Top 26 Strongest Chainsaw Man Characters

top 26 strongest chainsaw man characters


With the way things are going, Chainsaw Man looks like the next big thing in anime. After all, a neatly animated action series with a captivating story and intense fights are all that it takes to make a name for itself.


Therefore, fans have obsessed over the series and more specifically, with the characters of the series. Therefore, Chainsaw Man characters are going to be a topic of discussion for months to come.


This is why we have created the Strongest Chainsaw Man characters list. If you are a fan of the show then this list will give you the chills you need.


I hope you enjoy it.




1. Makima




Makima is a force to be reckoned with in the realm of Chainsaw Man. This is because she is both physically as well as mentally strong as a character.


Moreover, her nature is manipulative and her personality is cunning, making it difficult for anyone against her, to outperform her.


This woman is absolutely gorgeous in terms of looks. And as a devil, she is a beast who needs one opportunity to define her unreal degree of power and make the most out of it.


How would you justify the fact that almost all the countries in the world have decided not to fight her? She is an unfathomable beast that will do anything and everything that it shall do, in order to achieve what she wants to. 




2. Santa Claus


santa claus


Makima considers him one of the most formidable opponents in all of Chainsaw Man. And that’s why he is placed here on our list.


His presence is nothing but menacing and it is stated that this man is the biggest factor of concern for our boy Denji.


Moreover, this man has made a deal with the Doll Devil that allows him to use doll creation. Moreover, he can also use abilities like Mind Transfer and Perfect Doll Creating which give him an edge over almost all his opponents.


The fact that he has a Hell Devil Contract as well as a Curse Devil Contract, makes it so that Santa Claus is a force to be reckoned with. Do you need any more reason to understand why he is placed here? Yeah, me neither. 




3. Quanxi




You know you are going to lose the battle when you are up against Quanxi. It is stated that her strength is something that goes far beyond human capabilities.


And that’s a badass compliment if you ask me. Moreover, her speed is also a subject of appreciation as she possesses superhuman speed that can’t be compared to anyone.


And this is where things really catch speed for this woman. She goes beyond your imagination with the ability to have spikes coming out of her body on will. That’s one of the coolest features you can have as a person. 


Therefore, Quanxi is a character that fans always watch out for, since she is something far beyond what meets the eye. 




4. Kishibe




Being the strongest member of the special division 4, Kishibe is someone you wouldn’t wanna mess up with. After all, this man is nothing less than fascinating for the audience as he paves his way to victory in any match.


It is said that he has contracts with at least 3 devils. And that’s just the beginning for him.


His strength is unmatched and his reflexes are something that can’t be compared to anyone whatsoever. Moreover, as the anime continues to move forward, we realize that his speed is also a factor that defines his position on this list.


He may seem like an old man at first, however, he is still a beast that will do whatever it takes to beat the hell out of someone. That’s why you need to look out for this man in the anime.


His excellence is absolutely brilliant. 



5. Katana Man


katana man


Katana Man happens to have a few interesting things going on for him. For starters, he has a hybrid transformation.


And we all know how powerful that can be. Moreover, as we dive deep, we realize that this man is a lot more than just his hybrid strength.


He is able to draw Katanas from his hand, thus the name Katana Man. And let’s just say that this is where things get difficult for the opponents as in this case, Katana Man is nothing but fascinating to the audience.


He is able to kill anyone without breaking a sweat. And this is why he is placed here on our list.


His hybrid transformation is a subject of its own discussion. Moreover, his intimidating personality is something that you can’t help but fall in love with, considering how menacing his presence can be. Katana Man is a character that deserves more love and appreciation from fans all around the globe. 



6. Denji




The main character is here, ladies and gentlemen. And let’s just say that his presence was quite expected. Denji is the lead character in Chainsaw Man and happens to have a monster under his belt.


He is known for his unreal strength as he decapitated an opponent with just raw strength. And that says a lot for someone like him.


On the other hand, we have him in his hybrid form where his strength is just too good to be true.


This man can take on enemies without breaking a sweat. And that’s what makes him, along with his connection with the Chainsaw Devil, a formidable foe.


If you haven’t watched Denji yet, give him some time.



7. Aki Hayakawa


Aki Hayakawa


He has contracts with the Fox Devil, Future Devil, and Control Devil. You can bet that this combination is nothing less than lethal for the opponents.


And that’s why Aki Hayakawa is a beast who can’t be compared to anyone. This man can summon monsters that can destroy places without any issues.


And that’s just the beginning of his story. As we dive deep into the narrative of the show, we realize that Aki’s Swordsmanship is also a game-changing feature held by him.


He is absolutely insane with his strengths and therefore if you are someone who wants to have an engaging fighting experience then this is the man for you.



8. Power




I mean come on! Her name is literally Power. What else can you expect from her? Power is one of the most popular characters in the series.


