Top 50 Best Medieval Anime Of All Time

top 50 best medieval anime of all time


The beauty of anime lies in how easily it transcends time and space. It takes us to lands of the past, the future, and also the lands of our deepest fantasies.


The medieval genre of anime deals with anime set in ancient lands. If you are into gut-wrenching wars, fatal politics, amazing mystery, and magical tales of knights and prophecies, medieval anime is the genre for you.


Mentioned below are the best medieval anime released to date that will take you back to the tumultuous world of the past.




1. Berserk




Berserk is an anime classic and undoubtedly the best medieval anime on our list today. It tells the story of a tormented warrior betrayed by his ally. Guts had a difficult and traumatic childhood while growing up.


When he became a part of the Band of Hawk, he felt like he had finally found a place to belong. But eventually, he ended up being betrayed by the leader of this group, Griffith, who sacrificed multiple people to fulfill his ambition.


He even puts a curse on Guts and his lover which constantly attracts monsters toward them. Guts must find a way to change his fate and exact revenge on the man who made his life so miserable.




2. Claymore




In the world of Claymore, vicious monsters called the Youma roam the land. To fight these monsters, a special brand of warriors is created. These warriors are known as the Claymore.


They are half-human and Half-Youma and are formidable in the battle against the Youma. When Raki’s village is attacked by the Youma, a Claymore walks in to save the day.


Even though she is able to save Raki, she could not save his family. Due to an unfortunate escalation of circumstances, Raki is banished from his village. He then decides to follow Claymore Clare on her many adventures.




3. Yona of the Dawn


Yona of the Dawn


Yona of the Dawn shows the transformation of a naïve princess into a formidable warrior. Yona grew up in a safe and peaceful castle with numerous people to protect her from any harm.


Her childhood was filled with peace and joy. However, the happiness did not last long. Her kingdom soon fell into the hands of enemies because of an act of heinous betrayal.


She is forced to flee the castle with only her childhood friend and bodyguard Son Hak by her side. Yona eventually realizes that she must be the one to step up and reclaim her kingdom from the enemies.


She goes on a quest with Hak to piece together an ancient legend that might be the key to regaining her kingdom.




4. Inuyasha




Kagome, an ordinary high school girl is suddenly transported back in time to the feudal era of Japan when she falls down the well in her family’s shrine one day.


In this other world, several monsters walk amongst humans, and Kagome is unfortunately chased by some of them. In the face of danger, a half-dog-half-demon hybrid called Inuyasha saves her from her predicament.


We get to know that Inuyasha has been traveling to find the Shikon Jewel. Unfortunately, the jewel shatters amid battle and is scattered into numerous pieces across the world. They must now go on a quest to find these scattered pieces and make the jewel whole again.



5. Vinland Saga


Vinland Saga


It is based on a manga series written and illustrated by Makoto Yukimura. It was first released on 7th July 2019. Vinland Saga takes us way back to the time when Vikings roamed the land.


In a fierce battle between the English and Danes, lives are lost every day, and there is bloodshed and destruction everywhere. The Vikings, however, seem to be the ones reaping the most benefits from this war.


They act as mercenaries of war and align themselves with whichever side pays them more money. They also take most of the spoils of war for themselves. Thorfinn, the protagonist of this anime, is also caught in the brutal wars.


However, his true aim remains something else – to find the man who murdered his father and exact vengeance on him.



6. The Seven Deadly Sins


The Seven Deadly Sins


Once, loyal knights of the Kingdom of Brittania, the Seven Deadly Sins were forced out of the kingdom on false accusations of treason. This caused the great 7 warriors to scatter.


However, years later when Princess Elizabeth goes on a search for the Seven Deadly Sins, she comes across their leader Meliodas. Together they set out on a journey to gather the Seven Deadly Sins once again so that the kingdom can be saved from the true traitor.


However, their troubles do not end there. Newer and deadlier villains cross their path but they must keep fighting to protect those important to them.



7. Spice and Wolf


Spice and Wolf


‘Spice and Wolf’ is set in a medieval Europe-like setting. It tells the story of the adventures of one ordinary peddler and a pagan deity. Kraft Lawrence, a 25-year-old peddler, travels from place to place selling different things.


When Lawrence comes to the town of Pasroe one night, he is met with a 250-year-old Pagan deity who wants him to take her back to her homeland – Yoitsu.


Eventually, Lawrence gives in to her request. Her presence turns out to be highly fruitful for his business, but she was also attracting unwanted attention from the church, which could mean trouble for them.



