Top 50 Best Hunter X Hunter Characters

top 50 best hunter x hunter characters


Hunter x Hunter (2011)! also known as HxH, is one of the most critically acclaimed yet popular anime in the medium.


It wouldn’t be a stretch to say that this show is one-of-a-kind. With its gorgeous action, amazing narrative, deep symbolism, and beautiful blend of genres, I think there’s no doubt that this anime was made to be successful.


And so, I think we can all agree that we should dedicate some of our time to appreciating the memories this anime has given us.


And that’s exactly what we will be doing today. Ladies and Gentlemen, prepare yourself. In this article, we will be taking a look at the best HxH characters that made us love this anime as much as we do.


So grab your Killua t-shirt, lay down on the couch and let’s dive deep into the mind-bending abyss.


I hope you enjoy it!




1. Killua




Now we have Killua Zoldyck.


But does it come as any surprise? Of course not! I mean, in the entire series of Hunter x Hunter, was there any character as fun as Killua?


I doubt it! He was the most inspiring, stunning, attractive, jaw-dropping character who gave the most hype moments in the whole series.


Man, I won’t lie, now that I look back on the anime, I realize how fun it was to see him and Gon try their best to become elite hunters.


And more importantly, it is even more delightful to watch him flex his 8 pack abs!


Killua is a character that made the show so much more entertaining for us. 


And the sheer character development he has had in his life is what makes him a great character, to begin with.


In the anime, there comes a point where we stop seeing the show from Gon’s perspective and instead, enjoy it from Killua’s lenses. 




2. Gon




Yup, he is standing at this spot! Weebs, it is time to talk about this green boy from the show, Gon Freecs.


Gon is the main protagonist of the show and so, we are looking at the anime, mostly from his viewpoint.


Moreover, as the show progresses, we see Gon being on the sides so that someone else can take up the screen time.


And that is an amazing feature of his. He doesn’t rob or try to steal all the screentime to himself!


Instead, my man gives a chance to other characters.


But knowing how accommodating he is, he wouldn’t mind giving it to him at all.


And most importantly, it was a close match overall so the winner could have been either of them.


Nonetheless, Gon, just like Killua has given us a ton of memories to look back to.


And in his case, the best was saved for the last. If you know, you know!


This man took the entire internet by storm with his actions. Even back then, what he does in the later episodes, shakes the entire anime realm. 


The sheer beauty that this character had was a lot more fascinating than many protagonists against him. 




3. Meruem




Meruem. A name that is known by almost every anime fan out there. Why? Because of his sheer assistance to the series.


Now before we talk about that, let’s take a look at his appearance. Needless to say, he isn’t a proper human.


He is an ant. Not a normal ant, of course. He is a Chimera ant.


Now if you haven’t reached that point in the anime then you won’t know. But those who did, know how significant this being here is.


He is the strongest offspring of the queen of Chimera ants and so, his power and brilliance were on a completely unreal level.


Therefore, he was the villain of the Chimera Ant and acted as one of the strongest villains in the entire series.


A menace indeed! The strongest Chimera Ant who wanted to lead this world and be a king. This approach may seem out of place at first.


However, there’s no denying that this man was a very capable individual who gave us an understanding towards life as a whole. 




4. Hisoka




This Joker-like creature captured the heart of anyone and everyone who looked at him. However, his method of doing that was impressive, to say the least.


Hisoka is one of the most intriguing characters in the show. He is a man who will wait. 


Wait for potent characters like Killua and Gon to fully grow. And it is after this point that we see him have his way around them.


He is one of the antagonists in the anime but his villainous trait isn’t that simple.


In some parts, he is a villain, in others, he is a supporting character. And this synonymous character trait that he has, makes him so much more fun and engaging.


His personality is what makes him so special to the audience. The sheer charisma that he has and his thirst for fighting strong warriors is what makes him a force to be reckoned with. Hisoka made this anime as great as it is today. And you can’t beat that. 



5. Isaac Netero


isaac netero


You know he is a mess when he is known as the strongest Nen user in the entire world in his prime.


