Top 43 Strongest Attack On Titan Characters

top 43 strongest attack on titan characters


Attack On Titan is one of the most popular anime to ever exist. And so, fans are always curious to know which character is the strongest out of them all.


Since it has been an everlasting tradition to break down characters and their power levels in any battle-shounen anime, Attack On Titan has to experience the same treatment without asking any questions.


And so, we have decided to rank down the strongest characters in the show. These are the Strongest Characters in Attack On Titan.


I hope you enjoy it. This is going to be fun!




1. Levi Ackerman


levi ackerman


He is Levi Ackerman. An absolute beast. Often regarded as Humanity’s Strongest Soldier, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that Levi is a monster in disguise of a human. 


Attack on Titan as a series, tests its characters to their fullest potential. And they did so with Levi Ackerman as well. However, time and time again, he has proved that his place as a menace to the titans can’t be taken by anyone. 


Without any special powers, without any magical stuff, he has managed to make a name for himself. And that’s why, he is a force to be reckoned with. 




2. Mikasa Ackerman


mikasa ackerman


She may seem like a sweet girl at first. However, there’s no denying that this young lady will become a terrifying talent in the anime and you won’t even realize it. 

Mikasa is known for her skills. Within the realms of the anime, she has managed to make a name for herself, all thanks to her association with the Ackerman bloodline. 

However, it would be incorrect to say that it’s the only reason for her success as her endless efforts also play a huge role in determining her position as one of the strongest characters.


And that’s why Mikasa Ackerman is someone you should look up to. 




3. Eren Yeager


Eren Yeager


Big Daddy Eren is going to change the game for us. And that’s why he is placed here on our list.


During the initial segments of the show, Eren didn’t seem all that intriguing. He was just an edgy kid who wanted to experience freedom.


You know, typical behaviour of a 5-year-old. However, as the story progressed, we realized that he ain’t a kid.


He has been a man all his life. And the things that he witnessed through his eyes, were nothing less than captivating for anyone else.


This is what made him an excellent protagonist. And as he got stronger and stronger with the progression of the series, we were certain that this kid is gonna go far. However, becoming a literal God was quite unexpected.




4. Annie Leonhart


Annie Leonhart


If you were to fight her in a hand-to-hand format, there’s an extremely high chance you will lose. And that’s why Annie is a character that you shouldn’t look down upon at all.


She may not look like it, but, she is one of the few exceptional characters that have portrayed unreal performance in terms of action on the battlefield.


This notion is what makes Annie so fierce in the first place. And being the female Titan, she managed to gain the limelight right from the get-go.


Her physical combat prowess along with her ability to turn into a freaking monster and do all of that with a Poker face, explains that this woman is made for it. And that’s what makes her so strong in the first place.



5. Zeke Yeager


Zeke Yeager


Having the power of Beast Titan means that your coercion levels are over the top. And that’s why Zeke is such an astonishing individual.


Zeke Yeager is one of the side characters in the show who didn’t seem all that special at the start.


However, Zeke manages to do the impossible after that. The moment we discover that this man is Eren’s brother and has the power of the Beast Titan, it was certain that Zeke was going to define the show for us.


It was all bound to happen. Zeke is a character that just goes far beyond human understanding. And his prowess is what makes him worthy of this rank on our list.


He is in absolute havoc. His power goes on to be a hurdle for the entire Survey Corps if you guys remember that sequence.



6. Erwin Smith


Erwin Smith


A man who doesn’t faze his eyes from his dreams. That’s who Erwin Smith is. Arguably, the best leader in all of anime.


However, his skills are not limited to him being a leader. Instead, Erwin is a character that acts as an exceptional being in all important aspects of being a soldier.


He is not only an extremely strong fighter but he is also able to stay calm under pressure, formulate excellent strategies at the last minute and make some of the smartest choices for Humanity’s growth.


This man is worthy of an award based on his sheer performance. And even though he didn’t have any special powers, he still managed to refine himself to become the beast that he is today. Erwin is something else for sure.