8. Goblin Slayer


Goblin Slayer


Goblin Slayer is set in an age where monsters freely roam the land and the lowliest of those monsters happen to be Goblins. Even though they are among the lowest rungs, they are still quite dangerous.


They commit several atrocities against innocent village women but most adventurers turn a blind eye to them and go after higher-ranking prey for more money. When the Priestess and her group are cornered in an attack by the goblins, an armored man shows up and wipes out the entire goblin nest in minutes.


He is the Goblin Slayer and he will not rest until every last goblin is slayed.



9. Maria The Virgin Witch


Maria The Virgin Witch


Maria The Virgin Witch is set in medieval France during the time of the historical hundred years war between England and France. Maria, unable to see the constant hardship of the innocent around her due to the violence of war, decided to use her magic to make peace and protect the innocent.


However, her meddling in human activities was not approved of by the heavens. Eventually, as a punishment for her constant meddling in human affairs, they put a curse on her which would make her lose all her powers if she loses her virginity.


However, this is not enough to make Maria give up.



10. The Heroic Legend of Arslan


The Heroic Legend of Arslan


This anime takes us back to a setting as old as the year 320. It is a story of battle and adventure like most epic medieval anime. It tells the story of Prince Arslan and his journey to take back his homeland, Pars, back from the enemies.


The kingdom of Pars had fallen due to a gross betrayal from an ally during the time of battle. After the siege of the capital, the enemy state eventually came for the prince’s head.


He had to flee to save his life with no one but a trusted general by his side.



11. Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba


demon slayer: kimetsu no yaiba


In Taisho Japan, Tanjiro, a kindhearted coal vendor, finds his world shattered. Demons devour his family, leaving only his sister Nezuko, cursed but clinging to humanity.


Fueled by vengeance and hope, Tanjiro embarks on a perilous journey to become a Demon Slayer, seeking a cure for Nezuko and slaying the monsters who haunt the night.


His path is fraught with danger – flesh-hungry demons, breathtaking swordsmanship, and the mysterious Hashira, elite demon slayers. But Tanjiro’s unwavering spirit, Nezuko’s fierce loyalty, and the camaraderie of fellow slayers fuel their fight against the darkness.


The series won the Animation of the Year award at the Tokyo Anime Award Festival in 2020.



12. Snow White with the Red Hair


Snow White with the Red Hair


The anime is based on a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Sorata Akizuki. It first came out on 6th July 2015. Snow White with the Red Hair centers around the story of a country girl named Shirayuki.


Although her name means “Snow White”, Shirayuki is actually born with gorgeous red hair. She leads a quiet and peaceful life as a herbalist with her own apothecary. Her life takes a chaotic turn when a neighboring prince is attracted to her bright red hair and forces her to be his concubine.


In an attempt to preserve her freedom, Shirayuki cuts off her hair and runs away. While in the forest, he is saved by Prince Zen. To repay her debt to the prince, Shirayuki decides to work hard as the court herbalist for Zen’s kingdom.


The anime explores the various experiences of Shirayuki in this new land.



13. Record of Lodoss War


Record of Lodoss War


Record of Lodoss War is a medieval adventure anime with all the entertaining elements that you might expect from a good medieval anime. It has got mystery, magic, and some amazing action that will keep you on the edge of your seat.


It focuses on the fate of a group of medieval adventurers who becomes part of grand events. These adventurers find themselves in the war-torn land of Lodoss where the threat of dark forces is gradually approaching.


This group of individuals ends up getting caught in a vicious war to stop the revival of an ancient deity and the plot to conquer Lodoss.



14. Rage of Bahamut – Genesis


Rage of Bahamut – Genesis


In Rage of Bahamut – Genesis we are taken to an ancient world where Gods and Demons live amongst mankind. Thousands of years ago, a mighty dragon named Bahamut wreaked terrible havoc on this land.


Deities from the two opposing sides – Gods and Demons – had to fight side by side to seal this catastrophe. Each side held one-half of the key to the dragon’s seal to ensure it stays imprisoned forever.


Moving back to the present time in the anime, we meet the protagonist Favaro who is an amoral, laidback bounty hunter. However, his laidback life takes a drastic turn when he meets a girl called Amira who holds one of the keys to the dragon’s seal.



15. Fairy Tail


Fairy Tail


Fairy Tail takes us to a magical world of wizards and witches. The anime is sort of a combination of medieval and modern elements. Fairy Tail is based on a Japanese manga series by Hiro Mashima and it was first released on 12th October 2009.


