Top 50 Sad Anime Quotes Of All Time


The Anime medium is filled with feelings and emotions. Realistic human experiences and lessons from them are one of the selling points for the anime industry.


Therefore, we as fans, have a lot to say and feel for our favourite shows. Amongst those words and feelings, the one that stands out the most is sadness.


Yup, it is the show that made us cry or the show that portrayed the harsh reality of life that ends up being special for us.


Therefore, sadness is a feeling that we can’t help but love in the medium of anime. And what else do we love about anime? Quotes! So how about we mix both sadness and quotes?


Seems interesting, right? Well, that’s exactly what we are going to do today, ladies and gentlemen, since in this article, I will be listing down some of the best Sad Anime Quotes for you.


Many of them will be sad from the anime’s standpoint while many will be relatable to you guys.


Yup, this is going to be quite messy. So grab your tissue papers, keep your partner by your side and let’s jump into the realm of sad and upsetting quotes. I hope you enjoy it!




1. Quote By Gaara From Naruto


quote by gaara from naruto


“It doesn’t bleed, but I have been having a lot of pain around here.” – Gaara 


Gaara, a guy who had an extremely tragic past, can’t seem to feel any blood around his chest.


But still, it is painful! Why is it so? Well, it’s because of those around him.


The way they have treated him and his identity makes his heart fill with brute suffering.


It’s the pain of heartbreaks and tragedy that made him the way he is today.


And let’s just say, that every day of his childhood has been NOTHING less than a nightmare.


Without a doubt, one of the saddest things in all of anime.




2. Quote By Homura Akemi From Madoka Magica


Quote By Homura Akemi From Madoka Magica


“So how about we become monsters together? And turn this world upside down? So that… nothing bad… or sad… would remain.” – Homura Akemi 


This quote is said by Homura Akemi from the Madoka Magica series and I can’t emphasize enough how brutal this scene was.


It has the potential to make all of you guys cry to your absolute limit and make you feel shattered.


No spoilers as always but trust me, Madoka Magica can be your best-time investment if you are looking for some incredible entertainment.




3. Quote By Jet Black From Cowboy Bebop


quote by jet black from cowboy bebop


“Man always thinks about the past before he dies, as if he were frantically searching for proof he truly lived.” – Jet Black 


Jet Black’s poignant observation delves into the contemplative nature of human existence.


The quote captures the profound sadness in the realization that, as life nears its end, individuals instinctively reflect on their past.


This introspective act seems like a desperate quest for evidence that they genuinely lived.


Jet Black encapsulates the bittersweet essence of human introspection, suggesting that the retrospective search for meaningful moments is a universal, and perhaps melancholic, aspect of the human experience. 




4. Quote By Roy Mustang From Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood


quote by roy mustang from fullmetal alchemist brotherhood


“I’m fine, except… It’s a terrible day for rain” – Roy Mustang 


The quote that changed the direction of the series for the better. This quote highlighted the soft side of Roy Mustang that we hadn’t seen up until that point.


And that’s why this quote is so important and sadistic in nature. 


The actual scene is a lot more upsetting so make sure that you watch it once you get the time. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood is worth every minute.



5. Quote By Punpun Onodera From Goodnight Punpun


Quote By Punpun Onodera From Goodnight Punpun


“I always believed that everyone in this world was far nicer and smarter than me. That no matter how unlikeable they seemed to be, they still had a good conscience and had justifiable circumstances for acting the way they did. That’s why I hated myself for being so timid and depressed when I didn’t even have any good reason for doing so. …But now I see that there actually are people who’re despicable in every way and don’t blink twice at ruining another’s life.” – Punpun Onodera 


Ok, now Punpun isn’t exactly an “Anime Character” but he is just so good that I can’t help but put him in here.


And a spoiler warning, don’t read the quote if you haven’t read the series. However, for those who know what’s happening, well you guys are crying already.


I mean it’s Punpun, what else were you expecting?



6. Quote By Gintoki Sakata From Gintama


Quote By Gintoki Sakata From Gintama


“Stress makes you bald, but it’s stressful to avoid stress, so you end up stressed out anyway. In the end, there’s nothing you can do.” – Gintoki Sakata 


Gintoki from Gintama is sharing his wisdom on Stress in the quote above. Here, my man is telling us to understand the ground reality of stress and tells us to NOT ignore it.