7. Armin Arlet


Armin Arlet


Although it isn’t said directly, Armin is looked upon as the legatee of Erwin in the series. Although he doesn’t have the same degree of valour and courage as Erwin did, he is still able to hold his own even in the stickiest situations and make the most out of it.


The idea here is that Armin is a man of quality and value for all of us. He can make some of the wisest decisions that you can think of.


And this is why Armin manages to leave a lasting impression on the audience. His excellence is in his head. And that gives him a vibrant edge over everyone else in the room. Armin Arlert. A name all of you should remember.


And now that he has the power of the Colossal Titan, this man is unstoppable.



8. Lara Tybur


Lara Tybur


Being the War Hammer Titan, Lara is known for her battle prowess and superiority. The fact that she wasn’t raised to be an outstanding warrior but instead, ended up being one just by luck, goes on to show that Lara is a woman of quality and value for all of us.


She can make some of the wisest decisions while she stands on the battlefield. And although she can revive weapons from her body, she is still a force that can cause some serious trouble without it.


Her circumstances have led her to be the kind of woman that she is. And her loss in the series wasn’t because of her incapacity but because of her conceit. This is why she is important in the series.



9. Reiner Braun


Reiner Braun


As the Armoured Titan, this man caused a ton of havoc for all those who are part of the show.


The idea here is that Reiner is not a new character in the series. One of the most game-changing moments for the entire series was when he communicated that he is the Armoured Titan.


And that happened to change the course of the show forever. That’s not all. Reiner is also known for his capability to stand strong even after damaging unbreakable places.


And that’s quite fitting considering that he is the Armoured Titan. This man destroyed the place he vowed to protect. And the intricacy of his character adds more layers to him as a person. That’s why Reiner is so unique in the anime.



10. Jean Kirstein


Jean Kirstein


Jean may seem like a simple side character at first. However, this man can be extremely dangerous when the situation calls for it.


Jean is one of the side characters in the series that happens to have a lot going on for him.


Just like Erwin, he isn’t part of any special family whatsoever. However, despite that, he can leave an impact on all those who decide to interfere with his life.


He is an incredibly strong soldier who has portrayed his skills and prowess, time and time again to the viewers.


While we are still not done with him, we can rest assured that this man is going to make the anime even more entertaining for you and me. And as an exceptionally strong soldier, he will bring a difference.



11. Hange Zoë


Hange Zoë


Although she is a researcher in the series, it would be incorrect if we looked down upon her. After all, she is the legendary Zoe Hange.


Zoe is one of the side characters in the show that happens to have a lot going on for her.


She is the one who makes a difference when it comes to her efforts. Her discoveries and theories have helped humankind in its approach to survival and existence.


And that’s why Hange Zoe is a force to be gauged with. Moreover, apart from her extreme intellect, she is also an amazing warrior.


The moment she grabs that ODM gear, things won’t be going great for the Titans. Therefore, she is a character that goes on to prove herself with her wits as well as skills.


Such characters are bound to rule the strongest characters list for all of us.



12. Porco Galliard


Porco Galliard


This man took the powers of the Jaw Titan to the next level. And that’s why he is so special to the audience.


Porco is a character that shapes the user’s experience in the long run. And so, if you haven’t looked at Porco and his performance yet, you are missing out on some seriously amazing action.


This man obliterated all those who were around him. And the fact that Porco has stood up for himself and created a huge difference, goes on to show that his performance can’t be compared.


Porco is a being that deserves more respect. And as someone who relies solely on efforts, he is a being that can’t be compared to anyone at all.



13. Dot Pyxis


Dot Pyxis


This might surprise quite a bunch of you. However, there’s no denying that Dot Pyxis might be the game-changer for all of us.


He is the one that manages to take the attention of all those who are part of the series with just one command. In the anime, he played his role where he commanded Eren to fill the gap in the wall using a huge boulder.


The problem was that Eren wasn’t acquainted with his Titan form and so, things could have gone incredibly wrong in this attempt.


However, the interesting thing to note here is that Dot Pyxis was calm during the entire process. His calm and collected behaviour are what defined him to be as wonderful as he is today.