The protagonist of this story is the fiery dragon slayer named Natsu. He is part of a wizard guild called Fairy Tail. The mages of Fairy Tail may be giant troublemakers but they are also some of the strongest mages on the land.


They earn their money, like any other wizard guild, by making use of their skills and magic to take care of various requests from various employers. This anime follows the journey of Fairy Tail members as they embark on various adventures and confront numerous threats and villains while keeping the values of unity and brotherhood strongly etched in their hearts.



16. The Twelve Kingdoms


Twelve Kingdoms


The anime is adapted from a novel series written by Fuyumi Ono and illustrated by Akihiro Yamada. It first aired on 9th April 2002. The protagonist of this anime, Youko Nakajima, tries her best to fit in at school.


She always does whatever she is asked and always has good grades. Because of her pushover attitude, her classmates often take advantage of her. No matter what she does, her red hair always makes Youko stand out and feel different.


One day, a man from another world suddenly bows in front of her and calls her the rightful ruler of his land. This man carries her to another world and two of Youko’s classmates incidentally end up getting transported too.


These ordinary high school students must now learn to defend themselves in this unknown and dangerous world.



17. Guardian of the Spirit


Guardian of the Spirit


The anime is adapted from the first book of a novel series by Nahoko Uehashi. It was first released on 7th April 2007. Guardian of the Spirit takes us to the ancient land of Shin Yogo where people are facing a terrible drought.


According to the legends, in case of a similar drought in the past, the Emperor fought and defeated a water demon aided by his 8 warriors. Therefore, to save the land from the terrible drought, the Emperor must slay the water monster once again.


However, the only problem in this plan is that the Emperor’s son himself contains the spirit of the water demon within him. Rescued by a warrior at the brink of an assassination, the Emperor’s son now must flee to escape being assassinated by his own people.



18. Guin Saga


Guin Saga


The anime is based on a Japanese fantasy novel by Kaoru Kurimoto. It was first released on 5th April 2009. Guin Saga too takes place in a medieval Europe-like setting where wars are rampant.


The ancient kingdom of Parro is suddenly attacked one day by the Mongaul army. Unable to fend off the threat, the Kingdom of Parro ultimately falls in the hands of the anime and the king and queen are slain by them.


The only people who manage the escape are the young prince and princess. While running through the woods in an attempt to flee, they come across a strange man with a leopard mask stuck on his face.


This is Guin. He has no memories except for the word “Aurra” and lives purely on instinct.



19. Black Butler (Kuroshitsuji)


black butler (kuroshitsuji)


In Victorian-era London, Ciel Phantomhive, a 12-year-old Earl, wields wealth and power with a ruthless glint. Bound by a Faustian contract, a handsome demon butler named Sebastian Michaelis serves him.


Driven by a burning need for vengeance against those who ravaged his childhood, Ciel navigates a treacherous world of aristocratic intrigue and occult conspiracies.


Sebastian, with inhuman speed and grace, executes his master’s every wish, dispatching enemies with deadly elegance. But the line between master and servant blurs as Ciel’s desire for revenge clashes with Sebastian’s insatiable hunger for his soul.


This gothic tale of a boy and his demon butler blends mystery, action, and dark humor, painting a captivating portrait of Victorian society’s underbelly where every smile hides a secret, and every cup of tea harbors a hidden agenda.



20. Scrapped Princess


Scrapped Princess


In Scrapped Princess, we see the journey of a princess as she attempts to escape her cruel fate. When Princess Pacifica Casull, the protagonist of this anime, was born to the royal family, a devastating prophecy was made about her.


It was prophesized that she will be the cause behind the destruction of the world once she reaches her 16th birthday. Because of this ominous prophecy, Pacifica was nicknamed the “Scrapped Princess”.


The princess was saved from certain death by a kind family where she now had 2 siblings. However, once the news of her survival got out, she had to flee along with her siblings while they were constantly troubled by the moral dilemma of whether it was worth losing so many lives over one.



21. Tears to Tiara


Tears to Tiara


Tears to Tiara has a medieval European setting with knights and warriors running rampant. The story begins with the rise of the Holy Empire. Using its power and influence, the Holy Empire began its conquest and several nations fell under its rule.


Gradually this conquest led them to the island of Erin. This island was home to a tribe called Gael. Here the empire came across a young priestess called Riannon whom they wanted to sacrifice to the Demon King, a being known to have caused great havoc and destruction.


