Tomodachi Game Season 2: Everything We Know So Far

Tomodachi Game Season 2


Tomodachi Game, a captivating Japanese manga crafted by the talented Yuki Sato, first made its appearance in December 2013 in the prestigious Kodansha’s Bessatsu Shonen Magazine. This manga’s animated version takes the form of a gripping psychological thriller, weaving a narrative that follows Yuichi Katagiri, a high schooler known for his strong bonds with his close-knit group of classmates over the years.


However, the story takes an intriguing turn when a staggering 2 million yen (approximately US$20,000) disappears from the school trip funds, thrusting Yuichi and his friends into the mysterious world of the Tomodachi Game—a consequence of someone’s debt.


The core of their friendship faces an ultimate test, entangled with the temptation of wealth. The storyline centres around a card game created by the characters themselves, a game that involves challenging friends with risky and humiliating tasks.


Within Tomodachi Game’s narrative lies a poignant commentary on the Japanese educational system, shedding light on the immense pressure young individuals endure while chasing academic and career success. The TV adaptation, orchestrated by Okuruto Noboru, graced screens from April to June 2022, captivating viewers with its unfolding mystery.




Official Announcement of Tomodachi Game Season 2


Tomodachi Game, the psychological thriller anime, has captured the attention of global anime enthusiasts and earned acclaim from critics for its expertly constructed premise and compelling storytelling. The inaugural season of the anime adaptation aired from April to June 2022.


As of now, there’s no official word on the arrival of Tomodachi Game Season 2. However, there’s a chance that the second season could grace our screens in 2023. Fans are urged to stay tuned for upcoming updates on Tomodachi Game Season 2.


The series is new in the business and hasn’t established itself as one of the best. However, that doesn’t mean that the anime isn’t suitable for another season. It just means that the hype for the show isn’t as insane as it could be.


The outcome of this is in the hands of the future. But as fans of the show, you can just pray and anticipate about the second season for now.




Previous Seasons and Episodes of Tomodachi Game


Tomodachi Game aired during the Spring Season of 2022. It started back on April 6, 2022, and ended on June 22, 2022. A grand total of 12 episodes were aired on TV and all of them ran for around 22 mins.


This anime was created by Okuruto Noboru Studio, which is also responsible for amazing shows like How Not to Summon a Demon Lord and The Hidden Dungeon Only I Can Enter.


Moreover, it has received a generous rating of 7.72 on MyAnimeList. The series is directed by Ogura Hirofumi who happens to be the mastermind behind JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders and Gintama.


The series has a ton of cool episodes that you can enjoy within a few hours.




Where to watch Tomodachi Game


The first season of Tomodachi Game is available on Crunchyroll. So if you wish to enjoy some incredible anime tonight then get yourself a Crunchyroll account and start binge-watching this series right now.




Google Trends Data Analysis for Tomodachi Game


Mostly moving within the range of 30 and 70, Tomodachi Game seems to have received consistent searches from fans all around the globe. It appears that the series hasn’t had any sudden spikes, showcasing the continuous and consistent popularity of the anime.


And this can be good news for fans since it indicates that the show is in constant demand. The series interest spiked between August 13 to August 19 of 2023.


However, it doesn’t seem to have occurred due to any particular catalyst. All in all, the graph seems to be positive and this can potentially mean that the creation of another season will be under the radar.


However, this is all just speculation and nothing can be said for sure without any authoritative backing.



Social Media Engagement for Tomodachi Game


The hype for Tomodachi Game isn’t as insane as you might expect. And it does make a lot of sense considering that it isn’t a mainstream Shounen anime. However, all those who have watched the first season are anticipating another season as well.


Some people are assuming that the series might not get renewed because there’s no reason for it to be, while others are anticipating that the show is popular enough to get another season.


The number of articles written about Tomodachi Game isn’t much either. And this goes on to show that the series isn’t as hyped as you might think. However, this is just a speculation and maybe one single teaser for a potential season 2 will change the dynamic and trajectory of the show altogether.



