Top 50 Best Black Anime Characters(Dark Skin Characters)

Sneha ChatterjeeSneha-Posted Feb 19, 2021

black anime characters


In the world of anime, it is not often that we get to see a good and important colored character, do you?


So, we at ENTOIN wanted to present before you the most interesting black (dark-skinned) anime characters of all time.


It feels good to see some representation from all the different sections of the world.


Without further ado, let me introduce you to our favorite dark-skinned characters of all time.



50. Kaname Tosen


kaname tosen


Anime: Bleach


Tosen is a character from the anime Bleach. He was a 9th division captain of  Gotei 13. He followed Sosuke Aizen in order to avoid bloodshed.


Ironically, Aizen's motto is to build the Key of King, which will cost the death of thousands of innocent souls.


Tosen was said to be scared of death.


But later in the anime, we come to know that he only dreaded being absorbed into the Shinigami history and dying a useless death.

Tosen hated the world. He is blind from birth and has pale lavender eyes which are pupilless.


His dark skin and brown braids make his appearance very striking.



49. Misao Kusakabe


misao kusakabe


Anime: Lucky Star


Misao is the 'tomboy' of the anime Lucky Star. She has short tomboyish hair, tanned skin, and chocolate brown eyes. Her character is really interesting.


Misao hates studies and loves remaining outdoors. A very simple, lazy, and clumsy girl, would be the best description for her.


Also, she is absolutely in love with video games.


Well, that doesn't mean she is good at it. She appears to be awfully bad at it, and according to her, she does it purely for fun. 



48. Mare Bello Fiore


mare bello fiore


Anime: Overlord


We all love elves, don't we? We have one on our list as well. A little dark elf. Mare is a child with pointy ears and golden hair. He has a stuttering personality.


Coward and shy, he is absolutely the opposite of his sister.


But that seems to be just an external quality because it doesn't affect his loyalty towards Ainz or his responsiveness.


Mare is a caring brother and always tries to know his sister's needs even before she says about it. That's sweet.


You all might already have expected him to be an introvert, didn't you?


Well, he is one. And he loves books. I'm impressed. I like people who prefer reading above talking.



47. Canary




Anime: Hunter X Hunter


Canary, the loyal butler of the infamous Zoldyck family, from the anime Hunter X Hunter.


Canary portrays herself as a ruthless guardian who does not hesitate to attack the trespassers.


The question is, is she really as ruthless as she pretends to be? Probably not!


She does have a gentle heart and when Gon was trying to reach Killua, her eyes conveyed gentleness. It is her duty that demands her to be strict always.


Nevertheless, she has often disobeyed orders because of her affection for her young master Killua.


This shows although duty is important, Canary, affection comes first.



46. Afro Samurai


afro samurai


Anime: Afro Samurai


Afro is the main protagonist of the anime series Afro Samurai, named after him. He is a cold-blooded killer.


When he was a child, he saw his father being beheaded, and that is what traumatized him and later made him as cold as ice.


He does not have feelings. Afro's younger self is in complete contrast with his grown-up self.


As a kid, he is often seen laughing, but as an adult, he has forgotten how to do that.


His only aim is to "move forward", and kill almost everybody who comes in his way.



45. Blue




Anime: Wolf's Rain


Blue is a wolfdog of dark blue body and eyes. She has a human form as well, a tall, dark woman, with short, black hair.


Blue is very loyal to Quint Yaidens until her inner wolf conscience wakes up and does not allow her to kill her own kind.


She has been living with human beings all her life and that's the reason she loves them so much.


Absolutely calm and loyal, are the two words that best describe our wolfdog.


Nevertheless, if she sees someone close to her in danger, she becomes fierce to protect them. Later, Blue falls in love with Hige, another one from her pack.



44. Don Kanonji


don kanonji


Anime: Bleach


Don Kanonji, the not so handsome character from the anime Bleach, is a wannabe hero.


He has tall and thin stature accompanied by his deep eyes and of course his colorful outfits.


According to Kanonji, his show is seen by many children. They see and learn from such shows.


Therefore, it won't be a good decision for him to run away from difficulties in his show, it'll be a bad lesson for those children.


Instead, he faces everything and tries to teach them to be courageous.



43. Urd




Anime: Oh My Goddess


Urd is a fictional character from the famous anime Oh My Goddess.


She is an extremely impulsive girl who doesn't even think about the consequences before attempting something. She cares for her loved ones.


