Top 50 Best Dragon Ball Characters Of All Time

top 50 best dragon ball characters of all time


Dragon Ball. A series that shaped a lot of things. The anime industry, the man industry, your childhood, etc.


However, it seems like the hype around the Dragon Ball series is dying. With no new information on Dragon Ball Super Season 2 and the upcoming projects not being THAT well received, it feels like the series needs some support.


Therefore, to encourage the importance of this series again, allow me to present you with this list.


This is the list of the best Dragon Ball Characters, which includes all canon characters from the anime (sorry GT and AF fans). The list includes Dragon Ball super characters as well.


So grab your 4-star ball, lay down on your couch and let’s dive deep into this super world of DBZ characters.


I hope you enjoy it!




1. Goku




Let’s bring our focus to Goku. This is the man who inspired millions, made everyone his fan, and worked his face off to be where he is.


That’s why Goku is valued so much. He is the core reason why the Dragon Ball series is as booming as it is.


Be it Super, GT, or anything, it’s because of him that we love the show so much and watch it every time.


The sheer growth that this man has had in his life, along with the friends that he has made and the impact he has had on people is what makes Goku so fascinating.


He was always standing and fighting like a true-warrior. And that has inspired a ton of people throughout their lives. 




2. Vegeta




This one shouldn’t come as an astonishment. The Prince Of All Saiyans who had technically become the King Of All Saiyans is ranked so high on this list.


Back in the day, I used to love him more than Goku, and still do.


But you know, when he is the least favourite character of the author, you know he wouldn’t have much fun.


But despite that, the sheer inspiration and stability that this man holds are insane. And that’s why I used to look up to him so much.


Vegeta has always proved that you can go way farther if you push yourself. After watching him on screen, you would know that the only limits that you have are the ones put on by yourself.


So make sure that you learn from this legend and grow as a person altogether. 


A man of hard work. A man or Pride. Vegeta is the name, remember that!




3. Gohan




If there was anyone who could have taken Goku’s place, it was his son Gohan.


Back in the Cell saga, Gohan was an absolute Badass. A monster who can’t be beaten.


And even in the Majin Buu arc, Gohan had his Ultimate Gohan form which made him just as wonderful.


However, that was the last time we saw anything remarkable from him. The authors seem to have given up on him and that’s why he is a bit low.


However, the fact stands true. The memories that this man has given us are just unique.


Amazing. We respect him so much.


I hope we will be getting a new Gohan with a lot more strength and capabilities in the near future. After all, this man was once, a behemoth to deal with.


While we do get a few boosts for him here and there, the actual game-breaking difference is yet to be made. Let’s wait for it. 




4. Piccolo




You know he will make it long when you are one of the Author’s favourite characters.


But apart from being a very useful character in the series, Piccolo still manages to stay up to the mark with these insanely powerful Saiyans.


I mean, if you think about it, he has inborn limitations. But he still manages to get across them and competes in the Tournament Of Power competition.


And that is why this man merits this recognition. He is just too good for a non-Saiyan species and his father figure in the latest series is bringing more spotlight to him.


Moreover, the fact that this man has always held Goku’s hands no matter how dire the situation is, makes him a legendary character in my eyes.


His contribution to the series is unreal and his presence as a whole has never been diminished no matter how difficult or strong the opponent is. o



5. Future Trunks


future trunks


This man appeared twice in the series. And both times, he was a total beast.


Especially if we talk about the legendary Cell saga, Trunks was insane. This man witnessed the pain of losing Gohan and everyone else right in front of his eyes.


And that shaped itself to be the strength of this creature. Moreover, as the show advances, we get to see him be a super Saiyan, which was a big deal back in the day.


His swordwork, his badass design, his arrogant personality, everything is just way too good.


Future Trunks has always added a layer of fun and magic to the series. Whenever he arrives in the story, you can rest assured that the show is heading in an interesting direction.


And that’s why Trunks from the future is one of the most sought-after individuals in the entire franchise. 



6. Gogeta & Vegito


Gogeta & Vegito


These fusions are just too good to be true. And their fandoms are just so vicious that if I ranked them differently, I will be getting threats tomorrow.