That’s right, ladies and gentlemen. Isaac Netero is a monster indeed. Not because he is a villain or anything but because of his possibility.


He is one of the most loved characters in the entire anime. And more significantly, he is one of the strongest in the anime as well.


As said before, in his prime, he was second to none in his Nen usage.


And that’s given him the upper hand that he deserved. This man is a freak of nature but despite all the blessings he has, he stays calm and collected in the anime and that makes him even cooler than he already is.


Netero is like that one character that everyone looks up to when things start to get out of hand. And the way this character has been portrayed in the series, showcases that you can achieve a lot with sheer hard work and determination. 



6. Chrollo Lucilfer


Chrollo Lucilfer


Oh boy. Wouldn’t I say, he is quite a fearsome personality? And I think we can all agree that his sole appearance is more than enough to shatter our faith and dignity.


Chrollo Lucifer is a menace. And I mean that! This man right here created one of the most terrifying groups in the entire anime, The Phantom Troupe.


I don’t think I need to emphasize how amazing the Phantom Troupe was. And being the founder, leader, and member #0 means something for the realm, right?


So yeah, Chrollo Lucilfer is a character we shouldn’t be messing with. And definitely, a character who is beyond awesome.



7. Kite




He doesn’t exactly look like a super important character. I mean from the very appearance, Kite seems like a side character who would be overlooked by almost everyone who watches him.


However, the reality is quite different, I must say. This guy had a history in the anime and that’s what makes him so special.


Kite was a student of Ging Freecs and so, his strength was as unique as it gets.


Moreover, in the anime, he was recreated as Meruem’s twin sibling. This in itself is a strong connection for anyone in the show.


However, this man kept his originality to himself and had his name, Kite back. And therefore, he deserves more love and thankfulness.



8. Kurapika




I don’t think any is denying the idea that Kurapika is freaking brilliant. His design seems to stand out more than anyone else’s and that’s a win if you ask me.


He is a blacklist Hunter and works alongside our main boys. Moreover, he is also a leader of an organization that was originally founded by Light Nostrade.


With his blonde hair and blue attire, it seems that Kurapika manages to grasp that silent super strong soldier aesthetic.


You know, you might think he is weak but in truth, he can kill anyone and everyone.


Kind of like that. And that’s just one of the many reasons to respect this man’s character and creation.



9. Komugi




How can you not? How can you not have respect for this gorgeous girl right here?


Well, you can’t! Yeah, you will have respect for this cute girl no matter what.


And that’s because of what she had accomplished in her life. She is a blind girl and you might look at it as some sort of liability for her.


But no! She is not that frail! Instead, she worked her face off and soon enough, became the world champion for Gungi.


Yeah, a blind girl becoming a world champion. I don’t think anyone needs any more reason for today.


This cutie pie is more than enough.



10. Neferpitou




You might disregard Neferpitou for looking like a trap. Well, it’s up to you to decide whether he is he or he is she.


Neferpitou is one of the lead characters in the anime and stood as one of the Chimera Ants.


He was one of the three Royal Guards from the Chimera Ant King.


So you can rest assured that this man is a lot more qualitative than we might be envisioning him to be.


Moreover, he is a devoted person who would do anything for the sake of those Pitou cherishes.


In the anime, he was a cute cat-human. However, this changes quite effectively. And that’s why Pitou is here.



11. Feitan Pohtoh


Feitan Pohtoh


In terms of sheer design, this guy looks like a fusion of Killua from Hunter x Hunter, L Lawliet from Death Note, and Inumaki from Jujutsu Kaisen.


And those who have watched all these anime will know that I am stating facts here.


Anyway, let’s talk about this savage. And oh boy, isn’t he a mess. Feitan is one of the side characters in the anime.


And I think this man needs no greetings because he isn’t a fan of formality.


If you are against him, you die. It’s that simple. And that’s what makes him so cool in the anime as well as in the overall narrative.



12. Alluka Zoldyck


Alluka Zoldyck


The anime medium is filled with a ton of sisters. However, it is rare to see a sister request death from her brother.