Being the eldest one, she feels it is her duty to look after Belldandy and Skuld, and that she does with full dedication and sincerity.


She is mostly driven by passion and mostly behaves like a headstrong girl.



42. Reg




Anime: Made in Abyss


Reg the robot, is a fictional character from the anime Made in Abyss. Reg has an artificial body, with dark skin and hair.


We don't get to know anything about his origins because of the reason that he does not remember anything before his encounter with Rik.


No one knows who created him.


As a robot, Reg is immune to the Curse of the Abyss and is resistant to any physical damage.


He is a fighter, yet he gets flustered when in danger. This trait of his makes him rely on Rik heavily for judgment.


You can often see him crying as well. A cute little fighter.



41. Phichit Chulanont


phichit chulanont


Anime: Yuri!! On ice


Phichit Chulanont is a Thai skater in the anime Yuri!! On ice. He is a social boy, who loves to click selfies and post on social media.


Phichit is very optimistic and cheerful, acting as a foil to Yuri. Back in Thailand, he is a popular skater. He has black hair and tanned eyes.


Phichit considers Yuri as his best friend. The way he supports Yuri, we can say that he cares for the people who are close to him.


He teaches Yuri the basics of his mother tongue, Thai, when they were in Detroit.



40. Tsume




Anime: Wolf's Rain


Our "stereotypical, angry, anime loner" Tsume, is another wolf on the list.


Tsume is a grey wolf from the pack and is mostly seen alone because he doesn't like to join the others until boredom forces him to.


He has a human form as well, tall and muscular with silver hair tied back in a small ponytail. As a wolf Tsume is a big grey wolf with golden eyes.


Initially, he did not believe in the existence of paradise, but later in the series, this changes and he becomes a believer too.


Amongst all others, in the beginning, Tsume liked only Toboe, but later goes on to become a loyal member of the pack and befriends other wolves as well.



39. Muhammad Avdol


muhammad avdol


Anime: JoJo's Bizarre


It's not often that we see a man from the Middle East in a Japanese anime, do we?


We present to you, Muhammad Avdol, a middle eastern man from Egypt who is introduced as Joseph Joestar's friend.


He has a well-built body and a rugged look. Avdol is a serious man with a great sense of responsibility.


He is very dedicated towards slaying DIO. Sounds weird, how these anime characters are portrayed to be killing people with great pride and dedication.


Anyway, it's all fiction, until somebody takes it seriously. Avdol has often placed himself in danger to protect his comrades.


That shows his loyalty and selflessness to the team.


He is very proud of his strengths and does not pull himself back from using or boasting them.


Can you imagine such a serious man being jovial? Well, the contrast is quite interesting, and Avdol is one such person.


When in a good mood, he does childish acts and laughs boisterously.



38. Akira Hayama


akira hayama


Anime: Shokugeki No Soma


Akira is a character from the anime Shokugeki, No Soma. He has a great sense of smell. Akira is tall and handsome.


He has dark skin, green eyes, and white hair. He has mastery over the usage of spices and aroma.


Akira is a proud boy and doesn't shy away from boasting himself as the best chief in the school.


His rival is Erina and her God's Tongue. He has a very calm stature. Akira does not even think of the possibility of losing. All he does is think about winning.


That's optimism at its height. No matter what happens, who comes or goes, Akira is always neutral.


Sometimes it seems as if he suffered from the inability to feel. His main aim is to take the position of Erina.



37. Muru Muru


muru muru


Anime: Future Diary


Muru is a character from the anime Deus Ex Machina. At the beginning of the series, Muru Muru is shown as an unimportant character.


As the show develops, we see her revealing her true nature and becoming the antagonist of the show.


She plots behind Deus to manipulate the results of the game. And why does she do that? Oh, for personal amusement.


Muru has lavender hair which is as long as her own body. No wonder she is very small, and has eyes.


Muru is very childish and does not understand the seriousness of any matter.


She is primarily concerned about her own pleasure, which leads her to conspiracy. Muru loves manga. So do we!



36. Aura Bella Fiora


aura bella fiora


Anime: Overlord


Attention, please. We have another elf on our list. This little dark elf of ours is also a floor guardian in the Great Tomb of Nazarick and is the elder sister of Mare Bella Fiora.


Aura is a master of guerilla warfare and can also tame magic beasts.


As a signature trait of the dark elves, she has dark skin and pointy ears. Both her eyes are of different colors.


