Violet Evergarden Season 2 : Everything you need to know in 2021

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violet Evergarden season 2


Violet Evergarden, one of the most cherished anime of all time, with an emotional and extraordinary plot, this animation won millions of hearts, across the world, and shattered them at the same time.


The emotionally detached doll, Violet, made us learn emotions along with her as season one went on.


And now we wait, longing for a season two for more than 2 years. As soon as, the last episode was aired it created a sensation throughout the world and left a gaping hole inside our hearts.


The petition and requests for season two of the tremendous series have always been in talk.



Official Announcements and Release date of Violet Evergarden Season 2


The premiere of the movie, Violet Evergarden: The Movie created an uproar among anime lovers. So, are we getting the most awaited season two or not?


The most probable answer is “yes”. The wait should be soon over. Violet Evergarden, produced by Kyoto Animation is likely to be back at the end of 2021 or the beginning of 2022.


The official date of release has not yet been announced. But when you consider all other factors like popularity, profitability, ratings, and reviews you yourself may get sure of its upcoming.



Everything we know about Violet Evergarden


The story follows Violet Evergarden, an emotionally detached soldier's "after war" life. Her journey as Auto Memory Doll allows her to witness various people across the world going through similar or worse problems due to the war.


You will find yourself crying in several instances, and burst out laughing at her innocence at some.


The main objective of her life turns towards finding out the meaning of her mentor and guardian, Major Gilbert's last words: "I love you." 


 Fun fact: The most emotional episode of Violet Evergarden is episode 10. (I couldn't stop crying. Nevermind me)



Source material Information for Violet Evergarden Season 2


Violet Evergarden, a Japanese light novel series scripted by Kana Akatsuki and illustrated by Akiko Takase aired its first episode on 11th January 2018.


The series is directed by Taichi Ishidate and the screenplay was done by Reiko Yoshida.


The amazing animation came to a season end on 5th April 2018  with 13 episodes.


A movie by the same name was premiered on the 18th of September 2020 that was delayed due to the Covid-19 pandemic.


Season one of the anime series covered one and two volumes of the light novel, out of four volumes.


Volumes Original Release Date
Volume 1 December 25, 2015
Volume 2 December 5, 2016
Gaiden March 23, 2018
Ever After March 26, 2020


But, not entirely. The light novel and the anime version of the series are most certainly different from one another.


The episodes that are adopted from the novel in the first season of the animation are from chapters 6,7,10 and 11.


The rest have been changed entirely or semi-changed, wherein 1,8,9,12 and 13 are harmonized based upon the core of the particular chapter and changed accordingly.


We are most likely to watch more from the 3rd and 4th volumes of the novel in season 2.


Reading the light novel is also highly suggested by me, because of the changes made by the crew they seem to differ in many perspectives which makes both of them remarkable in their own sense.



Popularity Details of Violet Evergarden Season 2


The popularity of anime is not concealed from anyone. The character of Violet outstretched the boundaries of a female character across the anime world and gained a big fandom.


The popularity of the series is high just like goblin slayer season 2 and classroom of the elite season 2.


The popularity trends according to certain measures would be:


Google Trends

google trend for violet evergarden season 2


The trends have only been increasing even after all this time which shows the craze the anime still holds in the audience.


The search results also involve, "Will there be a season 2 of Violet Evergarden?"


Similar to the worldwide activity, the search, and excitement results in the countries like the United States and the UK are high.



The official account of "Violet Evergarden (Twitter)" has a following of 347.2K as of writing and increasing each day.


This huge following is evidence of its popularity. Many anime have following somewhat close to 50K, or 100K so, yeah Violet Evergarden is super popular. 


The last tweet was made on the 7th of April, 2021 regarding the Blu-Ray/DVD release of the "Violet Evergarden: The Movie". It is scheduled to be released on October 13 of this year.


Google Search

search across globe for violet evergarden season 2


The whole search volume in the US for "Violet Evergarden" is 165,000 which is termed as very high among the other animes.


