Tokyo Revengers Arcs [Chronological Order]

Tokyo Revengers Arcs In Chronological Order


Tokyo Revengers is one of the best anime to ever come out in recent times. After all, the hype of this show is on a whole new level. However, that’s just the beginning of this anime.


As new seasons come by, things are bound to reach new levels of craziness and action. And therefore, fans are always excited to see what the next seasons have to offer.


This is why we have created a list for you that consists of all the arcs that this series has to offer. If you wish to get some insight into what you will be experiencing in the next few instalments then this is the list for you.




Tokyo Revengers Arcs In Chronological Order


The following is the chronological order of the arcs. All these arcs are arranged in the order in which the events within those arcs took place. Therefore, from a comprehension standpoint, this is the best order in which you can watch this anime.


All these arcs are connected to each other at different levels.


Name Of The Arc

Release Date

Toman Arc

March 17, 2017

Moebius Arc

June 17, 2017

Valhalla Arc

October 18, 2017

Black Dragon Arc

September 19, 2018

Tenjiku Arc

August 21, 2019

Bonten Arc

December 9, 2020

Final Arc

May 26, 2021




Important Arcs Of Tokyo Revengers


While Tokyo Revengers may seem like an action-filled shounen, it does have a ton of important arcs within its narrative. And that’s why it is important for us to enjoy all those important arcs if we wish to enjoy the show as a whole.


And the following are the important arcs in the series.


1. Toman Arc

This is the first arc in the series and it talks about our main character Hanagaki Takemichi who has been teleported to the past due to an accident. And that’s just the beginning of the story.


Here, he realizes that his past girlfriend will be losing her life in the future because of his past actions. And so, to make corrections in the future, Takemichi decides to change the way things unfold in the present.


However, for that, he would have no choice but to get himself involved with a gang named Tokyo Manji. And let’s just say that this gang is going to be the cause of everything that is happening in the series.


2. Moebius Arc

In this arc, things go out of hand very quickly. The idea here is an unforeseen battle between Tokyo Manji Gang and another gang named Moebius has taken place. And this has resulted in the death of a certain someone close to Mickey.


Therefore, the king of Tokyo Manji Gang decided to take a step back and reconsider everything, leading to nothing but a new version of himself that is nothing less than evil.


In order to stop this from happening, Takemichi decides to go back in time and save his comrades so that he can avoid the misery that is taking place in the future.


3. Valhalla Arc

This was the last arc in the first season of the anime. And it talks about the Valhalla gang which was meant to be a headless gang from the start.


The idea here is that the gang was set up with the sheer intention of having Mickey on it. And that’s what makes this arc so interesting for the audience.


It will feature a lot of insane battles and a ton of heartwarming moments that will show you the emotional side of the spectrum. And that’s why this arc is meant to be the best in the game.


If you are yet to watch it then give it a go as soon as possible.


4. Black Dragon Arc

This was the first arc in the second season and fans absolutely love it. It will introduce the Black Dragon gang which has old roots with Tokyo Manji Gang. Takemichi will be travelling to the future to see how things go.


However, it won’t be easy for him since Naoto will capture him on the grounds of an attempted crime. But there’s a catch. Naoto will do it for the sake of Takemichi and Toman.


And that’s why this show is going to catch you off guard and shake you from the core. This arc will unfold a lot of mysteries and dive deeper into the past events of the main realm.


5. Tenjiku Arc

The Tenjiku arc will feature the most heartwarming scenes we would have seen till that point in the story. The show will take some interesting turns and Tenjiku will be the centre of attraction throughout this entire segment.


After years of separation, Takemichi Hanagaki reunites with Manjiro Sano, but their joy is short-lived when Naoto Tachibana shoots and kills Mikey to protect Takemichi. The deaths of Mikey and the Tokyo Manji Gang administrators leave Takemichi with a mission to alter the past and prevent the same tragic future from happening again.


6. Bonten Arc

The Bonten Arc is going to result in the biggest Dilemma in the life of our main character. This is going to be the most capturing arc in the series.


It talks about Manjiro Sano who happened to be a part of Bonten. The issue here is that Bonten is the most criminal organization. And so, Mikey’s association with this arc is going to be a burden on Takemichi’s mind.


There’s a reason why this arc is so special. The only good thing that happened in this arc is that Hinata is alive in the present. However, the cost that he ended up paying for it is just too much.


7. Final Arc

This is it. This is where the story decides its fate for the best. Our boy Hanagaki Takemichi is going to live a life that he had never anticipated in the past 26 years.


And this life will be so interesting that you would wanna watch it at all costs. It will focus on Sano Manjiro and have attempts by Hangaki Takemichi to stop and put an end to Mikey’s reign.


However, as we all know, making this come true is much harder than Takemichi’s typical endeavours. But if this is the only option then that’s the end of the story.


The show will highlight some interesting phenomena that will make this arc even more interesting.






1. What are the arcs in Tokyo Revengers?

The following are the arcs present in the series: Toman Arc, Moebius Arc, Valhalla Arc, Black Dragon Arc, Tenjiku Arc, Bonten Arc, and Final Arc. As you can see, most of these arcs are named after the gangs that the characters deal with.


2. Which arc is best in Tokyo Revengers?

A wide contingent of anime fans who happened to read the Tokyo Revengers Manga claim that the Tenjiku arc is the best that the show has to offer. The sheer growth in this arc is what makes it so special.


The complexity adds another layer of amazingness to it.


3. Is Tokyo Revengers in its final arc?

It is said that Tokyo Revengers Chapter 278 is going to be the final chapter of the story putting a conclusion to the narrative. In this chapter, we will be seeing what every character is doing in his/her life after being disassociated from every gang for so long.


And that’s why it will be an appropriate conclusion for the show.


4. How many arcs will be there in Tokyo Revengers?

Assuming that the question is in the context of Tokyo Revengers season 2, the anime will only showcase one arc in its entire runtime. The show will have a single cour and take care of the Christmas Showdown Arc or Black Dragon Arc.


5. What arc is season 2 of Tokyo Revengers?

The official title for the second season of Tokyo Revengers is Tokyo Revengers: Seiya Kessen in Japanese. This directly translates to Tokyo Revengers Christmas Showdown Arc in English. However, just to avoid any confusion, you must know that Christmas Showdown Arc and Black Dragon Arc are one and the same.


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