Top 45 Most Popular Death Note Characters

top 45 most popular death note characters


Death Note is an all-time classic. A show that happens to be the introductory anime for a lot of you out there. And that’s why fans love and talk about this series even to this day.


However, what makes this anime so beautiful is the vast cast that the story has to offer. And that’s why I have decided to list down the Best Characters in Death Note.


I know most of you aren’t even able to remember more than 15 characters in the series. However, keep on reading this list and you will be experiencing a nostalgia train that you didn’t know you needed.


I hope you enjoy it.




1. Light Yagami


light yagami


Light Yagami is the main character of the anime series Death Note. He is a talented and intelligent young man who is corrupted after obtaining the Death Note, a notebook that can kill anyone whose name is written in it.


Light decides to use the notebook to rid the world of criminals, and his actions are eventually known as the work of “Kira.” His ultimate goal is to create a new world that is free of injustice, populated only with honest and kind people, and he becomes known as the “God of the new world.”


Light is known for his intelligence and calibre as an individual, making him a fan favourite and admired by a ton of people who have watched the show. Needless to say, people loved him so much that he became the star from his anime. 




2. L




L is a famous detective who endeavours to capture Kira, a mass murderer. During his investigation, he grows suspicious of Light Yagami and makes it his goal to prove that Light is Kira.


He is a slim, tall, and pale man with messy black hair, black eyes, and noticeable shadows beneath his eyes due to insomnia. He wears a long-sleeved white shirt and blue jeans and prefers to be barefoot.


L is very private and only communicates through his assistant Watari, using a capital letter L drawn in the “Old English MT” or “Cloister Black” typeface to represent himself. Other than being a genius, L is also known for his sharpness, deduction skills, as well as dry humour.


The dry humour particularly is something that goes unnoticed but does deserve some love and respect from fans of the series. His character brought the charm that the show has. 




3. Ryuk




Ryuk, a Shinigami, drops a Death Note into the Human World to relieve his boredom. Light Yagami finds the notebook and uses it to rid the world of evil and injustice, which satisfies Ryuk’s need for entertainment.


Despite finding Light interesting, Ryuk does not actively assist him and only helps when he has something to gain. Ryuk is intelligent but easily manipulated by Light due to his desire for entertainment.


He has a fondness for apples and video games and experiences withdrawal symptoms without them. Ryuk has always highlighted the fact that at the end of time, it will be Ryuk who will be taking Light’s life no matter what. 


And in the manga as well as in the anime, this phenomenon has taken place, making Ryuk a remarkable character from a narrative standpoint. 




4. Misa Amane


misa amane


Misa Amane, a successful model and actress, becomes the Second Kira after acquiring a Death Note. She approaches Light Yagami, the original Kira, to show gratitude for killing the man who killed her family and to pledge her assistance.


Misa’s Shinigami Eyes enable her to uncover L’s true identity, and she devotes herself to aiding Light. Although Misa has a sunny personality, witnessing her parents’ murder has affected her psyche.


Misa is often considered reckless with the powers that she was bestowed. It wouldn’t be incorrect to say that she adds flavour to the story with her presence since her personality adds randomness to a rather calculated franchise. 



5. Mello




Mello, one of the two successors of L who was raised in Watari’s orphanage for gifted children, becomes fixated on capturing Kira and proving himself as L’s rightful successor after L’s demise.


He chooses not to collaborate with Near and decides to locate Kira on his own, departing from the orphanage. Mello is willing to go to any extent to catch Kira, such as abducting Sayu Yagami and planning the deaths of most of the SPK members.


He even tries to coerce the US president into providing him with financial and material assistance to aid his pursuit of Kira and avoid Near.



6. Matsuda Touta


Matsuda Touta


Touta Matsuda is a young member of the NPA and Japanese Task Force. With black hair, brown eyes, fair skin, and an average height, Matsuda initially lacked experience but later became a valuable asset to the team.


Despite his brash attitude, which can hinder investigations, he excels in infiltration and has impressive marksmanship skills. Matsuda is a risk-taker who is willing to take chances, even if he recognizes the benefits of Kira’s new world order.


Despite facing many dangerous situations, he remains loyal to the Task Force and continues to serve the NPA once the Kira case is resolved.



7. Near




Near is one of the successors of L, characterized by his exceptional intelligence, keen observation skills, and cunning nature. However, he lacks social skills and struggles with interpersonal interactions despite being highly perceptive.


