Top 34 Most Popular JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Characters

top 34 most popular jojo's bizarre adventure characters


JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures is one of the most popular anime of all time. It has had 8 manga series, out of which, 6 have been adapted into a TV anime.


Therefore, the show is just insane with its status and recognition. However, while its animation and story are what differentiates it from the rest, there’s no denying that JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures has an amazing set of characters as well.


This is why we will be looking at these characters today. These are the best JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure characters. This will be a comprehensive list of all the amazing characters from the entire series.


I hope you enjoy it.




1. Bruno Bucciarati


bruno bucciarati


This man is an absolute beast and has still managed to win hearts nonetheless. Bruno is one of the lead characters in the series who happens to be the Mafioso of Passione.


He is the leader of his team and is always seen as someone calm, composed and well-poised. He is natural and doesn’t bother to change the circumstances at all. However, when he is focused, anyone would love to see him break everything apart.


His skills are second to none. And as we see more from him in the episodes, we would realize that this man is a lot more capable than what meets the eye.


This is why Bruno Bucciarati from Golden Wind is such a special character for all of us as fans.




2. Josuke Higashikata


josuke higashikata


This man may not know what his past is, he definitely understands the complexities of the present better than anyone else. Josuke is one of the best characters in all of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures, mainly because of his charm and personality.


He was found by Yasuho Hirose, near the Wall Eyes in Morioh Town. He will be having a lot of trouble living his life since he doesn’t have a clue about his past.


And this ignorance will be detrimental for her everyday endeavours. However, what’s important to note here is that he has the capability to make us fall in love with the overall series.


And that’s why he is such a high-ranking character.




3. Yoshikage Kira


yoshikage kira


Meet Kira, the mysterious mastermind who’s got us hooked. He seems to be in a dilemma which includes either going for a peaceful life or, having a knack for more extreme choices.


But honestly, it doesn’t matter what path he takes, you can bet it’s going to be a rollercoaster for everyone watching. Moreover, Kira has this mind-blowing ability to make things explode with just a touch.


Like, he can literally touch something and BOOM! This adds an unreal twist, making him a standout in Jojo Part 4: Diamond Is Unbreakable. As the story unfolds, you will realize that Kira is going to become a legendary name in the series.


He’s here to make his mark! That’s why Kira is such an amazing character for all of us. He is just amazing.




4. Jolyne Cujoh


Jolyne Cujoh


Jolyne Cujoh will finally hit the screens with the announcement of Jojo Part 6, and fans are going crazy over her in the series. She is the protagonist of Jojo Part 6: Stone Ocean.


And even to this day, she is the only female Jojo in the franchise. However, as Jotaro’s daughter, she is going to carry his name very well. She may seem like an ordinary person at first, but soon enough, this girl will awaken something within herself that has never been seen before.


And her Sting-based Stand, Stone Free, will make sure that she is doing the job well enough.



5. Rohan Kishibe


Rohan Kishibe


He will always look up to the art of Manga. And that’s what makes Rohan so outstanding to the audience. Although he is quite skilled in his art, he is known for having a hard time building trust with people.


And while he does succeed with most of them, with someone like Josuke, the story is completely different. After all, Rohan is someone who can make the most out of any situation, thanks to his skills.


And that’s what makes him so impressive as a character for us. Moreover, his design is also clean and tidy. With his green eyes and earrings, this man keeps his identity without losing it too much for uniqueness.



6. Jotaro Kujo


Jotaro Kujo


He is probably one of the most famous Characters in the entire series. And that’s why his presence is so important in the show. Jotaro is one of the main characters in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures franchise and the protagonist in Jojo Part 3: Stardust Crusaders.


He is known for his powerful Star Platinum, and that was the first stand ever held by a Jojo, making him an overall impressive character in the series. Moreover, the fact that he travelled to Egypt to save his mother and put an end to Vampires, once and for all is what makes him so impressive in the first place.


And this is why Jotaro Kujo is a character that deserves this spot on our list.



7. Guido Mista


Guido Mista


Coming in as a member of Passione, we have Guido Mista. He is one of the lead characters in the series and happens to be an expert Gunslinger. You might have seen images of him holding his gun.


And that’s just part of what makes him so intimidating. If we dive deeper into his character, we begin to see him for what he is; a menace to the audience.


He was always out there, proving that his level is unbeatable. And although his stand is a feature that gives him a layer of strength, what makes him superior to all around him is his personality.


This man is just tolerant and attentive. However, he can also be cold and tough at times. This versatility is amazing.