This is because ignoring stress is stressful in itself. And so, we must never ignore stress at all.


We are bound to have tension in our minds anyway.



7. Quote By Kaori Miyazono From Your Lie In April


quote by kaori miyazono from your lie in april


“Was I able to live inside someone’s heart? Was I able to live inside your heart? Do you think you’ll remember me at least a little? You’d better not hit ‘reset!’ Don’t forget me, okay? That’s a promise, okay? I’m glad it’s you, after all. Will I reach you? I hope I can reach you.” ―  Kaori Miyazono 


A quote that holds a lot of meaning to the fans who have watched the series.


Your Lie In April is an incredible anime on its own. However, when you look at this quote after watching the show, you would realize how sad and upsetting it was.


But this sadness is not negative. It’s positive and motivating. Crazy, right?



8. Quote By Portgas D. Ace From One Piece


quote by portgas d. ace from one piece


“Even if I’m worthless and carry demon blood… thank you for loving me!” – Portgas D. Ace 


A quote that might not seem sad at first. However, it is important to every single One Piece fan out there.


Again, I won’t spoil you but let’s just say that One Piece fans are crying this very second.


Yup, it is THAT impactful. I mean looking at this scene on the screen will break you from the core.


And if you don’t believe me, you can watch One Piece any day and experience this yourself.



9. Quote By Spike Spiegel From Cowboy Bebop


Quote By Spike Spiegel From Cowboy Bebop


“Bang.” – Spike Spiegel 


Now, this quote might not seem “Sad” to you. However, if you have watched the Cowboy Bebop series, you would know how much value this one word holds.


I won’t spoil anything for you right now. All I can say is that this one word is enough to bring tears to any Cowboy Bebop fan.


That’s how powerful it is.



10. Quote By Revy Rebecca From Black Lagoon


Quote By Revy Rebecca From Black Lagoon


“Rock, if you think about it, other than this, what do we really value in life? God? Love? Don’t make me laugh. When I was a brat, crawling around in that shithole city, it seemed God and Love were always sold out when I went looking. Before I knew better, I clung to God and prayed to Him every single night — yeah, I believed in God right up until that night the cops beat the hell out of me for no reason at all. All they saw when they looked at me was another little ghetto rat. With no power and no God, what’s left for a poor little Chinese bitch to rely on? It’s money, of course, and guns.” – Revy Rebecca 


Revy Rebecca had a miserable past and I don’t think it is THAT difficult to understand as you read this quote.


Here, she is highlighting that in life, it is money and guns that matter the most.


It is power and authority that you must cherish in this physical world. Abstract concepts have no meaning or strength to them.


And all of this comes from Revy’s first experience.



11. Quote By Mary Macbeth From Blood Blockade Battlefront


Quote By Mary Macbeth From Blood Blockade Battlefront


“Everyone dies eventually, whether they have power or not. That’s why you need to think about what you’ll accomplish while you’re alive.” – Mary Macbeth 


Mary tells us about the importance of living in a rather interesting manner. She is telling us to understand the opportunities available to us as we breathe and teaches us that we should always move forward.


If you don’t, then you won’t be able to accomplish anything. And that is so much worse than living in pain.


So if you are alive, thank God and grind. That’s the only way through this!



12. Quote By Alcor From Devil Survivor


Quote By Alcor From Devil Survivor


“Living is anxiety and pain. It’s continuing to think, continuing to choose.” – Alcor 


You are bound to have anxiety. You are bound to experience pain. It is a part of living.


A part of staying together in one piece. As long as you can choose and think, you will experience these things no matter what.


However, what is great about this is that you get to have the maximum experience possible for yourself.


So it’s not as bad as you think.



13. Quote By Rentaro Satomi From Black Butler


Quote By Rentaro Satomi From Black Butler


“The scariest thing about killing people is getting used to it! When you kill someone and realize you won’t be punished… That’s when people forget all about punishment.” – Rentaro Satomi 


Killing someone is a crime none of us shall commit. However, one aspect about those who do commit these crimes is that, once they get used to it, they don’t fear punishment anymore.


And that makes them much more dangerous and breathtaking. The act of ending someone’s life is no joke.


It’s not something you should even think of.



14. Quote By Ogami Rei From Code: Breaker


Quote By Ogami Rei From Code: Breaker


“If you let yourself get depressed, you’d be making light of the people who trust and follow you.” – Ogami Rei 


It is important to keep looking forward in life no matter how hard the days get.