For Violet Evergarden Season 2, searches are not high. Globally 27K people search for the second season while as usual, the US lead the searches with 17K.


It may not seem too much one reason might people may be busier for movie and its sequel.


So, let's move to the next point and figure out what will be the storyline of season 2


Expected Plot of Violet Evergarden Season 2


The plot of the new season would most conceivably showcase more of the new emotions and actions of our lead heroine, Violet.


And by god's grace, oh I mean, by the director's grace we will also know the whereabouts of Major Gilbert, which indeed is the most anticipated subject of the upcoming season.


The people out there, who went ahead to watched the movie got their turmoil clear about Gilbert.


But, people like us, who believe in watching the anime have to wait for the season release.


Volume 3 and 4 will likely frame season 2 which will indeed showcase Gilbert’s character.


There are going talks about Gilbert being remained lost so that Violet could maintain her character development.


And that is not right. The reason Violet continued to live was only because of her hope that Major Gilbert would return to her.


According to the light novels, as time goes by Violet comes face-to-face with her feelings towards Gilbert and also understands his feelings for her.


But, the question now lies in, will she actually regain herself upon the loss of her last hope by Gilbert's death.


Or Gilbert will come back and she will end up confessing. The last episode of season one showed Violet smiling at someone at the door, which most of us assumed to be Gilbert.


Nevertheless, we will get our answer to this question upon the release of season 2.



Online Reactions to Violet Evergarden Season 2


Even though it’s been two years since the first episode was premiered, the Violet Evergarden fans have no sense of calm.


The fandom has been always been in wonderful anticipation of season two. Due to the popularity and huge success of the anime, the wish for a brand new season has finally been answered.


Though the reactions of some fans, patiently waiting for season two will take you on a fun ride.


One side of the fandom took a vow to spend their time enjoying the art of the anime and also redoing some from their end.


While the other side of the is still welcoming the new members. You are most welcome. (If any of you both read this article by chance, let me tell you this art is amazing)


Twitter Reactions

twitter online reaction for violet evergarden season 2


You can easily feel the excitement for season 2.Fans are craving it. 


Reddit Reactions

reddit reaction on violet evergarden season 2


The Reddit community is also been active in sharing new and funny videos, lost season scenes, and whatnot.


There have also been questions regarding the age criteria of the past season. There has also been a longing of watching Season 1 again and again until you get the second season.


reddit reaction on violet evergarden season 2


So, I was not alone. Moving on……



Why do we need Violet Evergarden Season 2?


That’s not even a question. I mean, don’t you want to know how beautiful Colonel Hodgins’s future daughter would be?


Or aren't you eager to know whether Erica and Benedict will have a relationship? What is the back story of Cattleya?


The biggest question is would Erica, Benedict, and Cattleya end in a love triangle? Will Leon and Violet meet again?


And a million-dollar question: Is Major Gilbert alive? Honestly, there are too many reasons why we badly need a season two.



Rating and Reviews for Violet Evergarden Season 2 


imdb rating for violet evergarden


There is no doubt that this anime has won millions of hearts worldwide but one can decide to go further and watch this wonderful piece of art through the ratings.


And here they are, ratings by some popular agencies.









The ratings clearly showcase that the audience is in “awe”. Talking about the reviews, which we can already guess, are also stating the same thing.


review of violet evergarden season 1


Every single word of the review below screams “truth”.


Do you think reviews are in favor of season 2?


Sales and Profit Margin for Violet Evergarden Season 2


After the release of the movie, Kyoto Animation announced that the movie sales have exceeded 1.28 billion yen on 12th October.


The film ranked 6th at the Japanese box office in its opening week. The film subsequently earned 831 million yen in Japan.


The animation got won various awards in several categories which are listed as:




 Kyoto Animation

Violet Evergarden

Crunchy roll Anime 

Violet Evergarden


Tokyo Anime Awards

Mikiko Watanabe

Tokyo Anime Awards

Violet Evergarden

Tokyo Anime Awards

Mikiko Watanabe

Tokyo Anime Awards

Reiko Yoshida


Light Novel Sales

It is known that Violet Evergarden has four volumes in total and all of them did pretty well in Japan.


