All Rise Season 4: Everything We Know So Far

All Rise Season 4: Everything We Know So Far


Trust the diverse and competent cast of All Rise to provide a social commentary on the justice system by telling a fictitious tale that most of us can easily resonate with.


It is headlined by Simone Missick, who portrays Judge Lola Carmichael in it. Those who have seen the three seasons of the program have acknowledged it for its inclusion of strong and accomplished Black female characters played by able screen performers.


The story allows us to get acquainted with the personal and professional lives of judges, lawyers, and other court staff in Los Angeles. Before we go ahead exploring the possibilities of a revival, it is imperative to mention that All Rise was cancelled by CBS after two seasons in 2021.


However, it was soon picked up by OWN for a third season. Irrespective of changing networks, its future still appears to be vague. Much like its characters, the series can be seen battling many odds at the moment.


Be that as it may, those who have truly liked it can’t wait to see Missick reprise her role as Lola Carmichael; a well-regarded and impressive former deputy district attorney who pushes the boundaries and challenges the expectations of what a judge can be.




Official Announcement of All Rise Season 4


If you’re among those who have binge-watched the first three seasons and are waiting for the fourth one, we’ve got some bad news for you. Created by Greg Spottiswood and produced by Warner Bros. Television, All Rise is yet to be renewed for a fresh season. While many are claiming that this might be the end of the road for the series, we believe that its future depends on how the ratings of the third season hold up in the near future.


That said, the third season did open to positive reviews, with its intriguing plot and strong character development garnering a lot of praise from the viewers and critics alike. However, no amount of positive feedback would mean a thing if the ratings of the show cease to sustain, which is precisely why we feel that it is hanging by a thread again at OWN.


Reportedly, there was a decrease in the viewership in the second season when compared to the first. Needless to say, this might have stirred some thoughts at the network, which also seems to be concerned about the creative direction and production budget of the show.


Despite the ambiguity, fans seem to be eager to know what lies ahead for their favourite characters.




Previous Seasons and Episodes of All Rise


There is no denying that watching the lives of Judge Lola Carmichael and others unfold on the small screen seems to have connected with a lot of viewers. Aside from her, the gripping courtroom drama is also packed with characters who are not only legal professionals but also those who work on the periphery of the courtroom.


They drive the thought-provoking storyline while making us relate to their respective complicated life stories. Some of the finest episodes of the series in our humble opinion are Dancing at Los Angeles (Season 1, Episode 21), The Game (Season 3, Episode 2), I’ll Be There (Season 3, Episode 6), It Ain’t Over Till It’s Over (Season 3 Episode 5), and What the Constitution Greens to Me (Season 1, Episode 12).


The show comprises a total of 48 episodes so far and each of them has a runtime of about 44-45 minutes. The length of the episodes seems to be justified given the number of characters populating the show.




Where to Watch All Rise


The first three seasons of All Rise are available for streaming on Hulu and Max in the United States of America. While the show is not available for streaming on any platform in the United Kingdom, viewers in Canada can catch at least two seasons of the same on Ici TOU. TV.




Google Trends Data Analysis for All Rise Season 4


We’ve already discussed that the show’s future is once again in jeopardy. However, it hasn’t stopped the fans from searching for it online over the past twelve months or so.


Since All Rise has been hitting our screens after having premiered in 2019, the search trends related to the same on Google are yet to hit rock bottom. After having been cancelled by CBS after two seasons in 2021, OWN took the onus to revive it for a fresh season with 20 episodes.


The third season debuted in the first week of June 2022. Since then, the search pattern for the show has been showing an erratic result on Google. That said, there was a rise in this pattern during the third week of January 2023.


While the searches may have decreased post that, it never entirely stopped the fans from looking it up online. Unfortunately, it was announced in August that the series will not be renewed for a fresh season.


The news also inspired a short-lived peak, but it may soon come crashing down if no updates related to the fourth season are released.



Social Media Engagement for All Rise Season 4


Since All Rise has been praised for its topical and realistic stories and social commentary on the legal system, there are quite a few people out there who have truly taken to the series.


