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A recipient of multiple nominations and awards, Lucifer is an American urban fantasy television series that’s been created by Tom Kapinos and is based on the DC Comics character of the same name.


The mythology-driven drama has a ton of things to showcase about heaven, hell, and the people stuck between the two on planet Earth. It is not surprising then that it went on to develop a cult following during the course of its run on television.


In the story, we catch the titular character, Lucifer Morningstar, leaving his throne in hell and settling down in Los Angeles for good. There, the man with a devilish demeanour becomes the owner of a well-known nightclub and withstands numerous ups and downs in his life.


Add to that the fact that he ends up falling for LAPD detective Chloe Decker while helping the department solve crimes. As the plot progresses, we catch the charismatic Lucifer and capable Chloe facing numerous new challenges, which keep the series up and running.


We also catch the duo dealing with the aftermath of the former’s decision to return to hell. For those who do not know, one of the show’s unique selling points is the complex character development of its central characters.




Official Announcement of Lucifer Season 7


Bankrolled by Warner Bros. Television, DC Entertainment, and Jerry Bruckheimer Television, Luficer hit the small screens on January 25, 2016. The show was successful enough to span six seasons. In fact, it was acquired by Netflix after Fox cancelled it following the culmination of season three.


However, the Tom Ellis vehicle is said to have concluded for good after the premiere of its sixth season. So far, the makers seem to be in no mood to return with a fresh season, but the possibilities of the same cannot entirely be ruled out either; especially after a hopeful statement regarding the same was made in the recent past.


Sure, we know that season six showcased a definitive ending for the series, but it is difficult to negate that showrunners Joe Henderson and Ildy Modrovich have been heard talking about returning “at some point” in the near future.


You’d be amazed to learn that they have even gone on record to state that the show could be revived as a musical on Broadway or an animated series. So, as satisfying as Lucifer’s grand finale may have been, let’s not lose hope for a possibility of a revival; at least not yet.


However, we must also remember that no official statement from Netflix has been made concerning the same. They might even take time to come up with one (if at all) given that season six served as the perfect send-off to the titular character.




Previous Seasons and Episodes of Lucifer


Lucifer is a highly engaging character-driven show with a procedural backbone that’s spanned six thrilling seasons. While it comprises a ton of mysteries to solve for the titular character and his love interest, we mainly see the “Ruler of Hell” fighting relentlessly to find himself in the world of the uncertain and unpredictable.


A total of 93 episodes of the show have been aired during its run over the years. When the show wasn’t acquired by Netflix, its episodes didn’t exceed the runtime of 45 minutes, primarily because they were made for the television audience.


However, once Netflix took over, the runtime for each episode started to range from 50 or so minutes to over an hour. Eccentric, philosophical, and fantastical in equal measure, the show includes some episodes that raise the stakes for storytelling.


Indeed, they comprise some of the biggest plot surprises and jaw-dropping moments; some of which leave the fans asking for more. If you ask us, we’d definitely want you to sit through episodes such as A Devil of My Word (Season 3, Episode 24), Quintessential Deckerstar (Season 3, Episode 23), Goodbye, Lucifer (Season 6, Episode 9), The Good, the Bad, and the Crispy (Season 2, Episode 18), and Who’s Da New King of Hell? (Season 4, Episode 10).




Where to Watch Lucifer


Fans will be elated to know that they can watch the “Ruler of Hell” and his antics unfold on Netflix in countries like the United Kingdom, the United States of America, and Canada, respectively.


In the United Kingdom, three seasons of the show are also available for streaming on platforms like Sky and Channel 5.



Google Trends Data Analysis of Lucifer Season 7


The data pertaining to the show on Google reveals that fans have taken the news of it not renewing rather poorly. We say so because the searches have hit rock bottom with absolutely no possibility of rejuvenation in the near future; well, not until updates regarding a fresh season are brought to the fore.


While we can guess that the eager viewers must still be streaming the show on Netflix, the search trends regarding the same are quite lacklustre on Google. And, since there’s very little chance of a season seven happening, it, unfortunately, does mean that Lucifer may continue to be searched a lot less with the passage of time.



Social Media Engagement for Lucifer Season 7


Since the makers have cancelled the seventh season on the pretext that it might end up ruining what the previous seasons established, the viewers, expectedly, have been engaging less with the show on social media platforms.


While Lucifer certainly did prove that there are many stories to tell in its world, its makers left the fans disappointed when they officially announced that the series will be discontinued following the debut of its much-awaited sixth season.


