Ace Of Diamond Season 4: Everything We Know So Far

Ace of Diamond


This baseball-themed shonen anime was adapted from the manga after the same name, written by Yuji Terajima. The show’s title, Ace Of Diamond, actually refers to the entire baseball field.


In fact, technically, the sports field on which they play baseball is called “ball field” or “baseball diamond.”In this brilliant 2k-era anime series – which aired from 2013 to 2016 and later from 2019 to 2020 – fans of both baseball and anime enjoyed watching some rich sporting entertainment, which included championships, dramas, relationships, and more.


The story’s protagonist, Eijun Sawamura, has an unconventional pitching style, which makes him stand out among other baseball pitchers. In his south-paw hands, the ball seems to take some of the most unpredictable routes to the plate.


Other gifted baseball players fulfil fascinating roles in the Ace Of Diamond anime series. Eijun and some others are determined to go the distance and become ‘aces’ at baseball, thus bringing honour to themselves and Seidou High School (their alma mater).


This anime has three seasons so far, written by Kenji Konuta, scored by Frying-Pan, and produced by Madhouse Production I. G. It boasts 125 episodes and 5 OVAs. Crunchyroll (the popular anime streaming platform) has the broadcasting license for the show.




Official Announcement for Ace Of Diamond Season 4


This may come as bitter-sweet news but the renewal status for Ace Of Diamond season 4 is still pending. Though the third season concluded way back in March 2020, fans are yet to receive confirmation about the next instalment of the story.


As expected, the pandemic was the result why this amazing baseball anime series was delayed. Whether or not season 4 of Ace Of Diamond has been greenlit or cancelled, there is no official confirmation yet, so hold those fast pitches.




Previous Seasons and episodes of Ace Of Diamond


Over the course of three seasons, Eijun Sawamura experiences some outstanding story arcs. As a high-school kid, he harbours dreams of using his baseball skills to attain career greatness. But to do that, he first has to best any competition at Seidou (the school in question).


Moreover, he also has to be able to afford the place. Before long, a scout from this high school approaches Sawamura with an attractive scholarship offer, along with a promise to have him compete at the national level.


Evidently, this becomes an offer Sawamura can’t refuse. He visits the school and is mindblown to see just how competitive baseball is, especially for some of the upperclassmen who also nurture dreams of making it to the nationals.


The summer tournament is coming up and it becomes the perfect opportunity for Sawamura to climb the competitive ladder. But this young prodigy, though exceptional at baseball, possesses a strange and unconventional pitching style that is not received favourably by all.


Some intriguing scenes and sequences related to this unfold in the show. In due course, Sawamura gets his own team. This includes characters like Furuya Satoru, Kominato Haruichi, and Miyuki Kazuya.


Sawamura leads them, owing to the fact that the upperclassmen have completed their run and retired. The autumn (fall season) tournament is soon their focus. The team’s noble goal is to convince Coach Kataoka that he needn’t retire.


Sawamura and friends can accomplish this only if they win big and earn a place at the nationals. This comprises the storyline in seasons 1 and 2. Season 3 is titled Ace of Diamond Act II.


The plot follows Sawamura and his team who, by this time, are facing another summer tournament. In addition, the Seido baseball club has some new faces joining it. Developing their pitching styles and learning from fresh rivals, the team strives to overcome their sporting weaknesses and enhance their strengths, especially learning from last year’s first-string team.


Pitchers are one thing, but the show also portrays some fearsome baseball batters who add to the entertainment and shock value of the overall series. The ultimate aim is for them to earn the ace title, keep Kataoka coaching, and win the tourney before the upperclassmen graduate.


Season 3 adapted the original manga up to chapter 169. That was called “Diamond no Ace Act 2.” Fans now await word of Ace Of Diamond season 4.




Where to Watch Ace Of Diamond


The Shonen baseball anime series Ace Of Diamond is currently streaming on Crunchyroll (in the UK, USA, and Canada).




Ace Of Diamond Series Google Trends Analysis


Enviable Google Trends metrics followed the release of season 1 Ace of Diamonds in 2013. The show enjoyed a massive boost in popularity thanks in large part to the original manga, which was in itself a hit.


As season 2 drew to a close in 2016, the anime continued to see more peaks than dips, as evidenced by its Google Trends chart for that year. Much the same took place in 2019-2020 when Act II Ace of Diamonds aired.


All this was proof of how popular this baseball anime series has been. We can confidently speculate that the Google Trends numbers for Ace of Diamonds season 4 (if it’s greenlit) will be off the charts.



Ace Of Diamond Season 4 Social Media Engagement


The baseball anime series Ace Of Diamond has its own dedicated fanbase. Although there have been raves as well as critiques among some fans of the show, not to forget all those who devoured the manga that preceded it, this series nevertheless has more takers than haters.