However, when we do come across the demon king later, he appears to be quite different from what one would expect him to be like. This anime is filled with action, mystery and takes you on a grand and thrilling adventure.



22. Castlevania




Castlevania takes place in the age of Dracula. Dracula, as we know, is the original vampire. In this anime, he is not only depicted as immensely mighty but also as the bearer of all kinds of advanced knowledge.


It is the thirst for that knowledge that brings Lisa Tepes to Dracula’s castle. Although unsure at first, Dracula finally agreed to give in to Lisa’s request and this unlikely duo ended up falling in love.


However, soon after Lisa was condemned as a witch by her town’s bishop and burned at the stake, this incurred the wrath of Dracula who unleashes his legion of supernatural creatures on the town of Wallachia.


The terror did not stop at Wallachia, these creatures started attacking human civilizations everywhere. Trevor Belmont, a prodigal descendant from a family of monster hunters is now humanity’s greatest hope to be saved from the evil beings unleashed upon them.



23. Kingdom




The anime Kingdom is based in war-torn ancient China. It is a land where 7 powerful states have emerged after years of war and conflict. The story focuses on the journey of 2 young boys – Xin and Piao.


Both these kids are orphaned slave children who lost their parents in the war. They both train rigorously every day as they harbor the dream of becoming a strong and respected General someday.


However, the two friends are separated when Piao is taken away to serve in the Royal Army. After a massive coup d’état, Piao returns to his friend which marks the beginning of an epic adventure that they must embark on together.



24. Ayakashi: Japanese Classic Horror


Ayakashi: Japanese Classic Horror


Just like its name sounds, the anime Ayakashi: Japanese Classic Horror, tells a set of three classic Japanese horror stories. It first came out on 13th January 2006. It is a relatively short series and is set in ancient Japan surrounded by its legends and prejudices.


The stories are based on original Japanese folklore and famous horror tales that are a part of Japanese history. The first story focuses on the vengeance of a wife upon a husband who betrayed him.


The second story tells the tale of a forbidden love story between a human and a goddess and the third story focuses on the vengeance of a mysterious cat monster who holds a grudge against a specific family whose ancestors committed atrocities against several cats.


Each of the stories is narrated and displayed in a way that will send shivers down the spine. If you are a horror fan, this anime is a must-watch for you.



25. Colourcloud Palace (The Story of Saiunkoku)


colourcloud palace (the story of saiunkoku)


The story of this anime is based on a Japanese light novel series written by Sai Yukino and illustrated by Kairi Yura. It was first released on 8th April 2006.


Colourcloud Palace is a reverse harem anime set in an era of Chinese monarchy. The protagonist of this anime is a woman named Shuurei Hong who dreams of becoming a government official someday.


However, since that position is forbidden to women, her dream seems far out of her reach. Shuurei’s father works a low-wage job as an archivist and they have to endure several financial problems.


Shuurei works several odd jobs to make ends meet until one day she receives a lucrative offer. She is offered the job of refining the behavior of the current emperor who lacks discipline and seems to enjoy the company.


After accepting this offer, Shuurei enters the palace as the emperor’s consort and gets involved in the dangers and politics of her new life.



26. The Rising of the Shield Hero


The Rising of the Shield Hero


The anime is based on a Japanese light novel series written by Aneko Yusagi and illustrated by Seira Minami. The anime was first released on 9th January 2019. The story of this anime takes place in the magical land of Melromarc.


Melromarc has long been plagued by the threat of an evil entity called the ‘Waves of Catastrophe’. To save the kingdom from doom, Merlomarc periodically summons 4 cardinal heroes from Earth.


These heroes were just ordinary people on Earth but once summoned here, they are bestowed with the responsibility of saving the land. The protagonist, Naofumi, is one of these summoned heroes.


However, he does not receive any strong offensive weapon and is bestowed with just a shield. He is made fun of because of his meek attitude and non-offensive weapon. He is even betrayed by a female accomplice who made everyone believe that he took advantage of her thus making him the subject of mass hatred.


Fed up with his ill-fortune Naofumi goes on a journey to redeem himself and become stronger.



27. The Beast Player Erin


The Beast Player Erin


The anime is based on a Japanese novel series written by Nahoko Uehashi. It was first released on 10th January 2009. In medieval Japan, lies a community that focuses on the nurturing of a certain breed of reptiles called Todou.