Well, that’s exactly why Alluka is such a peak character. She is from the Zoldyck family and it wouldn’t take a million IQs to realize whose sister she is.


Well, in case you didn’t figure it out yet, let me help you. She is the sister of our boy Killua and therefore, she is also an adorable character.


However, her adoration goes to some other dimension when she got possessed by Dark Continent and that’s interesting as always.



13. Leorio Paladiknight


Leorio Paladiknight


I won’t lie, he is the most fun character in the show. And this has its reasons.


This guy right here is a rookie hunter. And knowing the anime from its core, you can realize that his skills would be quite something.


Moreover, he is from the Zodiacs group. This group assigns certain code names to its members.


And for our boy Leo, the name is Boar. Yeah, Boar. I don’t understand their naming system either.


However, that doesn’t matter in the long run because this man will continue to entertain us nonetheless.


And that’s a fact. Or maybe not considering this anime has no plan of returning AT ALL!



14. Ging Freecss


Ging Freecss


Ladies and gentlemen, Daddy is here. Coming in from the Double Star ruin hunters, we have Ging Freecs.


He is the reason why our boy Gon decides to leave his location and become a hunter.


Yeah, the entire premise of this anime starts with this man and that’s why he is here.


The show was created because he decided to leave our boy alone. However, soon you will realize that Ging has a much deeper character than being a dad who went out to buy milk and just never came back.


By the way, the fandom treats him the same so it doesn’t matter either way.



15. Illumi Zoldyck


illumi zoldyck


A brother, ladies, and gentlemen. Coming in from the Zoldyck family, we have Illumi Zoldyck.


He is the eldest child of Silva and Kikyo Zoldyck. And being the eldest means that you will have a life different from your siblings.


Either way, he is not only strong but also capturing. Why? Because of his looks.


His design is quite simple on the outside. However, on the inside, it is much more complex.


No, I am not talking about that inside. I am talking about the overall presentation this character gives off.


Cool, calm, and collected. I don’t think there’s any other way to describe him.



16. Zeno Zoldyck


zeno zoldyck


We have a Zoldyck now. At this point, this comes as no surprise since the Zoldyck family is indeed quite impressive.


And I think this impression starts from this man right here, Zeno. You know he is super strong when his name is Zeno.


And that rule seems to be applied in this anime as well. Zeno is the grandfather of our boy, Killua.


Therefore, he is quite interesting as an anime character. Moreover, if you decide to fight with him, decide again because he is an extremely well-trained practitioner of Nen.


So yeah, he can roast you faster than Ray William Johnson.



17. Silva Zoldyck


silva zoldyck


Silva Zoldyck is one of the more notable Zoldyck in the show. Why? Because when you hear the name, Silva, you think of a beautiful, gorgeous female character with Blonde hair ready to kiss you.


However, in this anime, the case is quite different. Silva is the head of the Zoldyck family and also a father of a certain someone.


Who is that certain someone? Well, none other than our boy, Killua. And being the Head of the clan means that his strength is a subject of appreciation.


And that’s why he is here on our list.



18. Knuckle




No! Oh hell no, my friend. He might look like it but he didn’t Isekai’d from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures.


He is an original character. Relax. And no Jojo fans, he isn’t a JoJo reference.


Or maybe he is, I don’t know. What I do know is that he is quite a popular character in this anime.


And that’s for some funny reasons. He is the Beast Hunter in the anime and acts as his apprentice to Morel.


Now, the biggest reason why this man rose in popularity was his design which matches so much to JoJo’s character, you might wanna reconsider his anime.


And that’s where he gets all his spotlight from.



19. Shaiapouf




Woah, would you look at that? We are at the second Royal Guard, ladies, and gentlemen.


This is Shaiapouf himself. Let’s start with his appearance first. With his calm and cool look, you might think that he is nothing dangerous.


But think again because as I said, he is one of the Royal Guards and so, it wouldn’t take him a second to destroy you.


And he is based on a butterfly. In other words, his appearance is a mix of human and butterfly.