Social media engagement for Ace Of Diamond saw people praising the series’ character developments and plot twists. They extolled how the story focused on hard work instead of contrived success.


In addition to its relatable characters, nearly all fans agree that Ace Of Diamonds is, to date, the best baseball-themed sports anime out there. Well-paced, fun, and gripping are just some of the words online users have chosen to describe the series.



Expected Plot of Ace Of Diamond Season 4


Spoilers incoming, so skip this section if you haven’t watched the show yet.


To speculate on potential plotlines and character arcs in season 4 Ace Of Diamond, we will need to explore what really happened near the end of season 3. Bear in mind that season 4 has not yet been officially renewed, so we can only guess as to what the team (pun intended) may have planned. Ace Of Diamond season 3 concluded with Seido High School’s baseball team advancing to the final round of the Koshien tournament.


They faced off against the formidable Inashiro Industrial High School team and emerged victorious. Celebrations were scheduled to honour their triumph. Judging by the pattern this anime has woven so far, we can safely say that season 4 may have another even more challenging tournament or competition, probably with tougher and newer characters stepping up to the plate.



Top Characters In Ace Of Diamond


With a sports anime show revolving around baseball, it’s only logical to state that the plot would’ve been nothing without the characters who breathed life into every batting, ball spin, and plot-twist.


Ace Of Diamond boasts plenty of unforgettable characters who are not only relatable but also realistic. Let’s explore a few of the main characters in the Ace Of Diamond anime.


1. Sawamura Eijun

Sawamura Eijun     


The lead character of the series, this left-handed pitcher with a curious spin was promoted to first string as No.20, at which point he takes part in the Summer Tournament which changes his life.


By the time the anime explores Act II, he is ace of Seidou High School. Loud-mouthed and hot-headed, Sawamura has his fair share of obnoxious traits. But this lean and talented pitcher gains a surprisingly level head when the going gets tough.


He works hard and trains harder, always trying – but sometimes failing – to respect those around him. Sawamura Eijun is voiced by Ryota Ohsaka.


2. Miyuki Kazuya

Miyuki Kazuya                    


Captain of the Seidou High baseball team and their preferred catcher, Miyuki is known for his strong sporting skills, which was why Takashima scouted him in the first place. Donning his signature spectacles when he isn’t on the field is not the only thing memorable about Miyuki.


He is always seen with some kind of eyewear. A cheeky and arrogant character who is just as notorious for being good looking and respected for his leadership skills, some of Miyuki’s actions in the series make him live up to the phrase ‘one has to be cruel to be kind’.


Miyuki Kazuya is voiced by Takahiro Sakurai.


3. Narumiya Mei

Narumiya Mei        


This skilled rival from Inashiro Industrial is the ace of that school’s baseball team. Considered as the Kantō region’s number-one southpaw (i.e., left-handed) pitcher, he proves his worth in the 89th Summer Koshien.


Aka “Prince of the Capital,” Narumiya is as confident as he is entitled. His dislike for practice reveals itself on more than a few occasions. But he dislikes losing even more, which makes him rise to the challenges posed by the Seidou baseball team.


Despite being mostly arrogant, Narumiya shows a rare moment of humility in the Summer Koshien Finals when he openly thanks his teammates. Narumiya Mei is voiced by Kaji Yuuki.


4. Kuramochi Yōichi

Kuramochi Yōichi   


A roommate of Sawamura and other baseball team-players from Seidou High, Kuramochi fulfils the role of ‘keystone combo’ for his team. He is also one of its vice-captains. Though at times delinquent and prone to pranking people, Kuramochi also has a keenly observant side that, ironically, goes unobserved.


He is also caring and mindful, making him a surprising character on several levels. Kuramochi is also known for being the fastest player on his team and capable of stealing bases in record time.


Moreover, he transforms into a very different person when he is around attractive girls. Kuramochi Yōichi is voiced by Shintarō Asanuma.


5. Todoroki Raichi

Todoroki Raichi      


Playing third baseman for the Yakushi High School baseball team, Todoroki is one of the most intimidating fourth batters in his league. His x-shaped scar and canine teeth give him a menacing appearance.


He also has a wild streak, which reveals itself during gameplay. Between his vociferous “Kahahaha!” laugh and tendency to advise his own senpai, this character is as annoying as he is gifted.


In a lot of ways, he behaves like an exaggerated version of Sawamura. Be that as it may, Todoroki is also known for being superbly hard-working. Surprisingly so, he is subdued and calm when he isn’t in gear and on the field.


Todoroki Raichi is voiced by Ono Kensho.



