The Promised Neverland Season 3: Everything We Know So Far

The Promised Neverland Season 3


“The Promised Neverland” is a Japanese manga series that found its way onto the small screen as an anime. It’s a creation of Kaiu Shirai, brought to life through the artwork of Posuka Demizu.


The manga initially appeared in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump, captivating readers from August 2016 to June 2020, with its tale compactly contained within 20 tankobon volumes. The narrative centres on a band of orphaned children united by a shared goal: escaping from the sinister secrets concealed within their seemingly idyllic orphanage.


Known as the Grace Field House, this facility is shrouded by a forest and fortified by imposing gates. The children are cared for by “Mama” Isabella, subjected to daily tests, and granted a semblance of freedom, albeit with the caveat of never straying too far from the orphanage’s grounds.


However, the sinister reality dawns on the three eldest siblings, Emma, Norman, and Ray. They unveil the gruesome destiny that awaits them and their fellow orphans, exposing the true nature of their beloved Mama.


This captivating story was brought to life in animated form by CloverWorks, gracing Fuji TV’s Noitamina programming block.




Official Announcement of The Promised Neverland Season 3


Now, to answer the big question. Are there any official announcements regarding the release date of The Promised Neverland Season 3? No. So, will there be any official announcements regarding the release date of The Promised Neverland Season 3?


Most likely not. The first season of the anime closely followed the manga, encompassing 12 episodes that faithfully covered the story up to the 37th chapter of the manga. During this season, the anime adeptly adapted the first two arcs of the manga.


However, when the second season arrived two years later, it took a different approach. Rather than proceeding season by season, CloverWorks opted for a condensed adaptation, resulting in the anime essentially skipping or briefly summarising events that occurred between manga chapters 38 and 181.


This decision led to the omission of several manga arcs, including the Goldy Pond Battle Arc, Cuvitidala Arc, King of Paradise Arc, Seven Walls Arc, Imperial Capital Battle Arc, Return to Grace Field Arc, and Human World Arc.


Even the arcs that the second season did cover, the Promised Forest Arc and Search For Minerva Arc, which together spanned 37 chapters, were compressed into just five episodes. Beyond these arcs, the remaining episodes were constructed as anime-original content.


While many of the first season’s staff and cast members returned for the second, they collaborated with the manga’s original writer, Kaiu Shirai, to develop new scripts for these anime-original segments.


This decision was met with criticism, prompting the omission of writing credits for the final two episodes to protect those involved. Although some fans hold out hope for a potential third season that could address the skipped manga arcs, the likelihood of this occurring remains slim.


Until and unless The Promised Neverland gets a Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood treatment, where the entire series was recreated again, the possibility of another season is as low as 0.




Previous Seasons and Episodes of The Promised Neverland Season 3


The Promised Neverland is an anime with two seasons. The first season, running from January 10, 2019, to March 29, 2019, comprises 12 episodes. Its successor, the second season, aired from January 8, 2021, to March 26, 2021, featuring 11 episodes, each with a runtime of approximately 22 minutes.


This series has garnered recognition through various awards and nominations. In 2018, the manga version earned the prestigious 63rd Shogakukan Manga Award in the shōnen category. Additionally, it secured the “Best Fantasy” accolade at the Crunchyroll Anime Awards in February 2020.


Critically, “The Promised Neverland” has enjoyed a largely positive reception. It boasts an impressive score of 8.51 on MyAnimeList, accumulated from over 1.24 million user ratings. Reviewers have lauded the show for its enthralling mystery, well-crafted characters, and distinctive narrative approach.


However, it’s worth noting that some have observed a dip in quality following the first season. The second season had a score of 5.29 bestowed by over 400k users. This decline is followed by a series of harsh reviews claiming that the second season ruined the entire show.




Where to Watch The Promised Neverland Season 3


If you live in the United States then you can enjoy The Promised Neverland on 4 different platforms. Those platforms are Hulu, Crunchyroll, FUNIMATION, and HiDive (1 Season). However, if you are a citizen of the United Kingdom then this anime is available for you on Crunchyroll, FUNIMATION, and ITV (1 Season).


And if you are a resident of Canada then you can enjoy the thrill and hype of The Promised Neverland on Crunchyroll, and HiDive (1 Season). All in all, Crunchyroll should be your go-to option for watching this anime regardless of your location.




Google Trends Data Analysis


If we look at the graph for the term “The Promised Neverland Season 3”, we can see that there are a lot of highs and lows within it. This showcases that the anime is still searched by fans regardless of any new announcements or triggers.