Although he appears childish, Near is obsessed with solving complex puzzles and approaches investigations with a similar mindset. While he maintains a calm and composed demeanour, his emotional range is more evident in the manga than in the anime.


Near is emotionally distant, sensitive, and relies heavily on others. He greatly admires L and models his investigative strategies after him. He is also recognized for a very unique approach to his detective methods.


More specifically, Near is known to love toys and he inculcates them in his deduction endeavours time and time again. This adds a layer of personality and charisma to his character. 



8. Rem




Rem is a female Shinigami who gave Misa Amane a Death Note. The original owner of the Death Note was Gelus, another Shinigami who sacrificed himself to save Misa from being killed.


Rem delivered Gelus’ Death Note to Misa, whom she actively assists despite viewing most humans with contempt. Rem is willing to risk her life to defend Misa, but her actions are seen as improper for a Shinigami.


Her skeletal appearance includes long, spinal cord-like arms and bone-like skin, with light-blue features, except for the anime where they are purple. Her actions lead to a story we wouldn’t have expected.



9. Jeevas Mail


Jeevas Mail


Matt, an accomplice in the Kira case, is a character in Death Note who prefers staying indoors and enjoys video games. He is rarely seen in the anime and only appears during Kiyomi Takada’s kidnapping.


Despite knowing little about Shinigami or killer notebooks, Matt still goes along with Mello’s plan to pursue Kira. His personality is relatively normal compared to the other Wammy’s kids, and he has become popular in the fandom despite only appearing in sixteen panels of the manga.


Matt’s brown hair and green eyes are hidden behind white goggles, and his attire includes a red and black striped long-sleeved top, blue pants, black gloves, and black boots.



10. Mikami Teru


Mikami Teru


Teru Mikami is a prosecutor who is handpicked by Light Yagami to become the Hand of Kira, a vigilante who punishes criminals. He is described as an attractive young man with shoulder-length black hair and a penchant for business suits.


Mikami possesses a strong sense of justice and believes in punishing evil, which makes him an ideal candidate for Light’s plan. He also has an obsessive personality and follows a rigid daily routine.


Mikami appears to be afflicted by some form of mental condition, as evidenced by his habit of saying “delete” whenever he writes a name in his Death Note.



11. Misora Naomi


Misora Naomi


Naomi Misora, a former FBI agent and fiancée of agent Raye Penber, begins investigating Kira after he kills her fiancé and the other FBI agents assisting L. She comes across Light Yagami, who slowly gains her trust by suggesting that she could help catch her fiancé’s murderer.


Light asks for Naomi’s identification, and he uses the Death Note to kill her by writing her name. Naomi’s body is never found due to the specifications made by Light in the Death Note.


Her character ended fairly early. However, for as long as she was there in the story, her contributions were amazing.



12. Yagami Souichirou


Yagami Souichirou


Soichiro Yagami is a prominent character who serves as the Chief of the National Police Agency and leads the Japanese Task Force and is also the father of the main protagonist, Light Yagami.


Soichiro is a responsible and serious man who values justice and cares deeply about his family and colleagues. During the Kira investigation, he strongly believes in his son’s innocence and even resorts to abducting Light and his girlfriend to prove it.


When his daughter is kidnapped by the Mafia, Soichiro struggles to balance his duty as a police officer with his obligations as a father. Eventually, he chooses to make the exchange as Sayu’s father.



13. Aizawa Shuuichi


Aizawa Shuuichi


Shuichi Aizawa is a highly intelligent and serious member of the NPA and Japanese Task Force in Death Note. While he is respected by his colleagues, he is also sceptical of L’s methods and often challenges the basis for his conclusions.


Aizawa’s wife Eriko and daughter Yumi miss him due to his constant work schedule, which has caused marital problems. In the series, Aizawa is the first member of the Task Force to suspect that Light is Kira, and he stops Matsuda from killing Light in the final episode.


Although Aizawa leaves the Task Force briefly, he returns before L’s death.



14. Penber Raye


Penber Raye


During his investigation of Kira, FBI agent Raye Penber, who was engaged to Naomi Misora, decided to cease his investigation of high school student Light Yagami after following him on a date.


However, when Light and his date Yuri were taken hostage on a bus by criminal Kiichiro Osoreda, who demanded financial reports of the amusement park they were headed to, Penber saw Light write a note to his date and realized his true identity.


Penber then revealed himself as an FBI agent and prepared to take action, but Osoreda became frightened upon seeing the Shinigami Ryuk and started firing at him. Before Penber could apprehend him, Osoreda ordered the bus to stop and fled the scene.