Anyway, both Gogeta and Vegito are some of the finest characters in the series. Taking the Broly Movie into deliberation, Gogeta is quite a smug character who can’t be compared on any surface whatsoever.


And if we talk about Vegito, he is just another mayhem. And that’s why he is the one I like most.


I believe that Vegito is a definite fusion. However, I won’t say too much because I like the idea of living.



7. Freeza




I think we can all agree that Freeza is the best Dragon Ball villain. And I say so, not because he is the most powerful but because he is chosen.


You see, Freeza is the only villain in the Dragon Ball series who was killed multiple times but still reverts to take his vengeance.


And, in the grand scheme of things, he has the potential to be insanely strong against those who oppose him.


After all, he reached God-like strength just by training for 4 months! Just 4 months!


Imagine if he trained for a year. Man, he will be a completely new monster.


And that possibility is what makes us love him.



8. Goku Black


Goku Black


Goku Black was a rather impressive villain back when it first appeared. It was a unique approach from the creators considering that they didn’t introduce a new person.


Instead, the new person changed himself to be like Goku. Quite interesting for sure. Anyway, Goku Black was mayhem back when it first appeared as it annihilated anything and everything against it.


It destroyed our main cast twice and his strength was unreal. This was when we were truly terrified that the cast would make it.


Fortunately, they had something under their sleeves.



9. Bulma




Bulma is just so good. And this isn’t any random praise. Think about it.


She is the one who helped Goku throughout his journey, made numerous inventions that helped him out, has Vegeta as her Husband, and helped the main cast in any way possible.


Oh boy, I must say, she was quite effective, especially for a side character with no superpowers. 


But if you think about it, Wealth and Intelligence are superpowers. And she had both of them, in quite a plenty.


Therefore, she was such a great contribution to the show.



10. Master Roshi


Master Roshi


This old man might not seem much on the outside. But on the inside, he is the one who made it all.


He is the one who created the Goku we know today. He is the one who created the camaraderie we love today.


And despite being super old, this man is still going strong with his sense of respect for women.


Master Roshi is just so impressive in terms of contribution to the overall series that I can’t help but respect him.


And even though he got surpassed by his students, he was still selected for the Tournament of Power.


Goes to show that a master stays a master.



11. Krillin




Just like Master Roshi, Krillin is also a character who had been going strong all this while.


I mean, he isn’t nearly as strong as Goku but still be on his side no matter what.


Krillin is just like Zenitsu. He might seem scared at first but will do all he can to save those whom he cherishes.


That’s why this man is still going on strong. His life has changed quite a lot now and he lives much better these days.


But as the strongest human on the planet, he still holds some remarkable experience. And that will aid him soon in the series.



12. Android 18


Android 18


She is quite a hottie, I must say. Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to tell you about Android 18.


This beautiful lady first appeared in the Cell saga and ever since then, she had won millions of hearts.


Her fighting skills are incredible and she became Krillin’s wife which was another shock for all of us.


That’s one of the reasons why she blended in well with the cast of characters.


After all, it was because of this that she stood up to us and claimed her respect on multiple occasions in multiple series.


Therefore, Android 18, deserves it all.



13. Bardock




Although many say that Bardock and his action aren’t canons yet, he still manages to make fans go crazy with his sense of understanding.


He went against Freeza, saved his child, and escaped his family. He is a Man from the heart.


Moreover, he was also quite interesting back when he was just a rumour. I remember talking with my friends about how Bardock can be way stronger than Goku and he might even have Super Saiyan 10 under his control.


You know, the good old days. But now the situation has changed, he is said to be getting some screen time soon enough.


But for whatever he did, he was quite a man.



14. Beerus




Lord Beerus is just a badass. Pure Badass. Back in the day when he was first introduced, Fans feared his presence.


Just him being on the screen used to be a matter of concern for everyone.


And that’s why everyone was so fond of him. He was just so impressed with his unreal abilities and strength.


And I still feel that even after Mastered Ultra Instinct, Goku can’t kill Beerus in one go.


That’s how much faith I have in this cat. Because I know how groundbreaking he was when he first showed up.


And that stands as a strong testimony if you ask me.