Each of the volumes, on minimum, sold 8.7K copies at some $100 cost which gives you the big picture of the Anime.


Blu-Ray/DVD Sales

The Blu Ray Disc sales of Violet Evergarden were about 5,761 and were on the charts for a week.


The Blu Ray and DVD was released on 08th of April 2021, which was delayed due to COVID but the estimation was the initial date was around 22,441.


The estimation clears our doubts about the success of the Animation. This gives you so many reasons to watch it if you haven’t.


Movies Box-Office

Two movies based on the story of Violet Evergarden were released in the years 2019 and 2020.


2020 movie made a total of 39 million US dollars domestic and international collection included. The 2019 movie in the international market made close to 11 million US dollars.


So, are these movies a commercial success?


I don't know for sure. But we can be sure that it would have recovered its production cost and may have earned a decent profit.


So, we have some idea about sales and profitability, let see who is going to make a comeback in season 2.


Popular characters which we would like to see in the Violet Evergarden Season 2 


Violet Evergarden

violet evergarden


Now, what would be the Anime without our wonderful protagonist? Violet won hearts through her innocence and emotionless character but, this season would bring out more of her.


More expressions, more emotions, and whatnot. I am excited. “Violet”, a name given to her by Gilbert replacing her usual addressing as a “tool”.


Her full name “Violet Evergarden” was noted when Gilbert sent her to his most trusted relatives, who then adopted her legally.


Her life started as a young soldier, who has no form of feelings within. Upon meeting Gilbert, she learns certain things that she could to attain life.


Such as speaking, reading, writing, and most importantly a name. Yet, no feelings. After the war, her life gives her a shocker with her new disability, her both arms gone.


Though, his guardian's wish for her to live “freely” sustains her with the new lifestyle.


But, what’s next? The end of season one told us that Violet doesn’t take orders anymore, which she was used to since the beginning.


The new season will showcase more of this side of the protagonist, Violet Evergarden where she will explore more of life, hopefully.


Gilbert Bougainvillea

gilbert bougainvillea


Major Gilbert is the most awaited character of the series. The reason most people will get dragged towards the upcoming season is this man.


Gilbert Bougainvillea, a major in the army, followed the footsteps of his older brother, Dietfried Bougainvillea, a naval captain in the navy.


Gilbert's character showcased a quiet man who feels regret and sorrow for choosing a fourteen old child as a “weapon”.


The passage of timing of Gilbert's character is rare and mostly from the past in season one which keeps us waiting to watch more of him in the upcoming season.


The new season may portray the new angles from which he saw Violet. Maybe more about why did he, a grown man, found love in a fourteen-year-old?


Claudia Hodgins

claudia hodgins


This man has given the biggest reason for the little girl to live and the audience cannot wait to appreciate him more.


The red hair guy. Former Lieutenant Colonel, Claudia Hodgins. A very good friend of Gilbert, who took charge of Violet upon his friend and junior’s request.


This man got a lovely character with humor, emotions, and much more. The way he looked at Violet resembled a fatherly love.


That one episode in which, he looked at a father-daughter pair and missed Violet because she was away in a war zone.


Honestly, that was the exact moment he won more hearts. Looking forward to his character growing into a rich one.


Cattleya Baudelaire

It seemed that this woman has got more than you can see and that is clearly why we need her.


Honestly speaking Cattleya brings out the glamour, which is a usual thing in Japanese animes.


But, like I said before she is much more than you can see. Being a successful Auto Memory Doll of CH, Cattleya is also a good friend of Claud and Benedict.


Her casual flirting with the colonel and continuous fights with Benedict makes it harder to pair her with any one of them.


Nevertheless, the viewers favor her pairing with Benedict. Which, might take the story on different thinking about how someone else also does like the blond boy.




