superhuman abilities.


3. Show Writer – Carol Barbee, Leigh Dana Jackson, Dennis Liu

Leigh Dana Jackson


The writers of the show undertook a crucial role in crafting the show’s narrative and storytelling. They adapted the original comic book by Dennis Liu into a compelling and emotionally resonant series.


The team of writers include Carol Barbee, Leigh Dana Jackson, Dennis Liu, and more. Their work involved developing complex characters, particularly Dion and his mother Nicole, and exploring the intricate dynamics of a family dealing with extraordinary circumstances.


These writers skillfully blended elements of drama, science fiction, and superhero genres to create a rich and multifaceted storyline. The talented team of writers previously worked on Ling, Plurality, Foundation, Sleepy Hollow, Scream: The TV Series, etc.



Similar shows and where to watch them


Here are a few shows that have a similar theme or concept as Raising Dion:


1. Greenhouse Academy

Greenhouse Academy


“Greenhouse Academy” is a teen drama series on Netflix that centres around the prestigious Greenhouse Academy, an elite boarding school for gifted young students in various fields, including science and technology.


The story follows two siblings, Hayley and Alex Woods, who enrol at the academy following a family tragedy. As they navigate the challenges of high school life, they become embroiled in a web of secrets, rivalries, and mysterious events.


The series combines elements of mystery, romance, and coming-of-age drama as the students uncover hidden agendas and strive to protect the academy from various threats. With its mix of suspense and teen drama, “Greenhouse Academy” has garnered a dedicated fan base.


It has an IMDb rating of 6.7/10, reflecting its popularity among viewers, particularly those who enjoy young adult dramas with a touch of intrigue.


2. Warrior Nun

Warrior Nun


“Warrior Nun” is a thrilling Netflix series that blends supernatural elements with action and drama. The story follows Ava, a young woman who wakes up in a morgue with newfound supernatural abilities and a divine artefact embedded in her back, marking her as the chosen Warrior Nun.


She is thrust into a secret society of demon hunters known as the Order of the Cruciform Sword, where she must battle demonic forces while uncovering a web of intrigue, betrayal, and ancient conspiracies.


The series offers a unique mix of supernatural lore, martial arts, and character-driven storytelling. With its diverse cast and compelling plot, “Warrior Nun” has garnered a dedicated fan following. The show has an IMDb rating of 6.8/10, reflecting its popularity and the positive reception it has received for its engaging premise and action-packed sequences.


3. Wu Assassins

Wu Assassins


“Wu Assassins” is an action-packed Netflix series that immerses viewers in the world of ancient martial arts and supernatural powers. Set in San Francisco’s Chinatown, the show follows Kai Jin, a chef who discovers he is the chosen Wu Assassin, tasked with hunting down and defeating powerful, mystical criminals known as the Wu Warlords.


Armed with incredible martial arts skills and the ability to absorb the powers of defeated foes, Kai must navigate a treacherous underworld while protecting his loved ones. With its thrilling fight sequences, a mix of ancient and modern mythology, and a diverse cast, ”Wu Assassins” has gained a dedicated fan base.


The series has an IMDb rating of 6.4/10, reflecting its popularity and appeal to fans of martial arts, fantasy, and action genres.


4. The Umbrella Academy

The Umbrella Academy


“The Umbrella Academy” is a captivating Netflix series based on the comic book created by Gerard Way and Gabriel Bá. This offbeat superhero drama follows the dysfunctional Hargreaves siblings, who were adopted by a wealthy eccentric and raised to save the world from an impending apocalypse.


Each of the seven siblings possesses unique superhuman abilities and quirky personalities. The series combines elements of family dysfunction, time travel, and supernatural mysteries, creating a compelling blend of dark humour and drama.


With its engaging narrative, complex character development, and visually stunning production, “The Umbrella Academy” has received widespread acclaim. It holds an IMDb rating of 8.0/10, reflecting its popularity and positive reception among viewers.


The show’s unique take on the superhero genre and its intricate storytelling have made it a standout series in the genre.


5. Locke & Key

Locke & Key


“Locke & Key” is a popular Netflix series that offers a thrilling mix of supernatural suspense, family drama, and mystery. Based on the comic book series by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodríguez, the show follows the Locke siblings – Tyler, Kinsey, and Bode – who move to their ancestral home, Keyhouse, after a family tragedy.


Soon, they discover magical keys that grant incredible powers but also unlock dark and dangerous forces. As they navigate the mysteries of the keys and their family’s history, they uncover a malevolent presence lurking within Keyhouse.


With a captivating storyline, well-drawn characters, and impressive production values, “Locke & Key” has garnered significant acclaim. The series holds an IMDb rating of 7.4/10, reflecting its popularity and the positive reception it has received from both viewers and critics alike.


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