15. Wammy Quillsh


Wammy Quillsh


Watari, whose real name is Quillsh Wammy, is a significant character in Death Note. He has white hair, and grey eyes, and is L’s handler and logistics supplier to the Japanese Task Force.


He is also the founder of Wammy’s House, an orphanage for gifted children in Winchester, England, where he trains and sends out children with special talents into the world. Watari is skilled in espionage and marksmanship and wears disguises when necessary.


Although he has been a fatherly figure to L since his time at Wammy’s House, he acts as L’s butler in his role as his handler. Watari represents himself with a Cloister Black “W” on computer screens and is known for his fondness for Earl Grey tea and dislike of dirty rooms.



16. Shidoh




Sidoh is a Shinigami whose Death Note is taken by Ryuk and eventually ends up with the Mafia. Despite wearing clothes that obscure his features and being described as “cowardly,” Sidoh is persistent in chasing what he wants, such as his Death Note and chocolate, which he loves.


With little time left in his life, he hopes to retrieve his notebook quickly and eventually track it to the Mafia. To get it back, he agrees to help Mello’s gang against the Japanese Task Force and Near’s SPK.


Death Note 13: How to Read describes him as being intimidated by humans, particularly Mello.



17. Jealous




Gelus is a unique-looking Shinigami who, unlike most of his kind, has a kind and caring personality towards humans. He fell in love with Misa Amane and used his Death Note to save her from her destined murderer, knowing that he would be punished for extending human life.


As a result of his actions, Gelus gave his life to protect Misa and was reduced to dust, leaving behind only his Death Note. His appearance is doll-like, with a patchwork body of mismatched fabric, blue and white skin, a yellow left eye, and small, torn cloth-like wings.


Rem delivered his Death Note to Misa as it was she whom he saved, as she feels it is right.



18. Takada Kiyomi


Takada Kiyomi


Kiyomi Takada, a former classmate and girlfriend of Light Yagami, became Kira’s representative on the NHN television station due to her belief in his ideals. Described as an intelligent and graceful woman, Kiyomi had gained a reputation as “Miss To-Oh” during her time at university.


Her beauty and poise made her very popular with viewers, but her strong sense of pride also made her desire to be the centre of attention. This led to a rivalry with Misa Amane, whom Kiyomi believed was unworthy of Light’s affection.


Another character that seems to be a bit underrated.



19. Yagami Sayu


Yagami Sayu


Sayu Yagami is a secondary character in the Death Note series and the younger sister of Light Yagami. Despite being close to her brother, she remains unaware of his possession of the Death Note and his identity as Kira.


Sayu has brown hair and brown eyes and her appearance evolves as she grows older. During her childhood, she wears her hair in a ponytail and has bangs, but as an adult, she lets her hair down.


Sayu’s behaviour is consistent with her age and she admires Light for his intelligence. In her university years, Sayu becomes more mature and self-sufficient, studying independently.



20. Namikawa Reiji


Namikawa Reiji


Namikawa, a member of the Yotsuba Group and the Vice President of Sales, is highly intelligent and influential, considered the most talented board member. He spent six years in the United States and graduated from Harvard University’s Business Department.


However, he shows no qualms about participating in the murder of Yotsuba’s competitors and sides with Kira until contacted by L. Namikawa is a talented Shogi player, detests useless subordinates, and dies along with the remaining Yotsuba Group members after being killed by Kira.



21. Kenwood Mary


Kenwood Mary


Wedy is a skilled cat burglar employed by L, known for her blonde hair and expertise in surveillance. She often wears sunglasses, bare-shouldered tops, and leather pants or suits, and uses a lowercase “w” to distinguish her communications from Watari’s.


She is recruited by the Japanese Task Force, where she installs bugs in the Yotsuba Group’s meeting room and Kyosuke Higuchi’s cars to covertly monitor their conversations. During an altercation with Higuchi, Soichiro Yagami protects her.


Following L’s death, Light uses the Death Note to write Wedy’s name, leading to her untimely demise in a traffic accident in Colorado.



22. Loud Stephen


Loud Stephen


Stephen Gevanni is a skilled member of SPK, working alongside Near to catch Kira in “Death Note.” He is described as a talented, good-looking individual with abilities such as lock-picking, monitoring, and forgery.


His meticulous analysis of Teru Mikami’s personal habits plays a key role in both Light’s and Near’s plans, allowing Near to swap the real Death Note with a forged one that he and Rester make.