Her abilities include blood manipulation and blood transfer. Needless to say, all her strength is fixated on blood and the flow of this liquid.


Moreover, Blood Empowerment is one of the handy skills possessed by Power. And this is why this girl is so fascinating to the audience.


Moreover, a rather unknown feat of strength for her is her ability to smell things. And that’s what makes her so captivating in the first place.


This woman is absolutely brilliant and you can’t beat that.



9. Reze




She is a bomb, not only in terms of looks but also in terms of her physical presence. Reze is one of the lead characters in the story that happens to have a pin across her neck.


Remove this pin and boom! She will explode. And as she explodes, she will transform into her hybrid form.


This hybrid form will make it so that this girl can use explosions at her own discretion. And this is where Reze and her personality come into play.


Let’s just say that this girl will change the way you look at Chainsaw Man. Her enhanced strength and speed are a subject of appreciation by everyone.


And her durability is what separates her from the rest.



10. Beam




He may be a fiend, but that doesn’t change the fact that he is a menace on his own.


He happens to have enhanced durability. And it is said that he is a lot more durable than he should be, considering that he is a fiend.


And in the anime, fiends tend to be a lot weaker than devils. However, this man is an exception.


He happens to have other Devil Abilities as well which makes him even more intimidating as a person. And so, Beam is someone you wouldn’t wanna mess with.


His enhanced sense of smell also gives him an edge over his opponents. And the fact that he can transform into a shark makes him so much more fun.



11. Darkness Devil


Darkness Devil


This creature hasn’t experienced death. Why? Because he is too powerful for it. That’s exactly what Darkness Devil is.


This creature goes on to express immense speed and strength that can’t be matched by anyone at all. Moreover, he happens to have the ability to Darkness Manipulation.


And this is where things get interesting for him as this ability defines him as an opponent. Moreover, we also get to know about force manipulation and regeneration nullification.


And all these skills make it so that this devil can defeat anyone and everyone without breaking a sweat.


On its own, this being is nothing less than a menace for everyone.



12. Gun Devil


Gun Devil


Gun Devil is so strong that he can make anyone else strong as well. This monster happens to be one of the typical devils that can act just like any other.


However, what separates him from the rest is the fact that his body is nothing but guns. He can destroy anyone in his path and will do so when the situation calls for it.


One of the most interesting abilities about him is that he has Bullet Flesh. This makes it so that our guy goes on to fire pieces of his body.


And when any of these devils get in contact with parts of his body, his strength enhances significantly. Now that’s some impressive capabilities if you ask me. And so, Gun Devil is placed here on our list.



13. Hell Devil


Hell Devil


The Hell Devil deals in blood. It has the ability to consume blood and restore its energy, which would explain why this being is placed so high on our list.


Moreover, the Hell Devil has the ability to send people to Hell. That’s right, he can summon a hand from the sky that can pick individuals and take them through one of the many doors of hell.


This is why Hell Devil is a being that you wouldn’t wanna mess with. This creature is second to none and that’s why people appreciate it with the most passionate heart.


And let’s just say that this being is one of the most badass characters in the entire series.



14. Angel Devil


Angel Devil


This Devil is considered to be the second strongest in Division 4, right after Captain Kishibe. And that would explain why this creature is placed here on our list.


The biggest ability possessed by the Angel Devil is that it can absorb the life span of a being just by touching them.


And this allows them to be game-changing for the audience. There’s a reason why people are scared of this creature.


And so, if you haven’t watched the Angel Devil yet, give it a go. This being is a force to be reckoned with.


And with its Life-Span Weapons ability, it can create weapons with the help of the Life Span absorbed by him.


This is where things get interesting for everyone.



15. Punishment Devil


Punishment Devil


This being happens to be in contract with Yutaro Kurose and Michiko Tendo. And although this contract may seem a bit off, we are still not sure about the price at which this contract was secured.


It is said that Makima was able to use the Devil of Punishment for her own advantage. And if Makima uses you, you can rest assured that your skills are quite important for anyone who is a part of it.


It is said that this character happens to have a lot of demons coming together to attack the opponent.


And that would explain the punishment aspect of the equation. This is why the Punishment Devil is placed here on our list.



16. Hirofumi Yoshida


Hirofumi Yoshida


Hirofumi is a man with multiple hands. And that’s because he has made a contract with the octopus devil.


And that would explain the menacing abilities that he has. He happens to have the ability to summon tentacles and use them for his own fighting advantage.


Not only that, but he is also able to battle his opponents in a hand-to-hand combat situation. And that’s what can be considered his specialty as well.


This beast is a force to be reckoned with. And no ordinary human will even have a chance to stand up against someone like him.


His ink ability just makes him even more formidable as a foe.



17. Violence Fiend


Violence Fiend


Violence Fiend, also known as Galgali is one of the most interesting characters in the series. This character happens to have a Plague Doctor mask up his face.


