Top 50 Best Anime For Kids To Watch

top 50 best anime for kids to watch in 2023


Anime is a medium for everyone. Whether you are 5 years old or 50 years old, this category of entertainment will always have something for you.


And while we do know about the more mature shows like Monster and Death Note, how about we take a look at some shows for kids today?


There are countless series out there that are designed to entertain and envelope kids from all around the world.


And today, we will be looking at some of them. This is the Best Anime For Kids list.




1. Pokemon




The story takes place in a realm where special kinds of monsters called Pokemons exist.


And they are taken in by humans as pets and compete in various tournaments to become the best Pokemon trainer.


Only those who can become the best Pokemon Trainers will have a chance at attaining the title of Pokemon Master.


And Ash Ketchum wants to achieve just that. With several instalments in place and hundreds of games available to play, Pokemon is a phenomenon that can’t be compared to anything else whatsoever.


It is one of the most successful media franchises of all time. And that’s why it is ranked so high on our list.


It has video games, toys and so much more merchandise based on this anime. Pokemon is not just a kid anime but an anime for people of all ages. 




2. Digimon




The anime series managed to entertain all the kids who watched it. This is Digimon. The storyline of Digimon is quite simple.


A bunch of characters is in a world where monsters happen to exist. However, these are no normal monsters.


These are digital monsters that transform on stimulus. A group of kids decides to have these monsters as their partners and fight evil to save the world.


And this is what makes Digimon, such an incredible anime altogether. The idea of finding various kinds of monsters in various environments and making them morph in different techniques, make this anime extremely inquisitive for the kids. And so, they enjoy the world it.




3. Shin Chan


shin chan


This 5-year-old dynamo is here to entertain everyone and trust me, he’s doing it in style.


So, picture this: Shin Chan, the notorious kid with a lifestyle that’s pure chaos. The show zooms in on his life as a kindergartener, and let me tell you, this kid knows how to make every day an adventure.


Whether he’s dealing with family, friends, or just regular daily stuff, Shin Chan’s got a knack for turning it into something memorable.


Now, why is Shin Chan the constant buzz? Simple – he’s a kid just like the ones watching the show.


Everything he pulls off becomes super relatable to the kids in the audience. It’s like he’s the little hero of everyday kid life.




4. Assassination Classroom


assassination classroom


Now you see, Assassination Classroom is a brilliant series that just can’t be ignored in any case.


It can please kids, teens, and adults with its simple, heart-touching, and memorable narrative. The show talks about a class of socially failed children who have to kill their alien-like teacher for a handsome cash prize.


However, the teacher moves at the speed of Mach 20 and so, he will teach the students about Assassination himself.


This unique and simplistic narrative, blended with the emotional value and contents of the show, makes it an amazing experience on its own.


And that’s why Assassination Classroom deserves to be on our list.



5. My Hero Academia


my hero academia


Let’s dive into the awesomeness that is My Hero Academia – a show that’s like a superhero crash course for the young guns! It’s all about simplicity and the basics, making it a perfect watch for the growing-up gang.


So, we’ve got Izuku Midoriya, a dude with big dreams of becoming a hero, but there’s a little hiccup – he’s part of the 20% without any superpower. Tough break, right? But wait for it – when his hero All-Might passes on the mighty One For All power, Izuku is back in business. Cue the heroic music!


Now, armed with his newfound abilities, Izuku is on a mission to rock it at the coolest school in town, UA High, and make his hero dreams come true.


My Hero Academia is all about the classic tale of heroes versus villains, giving kids a front-row seat to learn the ropes of what’s right and wrong. It’s superhero education at its finest!



6. Naruto




The original Naruto series is just as incredible today as it was when it first hit the TV. And so, Naruto as a show deserves more love and appreciation from the fandom.


The series talks about a ninja who has been socially outcast by his village. Therefore, to gain back their attention and love, he tries to do every clumsy thing he can think of.


And that’s why Naruto is a show that kids will love when they watch it. The teens love the story element of this show while the kids love the action element.


By having a great score in both of these attributes, Naruto manages to hit 2 birds with one stone.



7. Doraemon




This anime has been going on for decades as well. And has thousands of episodes under its belt. Yeah, that’s how impressive it is.