Gevanni is primarily responsible for the SPK’s computers and communication, driving Aizawa, and aiding Near in online confrontations with “L.” In the one-shot chapter set three years after Light’s death, Gevanni can be seen alongside Rester and Lidner during Near’s broadcast to the world as the new L.



23. Bullook Halle


Bullook Halle


Halle Lidner, a former Secret Service and CIA agent collaborates with Near and the SPK to capture Kira, seeking vengeance for a close acquaintance who was murdered by Kyosuke Higuchi, who was impersonating Kira at the time.


Although she is primarily aligned with Near, she shares confidential information with Mello, sometimes at Near’s request. Halle is an intelligent, professional, and committed investigator in the Kira case. She has a fondness for both Near and Mello, even allowing Mello to hide in her apartment and advocating for his actions during the final battle.



24. Mogi Kanzou


Mogi Kanzou


Kanzo Mogi is a member of the Japanese Task Force known for his reserved nature and infrequent speaking. Despite his quiet demeanour, he proves to be an excellent actor, able to convincingly portray Misa Amane’s manager with enthusiasm.


Mogi stays on the Kira case after the majority of his colleagues resign and proves to be an invaluable asset to the team, particularly in intelligence gathering. He takes over as Misa’s manager during the Yotsuba case and assists in the infiltration of the Yotsuba Group.


Later on, Mogi is sent by Mello to New York but is instead interrogated intensely by Near about the Kira case.



25. Shibuimaru Takuo


Shibuimaru Takuo


Takuo Shibuimaru is the second target of Light Yagami’s Death Note. He is a member of a biker gang and harasses a woman on the street. Light, upon hearing his name and witnessing the altercation, writes down all possible name variations and conditions for Shibuimaru’s demise to be caused by a traffic accident.


Soon after, Shibuimaru dies in a motorcycle accident caused by a truck collision. Light experiences guilt over his death, as Shibuimaru was not a criminal. While the manga depicts Shibuimaru and his gang harassing the woman, the anime portrays them attempting to assault her.



26. Yuri




Light Yagami invites a girl named Yuri on a date to an amusement park as part of his plan to obtain Raye Penber’s name. While on the date, the bus they are riding is hijacked, and Light writes a note to Yuri about his plan to take down the hijacker.


Penber warns Light that it’s too dangerous, but Light insists on going through with his plan. He drops a piece of paper from his Death Note onto the floor, and Osoreda, the hijacker, picks it up, leading to his death as written in Light’s Death Note.


Despite the chaos, Yuri still wants to continue with their date, and Light agrees. He later tells her to keep it a secret, as it should only “belong in [their] hearts.”



27. Higuchi Kyousuke


Higuchi Kyousuke


Kyosuke Higuchi holds the position of the head of Technology Development at the Yotsuba Corporation and is unmasked as the third Kira, following Light Yagami and Misa Amane. Rem instructs Higuchi to use the Death Note to kill criminals and use it at his discretion outside of the killings.


Higuchi then meets with the other Yotsuba Group members every week to discuss the elimination of key individuals from rival companies to maintain their business dominance. Eventually, Higuchi’s colleagues become apprehensive of the increasing number of deaths, and they betray him.



28. Rester Anthony


Rester Anthony


Anthony Rester is a dedicated member of the SPK, acting as Near’s second-in-command and operations leader. His professional and calm demeanour, as well as his close relationship with Near, lead Death Note 13: How to Read to refer to him as Near’s guardian.


Rester operates under an alias throughout the Kira investigation, ensuring that he remains unseen by Kira. He frequently assists Near with important matters and can often be found at his side.


Additionally, Rester helps Near with tasks he is not accustomed to completing alone, such as booking flights and flying on planes.



29. Tailor Lind L.


Tailor Lind L.


Lind L. Tailor is a convicted criminal sentenced to die, used by L as a decoy to determine Kira’s location. He introduces himself as L and challenges Kira’s ideologies, prompting Light to write his name in the Death Note.


The real L reveals that Tailor was a stand-in and a criminal on death row, and his information was never made public. L challenges Kira to try to kill him but confirms that Kira needs a person’s real name and face to kill them.


The broadcast was only televised in the Kanto region of Japan, acting as a ploy to catch Kira. This is what this man was all about.



30. Aizawa Yumi


Aizawa Yumi


Yumi Aizawa is the daughter of Shuichi and Eriko Aizawa, with brown hair and eyes. In her first appearance, she spots her father in a park and goes to him.


After he resigns from the Japanese Task Force, he promises to spend more time with her. After a time skip, she comforts him while he investigates Light Yagami’s involvement with the Kira case.