My man Ogami is teaching us that, as leaders, it is our duty to be enlightened even if things don’t seem to be going our way.


It is important to have a smile on your face all the time because there are people who are looking for your command.


And a sad look on your face is a matter of depression for them



15. Quote By Kyoko Sakura From Madoka Magica


Quote By Kyoko Sakura From Madoka Magica


“The thing I wished for destroyed my whole family. I brought all this suffering down on my family because I made a wish for my dad without knowing what he really wanted.” – Kyoko Sakura 


If you guys have watched the Madoka Magica series, you know how serious this quote is.


It would bring tears to your eyes once you see this quote and the individual behind this quote in action.


My God, this series is so good and needs so much more recognition. But I won’t tell you what this means for spoiler reasons.



16. Quote By Hachiman Hikigaya From Oregairu


Quote By Hachiman Hikigaya From Oregairu


“The past makes you wanna die out of regret and the future makes you depressed out of anxiety. So by elimination, the present is likely the happiest time.” – Hachiman Hikigaya 


Hikigaya Hachiman, being the rational guy that he is, tells us that it is the present that we should be the happiest about.


Because if you look into your past, it would depress you. If you look into your future, you will have anxiety.


Therefore it is best to ignore both of them and just look to the present.


What you can do right now is what matters the most.



17. Quote By Erza Scarlet From Fairy Tail


quote by erza scarlet from fairy tail


Those painful memories are what help us make it to tomorrow and become stronger. – Erza Scarlet 


To get stronger, you must embrace your past.


Learn from it! Realize what you did wrong and correct it. Only then will you be able to get through the tough times with a smile on your face and grow stronger.



18. Quote By Hatori Shikishima From Alice & Zouroku


Quote By Hatori Shikishima From Alice & Zouroku


“Are you listening God? The thing is, mom and dad don’t like each other anymore. And it’s my fault for being such a useless daughter.” – Hatori Shikishima 


Hatori feels sad and lonely. Not because of someone outside of her life. Nope, it’s her parents that are not getting along very well that make her feel like trash.


If you are a parent, never fight in front of your kids. They can take away some miserable messages from it.



19. Quote By Vegeta From Dragon Ball Z


Quote By Vegeta From Dragon Ball Z


“Kakarot… please… destroy Frieza… He made me what I am. Don’t…let him… do it… to anyone else. whatever it takes… Stop him… Please.” – Vegeta


Those who watched the series would remember this emotional moment. Vegeta accepted his reality and asked Goku to finish Frieza.


This scene in the anime was even more emotional and you are not the only one who is shredding their tears remembering this scene.


Man, what a work Dragon Ball Z is.



20. Quote By Edward Elric From Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood


Quote By Edward Elric From Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood


“I’m such a hopeless idiot. All this time and I haven’t grown up one bit. I thought maybe the rain would wash away some of this gloom that’s been following me… but right now, every drop that hits my face is even more depressing.” – Edward Elric 


Edward Elric had a nightmare in a past we can’t deny that his life was nothing less than hell.


However, he still looks up to life and tries to make the most out of it, every time.


What is important to note here, is the fact that he isn’t asking you to completely ignore your dark times.


He is instead, telling us to NOT avoid our past and learn from it. That will give us a bright future.



21. Quote By Kyouya Sata From Spice And Wolf


Quote By Kyouya Sata From Spice And Wolf


“You idiot. You’d gotten yourself up in a tizzy about romance, right? “Love” you experience in that state is just self–delusion. There’s no point in getting depressed over love like that.” – Kyouya Sata 


Love and Happiness go hand in hand. If you have a lovely relationship but both of you are not happy, that relationship, that love might not be it.


It is important to know that getting sad over your love is pointless. You must overlook the bad parts and move ahead.


Learn from your mistakes and work to be a better version of yourself. That’s how you counter a heartbreak.


Not by feeling sorry for yourself.



22. Quote By Lubbock From Akame Ga Kill


Quote By Lubbock From Akame Ga Kill


“There is no way to train your heart to be invulnerable.” – Lubbock 


Akame Ga Kill is nothing less than a warzone and you know that if you have watched the anime.


And in this war zone, only those who train themselves to the limits survive. However, no matter how much you train yourself, you can never make your heart immune to pain.


It is bound to happen and learn that you can’t do anything against it.