And the fact that he is a Public Safety Devil Hunter from the Tokyo Special Division 4, makes it so that the Violence Fiend is a name remembered by man.


He is known for having the ability to transform his body during battle. And the fact that he is immune to poison, makes it so that the battle is nothing but a piece of cake for him.


This being is a force to be reckoned with and you can’t beat that. This is why this character needs more love and recognition.



18. Cosmo




Cosmo, also known as Cosmos Fiend is a character that is known for being Quanxi’s girlfriend. This is why the entire storyline happens to have a strong essence to itself.


The core ability that segments Cosmo from everyone else is Total Understanding. This ability sends the opponent’s consciousness to another dimension.


And this new dimension is what makes the most out of the opponents’ vulnerability. It allows them to enter a library with a lot of books.


And thus, the consciousness tends to get lost and reaches a point of obscurity. This is why Cosmo is a character that will be remembered by all those who are fans of the anime.



19. Eternity Devil


Eternity Devil


Eternity Devil is the main villain of the Eternity Devil arc. And in the Current Arc, this character is a major villain.


This is why he is remembered by those who happen to have a strong sense of admiration toward the Eternity Devil arc.


This devil has the ability to create a completely new dimension that happens to have a lot of confusing features.


Moreover, this freak of nature is also renowned to have Time Stop, an ability that allows it to stop time to a certain degree.


This is where Eternity Devil is a creature that will go on to keep its name for its capabilities.


And the fact that he is a menace is what makes him appropriate for our list.



20. Akane Sawatari


akane sawatari


A villain from the Katana Man arc is Akane. She is one of the civilian devil hunters known for having relations with the Gun Devil and the Snake Devil.


It is often said that her abilities are quite impressive for her stature in the show. For example, one of her abilities is called Swallow it whole, which makes her absorb her opponent and their strength.


This is why the entire character segment is nothing less than fascinating for the audience. Another notable ability by her is called Spit it Out, which allows her to summon someone who has been absorbed before.



21. Himeno




Many of you would remember her as Aki’s partner. And that’s quite fitting considering that she is one of the Public Safety Devil Hunters who is working under Makima’s special squad.


And that’s exactly where things get interesting for Himeno. Why? Because this character will make a name for herself in the core storyline.


She is known for having a contract with the Ghost Devil. And that’s how Himeno’s character gained a lot more recognition than it was anticipated.


Moreover, she is known for having some impressive skills in fighting her opponents. And that’s exactly why Himeno is a name that will be remembered by fans all across the globe.



22. Asa Mitaka


Asa Mitaka


This girl is yet to be shown in the anime. However, her presence is a lot more impactful than you might expect.


Asa Mitaka is one of the lead characters in the series. And let’s just say that her presence is quite vibrant in the Academy Saga.


This girl will make a proper vessel as she will be the one who will host the War Devil in her saga.


And that’s why her personality is game-changing for everyone. Moreover, as we dive deep into her character, we will realize that this personality is a lot more menacing with her speed, durability, and War Devil Possession.


Asa Mitaka is a force to be reckoned with and anime fans are yet to know about it.



23. Curse Devil


Curse Devil


This devil will torture its opponents to their core. And that’s what makes it worthy of this spot on our list.


The Curse Devil is known for having some of the finest positions in all of anime. This devil will go ahead and destroy anyone and every one by holding their body like a cross and then biting their shoulders and necks.


In the midst of that, it will also crush their arms and rip them apart. If that doesn’t sound horrifying to you, then I don’t know what will.


And this is why the Curse Devil is something that people should stay away from, making him appropriate for this list. That’s amazing, right?



24. Spider Devil


Spider Devil


Coming in from the Tokyo Special Division 4, we have the Spider Devil. This devil happens to encompass the fear of spiders.


And this is why the person hosting it is so strong. Moreover, this is why the summoning ability is in the right hands.


Princi happens to be the one who possesses this Devil. And one of the key features about her is that she can submerge herself in the ground.


And this is why Spider Devil is being that will be remembered for its skills.



25. Fox Devil


Fox Devil


The Fox Devil was a minor supporting character in the series that will shape the way people look at side characters in this series.


This Fox Devil is known for having Blood Consumption, and this ability allows it to consume blood and restore its own health.


This is why the monster is a menace. And that’s why things start to get interesting as it shows how people perceive this character in the series.


All in all, a fairly impressive being that will entertain the masses in the best way possible. And that’s who the Fox Devil is.



26. Bat Devil


Bat Devil


The Bat Devil is known for its abilities such as being able to fly across with its wings. This is why the devil manages to capture the audience’s attention.


Moreover, it was one of the most captivating characters in the Bat Devil arc, for obvious reasons. And that’s why this personality is recognized by fans all across the globe.


Although it doesn’t have a lot of unique strengths, the core ability that this beast possesses is enhanced strength, speed, and durability, making it nothing less than a menace for all those that stand against it.



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