The Resort Season 2: Everything We Know So Far

The Resort


“The Resort” is a true-crime conspiracy story that blends dark comedy and romance in interesting ways. It features a married couple whose relationship is tested during an anniversary trip when they find themselves getting entangled in one of the biggest unsolved crimes in the Yucatan.


This crime remains a mystery even after fifteen years; fictionally speaking, of course. It involves a murder, the disappearance of two young adults, and a once-in-a-century hurricane.


These seemingly disparate, and rather insane, elements are neatly connected in the plot as it progresses, delivering a show that’s equally captivating and entertaining.


To solve the crime at the heart of this kooky dramedy, the bored couple has to unravel some of life’s big questions.


It all begins in a luxury hotel where they unearth important clues about a missing boy. This American web series was originally created by Andy Siara for television.


It was directed by Ben Sinclair, Daniel Garcia, Ranua Attieh, and Ariel Kleiman. The Resort was produced by All For Ramonez, Esmail Corp., Quadraturin, Universal Content Productions, and Anonymous Content.


The first episode of The Resort was released on the OTT platform Peacock TV on 28 July 2022. The final episode of The Resort season one aired on 1st September 2022.




Official Announcement for The Resort Season 2


Streaming as a Peacock TV Original, The Resort season 1 enjoyed a nice run. However, the production companies have not begun filming on season 2 of The Resort.


There has also been no news of a potential renewal. This has certainly left fans of this show in a lurch.


But we remain hopeful, because the first season of The Resort currently enjoys a 7.4 IMDb rating, not to forget its 88% score on Rotten Tomatoes and the 3/5 it got from Common Sense Media.


These, and other ratings, have only proven that The Resort has pushed its way up the ranks and has stood out in the audience-approval crowd.


It will be nice to see a season 2 of The Resort, but for the time being, all crime-thriller and murder-vacation fans are going to have to wait.




Previous Seasons & Episodes of The Resort


Spread across eight episodes, The Resort takes viewers through a hot pot of murder-mystery madness, couples drama, dark comedy, and thrills galore.


The core plot centres on Emma and Noah. The young couple (both of whom work as teachers), on the occasion of their tenth wedding anniversary, decided to visit the Riviera Mayan in Mexico.


Something changed between them after the unforeseen death of their only daughter. So the couple aims to rejuvenate their relationship with their trip to Mexico where, instead of finding fun, closure, and bonding, they come across a strange clue.


The old Motorola Razr phone they find apparently belonged to a man named Sam who, along with a woman named Violent, went missing more than fifteen years ago.


Emma grows determined to solve this mystery with her husband, resulting in all sorts of crazy twists and maddening turns.


One of the most emotional and beautiful elements in The Resort was the concept of Pasaje. This timeless Mexican belief involves a mystical place where people who lost a loved one can go to ‘see’ them again.


There’s a magical element associated with this belief and it requires someone to ‘anchor’ the memory seeker as they enter the Pasaje. And of course, Emma and Noah get lost in the Pasaje during their attempt to reconnect with their dead daughter.


This leads to all sorts of captivating plot-based connections and heartfelt moments, not to forget a generous helping of dark comedy to sweeten the mystery pot.




Where to Watch The Resort


If you want a story that combines dark comedy, mystery, murder, thriller, and rom-com-style relationship drama, The Resort may have what you’re hungry to stream.


Speaking of which, season 1 of The Resort is currently available on Peacock TV as well as Hulu. You can stream it via Peacock TV USA, Sky TV UK, and Fubo TV Canada.




The Resort Series Google Trends Analysis


Between the show’s air date, on July 28 2022, and when the finale went live, on Sept 1 2022, The Resort season 1 received various degrees of attention.


For starters, the show’s popularity peaked in July, starting from the 17th to the 31st of that month in 2022.


August and September still had several high points on the Google Trends charts for that year. The Resort was getting acclaim and positive reviews all round during this time, from all over the world.


The countries with the most interest were Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Ireland, and the United States. However, by the time October came along, the finale had aired and the show’s popularity gradually faded.


That’s not to say interest in The Resort season 1 is low. In fact, there are still dozens of hits on the Google Trends analyses charts all through that year from a global audience.


Though interest in the show has drastically reduced, there are still people out there tuning in to watch The Resort, even as recently as August 2023.



