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Gentefied Season 2


Gentefied is one of the most beautiful shows you can watch on Netflix if you want to get a taste of how horrifying life can be when it comes to shifting places.


And that’s why people need to look up to this show. The story talks about a group of Mexican-American cousins who have gathered in Los Angeles. Their purpose for gathering is none other than making the American Dream come true.


However, they also hold another purpose in their heart. They wish to save their Grandfather’s taco shop. And all of this is taking place only due to the fact that gentrification is taking place in their own neighbourhood.


The show is appreciated by fans all around the globe for its beautiful depiction of drama and comedy that revolves around the life of Latinx as they try to pave their way into a beautiful life.


However, the series also depicts how brutal and difficult things can be when it comes to tackling identity, culture, society, and so much more. The Morales family will be the ones highlighting and representing the life that is often overlooked by people when they imagine others having some desire for the American Dream.


The show is just too good to overlook at all costs. Needless to say, such a challenging series is bound to be a subject of appreciation by people like you and me.


All in all, it is going to be an incredible experience for anyone who hasn’t watched the series yet.




Official Announcement Of Gentefied Season 3


According to Deadline, the third season of Gentefied has been officially cancelled by Netflix. There are countless speculations on why that might be the case. One such speculation is based on the idea that Gentefied wasn’t able to reach any remarkable rankings after its release.


Firstly, it wasn’t able to reach the Netflix Top 10 with its new season. And secondly, the series didn’t leave a lasting impact on a large enough audience. All those who watched the show loved it.


However, there weren’t many that watched it in the first place. For instance, the first season of the show was ranked 118 on IMDb while the second season only achieved a high of 349 one week after release.


Moreover, it isn’t even the first show in its category to get cancelled. For example, the only reference for a show based on Latinx is One Day at a Time which was cancelled under similar circumstances as well.


However, just because the show is cancelled, doesn’t mean it was unsuccessful. For example, this is what Gentefied co-creator and co-showrunner Linda Yvette Chavez had to say about the show post its cancellation “In a world where revolutionary art is commodified we have to rethink the way in which we value it,” Chavez wrote on Twitter Friday, a day after news of Gentefied’s cancellation after two seasons. “Metrics and algorithms will never measure the true impact of what we did here. … We may never see how deep the work goes or how far it reaches, what seeds we planted for change in the world, but we do the work anyway.”




Previous Seasons and Episodes Of Gentefied


The first season of this beautiful show premiered back on February 21, 2020. Moreover, the second season of the show was renewed and premiered back on November 10, 2021. If we dive deeper into the format of this show, we will realize that it is a lot more interesting than what people might have expected.


For example, the first season had a grand total of 10 episodes. All those episodes lasted for approximately 28 minutes. This was long enough to encompass a deep and lengthy story without making it too dramatic.


On the other hand, the second season of this show was also following the same path as the original one. It also consisted of 10 episodes altogether and managed to leave a lasting impression on the minds of the viewers.


Each of those 10 episodes averaged about 28 minutes as well.




Where to watch Gentefied


Needless to say, this show is meant for the best platform in business, Netflix. The wide library of Netflix has always allowed fans to enjoy a wide pool of shows that will shape the way they look at this world.


This is why Gentefied fans should be looking forward to Netflix and the show that it has to offer. Moreover, fans can enjoy other shows as well that offer a similar experience as that offered by Gentefied.


Worry not, we will discuss that in one of the sections later in this article.




Google Trends Data Analysis


The Google Trends Data isn’t exactly in favour of this show. As you can see, there are only 3 peaks in this graph and all of them die down very quickly.


They are dated April 16-22 (2023), November 5-11 (2023), and December 24-30 (2023) respectively. This highlights that the show isn’t in demand all that much and people are barely searching for its third season.


Moreover, a key feature to keep in mind is that the cancellation was announced a while ago so, people might not search for another season because they already know it has been cancelled.


But yeah, the Google Trends Data for “Gentefied Season 3” isn’t something groundbreaking.



Social Media Engagement


The social media engagement of this show is just as you would expect. There are a handful of people who are looking forward to the next season. However, they aren’t many in numbers.


And if you know how entertainment media works, you will know that a massive fanbase is necessary for any show to get another season. Some users on X (formerly known as Twitter) have asked for another season.