The story of Doraemon revolves around a robot from the 22nd Century who has traveled back in time to help Nobita become a better person.


However, teaching a clumsy and careless kid like Nobita will be a tough task and so, the story follows the lives of these two as they spend time together to ensure a bright future.


This anime is repetitive and has a ton of great features such as values, morals, and ethics being taught by the narrative.


This is why Doraemon is a series that deserves such a high spot on our list.



8. Dragon Ball Z


Dragon Ball Z


The real deal is here ladies and gentlemen. The show that shaped millions of childhoods, we have Dragon Ball Z.


This franchise is known for its extremely entertaining and hype fight sequences that gave me goosebumps back when they first appeared.


And the fact that people still talk about this show to this day, makes it even more interesting and fun.


The idea here is that Dragon Ball Z is a show with a dumb protagonist. And because of that, the show can cater to a young audience that only cares about Goku beating the hell out of a villain.


This is why Dragon Ball Z is a show that deserves the said spot on our list. It is a legendary anime and nothing can surpass it.



9. Yu Gi Oh


yu gi oh


An incredible anime franchise that just goes on to show the excellence of the medium. Yu-Gi-Oh is a card-based anime series where our main character Yami Yugi is trying to reach the top of his game.


And as he does so, he will come across a ton of other people who will pose a threat or challenge to him.


Tackling them all and moving forward in a cool way is what Yu-Gi-Oh is all about. And that’s why the show is just as impressive as you might expect.


The real reason why Yu-Gi-Oh is exceptional when it comes to pleasing the audience is that it can be played by kids in the real world.


And when that connection builds, everything is just otherworldly from that point on.



10. Naruto Shippuden


naruto shippuden


Naruto Shippuden continues the journey of Naruto as he hits adolescence and becomes more mature and powerful.


The storyline gets even more interesting and so, the kids who are mature enough to grasp it will have a fun time watching it.


Naruto has always been a fan favorite. And so, it wouldn’t be any problem for the show to raise the ranks in the minds of the kids who watch it.


And this is why Naruto Shippuden is ranked so high on our list.



11. Cardcaptor Sakura


cardcaptor sakura


Woah would you look at that? A shoujo series on our list ladies and gentlemen. This one is only going to be better.


Cardcaptor Sakura is a story about a young girl who has been assigned the task of capturing cards with magical powers.


However, since that can’t be done with her current capabilities, she has been transformed into a magical girl herself and now she must fight the evil that resides within those cards.


And make sure that she manages to capture all of them before they cause any major harm. As you can see, the anime is pretty standard and has nothing fishy going on.


That’s why kids can enjoy it without any issues whatsoever.



12. My Neighbour Totoro


my neighbour totoro


A Ghibli movie on the list, ladies and gentlemen, we must not hold back. This one is known for its simplistic storyline that is adorable on so many levels, we can’t even fathom it.


My Neighbour Totoro talks about a couple of siblings named Satsuke and Mei as they shifted to a new place and came across a special kind of creature named Totoro.


Now they are both getting acquainted with Totoro and other spirits in the forest as they wait for their mother to recover.


And this journey with supernatural creatures is going to be a memorable one. My Neighbour Totoro has everything you would want from a great kids’ anime movie.


It isn’t as dark as spirited away or as patriotic as Princess Mononoke. Just the right pick.



13. Sailor Moon


Sailor Moon


Ladies and gentlemen, it is time to talk about the legendary shoujo series, Sailor Moon. This anime is an absolute classic from the prime days of anime that impressed the entire world with its storyline and characters.


It talks about the life of Usagi Tsukino who is also a magical girl called Sailor Moon. And her capabilities have far exceeded that of any human.


Together with her group, she would need to go up against some of the most dangerous villains in the world.


However, Usagi and the team will take care of them no matter what. A simple, sweet, and beautiful magical girls’ show that managed to shake the world.


I don’t think I need to explain why kids will enjoy it.



14. Dragon Ball


Dragon Ball


The Dragon Ball series is a work of art that won’t fade no matter what. And this is why the show is appearing so frequently on our lists.


This installment is the one that started it all. It talks about a boy named Goku who was taken in by Master Roshi and was trained to become the best Martial Artist in the world.


This young kid with surprising powers is going to prove that age is just a number. And that’s what this anime is all about.