8. Jean Pierre Polnareff


jean pierre polnareff


Coming in from Stardust Crusaders, we have Jean Pierre Polnareff. That’s an interesting name indeed. However, his presence is even more interesting. The fact that he reappears throughout the series as a side character is nothing less than nostalgic for the audience.


Moreover, as the story progresses, we realize that this man is going to make a name for himself. He joined Jotaro and Joseph to avenge his sister. However, his journey gained a lot more meaning as he landed with our main team. That’s why Jean’s character is appreciated so much in the anime community.



9. Giorno Giovanni


giorno giovanni


His theme is more popular than our existence. And that goes on to show how amazing this man is. Giorno is one of the most famous characters in the series.


He is one of those villains that are marvelled by the audience. And that’s why Giorno Giovanni is a beast that you should watch out for. However, over time we realize that he is a comic in and of himself.


The fact that he bought an extra ice cream just so he could tease a child with, was completely unreal. This is why Giorno Giovanni is a name that must be remembered by all Jojo Fans.



10. Dio Brando


Dio Brando


Kono Dio Da. This man was a menace. But that’s just part of what makes him so amazing. Dio can stop time. Now, let that sink in for a second.


Yes, this man had his grip on time and used that to intimidate those around him. However, what proves his excellence more than anything, is the fact that Dio was a beast in disguise.


You may consider him a normal character. However, soon enough, you will realize that his evil knew no limits. And that’s why Dio Brando is a character that you can’t help but love with all your heart and soul.


It’s not because he is evil but because he is a character with so much thought put into him. Typical Jojo Excellence.



11. Gyro Zeppeli


gyro zeppeli


He stands next to Jojo in his anime Gyro Zeppeli, also known as Julius Caesar Zeppeli, is one of the most important characters in the series and happens to be the deuteragonist of the Steel Ball Run Franchise.


The idea here is that this man is an expert in Spin. And that Spin hails from The Kingdom of Naples. He decided to join the Steel Ball Run because he wants to win clemency for someone.


However, that someone is a child who is going to get murdered at the hands of Gyro. Although all of this would happen in an official setting. Now that’s impressive, isn’t it?



12. Johnny Joestar


johnny joestar


He is the protagonist of Steel Ball Run. And that’s what makes him so awesome in the first place. After all, Steel Ball Run is one of the best parts of Jojo.


And that’s why this series and this character are admired so much. His original name was Jonathan Joestar. He is primarily known for his skills as a horse racer. And that’s just the origin of his character.


Soon enough, people realize that this man happens to have a spin as well as a stand going on for him. And that’s where he becomes an acceptable candidate for the race.


However, that’s just the surface-level stuff. Things get much more competitive from here on out.



13. Funny Valentine


funny valentine


We have had 2 entries from Steel Ball Run so far. And this is the 3rd one. All the Steel Ball Run fans will be having a fun time now.


However, Funny Valentine is no saint. He is the main antagonist of the series. And happens to be the president of the United States. That’s right, the villain of this series is the president of the most developed nation in the world.


Safe to say, he’s got a lot going on for him. And when the series gets animated, Funny Valentine’s excellence will gain even more recognition and appreciation. This is why Funny Valentine will be a game-changer in the show.


After all, he also happens to be a standout user, which enables him to travel across the Parallel Universe.



14. Jobin Higashikata


Jobin Higashikata


This man is no joke. He is one of the antagonists in Jojolion. And that’s why his presence is so fierce. The interesting thing to note here is that he is the eldest son of the Higashikata Family.


And that’s why his presence is so impressive. Moreover, he is also married to Mitsuba and happens to have a son named Tsurugi, himself. He was also a member of the Rock Human’s Locacaca Organization before he had his job at the Higashikata Fruit Company.


This is how our boy goes on to wield the mysterious Speed King, making him a force to reckon with.



15. Doppio Vinegar


Doppio Vinegar


Although he may look like a girl, his masculinity will make you reconsider, bringing you back to reality. He is one of the side characters in the series and is also an antagonist to feature in Vento Aureo.


This is why Doppio and his character are going to make a name for themselves. And let’s just say that this character is a menace. He is an underboss who doesn’t hold back.


And his stature as a member of Passione is what drives his character. Moreover, the man was responsible for all the cheeky moves that Diavolo made, without anyone knowing about him. This is one of the many reasons behind loving his character.



16. Yasuho Hirose


Yasuho Hirose


She is the deuteragonist of the series. And that’s why all the attention is always on her, although she does a lot to ensure everyone has their eyes on her as well.


She is one of the lead characters in the series and happens to have a lot going on for her. For starters, Josuke is caring towards this woman. And that’s how he gets so close to him.


