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Monogatari is a Japanese series whose plot centres around Koyomi Araragi, a third-year high schooler who manages to survive a vampire attack and ends up finding himself the saviour of girls involved with ghosts, beasts, demons, spirits and other supernatural phenomena, that act as a proxy for their emotional and mental issues. 

The Monogatari series is known for having a very complicated watch order, which is why fans often tend to get confused as to which season to start with and how to proceed. Having been animated multiple times, it is obvious to feel unsure about the exact origin of the series.

However, fret not because we have got you covered. In this article, we will be talking about everything related to the Monogatari series, including the title to start off with and what chronological order to proceed in, along with details on where to watch, what each title has in store as well as a list of FAQs, that will surely address any additional doubts you might have.

So, just sit back, relax and enjoy and we hope this article will answer all queries you have on the Monogatari series to enable you to have a better watching experience.



Monogatari Chronological Watch Order


The chronology of the series is a bit uneven as it dives into the core narrative through different angles and character perspectives. However, what is crucial to know here is that there is a proper chronological sequence to watch the show.


And the sequence is as follows.




Format (Series/Movie/OVA)

Release Date




Jul 3, 2009




Jan 8, 2016




Jan 8, 2012


Nekomongatari: Kuro


Dec 31, 2012


Monogatari Series: Second Season


Jul 7, 2013




Aug 16, 2014




Dec 31, 2014


Owarimonogatari Season One


Oct 4, 2015




Jan 10, 2016


Owarimonogatari Season 2


Aug 12, 2017


Zoku Owarimonogatari


Nov 10, 2018


Where to watch: Crunchyroll, FUNIMATION, and Netflix

Bakemonogatari can be watched on Crunchyroll, Netflix, and FUNIMATION. Nisemonogatari. Nekomongatari: Kuro, Monogatari Series: Second Season, Tsukimonogatari, Owarimonogatari Season One can be enjoyed on Crunchyroll and FUNIMATION.


Hanamonogatari can be watched on Crunchyroll. Koyomimonogatari is available on FUNIMATION.




Monogatari Watch Order Based on Release Date


The Monogatari series happens to have a watch order that is quite confusing. The sequence in which the events of the series take place and the sequence in which the instalments were released is very different.


This is why the watch order based on the release date is nothing like the chronological one.


1. Bakemonogatari

Bakemonogatari starts with Koyomi Araragi getting involved with a bunch of girls and their problems with apparitions. Every girl in the story has something or the other going on for themselves.


It starts with Hitagi Senjougahara and her lightweight that makes her feel like a feather. Moreover, as Araragi goes on to make progress with his life, he comes across more such cases and takes it upon himself to solve these cases on his own.


This is where things start in Bakemonogatari. However, Araragi’s beginning is still a mystery to the audience. And it seems that this mystery will be answered in the later segments of the series.


There’s a reason why people look up to this anime so much.


2. Nisemonogatari

Nisemonogatari starts with Araragi being kidnapped by Senjougahara because she is afraid that this man will be in serious trouble. And this serious trouble is in the form of Deishuu Kaiki, a man who is second to none in his skill.


This man seems to have his sights set on Karen, Araragi’s sister. And that’s where things get difficult for the audience. As they see the entire cast getting cornered by the group of people involved in it, the series goes on to reveal some interesting facts about them and give us an idea as to how things are going to be in the upcoming episodes of the series.


3. Nekomongatari: Kuro

Nekomongatari: Kuro focuses on Hanekawa Tsubasa and her life as a person being possessed by an apparition. It was first assumed that the girl had an accident as Araragi noticed a bandage on her face.


However, it seems that it was a lot more than just a bandage. And that’s where things get interesting for the audience as well as the character that is part of the main storyline.


Upon having some mindful conversation with Meme Oshino, Araragi realizes that this girl will be in some serious trouble. And since she was the one who saved him when he was in trouble, Araragi takes it upon himself to help Hanekawa.


4. Monogatari Series: Second Season

Monogatari Series: Second Season starts with our main characters and their presence in the core storyline. The story talks about Araragi and his gang getting close to each other with every passing year.


However, things started to get interesting when Monogatari’s second season takes a unique turn. This is where the graduation and exams season comes into play.


The idea here is that the characters will have to figure out the relationships that they would continue to save even after these events. And in the midst of all these events, Araragi is nowhere to be found.


Things are bound to be entertaining. And that’s what makes this season so engaging.


5. Hanamonogatari

Hanamonogatari focuses on the life of Kanbaru and her presence in the school. She comes across the fact that rumours are being spread about her.


And she gets a bit worried about the same. However, soon enough, she realizes that these rumours will be a lot more interesting than what meets the eye.


After all, this show is nothing less than fascinating for the audience. There’s this girl who gives advice to people and reduces their stress by lying to them.


And although it doesn’t cause any real harm to people, things will capture your attention when you will realize that Kanbaru’s hand is all okay now.


How did that happen?


6. Tsukimonogatari

Tsukimonogatari starts with Araragi trying his best to study for college entrance exams. However, he has realized that things are getting a bit out of hand for him.


The idea here is that our boy is losing his reflection in the mirror. And that’s what makes it so engaging for all of us.


He is now supposed to go and find help from Yotsugi Ononoki and her master. After diagnosing his problem, her master recommends him two solutions.


Araragi can either give up on the abilities that he received from Shinobu Oshino or he should give up on his humanity altogether. This choice will change the way we look at this anime altogether.