14. Bertholdt Hoover


Bertholdt Hoover


This man was the first Colossal Titan for us. And that’s why he is a game-changer as well. Size Matters.


That’s what she said. And apparently, our boy Bertholdt proves that idea to us very well. He is the one who goes on to have a name for himself during the initial segments of the anime.


And that’s one of the many reasons why Bertholdt is a character that you shouldn’t look down upon. As someone who is heavily into action, his performance has always been captivating.


Being one of the top soldiers is always a plus. And the fact that he destroyed the entire show with just one impression is brilliant.


If you think about it, Bertholdt is the first person with Titan abilities that we see in the series.



15. Ymir




Ymir is a character who had the jaw Titan under her belt. And that’s why she is so vital to the series. Just like most characters in the show, her ability to transform into a freaking Titan wasn’t known until the last moment.


Therefore, Ymir’s character stayed nothing but a mystery for the most part. However, as the show went by, the characters unfolded themselves.


And this was the beginning of a new era for anyone and everyone who has been a part of it. Ymir is nothing but amazing for all of us. And that’s why she deserves a spot on this list.


As someone who looks down upon everyone else, this woman has standards quite high.



16. Kenny Ackerman


Kenny Ackermann


You know you are incredible when you can hold your own against Levi. That’s how Kenny gained the audience’s attention.


After all, what else can be a great way for someone to grab the eyes on the screen? This man is an absolute beast when it comes to fights.


The fact that he uses a freaking gun to take down his enemies, proves that Kenny is a man of quality and value.


Kenny Ackerman is a character that you can’t help but fall in love with. Just like most characters, he isn’t wrong in his thought process.


Instead, he just happens to have a different mindset going on for himself. This is why Kenny is a character that you wouldn’t wanna mess with under any possibility whatsoever.



17. Sasha Braus


Sasha Braus


It has always been a horrible incident about Sasha. And it will stay that way forever. Being a character that entertained us in seemingly unexpected ways, Sasha was a remarkable woman.


She was the one who made us smile when everything else felt unfortunate. Being the Potato girl in the show, she managed to make a name for herself, right from the get-go.


Sasha is a character that can’t be compared to anyone else. And as someone who goes on to prove her value with the passage of time and episodes, Sasha is a character whose life will always be looked upon, as a prosperous one.


Needless to say, this dainty soldier will be missed by all. And in a way or so, she has impacted the lives of all those who loved her.



18. Magath Theo


Magath Theo


This man was a game-changer for all of us. And that’s why he is standing here on our list.


Magath is from the Marleyan Military. And let’s just say that his performance within that domain is nothing less than captivating for all of us.


He has been able to leave a lasting imprint on the audience. And with the excellence that he held in the segment of the military, he is a warrior that shouldn’t be looked down upon at all.


Magath Theo is a character that you can’t help but appreciate. And that’s why this man, along with Keith Shadis, decided to surrender their own lives, for the sake of this world.


And you can rest assured that these men are nothing less than remarkable for us because they did so.



19. Pieck Finger


Pieck Finger


Being an Eldian means that you are bound with a few important obligations. And Pieck manages to fulfil all of them very well.


Pieck is one of the most impressive characters in the entire show. And the fact that she managed to save Zeke from our boss Levi, goes on to show that her contributions are nothing less than fabulous.


This woman is amazing and that’s the beginning of her character. As the show progresses, we experience her maturity and knowledge of the functioning of this world.


And this is why Pieck Finger is a character that you can’t help but appreciate the hell out. As the Cart Titan, she is a woman with power, intelligence, and resilience.



20. Connie Springer


Conny Springer


Being one of the Top 10 cadets, he is a force to be reckoned with. In the latest season, Conny has stepped up his game to a completely new level.


He has enhanced his skills with the ODM gear to such a degree that no one can match him.


And that’s why Conny is a character that you can’t help but love. This man is quite helpful since he has strong connections with the characters of the show and their opinions are nothing less than fascinating for all of us.