Therefore, the fact that they may not be able to see the cast members reprising their roles has come as a shock to them. Indeed, if the show is not picked up by another network or streaming service picks sooner than later, we fear that it may be done for good.


This is precisely the reason why some people have taken to social media to voice their valid concerns. On X (Twitter), some users were quite happy with the way the third season held up and were, therefore, hoping for the story to be renewed for a new season.


Also, a handful of users were openly criticizing the network’s decision to call off the fourth season. Their criticism does make sense to an extent given that All Rise has been a recipient of several nominations and awards, including the NAACP Image Awards and Black Reel Awards for Television.



Expected Plot of All Rise Season 4


If you speak to most television show enthusiasts today, they’ll tell you that they feel like All Rise has pretty much met its end. Their claims are only backed by the fact that the cast of the courtroom drama series has been released by producing studio Warner Bros. Television.


While the third season opened to favourable reviews, it wasn’t really able to bring in a broadcast-size audience to OWN despite having performed decently on cable. But, now that we may not get to see a fourth season after all, let’s just talk about the ideas that they could’ve possibly explored in it.


In Season 4, we’d have loved to see our main protagonist Judge Lola Carmichael balance her personal and professional space after having given birth to a beautiful baby boy. Also, it’d have been amazing to catch her pushing for reforms while facing new challenges and adversaries.


Besides her, we’d have also preferred to see the story explore other characters such as Mark Callan, Amy Quinn, and Emily Lopez. Not only were we expecting the show to answer some questions in its new season but we were also hoping to catch more guest stars and crossover episodes with other programs.



Top Characters in All Rise


1. Lola Carmichael

Lola Carmichael


Simone Missick portrays the central character of Lola Carmichael in All Rise. The actress, who was born in Detroit, Michigan, can be seen doing justice to her character projection of a former prosecutor and newly appointed judge.


She grew up playing the violin, singing, and playing sports. Soon after having matured, she decided to settle as an actor. We have seen her play Detective Misty Knight in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


2. Emily Lopez

Emily Lopez


The Chicago-born Jessica Camacho does full justice to her portrayal of Emily Lopez in All Rise. She puts her best foot forward playing a role that requires her to come off as a tough and determined public defender who leaves no stone unturned in trying to prove her client’s innocence.


Lopez took to acting after a friend suggested her to do so. However, it was her move to San Francisco that made her fall in love with the craft. She can also be seen playing a pivotal role in series such as Another Life, Taken, Watchmen, and The Flash to name a few.


3. Mark Callan

Mark Callan


Wilson Bethel can be seen playing District Attorney Mark Callan in All Rise. Aside from being a screen performer, he is also a producer. The man has gone on to portray some of his better roles in projects such as Hart of Dixie, The Young and the Restless, and Daredevil, among others.


4. Sara Castillo

Sara Castillo


Lindsay Michelle Mendez plays a court reporter named Sara Castillo in All Rise. Aside from her acting credits, the actress is also known for her vocal skills. In fact, she has appeared in several musical theatre projects over the years.


Some of her better-known Broadway musicals include Carousel, Significant Other, Wicked, Godspell, Everyday Rapture, and Grease.


5. Luke Watkins

Luke Watkins


Raised in West Philadelphia and born to a social worker mother, J. Alex Brinson plays Luke Watkins in All Rise and has appeared throughout its three seasons. His talent was reportedly discovered by a small group of caring elementary school teachers.


He started playing a variety of roles in his school’s musicals. Sooner than later, the boy was seen marking his presence in regional commercials and ended up landing a crucial role in the kid’s series Maple Ave at the age of twelve.



Top Crew Members of All Rise


1. Greg Spottiswood

Greg Spottiswood


Born in Mississauga, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Greg Spottiswood is the creator, executive producer, and co-showrunner of the CBS legal drama All Rise. He attended the National Theatre School in Montreal and Began acting professionally at the age of seventeen.


Aside from being a part-time actor and producer, he is also a writer and has worked on projects such as Noise and Remedy.