23. Quote By Photo From Kino’s Journey


Quote By Photo From Kino’s Journey


“I’ll never resent you, or hate you, or hurt you. Not ever. Not you or anyone. I’d rather die. So If I’m killed, I’ll face my killer with a smile. And I’ll tell them that it’s okay because it won’t be their fault for doing it. It’ll just be that they don’t know any better. I’ll die hopeful, that my death might have helped them… to understand someday.” – Photo 


This outlook on life and death is some of the most outstanding things I have seen to this day.


Just imagine having such a mindset. You will automatically stand out from the crowd and have a different vibe yourself.


Photo, you are quite something, aren’t you?



24. Quote By Detective Conan From Detective Conan


Quote By Detective Conan From Detective Conan


“It’s just like changes in the notes and passports. You may find it hard to adjust to at the beginning, but you get used to it eventually. Time is very depressing after all… Both happiness and sadness fade away with time.” – Detective Conan 


Detective Conan is not only a genius detective but also a very wise man. Here, he is telling us about the good and bad days that we have.


And also describes how both of them are over as time passes by. Nothing stays forever and so if you are having a bad time now, don’t worry.


You will soon find light in your life. And by soon, I mean very soon.



25. Quote By Otonashi Maria From Utsuro No Hako to Zero no Maria


Quote By Otonashi Maria From Utsuro No Hako to Zero no Maria


“Cry when you’re sad. Laugh when you’re happy. Get angry when you don’t like something. Depend on someone when you’re depressed. Care for yourself before you care for others. Don’t hate anyone. Be proud of yourself. Stay loyal when you fall in love.” – Otonashi Maria


Otonashi has given us so many beautiful words in just 1 quote. We get to know about sadness, happiness, love, and many more emotions just from this 1 quote.


Goes to show how important it is to take care of yourself. You must prioritize yourself over others.


Only then will you have the confidence to survive in this world.



26. Quote By Mondo Oowada From Danganronpa


Quote By Mondo Oowada From Danganronpa


“It’s okay to feel depressed. It takes time to overcome things. And then, by taking that time, you just start moving forward again. That’s just what humans do.” – Mondo Oowada 


Mondo is teaching us about the realism of depression. When you are depressed, you are bound to feel down.


However, as time passes by, you will soon get over it and move forward. This is how it works and this is how it will ALWAYS work.


Have the courage to step forward.



27. Quote By Crona From Soul Eater


Quote By Crona From Soul Eater


“I bet dead people are easier to get along with.” – Crona 


The rough nature of those around us has become so unbearable that people prefer dead humans over them.


Think about it, people have not only started to judge others on baseless criteria but also started some hate moments and things like that.


It’s acts like these, that make us question humanity and its actions.



28. Quote By Kakashi Hatake From Naruto


Quote By Kakashi Hatake From Naruto


“Forget about revenge. The fate of those who seek revenge is grim. It’s tragic, You will end up suffering and hurting yourself even more. Even if you do succeed in getting revenge, the only thing that remains is emptiness.” – Hatake Kakashi 


Kakashi Hatake, being the man of experience that he is, is telling us about the idea of revenge and what comes because of it.


In other words, those who seek revenge are bound to face tragedy. Nothing good comes from it and you can mark it down to remember.


Never rely on revenge. It won’t solve anything.



29. Quote By Izuru Kira From Bleach


Quote By Izuru Kira From Bleach


“War is not heroic. War is not exhilarating. War is full of despair. It’s dark. It’s dreadful. It’s a thing of sorrow and gloom.” – Izuru Kira 


People think that war is quite exciting and fun as well as patriotic and everything along those lines.


However, these lines are only said by those who haven’t experienced War firsthand. Those who did, know that war is nothing fun.


It is hell on Earth. Believe that!



30. Quote By Kiritsugu Emiya From Fate Series


Quote By Kiritsugu Emiya From Fate Series


“They call certain methods of fighting good and others evil, acting as if there were some nobility to the battlefield. Such illusions, perpetrated by heroes throughout history, have led countless young men to their bloody deaths, all for the sake of this valor and glory.” – Kiritsugu Emiya 


This quote, by my man Kiritsugu, talks about the act of pride on the battlefield.


He is addressing the incorrect mindset that people have developed towards combat and its categories.


This makes people think of a few methods as holy and others as sinful. And this ideology has only led to the death of countless men in history.



