Hanna Season 4: Everything We Know So Far

Hanna Season 4: Everything We Know So Far


Hanna is an action-packed drama that has managed to catch the attention of its viewers and hold them in its grasp for as long as three seasons now. Based on the 2011 full-length feature of the same name starring Saoirse Ronan as the title character, the series tells the story of a young girl who is raised in the forest.


But, there’s a catch to her situation: Not only is she trying to discover her true identity but she is also trying to evade the relentless pursuit of an off-book CIA agent.


As she continues to mature in the wilderness of northern Finland, she gets herself trained to become a merciless assassin. Esme Creed-Miles plays Hanna excellently and ensures that her character projection does justice to the story of this high-concept thriller, which also serves as a coming-of-age drama.


Unsurprisingly, the television show opened to favourable reviews and received a good response from the audience as well. While most people believe that all the potential storylines have been explored, some still seem to be waiting eagerly for a word on Season 4.


So, if you, by any chance, happen to fall in the latter category, we reckon you’ll be happy to read on.




Official Announcement of Hanna Season 4


Those who have seen Hanna acknowledge it for its gripping portrayal of survival, espionage, and self-discovery. Indeed, it takes an incredibly thrilling route to trace the extraordinary journey of a young girl.


So, if you’re a fan of thrilling storylines and are a bonafide adrenaline junkie, we can’t help but assume that you must be waiting for the fourth season of the program with bated breath.


However, the news we’ve received from its creators may not necessarily please you. Just as we were trying to explore the possibility of updates, we chanced upon verified news that mentioned creator David Farr’s decision to call off the series.


The man believes that the first three seasons of Hanna have pretty much covered the titular character’s entire journey. While we got to see her upbringing in the first chapter, the second and third seasons covered her adolescence and finale, respectively.


So, yes, the third season has reportedly revealed the final chapters of Hanna’s exciting story. Farr also stated that he was happy at having been able to conclude the show on his own terms for “not all showrunners get to do that.”




Previous Seasons and Episodes of Hanna


Hanna may not be a show that will go on to run endlessly, but it certainly does have an arc that its viewers appreciate. As we have mentioned, the first couple of seasons wonderfully tracked the upbringing, training, and adolescence of Hanna, and the third season upped the ante rather amazingly by allowing her to put her remarkable skills on display.


Now we know why the makers decided to commence Season 3 almost immediately after the culmination of the second season. Looks like they were ready to showcase what they had in store for us.


In it, we catch the titular character embarking on her new secret mission to take down Utrax once and for all. For its storytelling throughout its three seasons, the series received several recognitions at different award functions.


Among its best-rated episodes are Do Not Sleep (Season 3, Episode 6), The List (Season 2, Episode 8), Utrax (Season 1, Episode 8), Road (Season 1, Episode 7), and Tacitus (Season 2, Episode 7). The episodes are about 44-57 minutes long each.




Where to Watch Hanna


Fans will be elated to know that the action drama is available for streaming on Amazon Prime Video in countries like the United Kingdom, the United States of America, and Canada.


So, what are you waiting for? Just go ahead and hit the play button on Prime Video.




Google Trends Data Analysis for Hanna Season 4


The third season of Hanna ended on an explosive note and its creators believe that the finale was quite close to what they had originally imagined. Now that it’s been announced that the program may not be renewed for a fourth season, the viewers seem to be a tad disappointed.


However, that by no means indicates that their interest in the show has completely declined. We say so because the data we’ve looked up on Google has an interesting story to tell.


While there have been months within the last year where the search related to the fourth season of the show has been minimal, there are also several other months that have shown a dramatic rise.


It can be seen that the search pattern hasn’t been very steady, for the usual declines in the graph are followed by an almost instant rise. Indeed, this result is a tad surprising given that the six episodes of the third season – including the series finale – debuted by the end of 2021 itself.


Therefore, going strictly by the graph, we can only conclude that viewers have been searching for the fourth season of Hanna rather consistently on the internet. The creators must acknowledge the fact that they can’t give the show’s fans an exciting third act and then expect them not to look forward to a fresh instalment.



