Imposters Season 3: Everything You Need To Know

Official Announcement of Imposters Season 3


“Imposters” is a TV series that burst onto the scene in 2017, leaving audiences captivated by its unique blend of dark comedy, drama, and thrilling plot twists. The show, created by Paul Adelstein and Adam Brooks, centres around a con artist, played brilliantly by Inbar Lavi, who marries unsuspecting individuals and then disappears with their money and secrets.


The cast of “Imposters” is a standout feature, with Inbar Lavi’s magnetic performance as the enigmatic and chameleon-like Maddie stealing the show. She is joined by a talented ensemble cast, including Rob Heaps, Parker Young, and Marianne Rendón, who portray Maddie’s former victims-turned-detectives, each adding depth and humour to the series.


Critics and viewers alike praised “Imposters” for its clever writing, sharp wit, and intricate character development. The show’s ability to blend humour with intense drama and unexpected plot twists made it a standout in the crowded TV landscape.


It garnered acclaim for its exploration of identity, trust, and the blurred lines between right and wrong. Reviewers commended the show’s character-driven storytelling and the chemistry among the cast members. “Imposters” managed to maintain a delicate balance between comedy and suspense, keeping audiences engaged and eager for each new episode.


With its unforgettable characters and gripping narrative, “Imposters” received well-deserved praise and developed a dedicated fan base during its two-season run. It remains a standout in the realm of darkly comedic dramas and continues to be celebrated by those who appreciate its clever and entertaining storytelling.




Official Announcement of Imposters Season 3


Imposters is a dark comedy that was created for the Bravo cable network. It premiered in February 2017 and received high audience praise. Although it was renewed for a second season in 2018, the show was cancelled by Bravo Network due to failing ratings.


Fans were disappointed with the cancellation, so when Netflix picked up the streaming rights of the show, followers were hopeful that they would get a season 3 revival. While Bravo Network cancelled the show in June 2018, Netflix has not yet released any statement on the future of Imposters season 3.


Yet, fans are hopeful that Netflix will revive the show like it did with Lucifer. Since Netflix has not made any statement on this matter, we can wait and hope for Imposter season 3.




Previous Seasons and Episodes


Imposters is a series with two seasons in it with 10 episodes each. It was created by Adam Brooks and Paul Adelstein about con artists. This dark comedy glimpses into the pain, humiliation, and revenge of the victims of a con woman, Maddie.


With each episode that is up to 45 minutes long, we see her victims slowly grieve, plot vengeance, and land into ridiculous situations one after another. While the crime is serious and the pain is real, the humour of the situation is also equally real.


Three of Maddie’s victims come together to track her down, but they lack money. It was all taken away by the con artist, Maddie. In this situation, the victims plan their own con and get deeper into trouble as the Feds are also tracking the case.


This is an interesting show that you need to watch to see if the victims get their revenge or if the con artists getaway.




Where to Watch the Show


If you have become excited enough to watch the series, here is the information you need to watch the show. Viewers in the USA and Canada can stream both seasons of the show on Netflix.


Viewers in the UK will need to buy the show on Prime Video or Apple+ as Netflix does not stream the show.




Google Trends Data Analysis


The buzz around the TV series Imposters has seen many ups and downs in search trends. Since the show has started streaming on Netflix, Many viewers have included the show on their binge-worthy series lists.


This has shown a trend of spikes and dips in the popularity of the show over the past 12 months. However, it needs to be noted that the show ended in June 2018 without any news on possible updates.


This makes it difficult for followers to retain interest for over five years.



Social Media Engagement


Social media has become silent on the TV series. Facebook and X (Twitter) users followed the series and loved it, but the lack of information has hurt the popularity of the series.


There is not much news or updates on social media regarding the show. Yet, we need to remember that some Netflix users still list the series among their favourite binge-worthy shows.


This is a testament to how amazing the series was.



Expected Plot of Upcoming Season


To discuss the expected plot of season 3, we will have to know how season 2 ended. So, expect a few spoilers ahead. !! Spoiler ALERT!! Season 2 offered an open-ended finale with the Feds capturing Maddie.


The three victims, Ezra, Richard and Julia part ways after deciding to meet again after 6 months if the situation allows. Moreover, with the Doctor dead, Ezra also plans to get rid of all his burner phones.


Right at that moment, there is a call on the burner phone indicating another con is on. Will Ezra take up this new con will be the plot for the new season.


It will be interesting how Ezra decides whether to take the new con or go back to his old life. We also could expect a new storyline of Richard and his blossoming love for Julia’s sister.


Season three could follow up on the lives of Richard and Julia, who split from Ezra. Maddie has been arrested, but her future is not decided yet, so will she be convicted or will she escape?


These are all the possible plotlines that can be pursued in Imposters season 3. Let us continue to hope for the best that Netflix renews the series, much to the relief of followers.