These searches might be conducted by fans who are looking for another season or a reboot of the entire series. Whether their demand will be fulfilled or not is a question for the future, however, it gives us an idea that people still talk about the series.


And that’s a very positive sign altogether.



Social Media Engagement


The social media is not very happy about the show. Everyone seems to mutually agree that the second season was horrible and thus, no one is expecting another season. Moreover, fans are outright ignoring the second season and expressing their disappointment claiming that the second season just destroyed the anime altogether.


The absence of new material to cover and the embarrassment that fans experienced with the second season made it so that they don’t anticipate a new season at all. Therefore, the social media engagement of the series is high, but not in an optimistic way.


However, there’s a chance that these comments will eventually lead to a reboot but for now, that idea is far-fetched, to say the least.



Expected Plot of The Promised Neverland Season 3


Assuming that the third season will be adapting the arcs skipped in the second season, the following are the prospects for potential plots of the anime. 


Goldy Pond Battle Arc: Emma successfully accomplishes her mission to uncover the secrets of the enigmatic figure known as Minerva. During her exploration of Goldy Pond, she confronts the horrifying truths concealed within and is thrust into a life-and-death struggle against a faction of demons known as the “Poachers.” Emma’s battle allies include the members of the Goldy Pond Resistance.


Cuvitidala Arc: Following their return from Goldy Pond, Emma and her companions decipher ancient clues to unravel the mysteries of Cuvitidala. Just as optimism starts to bloom, their sanctuary falls under attack from Andrew and his team, compelling Emma and the other children to make a harrowing escape to safety.


King of Paradise Arc: Emma and her group reach the Paradise Hideout, the destination indicated by “William Minerva.” Here, they reunite with Norman, who had been masquerading as William Minerva. Norman unveils his radical plan to eradicate the demon population.


Seven Walls Arc: Emma and Ray venture into the enigmatic “Seven Walls,” quickly realizing that solving the mysteries within and navigating the mazes are essential to meeting and renewing “The Promise.”


Imperial Capital Battle Arc: Norman and his associates initiate a genocidal scheme targeting the demons in the Royal Capital, triggering a colossal showdown that involves Norman, Emma, Ray, Mujika, Sonju, and Geelan pitted against Queen Legravalima and the noble class.


Return to Grace Field Arc: As all the children at the Paradise Hideout are abducted by Peter Ratri to serve as food, Emma, Ray, Norman, and their comrades embark on a journey back to where their ordeal began: Grace Field House.


Human World Arc: After safely reaching the Human World, the Grace Field children discover that Emma has vanished into a different realm. Norman, Ray, and their allies vow to locate her.



Important Characters of The Promised Neverland Season 3


The beauty of this anime lies in its expression of the characters. And that’s why, the following characters deserve all the love and appreciation that we can give them. They are the ones who made the show so much more interesting and fun.


1. Ray



Ray, a resident of Grace Field House Plant 3, stands out as an exceptional student, consistently achieving perfect scores in daily exams. He’s known for his sharp intellect, straightforward scepticism, and craftiness.


Despite his reserved demeanour, Ray forms strong bonds, particularly with Emma and Norman, displaying unwavering loyalty and care. He’s acknowledged as one of the brightest children in Plant 3, classified among the “Premium quality goods” alongside Emma and Norman.


Following their successful escape from Grace Field, Ray joins Emma in the quest for William Minerva, believing that Minerva holds the key to their freedom and the promise of a safe, demon-free life for his family.


2. Norman



Norman, a central character in The Promised Neverland, shares the deuteragonist role with Ray. He stands out as a math prodigy and an exemplary student at Grace Field House Plant 3, displaying intelligence that surpasses not only his peers but also adults.


His strategic brilliance and unmatched tag-playing skills are well-known. Within the house, he’s regarded as one of the “Premium quality goods,” alongside Emma and Ray. After uncovering the grim truth about the orphanage, Norman joins forces with Emma and Ray to craft a plan for their escape.


Tragically, he faces imminent shipment before his 12th birthday, willingly sacrificing himself to secure his family’s freedom. Surprisingly, it’s later revealed that he managed to survive and escape capture by the demons.


3. Emma



Emma, the central figure in The Promised Neverland, holds the main protagonist role. Her caring and outgoing personality established her as one of the most dependable orphans, often surrounded by friends.


Emma is renowned for her remarkable aptitude for learning, impressive athletic prowess, and unwavering optimism. Among the brightest children residing at Grace Field House Plant 3, she’s acknowledged as one of the “Premium quality goods,” sharing this distinction with Norman and Ray.


