Master of None Season 4: Everything We Know So Far

Is There a Master of None - Season 4


“Master of None” is a comedy-drama series created by Aziz Ansari and Alan Yang. The show originally premiered on Netflix in 2015 and gained critical acclaim for its unique take on the life of a 30-something actor in New York City.


The series follows the personal and professional experiences of Dev Shah, played by Aziz Ansari, as he navigates relationships, career aspirations, and cultural identity. The show’s ensemble cast includes Aziz Ansari as Dev Shah, Noël Wells as Rachel, Eric Wareheim as Arnold, Lena Waithe as Denise, and Kelvin Yu as Brian, among others.


It is notable for its diverse and talented cast, which reflects the multicultural aspects of modern urban life. ”Master of None” achieved success in 2015 due to its fresh and authentic storytelling, tackling relevant themes such as race, relationships, and career struggles with humour and sincerity.


Its unique format, character-driven narrative, and innovative storytelling techniques, including stand-alone episodes focusing on various characters, garnered praise. The series also won several awards, including Emmys for Outstanding Writing and an Emmy for Lena Waithe’s performance, making her the first Black woman to win in that category. “Master of None” was celebrated for its cultural significance, clever writing, and the way it resonated with audiences seeking relatable and thought-provoking content.




Official Announcement on Master of None Season 4


Master of None is a Netflix series that debuted in 2015. Its second season came out in 2017. After the release of season 2, Aziz Ansari, the co-creator stated that he needed a long break to come back with season 3.


He did take a long break of four years to come back with Master of None – Moments of Love. The best part of this story is that Netflix was willing to wait for Aziz Ansari to come up with the story of season 3 and did not rush him.


Similarly, after season 3 ends, Ansari is taking a long break before he comes up with season 4, and Netflix appears to be waiting patiently for him. Netflix has not cancelled the show, and if the previous seasons are anything to go by, we might have to wait at least another year before we hear about season 4.


Having said this, Netflix has not cancelled Master of None. We are just waiting for the creators to come up with another amazing concept for the new season.




Previous Seasons and Episodes of Master of None


When the series “Master of None” was created by Alan Yang and Aziz Ansari, it was a series about the life of a 30-year-old actor, Dev Shah. The plot covers everyday life, romantic encounters, professional experiences, and personal journeys.


It took a refreshing look at all the mundane details of life. In 2015, the series premiered with Master of None season 1. It had 10 episodes, just like season 2.


The series followed Dev Shah and his love for Rachel. Similarly, season 2 moved to Italy, and it covered Dev’s new love interest, Francesca. In 2021, the creator changed their focus from Dev Shah to his good friend, Denise.


Master of None season 3 only has 5 episodes, and it follows Denise, a lesbian writer from London. We see the life of Denise and her blossoming relationship with Alicia as they navigate emotional, professional and other relationship hurdles together.




Where to Watch the Show


Viewers in Great Britain, the United States of America and Canada can stream all three seasons of Master of None on Netflix.




Google Trends Data Analysis of Master of None Season 4


Google Trends data shows that the dramedy series Master of None is still going strong in the hearts and minds of netizens. The search trends are above average with some fluctuations.


Yet, it has maintained a trend that is stronger and does not appear to be declining. When we search specifically for the term Master of None season 4, the search trend fluctuates wildly between high to low.


Every time an article or update from the creator Aziz Ansari is released, the trend picks up. While it is heartening to see that the fans and followers have not given up hope on the series, they do not appear to be very keen on the announcement of season 4.



Social Media Engagement of Master of None Season 4


Unlike the Google Trends data, the data on social media engagement of the series does not look promising. There has been very little activity on all media platforms in regard to the series.


While the creator, Aziz Ansari has been busy with other scripts and his stand-up comedy shows, fans are keeping hopes alive for a new season of Master of None. Every time there is a mention of Aziz Ansari or any of the other cast members of the series, there is a buzz of activity, which again dies down.


Apart from this activity, the show and the netizens have been silent on Master of None season 4.



Expected Plot of Upcoming Season of Master of None


The creators of the series Master of None are currently mum on the topic of season 4, but they have also not given up on the story. Moreover, the way all the main characters were left at the end of season 3 gives us hope for the future.


While Master of None season 3 focused on the life of Dev’s best friend Denise, it also showed that Dev has another failed relationship with his girlfriend, Reshmi. Dev moves back to his parents’ house, and we are not sure if and when he will move on.


Season 4 could go back to concentrating on Dev moving on in life to build a family or have a steady relationship. The story of Denise and Alicia was also not given a conclusive ending.


We see Denise contemplating the future of her relationship while staring at her house in the finale episode of season 3. Alan Yang, the co-creator of the show, was also keen on building up the character of Brian, played by Kelvin Yu.


We did not get any definitive direction of Brian’s life considering he is the handsome and successful guy among the group of friends.