She uses Paisley Park to investigate the crimes taking place in her city. This is why her character is so amazing. And that’s just the surface of her character. It gets a lot more interesting in the actual story.



17. Slow Dancer


Slow Dancer


This horse is just fascinating, thanks to its extreme speed and grit. And that’s why its presence is so special. Moreover, the fact that it can hold its own against any opponent is just unreal.


But that’s not all, its intellectual status is also a subject of discussion since it manages to outsmart every horse under his radar. And all these qualities made him a creature that stands second to none in the series.


He happens to be one of Johnny and Gyro’s best friends. And that’s how this trio manages to shake the audience from the core. And that’s just the surface of it.



18. Enrico Pucci


Enrico Pucci


Jolyne will have a rough time against this man. After all, he is the one she is supposed to face off. Enrico is the main antagonist of the series that goes by the name of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures: Stone Ocean.


However, what makes him so intimidating is his association. This guy is in touch with Dio, and that’s why his plans are going to be a game changer for the audience.


The idea is simple. He will be taking on some of the most crashing characters in the series. And soon enough, he will stand as one of the strongest who is on his mission to create heaven.



19. Joseph Joestar


Joseph Joestar


This man is just too good to be true. And that’s why he is here on our list. Joseph Joestar is one of the lead characters in Parts 3 and 4 of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures, as well as the main protagonist of Part 2.


He is a natural in terms of his skills focusing on his ripple usage. And he is also an excellent stand user. He is known for his intellect in battle or as some of you may say, Battle IQ.


He can outperform all of his opponents, whether they are vampires, Pillar Men, or even other stand users. And that’s why his character is going to be a game-changer for all of us.



20. Kars




Now that we have talked about the protagonist of Part 2, let’s take a look at the antagonist. Kars was one of the first antagonists in the series. And man, he was just awesome in his role.


He stood out as the leader of Pillar Man, making him a threat to the viewers seeing him. However, for him to be that menace, he must do some horrible stuff.


And he does so by causing unreal degrees of Destruction. This is why Kars was so fascinating to the audience. And the fact that he stood at the first spot amongst Pillar Man is just brilliant. This man was bound to be a fan favourite.



21. Risotto Nero


risotto nero


This man is yet another monster that must be taken care of as soon as possible. After all, being the leader of the La Squadra Esecuzioni, he is bound to be a menace to society.


He is the main antagonist of Vento Aureo. And that’s why his presence is so impressive to the audience. Moreover, as we dive deep into his character, we realize that this man is cold and evil in his heart.


He is not going to spare anyone, not even his teammates. And that’s just the beginning of his personality as an antagonist. He is way more dangerous than that.



22. Ringo Roadagain


Ringo Roadagain


This man used to serve President Valentine. And that’s why his presence is so captivating for the audience. And his skills steal the show for all of us. Ringo is one of the minor antagonists in the anime which goes by the name of Steel Ball Run.


However, he isn’t known for any remarkable damage. What he is known for is his ability to outshine everyone. This man is just a monster in disguise. And no one has the power to outperform him.


His gunslinging skills are so impressive that fans lose their minds over them. This is what makes Ringo Roadagain worthy of a spot on our list.



23. Narancia Ghirga


Narancia Ghirga


This man is a member of both Bucciarati and Passione. He has a very intimidating stature. However, his feminine appearance often confuses the viewer, although his actions don’t. But fans tend to get used to it quickly enough.


Moreover, he was part of a team that consisted of Giorno and Bucciarati that was on the mission of protecting Trish Una. And that’s because he has experienced a similar tragedy as her.


Moreover, he is also an impressive stand user who uses Miniature Fighter Planes called Aerosmith. This is why Narancia Ghirga is so capturing for all of us.



24. Noriaki Kakyoin


Noriaki Kakyoin


You might remember him from an extremely popular meme. And that’s just the beauty of his character. His ridiculous nature has managed to entertain the audience a ton. And that’s why his presence is so impressive.


This man is one of the lead characters in Stardust Crusaders. And as a Japanese Student, he was brainwashed by the man himself, Dio, to kill Jotaro. However, what made him even more intimidating, is the fact that this man is just too strong for everyone else.


He is always helping out Jotaro on his quest. And that’s what makes him so impressive.



25. Caesar Zeppeli


Caesar Zeppeli


A name that will be remembered for ages. That’s what Caesar Zeppli is. He is one of the lead characters in his actions and stature and happens to be the deuteragonist of the show.


Moreover, the fact that this man is from Battle Tendency, goes on to show that his presence was respected by fans all around the globe. After all, Battle Tendency was a great part.