These Todou are an important asset to the country’s military and thus must be looked after with utmost care. The main character of this anime is a young girl named Erin.


Erin’s mother Soyon, is a beast veterinarian. She is very skilled at her craft but is often on the other side of disdain due to the villagers’ prejudice against her lineage and gender.


After the unfortunate death of 2 Kibas, who are the strongest type of Todou, Erin’s mother has to take all the blame. After this unfortunate incident, Erin goes on a journey of her own to a distant land where she hopes to learn more about the world of both animals and humans.



28. Grimoire of Zero


Grimoire of Zero


This anime is based on a Japanese light novel series by Kakeru Kobashiri and it was first released on 10th April 2017. Grimoire of Zero takes us to an ancient world of magic, witches, and hunters.


In an age where humans and witches roam the world, there is another race of people who are shunned by both of these kinds. These ostracized people are known as the ‘Beastfallen’.


The ‘Beastfallen’ do not just possess animal characteristics but also have visual similarities to animals. As they are not accepted by both witches and humans, they usually have to make their living by hunting witches.


One such ‘Beastfallen’ man is employed by a light-hearted witch named Zero. Zero, along with her friend Albus was on a quest to find the Grimoire of Zero as it could be utterly dangerous if it ever falls into the wrong hands.


Despite their differences, this trio gradually grows close to each other as they embark on an epic adventure together.



29. Sword of the Stranger


Sword of the Stranger


This anime takes us to the Sengoku period of ancient Japan. The protagonist of this anime, Kotarou, is a young thief and orphan just like Dororo. However, Kotarou is not alone; he has his pet dog Tobimaru to aid him in his little adventures.


However, Kotarou’s usual life takes a drastic turn one day when he realizes that he is being targeted by a bunch of assassins sent by the powerful Ming Dynasty. He realizes that they were not after him for his acts of petty theft but for some other, mysterious reasons.


When finally cornered by the assassins, Kotarou is saved by a wandering ronin who happened to take shelter nearby. The ronin was about to leave right after but Kotarou convinced him to stay until they both can reach their destinations.


The anime follows their exciting journey fraught with danger and adventure. The story of this animated film has been written by Fumihiko Takayama and it was first released on 29th September 2007.



30. House of Five Leaves


House of Five Leaves


This anime is set during the peaceful times of Japan’s Edo period. It follows the story of a timid Ronin whose life is changed because of a fateful encounter. The protagonist of this story is a man named Masanosuke Akitsu.


Akitsu is quite a skilled swordsman who works as a bodyguard for various employers. However, the only problem he faces is the fact that he has an exceedingly meek and timid personality.


Due to his weak personality, his employers often end up losing faith in him and he ends up getting fired from most of his workplaces. One day, when Akitsu is going through a terrible time in his life, he encounters a carefree man called Yaichi.


Yaichi hires him to be his bodyguard on a whim. However, unbeknownst to Akitsu, this job is not as innocent as it sounds.



31. Altair: A Record of Battles


Altair: A Record of Battle


The anime is adapted from a Japanese manga series both written and illustrated by Kotono Kato. It was first released on 7th July 2017. This anime deals with the fate of a worn-torn ancient land.


However, this anime is not just concerned with the violence of war but also allows us to witness violent politics. The main character of this anime is a young member of the Turkiye Startocracy’s council and goes by the name Mahmut.


In the face of an impending threat from an enemy empire, the council members become divided in opinion. Some opt for pacifism while some are warmongers. Mahmut is the nation’s youngest military leader whose sole aim is to restore peace in the nation.


However, in this tricky situation, Mahmut not only has to deal with the enemy’s aggression but also with the internal politics within his own nation.



32. That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime


That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime


This anime series is based on a light novel series by Fuse. It first came out on 1st October 2018. Other than having a girlfriend, 37-year-old Satoru Mikami lives a perfectly comfortable life that he is quite satisfied with.


He is a regular corporate worker with no complaints about his monotonous life. However, due to an unfortunate accident, Mikami ends up succumbing to an early death. Just before he was about to lose consciousness, he heard someone say certain commands in an unknown language and Mikami found himself reincarnated in a different world as a gooey slime.


As a slime, he wields certain abilities in this new world. He can take on the form and ability of anyone he absorbs. Soon he has a fateful encounter with a high-level monster called Veldora.


Satoru vows to help Veldora break his seal and in return, Veldora gives him a new name and bestows divine protection upon him. Satoru must now go on an epic adventure to fulfill the promise he made to Veldora and learn to adjust to his new life.