Being the classic that it is, the original Dragon Ball series is specifically designed to cater to the young audience.


And so, it manages to do so very well and make a great kid’s anime altogether.



15. Powerpuff Girls Z


Powerpuff Girls Z


Yeah, there’s an anime about Powerpuff girls. You shouldn’t be too surprised. The series talks about 3 girls who have been bestowed with special power thanks to a scientist.


And now, they are on their journey to bring justice to their home city and bring down monsters and evils as they roam around.


However, all these 3 girls have different personalities and so, it becomes quite entertaining to see them have their way of fighting, while also living a life that they wouldn’t have lived otherwise.


Powerpuff Girls don’t need any recognition from anyone. Everybody knows how good they are for kids and so, their anime version also gets a pass for the same reasons.



16. Yo-Kai Watch


yo-kai watch


The next anime on our list is a popular show that just doesn’t seem to lose its value at all.


Yo-Kai Watch is a show that talks about spirits or Yokai as they roam around in this free world.


And our main character decides to get his hands on a watch that allows him to interact with these Yokai.


Using this watch, he is going to befriend all the Yokai in the city and live his life alongside them.


This show is kind of like Zatchbell in the sense that it focuses on a character, trying to have his way around a new life that is bestowed upon him due to absolute luck.


And such a narrative is great for the young audience of anime and manga.



17. Little Witch Academia


Little Witch Academia


This anime is all about the life of a girl who wishes to master magic. However, her struggles seem to have no end whatsoever.


The show talks about Akko who was inspired by a witch named Shiny Chariot and wants to become a great witch herself.


With this ambition, she decides to enroll in Luna Nova Magical Academy. However, she isn’t exactly from a strong background for her ambition of becoming a witch.


This is why she faces a ton of hardship in her school. However, when she comes across the Shiny Rod, things might take a turn for her.


And with such a sweet narrative and artistic animation, Little Witch Academia is a great show that young children should watch.



18. Detective Conan


Detective Conan


This character needs no introduction. After all, this anime is one of the longest-running anime series of all time.


And this is why it is ranked here on our list. The show talks about a guy named Conan who has been shrunk into a young kid despite being an old man.


However, since he retained the intelligence of his previous self, he has become an exceptional detective who is going to solve any case without breaking a sweat.


There’s a reason why people have been watching this show for over a decade. Although it is repetitive, the storyline is so engaging, especially for kids that the anime has been going on forever.


This is why it is worthy of being a notable show.



19. K-On




The calming series will entertain both kids and adults with its content. The show talks about a group of students who have created a club called the Light Music Club.


And here, all they do is just hang out and make some music. On the outside, this show about cute girls in a club may seem a bit odd for entertainment.


However, that’s where the excellence of K-On comes in since it manages to entertain the audience with its tranquil and calming narrative.


As an anime that can perform it, K-On is a show that just can’t be compared to anything else.


And this is why it deserves to be ranked so high on our list. The kids will have a great time watching this slice-of-life anime.



20. Sonic X


Sonic X


The Sonic franchise has always ruled the markets when it comes to games. However, we can’t ignore the anime version either.


The show is just what you would expect. It is Sonic and his team, trying to take care of the bad guys in every following episode.


However, being an anime about a popular name like Sonic, the counter effects of watching this anime are quite impressive.


In other words, if a kid watched Sonic X anime, he will have a game ready for himself that he can enjoy.


This way, he will have the most amount of fun from just one franchise alone. And that’s quite a feat if you think about it.


This is why Sonic X is so high on our list. 



21. Howl’s Moving Castle


howl's moving castle


This Ghibli movie is exceptional, to say the least. And this is why it is ranked so high on this list.


Howl’s Moving Castle is a movie that tells us about a girl named Sophie who got turned into an old woman by a witch.


The only way for Sophie to get herself back is by reaching Howl’s castle. However, Howl is someone who is not easy to deal with.


And being the playboy that he is, things won’t be as simple for Sophie as she might have thought.


However, getting a chance to enter the flying castle of Howl is noteworthy. And this journey is going to be a remarkable one.


Being a Ghibli movie, there’s no denying that it is bound to be a fan favorite.



22. Avatar




This anime shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. And I know what some of you might be saying.