7. Owarimonogatari Season One

Owarimonogatari Season One is all about Ougi Oshino who has just got transferred into this school and things are getting interesting now. She gets introduced to Araragi, all thanks to Kanbaru, and realizes that this man will be able to help her out.


Ougi realizes that there’s a spot in the school that happens to have a class. The problem is, that class isn’t supposed to be there.


And that’s where things start to get obscure as these guys soon realize the complexity of life. Araragi is going to experience his past yet again after he gets captured in this room with Ougi.


However, this event will change the way you look at the situation in every way possible.


8. Kizumonogatari

Kizumonogatari is where it all begins. This is a set of three different movies that encompass the storyline of Shinobu Oshino and Koyomi Araragi. It dives into the events that took place in the life of Araragi that led him to become a vampire.


Moreover, as the story progresses, we will also see a conclusion to Shinobu’s story. These movies happen to have events that rank first in chronological order.


And this is why fans believe that these movies are extremely important for the story. If you haven’t watched all these movies before then make sure that you do so.


They are too entertaining to ignore. And let’s just say that this is only the beginning.


9. Koyomimonogatari

This season is all about Araragi, as the name suggests. However, it is a lot more complex than what meets the eye. Koyomimonogatari is a series that will focus on Koyomi and his life as he solves the issues that are taking place in the lives of all the girls associated with Araragi.


The idea here is that these episodes are a collection of short stories as this man helps out his gang while also realizing that his friend circle is a lot more interesting than what he had initially imagined.


And within these episodes, Araragi will come across a few new challenges as well.


10. Owarimonogatari Season 2

This season is all about Araragi paving his way through a world that seems nothing less than a dream. This place is void where Araragi was asleep for so long.


And that’s what makes it so fascinating for all of us. Moreover, after Ougi Oshino enters the space again, things start to get out of hand very soon.


However, this is where Araragi and Senjougahara will find their way out of this situation, and work their way to security. This is why the entire show is going to be nothing less than game-changing for us.


Araragi will be realizing that this world has a lot more mysteries. And these mysteries involve the ones that aren’t supposed to be revealed.


11. Zoku Owarimonogatari

This movie focuses on Araragi as he gets trapped in this new dimension and happens to have some unexpected experiences for himself. The idea here is that Araragi is finally going to have some fun with his graduation ceremony.


And that’s where all the fun begins for this season. Because our boy won’t be able to experience the ceremony at all. Instead, he will be captured into something far more complex.


He is in a bizarre world now, that seems to exist inside his bathroom mirror. Things are quite reversed in this space and Araragi’s only objective is to pave his way out of this place.


That’s why Zoku Owarimonogatari is such an entertaining anime for all of us.




Top Rated Episodes of Monogatari


Monogatari is a series that happens to have a lot of great episodes going on for themselves. And fans love the series in multiple domains of entertainment.


Almost all of these domains can be enjoyed in the following 5 episodes. These are the Top 5 Episodes of the Monogatari series.


1. Tsubasa kyatto sono ni

Without a doubt, one of the most wholesome episodes in the entire series. This episode is all about Araragi and Hitagi going on a date together.


And let’s just say that this date will be a bit different than the conventional one. He will soon realize that this date is one-of-a-kind.


2. Tsubasa Kyatto Sono Go

This episode is where things unfold for Hanekawa Tsubasa and Koyomi Araragi as they come across truths that shape the way we look at the series.


The entire episode is filled with emotionally groundbreaking moments and a lot of entertaining features.


3. Suruga monki sono san

Suruga and her story will reach a finite conclusion in this episode for this season as this is all about Araragi realizing all that needs to be done here.


After talking with Oshino, Araragi knows that there are only two possibilities for Suruga. He will either cut her arm or let the arm kill him.


4. Mayoi maimai sono san

An interesting episode indeed as the main characters soon realize that things are getting a bit out of hand for them. Mayoi and Koyomi are waiting for Hitagi to return to the park.


But this episode is going to be a bit more than just a waiting session. This world is a lot more complex than that.


5. Hitagi kurabu sono ni

Hitagi Senjougahara is going to experience her weight back again. And this is where all the fun begins in this episode. Araragi has got his recommendations and now he is heading to Hitagi’s house as they reach out to purify her and give her a new life.


This is where it all gets interesting.






1. What is the correct order of Monogatari?

The correct order for the Monogatari series is Bakemonogatari, Kizumonogatari, Nisemonogatari, Nekomonogatari black, Monogatari Second Season, Tsukimonogatari, Hanamonogatari, Owarimongatari, Koyomimonogatari, Zoku Owarimonogatari.


2. Which Monogatari series should I start with?

Although Kizumonogatari happened to have the first set of events in the narrative, the audience should watch Bakemonogatari first and then move on to Kizumonogatari, Nisemonogatari, and so on.


3. Do I have to watch the Monogatari series in order?

Yes. It is advisable to watch the entire series in chronological order as these events can get very confusing at times. And that’s why fans feel a bit confused while watching the show altogether.


4. Are the Monogatari series connected?

The Monogatari series happens to have all the events directly connected to each other. It may seem like a segmented story if it’s not watched in the proper order.


However, in the grand scheme of things, all the seasons are directly in sequence with each other.


5. Is Monogatari a sad anime?

Yes. While it isn’t entirely focused on a tragic story, the Monogatari series does have some emotional moments that make it a complete experience for the audience.


And that’s why it can be said that the Monogatari series is a sad anime.


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