31. Quote By L From Death Note


Quote By L From Death Note


“Being alone is better than being with the wrong person.” – L Lawliet 


The genius L has given us a vital piece of advice to take care of.


Being alone is better than being with the wrong person. And this is because when you are alone, you are not going to take an incorrect route.


However, if you are with the wrong person, you are calling for incorrect incidents yourself.


Make sure that you never do that.



32. Quote By Baraggan Louisenbairn From Bleach


Quote By Baraggan Louisenbairn From Bleach


“Humans die. Animals die. Plants die. Even soul reapers die. It’s the arch of the universe. Everything that comes to life eventually ceases to exist.” – Baraggan Louisenbairn 


The story of soul reapers that exists in the realm of Bleach tells us about the idea of Death.


It is bound to happen and no one can stop it. Try your best and you will realize that this Monster is not something anyone can stop, not even the ones who created it.



33. Quote By Levi Ackerman From Attack On Titan


Quote By Levi Ackerman From Attack On Titan


“The only thing we’re allowed to do is believe that we won’t regret the choice we made.” – Levi Ackerman 


The Attack On Titan series has a lot of moments where characters have to face serious dilemmas.


In such situations, the only thing you can do is hope that your decision was ideal.


Pray that you won’t regret it. And make sure that you stand with your head held high when you are against your choices.



34. Quote By Subaru Natsuki From Re: Zero


quote by subaru natsuki from re: zero


“I wish people who say: “I’d rather die” would actually die before they say it. So that they’ll know how I feel.” – Subaru Natsuki 


Subaru is the one who has experienced death more times than anyone else in his realm.


Therefore, he can’t stand the idea of Death being taken as a joke at all.


Death is inevitable and painful. Thinking of it as anything lesser will be ridiculous. Never dare to call out death.


You will experience something unimaginable.



35. Quote By Kirito From Sword Art Online


Quote By Kirito From Sword Art Online


“All this time, I seriously thought that it’s better to die than to live your life alone.” – Kirito 


Kirito is one of the most famous protagonists in the realm of anime and manga.


And this quote by him depicts how he considered death to be a better option than life.


But soon he realizes that it’s life that takes priority every single time.



36. Quote By Gaara From Naruto


Quote By Gaara From Naruto


“Perhaps the companionship of an evil person is preferable to loneliness.” – Gaara 


Gaara has always had a lovely childhood that can make you shed a million tears.


And my boy, from his experiences, has realized that evil gets to have a companion because people don’t like to be lonely.


It’s the harsh reality that everyone needs to face. People will prefer those who are evil against being alone.



37. Quote By Keisei Tagami From Corpse Princess


Quote By Keisei Tagami From Corpse Princess


“Do not seek death. But do not fear it either. There cannot be life without death, it is inescapable.” – Keisei Tagami 


It is important to understand that death is inevitable. If not today then tomorrow, death is bound to happen.


It will happen and you can’t escape it. Therefore, the best is to have the courage to face it head-on.


Only then will you be able to curb the pain after it.



38. Quote By Nanana Ryuugajou From Nanana’s Buried Treasure


Quote By Nanana Ryuugajou From Nanana’s Buried Treasure


“If you don’t like how things turned out, then try to change it. And then if it still doesn’t work out, that’s when you can be depressed.” – Nanana Ryuugajou 


Here, my man Nanana is trying to motivate us to bring the change we want in our life.


In simple words, if you don’t like your current life, try to make it better.


If you tried your best to get a step higher and failed. Only then are you allowed to be upset.


Otherwise, hold your head high.



39. Quote By Jellal Fernandes From Fairy Tale


Quote By Jellal Fernandes From Fairy Tale


“The loneliest people are the kindest. The saddest people smile the brightest. The most damaged people are the wisest. All because they don’t wish to see anyone else suffer the way they did.” – Jellal Fernandes 


I can imagine you being able to relate to it. Don’t worry pal, things are going to get better.


It’s because of your kind act of being humble and cheerful that others are having a better life in one way or another.


Keep it up!



40. Quote By Lelouch Lamperouge From Code Geass


Quote By Lelouch Lamperouge From Code Geass


“You will never be able to love anybody else until you love yourself.” – Lelouch Lamperouge 


It is important to know that self-care is a necessity in today’s generation. If you don’t take care of yourself, if you don’t love yourself, you won’t be able to love anyone.