15. Cell




Oh boy! Cell! The guy who was quite a mess in his days. In the recent series, we haven’t heard much from him as a character or even as a villain.


However, in his prime, Cell was a massacre. Just like in the case of Freeza, Cell was just too strong for any of our boys to handle.


I remember back when he first appeared and the entire cast had to go through training just to have a chance against him.


That’s how insane he was. And the entire tournament that he created back in the day was just awesome.


That tournament has some of the finest memories for us.



16. Goten




This Kid is going to be the next Goku! Mark my words. Because it isn’t only his design and speech that makes us see Goku in him, it’s his values as well.


Right now, Goten is a playful boy who isn’t doing anything significant for the overall story.


However, his presence enlightens the mood of the ongoing scene so much that I can’t even explain it.


After all, this boy has quite a lot of skills to add up to his sleeves.


And that’s why he is here. He is going to be the next beast that we all want and require.


And I think we can trust him on that.



17. Android 17


Android 17


Android 17 gained so much popularity in recent times. Why? Because of the Tournament Of Power.


Before that, Android 17 was living a simple life. Nothing extreme happened from his end during this period.


However, soon enough, we get to see some insane action going on and that was during the latest Tournament Of Power.


Just look at who was the last man standing in the ring! That’s right, him!


That’s what makes him so special. And despite being an Android, the man has a heart.


And that heart is what made him the hero in our eyes.



18. Majin Buu


majin buu


Majin Buu is a character who deserves some love and appreciation. As a villain, Majin Buu was a monster.


He was nasty, dangerous, and threatening, he was the pinnacle of fear. And it was all because he could regenerate very fast.


However, when we talk about his good side, he is just a pink blob who wants to eat and have fun in his life.


Nothing crazy, he just wants to do his stuff. And that’s why fans loved him.


The dual nature that he portrayed soon became quite a new experience for all those who watched him and that’s why he was loved by anyone and everyone.



19. Broly




Considering the Broly Movie to be the only canon, Broly is a heartwarming character. I feel that he is the Dragon Ball version of the Hulk.


And that is quite a good metaphor. Moreover, he is quite an interesting being with his insane power levels and Battle methods.


Although, he doesn’t seem to have a constant technique and can get out of control to become a monster for all those on board.


And that’s why Broly is a bit low. But seeing him beat the hell out of Freeza for one hour straight was hilarious.


Worth all the money!



20. Yamcha




This man is trolled to death. I know. However, he is one of the original members of the Z Fighters and that’s why fans still love him to this day.


Yes, his memes are still funny. However, in the series, this man still shows up with a bright smile on his face and that’s why he is liked by fans.


One of the strongest humans and his capabilities are still quite impressive for a non-Saiyan being.


Moreover, his baseball skills are even more amazing than we imagined and that’s why Yamcha deserves to be here.


He made Universe 7 win a competition after all. That’s a plus!



21. Tian




Let’s take a look at our baldy Tian for once. He is a master of fighting and to be fair, he is the one in the old Z Fighters who still manages to attain a lot despite all the problems he had.


In the initial season, he seemed to have a lot of capabilities and strengths going on him.


After all, he was a man of a threat himself. And during those days, his excellence was appreciated by the characters themselves, making him worthy of the current spot.


Let’s see if he makes a return shortly.



22. Arale




Now I know what many of you might be thinking. How is Arale so high on this list?


She is a character just for Easter eggs, right? And my answer to that is, this spot is also for Easter Egg.


For the latest memory, we have a small competition between Arale and Goku which she won pretty easily.


Needless to say, it was portrayed for fun and Arale isn’t all that powerful. However, right now, the situation is different.


The show doesn’t mention her much but when they do, fans love the reference and appreciate it.


Therefore, Arale is ranked here.



23. Whis




I was a huge fan of Whis back when he first appeared. He was insane and had a smug attitude overall which made him look even more amazing.


Right from the get-go, we all knew that he was incredibly strong and can potentially be the strongest of all time.


However, when Beerus declared that Whis is his teacher, the man gained so much more respect than we couldn’t even imagine.


Like how cool it is that you are teaching the God Of Destruction, how to Destroy.