Connie Springer is a man who deserves more appreciation from the fandom. The way he takes down enemies is amazing. And that’s the magnificence of his character in the first place. He is amazing.



21. Historia Reiss


Historia Reiss


While she can be considered the most powerful character in the entire show, she is a notable woman altogether.


Known for her connections with the Royal family, we have Historia. She is one of the most impressive characters who happened to have a lot going on for herself during her segments in the series.


However, the most game-changing feature about her was the fact that she belongs to the Reiss family. And so, she can have some serious commands and powers under her belt.


However, she still chose to become a strong woman on her own and so, even as a soldier, Historia is a character that you can’t help but respect for her immense strength and agility.



22. Mike Zacharias


Mike Zacharias


You know you are incredible when you are looked upon as the second-strongest soldier in your group. Yeah, that’s what makes Mike so impressive in the first place.


Mike is one of the most fascinating characters in the series. And the fact that he highlighted the significance of some of the most ruthless Titans in the series, goes on to show that Mike had a lot of potential in the anime.


While we don’t get to see a proper conclusion to his segment, we do know that this man left a lasting impression on anyone and everyone who looked at his final moments.



23. Keith Shadis


Keith Shadis


Keith may seem like a villain at first. However, that man, made the show even more interesting for anyone and everyone who has been a part of it.


Keith is one of the side characters in the show who was known for teaching Eren and his entire squad during their training arc.


He is the one who led to the popular Potato meme. And although he looked like a villainous character on the outside, on the inside, he was a pure Soldier.


And in the later seasons of the show, he proved his excellence over and over again. If you are someone who looks at others with a negative eye, make sure that you have looked at the world using their glasses.



24. Gunther Schultz


Gunther Schultz


This man may not ring any bells for you right now. However, soon you will remember the things that he has achieved and the way he achieved them.


Gunther is one of the most impressive characters in the show. Why? Because he was hand-picked by none other than Captain Levi for the sake of The Special Operations Squad.


Now that’s some serious business. And not only that, he has always been an individual who just can’t be compared to anyone at all, mainly because of his presence in the series.


While we don’t know exactly how aggressive he was on the battlefield, we do know that Gunther is a man of quality and value. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be Captain Levi’s pick at all.



25. Jinn Eld


jinn eld


This character is a character who wouldn’t necessarily make you feel all that powerful at first. However, you will soon realize that this man was also quite fascinating.


Next to Gunther was Jinn Eld who was selected by Captain Levi and was put second in command. Moreover, he was also part of the same Squad that Gunther was.


And this is the reason why both of these characters had a lot going on for themselves. This man is gorgeous in terms of his approach and presence.


And so, he deserves all the love and respect that he gets from the fandom and its members.



26. Oluo Bozado


Oluo Bozado


You know you are amazing when your Titan Kill Record is extremely high. Well, that’s the exact reason why Oluo is standing on this list.


You see, this man dared to shine in Captain Levi’s presence. And just like the other two characters, he was also hand-picked by him for the Special Operations Squad.


Moreover, he managed to have an amazing streak of taking down Titans that made him shine even more. This is why Oluo is a man worthy of being a part of this list.


As someone who has a strong stature, Oluo just keeps on having his name repeated over and over again.



27. Petra Ral


Petra Ral


Petra was one of the most beloved characters in the entire show. And let’s just say that her death was a booster to the first season of the anime.


The key feature to note here is that Petra Ral happened to have a lot going on for her.


For starters, she was notable for being part of Levi’s Squad. And that’s already a huge green flag, mainly because it is extremely difficult to be a part of Levi’s team.


He chooses the finest Soldiers for his dangerous missions. Add that up with Petra’s humble nature and you have a character that can’t be compared to anyone at all.



28. Frieda Reiss


Frieda Reiss


She was the Queen Of Humanity at one point. And that’s just part of what makes her so impressive in the first place.


We get to experience Frieda and her segment in the third season as a flashback. And that was the beginning of a story that will be remembered for ages.