33. Dororo




Dororo is based on a Japanese manga series that was written and illustrated by Osamu Tezuka. It first aired on 7th January 2019. Dororo revolves around the story of two protagonists – Dororo and Hyakkimaru.


Dororo is a young thief who steals little things here and there to get by. One day he comes across a curious ronin called Hyakkimaru. Hyakkimaru is highly skilled but he was born malformed and does not possess body parts that contribute to the 5 senses.


The only way for Hyakkimaru to regain his senses is to fight and slay the demons that possess them. He and Dororo thus begin a journey together where they confront numerous formidable villains and demons.


Whenever Hyakkimaru defeats a demon who possesses one of his body parts, he regains that part. Thus, they continue their journey to find all of Hyakkimaru’s body parts so that he can become whole again.



34. Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash


Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash


This anime is based on a series of Japanese light novels written by Ao Jumonji and illustrated by Eiri Shirai. It was first released on 11th January 2016. The anime is another isekai adventure story following the journey of the protagonist in a different realm.


The difference here is the fact that the protagonist is not the only one, in this predicament. When Haruhiko, the protagonist, awakens in a new world, he feels utterly and completely confused.


When he looks around, he finds out that several others are in the same situation. This new game-like world is exceptionally dangerous as far as survival is concerned. Any of them can end up losing their life at any time.


This confused group of strangers must now band together and learn new skills so that they can defend themselves in this new and sinister world.



35. Maoyu – Archenemy and Hero


Maoyu – Archenemy and Hero


The anime is adapted from Mamare Touno’s light novel series of the same name. It was first released on 5th January 2013. Maoyu – Archenemy and Hero is set in a war-torn land where the war between humans and demons has been going on for 15 long years.


Frustrated with the state of things and the state of the Southern Nations, the protagonist of the tale makes his way toward the demon realm so that he can confront the demon king himself and make this war end.


However, once he reaches the demon realm, he makes a shocking discovery about the ruler of all demons. He also realizes that ending the war would not be enough to bring peace to the Southern Nations.


Thus, he enters into an agreement with the ruler of the demons that will help bring lasting peace to his land.



36. God Save Our King!


God Save Our King!


God Save Our King! is an epic Isekai adventure tale that takes place in a magical, medieval dimension. The anime is adapted from a series of light novels written by Tomo Takabayashi and illustrated by Temari Matsumoto.


It first came out on 30th April 2019. The protagonist of this anime is a high schooler named Yuri Shibuya. Though seemingly timid, Yuri has a strong sense of justice.


When he saw a group of bullies bullying a classmate of his, Yuri could not just walk away and tried to save him. As a result, the bullies took him inside the washroom and tried to flush his face in the toilet.


However, as soon as they hit the flush, the flow of the water took Yuri to an entirely different world. In this new world, Yuri is no ordinary individual but a reincarnation of the Demon King.


He has his own band of knights and must learn to adjust to his new life and responsibilities.



37. Record of Grancrest War


Record of Grancrest War


Record of Grancrest War is a Japanese light novel series that was written by Ryo Mizuno and illustrated by Miyu. It first came out on 6th January 2018. The story is set in the fictional medieval land of Atlanta.


During an important event, that would unite two nations through the sacred vow of marriage, a dark force called the Chaos emerges. It brings forth numerous vile creatures and demons and shatters any hope of peace.


To fight chaos and bring peace back to the land, a young mage called Siluca Meletes goes on a journey to become stronger. On her path, Siluca is saved by a young man named Theo who carries the mysterious power of the “Crest” that can nullify the power of Chaos.


Seeing Theo’s competency, Siluca decides to enter into a contract with him which will help both of them achieve their respective goals.



38. Rurouni Kenshin


Rurouni Kenshin


Rurouni Kenshin is based on the manga series written by Japanese author Nobuhiro Watsuki. The anime was released almost a decade ago on 25th August 2012. Rurouni Kenshin is set in the Meiji period of Japan and gives us a beautiful glimpse of medieval Japan.


It tells the story of a master assassin and swordsman who goes on a path of redemption. Himura Kenshin, initially known as Hitokiri Battosai, had taken numerous lives during his involvement in the conflict against Bakufu.


However, having had enough, he suddenly disappeared one day. When he returned, he was a changed man and had taken a new name – Himura Kenshin. Himura vowed to never take another life and dedicated himself to protecting the people of Japan.