Expected Plot of Tomodachi Game


The first season of Tomodachi Game concludes with a powerful message: “What matters most to me is…” Maria unveils a shocking revelation about Makoto – his father’s passing has saddled him with an immense 500 million dollar debt.


This disclosure prompts Makoto to ponder whether Tenji and Yutori will give precedence to their bond of friendship or their financial stability. Yuichi awakens briefly, urging Tenji to persist in uncovering the truth, and then drifts back into slumber.


Yuichi’s assertion of valuing people over wealth strikes a chord. Tenji announces his departure, and Yutori’s trust in Yuichi’s words solidifies her decision to support Tenji. A twist in the tale lands Tenji and Yutori in a courtroom overseen by Judge Manabu.


This sets the stage for the fourth game, “Friendship Guilt Court.” Season 1’s narrative drew inspiration from Volume 6: Chapter 26 of the novel. Season 2’s premiere episode will be based on Chapter 27 of Volume 6, titled “You Guys Are Friends, Aren’t You?” This chapter marks the outset of Game 4: Friendship Guilt Court, laying the foundation for the second season’s core plot.


Opting out of the game invites trouble, potentially jeopardizing Makoto Shibe’s chance at a simulated trial against Manabu in Game 5. Accused of his father’s murder, Makoto confronts damning evidence including weapon prints, his father’s blood on his attire, and witnesses placing him at the crime scene.



Important Characters in Tomodachi Game


The show became so much more engaging when the following 5 characters ruled the screen. The series just took things to the next level with these individuals as part of the story.


Let’s have a closer look at them.


1. Yuichi Katagiri

Yuichi Katagiri


Yuichi Katagiri is a perceptive high schooler. He treasures friendship above all, marked by his knack for deciphering people and situations. Despite a puzzling past and modest upbringing, he strives to amass funds for a school trip.


But misfortune strikes as his savings, alongside class funds, vanish. This event thrusts him and his friends into a web of enigmatic games, challenging their bonds and concealed truths. Yuichi embodies kindness, using wit and charm to outmanoeuvre rivals while shielding his companions.


Yet, he harbours a concealed shadow: a skilled con artist entangled in a web of deceit since youth, burdened by a 20-million-yen debt to an enigmatic group, which coerces his participation.


2. Shiho Sawaragi

Shiho Sawaragi


Shiho Sawaragi is Yuichi Katagiri’s childhood friend, exuding cheer and vitality. Esteemed at school, her singing prowess shines. A loyal friend, she often mediates within the group. As one of five pals coerced into perplexing trials, her optimism shines, especially for her crush, Yuichi.


Yet, a concealed struggle looms; she battles a severe ailment causing frequent blood coughing. The motive behind her game participation is funding her treatment and cherishing moments with friends. Yume Miyamoto voices her in Japanese, Caitlin Glass in English; Rio Uchida takes on the role in live adaptations.


Despite adversity, Shiho’s bravery and compassion make her an adored and empathetic character, evoking creative tributes from fans.


3. Tenji Mikasa

Tenji Mikasa


Tenji Mikasa is a childhood friend of protagonist Yuichi Katagiri and exudes a composed and collected demeanour. His intellect and athleticism shine through diverse sports and games. Protective of his comrades, he often assumes command.


One of the five pals coerced into intricate trials, Tenji’s rationality and analysis fuel strategic solutions. Yet, a concealed facet lingers; he secretly loves Shiho Sawaragi, another friend, leading to a complex dynamic with admired yet envied Yuichi.


Voiced by Daiki Hamano in Japanese, and Josh Bangle in English, and portrayed by Yuki Yamada in live adaptations, Tenji’s charisma lies in his intelligence and leadership. Admirers even craft tributes, including poems, songs, and fan art.


4. Makoto Shibe

Makoto Shibe


Makoto, a childhood companion of protagonist Yuichi Katagiri, adds humour and optimism to the mix. His outgoing nature complements his knack for jokes and pranks. Adept at drawing, he carries a fondness for Shiho Sawaragi.