Important Characters From The Series


1. Maddie



Maddie, portrayed by actress Inbar Lavi in the Bravo TV series “Imposters,” is a captivating and enigmatic character. She is a masterful con artist who excels in the art of deception and manipulation.


With her striking beauty and charm, Maddie effortlessly lures her targets into romantic relationships before vanishing with their money and secrets. What sets Maddie apart is her ability to adapt to various personas, making her a chameleon in the world of cons.


Beneath her cunning exterior, viewers catch glimpses of vulnerability and a desire for genuine connection, hinting at a more complex backstory. Maddie’s character adds depth to the show as she navigates a dangerous game of trust and betrayal while struggling to maintain her own identity in a world of lies and illusions.


2. Ezra Bloom

Ezra Bloom


Ezra Bloom, played by actor Rob Heaps in the TV series, is a central character who undergoes significant development throughout the show. He starts as one of Maddie’s many victims, falling prey to her seductive charms and losing both his heart and life savings to her.


As the series progresses, Ezra transitions from being a naive and lovelorn mark to an integral member of a group seeking revenge against Maddie and her criminal associates. Ezra’s character represents the journey from innocence to experience as he evolves from a gullible and sheltered individual into a resourceful and cunning ally.


His determination to track down Maddie and bring her to justice showcases his growth and adaptability in the face of adversity. His complex relationship with Maddie and his involvement in the world of cons make him a pivotal figure in the series, highlighting the blurred lines between victim and perpetrator, and the moral ambiguity that permeates the show’s narrative.


3. Richard Evans

Richard Evans


Richard Evans, portrayed by actor Parker Young, is a character who also undergoes significant development as the series unfolds. Initially, he contacts Ezra as an investigator pursuing Maddie, and he becomes a central figure in the storyline.


Richard is a sincere and somewhat naive individual, deeply committed to his pursuit of justice and to bring down Maddie and her cohorts. As the series progresses, Richard’s character undergoes a transformation.


He recognises his mistake in the way he treats people and handles their emotions. Richard’s unwavering determination to catch Maddie coupled with his evolving understanding of her world makes him a compelling character who provides insight into the moral dilemmas and conflicts of interest that drive the show’s narrative.


4. Julia Langmore

Julia Langmore


Julia Langmore, portrayed by Marianne Rendón, is another character just like Richard and Ezra. Julia is also a victim of Maddie and has lost her property and family’s respect. Her character exudes compassion, empathy, and understanding, yet she also wants justice and closure.


Julia joins Richard and Ezra for the sake of justice and is uncomfortable with their con and the world of deception. She also has a sense of humour that helps her tackle sticky situations and keep the team calm.


She is also the glue that keeps Richard and Ezra on the path of righteousness. She becomes their protective sister and guides them as their moral compass. We see the true self of Julia during her interactions with children in Mexico as she teaches them art.


She is one of the most likeable characters in the series.


5. The Doctor/Jeffrey Hull

The Doctor/Jeffrey Hull


Jeffrey Hull, also known as “the Doctor,” is a mysterious and sinister character in the Bravo TV series “Imposters.” Portrayed by actor Ray Proscia, he plays a pivotal role in the show’s intricate plot.


The Doctor is a skilled surgeon with a disturbing speciality: altering the appearances and identities of individuals involved in various criminal activities. His role in the series primarily revolves around facilitating the transformation of Maddie and other con artists, allowing them to adopt new identities and go undercover.


The Doctor’s motives are largely financial, as he profits from his surgical expertise in the criminal underworld. Throughout the series, his character adds unease and danger as he operates in the shadows, leaving a trail of altered identities and secrets behind him.


His involvement highlights the lengths to which criminals will go to manipulate and deceive, contributing to the show’s themes of trust and betrayal.



Important Crew Members and their Work


1. Series Creators – Adam Brooks and Paul Adelstein

Paul Adelstein


The Bravo TV series “Imposters” was created by a talented duo of showrunners and writers, Adam Brooks and Paul Adelstein. Adam Brooks is a filmmaker and writer. Paul Adelstein, on the other hand, is a versatile actor, writer, and producer recognized for his roles in “Prison Break” and “Private Practice.” 


Together, Brooks and Adelstein brought their creative vision to life in “Imposters,” crafting a thrilling and witty series centred around a team of con artists and their unsuspecting victims.


Their collaborative efforts resulted in a show that combines elements of comedy, drama, and suspense with intricate plot twists. “Imposters” stands as a testament to their storytelling prowess and ability to create engaging, character-driven narratives in the realm of cons and deception.


2. Series Writers – Various

Dean Imperial


The writing team behind “Imposters” consisted of several talented individuals, including the series creators Adam Brooks and Paul Adelstein. Supporting them in their project were Elisa Lomnitz Climent, Dean Imperial, Emily Cook, etc.