The left one is blue and the right eye is green. She is tomboyish in nature and is very blunt with her remarks.


Aura dominates over her little brother Mare and instructs him what to do and what not to do.



35. Mr. Popo


mr popo


Anime: Dragon Ball


Mr. Popo, an unusual name, has an unusual skin tone as well. He has pitch black skin, with red lips and pointy ears.


A short and plump man without a nose or teeth.


Myself being a Potterhead, I basically cannot imagine anybody else without a nose than You know Who, Lord Voldemort! God, is he Voldemort's little brother?


But mind you, apart from being he does not have one characteristic trait of Voldemort. Mr. Popo has a very calm and polite persona.


He has been serving the Guardian of the Earth for hundreds of years and has always been loyal to them.


Whenever a Guardian gets hurt, Mr. Popo becomes depressed. That shows the amount of love and respect he has for them.



34. Phil




Anime: The Promised Neverland


Phil is an orphan boy from the anime The Promised Neverland.


He is just 4 years old, but that doesn't hold him back from being a very observant and intelligent boy. He has a cat-like smile and tanned skin.


According to his friend Emma, Phil is very cute. A very playful and fun-loving boy, Phil is very wise as well, which is very unexpected from a 4-year old boy.


He is capable of hiding his feelings as well.


In the orphanage, Phil is one of the highest-scoring children.



33. Kirche Von Zerbst


kirche von zerbst


Anime: The Familiar of Zero


Kirche Augusta Frederica von Anhalt Zerbst is a fictional character from the anime The Familiar of Zero.


She belongs to a noble family from Germania.


Her family was about to get her married to an old Marquis, which made Kirche run away from Germania.


She came to Tristain and got admitted to the Tristain Academy of Magic.


Kirche is a tall and attractive woman, with red hair and golden-brown eyes.


She tries to seduce those to whom she is attracted towards. Her nature is flirtatious and she uses this to get the attention she wants.



32. Hinata Hino


hinata hino


Anime: Future Diary


Hinata, daughter of Karyuudo Tsukishima, and the owner of "Friendship Diary is a fictional character from the anime Future Diary.


Her father is the 10th Diary holder.


Hinata is a very cheerful but tough girl. She is very loyal to her friends and has always got their back.


We see how much Hinata loves her father. She always tries to do things to please him.


On the other hand, her father is more attached to his dogs than his daughter.


She has always been neglected in her childhood, which has left her craving for love and support from her friends.


Her unconditional love for her friends shows us how pure a soul can be.



31. Karako Koshio


karako koshio


Anime: Deadman Wonderland


Karako, the Deadman, belongs to the world of Deadman Wonderland. She is also known as Game Fowl. Prior to joining Scar Chain, she worked as a nurse.


Wondering why she joined Scar Chain? Oh, love above all! She wanted to fight for her love interest, Nagi Kengamine.


When in Scar Chain, she was the second in command leader.


Tough and resilient, yet caring and compassionate, is the nature of Karako. She is always concerned about the well-being of her comrades in Scar Chain.


She is an attractive woman with dark skin and a curvaceous body.


The fact that she joined Scar Chain just to fight for her love, shows how dedicated she is towards those who are close to her.



30. Apachai Hopachai


apachai hopachai


Anime: History's strongest disciple Kenichi


Apachai Hopachai, "The God Death", is an extremely strong character from the anime History's strongest disciple, Kenichi.


He is trained in Muay Boran and Muay Thai.


Apachai has silver hair, tanned skin and a well built body. Such a man, with childlike nature? This combination is a rarity, as well as a gem.


Apachai is very kind towards children. He always protects people who he considers his friend, like Kenichi.


Whenever Kenichi is in danger, Apachai hammers nails into voodoo dolls, to bring good luck to Kenichi.


His characteristics are kinda cute. And yes, he is nothing less than a disaster when it comes to performing household chores.



29. Rakshata Chawla


rakshata chawla


Anime: Code Geass


Rakshata Chawla? That sounds Indian to me. Indeed it is.


I ain't much sure about it, but I guess it is extremely rare to come across a character from Indian origin in an anime series.


And that is natural, keeping in mind that most anime are created in Japan.


Anyway, let's know more about her.


Rakshata is a scientist from India. She has bright blonde hair and brown skin.


She is a member of the Black Knights research and development team. No matter what the situation is, Rakshata is always calm.