Erica Browne

Innocence behind the glasses, this girl has proved to be one of the calmest characters through the series which interests us in her unrequited love for Benedict.


Her character interaction with Violet in the early episodes of season 1 was one of a kind.


She was the first one to understand Violet among the whole bunch. Her inspiration to be like Molly, Doctor Orland's wife.


The doctor was the one who invented the Auto Doll Service which helped his blind wife to write novels.


And, Erica seemed to like that a lot.


Iris Cannary

Of course, we want to see more of the future number one doll of CH.


Iris’s character is pretty interesting but also a  simple one in Violet Evergarden. Her back story about her unrequited love pulled me over the edge.


We kind of expected the guy to come running over to the station but that didn’t actually make sense, keeping in mind that he already did reject her.


A no is a no. Regardless gender. Moving on……


Benedict Blue

Benedict shook everyone, including me in the last episode when he aimed for the other bomb on the train.


People have opinions of him being the best character in the series and I couldn’t disagree.


This man got some good humor. Talking about his first encounter, he gave us a lot of bad boy heroic vibes.


But, as time went on he just turned out to be a side character. *sigh*.


Also, the action scene in the last episode showcased some unbelievable skills of Benedict, walking on that thin rod to jumping off the bridge, and holding on to the fragile barrier.


It was amazing. Which brings us to the question that how is Benedict trained like a pro?


How? Honestly, there are a few more characters we would like to see in season two:


Luculia Marlborough

The kind-hearted girl from Violet's Auto doll training school. Despite having a painful past, this girl tried her best to help Violet which developed a beautiful friendship between them.


Leon Stephanotis

Leon became a friend to our doll when things were entirely different. He was one of those characters who tugged at Violet's heartstrings.


Also, an appeal more of this character because of the small promise they made of meeting each other again under the stars.


He will give tough competition to Major Gilbert.


Ann Magnolia

The little kid from the most emotional episode of the series. The epilogue of the series did show her growing into a fine woman but the rumors about her character from the movie are quite different.


I am most eagerly waiting for the change we will witness in the series.


Dietfried Bougainvillea

Last, but not least, Dietfried. We believe it or not but this man was the reason why Violet came into Gilbert's life.


Though his character showed a lot of frustration and anger towards our heroine, it did justify his feeling of losing his precious brother.


It’s understandable. The character development was seen when he brought Violet to meet his mother.



Other Decisive factors for Violet Evergarden Season 2


Till now, we have covered a lot and still, we need to look at two important factors that might play a decisive role for season 2.


Ending of season 1 of Violet Evergarden

The last episode of Violet Evergarden showcased some wonderful scenes. From the action scene at the train to the emotional scene where Violet meets Gilbert’s mother.


The journey she started because of an unknown world made her realize many known feelings.


Those incredible feelings of loving someone, losing someone and missing someone. What made me curious was her smile and blush when she reached the allotted house.


Who did she meet? Was it Gilbert? The questions and eagerness will not let me sleep.


What about you? Are you as excited for season 2 as much as I am?


I can hear your answers through the screen. Just kidding.


Controversies of the series

The animation has thankfully not got involved in any big controversies but there have been questions about it been LGBT.


Then, again that was after people watched the trailer for the movie. Guess, the Anime lovers should wait until the season two release.


Another “so-called” fling of the anime, Violet Evergarden was Gilbert being a pedophile. This is not true, to be honest.


The setting of the anime is world war 1, which took place from 1914-1918, and one with bare minimum knowledge of history would know that the girls were married off to men much older than them in those days.


Another example of this scenario was Princess Charlotte and Prince Damian’s marriage from episode five.


The Princess was fourteen years old while the Prince was in his twenties. This brings us to the verdict that the time was different compared to now, so do not judge.





All in all, we can conclude that the release of season two of the series will catch instant attention.


And we are lucky enough to anticipate that it’s nearer. Let’s wait and watch where Violet takes us in the next season like ngnl season 2.


Until then, Sayonara!