Social Media Engagement for Hanna Season 4


All three seasons of Hanna opened to positive feedback from critics and audiences alike, which explains why a lot many of them are hoping for the show to continue. Its ardent fans have apparently become so addicted to the intrigue and excitement that it provides that they are ready to enter its world again and experience all the suspense.


It is not surprising then that we have quite a few people wanting the show to renew and expressing the same on social media. On X (Twitter), some were even seen mentioning the official handle of Prime Video and requesting them to stream the fourth season.


But, now that there is no possibility for the show to be renewed, we might notice the interest of these social media users in the series decline in the near future.


All we can tell them is to wait for positive news to hit the headlines again.



Expected Plot of Hanna Season 4


First things first, creator David Farr has already gone on record to state that he never intended the series to continue for more than three seasons. He may have confessed that Season 3 is pretty much the ending of Hanna’s story, but we can’t help but assume what Season 4 could look like if they actually plan to go ahead with it sometime in the future.


While we have seen the titular character go from strength to strength in each of the seasons, we also believe that there is room to explore more dimensions of her personality.


Sure, she seemed to have discovered herself emotionally over the years, but there still could be exciting twists awaiting her in a new season. Not only can we see her fighting shadows from her past but we can also see new adversaries forcing their way into her already complex life.


Needless to say, if more layers are added to the story, and are backed by heart-pounding action and deep emotion, we sure can see the show continue for at least one more solid season.


Also, we’d have liked to see some more depth being added to our central protagonist. That being said, let’s not forget that this is all mere speculation at the moment.



Top Characters in Hanna


1. Hanna Petrescu

Hanna Petrescu


The highly capable Hanna was raised in the woods by her dad Erik, who taught her exceptional combat skills. She has a heart of gold and a mind sharp enough to learn and retain knowledge comfortably.


One of her main objectives is to risk her life by trying to save girls of her kind at the Utrax. Needless to say, she allows her unmatched hunting skills and enhanced senses to take precedence when she has to get the better of her foes.


Her superior intellect gives her a solid advantage over everyone else in the story.


2. Erik Heller

Erik Heller


Erik Heller must be given credit for teaching the titular character everything she knows. He raises Hanna with utmost caution and care after having escaped from the Utrax facility. Even though Hanna isn’t his biological daughter, he makes a lot of sacrifices to raise her as his own.


Needless to say, he becomes the biggest support system for the seemingly flawless Hanna, who may have found it incredibly tough to survive had it not been for him. Aside from being her trainer and teacher, the man also does his best to guide her morally in the right direction.


3. Clara Mahan

Clara Mahan


Also known as Girl 249, Clara Mahan doesn’t seem to have any qualms about going through with the program at first. However, the smart and inquisitive young assassin trainee has a change of heart and plans when Hanna lets her know about the mother she never knew she heard.


Therefore, her perception changes dramatically and she soon starts realizing that she is being fed lies. Over time, she goes on to prove herself to be a reliable ally to Hanna.


What makes the two alike is that they can both fight!


4. John Carmichael

John Carmichael


A sinister program requires sinister participants to make it successful. That’s exactly where Dermot Mulroney’s John Carmichael steps in. Believe it or not, this day-to-day manager of both sinister Utrax programs has more access to the Central Intelligence Agency files than just about anyone you’ll ever see or read about.


While her certainly wants to make an impact, it is easy to see him getting outfoxed by Hanna, who blackmails him into giving up fellow members of Utrax’s top brass.


He may not be ahead of his enemies, but we can see him using his powerful position to help Hanna infiltrate The Meadows in the third season.


5. Marissa Wiegler

Marissa Wiegler


Marissa Wiegler is a CIA operative and senior member of the Utrax program. When the series begins, we find her employing all her resources to look for Erik and Hanna after their daring escape.


However, she soon figures out that the program has completely different motives than what she had imagined. Therefore, she makes the bold decision to start supporting Hanna. Needless to say, her switch from secondary antagonist to secondary protagonist made her a character to watch out for.