2. Michael M. Robin

Michael M. Robin


Michael M. Robin and Paul McCrane have helmed the maximum number of episodes in All Rise. The former is a television producer and director who has gone on to make a name for himself by working in shows such as All Rise, NYPD Blue, Nip/Tuck, Popular, The Closer, Rizzoli & Isles, Major Crimes, and Dallas.


The man has been a recipient of Primetime Emmy Awards for NYPD Blue and L. A. Law. Not only that but he has also received three Golden Globe Awards for Nip/Tuck, NYPD Blue, and L. A. Law, respectively.


3. Paul McCrane

Paul McCrane


Paul McCrane is a multi-faceted personality. Besides being a television director, he is also an actor and singer. The man has been seen making his presence felt in film and television projects such as Fame, The Hotel New Hampshire, RoboCop, and ER.


As a matter of fact, he earned the 2011 Emmy Award for Guest Actor in a Drama Series for his performance in Harry’s Law. That said, he plays a recurring role in All Rise as well.


4. Joey Newman

Joey Newman


The onus to compose music for All Rise was on Joey Newman. Aside from being a film composer, he has also worked as an orchestrator, arranger, and conductor within the entertainment industry.


He began his professional journey in television by working with Emmy-winning composer W. G. “Snuffy” Walden. Soon after, he went on to co-compose the final seasons of the TV series Once and Again and Providence.


5. David A. Harp and Cybel Martin

Cybel Martin


Born in Silver Spring, Maryland, United States of America, David A. Harp has provided the cinematography for All Rise. Aside from the series, he is known for his work in 1989’s Pet Sematary, 1993’s Gettysburg, and 2012’s Major Crimes.


He is joined by fellow cinematographer Cybel Martin in the series, who is an award-winning Director of Photography. Not only has she worked in television programs but she has also worked in feature films and commercials.



Shows Similar to All Rise


1. Suits



Suits may revolve around a firm of lawyers who rise from being underdogs, but its storyline is heavily driven by the characters played by actors Gabriel Macht and Patrick J. Adams.


We catch Macht’s Harvey Specter hiring Patrick’s Michael Ross as an associate in the show. The catch here is that the latter happens to have landed the job despite not having a law degree.


Fortunately for him, his photographic memory earns him the job. Soon after, we catch him withstanding a ton of troubles that continue for nine solid seasons.


2. The Good Fight

The Good Fight


In The Good Fight, we are introduced to the strong-willed lawyer Diane Lockhart, who, in a flash, ends up losing her entire life savings due to a scam. Needless to say, she is forced to find a new job and start from next to nothing.


Those who enjoyed the courtroom aspects of All Rise will be pleased to sit through this series as well. While its legal shenanigans are truly up to the mark, the series also surprises with its social and political commentary.


3. Goliath



Goliath chronicles the journey of a disgraced lawyer named Billy McBride, who was one of the shining stars in the field of law. However, now, he seems to be spending a major part of his time drinking.


Thankfully, we catch him getting a chance at redemption when he reluctantly agrees to take on a wrongful death lawsuit. While he certainly may be looking forward to making a comeback, he also wishes to get revenge on the huge firm he helped create.


4. The Night Of

The Night of


The Night Of is a quality crime/trial show that’s been spearheaded by an excellent screen performer like Riz Ahmed. It introduces us to a man named Nasir Khan, who gives a lift to an enigmatic woman and ends up taking her to a party hosted by one of his close friends.


Unfortunately for him, he is charged with murder soon after her dead body is discovered. Now, Khan has no other option but to do everything he can to prove his innocence.


5. Boston Legal

Boston Legal


In the critically acclaimed series Boston Legal, we catch an ethically challenged attorney named Alan Shore taking a call to join a powerful legal firm. While there, he is mentored by Denny Crane and, over time, they prove to be a formidable duo.


However, they are often seen resorting to unethical methods to win cases. Even though its plot may sound a bit serious, Boston Legal also has an element of light-hearted comedy involved which it uses to its advantage.


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