Overall, Yumi is a supportive and caring daughter who deeply values her father’s presence in her life. There isn’t much to her character but she is absolutely adorable.



31. Morello Tierry


Morello Tierry


Aiber, a professional swindler, is known to assist L in his work. He possesses the ability to seamlessly blend into different social groups and is proficient in multiple languages. He derives the most pleasure from conning and leading a risky lifestyle.


Despite being a criminal, he has a good relationship with L and has acknowledged that L saved his life on several occasions. During the investigation of the Yotsuba Group, Aiber took on the role of Eraldo Coil, one of L’s detective identities.


While reluctant to use firearms, he was forced to fire a shot during a pursuit. However, Light later wrote his name in the Death Note, leading to Aiber’s demise.



32. Ryuuga Hideki


Ryuuga Hideki


Hideki Ryuga is a famous Japanese pop star and actor known for his signature yellow-green hair and popularity with women. He is introduced to the story as a character in a TV show watched by Sayu Yagami.


Later, L uses Ryuga’s name as an alias to trap Light, who realizes that using the name could lead to Ryuga’s death. Ryuga himself appears briefly in the story when Misa Amane plays his love interest in a movie, but she refuses to kiss him due to her loyalty to Light.


His role in the story was just to act as a decoy for L and his alias in the series.



33. Yagami Sachiko


Yagami Sachiko


Sachiko Yagami is the mother of Light and Sayu Yagami. Although she is unaware of Light’s possession and utilization of the Death Note, Sachiko is an affectionate and compassionate person who loves her family deeply.


She is particularly concerned about her husband’s well-being, who is working on the Kira case. In addition, Sachiko is proud of her son’s academic achievements and helps her daughter recover after her abduction.


Sachiko frequently appears in the series as she is often at home when Light returns from school and during meals.



34. Demegawa Hitoshi


Demegawa Hitoshi


Hitoshi Demegawa is the director of Sakura TV. He is a short, heavy-set man who wears yellow-tinted glasses and is characterized by his greed and willingness to use public emotions for personal gain.


When he initially refuses to hand over tapes sent by the Second Kira, Soichiro Yagami resorts to holding him at gunpoint to retrieve them. Demegawa later attempts to construct a temple in the name of Kira and asks viewers for monetary donations, which is believed to be a scam.


His greed causes him to deviate from Kira’s goals, leading to his death from a heart attack and replacement as Kira’s spokesperson by Kiyomi Takada.



35. Ide Hideki


Ide Hideki


Hideki Ide is a member of the Japanese Task Force. He is hot-tempered and dislikes foolishness, especially that of his colleague Touta Matsuda. Initially, Ide was sceptical of L’s methods and only joined the team full-time when Light Yagami took over the role of L.


He and Shuichi Aizawa quit the Kira Investigation Team following a falling out with L. Later, when Kyosuke Higuchi is exposed as Yotsuba Kira, they secretly run their investigation and disobey orders to capture him.


Following Light’s exposure and death, Ide is convinced that ending Kira’s reign was necessary, no matter the means used.



36. Kida Masahiko


Kida Masahiko


In Death Note, Masahiko Kida is the Vice President of Rights and Planning at Yotsuba. Described as calm and collected, but very calculating, Kida hired Eraldo Coil to discover the name and face of L, which led to his own downfall.


Kida collected eyeglasses as a hobby and disliked contact lenses. He contacted Eraldo Coil (impersonated by Aiber) and invited him to interview Misa Amane, suspected of being the second Kira and knowing the identity of L. Kida is ultimately killed by Light, along with the remaining Yotsuba Group members, dying of a heart attack.



37. Ooi Takeshi


Ooi Takeshi


Takeshi Ooi, a bald and broad-shouldered man who wears glasses and a black suit, is a member of the Yotsuba Group in Death Note. As the Vice President of VT Enterprises, Ooi is the most influential member of the group who controls meetings and individually contacts other committee members.


Although he’s a law school graduate and a weapon enthusiast, he is portrayed as a tough guy who doesn’t get hung up on details and likes model guns. Ooi dies of a heart attack, like other Yotsuba Group members, due to Light Yagami’s use of the Death Note five months after L’s death.



38. Aizawa Eriko


Aizawa Eriko


Eriko Aizawa, the wife of Shuichi Aizawa and a mother of two, is concerned about her husband’s lack of work-life balance. She has brown hair and brown eyes and is first mentioned when Shuichi arrives at the Japanese Task Force headquarters with a bruise on his head, explaining that he had a fight with Eriko due to his overworking habits.