Which is his special secret. Okay, maybe not a secret but whatever.



20. Biscuit Krueger


Biscuit Krueger


If you haven’t reached the part where she arrives, you might laugh at her name.


However, once you do reach the part where she arrives, your laughter will shut for good.


Ladies and Gentlemen, let’s take a look at Biscuit. Biscuit Krueger. She is one of the Double-Star Stone Hunters.


And oh boy, isn’t she adorable. Didn’t I say your laughter will shut? Well, that’s because it will be replaced by a blush seeing how adorable she is.


And yeah, make sure you call her Bisky and not Biscuit. You know she prefers the former.


And I think it would be in your best interest to do what she prefers.



21. Pakunoda




Her name may seem weird at first. However, you will forget her name faster than a goldfish once she enters the battlefield.


Pakunoda is one of the members of the Phantom Troupe. And I have already emphasized enough how mind-blowing of a group, The Phantom Troupe is.


And that’s why she is an important character. She might look like an office lady who just sealed a deal this morning but on the battlefield, she is nothing less than havoc who must be kept under control, or else, some major loss can take place.



22. Morel




It’s time for the master. Coming in with a completely different style, we have Morel.


This guy right here may look like a Don at first. And he is, to a certain degree.


However, his true character is much more attractive than that. He is a Single-Star Sea Hunter and uses smoking pipes as a weapon.


That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, this man uses smoke and smoking pipes as a weapon.


How cool is that! He was also a member of the Chimera Ant Extermination Team.


So you can rest assured, he was quite a beast. An example of Don.



23. Knov




At first look, Knov might look like your typical highly-paid manager of a Japanese conglomerate.


However, that’s not the case. Not. He is a very skilled Hunter whose excellence is just as great as it gets.


Moreover, he was also a part of the Chimera Ant Extermination Mission.


So you can be certain again that Knov is quite something when it comes to battle.


His suit may fool you into looking at him as a weakling. However, in reality, he is a beast.


A beast you can’t take care of with ease. And that’s why he is here.



24. Machi




This beautiful, pink-haired lady is more than attractive, right? Maybe you should shoot your shot!


But wait, don’t be so quick with your approach. Because she has the strength to grill you faster than your neighbour’s microwave.


And that’s why you need to stay on your toes. She is known as Machi Komacube and is the 3rd member of the Phantom Troupe.


The Phantom Troupe is filled with a ton of lethal characters. And Machi happens to be one of the most dangerous ones.


She might look like a petite, cute girl who has a great dress sense. But in reality, she is a mess you can’t handle.



25. Satotz




This gentlemanly character captures the eye, doesn’t he? Well, that’s exactly why he is here as well.


Satotz is one of the side characters in the anime and it seems like he doesn’t have a mouth.


Yeah, even in his design, it seems like the creators forgot to add a mouth to this man.


And that’s why he starts to gain attention from fans of the show. He was a proctor of the first phase of the Hunter Exam.


And let’s just say that the Hunter Exam was quite an amazing segment, right? And if you believe it was, then you should thank this man right here first.



26. Shoot




Do you know his full name? Well, let me tell you. Shoot McMahon! Does it ring any bells?


Yeah, a similar name to Vince McMahon from WWE. Doesn’t have a connection but you know, it’s there.


Anyway, Shoot is a bit of a special character here. Why? Because his Hunter type is unidentified.


Yeah, we don’t know which type of Hunter he is which makes him kind of mysterious.


However, what we do know is that he is another disciple of Morel. Which tells us that he could be very strong.


Wait for him in the anime to know if he is worthy of strength or not.



27. Kalluto




Woah, I was waiting for them for quite some time. And I guess they decided to show up now.


What am I talking about? Well, I am talking about Kalluto. Kalluto Zoldyck. And seeing a Zoldyck on the list seems more like a habit now.


Anyway, Kalluto is the youngest child of Silva and Kikyo. Moreover, he is a member of the Phantom Troupe.


And he isn’t an original member. He took place. Whose place you may ask? Well, he took Hisoka’s place in the organization.