However, they are just a few and so, we can’t expect something big from Netflix yet. On other platforms, the fact that the show is cancelled has been widely accepted and so, we can’t find many people hoping for a sequel there.



Expected Plot Of Gentefied Season 3


While it is true that the third season has been cancelled altogether, let’s assume, for the sake of our discussion, that it isn’t. If that’s the case then what will be the plot for this show?


Well, there are a few roots that the series can use to further expand on the story offered by this franchise. For example, Chris makes a tough decision as he agrees to go for Mexican cuisine.


Therefore, the next season can highlight his life as he embraced his culture. If we talk about Eric, he proposes to Lidia and this change of events is nothing less than fascinating for viewers.


As for Ana, she sells a big political piece to Nike. And finally, if we bring our eyes to Pop, he ends up getting married. Another good thing about it is that he had his visa approved as well. All in all, there are a lot of places and content threads that can be used by the creators of the show to remake it again.



Important Characters Of Gentefied


Just like any good show, the characters in a story always make it an experience worth remembering. And in this case, the characters played a huge role overall. That’s why we should remind ourselves of the incredibly talented people who have featured in this show and made it a massive success for us. Let’s hop into it.


1. Casimiro “Pop” Morales

Casimiro "Pop" Morales


Performed by none other than Joaquín Cosío, Casimiro “Pop” Morales is a crucial character in the series. After all, he is the proud owner of Mama Fina and his shop will be playing a critical role in driving the story forward.


This man was Delfina’s (‘Mama Fina’) husband and happened to have had three sons with her. He was also in trouble with the gentrification of his neighbourhood. Moreover, people love his character because of the way it plays out in the story.


Therefore, you can rest assured that Casimiro is someone who wouldn’t be overlooked by anyone who has watched this series.


2. Erik Morales

Erik Morales


Played by J. J. Soria, Erik is a character who has managed to touch a lot of hearts with his personality. He is one of Pop’s grandsons and he is one of pop’s son’s sons.


This is why his connection with pop is a bit stronger. He loves to read books and will be looking forward to his unborn daughter in the story. That’s right, Erik had a child on the way and that shaped his character a lot in the story. He was also regarded as a man with a heart of gold. Although he had a hard time learning in school, his self-education allowed him to get an edge in his life.


3. Ana Morales

Ana Morales


Karrie Martin Lachney took over the task of playing Ana Morales. And that’s why this character is portrayed so gorgeously in the show. After all, she is also one of Pop’s grandchildren.


And that affiliation really makes her steal the show at times. She is an artist whose work is very interesting to follow, especially for people who are watching the show.


However, she ends up having a lot of clashes with her mother, mainly because of how much she wants to pursue a career that’s artistically liberating. One thing that you must keep in mind is that this woman has a girlfriend. Oh yeah!


4. Chris Morales

Chris Morales


Carlos Santos is an incredible actor and his skills were put to the test by Chris Morales. This character is meant to be eye-catching, mainly because of the fact that he is a chef-in-training.


Moreover, it is important to note that this character makes a big impact on the audience, mainly because of the injustice that he faces at times from his own family members because he feels that he isn’t Mexican enough.


And the reason why that is the case is because he was raised in a place far away from Boyle Heights and that shaped the way he looks at this world.


5. Yessika Castillo

Yessika Castillo


Yessika is an interesting character. And so, Julissa Calderon was the perfect choice as she was able to embody her personality very well. In the story, Yessika is Ana Morales’ girlfriend.


Moreover, she is a local activist who loves her Dominican American community. Her helpful nature is visible in the fact that she tries to uplift the people within Boyle Heights in any way that she can.


However, her bold and unapologetic nature will give you some interesting impressions about her character in the show. All in all, a great character that impacted our lives.



Important Crew Members Of Gentefied


Needless to say, any show is just as good as the makers make it. Therefore, it would be immoral for us to look at the beauty of this series without paying respects to the genius minds that made it possible.


Therefore, here 5 of the many crew members who made this web series a work of art.


1. Marvin Lemus

This man is the one who created this beautiful piece of art. And that’s why everyone should look up to him. Lemus is an award-winning director who happens to be the executive producer for Gentefied.


He also directed the show, making it just as amazing as it gets. He is also known for creating the digital series of Gentefied and Vomonos. Therefore, this man is appreciated by the masses for his skills and talent.


