Dragon Ball Super Arcs [Chronological Order]

Chronological Order of Dragon Ball Super Arcs


Dragon Ball Super is nothing less than fascinating for the audience. And that’s because the show manages to maintain the hype standards set by its predecessors. Therefore, this series has a huge fan following that can’t be compared to anything else in the anime community.


And with the success of Dragon Ball Super anime, fans wish to know what the franchise has to offer altogether. Therefore, to shed some light on this series, we have created the arcs list for all you Dragon Ball fans out there.


If you wish to get a quick and thorough glance at what each arc has to offer then this is the list for you. I hope you enjoy it.




Dragon Ball Super Arcs In Chronological Order


The following is the chronological order of the arcs of the series. And if you wish to understand the show in the best way possible then this is the list you should go for.


There’s a reason why people love this anime so much. It’s so simple yet so entertaining. And these arcs are proof of that.


Name Of The Arc

Release Date

God of Destruction Beerus Saga

June 20, 2015

Universe 6 Saga

October 21, 2015

“Future” Trunks Saga

July 21, 2016

Tournament of Power Saga

August 21, 2017

Galactic Patrol Prisoner Saga

November 20, 2018

Granolah the Survivor Saga

December 20, 2020

Super Hero Saga

December 21, 2022




Important Arcs Of Dragon Ball Super


Dragon Ball is a series that has the best arc distribution you can expect. All the arcs are diverse and offer a multidimensional experience, making it extremely important for fans to watch each one of them so as to make sure that they enjoy the series in the best way possible.


And that’s why we have listed all the important arcs here.


1. God of Destruction Beerus Saga

We are starting off very strong here, ladies and gentlemen. As we take a closer look at the series, we get to know how it spiked the hype meters right from the get-go.


The initial arc of Dragon Ball Super, known as the Battle of Gods Saga or the Destruction God Beerus Arc, centres around the storyline of the Battle of Gods movie.


It takes place after the events of the Kid Buu Saga and features the arrival of Beerus and Whis on Earth, along with Beerus engaging in a battle against the Super Saiyan God.


This arc will be the foundation of everything that will be coming in the next arcs.


2. Universe 6 Saga

The Universe 6 saga is all about setting a new world for the core storyline. This is where we are introduced to Champa and Vados who are counterparts to Whis and Beerus in the 6th Universe.


In this arc, due to some trivial reason, Beerus and Champa end up having a dispute with each other. And in order to settle things, they decided to have a tournament where the warriors of both universes will clash together.


And the one who will stand victorious will be the winner of the dispute as well. Needless to say, this is a feast for Goku and the gang.


3. “Future” Trunks Saga

Counting this as a homage to the original series, this saga is all about the return of Future Trunks and a new warrior named Black Goku. He is the God Of Creation from Universe 10 who happened to decide to take on all the universes and become a perfect being.


In order to do so, he got himself Goku’s body and started ending universes left and right. Vegeta and Goku are going to help Trunks so that he can battle this beast without losing his own universe.


However, this is going to be way tougher than anyone can imagine. And we will be seeing a renowned warrior in this arc as well.


4. Tournament of Power Saga

Probably the most hyped arc of the series, the next one is the Tournament of Power Saga. This is where we get to experience the beauty of other universes as we see all of them competing together to win the tournament.


We will see countless elite warriors including the Mortal stronger than Gods. And that’s why the arc is nothing less than fascinating for the audience. There’s a reason why people love it so much.


And we will be experiencing Goku reach a potential that is far above anything we have seen before. It is going to be insane and you wouldn’t wanna miss out on it under any circumstances.


5. Galactic Patrol Prisoner Saga

The arc is set after the Tournament of Power and centres around the Galactic Patrol, an intergalactic organization responsible for maintaining peace and order in the universe. The main antagonist of the arc is a powerful sorcerer named Moro, who was imprisoned by the Galactic Patrol for his crimes.


However, he escapes his prison and begins to devour the energy of entire planets in order to regain his strength. The Galactic Patrol enlists the help of Goku and Vegeta to stop Moro and his group of henchmen, who possess unique abilities that make them formidable opponents.


6. Granolah the Survivor Saga

This arc will focus on our boy Granolah who is going to shake the way the series functions. Granolah is the last surviving member of his race, who was killed during a conflict between their planet and the Saiyans.


Seeking revenge against the Saiyans, Granolah makes a deal with the Heeters, a group of space pirates who promise to help him find the Dragon Balls and grant him the power to defeat the Saiyans.


Meanwhile, Goku and Vegeta are continuing their training under Merus, a former member of the Galactic Patrol who was erased from existence for breaking their laws. However, the peace is disrupted when Frieza returns from his absence and begins to cause chaos.


7. Super Hero Saga

Not much is known about this arc yet and that’s why it is nothing less than a mystery for us. We do know that it is quite filled with amazing action and drama.


However, the core details are yet to be known. There’s a reason why people are looking forward to this arc and will be paving their way to some new theories and discussions.


Moreover, we are also going to have a ton of promotional content for the series and that’s why you should be waiting for this arc with all your might.






1. What was the best arc in Dragon Ball Super?

The Tournament of Power is often regarded as the best arc in the series, mainly because of its multidimensional nature and character development. We all got to see the mortal stronger than Gods, as well as Goku reaching the peak of his strength.


And that’s why this arc is so good.


2. What are the Dragon Ball Super arcs in order?

The following is the order in which the Dragon Ball Super arcs take place: God of Destruction Beerus Saga, Universe 6 Saga, “Future” Trunks Saga, Tournament of Power Saga, Galactic Patrol Prisoner Saga, Granolah the Survivor Saga, Super Hero Saga


3. What is the latest Dragon Ball Super arc?

Super Hero Saga is the latest arc in the Dragon Ball Super series that talks about a new villain with a new premise. It focuses on the themes of Heroism and bravery.


4. What is the longest arc in Dragon Ball Super?

God of Destruction Beerus Saga is the shortest arc in the Dragon Ball Super manga series. It starts in Chapter 1 and ends in Chapter 4. Therefore, this is the shortest saga you can experience, especially if you are concerned about manga more than any other medium to experience this.


5. In which arc is Goku vs Jiren?

Goku vs Jiren is the legendary battle that was featured in the Tournament of Power saga. Therefore, if you wish to enjoy this amazing combat between two legendary fighters then make sure that you watch the Tournament of Power saga very well.


It will shake you from the core.


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