Looking at its social media report, we can deduce that its ardent viewers did try and engage with the many articles that were published in November 2022. However, their interest seems to have dwindled in the past few months.


That said, if you look at random posts being shared by fans on X, you’ll notice how dearly some of them have been missing the show and are, in fact, ready to sign a petition for its story to be revived for a new season or even a full-length feature.


We can’t really deny that there is always going to be room for the makers to restore the series or its most popular characters in either a musical or animation, depending on how keen they are to come up with new story ideas to excite and engage the fans once again.



Expected Plot of Lucifer Season 7


Those who have seen the first six seasons of the show believe that its plot is a universe of possibilities. Since the series has managed to successfully cast a light on the intricate relationships between its characters, its viewers are more than eager to see some of them making a swashbuckling comeback.


While there certainly is a lot to showcase about the characters, Lucifer derives its strength from blending supernatural elements with procedural crime-solving. That is precisely why we think that there could be scope for exploring new themes and storylines in a fresh season.


If you are a fan of the show, you must have scratched your head trying to speculate about what can be in store for your favourite characters. The fact that absolutely nothing has been revealed about the plot of a new season has left the doors open for a ton of theories and predictions.


While some viewers believe that the introduction of new characters might lead to the development of fresh stories, others think that a fresh season must deal with the aftermath of Lucifer’s decision to return to hell.


One reason why so many fan theories have been doing the rounds is that the show has a history of incorporating some worthy ideas into its storylines.



Top Characters in Lucifer


1. Lucifer Morningstar

Lucifer Morningstar


British actor Tom Ellis plays the titular Lucifer Morningstar on the show and does full justice to it. Known for his character projection of Dr Oliver Cousins in EastEnders and Detective Sergeant Sam Speed in The Catherine Tate Show, he plays the dynamic character in such a manner that one feels that Lucifer knows everything and believes that everything is possible in his world.


Not only is he complex but he is also incredibly smart and funny when he wants to be. Even though he is cocky, he does go on to acknowledge the fact that not everything can be about him.


Yes, you’ll find him living in denial, but it never deters him from trying to understand his circumstances better. Lucifer Morningstar is charismatic and the heart and soul of the show without a doubt.


2. Chloe



Lucifer may be devilish in he how conducts most things in his life, but his vulnerable side is brought to the fore once the charming detective Chloe enters his life.


While she certainly is a self-reliant and intelligent woman, Chloe also feels that she needs the titular character by her side. She is great at what she does, and perhaps greater at being a pal and a parent.


Those who know her think of her as a woman of contradictions, but the good part is that she’s never seen hiding her authentic side. She stays true to her emotions and can be seen trying her best to deal with them from time to time; before they go on to hamper her relationship with those around her.


3. Mazikeen



Lesley-Ann Brandt portrays Maze, one of the demons from Hell, with great confidence. Even though she hates visiting Earth, we catch her following her boss to the planet after he decides to bid adieu to Hell.


Over time, we see her making a few close mates on Earth and, in fact, her bond with Chloe and Dan’s daughter, Trixie, is one of the most adorable things to witness in the series.


Keeping her soft side aside, we also catch Maze being magnificent as she apprehends bad guys that others may not really like to go after. Needless to say, she manages to stand out, and one reason for it could be that she has been given some of the finest outfits in the show.


4. Amenadiel



A staple of American television, D. B. Woodside plays Amenadiel, who serves as the main antagonist to the dynamic titular character. The son of God first sets foot on Earth with only one aim in mind: to drag Lucifer to Hell.


However, a realization soon dawns upon him that human beings are different creatures with a ton of different feelings. Sooner than later, we catch Amenadiel forming a significant rapport with Maze and Linda.


In fact, he takes the brave decision of staying on the planet after he learns that he’s about to become a father. Also, his struggle to make things better with his own dad is fascinating to watch.


5. Goddess and Charlotte

Goddess and Charlotte


Those who have seen Lucifer would know that they get to meet the Goddess of all creation much before they chance upon the enigmatic Charlotte. This is because the former is seen using the latter’s body in the second season of the series.


Needless to say, they come off as similar in their actions because they are tough to separate. Goddess is the mother of Lucifer and is ready to do everything she can to bring her family together; even kill his love interest.


However, we see the original Charlotte Richards commencing a romantic relationship with Dan following her departure from the planet. While she’s willing to go the extra mile to get everything she wants, we also see her trying to put her life back together after Goddess leaves.



