Z: The Beginning Of Everything Season 2: Everything We Know So Far

Z: The Beginning Of Everything


Created by Dawn Prestwich and Nicole Yorkin, ‘Z: The Beginning of Everything’ is a dramedy based on based on the life of Zelda Sayre Fitzgerald. In the story, we get to see how the charming and talented Southern Belle goes on to become the original flapper and icon of the wild Jazz Age in the 20s.


However, aside from the lady’s professional rise, we are also shown the relationship that she shared with her husband and popular writer F. Scott Fitzgerald. Just like the latter’s novels, his chemistry with his wife feels like a passionate, alcohol-fueled drama which chronicles their journey to the peak of the literary upper echelon.


As the story kicks off, we are introduced to Christina Ricci’s young and ambitious Zelda Sayre, who wants nothing more than to break free from her monotonous life in Montgomery.


Sooner than later, she stumbles upon a soldier named David Hoflin’s F. Scott Fitzgerald, the culmination of which is one of the most famous romances of the twentieth century. Actors Jamie Anne Allman, David Strathairn, Corey Cott, Jordan Dean, Natalie Knepp, Christina Bennett Lind, and Holly Curran can also be seen playing a supporting role in the period drama series.




Official Announcement Of Z: The Beginning Of Everything Season 2


‘Z: The Beginning of Everything’ opened to generally mixed reviews in the second half of 2015. While those who took an interest in the popular author’s life and the genre seemed to have found it to be decent, others thought its story to be repetitive and lacking depth.


Critics also pointed out that the show’s characterizations seldom went beyond the rudimentary and its dialogue was often clunky and not as remarkable as it should have been, given that the story comprised a character based on an incredibly popular writer.


Despite these shortcomings, the streaming platform had already decided to go ahead with the second season. However, a decision was finally made to cancel it, which came as a total surprise to its makers since the Z team had reportedly started working on the second edition.


Matter of fact, it’s been said that the series was already in preproduction and its writers were busy penning scripts for the second season when it was called off for good.


That being said, this abrupt decision by the streaming giant has also made people wonder if it costs a lot to produce. After all, a lot of shows across various digital platforms have been cancelled due to their high cost of production.




Previous Season and Episodes Of Z: The Beginning Of Everything


If you have seen the first season, you’d have noticed that Christina Ricci has done her best to bring her character to life. Like many others, she too seemed to have common misconceptions about Zelda and her complicated life.


So, if you too somehow believed that she was a bizarre, alcoholic woman who ruined F Scott Fitzgerald’s life, this show has certainly a lot to offer. While Seeing Ricci play the part is refreshing, it is also enlightening in the way that she goes on to clear certain misconceptions about the woman.


Add to that the fact that we also get to see how Zelda stumbles upon the man of her dreams and kicks off a romance that manages to make the headlines.


By the end of the debut season, Scott seems more like an immature child than a genius. While certain instances shown in the story may or may not be true, it is a fact that the show fails to unite his disparate qualities in nuanced ways.


Some of the best episodes in the biography series are ‘Pilot’, ‘You, Me and Us’, ‘The It Girl’, ‘Best of All’, and ‘Quicksand’. There are ten episodes in the first season of the show, each of which is about half an hour long.




Where To Watch Z: The Beginning Of Everything


‘Z: The Beginning of Everything’ is available for streaming on Amazon Freevee and Amazon Prime Video in the United States of America. Viewers in Canada and the United Kingdom can catch it comfortably on Amazon Prime Video.




Google Trends Data Analysis Of Z: The Beginning Of Everything Season 2


Based on the novel Z: A Novel of Zelda Fitzgerald by Therese Anne Fowler, the period drama series made its debut over eight years ago. It currently holds a fair rating of 69 per cent on Rotten Tomatoes and 7 on IMDb.


However, as of this moment, the Christina Ricci-starrer stands cancelled. Since Amazon has decided not to go ahead with the project after spending a certain amount on its pre-production, it is obvious that the viewers’ interest in the same is going to decline with the passage of time.


Indeed, the search trends related to the second season of the series have shown predictable behaviour. While there has been a minimal increase in the search trends related to the second season of the show from time to time, they are followed by days where the trending has hit rock bottom.


This pattern cannot be called erratic since the executives at Amazon may have simply decided that the cost of a Season 2 outweighed any other reason for continuing the series.


Therefore, we are certain that the search trends related to the second season of the show may only continue to dip from here on out.



Social Media Engagement For Z: The Beginning Of Everything Season 2


Those who have seen ‘Z: The Beginning of Everything’ certainly seem to have an opinion about it. Its 10-episode first season managed to reflect upon F. Scott Fitzgerald’s relationship with his wife Zelda and evoked a reaction among its niche viewer base.


While some users were quite vocal about having enjoyed the semi-fictionalized series on Amazon about the great author and his beloved spouse, others were simply put off by the fact that the streaming giant decided to cancel the show after just one season when so many aspects of their lives could have further been explored.


That being said, some people on X (Twitter) liked the show because it aimed to offer them something different without succumbing to the “necessities” of modern-day Hollywood. So, if you’re someone who has read Scott and wants to learn more about him or his wife, you should give this on-screen portrayal of their booze-soaked journey a try.



Expected Plot Of Z: The Beginning Of Everything Season 2


Since Amazon had renewed the show before finally cancelling it for good, there is a possibility that the stakeholders may have heard a good pitch for the second edition. However, now that the second season has been called off, it is a bit tough to guess what the story in the second season could have looked like.


If you’ve seen the debut edition of the series, you’d have seen how it tries to include various aspects of F. Scott Fitzgerald and Zelda Sayre Fitzgerald’s life as a couple.


A second season could have gone deeper into the same and may have even taken the liberty to show some important chapters from their respective childhoods. Unfortunately, the period drama will not be renewed for a new season to the disappointment of its fans.