Avatar isn’t an anime. Well yeah, technically it isn’t. However, it is an anime-inspired series that kids enjoy a lot.


So I guess it deserves a pass here. The story talks about three kids who are mastering one or the other elements of nature to become the Airbender.


And once they do so, they will be unstoppable. The premise of the show is quite basic and so is its method of execution.


And this is why Avatar is a show that kids can watch with no concern. They might even try some air-bending techniques themselves after watching a few episodes.



23. Sailor Moon Crystal


Sailor Moon Crystal


Coming in from the Sailor Moon Franchise, we have Sailor Moon Crystal. This specific installment is a bit strayed off from the original Sailor Moon series.


However, the narrative remains the same whatsoever. It was released in 2014 which makes it quite new for the sailor moon fandom.


The premise is focused on the life of Usagi Tsukino as she becomes a Sailor Moon assigned with the task of saving the world.


As you can see, this show is a simple and sweet shojo anime that anyone would love to watch in their free time.


And if we talk about kids, they would wanna watch it all day because kids are always free. Man, missing the good old days that we experienced.



24. Haikyuu




As stated before, Kids love some incredible sports for themselves. And so, Haikyuu is a series that just can’t be ignored at any cost whatsoever.


After all, it’s one of the best sports anime of all time. The show talks about a guy named Shoyo Hinata who teams up with his previous rival Tobuo Kageyama in high school to become part of the best volleyball team they can make.


Hinata, along with his team, will practice left and right to secure their spot as the best volleyball players in the High School division.


The show is very simple, and sober but filled with fun and excitement. When we have a sports anime like this, we shouldn’t stop our kids from having their time at all.



25. Hamtaro




If you liked the story told by Chi, then you will love the story told by Hamtaro. The show is just what it sounds like.


It revolves around the life of a hamster named Hamtaro who is owned by a girl named Laura. Now Laura is only 10 and so, she happens to love her hamster, a ton.


And Hamtaro, being the curious being that he is, always ventures out with his friends and paves a life for himself.


The fun that he experiences as he tries to live his hamster life is what makes him a great character for our story.


And with such a tranquil narrative in place, this show is excellent for babies and infants who are just getting the idea of the real world.



26. Kiteretsu




Just like Doraemon, Kiteretsu is also a science-fiction kids’ series that happens to have technology and gadgets as part of its narrative.


And knowing the inquisitive nature of kids, there’s no doubt that this show is popular in the medium. The story talks about a genius kid named Kiteretsu who, along with his robot friend Korosuke, designs various gadgets and tools to tackle his daily life problems.


And so, this anime has a very basic and refreshing narrative as in every episode, the characters tackle new problems with new technology.


And that’s why this anime deserves to be up there for Kids’ choice. 



27. K-On! Season 2


K-On! Season 2


K-On season 2 is a step up from the first season. And so, if kids watched the first season and loved it, then they would have another great ride in this one.


The show continues to talk about the Light Music Club and their daily adventures as they pave their way to school life.


The reason why an anime like K-On is so appropriate for children is that it manages to capture a lot of themes that aren’t off with its contents.


The story goes on and on and we get to see the life of a bunch of kids as they pave their way in life.


This smooth, calm, and sailing journey is what makes our experience so great. And this is why K-On is a show that any age demographic can watch and still enjoy the hell out of it.



28. Go! Princess Precure


Go! Princess Precure


This story will melt your heart even if you are not a kid. And so, it deserves to be on your notice at all times.


The series talks about a girl named Haruka Haruno who always wanted to be a Princess like the ones in Fairy Tales.


Now as a kindergarten student, this dream isn’t surprising. However, her peers used to bully her because of this dream.


But things took turns for the better when she came across a guy named Kanata. And unlike others, Kanata was someone who believed in her dreams and gave her a charm.


This charm will change Haruka’s life forever. And that’s where this story begins. With a normal plot like this, the show manages to entertain the kids very well.



29. Chi




Are you fond of cats? Are your children fond of cats? If the answer to that is yes, then Chi is the show for you.


This anime series is all about a cat who was taken in by a young boy named Youhei and his family.


The time that this cat spends with Youhei is interesting and fun. However, being the cat that she is, Chi always does some of the most annoying yet entertaining things that make every day in her life a memorable one.