The writing team’s claim to fame lies in their ability to craft intricate, character-driven narratives that seamlessly blend elements of comedy and suspense. With “Imposters,” they delivered a unique story of deception, trust, and betrayal that kept viewers hooked with its witty dialogue and unexpected plot twists.


Their work showcased their talent for creating engaging and emotionally resonant storytelling in the world of cons and conspires, making “Imposters” a standout series in the genre.


3. Series Directors – Adam Brooks

Adam Brooks


“Imposters” featured various directors across its two-season run, but a notable figure in the directorial team was Adam Brooks. Adam Brooks, an accomplished writer and producer, has had a successful career in both television and film.


He has helmed episodes of popular TV series and films, including Practical Magic, Definitely Maybe, Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason, etc. Brooks’ experience in directing diverse genres and his ability to bring out the best in actors contributed to the dynamic storytelling and engaging character development in “Imposters.” The show also had other talented directors throughout its run, each contributing their unique style and expertise to the series.


Collectively, their direction helped create the show’s distinctive blend of suspense, comedy, and drama, making “Imposters” an intriguing and memorable television experience for viewers.



Similar Shows and Where to Watch Them


1. White Collar

White Collar


“White Collar” is a successful crime drama series that aired from 2009 to 2014. The show centres on the unlikely partnership between Neal Caffrey (Matt Bomer), a charming and brilliant con artist, and FBI Special Agent Peter Burke (Tim DeKay).


Watch the series on Disney+. Neal, a master forger and art thief, strikes a deal with the FBI to assist in solving white-collar crimes, using his expertise to catch other criminals while working under Burke’s supervision.


The series achieved success through its cleverly constructed heists, intricate plots, and the charismatic chemistry between its two leads. ”White Collar” was praised for its blend of crime, humour, and character development.


It ran for six seasons, accumulating a devoted fan base and critical acclaim for its engaging storytelling and memorable characters, particularly Neal’s complex journey from criminal to reluctant hero.


2. Mind Games

Mind Games


“Mind Games” is a 2014 TV series created by Kyle Killen. The show follows the unconventional business partnership of two brothers: Clark (Steve Zahn), a charismatic but unstable former professor, and Ross (Christian Slater), a brilliant con artist.


Together, they run a unique agency that uses psychological manipulation and human behaviour insights to influence people’s decisions and achieve desired outcomes for their clients. Despite its intriguing premise, “Mind Games” faced challenges in gaining a substantial audience and critical acclaim.


The show struggled with inconsistent viewership and reviews, leading to its cancellation after just five episodes. While it had the potential to delve into the fascinating world of psychological manipulation and ethical dilemmas, “Mind Games” failed to find a stable footing in the competitive TV landscape.


3. Hustle



“Hustle” is a British drama series that debuted in 2004 and focuses on a group of con artists based in London. Led by the charming and cunning Mickey Stone, played by Adrian Lester, the team consists of talented grifters with various specialities.


Together, they execute elaborate and stylish confidence tricks on wealthy targets. Their cons involve intricate planning, misdirection, and impeccable acting skills. The show’s success lies in its clever storytelling, charismatic characters, and the thrill of watching the underdogs outsmart the rich and powerful. 


“Hustle” gained critical acclaim and a dedicated fan base for its witty scripts, stylish production, and the chemistry among its ensemble cast, which included Robert Vaughn and Jaime Murray. You can stream it on Tubi.


4. Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce

Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce


“Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce” is a dramedy TV series that originally aired on Bravo and later on other networks. You can watch it on Apple TV. Created by Marti Noxon, the show follows the life of Abby McCarthy, played by Lisa Edelstein, a successful self-help author navigating the tumultuous world of divorce in Los Angeles.


As her marriage unravels, Abby leans on her close-knit group of friends, including Phoebe (Beau Garrett), Jo (Alanna Ubach), and Delia (Necar Zadegan), who offer their own perspectives on love, life, and relationships.


The series explores themes of empowerment, friendship, self-discovery, and the challenges of starting over after the end of a long-term relationship. With its witty humour, relatable characters, and honest portrayal of the complexities of modern romance, “Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce” struck a chord with viewers.


5. On Becoming a God in Central Florida

On Becoming a God in Central Florida


“On Becoming a God in Central Florida” is a darkly comedic TV series that revolves around Krystal Stubbs, brilliantly portrayed by Kirsten Dunst. Set in the early 1990s, the show follows Krystal as she schemes and climbs her way up the ranks of a pyramid scheme called FAM (Founders American Merchandise).


FAM is led by the charismatic yet manipulative Obie Garbeau II, played by Ted Levine. As Krystal infiltrates the world of FAM, she becomes entangled in a web of deceit, ambition, and financial desperation.


The series garnered critical acclaim for its satirical take on American capitalism, the pursuit of the American Dream, and the vulnerability of those trapped in pyramid schemes. You can watch the show on Fubo TV.


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