However, that’s also the point from which people realized that the characters in this anime are a lot more immersive and deep than what meets the Eye.


Having the power of Titans means that Frieda could have caused some serious trouble for all those who are against her.


Fortunately, we didn’t experience any such incident whatsoever.



29. Berner Moblit


Berner Moblit


This character is known for being one of the oldest members of the Scout Regiment. And so, his expression speaks for him.


This man also happens to stand as the executive officer fourth squad. And that’s just the beginning of his story.


He was under the command of Zoe Hange which would explain his presence in the show. And the fact that he used to serve Hange as an assistant and a messenger, proves that his significance in the story was quite something.


While we don’t have an exact number to put on him, he is quite valuable as a soldier for sure.


And this, everyone, should look up to him in the series.



30. Eren Kruger


Eren Krueger


Eren is a character that can’t be compared to anyone else. After all, he shares the same name as our protagonist.


Eren Kruger was the character that helped Grisha Yeager escape confinement. And so, his contribution is crucial for the progression of the series.


Moreover, Eren was the previous holder of the Attack Titan. And that’s just part of his excellence. Eren is a man of quality and value.


He is beyond what reaches the human mind. And the most important part is that his presence and appearance were nothing less than fascinating for all of us. This is why Eren is such an amazing character in the story.



31. Marco Bott


Marco Bott


Being the 7th highest rank in his squad, Marco made a name for himself quite early in the series.


However, his story didn’t last all that long. But he ensured that he served humanity until his last breath.


That’s why he is ranked so high on this list. Marco was the one who stood as a colleague for our main cast in the 104th Training Squad.


And so, his contribution to the overall narrative was impressive. Moreover, he stood at an extremely high rank in his entire squad, so, his respect levels were also quite high. All in all, he was a remarkable character.



32. Hannes




This man saved Eren and Mikasa during the initial episodes of the franchise. And that’s why he is so impressive to the audience.


Hannes was a character that showcased the first instance of adult fear in the show. He highlighted the fact that everyone is afraid of the Titans.


And this is why it is so impressive for the audience to watch him grow as a character. The true essence of human nature was highlighted in his character.


Hannes is a man of quality and value. And that’s why he is placed here on our list. Let’s just say that if it wasn’t for him, the story we know today would have had a completely different track than anything everything else.



33. Rico Brzenska


Rico Brzenska


She is the leader of the Rico Squad. And her skills are quite impressive on the battlefield. She is also part of the first regiment of the Garrison.


And that just proves her strength even more. Moreover, she is also the one who happens to survive during Eren’s command of the Trost District.


And as all these things take place one after the other, the character starts to unfold her true nature and that just reaches a completely new level of excellence and value.


Rico is someone that you can’t help but appreciate. And that’s just part of her being an impressive woman and a strong individual.



34. Grisha Yeager


Grisha Yeager


Eren’s father made the anime what it is today. And the fact that he had the Attack Titan’s power at one point, proves that he is not someone you would wanna mess with.


That’s what makes Grisha Yeager so intimidating in the first place. Grisha Yeager is one of the side characters in the series that happen to have a lot going on for himself.


For starters, he is the one who gave Eren his powers. Moreover, humanity and its peak discovery were all caused by Grisha himself.


And the fact that he was a renowned doctor behind the walls, proves that he is not only deadly but also smart and knowledgeable.



35. Uri Reiss


Uri Reiss


While this man may seem nothing fascinating on the outside, on the inside, he is completely different. Uri Reiss is the younger brother of Rod Reiss.


And so, he holds extremely strong connections with the Royal Family. He was also known for being Kenny Ackerman’s best friend and stood as the True King of Walls for a substantial amount of time.


In the anime, it is said that he inherited the powers of the Founding Titan from his father. And from that point onwards, he passed it to his niece Frieda Reiss for the sake of humanity, its growth, and survival.


Uri Reiss is just a man of value and quality in the anime. And that can’t be beaten at all.



36. Karl Fritz


Karl Fritz


Being one of the Kings of Eldia means that his strength was unmatched. And that’s why he is placed here on our list.