39. The World Is Still Beautiful


The World Is Still Beautiful


The anime focuses on the journey of this mismatched couple. The anime is based on the Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Dai Shiina. The World Is Still Beautiful explores a fantastical world of princes and princesses with recurring hints of magic.


The anime focuses on 2 separate kingdoms – the Sun Kingdom and the Rain Kingdom. One interesting feature of the Sun Kingdom is that it never rains there. As for the Rain Kingdom, a selected few women from the royal family are blessed with the ability to summon rain.


The mighty ruler of the Sun Kingdom, Livius Orvinus Ifrikia, is a mighty king who conquered the world in just 3 years. When he decides to take a queen for himself, he chooses a princess from the Rain Kingdom who has the ability to bring rain.



40. GATE




It was first released on July 4th, 2015. The anime is based on a fantasy novel series by Takumi Yanai and the illustrations for this series were done by Daisuke Izuka.


Like most medieval anime this anime too is filled with magic mystery and adventure. The series opens in the Japanese city of Tokyo but things take a strange and dangerous turn after a mysterious supernatural occurrence.


A magical gate appears in the middle of Tokyo’s Ginza district. This gate appears to be a portal to another world. Lots of knights, monsters, and other vile creatures entered the city through this Gate and ended up slaying numerous Japanese citizens.


As a reaction to this catastrophic event, the Japanese government sent some people from the Defense Army into the other realm. This marked the beginning of a new and thrilling adventure that they would end up being a part of.



41. Attack On Titan


Attack On Titan 


In a world plagued by monstrous Titans, humans have sought refuge within enormous walls after facing near extinction. These Titans, driven by an inexplicable pleasure for devouring human flesh rather than sustenance, have forced humanity to live in constant fear.


For a century, the walls have provided a fragile peace, until a colossal Titan breaches the supposedly impregnable barrier, reigniting the fight for survival. Witnessing a personal tragedy inflicted by these abominations, Eren Yeager commits his life to eradicate them by enlisting in the elite military force known as the Survey Corps.


Alongside his adopted sister Mikasa Ackerman and childhood friend Armin Arlert, Eren embarks on a dangerous mission to uncover the Titans’ weaknesses and protect humanity’s dwindling defences before the walls crumble.



42. Fushigi Yuugi


Fushigi Yuugi


The anime is fairly old and first came out on October 25th, 1996. It is based on a shojo manga series by Yuu Watase. Fushigi Yuugi begins in the modern age with its protagonist being a 15-year-old high school girl.


However, things soon change when by a strange magical occurrence, the protagonist, Miaka, is summoned into the world of ancient China. Initially, it was both she and her friend Yui who were transported to the new world.


However, soon enough, Yui was able to return to the real world while Miaka was stuck in the ancient period. Later, we come to know that Miaka was no ordinary high schooler, she was a prophesied priestess who was supposed to save the land of Konan by summoning the beast Gods.


To do this, she would need to have all 7 of her warriors by her side. Thus, she sets out on a quest to find all 7 warriors and fulfill her destiny.



43. Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic


Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic


The anime has been adapted from Shinobu Ohtaka’s anime series of the same name. It was first released on 7th October 2012. This anime takes us to a medieval world of magic, dungeons, and mystery.


The show focuses on 2 main characters – Aladdin and Alibaba. In the world of this anime, Magi are immensely powerful creatures who wield great magical powers. The magi are tasked with the responsibility of choosing a worthy ruler and helping them overcome the magical dungeons and acquire the power of the djinns that reside within them.


When Alibaba found out about Aladdin’s remarkable abilities, he asked him to join him on his quest as Aladdin’s power would help him conquer the challenging dungeons.



44. Samurai Champloo


Samurai Champloo


The story of this anime was written by author Shinji Obara and it first came out on 14th May 2005. Taking place in medieval Japan with samurais and perilous sword fights, Samurai Champloo tells the story of three individuals who set out on a journey to find a samurai who smells like sunflowers.


Getting into trouble for causing the death of a magistrate’s son, Mugen and Jin are sentenced to death. Fuu, one of the protagonists of this anime, manages to rescue them in the nick of time and both men were able to escape death.


However, before helping them out, Fuu makes them both agree to her condition. She needed their help to find a samurai with the smell of sunflowers.



45. Ascendance of a Bookworm


Ascendance of a Bookworm


Just like the name suggests, the anime tells the story of an ardent bookworm whose passion for reading knows no bounds. In the fashion of a typical Isekai anime, the protagonist is transported to a different world where she must find a way to adjust to her new surroundings.