Yeah, quite a feat indeed. And that’s why this girl-like boy deserves more recognition.



28. Shalnark




If you ask me, he looks like the body of Hisoka from Hunter x Hunter and the head of Armin Arlert from Attack On Titan.


And those who have watched both of these anime will agree with me, quite a lot.


Anyway, he is a member of the Phantom Troupe. Doesn’t come as much of a surprise.


However, what is another notable feature about him is that he is a hunter as well.


Which is a plus if you ask me. Moreover, he is amongst the Top 10 Strongest beings in the Phantom Troupe so that’s where it gets interesting.


And that’s also the reason why he is at this spot.



29. Phinks Magcub


Phinks Magcub


Woah, quite a strong being has arrived, ladies and gentlemen. And I am not saying this out of the blue.


Oh no! He is Phinks. The fifth member of the Phantom Troupe. Now you might be wondering, being the 5th member makes him strong?


Well, no! What does is a fact in the anime. And what’s that fact? Well, that fact is his physical strength.


In the entire Phantom Troupe, this guy is the second strongest in terms of sheer physical strength.


That’s right. In a group filled with elite warriors, he is the second strongest physically.


Yeah, read the first line of this entry again.



30. Ikalgo




An Octopus!? A freaking Octopus? Yeah! A freaking Octopus. That’s what Ikalgo is. An Octopus.


Anyway, let’s take a deeper look at our boy. He is an octopus-like Chimera ant who acted as a leader.


The group he used to lead was known as the Leol’s Squad. However, when he gets to know our boy Killua, things start to take some interesting turns.


Yup, he decides to join the extermination team instead and starts to battle against his kind and bring down the Chimera Ant King.


He might sound like a traitor to you now but once you watch the show, you will realize that this octopus took some wise decisions in his life.



31. Melody




Not exactly the most handsome character in the anime but we will be going with him.


Melody is the Music Hunter in the franchise. And his job is pretty simple. He is a bodyguard.


Whose bodyguard, you may ask? Well, he is a bodyguard of the Nostrade Family. However, right now, he is working as a bodyguard for Prince Kacho Hui Guo.


And that’s quite an interesting situation if you ask me, ladies and gentlemen. This man may look like a scammer from the outside but happens to be quite reliable from the inside.


And that’s why he is here.



32. Shizuku




I think Shizuku’s design captures the quirky nature of the Hunter x Hunter character designs.


I mean, just look at her. Green hair with falling glasses which seem to be stuck right around the end of the nose.


Add that up with a few pieces of jewellery and simple attire. Seems like a typical housewife in Japan.


However, considering her weak would be a mistake. Why? Because she is a member of the Phantom Troupe.


And so, her strength is not a subject of discussion. She can destroy all of reading this article and do so, without changing an expression.


However, doesn’t seem like she will do that to us.



33. Ponzu




Now, this girl seems to be a bit differently designed. Yeah, she doesn’t have that quirky design in her overall look.


I am not complaining or anything but it seems like a notable feature to me.


Anyway, let’s see what she offered to the anime. She was one of the 24 examinees who managed the Hunter Exam.


More specifically, her team was assigned the task of managing the fourth phase. Let’s just say that she did her job quite well.


So well she was assigned the same take in two other exams.


So yeah, she is quite favourable.



34. Pariston Hill


Pariston Hill


When it comes to the Hunter Council, it doesn’t seem like there’s a good number of people more important than Pariston.


Let’s talk about his feats first. He is a triple-star Hunter! Bam! Formed chairman of the Hunter Association!


Bam Bam! And Vice Chairman of the Hunter Association! Bam Bam Bam! And also a former member of Zodiacs!


Super Bam! So yeah, in the anime, he was quite important. He was so important that he was considered to be the main antagonist of the Hunter Chairman Election Arc.


Does that mean something notable, right?



35. Nobunaga Hazama


Nobunaga Hazama


The Phantom Troupe is a remarkable group for sure. However, this is the man who is at the top of it.