The Resort’s Social Media Engagement


Online users took to their favourite social media platforms to talk about The Resort season one around the time it aired in July 2022. Social media was rich in audience reactions to the show.


Many of them found the characters worked well off each other. They also liked the husband-wife dynamics in the plotline. In some cases, Emma was associated with the popular female fictional detective Nancy Drew.


Much of the plot highlighted Emma’s character in similar fashion, so this made sense. Married couples also enjoyed watching The Resort. They were hooked to the series and loved how relatable it was.


Users found the feel-good angles on point. Some even called the plot a mysterious feel-good comedy.


Expected Plot of The Resort Season 2


Since no season 2 has been greenlit for The Resort, it will be challenging to speculate on what the potential plotline will be going forward.


However, some online users did share pointers on what may be explored in a second season. For instance, in episode 8 we saw Baltasar Frías expressing a keen interest, to his wife Luna, to explore the Pasaje even more.


Luna refuses him and her husband heads elsewhere. But then the scene shows Luna smiling as she reads something on a piece of paper Baltasar left with her.


This prompted rumours that season 2 of The Resort may focus on Baltasar’s unrelenting interest in the Pasaje. It may also delve into what Luna saw on that piece of paper, which could in turn create a new tangent for her character in season 2.


Since the Pasaje could be involved (in theory, at least), more time-bending possibilities may ensue in season 2, particularly around Baltasar’s possible need to re-enter the ‘dimension’ of lost memories.


However, since no season 2 has been announced, we may never get to see if these theories are true or if the team chose to take an entirely novel approach to Luna and Baltasar’s character arcs.


Well, as long as there is no death or divorce between them, fans may remain open to see what happens.


Top 8 Characters in The ResortCharacters often carry a plot, especially one as multi-genre as this. The Resort has a good amount of noteworthy characters who make it feel relatable and rooted.


Let’s explore some of the main characters who made this show a success.


1. Emma Reed

Emma Reed


Emma is one of the American tourist couples who play a vital role in The Resort. She is on vacation with her hubby at Quintana Roo, where the two decide to celebrate their 10-year anniversary.


She comes across a major clue to a 15-year-old murder mystery going back to 2007 that prompts her to investigate.


The disappearance in question has to do with two Americans, which makes her even more concerned to learn more.


Emma Reed is played by Cristin Milioti.


2. Noah Reed

Noah Reed


Noah is Emma’s husband and he goes with her to Quintana Roo to celebrate ten years of being together. He does not say no when she asks for help, in fact, he goes with her to investigate the clue they discover, which ties in with an old missing persons case.


Noah chooses to keep his wife happy and loved. As time goes on, he too is completely drawn into the Caribbean mystery at the heart of The Resort.


Noah Reed is played by William Jackson Harper.


3. Baltasar Frías

Baltasar Frías


The Bahia del Paraiso’s head of security is not to be trifled with. There is a lot more to Baltasar than meets the eye.


He is not only from a wealthy family but also a tailor who had dreams of becoming a detective.


As multi-layered characters go, Baltasar brings plenty of elements to The Resort that are worth appreciating. He even has an incredible story about how one of his former bosses leaked memories from his body.


Baltasar Frías is played by Luis Gerardo Mendez (younger version by Exel Munoz).


4. Sam Lawford

Sam Lawford


15 years ago (in 2007), two American tourists went missing. This is the main mystery in The Resort which they reveal through important flashbacks.


One of those tourists is Sam, from San Diego. His stay at the Bahia del Paraiso was short-lived, and his disappearance has never been solved.


At that time, he used to hang out with another vacationer, Violet, with whom he gradually fell in love.


This was after he came to know that his girlfriend had been cheating on him. Sam Lawford is played by Skyler Gisondo.


5. Violet Thompson

Violet Thompson


The other tourist who went missing in 2007 from Bahia del Paraiso is Violet, from Detroit. She came to vacation at Bahia along with her father.


Here, she met Sam and the two became fast friends, which swiftly bloomed into a romance. Her disappearance happened at around the same time as Sam’s, and what happened to them both is still a mystery.


Violet Thompson is played by Nina Bloomgarden.


6. Luna



One of the long-time employees at the Bahia del Paraiso is Luna. She grew up without a family, whom she lost in a car accident.


As a lesbian and self-made young woman, there seems to be more to Luna than some people assume just by looking at her.


She sees in Baltasar the brother she never had. The two of them are up to something suspicious in The Resort.