No matter what happens, Chi will always have her family to go back to. And that’s why this anime is so good.


It is so lighthearted in its contents that anyone can watch it without any concern whatsoever. After all, it’s all about the life of a cat.



30. The Legend Of Korra


The Legend Of Korra


Coming in as a success story to the realm of Avatar, we have The Legend Of Korea. This anime is quite interesting since it follows the story of one specific character in the same realm as Avatar.


And the way it manages to put all the attention on this one girl and explore her life is stunning.


The series goes on and on to express how impressive it can be for the viewers. And so, the Legend Of Korra series happens to be a fan favorite when it comes to its contents and method of expression.


This is why it is a great selection for your child if they aren’t into anime yet. It isn’t exactly a Japanese anime but it is inspired by it.



31. Shugo Chara!


Shugo Chara!


This show will give you an idea about youth and its progression. There, you must watch this show with caution.


The story talks about a girl named Amu Hinamori who is quite an attractive personality on the outside. But on the inside, she is super shy.


With such contrasting attributes of her clashing with her presence as a whole, the story dives into the lifestyle of this elementary school girl and shares her experience as an individual.


This is a shoujo series so there’s a good chance that the female audience will appreciate the show a lot more.


However, there’s no denying that even males can have a lot of fun watching this series. Therefore, Shugo Chara.



32. Dinosaur King


Dinosaur King


Dinosaurs are extremely interesting to everyone, especially during childhood and so, with a series like Dinosaur King, the interest of the kids is sparked with a lot more content and value provided to them.


The narrative is simple. Three kids are on their way to becoming the Dinosaur King. And how will they do that?


Well, they have got their hands on technology that tames Dinosaurs. And using that technology, they can have one dinosaur as their partner and battle the others and collect them in card forms.


They must collect all cards to ensure their top spot. And with such a commonly appreciative narrative, Dinosaur King manages to become an extremely entertaining show.



33. Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s


Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s


The Yu-Gi-Oh series has a ton of cool features to place forward with its narrative. And it follows the same path as Beyblade does, by providing a show about a card game that someone can play without any major problems.


Yu-Gi-Oh 5D’s specifically focus on the life of 5 dragons. And as they do so, they manage to leave a lasting impact on the viewers.


The storyline isn’t completely new or different. It just happens to have a central theme of dragons serving the Crimson dragon and the story revolves around the same.


This is why Yu-Gi-Oh 5D’s is one of the most remarkable shows in recent memory that can entertain kids without any major issues.



34. Kirby: Right Back At Ya!


Kirby: Right Back At Ya!


The legendary Kirby franchise seems to have no chills at all when it comes to entertaining the kids. And this is why the Kirby Right Back At Ya series is worthy of a spot on our list.


The show talks about Kirby, which is a pink spherical creature that can’t help but act like a child in her world.


As she lands on a new planet named Popstar, we are going to take the next step and see what happens to her here.


And this journey of following Kirby is what will make the show so impressive for all of us. After all, the cuteness of this creature is worthy of an entry on its own.


This is why Kirby is a character that deserves a place in the hearts of the kids. Kirby is such a cute and bubbly character that will bring joy to every kid and adult. 



35. Princess Tutu


Princess Tutu


This is a classic story from the old days of anime. And it won’t take you much time to realize how impressive this show was during its prime.


The anime talks about a duck who has been transformed into a human. And not just any human. That duck is a Princess named Princess Tutu whose objective is to rebuild the heart of a prince from a storybook.


Now on the surface, this narrative may sound a bit too silly for an anime. However, that’s the exact reason why it would be a great pick for kids.


After all, nothing compares to the unique storyline that shows like Princess Tutu offer for the young generation. And that’s why this show is ranked here on our list



36. Dragon Ball Z Kai


Dragon Ball Z Kai


Dragon Ball Z Kai is like a polished version of the original Dragon Ball Z series. And as we all know, Dragon Ball is what will make kids legends in the future.


This is why Dragon Ball Z Kai is quite a great choice for your kids to enjoy this vacation.


The story follows the same route as our main character Goku, heading up against planet-threatening villains and fighting them head-on to ensure that he turns out victorious and saves the day.