Part of the group of five friends ensnared in intricate games scrutinizing their bonds, Makoto offers unwavering support while sprinkling humour to uplift spirits. Beneath the surface, a concealed facet emerges; hailing from wealth, he despises his family’s lifestyle.


He’s driven to the game to escape this life and prove himself to his friends. Voiced by Tomohiro Ono in Japanese, and Aaron Campbell in English, and portrayed by Shimon Okura in live adaptations, Makoto’s relatable charm shines through creativity and bravery in the games.


Admirers celebrate him with poems, songs, and fan art.


5. Yutori Kokorogi

Yutori Kokorogi


A timid high school student, Yutori, stands out for her kindness and love for reading and games. Her puzzle-solving skills aid Yuichi’s strategies. As one of five friends entangled in perplexing trials scrutinising their bonds, Yutori’s loyalty and gentleness shine, while conflict avoidance is her approach.


Yet, beneath the surface lies a concealed aspect; Yutori grapples with dissociative identity disorder, resulting in two contrasting personalities. One exudes adorableness, the other a brutal, violent, and narcissistic nature.


Voiced by Satomi Amano in Japanese, and Dani Chambers in English, and portrayed by Nagi Nemoto in live adaptations, Yutori’s complexity captivates. Her enigmatic dualities surface within the games, making her a subject of multiple fan creations.



Important Crew Members of Tomodachi Game


Tomodachi Game is a show that manages to entertain the audience in completely unexpected ways. And a huge credit for that goes to the staff of the anime. Let’s take a closer look at them.


1. Hirofumi Ogura

Hirofumi Ogura


He is the director of the anime Tomodachi Game, which means he is responsible for overseeing the overall production and creative vision of the show. He has a lot of experience in directing anime, especially in the genres of action, mystery, and fantasy.


Some of his previous works include Black Butler, InuYasha, Death Parade, and Cells at Work! He is known for his dynamic and expressive animation style, as well as his ability to create suspenseful and engaging stories.


2. Kenta Ihara

Kenta Ihara


Kenta Ihara, a renowned Japanese screenwriter, has left his mark on numerous beloved anime series. Among his notable contributions are scripts for shows like “Saga of Tanya the Evil,” “Ajin,” and “Cautious Hero: The Hero Is Overpowered but Overly Cautious.” Beyond his screenwriting prowess, Ihara has explored various roles within the anime realm, encompassing positions in the script, continuity, and art departments.


His work has garnered award nominations, and his portfolio extends to impactful works like “Trapped in a Dating Sim: The World of Otome Games is Tough for Mobs,” “Tomodachi Game,” and “Vinland Saga.” With several upcoming projects, Ihara’s dynamic influence and active participation persist within the anime industry.


3. Yuki Sato

Yuki Sato


Yuki Sato is a Japanese manga artist who is the creator of the original manga “Tomodachi Game” on which the anime is based. He is also known for his work on other manga series such as “Dead Tube”.


Satô’s work often explores themes of friendship, betrayal, and the darker side of human nature. His art style is characterized by detailed and expressive character designs and dynamic panel layouts.


4. Micoto Yamaguchi

Micoto Yamaguchi, also known as Mikoto Yamaguchi, stands as a prominent Japanese manga artist renowned for crafting the original manga “Tomodachi Game,” forming the foundation for the anime adaptation. Born on September 8, 1979, in Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan, Yamaguchi presently resides in Saitama Prefecture, Japan.


Beyond the realm of “Tomodachi Game,” Yamaguchi’s creative scope encompasses additional manga series like “Dead Tube,” “Maken-Ki!,” and “Gun x Clover.” Notably, Yamaguchi’s artistic endeavours often delve into intricate, multi-layered narratives interwoven with unforeseen twists and turns, adding to the depth and intrigue of the storytelling.


5. Shihori



Shihori, a skilled Japanese singer-songwriter and composer, boasts a substantial portfolio within the anime realm. Her creative journey extends across movies, anime, games, and TV commercials, with remarkable contributions gracing productions such as “Fairy Tail” and “Irregular at Magic High School.” Noted for her robust vocal prowess and emotive renditions, Shihori consistently delivers performances that resonate deeply.