Nothing seems to bother her much. I guess some of you will relate to this personally.


Count me as well! She is an easy-going girl who is very proud of her accomplishments. Rakshata treats her technological creations as her "children".


(The GOT fan in me awakens, reminds me of Daenerys Targaryen, and the way she used to say "they are not beasts, they are my children" about her dragons.


And indeed they were her children.) Um, I'm distracting you all. Sorry!)



28. Sid Barrett


sid barrett


Anime: Soul Eater


Sid Barrett is a death eater from Soul Eater. Before dying, Sid was a teacher by profession.


He was very friendly and cared for his students a lot. His nature made him a favorite and was admired by everybody.


Sid inspired others and taught them to unleash their potential. He had dark skin and a muscular body.


After becoming a zombie, his body remained muscular, but his skin turned to blue.



27. Villetta Nu


villetta nu


Anime: Code Geass


Villetta Nu is a character from the anime Code Geass.


As a Brittanian, she too respects only the empire and looks down upon people from the conquered areas.


She once lost her memory and was taken care of by Ohgi, a native. During those days, she called herself Chigusa and was a lot kinder than Villetta.


As Chigusa she fell in love with Ohgi.


When she got her memory back, you can imagine how horrifying it might be for a racist like her to realize that she is in love with a native.


She tried to kill him, and kill her feelings as well, but she failed in both cases. Eventually, she married Ohgi. Her storyline is quite interesting.



26. Kakuzu




Anime: Naruto


Kakuzu is one of the main antagonists of the anime Naruto. Kakuzu serves as a treasurer for Akatsuki.


Although he is 91 years old, he does not seem to be aging. Kakuzu maintains his tall and strong stature.


Kakuzu decides his priorities and ranks them on the basis of the number of benefits he will get from them.


If there's something that does not seem to be beneficial to him, he won't even think of doing that work.


Greed is the overpowering emotion of Kakuzu. According to him, the only dependable thing in this world is money.


It sounds greedy and selfish, but that's the truth. In the real world, it is money that wins the game.


If there's anybody who doesn't have it, he will die sooner or later.



25. Casca




Anime: Berserk


Casca was originally a peasant girl, who later goes on to become a well-trained warrior. She is the former unit commander of Brand of the Falcon.


Casca is an impeccable leader. She is very loyal towards Griffith and wants to serve as his sword to help him reach his goal.


Throughout the series, we see her losing her feminine qualities and becoming stronger.


But in reality, she wanted to be accepted as a strong as well as a feminine character.


Although she avoids disclosing her wishes, we know how strongly she felt for Griffith.



24. Road Kamelot


road kamelot


Anime: D-Gray Man


Road Kamelot is a character from the anime D-Gray man. The road is one of the two members of the Noah family who survived Nea's attack 35 years ago.


The road is the incarnation of Noah. She has dark eyes which turn amber when she is in her Noah form.


The road can even transform herself into a doll, making it easy for an ally to carry her secretly.


In her doll-like form, she retains all her powers, including the ability to speak.


She behaves in a childish way and is kind of moody. Sometimes she's cheerful, sometimes sweet and at other times she becomes sadistic.


Road likes being entertained. She loves her family the most.


This love often takes a sadistic turn when she tortures people acutely for harming her family even the slightest.


And she does not spare anyone, not even Allen Walker.



23. Aoi Asahina


aoi asahina


Anime: Danganronpa


Aoi Asahina, aka 'Hina', is an extremely active and sporty person. She loves to participate in different sports events and is very skilled particularly in swimming.


Hina is given the title of The Ultimate Swimming Pro. She has a very lively presence.


Out of all the students of Hope's Peak Academy, Asahina seems to be the most emotional one.


She cries for the death of her classmates and later succumbs to depression. This shows how much she cares for her friends.



22. Ikumi Mito


ikumi mito


Anime: Shokugeki No Soma


Ikumi Mito has a model-like figure, tanned skin, and blonde hair.


She belongs to an affluent family, the Mito family. Her family is very well known in the meat industry.


Ikumi likes to boast about that in front of the people who are economically weaker than her. She likes to show off her expertise with meat.


She is very strong and apparently tough as well. But she has a softer side to her tough appearance as well.



21. Rika Minami


rika minami


Anime: Highschool of the Dead


Rika is an honorable person. She is a very skilled sniper and was ranked amongst the Top 5 in her country.