Luna is played by Gabriela Cartol.


7. Murray Thompson

Murray Thompson


Murray is Violet’s father and a widower. He has accompanied his daughter to Bahia del Paraiso where he hopes to find much-needed rest and relaxation.


Around New Year’s Eve in 2007, he tries to get Violet to spend more time with him, but her refusal to do so frustrates Murray.


Then comes the news that she and a boy called Sam have mysteriously disappeared. Murray Thompson is played by Nick Offerman.


8. Hanna



Hanna is the girl Sam broke up with after he came to know she was cheating on him with her professor, of all people.


In the 2007 timeline incorporated in the show, she is seen travelling with Sam to Mexico. During this time, she cheats on him, thus pushing a heartbroken Sam into Violet’s orbit.


Hanna is played by Debby Ryan.



Important Crew Members in The Resort


The Resort deserves praise for having some of the most skilled and creative people working behind the scenes to make the show a success.


Here are a few notable names who have done great work on other popular projects.


1. Ben Sinclair – Director

Ben Sinclair – Director


Ben has done some amazing work in hit shows like Dave and High Maintenance, both of which he executive produced.


He has acted in movies like Thor: Love And Thunder. His directorial prowess is best exemplified by his work in the series Poker Face.


2. Dagny Looper – Writer

Dagny Looper – Writer


Dagny has written for some amazing shows like Strange Angel and See. Before that, she worked on praiseworthy short films like A Better Man, The Lipstick Stain, and Tiny Mammals.


3. Allison Miller – Writer

allison miller – writer


Allison has some impressive writing credits under her belt. She has worked on outstanding shows like Spartacus, Angelyne, Brave New World, Second Chance, Defiance, and Helix.


She has also worked as a producer on projects like Strange Angel, Briarpatch, and Cipher.


4. Sam Esmail – Writer

Sam Esmail – Writer


In addition to his exceptional work on shows like Gaslit and Mr. Robot, Sam has been part of major projects like Mockingbird, Homecoming, and Comet.


He has executive-produced projects like Risk, Hacking Robot, Angelyne, and Briarpatch.


5. Bret August Tanzer – Production Designer

 Bret August Tanzer – Production Designer



Bret’s production design is sought-after in show business. He was one of the art directors in unforgettable movies like The Dark Knight and Contagion.


His work in series includes hits like Sirens, Shameless, Patriot, Werewolves Within, The Chi, and Supernatural.



Top 3 Shows Like The Resort


Enjoyed watching The Resort season 1? You may also appreciate what the following three shows have to bring to your weekend watchlist.


1. Dead To Me

Dead To Me


This dark comedy unravels in Laguna Beach, California, and shares some interesting parallels to what fans have seen in The Resort.


It focuses on two women – Jen (played by Christina Applegate) and Judy (played by Linda Cardellini) – who have their own tragic backstories.


They become best friends but secrets simmer just under the surface. Judy apparently knows more than she is letting on about the death of Jen’s husband. Dead To Me is streaming on Netflix.


2. The White Lotus

The White Lotus


This miniseries centres on snooty, spoiled, rich people and the hotel staff who serve them. As relatable as it is funny, the murder-mystery at the heart of this dramedy makes it a great choice for fans of The Resort.


This one is set in a Hawaiian hotel called White Lotus, which is the epitome of luxury. The series has an amazing cast that includes Jennifer Coolidge Steve Zahn, Connie Britton, and Sydney Sweeney.


Together they take the words ‘privilege’ and ‘class’ to comedic new heights. The White Lotus is streaming on HBO Max.


3. Lost



Granted, this is not a recent show (it aired in 2004). But Lost set a gold standard for how mysteries and murders are showcased in a long-form TV series format.


J. J. Abrams and Damon Lindelof did exemplary work bringing this intricate misadventure to life. It features a motley group of men and women who survive a plane crash only to get lost on a strange island where mysteries of all kinds gradually unfold.


In a lot of ways, this series shares much in common with the relatively recent Resort. It stars remarkable artists like Matthew Fox, Evangeline Lilly, Josh Holloway, Dominic Monaghan, Henry Ian Cusick, Daniel Dae Kim, Daniel Dae Kim, Yunjin Kim, Jorge Garcia, and Elizabeth Mitchell.


Lost is streaming on Apple TV, Hulu, and Amazon Prime VOD.


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