Nothing fancy. However, because of the hype that this show creates, it manages to give a completely new experience to anyone who watches it.


And so, Dragon Ball Z Kai, with its new animation and art style, gives viewers a more pleasing experience.



37. Voltron




This anime sounds quite techno-savvy. And that’s because it is. The show we know by the name Voltron follows the story of a group of people known as the Paladins of Voltron.


And these guys must train themselves to become effective users of giant mechs to face their danger head-on.


What’s their danger you might ask? Well, that’s the evil Galra Empire. And let’s just say that this group won’t exactly have any issues when it comes to dealing with them.


After all, they are nothing but incredible beings with a lot of recognition and power. However, this won’t be super easy either.


Let’s see how things work out for them.



38. Fairy Tail


Fairy Tail


Dealing with wizards and magic, this entry on our list deserves a ton of love and recognition. After all, it is quite an experience for sure.


The story talks about a guy named Natsu who is part of a special guild called Fairy Tail. He and his friends are on their adventure to find new people, defeat monsters, and become the best wizards in the world.


With a simple and basic storyline like this, the show manages to capture a huge audience for itself. It wouldn’t be recommended for very young kids.


However, if your kids are a bit more on the mature side, then they can enjoy this show without any major problems.


And let’s just say that they would love it.



39.  Drifting Home


Drifting Home


Since his grandfather’s passing, Kousuke Kumagaya has drifted apart from his once-close friend Natsume Tonai. Their childhood bond, forged in the same apartment building, weakens as Natsume clings to the past and the imminent demolition of their former home looms.


Intrigued by rumors of a ghost haunting the building, Kousuke’s companions lead him to the site, where he unexpectedly reunites with Natsume. A heated dispute erupts over an old camera that once belonged to their late grandfather, prompting Natsume to flee, teetering on the rooftop’s edge.


Suddenly, torrential rain engulfs the building, transforming it into a floating vessel, adrift at sea. Cut off from the world, Natsume and Kousuke must reconcile their differences to navigate their way back home.



40. Beyblade Burst


Beyblade Burst


Well, everybody knows what Beyblade is. Everybody has played with Beyblade at least once in their lives. And with such a unanimous love and appreciation for the show, there’s no way we can keep it away from the children.


The show Beyblade Burst is all about a group of kids trying to battle with their Beyblades and become champions.


Unlike most shows on this list, there’s no depiction of direct action in this series. And so, they manage to stand out from other anime for kids and have a fandom of their own, going on to prove that their Beyblade skills are the best.


Apart from that, there’s also the fact that you can buy and play Beyblades in reality which is a pretty harmless game for anyone who is enjoying the show.



41. InuYasha




This is yet another old and classic anime series that made many childhoods. It talks about a girl named Kagome who gets teleported to the Sengoku period.


There, she ends up breaking a wish-fulfilling jewel and loses all its shards of it. To ensure that the shards don’t get into the wrong hands, Kagome asks the help of a dog-like creature named InuYasha and enters the realm of madness as they try and fight the evil and collect as many of those shards as possible.


This journey will be a long one so make sure your belts are tight. This anime is filled with wholesome moments and so, the kids who will watch it would always learn from it after all.



42. Dragon Ball GT


Dragon Ball GT


Well, well, if it isn’t, the Dragon Ball Series. And more specifically, Dragon Ball GT. This anime is a lot more focused on action and has a unique narrative than what we see in anime before.


This is why it deserves a place on this list. The storyline of Dragon Ball GT revolves around the life of Goku as he is now a young kid again because of a mishap.


And along with his granddaughter Pan, he is on his way to save the place with his fighting skills and excellence.


The problems are only going to get bigger but hey, you know it ain’t a big deal if Goku’s there.


Dragon Ball series needs no recognition at all when it comes to anime for kids. This is because all of its installments are entertaining for our young ones.



43. Snow White With The Red Hair


Snow White With The Red Hair


A show much more about the feminine side of things. However, it still manages to leave a lasting impression on the minds of the viewers.


And the contents are quite appropriate for a young audience. The story talks about a girl with red hair who ends in a relationship with Prince Raji.


Now they are both living their lives in a new country and the story follows their world as it progresses along.


The important thing to note here is that the narrative is quite basic with what it has to offer.