Rika is an easy-going and calm woman who does not mind talking about sex at all. She has purple hair and tanned skin.


Nothing much is known about her origin yet. A member of the Special Assault Team, Rika is also the chief of the first squadron.


Skills and Power are the two words for Rika.



20. Dutch




Anime: Black Lagoon


Dutch is a character from the anime Black Lagoon. He is an easy-going person, who always keeps his calm.


Although he is very capable of combat, Dutch generally avoids it. He handles contracts and negotiations with the clients of the Lagoon company.


Dutch is a serious man who does not lie without a good reason.


His past is quite uncertain because of the fact that his service in Vietnam is said to be a lie. If given a mission, Dutch will see the end to it, no matter what.



19. Tetsudo Hisakawa


tetsudo hisakawa


Anime: Anohana


A tall young man, with brown hair and eyes, Tetsudo is a character from the anime Anohana.


As a child, Tetsudo was very awkward and was grateful to his friends for accepting him as he was.


He grows up to become a worldly man. Whenever there is a fight in the group, he is the one who helps people to calm down.



18. Tia Harribel


tia harribel


Anime: Bleach


Harribel is a former Arrancar and presently a member of the Liberation Army. As an Arrancar, her nature was much in contrast with the others.


Harribel rarely spoke, and whenever she did, it was serious talk. Her fellow beings are full of arrogance, ego and are bloodthirsty.


On the other hand, Harribel is absolutely calm, and analytical in nature.


She doesn't involve herself in any kind of combat before analyzing both parties.


Harribel has green eyes, blonde hair, and dark skin. Aizen was the one who killed her, but fortunately, she was saved by Muerte Guerrero.


She is also known as the Shark Empress.



17. Soma Asman Kadar


soma asman kadar


Anime: Black Butler


Another one from Indian descent. Soma is the Prince of Bengal. Initially, we see Soma as a childish boy who doesn't like to face his problems.


But throughout the series, he grows up to be a mature boy and tries to be of assistance to others. The one person whom he relies on the most is Agni.


Therefore, Agni's death disturbs Soma a lot, and avenging Agni becomes his main motto.


As an Indian Prince, it is a well-known fact that he will be a great fighter.



16. Agni




Anime: Black Butler


Arshad Satyendra Iyer, popularly known as Agni, is a Brahmin who has given up his old life in order to serve his Prince Soma Asman Kadar.


Agni's love and respect for Soma are very much visible throughout the series.


He is a very gentle and kind person, who is always trying to make others feel wanted and comfortable.


To Agni, the most important thing is to look after  Soma and make sure of his well-being.


The fact that Soma saved his life made Agni feel that God existed, and that too nowhere else but within Soma.


From that day to this, Agni has been serving Soma with the utmost care, admiration, and love, till the day of his death.



15. Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing


integra fairbrook wingates hellsing


Anime: Hellsing


Sir Integra, is one of the main female leads of the anime Hellsing. She is a protector of England and the Queen, from the external supernatural forces.


Integra is the last surviving member of the Hellsing family, a family of the nobles.


She is a practical woman and therefore, never lets her emotions come in between her business.


She knows how to control things. Integra is dedicated to protecting her country and her Queen.


According to her, the Hellsing has been assigned this duty by God and she fulfilled it with utmost sincerity.



14. Simon Brezhnev


simon brezhnev


Anime: Durarara!


Simon from the anime Durarara is a kind and gentle man. He is enormous in size and therefore people mostly get scared of him.


Simon is of American descent, but he was born and brought up in Russia.


Being a pacifist he is often seen trying to stop fights and calm others down.


According to Simon, people in Japan do not need to die fighting like people in Russia do.


His childhood in Russia was full of violence, and probably that has affected him much.



13. Elfman Strauss


elfman strauss


Anime: Fairy Tale


Elfman is one of the supporting characters from the anime Fairy Tale. He is a huge and muscular young man. He has white hair and dark eyes.


Due to his size, he towers over more of the guild members. Initially, Elfman was a weak but caring person, who knew nothing apart from cooking.


He took care of his sisters and did everything for them.


But he often went unappreciated because of being physically weak. Later, he felt the need for physical strength to protect his elder sister Mirajane.


It inspired him and we saw a drastic change taking place. He is very egoistic and yet kind.


Elfman knows how strong he is, and never shies away from acknowledging that. A strong-willed man indeed!