The protagonist of this anime is a young girl named Urano Motosu. Urano loved to read and has an unquenchable desire for books. She is almost at the helm of reaching her dream to become a librarian when she loses her life in a tragic accident.


Urano wakes up in a new, medieval world where books are very expensive and only a few nobles have the wealth to possess them. However, she is determined to follow her passion even if she has to make books herself.


Adapted from a light novel and manga series by Miya Kazuki, the anime first aired on 3rd October 2019.



46. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood


Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood 


Following a disastrous alchemical experiment gone awry, Edward and Alphonse Elric find themselves thrust into a nightmarish reality. Ignoring the taboo against human transmutation, the brothers attempted to revive their deceased mother, resulting in devastating consequences.


Alphonse lost his physical form, and Edward sacrificed a limb to bind Alphonse’s soul to a formidable suit of armour. Rescued by their neighbour Pinako Rockbell and her granddaughter Winry, Edward receives state-of-the-art prosthetic limbs called “auto-mail” crafted by Winry, an exceptional bio-mechanical engineer.


Driven by the desire to restore their bodies, the Elric brothers embark on a perilous journey to locate the Philosopher’s Stone—an elusive gem capable of defying the fundamental laws of alchemy.



47. The Saint’s Magic Power is Omnipotent


The Saint’s Magic Power is Omnipotent


The anime has been adapted from a light novel series written by authors Yuka Tachibana and Yasuyuki Syuri. It first came out on 6th April 2021. This anime takes place in the medieval kingdom of Salutania.


It is a kingdom that is often troubled by evil creatures or monsters. When the land’s knights are unable to deter this threat, the magus summons a Saint from another world.


On one such occasion, the magus of Salutania is compelled to summon a Saint into their world. However, something uncanny happens. The magus ends up summoning two Saints instead of one.


One of them is chosen for the role and the other, Sei, is left to fend for herself. Sei must now learn to navigate her new life. Her abilities and aptitude as a Saint exert considerable influence over her new life.



48. Stranger: Mukou Hadan


Stranger: Mukou Hadan


Stranger: Mukou Hadan takes place in the Sengoku period of medieval Japan. It begins with the story of a young orphan boy named Koutarou whose sole companion is Tobimaru. The film was released on 29th September 2007 and has a total runtime of 1 hour 43 minutes.


The story for this anime film was written by Fumihiko Takayama and it was directed by Masahiro Ando. He and his dog commit petty theft from time to time to make ends meet.


However, Koutarou’s life takes a dangerous turn one day when he finds himself pursued by assassins of the Ming Dynasty. They eventually catch up and attack Koutarou and poison his dog.


However, the pair is saved by a stranger ronin who took shelter in a nearby temple. Koutarou convinces the ronin to be his bodyguard until they both reach their destinations.


In the meanwhile, the Ming Dynasty continue to try to attack and capture Koutarou so that they can fulfill some ancient prophecy.



49. The Sacred Blacksmith


The Sacred Blacksmith


The anime is based on Isao Miura’s light novel series by the same name and its illustrations have been done by Luna. The anime first aired on 3rd October 2009.


The main story of this anime follows a female knight called Cicily who lives in a free-trade city. Following the example of her family, she too harbors the wish to protect her fellow citizens.


However, her lack of skills makes such an ambition unlikely. She even ends up shattering her sword when trying to diffuse a violent situation. However, her life takes a drastic turn when she happens upon a skilled blacksmith named Luke Ainsworth.


Luke, highly skilled in his craft, can forge powerful blades imbued with supernatural strength. His aid is just what Cecily needs to fight a new and rising threat that’s lurking in the shadows.



50. The Faraway Paladin


The Faraway Paladin


The anime is based on a Japanese light novel series written by Kanata Yanagino and illustrated by Kususaga Rin. It began airing on 9th October 2021. The Faraway Paladin takes place in a medieval world of knights, warriors, and magic.


We follow the story of the protagonist Will, initially just a lone child in the City of the Dead. He is raised by three inhuman entities – a skeleton, a ghost, and a mummy.


Each teaches him valuable lessons. The skeleton teaches him to fight, the ghost teaches him magic and the mummy introduces him to religion and responsibility. But most importantly, they teach young Will the value of love.


However, Will must soon leave their guardianship and venture into the unique world he was born in, and he must do it alone. We observe Will as he takes on this brave challenge and explores a world even his enigmatic guardians are not fully aware of.



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