Important Crew Members of Lucifer


1. Tom Kapinos

Tom Kapinos


Tom Kapinos is a television writer and screenwriter who is best known within the entertainment industry for his creation of the Showtime series Californication and the Fox series Lucifer. He began his career on television as a writer in the late ’90s and has also served as an executive producer on Dawson’s Creek.


2. Joe Henderson and Ildy Modrovich

Joe Henderson and Ildy Modrovich


Showrunners and executive producers Ildy Modrovich and Joe Henderson had no idea that Lucifer would go international not long after the premiere of its debut season. The former is credited with writing twenty-two episodes of CSI: Miami while the latter has served as a TV writer and producer on shows like White Collar, Almost Human, and Graceland, to name a few.


3. Nathan Hope

Nathan Hope


American cinematographer and director of film and television Nathan Hope has worked in several motion pictures and television shows over the years. He has directed the maximum number of episodes in Lucifer.


As a cinematographer, he has served in projects such as Hellraiser: Inferno, Suckers, Rolling Kansas, Who’s Your Daddy?, and The Fog. Besides Lucifer, he’s put his direction skills on display in projects like Cold Case, CSI: NY, Nikita, Body of Proof, Ringer, The Whole Truth, Gotham, and CSI: Vegas.


4. Tom Camarda and Christian Sebaldt

Tom Camarda


While Lucifer has been lauded for its dramatic and fantastical elements, fans feel that its cinematography has remained a tad underappreciated. Cinematographers like Tom Camarda and Christian Sebaldt have worked on the maximum number of episodes and have provided some gorgeous shots of the show.


If you’ve seen Lucifer, you’d remember the opening scene where the titular character is seen cruising around L. A. in the very first episode.


5. Ben Decter and Jeff Russo

Jeff Russo


Musicians Ben Decter and Jeff Russo have ensured that the series comes with a stellar soundtrack. The duo has provided some new original music to the series which includes titles such as Sinnerman, My Way, Luck Be a Lady, and Eternal Flame and Fever.


While music surely has played a big part in the fantasy drama show, what’s interesting is the fact that most of its songs have been sung by its cast members themselves.


Needless to say, the tracks have provided the series and its characters with an extra punch.



Shows Similar to Lucifer


1. Angel



Since you have already seen Lucifer and are missing him, why not take a leap of faith and try your luck watching Angel now? However, we must notify you of the fact that Angel isn’t exactly godsent for he is a vampire whose human soul has been restored.


He tries to rid himself of the guilt he carries by helping the needy and helpless by serving as an able private investigator in Los Angeles. While he assists humans during the day, he can be seen battling supernatural forces at night.


2. Supernatural



Supernatural follows brothers Sam and Dean Winchester who are well-versed with the hunter lifestyle. We find them doing their bit to help the people by fighting the supernatural. Sooner than later, we learn that they are expected to avert the apocalypse; all while combatting the devil and God himself.


The show follows the tropes of Lucifer and provides us with a dark and fantastical backdrop. It ran for fifteen fantastic seasons and allowed its main leads to develop rather well as the storyline progresses.


3. Grimm



Make way for Nick Burkhardt who is not only a diligent homicide detective but also a capable supernatural hunter. Since he comes from a legacy of hunters known as Grimms, he takes the responsibility of going against wicked forces with the assistance of his equally adept allies.


The mystery elements of the series, coupled with its super-stylish presentation and enigmatic characters, will ensure that it appeals to the fans of Lucifer.


4. Moonlight



If you truly enjoyed watching the Lord of Hell arriving on Earth and helping the police solve a ton of complicated crimes, then you certainly won’t mind watching an immortal vampire solve crimes as a private investigator.


The CBS series Moonlight may not have had an extended run, but it does share quite a few similarities with Lucifer in its storytelling. While the romance between Lucifer and Chloe managed to attract us to their show, the bond that Mick St. John and Beth Turner share in Moonlight is also one of its highlights.


5. Sleepy Hollow

Sleepy Hollow


In Sleepy Hollow, we witness Ichabod Crane getting resurrected and transported through time to unearth a major ancient mystery. At the same time, he is expected to deter the murderous Headless Horseman.


Even though he wakes up after a good couple of centuries, we catch him teaming up with an FBI agent to solve crimes. Just like Lucifer, this series is also a fair blend of the procedural, drama, and fantasy genres.


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