Following a successful escape from Grace Field, alongside Ray and thirteen fellow orphans, Emma embarks on a mission to locate William Minerva. She believes he possesses the key to securing a safe and peaceful life away from demons, a quest sparked by the traumatic experience of witnessing a demon’s role in Conny’s death.


4. Phil



Phil assumes a significant role in The Promised Neverland series. A mere four years old, he once lived at Grace Field House Plant 3 under Isabella’s care. Due to his age, the house deemed him as “low-quality goods.” Phil shares a close bond with Sherry, often seen together, and deeply admires Emma.


Despite his tender age, Phil displays exceptional powers of observation and intelligence. He intuited that something was awry at the orphanage, leading Emma to entrust him with the task of safeguarding all children aged four and under while those aged five and older made their escape.


Following the destruction of Grace Field House Plant 3, Phil, alongside Sherry, Eugene, Carol, and Charlie, now resides in a different section of Grace Field House under Yukko’s care.


5. Isabella



Isabella, known as Mama, holds a significant role in The Promised Neverland, particularly as the main antagonist in the Introduction and Jailbreak Arcs. At Grace Field House Plant 3, she served as a Mama, responsible for the orphans’ welfare.


While initially portraying a loving and caring motherly figure to the children, her true nature reveals a dark and detached disposition, indifferent to their grim fates. After Emma, Ray, and thirteen other orphans successfully escaped from Grace Field House, Isabella accepted her defeat, marking the end of her antagonistic role.


She bid the children farewell as they departed. In Episode 16, Isabella reemerged, imprisoned for her failure in managing the “Premium Goods.”



Important Crew Members of The Promised Neverland Season 3


Here are a few crew members who made this anime a reality. All the fun and excitement as well as the thrill and horror you experience are all thanks to their genius minds.


So let’s take a closer look at them.


1. Yuuichi Fukushima

Yuuichi Fukushima


Yuuichi Fukushima, a celebrated animation producer affiliated with CloverWorks, hails from Gunma Prefecture, Japan, though specific birth details remain undisclosed. His illustrious career includes contributions to various highly regarded anime series such as “Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso,” “The Promised Neverland,” “Darling in the FranXX,” “Spy x Family,” and “Fate/Grand Order: Zettai Majuu Sensen Babylonia,” among others.


These series have garnered substantial fanbases and received impressive ratings on MyAnimeList. Fukushima’s hallmark lies in his ability to breathe life into stories through animation, significantly influencing the anime industry and establishing himself as a prominent figure in the field.


2. Mamoru Kanbe

Mamoru Kanbe


Hailing from Moriguchi, Osaka Prefecture, Japan, Mamoru Kanbe is a celebrated Japanese storyboard artist and director. His fame is rooted in his directorial contributions to acclaimed anime series such as Elfen Lied, Sound of the Sky, and Kimi to Boku.


Kanbe’s impact on the anime landscape extends to his involvement in the production of beloved series like “Nausicaä of the Valley of Wind,” “Cardcaptor Sakura,” “A Place Further than the Universe,” and “The Promised Neverland,” among others.


His distinctive talent lies in his ability to infuse life into stories through animation, a skill that has left an indelible mark on the anime industry, establishing him as a pivotal figure in the field.


3. Atsushi Nishigori

Atsushi Nishigori


Born on September 14, 1978, in Tottori, Japan, Atsushi Nishigori is a highly respected figure in the world of animation, known for his talents as an animator and character designer.


His artistic journey commenced with his education at Tottori Yonago East High and further training at Toei’s Animation Laboratory before he found a place at Gainax. His passion for animation, notably influenced by works like FLCL, led him to start as a key animator on Mahoromatic.


At the age of 24, Nishigori took on the roles of storyboarder and animation director in Puchi Puri Yuushii. However, his career skyrocketed when he became the character designer for Gainax’s ambitious project, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, following his contributions to Top wo Nerae! 2 OVA.


Nishigori’s remarkable skills were recognized with the Best Character Design award at the 7th Tokyo Animation Fair in 2008, primarily for his work on the Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann TV series.


4. UVERworld



Originating from Kusatsu, Shiga, Japan, UVERworld is a renowned rock band founded in 2002 under the name Sound Goku Road. Initially comprised of seven members, including a saxophonist, the band saw transformations when the original lead vocalist and saxophonist departed, prompting a rechristening to UVERworld.


Their moniker, a fusion of the German “über” (meaning “over”) and the English “world,” symbolizes their aspiration to transcend boundaries and explore new musical territories. UVERworld boasts an extensive discography, including eleven studio albums and over thirty singles, with a global sales record exceeding three million units.