And that’s why Whis deserves to be here. He is an angel who deserves more love and recognition than you ask me.



24. Jiren




Just like Whis, Jiren also surprised me back when he first appeared. I wasn’t shocked much when we realized how strong he was.


And this was because Jiren was from another universe and some universe was bound to have a super-strong character.


However, later on, we come to know that he is far stronger than we could have imagined.


Stronger than the Gods as well. This is a massive feat if you ask me.


After all, we don’t get great characters these days. However, Jiren is one of them for sure.



25. Mr. Popo


Mr. Popo


Mr. Popo works from the background. He isn’t interested in anything from the front lines.


And that’s why I appreciate his presence so much. Just like most of the Dragan Ball cast, he doesn’t appear much in the series anymore as well.


However, when we used to have villains like Freeza and Cell, this man gave the main crew some precious attention and aid that later on turned out to be game-changing for the entire planet.


Think of that and you will realize that this guy right here might be an angel for the team in disguise.



26. Videl




Being the daughter of Mr Satan, Videl is bound to be a strong fighter. She first appeared in the Majin Buu arc and I loved her character even back then.


However, as time passed by, today, she is an amazing girl who is trying to support a family while also getting her education.


With Gohan by her side, she is on her way to a life that any human would desire and that is why people like her so much.


I mean, why else would anyone ever respect her so much? It’s the efforts that counted and made her stand out so much from the crowd.



27. Mr. Satan


Mr. Satan


The strongest recognized human on the planet. Yup, even though Krillin is THE strongest human on the planet, Mr. Satan is the one who is known by the general public to be super strong.


And that makes him quite memorable. But apart from that, Mr. Satan is also quite a busy man who just so happens to have quite a lot of fame and money.


I must say, he is quite lucky as well considering how he always gets away with his monkey tricks.


But we won’t mind. You know, Whatever works for him after all. So yeah, Mr. Satan is amazing. We respect him.



28. Zamasu




Zamasu is a villain who was a dominator back when he first appeared. He destroyed everything and everyone in the name of Justice.


And that Justice is what later on turned out to be a demolition of the entire realm of existence.


With his plans, Zamasu managed to become so powerful that no one could have even gotten close to him.


And that’s why he is appreciated so much by fans. As a villain, he is great.


And as a God, he has his unique sense. This sense took him the route he went.



29. Hit




Yeah. This guy was a fan favourite as well. Hit is one of the side characters in the show who managed to get a lot of attention because of the stress he gave to fans.


I mean remember when he first used time skip? Man, that scene was groundbreaking. It changed the course of the fight in an instant.


And that’s why I appreciate this character so much. He brought in the munch that was much needed back during those days.


The situation is still the same though and so, we want banger characters like him to return.


That’s the final order from all the Dragon Ball Z fans.



30. Lunch




Lunch. A name that I bet most of you wouldn’t even recognize. Who is Lunch?


Well, Lunch is one of the characters in the original Dragon Ball Series. Yup, that’s how old she is.


And that’s why we are talking about her here. She didn’t seem to be all that interesting at the start.


However, as the story progresses, we start to see more and more reasons why Lunch is a great female cast who deserves to be a Waifu.


Speaking of Waifu, Lunch doesn’t seem to show up for ages now. So she might not be entertaining anytime soon enough now.



31. Caulifla




Oh boy, isn’t she attractive? Caulifla is one of the side characters in the anime.


And what’s important here to note is that they are Saiyans. Yup, they are Saiyans from Universe 6 and that’s why their personalities seem to match as well.


They have the abilities of Saiyans that allowed them to fuse, get stronger, use special attacks, etc and this is the reason why Caulifla is known to be on point with its storyline.


Moreover, she is quite beautiful and dominant as well. So that’s a type for some fans as well.


All in all, quite an interesting character.



32. Pan




Pan doesn’t seem to have any major role in the current series. However, in Dragon Ball GT, Pan was one of the main characters of the entire anime.


No joke, Pan is genuinely one of the main characters like Goku. And that was a shocker for so many fans including Goku himself.


If you get to know his story, you will realize how important she is to the overall story.


And that is the reason why I thought that Pan should be here. She did an amazing job in GT and her actions were quite impressive as well.