Karl Fritz is one of the side characters in the show that happens to be from the domain of Eldia and is said to be the one that destroyed the same.


It is said that he used the power of the Founding Titan to make sure that everyone forgets about the Titans outside the walls.


And that’s why Karl is a character that is remembered by all those around him. Let’s just say that his contribution is quite tricky to notice but made a huge impact on the overall direction that the story goes through. That is why he is placed here on our list.



37. Ymir Fritz


Ymir Fritz


She is an absolute freak of nature. And so, she stands at this position on our list. Ymir was one of the most important characters in the show. Don’t believe me? Well, she was the first human to get her hands on the powers of the Titans.


And so, her contribution was far beyond anything we have seen before. Being one of the first wielders means that her part was the most unexpected one.


And that’s why Ymir is a character that you can’t help but appreciate in the anime. The fact that she can take you down without breaking a sweat proves her strength to the audience.



38. Falco Grice


Falco Grice


Being one of the Eldian Warriors, Falco is a character that you can’t help but appreciate for his contributions to the overall series.


The important thing to note here is that he was supposed to be the inheritor of the Armoured Titan.


However, fate had something else planned for him and so, he ended up becoming the Jaw Titan. Moreover, he also became Pure Titan in the series which would explain his Titan portfolio for all of us.


This man is just so impressive that we can’t help but appreciate him. And that’s why Falco Grice deserves a strong spot on this list. He was a menace.



39. Ian Dietrich


Ian Dietrich


He was one of the members of the Trost District. And so, he had a lot of strong contacts with everyone around him.


He was a Garrison Regiment member who was situated in the Trost District. And the fact that he assisted in all of Trost’s recapture missions proves that Ian is someone who can’t be compared to anyone around him.


He was able to push an amazing performance during his presence. And that’s just part of his excellence as an individual.


With time, Ian can make a serious impact on the show. And the fact that he is the leader proves his excellence even more.



40. Mitabi Jarnach


Mitabi Jarnach


This name might be a bit off for you at the start. However, there’s no denying that this man has had his moments of victory in the show.


Mitabi is one of the side characters who played a crucial role in recapturing the Trost District. And that’s when he gained an immense amount of attention from fans of the series.


Moreover, he continues to prove that his skills are even more impressive since he is part of the top three soldiers in the series.


But in the end, his contributions took him only this far and everything else was in the hands of fate. Moreover, this man is worthy of being on this list for his actions as well.



41. Rod Reiss


Rod Reiss


Rod Reiss became a Titan that was so huge that its size shook the entire fandom. And that’s why Rod Reiss is placed so high on this list.


He is a man of absolute strength and insanity in the series. He is from the Royal Family and has access to the powers of the Founding Titan.


Therefore, his presence in the anime was quite fascinating all this time. However, that’s not all. He was the mind behind everything that was taking place behind the walls.


And so, his authority is the key difference maker here. Rod Reiss is nothing but amazing for the audience. And that’s what makes him worthy of this spot on our list.



42. Gabi Braun


Gabi Braun


This character is quite heated altogether. And so, her perception by the audience is also a bit hazy. However, that doesn’t change the fact that she was a menace in the 4th season.


She took down Sasha and acted as the topic of discussion for the entire fandom. And so, Gabi got all the attention that she needed to stand on her current pedestal.


Moreover, she was a strong candidate for inheriting the legendary Armoured Titan. And so, her contributions and staples made her something else for sure.


This woman was just something else. And let’s just say that this feature about her is the reason why people remember her all the time.



43. Floch Forster


Floch Forster


He is the former Recruit of The Scouting Regiment. And so, his skills got a lot of attention from fans all around the globe.


This man was the one who participated in the regimen before the Return To Shinganshina District Arc. However, out of all those who participated in that battle, he was the only one, other than Captain Levi and Zoe Hange, who managed to survive the battle.


This incident was enough to give all of us an idea of how strong he is. And so, Floch Forster became a topic of discussion by anyone and everyone who was introduced to him later on in the fourth season of the series.



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