Their breakthrough occurred in 2005 when “D-TechnoLife” was featured in the popular anime Bleach, selling a notable 100,000 copies. Subsequently, UVERworld firmly established itself as a prominent presence in the anime music scene, contributing songs to several other anime series.


5. Cloverworks



CloverWorks Inc. stands as a prominent Japanese animation studio, born from the rebranding of A-1 Pictures’ Kōenji Studio. This creative entity operates under the umbrella of Aniplex, a subsidiary of Sony Music Entertainment Japan dedicated to anime production.


The studio’s inception occurred on April 1, 2018, marked by A-1 Pictures’ transformation of its Kōenji Studio into CloverWorks. Located in Suginami, Tokyo, CloverWorks holds a unique identity distinct from its primary counterpart, Asagaya Studio.


As part of the rebranding, the studio’s name replaced A-1 Pictures in the credits of four anime productions, including notables like Slow Start, Darling in the Franxx, Persona 5: The Animation, and Ace Attorney Season 2.


On October 1, 2018, CloverWorks formalized its separation from A-1 Pictures while maintaining its status as an Aniplex subsidiary. The studio has left its mark with contributions to acclaimed series such as “The Promised Neverland,” “Seishun Buta Yarou wa Bunny Girl Senpai no Yume wo Minai,” “Darling in the FranXX,” “Spy x Family,” and “Horimiya,” among others.



Similar Shows To The Promised Neverland


If you had a fun time watching The Promised Neverland then these 5 anime are going to be insane. The following are the Top 5 anime you should watch if you enjoyed The Promised Neverland.


1. Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan


Many centuries ago, humanity teetered on the brink of extinction, facing monstrous creatures known as Titans. These beings, driven by a bizarre pleasure in consuming humans rather than hunger, forced survivors to retreat behind colossal walls for safety.


This fragile peace lasted a century until a colossal Titan breached the seemingly impregnable outer wall, plunging humanity into a renewed battle for survival. Eren Yeager, fueled by personal tragedy inflicted by Titans, commits his life to their extermination by enlisting in the Survey Corps, an elite military unit tasked with confronting these merciless foes beyond the walls.


Together with his adopted sister Mikasa Ackerman and childhood friend Armin Arlert, they embark on a perilous journey to discover a method to defeat the Titans before the last bastions of defence crumble.


2. Made in Abyss

Made in Abyss


The Abyss, an immense chasm filled with mysterious beings and ancient artefacts, has intrigued humanity for ages. Divers, a courageous group, venture into its depths to unlock its secrets. The legendary White Whistles, the bravest Divers, are hailed as heroes.


Riko, daughter of the missing White Whistle Lyza the Annihilator, aspires to follow her mother’s path and explore the Abyss’s darkest depths. However, she’s a novice Red Whistle, confined to the upper layers.


One fateful day, Riko encounters a peculiar robot resembling a boy named Reg, who has no recollection of his past. Believing the Abyss hides the key to Reg’s origins, they set out on a perilous journey.


Little do they know the harsh realities lurking in the Abyss’s depths.


3. Death Note

Death Note


In a world tainted by violence, Light Yagami, a brilliant student, and Ryuk, a sadistic death god, share a belief in their corrupt worlds. When Ryuk drops his Death Note, a lethal notebook, into the human realm, Light initially doubts its power.


However, temptation leads him to use it for murder, adopting the alias Kira to cleanse the world of criminals. Detective L, another genius, tracks Kira down, sparking a battle of intellects.


The thrill and the hype match that of The Promised Neverland.





Satoru Fujinuma possesses a unique power to rewind time before tragedies occur. After being falsely accused of murder, he’s sent back to 1988, discovering a link between this crime and the abduction of his classmate, Kayo Hinazuki.


To rectify the past and save Kayo, Satoru embarks on a mission to unveil the truth behind events 18 years ago while safeguarding his loved ones in the present. Another show that happens to fall in the same category as The Promised Neverland.


The thriller and mystery aspect of Erased will give you flashbacks of The Promised Neverland.


5. Shadows House

Shadows House


The Shadows, an unusual noble family, inhabit an immense, isolated mansion nestled deep in the mountains. They are known for their pitch-black appearance and the soot they emit when disturbed.


When a young Shadow is nearing adulthood, they are paired with a Living Doll, who serves as both an attendant and a representation of the face they could have had.


Emilico, a cheerful and recently created Doll, serves the quiet Kate. Despite their differing personalities, Emilico diligently tends to her master’s needs. As she delves into her role, she encounters other Dolls and their mysterious masters, uncovering the enigmas of her existence and the concealed truths within the Shadows House.


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