Ladies and Gentlemen, get your hands together for the man himself, Nobunaga Hazama. So why am I hyping him so much for this entry?


Well, that’s because he is the very first member of the Phantom Troupe. That’s right, ladies and gentlemen.


The man who started it all. He is the one. Okay, he didn’t exactly start it all but you know, being #1 of an incredibly strong and popular troupe does hold value, right?



36. Jed




Oh boy! This guy looks like a freaking vampire. And that’s why he is so appealing to a few people as well.


Jed is a character that some of you might not recognize from the Hunter x Hunter 2011 series.


And you know what? That’s perfectly understandable. You wouldn’t be qualified as a fake Hunter x Hunter fan just because you can’t remember him.


And that’s because he wasn’t present in the anime at all. Yeah, Jed is the main villain of the Last Mission movie and that’s why he is standing here.


As for some trivia, he was the leader of the shadow. So now you know about him.



37. Alligator




Now, I want all of you readers to use your sixth sense and try to figure out the look of this character!


Well, guess what! If you thought he looks like an Alligator, you are correct!


Knew you were geniuses behind the screen. Anyway, let’s drive our attention to this man right here, Alligator.


He is one of the squadron leaders in the show. However, that used to be the case.


Because now, he isn’t. He is Chimera for sure but not a Squadron leader. Instead, he has another title for himself.


Glutton King! Yeah, he calls himself, Glutton King!



38. Pokkle




Well would you look at that, he is an examinee from the Hunter Exam. And his name is Pokkle.


I won’t lie, he looks like a cheap thief to me. I know I am being mean here but hey, say that you look at him and don’t think of him the same way.


You can’t, right? And that’s why he is so interesting. Anyway, this man appeared in the anime for his second attempt.


And that’s how he became the Hunter of Fantastic Beasts as well. Not gonna lie, that tag sounds pretty freaking cool.


And doesn’t suit his design but who cares. This boy is here and that’s all that matters.



39. Beans




Yeah! Beans! His name is Beans! Don’t question it! And once you look at him, you won’t question his name anyway.


I mean just actually look at him. He is a bean! What! Hunter x Hunter does have some interesting characters under its portfolio.


And Beans happen to be one of them. However, it was because of this bean that the Hunter Association was able to organize its events properly.


He is a personal secretary to the group and that’s why he deserves to be on the list.


He made the show as engaging as possible for us while staying on the side.



40. Uvogin




When I first looked at Uvogin, I remember thinking of him as a villain from The God Of High School.


Heard of that anime? However, his skills seem to make him just as strong as a Baki character.


Ladies and Gentlemen, hold your grounds together. Because he is the one you have been waiting for.


The kind of physical fights. The strongest one of them all. That’s right, Hunter x Hunter fans, he is the strongest character in the Phantom Troupe.


Yup, after all these characters, we have finally found him. It’s the physical strength ranking we are talking about but still, that’s a massive plus if you ask me, pal.



41. Welfin




Yes! He is just as you are expecting him to be. He is a wolf.


And that shouldn’t come as a surprise, right? Welfin is one of the squadron leaders for the Chimera Ant Queen.


However, he is also a Chimera so that’s an important piece of info for sure.


One more important piece of info that you need to know is that this wolf went hunting down Gyro in the Metro City in the narrative.


However, just like a few of the other leaders, he had a human form as well.


And his human form was named Zaiqahal. And that’s why he deserves more of our respect and consideration.


That’s a must.



42. Palm Siberia


Palm Siberia


When you read this name, there’s a very good chance that you might think of a big, orange-coloured, tiger-like man.


However, the reality is often quite different. Palm Siberia looks nothing like you would imagine her.


She is a hunter who was captured by the Royal Guards and later turned into a Chimera Ant.


She was Knov’s apprentice and that’s another plus for her character. Talking about her looks, she looks like a woman with a giant orb on her head.


Quite different from what you would imagine from her name but you know, you will get used to it very soon.



43. Zushi




Well, would you look at that! Finally, a simple, human character on the list, weebs.