Her musical compositions frequently embrace soaring melodies and intricately woven harmonies, seamlessly synchronizing with the visual tapestry of the anime projects she collaborates on.



Similar Shows like Tomodachi Game


To be fair, this anime is a lot more captivating than you might anticipate. And so, it does make sense for you to search for other anime that are similar to this one.


Therefore, we have some anime recommendations for you if you love Tomodachi Game.


1. Classroom Of The Elite

Classroom Of The Elite


Classroom of the Elite stands as a Japanese light novel series penned by Shōgo Kinugasa and brought to life visually by Shunsaku Tomose. This literary creation underwent a transformation into an anime TV series, gracing screens from July 12, 2017, to September 27, 2017.


Set in the esteemed Tokyo Metropolitan Advanced Nurturing School, the narrative orbits around the institution’s mission to cultivate future leaders. The student body is stratified into classes according to academic prowess, with Class A reigning supreme and Class D occupying the lower echelon.


Central figure Kiyotaka Ayanokōji, part of Class D, masks his true aptitude and orchestrates the class dynamics to his benefit. This anime delves into the realms of meritocracy, social structure, and human behaviour, crafting an insightful exploration.


2. Danganronpa



Danganronpa, the Japanese anime series, springs from the video game franchise bearing the same name. The inaugural season, titled “Danganronpa: The Animation,” graced screens from July 4, 2013, to September 26, 2013.


The tale revolves around a cluster of high school students ensnared within a school, compelled into a perilous contest where survival hinges on eliminating their peers. At the helm is Makoto Naegi, the central figure, who must harness his intellect and sleuthing acumen to unearth the game’s truths and forge an escape route.


Renowned for its eerie and tense narrative, the anime boasts a vibrant assortment of characters, contributing to its captivating essence.


3. Kakegurui



Kakegurui is an anime that draws its roots from the manga of the same name, authored by Homura Kawamoto and illustrated by Tōru Naomura. The inaugural season unfolded from July 1, 2017, to September 23, 2017.


The narrative’s backdrop is the Hyakkaou Private Academy, an esteemed institution where students’ prowess isn’t gauged through academics, but by their prowess in gambling. The central character, Yumeko Jabami, a transfer student, swiftly garners recognition for her remarkable gambling acumen and her penchant for high-stakes games.


Within this anime, themes of daring risks, addiction, and the corrupting grasp of power come to the forefront. Noted for its gripping and suspenseful gambling sequences, the show is also acclaimed for its diverse array of characters.


4. Darwin’s Game

Darwin’s Game


Darwin’s Game stems from the manga of the same title authored by FLIPFLOPs. Its inaugural season aired from January 3, 2020, to March 20, 2020. The narrative orbits around Kaname Sudō, a high school student who’s entrapped in the enigmatic mobile game “Darwin’s Game.” This virtual realm thrusts participants into real-life confrontations, harnessing “Sigils,” unique powers, to vie for survival.


As Kaname’s involvement deepens, he’s immersed in a treacherous realm of allegiances and deceit, compelled to unravel the game’s enigma while seeking a route to endure. The anime carves its identity with riveting action sequences and a multi-layered storyline.


5. Kaiji: Ultimate Survivor

Kaiji: Ultimate Survivor


Kaiji: Ultimate Survivor,” a Japanese anime, originates from the manga penned by Nobuyuki Fukumoto, sharing the same title. The inaugural season graced screens from October 2, 2007, to April 1, 2008.


The narrative’s focal point is Kaiji Itō, a young man grappling with misfortune, who becomes entwined in the perilous underbelly of clandestine gambling. In this shadowy realm, Kaiji’s survival rests on his intellect and resourcefulness as he confronts an array of high-stakes games and trials, all while striving to settle his debts and secure his freedom.


The anime captivates audiences with its gripping and suspenseful gambling sequences, while also delving into themes encompassing human nature, avarice, and the corrupting pull of wealth.


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