33. Zeno




Zeno. The absolute God. The finest of the finest. The God of Gods. That’s who Zeno is.


And that’s why he is here. The best part about Zeno is that he is cute.


So on the outside, you might not think of him as a major God or something.


But the moment you see how capable he is, oh boy, the tables turned upside down in an instant.


He was just so fun to watch and it was great that Zeno was there in the show.


Otherwise, finding the absolute strongest character in the show would have been tiring.



34. Chi-Chi




Chi-Chi is possibly the only human who can control Goku. And that is an insane feat if you ask me.


After all, being able to control a man who can destroy planets isn’t an easy task.


Heck, she not only controls Goku but also dominates. This is just one more reason for us to love this woman.


She always cared for her family and didn’t want to do anything that could lead to any hurt to her family.


In the original series, she gave Goku quite a ride and that is when it all started.


Bet Goku will introduce her with “and that’s I met your mother Joke”.



35. Chiaotzu




Chiaotzu is a rather funny character in the show. During the Dragon Ball Series, Chiaotzu changed the course of the series multiple times.


And the best part is that he gave his life for the sake of Tian.


That’s how it should be done. Getting a friend like him is like a disguise.


And that’s why he is here, ladies and gentlemen. This cute-looking character has shaped quite a lot of episodes.


And that’s why I am talking about it after. So if you are in search of some fine members of the Z Fighters, try considering him.



36. Android 16


Android 16


Android 16 won the hearts of fans during the Cell Saga. He did a lot of sacrifices and showed us that Androids can be on par with humans.


Yes, he did perform a lot of negative activities that can’t be forgiven. However, when you are on the brink of Death, Honesty is what pops into your head.


And that is the sole reason why Android 16 is appreciated so much by fans.


He might have been a villain at the start. But in the end, he was a great Android.


A very great Android. That’s why he deserves to be here on this list.



37. Gotenks




Gotenks was a groundbreaking transformation back when it first appeared. And it was because of him that we had any faith in the Majin Buu arc.


Gotenks gave a hard time to Majin Buu during the initial seasons. And soon enough, Gotenks became the most powerful character in the show.


In the grand scheme of things, he is still a great character because he is a mix of Goten and Trunks, two of the funniest beings.


So this shouldn’t come as a surprise to you at all.



38. Nappa




What does the scouter say about his power level? It’s over 9000. That’s how we came to know and love Nappa.


This man was quite interesting in the initial appearance and strong in the later ones.


This bald guy seems to have a ton of claims which includes having relationships with Goku and all.


However, what makes him so special is his memory. He was defeated by Goku and was taken care of with the help of other fighters.


So yeah, Nappa is quite a memorable character for the entire series and deserves the current spot at all prices.



39. Yajirobe




Yajirobe barely appears now on screen. Even in the Manga, he doesn’t seem to appear all that often.


However, during his prime days, Yajirobe saved the planet. No joke, he was the one who led to Freeza’s death and that is why everyone became so proud of him.


Unfortunately, it was one of the many situations he faced, and ever since that, he doesn’t seem to have anything lined up for him.


It might not look great for him. However, in our memories, he is still a careful being who deserves our recognition.



40. Piccolo Daimao


Piccolo Daimao


Piccolo Daimao brings back memories, doesn’t he? I mean who else was it who dared to go against Goku?


This man was once on the wrong path but was later corrected by our team.


And soon enough, we get to see him throw some strong punches. Quite interesting I must say.


There’s just one problem. And that’s why Piccolo Daimao is just too same as Piccolo.


Even back in the day, it was a bit difficult to distinguish between. But as time passed by, things start to take the right turn.



41. Raditz




Raditz. The man who started it all. I think we can all agree that he was the reason why the Dragon Ball series turned out to be as good as it did.


And for that, this man deserves respect. He was the one who brought in the concept of Super Saiyan and highlighted it to an incredible degree.


Being a said brother of Goku, Raditz brought some game-changing facts to the table which shaped the series for all of us.


All in all, Raditz was quite an interesting character who refined the show to the highest degree.


And that is why he is standing here. Although, I wonder what his super Saiyan form would look like.