I am feeling satisfied. He is Zushi, a fighter from the series. He was a participant in Heaven’s Arena and in that segment, he was quite a young individual.


So yeah, he might not seem like a threat now. However, he also used to practice Shingen Ryu which adds more to his profile.


Moreover, he was the only student Wing had. And that was after Gon’s appearance that he had a few fellow members by his side.


He looks super simple and human which is a refreshing fact for sure.



44. Menchi




Oh boy, quite a hot character indeed. Menchi is one of the side characters in the anime and she happens to be a Single-Star Gourmet Hunter.


Moreover, she was also one of the examiners of the second phase of the Hunter Exam.


The best part about her is the Single-Star Gourmet Hunter tag. She is known by many as one of the finest hunters with that tag in the world.


And her contribution to the culinary culture has been amazing. Like seriously, you can’t go wrong with her.


And that’s why she deserves this spot on the list. She is indeed, quite something.



45. Colt




In terms of sheer design, Colt might seem like a reincarnated version of Meruem. However, in reality, he is based on Condor.


You see, our boy used to favour the Chimera Ant Queen. How? Well, by being one of the squad leaders.


And that’s when he first showed up in the anime. However, soon enough, he started to be an Intel dealer for the extermination team.


And that’s a massive feature for a character like him. He was Kurt before he was reborn.


So yeah, you can say that this man had a painful past for sure.



46. Razor




Oh boy, quite a macho man for sure. Razor, who might look like a gym trainer, is one of the Game Masters of the Greed Islands.


He was the one who controlled the systems in the game and so, the games went smoothly.


Not gonna lie, just like Beans, he is one of those characters who acted from the side and made the show so much more fluid for us.


Moreover, his value doesn’t end just there. He was also the final boss on the island.


If you wish to acquire the Plot Of the Beach, you have to go against him.


And let’s just say that doing THAT is quite havoc for sure.



47. Neon Nostrade


neon nostrade


Oh boy, a gorgeous character on our list, weebs. I think we should take our time to appreciate her for one.


Doesn’t come as a surprise that she is part of the Nostrade family. But more specifically, she is the daughter of Light Nostrade.


Anyway, let’s look at her hobbies.


Well, nothing fancy, just a flesh collector. Yeah, a flesh collector! Quite a notable skill for sure.


Moreover, in the anime, it is assumed that she has died because of the absence of her record.


However, no proof has been placed forward yet.



48. Kortopi




Oh boy! A fearsome character. Not in terms of power but in terms of looks.


Yeah. Because in terms of power, she isn’t exactly the best. She is one of the members of the Phantom Troupe.


The 12th one to be more specific. And in terms of physical strength, she is the last.


Yeah, the weakest one of them all. Although, I don’t know why she gives off the Pokemon logic vibes to me.


You know, maybe her physical attack isn’t that strong but her special attack might be super strong.


Who knows? Guess you gotta complete the show to be certain.



49. Bonolenov Ndongo


bonolenov ndongo


No, my friends, he isn’t Muu from Naruto. He isn’t Mummy from Mummy Returns as well.


He is Bonolenov. Bonolenov Ndongo. He is also a member of the Phantom Troupe.


And happens to be the 10th member there. However, more importantly, in terms of physical strength, he is the 8th strongest.


Yeah, that’s quite a rank if you ask me. But what else can you expect from a mummy version of a boxer?


Seems like a WWE wrestler if you ask me. I think that’s a notable metaphor for sure. Right?



50. Menthuthuyoupi




Here we have Menthuthuyoupi. Yeah, have fun pronouncing that name.


Menthuthuyoupi is one of the Royal Guards in the anime. And man, why the hell do these Royal Guards have complex names?


Like why? Just so they don’t waste time introducing themselves to the opponents? That seems like a reasonable answer to me.


Anyway, this guy looks quite muscular and should have a lot of physical strength going on in his favour.


However, that shouldn’t come as a surprise, right? I mean, he is part of the Royal Guards.


Those guys aren’t normal people. And that’s why he is at this spot on our list, weebs!



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