All in all, he was able to give a spectacular performance as a creator.


2. Linda Yvette Chávez

Linda is one of the creators of the show. So if you loved Gentefied, you should probably thank her personally. She is one of the executive producers of the show and thus, her position and overall impact on the creation of the series is extremely high.


Moreover, if you dive deeper into her character, you will find that she was the one who was proud of this show, even if it didn’t receive another season. And that shows how passionate she was regarding this series.


Her personality along with her talent allowed us to experience this beautiful franchise.


3. Monica Macer

This woman was also responsible for running Gentefied. And that’s one of the many reasons why you should look up to her. After all, there aren’t many who can be credited for a huge impact in the making of this show.


And she is one of those. She is a writer and producer and for Gentefied, she was an executive producer. If you want to experience more of her work, you would need to reach out to shows like 24 and Lost.


These encompass her capabilities very well. And let’s not forget the fact that she won the Writers Guild of America Award for Best Dramatic Series. Now that’s something to show off about.


And that’s why Monica Macer is a name to be remembered.


4. Marta Fernandez

Marta is also one of the executive producers of the series. She has worked on Gentefied. However, Gentefied isn’t the only show she has worked on. She has also worked on “Barbershop Medicine”.


Marta and her skills are exceptional and her presence in the show made a huge impact on how it will turn out for the audience.


5. Wileen Dragovan

She is yet another personality that people should look up to if they want to appreciate the minds behind Gentefied. Wileen Dragovan is a producer as well as a production manager who is known within the industry for her work on series like Gentefied, The Fugitive, Backdraft, and Stir of Echoes.


All in all, this woman is also a qualitative person who brought her expertise and excellence to the table and made this web series as exceptional as it is today.



Similar Shows To Gentefied


If you had a great time watching Gentefied then let me give you a few gifts. These are 5 shows that are on the same lines as Gentefied. However, they have something unique and fresh to offer.


Therefore, you can rest assured that these 5 pieces will make you fall in love with them.


1. This Fool

This Fool


If you are a sucker for incredible comedy-drama shows then This Fool should be your next selection. This show focuses on the Cholo culture and lifestyle. And the way this series approaches that lifestyle is what makes it so special.


Moreover, the show also holds similarities with Gentefied in terms of family relations, cultural explorations, struggles, and aspirations. Therefore, anyone who had a great time watching Gentefied must go for This Fool.


Plus, if you enjoy a story with thugs then you will fall in love with this show even more.


2. One Day at a Time

One Day at a Time


This show is quite fun to watch, especially when you wish to experience something new and fresh. The series focuses on a Cuban-American family and their lives in Los Angeles as they strive to make ends meet.


Now this may seem conventional at first. However, the more you dive deeper into it, the more you realize how critical this storyline is. For starters, the head of the family is a war veteran mother who is suffering from PTSD and has to take care of her children as well as her mother as well.


This should give you a clear idea of how beautiful this show is and why you should watch it as soon as possible.


3. MO



This story talks about a Palestinian refugee who seems to be living in Houston, Texas. This man wants to have asylum and citizenship of the United States. And his endeavours are what this show will follow in its core story.


What makes this series so special is the way it approaches the narrative and the way characters unfold. Needless to say, it also follows the theme of Gentefied as our main character is trying to find a life for himself in this foreign land.


All in all, MO is a show that deserves more love and appreciation from fans all around the globe.


4. Unstoppable



This story will tell you more about yourself and how you should approach life. And that’s why it is something that you should look out for. This story focuses on the life of four girlfriends who get together and decide that they are going to travel.


While they did expect some degree of introspection throughout their trip, there’s no denying that it turned out to be a lot more fun and interesting than what people might have expected.


The way this show dives into the themes of relationships, and complexities of life is just beautiful to watch. Unstoppable is a show you need to appreciate.


5. Vida



This show is very fun for all those who want unconventional sides to their stories. The series focuses on the life of two sisters who are quite different from each other.


However, after the unfortunate death of their mother, they are brought back to their childhood village. And in that village, they are going to find a lot of truths about her.


This series will give you a new perspective on life and people, thus creating an experience that you wouldn’t have imagined otherwise. Vida is an amazing series that people need to watch today itself.


I mean why would you want to miss such a beautiful story?


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