Important Crew Members in Ace Of Diamond


In a series blessed with so many complex and realistic characters, a great crew must have been working round the clock to create the sports-anime perfection they achieved with Ace Of Diamond.


Let’s see who some of these crew members are.


1. Mitsuyuki Masuhara – Director

Mitsuyuki Masuhara – Director


Having directed all 125 episodes comprising the first two seasons, and several episodes in Act II, Mitsuyuki is certainly one of the names worth mentioning in the crew category. He has also done noteworthy work in anime series like Chi’s Sweet Home, Highschool of the Dead, Blade, Polar Bear’s Café, Marvel Anime, Ninja Scroll, and Death Note.


2. Kenji Konuta – Screenplay

The screenplay for this brilliant manga adaptation was handled entirely by Kenji. He has done some laudable series work connected to popular characters like Ultraman and Power Rangers. In addition, he has written for anime like Blood Lad, Library War, Kiba, Aoharu × Machinegun, and The Kawai Complex Guide to Manors and Hostel Behavior.


3. Terajima Yuuji – Original Writer

The original manga writer for Ace Of Diamond deserves to be mentioned in this category. If not for his vision and story, not to forget all those outstanding characters, fans wouldn’t have had the TV anime adaptation to love and admire.


4. Flyingpan – Musical Scorer

Though relatively unknown as a musician, Flyingpan has done remarkable work scoring the Ace of Diamond series. They previously composed for the show Love For Beginners.


5. Junpei Tatenaka – Chief Animator

Fulfilling the dual role of chief animation director and action-animation director, Junpei pitched, batted, and pulled off a brilliant show whose visuals are still etched in people’s memories. He has done outstanding work in anime like Yuri!!!


On Ice and MAJOR. His work in animated movies include Children Who Chase Lost Voices, Penguin Highway, Lupin III: The Last Job, Mulan II (and several other Disney part-2 sequels), and Batman: Under the Red Hood.



Top 5 Shows Like Ace Of Diamond


There are numerous sports anime series out there, but not all of them bring home the bacon like the top-5 recommendations listed below. Though storylines and character arcs may vary, the following sports anime evoke similar thrills and contain much the same entertainment value as Ace Of Diamond.


1. Haikyu!! (2014-2020)

Haikyu!! (2014-2020)


Drawing notable comparisons to Ace Of Diamond is the volleyball sports anime Haikyu!! The lead character Shoyo Hinata is desperate to become like the volleyball championship star known simply as “the small giant.” So he joins his local school’s volleyball club and aspires to someday become one of the greats in the sport.


Acquiring new players and going up against some serious competition, Shoyo aims to beat his arch-rival Kageyama Tobio, aka “king of the court,” with whom he never seems to see eye to eye.


Haikyu!! is currently streaming on Crunchyroll (in the US, UK, and Canada).


2. Days (2016)

Days (2016)


This fascinating but underrated sports anime focuses on football, as seen through the enthusiastic eyes of its lead character, Tsukushi Tsukamoto. He joins Seiseki High School where he soon picks up a keen interest in joining the football team.


Knowing nothing about the sport but inspired by a fellow student named Jin Kazama, Tsukushi finds the inspiration he needs to kick the distance. Days is currently streaming on Crunchyroll (in the US, UK, and Canada).


3. Big Windup! (2007-2010)

Big Windup! (2007-2010)


Aka ‘Ookiku Furikabutte,’ this is another worthy baseball anime series. It centres on the experiences of Ren Mihashi, who became the ace pitcher in his middle-school team, where his granddad was the manager.


He later attends high school, where he experiences a whole new playing field; both literally and metaphorically. With help from supportive friends and teammates, Ren grows better and more confident at the sport.


Big Windup! is currently streaming on Crunchyroll (in the US, UK, and Canada).


4. Yowamushi Pedal (2013-)

Yowamushi Pedal (2013-)


A good bit of comedy and even more sports-action drama define this anime series which features competitive bicycling. The happy-go-lucky Sakamichi Onoda initially decides to join his school’s anime club.


But with the club being disbanded and his dream of making new friends slowly losing steam, he stumbles upon the bicycle club and ends up joining it. The rest of the series tracks his challenges and adventures in this surprisingly aggressive sport.


Yowamushi Pedal is currently streaming on Crunchyroll (in the US, UK, and Canada).


5. All Out (2016-2017)

All Out (2016-2017)


Some fine rugby sports action unravels in this memorable anime. Its lead character Kenji Gion joins his school’s rugby team along with his buddy Iwashimizu. Before long, he meets Sub-Captain Hachiouji and Captain Sekizan.


That’s when things get really interesting for Kenji. Characters with varying traits, powerful skills, and complicated pasts feature prominently in this story arc. All Out is currently streaming on Crunchyroll (in the US, UK, and Canada).

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