12. Killer B


killer B


Anime: Naruto


Killer B is a very important character in the anime Naruto. He trains Naruto and all his partners to fight with Obito Uchiha.


To someone who is really good at a particular thing, it is very natural to be proud of it, and so was Killer B.


He knows he is powerful and he knows his place as well.


Therefore, he wants others to give him the respect that he deserves. Killer Bee is stubborn and demanding.


He is very much in love with his rhymes and lyrics and if anybody dares to make fun of them, you can be assured that you won't get an iota of respect from him.


B is also very fond of rapping.



11. Sakura Oogami


sakura oogami


Anime: Danganronpa


If you see her photograph, you might already be assuming the kind of character she is, aren't you?


But let me clear your misconceptions regarding her. She is absolutely contrary to the way she looks.


Sakura is a quiet and kind girl. You will rarely see her losing temper, but when she does, the situation becomes extremely intense.


People judge her by her looks and assume things like, she is not a good cook and blah blah blah, which annoys her much.


She enjoys doing exercise early in the morning and talks to people in a formal way.


This is because of her old-fashioned upbringing. Her main goal is to become a great martial artist.


Sakura is also very fond of animals, especially rabbits. She has a great sense of duty and responsibility.


Therefore, she takes it on her to maintain the century-old legacy of her family.



10. Brock




Anime: Pokemon


The one with his eyes closed?


Yes, that is Brock.


The most distinguishing feature of Brock is that his eyes always appear to be shut, unless something unnatural happens which forces him to open them completely.


Brock is the most reasonable one in the show. He is intelligent, mature, and rational.


Therefore, people regard him as a source of wisdom. A selfless boy as he is, his friends are more important than his own life.


Although Brock is not involved in battles, he has a sharp mind and is able to understand all the strategies of a battle.


But then, Brock loses all his sense after meeting a beautiful woman. Isn't that desperate?


We know that Brock is in need of female companionship and the fact that he is unable to get one makes him even more desperate.


Anyway, let's move forward with our list.



9. Agil




Anime: Sword Art Online


Agil, whose full name is Andrew Gilbert Mills, is a character from the famous Sword Art Online. Andrew is of African American origins.


He has a massive and well-built body with brown eyes.


Andrew is extremely helpful and is ready to go out of his way to help others. He possesses good leadership qualities and is reliable as well.


Apparently, you might feel that he is more money-centric, but later you'll realize that isn't the case.


Andrew has spent all his money helping mid-level players level-up. So, you can't call such a person money-centric.


Although his origins are African American, he was born and brought up in Japan and later married a woman called Trish.



8. Choi Mochimazzi


choi mochimazzi


Anime: Tamako Market


Choi is the Prince escort of a foreign country. She is a pretty teenage girl, having deep eyes, dark skin, and black hair.


Choi is very polite and a normal girl who likes to pay her debts.


She gets embarrassed even by a small mistake and is conscious of her actions.


Choi likes to help people and does as much as she can to make them comfortable. She does not know much about any other place except her homeland.


Neither is she aware of their cultures. When she was serving the Mochimazzi family, she got sick because of the change in the weather.


You people might be thinking this Mochimazzi family is related to Choi, isn't it? Well, they are not.


Although they share the same surname, they are not related to each other.



7. Yasutora Sado


yasutora sado


Anime: Bleach


Yasutora Sado is a character in the anime Bleach. He is one of Ichigo's closest friends and we see him being called 'Chad' by Ichigo throughout the series.


Yasutora has Mexican and Japanese descent. He is a professional boxer and is extremely tall.


He has dark skin and brown hair and by appearance, he looks much older than he actually is.


Yasutora is a very quiet person and does not like to fight back if insulted. He would rather ignore it absolutely.


He loves his friends quite a bit. For helping Ichigo, Yasutora even tries to kill the captain of Gotei 13.


He is a very intelligent boy as well and was ranked 11th out of so many students in Karakura High School.



6. Daiki Aomine


dalki aomine


Anime: Kuroko's Basketball


Daiki Aomine is a character from the anime Kuroko's Basketball, in Japanese, Kuroko No Basuke.


He is a skilled Ace player and has played for the renowned Generation of Miracles.


Initially, Aomine was a normal boy, friendly in nature, and loved playing basketball. But later we see him getting transformed into an absolutely different person.


He trains himself so hard that in the end, there is no one left who can beat him.


To put it simply, he becomes the strongest one known and that ultimacy leads him to arrogance.