Top Crew Members of Hanna


1. David Farr

David Farr


David Farr, the creator and writer of Hanna, holds the opinion that there is a dearth of strong female leads like Hanna in the world of entertainment today. In fact, one reason why he adapted Joe Wright’s 2011 full-length feature into an original series for Amazon Prime Video was that he believed in creating a strong female protagonist and giving her a voice of her own.


The man is a theatrical director who also serves as the Associate Director of the Royal Shakespeare Company.


2. Ugla Hauksdóttir and Eva Husson

Ugla Hauksdóttir


A graduate of the MFA screenwriting & directing program from Columbia University, Ugla Hauksdóttir has helmed three episodes of Hanna. Aside from the series, she is also known for her work in projects such as The Power, Snowfall, and Trapped.


It is imperative to mention that she is the first Icelandic female director to become a member of the Directors Guild of America. Eva Husson has also helmed three episodes of Hanna.


She is a French film director and screenwriter who gave her career a kickstart as a screen performer. However, she soon ventured into directing short films and music videos. Her debut feature, Bang Gang, went on to compete at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF).


3. Geoff Barrow and Ben Salisbury

Geoff Barrow and Ben Salisbury


The music in most episodes of Hanna has been provided by Geoff Barrow and Ben Salisbury. While the former is a music producer, composer and DJ, the latter is a co-writer and arranger who is known for his work in film and television.


Geoff is also one of the members of the bands Portishead, Beak and supergroup Quakers. He has also scored in several feature films over the years. On the other hand, Salisbury is known to have collaborated with several bands well.


4. Ollie Downey

Ollie Downey


Ollie Downey has served as a cinematographer in at least five fantastic episodes of Hanna. The award-winning cinematographer is represented by United Agents in London. Not only has he worked in commercials but he has also worked in film and television projects such as The Power, Silo Season 2, Temple, Hanna, Britannia, and Electric Dreams.


5. Morten Højbjerg and Hazel Baillie

Morten Højbjerg


Morten Højbjerg and Hazel Baillie have both served as editors of at least four episodes each in the action-packed series. The former has gone on to put his skills on display in numerous film and television projects over time.


One of his most significant projects was Netflix’s The Crown. He is widely recognized as one of the busiest editors in Denmark at present. On the other hand, Baillie is best known for titles such as Andor, Black Mirror and Silo, to name a few.



Shows Similar to Hanna


1. The Americans

The Americans


Talented actors Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys star as two Russian spies from the ’80s in this long-standing suspense series. They are married to each other and are, in fact, posing as Americans while residing in Washington DC.


Their only aim was to spy on the American government and convey things back to the Soviet Union. However, things go south when they are pushed to get involved in covert operations against the country they are residing in.


2. True Detective

True Detective


Those who have seen True Detective consider its first season to be a massive success. However, the show failed to repeat its success with the release of the second season.


In it, we witness police officers and detectives around the United States of America coming to terms with the dark secrets that encircle them; all while investigating homicide cases.


3. The Killing

The Killing


An American remake of a Danish television series called Forbrydelisen, The Killing is a crime series that tracks the complex police investigation following the murder of a local teenager. At the same time, we see three very different stories being interlocked as the show progresses.


4. The Sinner

The Sinner


The Sinner debuted in 2017 and starred the gorgeous Jessica Biel as a woman who stabs a man to death on the beach. The catch here is that she doesn’t have a clue why she did it and nor does anybody else close to her.


This predicament paves the way for Detective Harry Ambrose’s entry, who takes the onus on himself to investigate this and various other murder cases.


5. Ozark



Netflix’s Ozark stars Jason Bateman as Marty Byrde, a financial advisor who ends up embroiled in a life of crime and, therefore, has to take extreme measures to ensure the well-being of his beloved family.


After he moves with his clan from Chicago to the Missouri Ozarks, he has to face constant danger from the cartels and the law enforcement agencies alike.


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