That’s some straight fact that you need to memorize right now.



41. Quote By Mio Nishizono From Little Busters


Quote By Mio Nishizono From Little Busters


“There are people in this world who don’t understand that what they consider a harmless prank can deeply hurt someone else.” – Mio Nishizono 


Sometimes, we forget that very basic actions in our lives can shake someone forever. Just calling a person, “Fatty”, can make them so upset.


And thus we must remember that we have control over ourselves. This world is filled with people you prank their way out.


Unfortunately, it’s not always the best answer.



42. Quote By Monkey D. Luffy From One Piece


Quote By Monkey D. Luffy From One Piece


“Forgetting is like a wound. The wound may heal, but it has already left a scar.” – Monkey D. Luffy


Yup! My man Luffy is spitting absolute facts here. It is important to note that just because an issue has been resolved, it doesn’t mean that it is taken care of forever.


It takes so many years to build a reputation and only seconds to destroy them.


And once they are destroyed, they will never be the same.



43. Quote By Koko Hekmatyar From Jormungand


Quote By Koko Hekmatyar From Jormungand


“Remember what you said before? A normal person with a gun will wind up doing something he never thought himself capable of? No one in this world can truly hold himself separate from violence. Guns are literally within reach of anyone. Sadly that’s where we put our faith, in bullets rather than human kindness.”– Koko Hekmatyar 


Deep thought by Koko will let you know about the sadness of this world.


The omnipresence of violence in this world is nothing to be shocked about. Here, even if you have kindness, you are still bound to do a lot of hideous activities.


And that is what makes humans so dangerous.



44. Quote By Juuzou Suzuya From Tokyo Ghoul


Quote By Juuzou Suzuya From Tokyo Ghoul


“Why should I apologize for being a monster? Has anyone ever apologized for turning me into one?” –  Juuzou Suzuya 


Oof. This a quote that many teenagers will be able to relate to. Either way, this quote is telling us about the right life, the said Monsters have to go through.


It’s your surroundings that make you the way you are right now. Therefore, those who criticize your current nature MUST also know that they didn’t save you when they had the chance.



45. Quote By Hinata Miyake 


Hinata Miyake


“Sometimes, people are just mean. Don’t fight mean with mean. Hold your head high.”


It’s not always your fault that the other person is being mean to you.


Sometimes, people are just mean on their own. 


There’s nothing you can do about it.


So the best option is to hold your head high and move forward in life. 



46. Quote By Khamsin From Shakugan No Shana


Quote By Khamsin From Shakugan No Shana


“Love is never as simple as sharing the same path.” – Khamsin 


When people start to narrow down vague concepts and emotions, they end up losing their value.


Khamsin is telling us to understand that love is not just a one-dimensional idea of following the same path.


It is much wider, broader, and better than that.



47. Quote By Mikasa Ackerman From Attack On Titan


Quote By Mikasa Ackerman From Attack On Titan


“That’s right. This world is cruel. It hit me that living was like a miracle.” – Mikasa Ackerman 


When you look at the bright side, you realize that this world isn’t nearly as bad as you might think.


There are a lot of good things happening in this world that we can’t help but appreciate.


Therefore, even if it seems cruel, the fact that you are alive is nothing less than a miracle.



48. Quote By Mirajane Strauss From Fairy Tail


Mirajane Strauss


“No matter how hurt someone is, they’re meant to overcome it and try to go forward.”


People get hurt. A Lot. However, since life doesn’t stop for anyone, they have no choice but to keep moving ahead.


In this world, the only thing that can keep you going is your spirit.


And no matter how broken you are, as long as you have your spirit, you will continue to move forward. 



49. Quote By Lucy From Fairy Tale


Quote By Lucy From Fairy Tale


“When you are miserable, you need something that is even more miserable than you to feel good about yourself.” – Lucy 


Even though this might make a few of you guys a bit unhappy, it is still the reality.


We, humans, tend to look down on ourselves regularly. However, what is important to note is that we tend to feel better if we see someone worse than us.


That’s our true nature.



50. Quote By Nagato From Naruto


Quote By Nagato From Naruto


“If you don’t share someone’s pain, you can never understand them.” – Nagato 


This quote has gained a lot of recognition over the past few years. And this is because of its connective factor.


We won’t be able to understand someone unless and until we share their pain. And my man Nagato is a personification of this idea.



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