He becomes rude and often tortures his opponents out of boredom. He crushes everyone down quite easily and humiliates the weaker ones.


But every tough person has one soft spot, and in this case, it is Aomine's high school friends.


Although he doesn't show it, he tries to protect them as much as he can, especially Karuko.



5. Archer




Anime: Fate/Stay night


Archer is Rin Tohsaka's servant. He is also called Emiya because he is another version of Shirou Emiya.


Describing him is quite difficult, keeping in mind how complicated his character is.


Sometimes cynical, and at other times childish. His constantly fluctuating character traits make it extremely difficult to hate him or love him.


Okay, I know this will make it more complicated, but it's important.


He never lies. The great thing isn't it? Apparently yes, but he does tell you half-truths.


Now we all know how dangerous that is. Half-truths are even more disastrous than lies.


Can we blame him for that? I'm confused.


Now I guess you can understand why I was saying he's complicated.


Sometimes he tries to help people by advising them, but unfortunately his advice ends up being a sarcastic comment.


Though it is unintentional, still that hurts. Anyway, one thing we can be sure of is he's a very interesting character and there's no denying the fact.



4. Edward




Anime: Cowboy Bebop


Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivruski IV, from the anime Cowboy Bebop, is a skilled hacker from Earth.


Edward is a skinny, red-haired girl. She is a hacker, no wonder she will be extremely intelligent. A tomboyish girl, with childlike manners.


Ed has a free spirit and is very jovial. She likes open spaces, nature, and humor. Ed herself is the only source of humor in the anime.


You know she sleeps for 12 hours a day. I don't know why, but she has some traits which are very wild, like biting people.


She is particularly fond of it, and also she prefers the company of wild animals more than human beings.


Though there's nothing wild in the second part of the sentence. It is very natural for us to get more comfortable with a cute and loyal animal.


Ed mostly walks on all four limbs.



3. Yoruichi Shihouin


yoruichi shihouin


Anime: Bleach


Yoruichi is a character from the anime Bleach. She is a slender looking female, with long purple hair, golden irises and dark skin.


Yoruichi, the former commander of Onmitsukidu as well as the former captain of Gotei 13, is a very strong and mature girl.


Unlike others, she can transform into a black cat with golden irises. Throughout the series, she is mostly seen in her cat form.


So much so that she forgets to put on clothes when she changes to her human form as she gets used to not wearing anything.


She shares noble blood but does not act like one. Rather, she prohibits others from addressing her with honorary titles.


Yoruichi is more fond of her appearance as a cat and gets very offended if someone hurts or insults that look of hers.


She even has a different male voice, but that is only for the cat Yoruichi, not the human Yoruichi.



2. Scar




Anime: Fullmetal Alchemist


The Scarred Man, more popularly known as Scar, is a serial killer from the anime Fullmetal Alchemist. He is a native Ishvalan.


The main motive of his life is to avenge the slaughtering of his people.


In order to achieve this, he becomes ruthless and starts targeting the State Alchemists who destroyed his homeland.


He had to give up his birth name because, although he was avenging his people, his actions were going against his religion.


Eventually, he becomes a monomaniac and starts targeting people who were not even involved in the war that destroyed his homeland, such as Edward Elric.


Scar is a wise man, but his thirst for revenge blinded him and turned him into a vicious person.


Typical of all natives of Ishvalan, he too has red irises and dark skin.


No matter how ruthless he becomes, he'll always have a soft corner for the few survivors from his land. After all, they are the ones for whom he is fighting.


Rolling of drums, please. And here we disclose to you the King of our list.



1. Mugen




Anime: Samurai Champloo


Mugen is one of the main protagonists of the anime Samurai Champloo. His personality is more like an antihero, ruthless, vulgar, rude.


The fact that he grew up on a very violent and lawless island, Ryukyu island, might be the reason for his behavior.


Mugen loves to take up a fight, with anyone, anywhere, anytime! Basically, he doesn't even need a reason to fight for.


If the person is strong enough, Mugen is good to go and start fighting for petty reasons.


He once committed suicide by jumping off the cliff. Do you know the reason? Somebody tried to establish authority over him.


That's how much he hates being under someone's control or authority.


Although he is mostly in a fighting mood, Mugen does respect the ones who are strong and independent, including his constant opponent Jin.


With Mugen, we conclude this list and we'll be meeting again to discuss some other topics related to the world of Anime.