42. Karin




Karin is one of the OG characters from the series. It is said to be a wise cat that is over 800 years old.


Quite a lot of time if you ask me. And as time passes by, it becomes more and more important for the series.


It offers a ton of valuable knowledge and wisdom that helps the entire cast fight their enemies and make calculated decisions.


And as outstanding as it may sound for the Dragon Ball franchise, this thing is true so Karin’s wisdom does work on people of other minds.


And that is why I decided to add it here.



43. Mai




This is where things get interesting. While we do have 2 trunks, one from the past and one from the present, we also have 2 Mais.


One from the past and one from the present. Here, we will be talking about the Mai from the Past.


And oh boy, isn’t she a Waifu. We didn’t get much to see from her.


However, as a supporting character, she is just too good to be true. That’s who Mai is.


She always supports Trunks and aids him in his roughest times. And that is pure Waifu activity.


Therefore, we can all agree that Adult Mai is someone who deserves all our love and respect from the series.



44. Shenrong




Shenrong has a history of contributing to the entire series. I meant not only was he amazing back when he first showed up, but he is also quite useful when there’s a huge commotion.


In Dragon Ball Super, he was the one who educated our cast about the existence of Super Saiyan God.


And in Dragon Ball Z, he was the one who used to revive people from the Dead.


So he has had some major contributions to the storyline. And I think that’s a great reason for all of us to love and appreciate him.


Plus, who wouldn’t like the Dragon version of Genie?



45. Bubbles




Bubbles. Don’t remember it? Well, that’s not a major problem considering who it is in the series.


Bubbles are the monkey that Goku finds on King Kai’s planet. So why have I added him here?


Because he is ridiculous. I believe that the time frame when Goku was on King Kai’s planet was quite a boring one.


Mainly because we aren’t used to seeing him train. We are just used to seeing his wreck.


And that’s why I believe that this man right here, Bubbles deserves some love and recognition.


After all, it’s his silent comedy that made that segment of the series admirable.



46. Kefla




Kefla. Also known as female Broly. I do feel that when this fusion happened, it shocked a ton of people.


However, in the grand scheme of things, it didn’t change the outcome to a considerable degree.


I mean, it’s potara fusion. If Vegito would have shown up, I think even Jiren would have gone with his 100%.


And here we have a watered-down version of Broly. Not that attractive. But hey, anything works for us, right?


I mean, it was still a new addition to the overall tournament and that’s quite a feat for this series.


So yeah, Kefla is good but not incredible.



47. Ginyu




Captain Ginyu! Oh boy, he learned from his Master. In case you don’t know, Captain Ginyu is one of the captains of the Freeza army.


And that is quite something in itself. However, this man can change his mind.


Yup, he can change your mind and control your entire body. However, to his disadvantage, he would then need to leave his own body and that becomes vulnerable.


And just like Freeza, this guy also keeps on returning. He just always shows up in one way or another and that is hilarious to me.



48. Supreme Kai


supreme kai


Supreme Kai is a hilarious character that made Goku, the beast he is today. After all, it was the training on King Kai’s planet that allowed Goku to be Super Saiyan 3 and everything along those lines.


Also, I find it funny that despite summoning Shenron multiple times, Goku still hasn’t revived King Kai.


That’s just too good to be true. All in all, he is quite an interesting being and over time, becomes quite important to the overall series.


Therefore, he is here on this list.



49. Kale




Kale is the other Saiyan girl from Dragon Ball super universe 6. And out of all the characters, she is probably the most considerate one.


And that’s why she is a bit low on this list. I mean if you think about it, she is the one who was on low and that’s why I think she isn’t impactful enough.


Her contribution is quite low as a character and that’s why I don’t think she deserves a lot of appreciation.


And that’s why Kale is at this spot. She is quite adorable at times but not that impressive.



50. Grandpa Gohan


grandpa gohan


Son Gohan, also known as Grandpa Gohan, is one of the characters who gave Goku a life.


He was the one who shaped the game for him and made Earth his home.


He is the one for whom Goku is the most sentimental. We don’t see many mentions of him now.


However, in the start, he was absolute. And that’s why he is here!



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