And because of that, the creators manage to break that age gap that will exclude a huge number of kids who would enjoy this series.


This is why Snow White With The Red Hair is worthy of this list.



44. One Punch Man


One Punch Man


Just like Saiki K, One Punch Man is another work of anime that can be enjoyed by a lot of kids.


While superhero shows are omnipresent in the media industry, something like One Punch Man can be remarkable for the kids watching it.


The show talks about our main character Saitama who is extremely overpowered to the point that he can defeat any opponent with just one punch.


That’s why the name, is One Punch Man. However, because of this, his life has become quite boring and so, we will be joining him on his super strong yet boring lifestyle that can’t be replicated in any other anime.


I bet your neighbor’s kid would love to enjoy some of the fun Saitama has to offer.



45. Astro Boy


Astro Boy


If we talk about classics then there’s no denying that Astro Boy is unmatched. This show has such a massive audience and influence behind it that we can’t even fathom it.


Apart from the fact that this show was crafted in a way that any age group can enjoy without any issues, the anime also has a ton of history behind it.


Whether it’s in the form of its narrative or the creators, this show has had a ton of background towards its making that it becomes a work of art itself.


The show was created to motivate people during the brutal times of World War 2. And so, this show managed to leave an everlasting impression on the minds of the viewers from back in the day.



46. Hirogaru Sky! Precure


hirogaru sky! precure


Skyland, a peaceful realm, faces a momentous upheaval as the innocent infant princess Ellee-chan is snatched away by a monstrous creature from the Undergu Empire.


In a courageous act, a determined girl named Sora pursues the abductor through a mysterious portal, finding herself in a parallel world called Sorashido City.


The unfamiliar presence of televisions and bicycles ignites astonishment within her, but Sora swiftly sets aside her bewilderment.


With a pressing mission at hand, she must hasten to retrieve the princess and deliver her safely back to the castle.


In a remarkable adventure that transcends boundaries, Sora embraces her destiny as a Precure, dons the mantle of a hero, and sets out to fulfil her noble quest.



47. Inazuma 11


Inazuma 11


Sports are an integral part of our lifestyle. Therefore, any anime based on a sport must be appreciated and respected by the fandom no matter what.


And when it comes to admirable sports for kids, football is a great option. And so, Inazuma 11 is also a great option.


The story of Inazuma 11 tells us about a team that is on its way to leading the football championship.


As you might guess, the narrative is pretty standard and has elements of supernatural movie sets to ensure an engaging experience for the viewers.


With all these qualities in hand, Inazuma 11 manages to become a show that can’t be replicated another time.



48. The Disastrous Life Of Saiki K.


Disastrous Life Of Saiki K


This anime is known to be extremely passive with its content. And the humor present in it is brilliant.


The Disastrous Life Of Saiki K talks about the life of a psychic whose only goal in life is to live a standard normal life.


Nothing more, nothing less. However, things will get out of hand when his surrounding is filled with a bunch of idiotic characters and their stupidity, making it harder for him to have his normal life.


The premise of Saiki K focuses on humor and its presentation. Therefore, if a kid watches the show, he will have a fun time seeing a guy pave his way to a simple world.


This is why it is a great anime for kids who are new to the medium.



49. Zatch Bell


Zatch Bell


Zatch Bell is an anime series that has shaped the childhood of a ton of individuals in this world.


And so, with such a proven track record, it will also shape the current generation’s kids’ childhoods as well.


The show talks about a special type of monster race becoming one with Humans. And now everyone is on their way to ensure that they become the King of the monsters.


However, when our main character gets Zatch, as his monster, it takes him a ton of effort to realize what’s happening.


However, when he does, that’s where the story begins. Now Zatch along with his partner is on his way to becoming the next king.


But let’s just say that this journey won’t be an easy one.



50. One Piece


One Piece


One Piece is one of the most successful anime franchises of all time. And having a show that is accessible and watchable for kids is one of the reasons why this anime has managed to pave the way for every household in Japan.


The show is very simple. It talks about a group of pirates who are on their way to finding the most valuable treasure in this world.


That treasure is known as One Piece. And the one who attains it will be called the Pirate King.


This is why One Piece is so great for kids. It emphasizes the themes of friendship and brotherhood that are important in the upbringing of children as they consume media daily.



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