Moreover, he is known for being a Ripple User from Italy and his skills have been acquired from Lisa Lisa. He is the grandson of Will Anthonio Zeppeli and that gives him so much more credibility from the audience.



26. Diavolo




We have talked about him before. But this time, we will look at him in a bit more detail. He is the antagonist of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures Part 5. And this status allows him to secure a name for himself.


Moreover, he is the father of Trish Una and the leader of Passione. The fact that this man is so special in terms of his status is just one of the many reasons why he features in our list.


Moreover, as the story progresses, we realize that he is also a stand user. And the fact that this man wields King Crimson in battle is what makes him such an impressive antagonist.



27. Iggy




Imagine being a dog and using a stand. Now that’s some insane stuff. However, Jojo is all about Insanity and that’s why Iggy is here. He is a mutt who was brought from the streets of New York.


However, he decides to help out our main squad and follow them on their journey to Cairo with the intent of taking down Dio. Now all this feat was just impressive enough to make people fall in love with him.


However, when we realize that he can use a stand called The Fool, fans lose their minds over him. And that was the point from which Iggy became a menace.



28. Pet Shop


Pet Shop


This man may seem to have a funny name going on for himself. However, he is quite a menace in the series. He is one of the minor antagonists in the anime JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures Stardust Crusaders.


However, the fact that he is a falcon is what brings most of the attention to him. Moreover, this guy is also a member of the Egypt 9 Glory Gods.


And that’s how his presence was even more explicit to the viewers. Plus, he is one of Dio’s house guardians. And this is why his character gains even more popularity. Add his ability to use the ice stand and now you have a force to be reckoned with.



29. Vanilla Ice


Vanilla Ice


Another amazing antagonist from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures Stardust Crusaders is Vanilla Ice. While his name is pretty interesting, to say the least, his stature is not. This man is known for his position as the last vampire created by Dio.


Moreover, he is one of the most crucial stand users in the series. His capabilities are just unreal. And as a character, his stand is too good to be true.


It allows him to use void, which is already an overpowered feature, to its fullest potential. This man is a menace and that’s why he is standing here on our list. He is just a freak on his own.



30. Lisa Lisa


Lisa Lisa


Joseph’s mother, Lisa Lisa is one of the most sought-after characters in the series. And that’s why her presence is important to the audience. She goes on to become an amazing Ripple Master and happens to be Joseph and Caesar’s mentor.


This is only the beginning though since she becomes the subject of battle in the series. She decided to take on the Pillar Men with the help of Ripple Users.


However, this decision is going to change the game for everyone else in the series. Lisa Lisa is a woman who will change your opinions on the series and will make you fall in love with it.



31. Okuyasu Nijimura


Okuyasu Nijimura


Coming in from Diamond is Unbreakable, we have Okuyasu Nijimura. This character is a force to be reckoned with. And that’s why he is here on our list. Although he was an antagonist at first, soon enough, he became an ally for our main cast.


And his stand is what makes him such a popular being among fans. He has an insane stand called The Hand. And it is just incredibly strong. Moreover, in the anime, he holds a childish personality and depicts various notions of immaturity.


Let’s just say that things are bound to be interesting when this man is on screen.



32. Koichi Hirose


Koichi Hirose


This young kid may seem a bit underwhelming at first. However, you will soon realize that he is a blossoming flower. This man is a deuteragonist in Diamond Is Unbreakable.


And the fact that he became a stand user is just amazing. He was a high school student from the first year, minding his own business when he befriended Josuke.


And from that point forward, his life started to tingle around stand users. And this is how our boy Hirose great Echoes for himself. He is just too good to be true as a character. And that’s why he is here.



33. Muhammad Avdol


Muhammad Avdol


This man was so strong, they had to take care of him, twice. That’s why his presence is so impressive. Avdol is one of the most popular characters in the series and happens to be an ally to our main cast.


He was part of the Stardust Crusaders series and his first appearance took place during their journey to Dio. Since he is an Egyptian, his presence was crucial for the success of the team’s plan.


And that’s why his character gained so much attention from fans all around the world. His strength was on a completely different level as well considering how impressive he is with his fire magic.



34. Robert Speedwagon


Robert Speedwagon


Best Waifu, ladies, and gentlemen. This man is known for his excellence and personality. And that’s why he is here on our list. He was one of the lead characters in Phantom Blood and a side character in Battle Tendency.


What makes him so great is his personality as a man. He takes care of Joseph and Erina as if he is a father figure to them. And that’s how we can know how caring he is about his people.


Plus his loud and furious nature entertains the audience from the core. And that’s why people love Robert Speedwagon and his presence.


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