Later, Eriko is shown walking in the park with her children when her daughter spots Shuichi sitting on a bench. Eriko suggests that he should have informed her about his early arrival so that she could have cooked enough food for everyone.



39. Armonia Justin Beyondormason


Armonia Justin Beyondormason


Armonia Justin Beyondormason is a Shinigami described as a golden skeleton with jewellery, insect-like green wings, and a skull throne. He tells Sidoh that Ryuk stole his Death Note, giving him scrolls to guide his interactions with humans.


Armonia is an intelligent, “conceited” advisor to the Shinigami King, with an upgraded robotic body in The a-Kira Story. In 2019, he visits the human world to inform Ryuk about a request from the King of Death for an audience.


However, when Ryuk asks why, Armonia leaves without explaining.



40. John McEnroe


John McEnroe


John McEnroe, a member of the SPK and an FBI agent, is a well-built man with dark blond hair and small eyes that he parts to the side. He typically wears a black suit, a tie, and a white dress shirt.


In Part II, he arrives at the Japanese National Police Agency headquarters to request the Death Note in their possession to be handed over to the United States government and the SPK.


After NPA head Takimura’s death, Mello abducts Soichiro’s daughter Sayu and coerces him to give the Death Note to the Mafia. McEnroe picks up the Yagamis by helicopter and transports them to Los Angeles where Near interrogates them about the kidnappers.



41. Ill Ratt


Ill Ratt


Ill Ratt, a member of the SPK, works as a spy for Mello and is depicted with short brown hair and wearing a black suit and tie. Ratt collects information about the Death Note and shares it with Mello.


Later, Steve Mason instructs Ratt to get John McEnroe to pick up Soichiro Yagami and his daughter Sayu, who is taken hostage by Mello and the Mafia. When Mello acquires the Death Note, he uses it to kill the majority of the other SPK members, including Ratt.


In an effort to prevent Near and the Mafia from gaining any information through him, Ratt takes his own life, ensuring Mello’s plan to keep him away from the other side is successful.



42. Hatori Arayoshi


Hatori Arayoshi


Arayoshi Hatori is a member of the Yotsuba Group and the Vice President of Marketing. He benefits from being the illegitimate son of the company president, although he appears to be incapable of handling the pressure of meetings.


Despite this, he participates in the Meetings of Death. During one of these meetings, Hatori carelessly mentions leaving Yotsuba, which angers the other members. He quickly retracts his words but is still killed by Kyosuke Higuchi, the Yotsuba Kira.


The remaining Yotsuba members are apathetic towards his death, but the Task Force members are disgusted.



43. Jose




Jose is a member of the Mafia led by Rod Ross, characterized by his black hair, dark eyes, and black tank top. During the Japanese Task Force’s raid on the Mafia hideout to recover the Death Note, Jose is present in the same room as Soichiro Yagami and Mello.


He feigns death until he sees an opportunity. Jose seizes a machine gun and fires at Soichiro, causing him severe injuries, while Mello distracts him. Despite Jose’s efforts to retrieve the Death Note from Soichiro’s grasp, he fails.


Later, the Task Force members enter and kill Jose.



44. Kitamura Koreyoshi


Kitamura Koreyoshi


Koreyoshi Kitamura is the Deputy Director of the National Police Agency and the superior of Soichiro Yagami. He and his family were investigated by FBI agent Raye Penber over the leaking of information to Kira.


After Penber’s death, L ordered similar investigations on both families. Kitamura later helped Soichiro out of a dangerous situation when he seized the Kira tapes from a broadcasting station, but later called off the Kira investigation due to pressure from politicians and the Yotsuba Group.


He offered Soichiro the chance to continue the hunt for Kira if he cut off all ties with L, but Soichiro and the Kira Investigation Team decided to quit the police force and continue to work with L, eventually exposing Yotsuba’s connection to Kira.



45. Kollet Pedro


Kollet Pedro


Pedoro Kollet is a member of the Mafia and, together with Eddie, is assigned to watch over Kanichi Takimura. He has dark skin and braided hair, and he wears a black suit in the manga and a white suit in the anime.


Pedoro and Eddie are in charge of questioning Takimura after abducting him. When Kitamura commits suicide by hanging himself with his necktie, Pedoro is scared and reports it to Mello and Ross.


During the Japanese Task Force’s attack on the hideout, Pedoro and several of his fellow Mafia members die of a heart attack.



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