Important Characters of the Show


1. Dev Shah

Dev Shah


Dev Shah is a character from the Netflix series “Master of None,” portrayed by actor and comedian Aziz Ansari. Dev is a 30-something actor and food enthusiast living in New York City.


He grapples with the complexities of modern life, love, and career aspirations. Dev is characterised by his witty humour, cultural awareness, and a deep curiosity about various aspects of life, including relationships, family, and his Indian-American identity.


Throughout the series, viewers follow Dev’s ups and downs in his personal and professional life. He offers a poignant and humorous exploration of the challenges and joys of adulthood in a rapidly changing world.


His character reflects the show’s exploration of identity, diversity, and the pursuit of happiness in contemporary society.


2. Denise



Denise, played by actress Lena Waithe, is a significant character in the Netflix series “Master of None.” She is Dev’s close friend and confidante. Denise is portrayed as a sharp-witted, no-nonsense lesbian who navigates life with humour and a strong sense of self.


Her character is notable for its unapologetic and authentic portrayal of a black LGBTQ+ woman. Denise’s nature is characterised by her confident and candid approach to relationships, her ability to provide insightful advice to Dev and others, and her unwavering support for her friends.


Throughout the series, Denise’s character adds depth and diversity to the narrative, highlighting the importance of inclusivity and showcasing the challenges and triumphs of individuals from different backgrounds and orientations.


3. Arnold Baumheiser

Arnold Baumheiser


Arnold Baumheiser, portrayed by Eric Wareheim, is a recurring character in the Netflix series “Master of None.” Arnold is Dev’s close friend and a source of comic relief throughout the show.


He’s a tall and goofy white guy with a peculiar sense of humour. Arnold works in the entertainment industry as a producer and often provides Dev with quirky advice about life and dating.


He is characterised by his laid-back personality, offbeat antics, and penchant for eccentric experiences. Arnold’s role in the series is primarily that of a supportive friend who adds humour and an element of unpredictability to Dev’s life.


He serves as a contrast to Dev’s character, and their friendship explores the dynamics of cultural differences and the complexities of modern friendships in a diverse world.


4. Brian Chang

Brian Chang


Brian Chang, portrayed by Kelvin Yu, plays a significant role in the Netflix series “Master of None.” He is one of Dev’s closest friends and a recurring character throughout the show.


Brian is a Taiwanese-American who works as a successful commercial actor. His character is marked by a calm and thoughtful demeanour, providing a contrast to Dev’s more impulsive nature. Brian often serves as a voice of reason and wisdom in Dev’s life, offering advice on relationships, career choices, and cultural identity.


He also plays a pivotal role in exploring the experiences of Asian Americans in the entertainment industry and navigating the challenges of balancing cultural heritage with modern American life. Brian’s character adds depth to the show’s exploration of friendship, identity, and the pursuit of happiness.


5. Rachel Silva

Rachel Silva


Rachel Silva, portrayed by Noël Wells, is a prominent character in the Netflix series “Master of None.” She is introduced as Dev’s love interest and becomes a central figure in the series.


Rachel is an aspiring music publicist with a charming and independent personality. Her character is defined by her passion for food and culture, which she shares with Dev. Throughout the show, Rachel’s character is instrumental in exploring the complexities of modern relationships, career aspirations, and the intersection of different cultural backgrounds.


Her dynamic with Dev is a focal point, highlighting the challenges and joys of contemporary romance and the pursuit of a meaningful connection in a bustling city like New York.


Rachel’s character brings depth and authenticity to the series’ exploration of love and identity.



Important Crew Members of Master of None


1. Creators – Alan Yang and Aziz Ansari

Creators - Alan Yang and Aziz Ansari


“Master of None,” the acclaimed series, was co-created by Aziz Ansari and Alan Yang. Aziz Ansari is a renowned comedian, actor, and writer known for his stand-up comedy and his role in the hit TV series “Parks and Recreation.” Alan Yang, on the other hand, is a talented writer, producer, and director who has worked on various successful television projects.


Together, Ansari and Yang crafted a show that explores the life, relationships, and cultural experiences of Dev Shah, played by Ansari himself. The series gained praise for its sharp humour, cultural commentary, and realistic portrayal of contemporary urban life.


Aziz Ansari’s experiences as an actor and comedian, coupled with Alan Yang’s creative storytelling, resulted in a show that tackled complex themes while remaining relatable and humorous.


2. Directors – Eric Wareheim and Aziz Ansari

Directors - Eric Wareheim and Aziz Ansari


“Master of None” features multiple directors throughout its episodes, but one notable director apart from Aziz Ansari, associated with the series is Eric Wareheim. Wareheim is a multi-talented comedian, actor, writer, and director known for his work in the comedy duo “Tim & Eric” alongside Tim Heidecker.


Together, they created unconventional and absurdist humour, which gained a cult following. Eric Wareheim’s career extends beyond “Master of None.” He has directed music videos for artists like Beach House and Major Lazer and worked on various television projects.