It would have surely been amazing to see the direction in which the storyline heads in the second season; especially since some viewers thoroughly enjoyed watching Zelda’s character come to life on the small screen.



Top Characters In Z: The Beginning Of Everything


The following characters do their best to make the drama click with the audience.


1. Zelda Fitzgerald

Socialite, novelist, and wife of author F. Scott Fitzgerald, Zelda Fitzgerald was perhaps best known for her beauty and high spirits. Over time, she and her beloved husband went on to become emblems of the Jazz Age.


Matter of fact, the latter even proclaimed her “the first American Flapper”. While the instant success of Scott’s first novel This Side of Paradise brought them into the limelight, we see how their marriage was later impeded by issues of wild drinking and infidelity.


2. F. Scott Fitzgerald

In the series, we catch Zelda stumbling upon Scott for the very first time in July 1918, while he was volunteering for the army. Over time, we catch the duo getting close over frequent phone calls and meetings.


We notice how the budding author used to talk about his plans to get famous. Within the next couple of years, they end up getting engaged to each other even though Zelda’s Zelda’s friends and family are wary of Scott’s excessive drinking.


3. Judge Anthony Dickinson Sayre

A reputed and well-known judge of the Alabama Supreme Court, Anthony Sayre was the father of six children. Zelda, who would go on to marry the Jazz Age novelist, F. Scott Fitzgerald, happened to be his youngest child.


4. Minerva “Minnie” Buckner Machen Sayre

An artistic and eccentric individual, Minnie was the beloved mother of Zelda Fitzgerald and wife of Judge Anthony Sayre. Born to Senator Willis B. Machen, she once had the golden opportunity to join the Drew-Barrymore theatre company, but was, unfortunately, forced to reject the offer.


5. ‘Tilde’ Sayre Palmer

Tilde, who was Zelda’s sister and well-wisher, plays a recurring role in the series. She has been portrayed by actor Holly Curran.



Important Crew Members Of Z: The Beginning Of Everything


Credit should be given to the following people for ensuring that we get to see Zelda Sayre Fitzgerald’s life unfold on the small screen.


1. Dawn Prestwich

Dawn Prestwich


Television writer and producer Dawn Prestwich, along with Nicole Yorkin, has gone on to win the Writers Guild of America Award for the pilot episode of the episodic drama ‘The Education of Max Bickford’.


Apart from the aforementioned show, she has also co-created the period drama ‘Z: The Beginning of Everything’ for Amazon and the international action drama ‘Hit & Run’ for Netflix.


2. Nicole Yorkin

Nicole Yorkin


Television writer and producer Nicole Yorkin is best known for her collaborations with Dawn Prestwich. They are not only professional but also real-life partners, which perhaps translates into their successful work-based chemistry.


Yorkin, who was on the negotiating committee for the “WGA-Agency Agreement”, has co-created the period drama ‘Z: The Beginning of Everything’ with her reliable partner.


3. Mike Barker

Mike Barker


Mike Barker has helmed at least three episodes in the first season of the period drama series. Aside from ‘Z: The Beginning of Everything’, the director and producer is also known for his work on ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’, ‘Fargo’, and ‘Broadchurch’.


4. Marcelo Zarvos

Marcelo Zarvos


Brazilian pianist and composer Marcelo Zarvos kick-started learning classical music in his teens and studied at the Berklee College of Music. Later, he got himself enrolled into the California Institute of the Arts.


He has worked on the music of ‘Z: The Beginning of Everything’.


5. David Franco

David Franco


David Franco is known for his contributions to the cinematography and electrical departments. He is one of the main men behind the cinematography of ‘Z: The Beginning of Everything’. The man is also known for his work on projects such as ‘Scott Pilgrim vs. the World’, ‘Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith’, and ‘Ultraviolet’.



Shows Similar To Z: The Beginning Of Everything


Saw ‘Z: The Beginning of Everything’ and enjoyed it? Well, hold your seats for we’ve got five similar shows for you to stream.


1. The Last Tycoon

The Last Tycoon


‘The Last Tycoon’ is a period drama series that is based on the unfinished novel by author F. Scott Fitzgerald. It is headlined by actors Matt Bomer, Kelsey Grammer and Lily Collins.


The nine episodes in the series manage to successfully take us back to the 1930s when Hollywood used to be different. In the story, we are introduced to the relentless power struggle between one of the entertainment industry’s youngest studio executives and his mentor.


2. The Deuce

The Deuce


If you’ve seen ‘The Deuce’, you’d know what life used to be like in 1970s New York. The story is set in 1970s Manhattan where porn and prostitution were issues that were handled in almost broad daylight.


Indeed, the show’s depiction of the two critical issues is hard-hitting and realistic, to say the least. Talented actors Maggie Gyllenhaal and James Franco topline the project.


3. Hollywood



Set in post-World War II Hollywood, Netflix’s mini-series ‘Hollywood’ takes the onus to introduce us to a bunch of aspiring actors and filmmakers. The pack is eager to make it big in the entertainment industry and is, therefore, willing to do everything it can to reach its goals.


4. Boardwalk Empire

Boardwalk Empire


‘Boardwalk Empire’ is a crime drama series that rides almost entirely on the shoulders of the treasurer of Atlantic City, Enoch Thompson. The man seems to be on good terms with both gangsters and politicians, which is what incites the federal government to take a keen interest in his life.


5. Mr. Selfridge

Mr. Selfridge


‘Mr. Selfridge’ is a British period drama television series that does a fair job of demonstrating how tough or easy it was to set up a department store in the United Kingdom during the starting years of the 20th century.


In it, we are introduced to Harry Gordon Selfridge and his luxurious chains of high-end department stores known as Selfridges.


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