In “Master of None,” Wareheim’s direction helps shape the show’s distinct blend of comedy and drama, contributing to its overall appeal and critical acclaim.


3. Writers – Alan Yang, Lena Waithe, and more

Alan Yang


“Master of None” featured a talented group of writers over its three seasons, each contributing to the show’s unique blend of humour, cultural exploration, and heartfelt storytelling. Some notable writers include: 


Aziz Ansari: The co-creator and star of the series, Ansari brought his comedic and observational skills to the writing process, infusing the show with his personal experiences and comedic sensibilities.


Alan Yang: Co-creator Alan Yang, a skilled writer and producer, worked closely with Ansari to craft the show’s themes and characters, contributing to its critical acclaim. Lena Waithe: Actress and writer Lena Waithe, who portrayed Denise, also contributed to the show’s writing, offering her own perspective and insights into the LGBTQ+ and black experiences.


Aniz Ansari: Aziz Ansari’s real-life brother, Aniz, was a writer on the show, adding authenticity to the depiction of sibling dynamics and cultural nuances.


4. Music – Didier Leplae and Joe Wong

Joe Wong


Didier Leplae and Joe Wong both contributed to the music of “Master of None” in significant ways: Didier Leplae served as the music supervisor for “Master of None.” In this role, he was responsible for curating and selecting the diverse and eclectic soundtrack that became a notable aspect of the show.


His work involved choosing songs that fit the mood and themes of each episode, helping to create a unique atmosphere for the series. Leplae’s music choices played a vital role in enhancing the overall viewing experience and establishing the show’s distinct style.


Joe Wong is a musician and composer who contributed original music to “Master of None.” His work on the series involved composing and performing some of the show’s original score, which added depth and emotion to various scenes.



Similar Shows as Master of None


1. Parks and Recreation

Parks and Recreation


“Parks and Recreation” is a popular American mockumentary-style sitcom that originally aired from 2009 to 2015. You can stream it on Peacock Premium. Created by Greg Daniels and Michael Schur, the show is set in the fictional town of Pawnee, Indiana.


It follows the quirky employees of the Parks and Recreation Department as they navigate local government bureaucracy. The series is known for its ensemble cast led by Amy Poehler as Leslie Knope, a dedicated and enthusiastic public servant.


It features memorable characters like Ron Swanson (Nick Offerman) and Andy Dwyer (Chris Pratt). “Parks and Recreation” is celebrated for its sharp humour, clever satire, and heartwarming portrayal of community and friendship.


2. The Kominsky Method

The Kominsky Method


“The Kominsky Method” is a TV series that premiered on Netflix in 2018. Created by Chuck Lorre, the show is a dramedy that explores the lives of two ageing friends, Sandy Kominsky (Michael Douglas), a once-successful actor turned acting coach, and his agent, Norman Newlander (Alan Arkin).


Set in Los Angeles, the series delves into the challenges and absurdities of getting older while navigating personal and professional relationships. With its witty humour and heartfelt moments, “The Kominsky Method” offers a poignant exploration of friendship, ageing, and the pursuit of happiness, earning critical acclaim and awards, including Golden Globes for its leads.


3. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt


“Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” is a sitcom created by Tina Fey and Robert Carlock, which originally aired on Netflix from 2015 to 2019. The show follows Kimmy Schmidt (Ellie Kemper), a woman who escapes from a doomsday cult and starts a new life in New York City.


With her sunny disposition and determination, Kimmy tackles life’s challenges while forming unlikely friendships with her quirky roommate Titus (Tituss Burgess), her employer Jacqueline (Jane Krakowski), and her landlord Lillian (Carol Kane).


Known for its sharp humour and clever social commentary, the series explores themes of resilience, empowerment, and the pursuit of happiness in an ever-changing world.


4. Fleabag



“Fleabag” is a critically acclaimed British television series created by and starring Phoebe Waller-Bridge. The show revolves around the life of an unnamed and troubled young woman living in London.


You can stream it on Prime Video. Waller-Bridge’s character, often referred to as “Fleabag,” uses humour as a defence mechanism while navigating the complexities of family, relationships, grief, and self-discovery.


The series is celebrated for its dark comedy, fourth-wall-breaking narrative style, and Waller-Bridge’s exceptional performance. It delves into the raw and unfiltered aspects of modern life and human emotions, earning praise for its witty writing, sharp wit, and profound exploration of vulnerability and connection.


5. Community



“Community” is a sitcom that originally aired from 2009 to 2015. Created by Dan Harmon, the show is set at the fictional Greendale Community College and follows a diverse group of students who form a close-knit study group.


Led by the charismatic but flawed Jeff Winger (Joel McHale), the group embarks on hilarious and often surreal adventures. The series is known for its clever meta-humour, pop culture references, and inventive storytelling.


With a talented ensemble cast, including Donald Glover and Alison Brie, “Community” explores themes of friendship, identity, and the absurdity of modern academia while delivering laughs and heartwarming moments. The show is available on Netflix.


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