Sex Education Season 5: Everything We Know So Far

Sex Education


Netflix’s beloved juggernaut Sex Education is a comedy-drama series that injects its smartly penned storylines with real-life lessons about sexuality, family, and growing up. The show introduces us to the colourful and equally happening lives of Moordale Secondary School’s sexually frustrated, flabbergasted and obsessed teens; each with a speciality of their own.


Since the ensemble cast features a variety of characters, it manages to strike a chord with the audience. Indeed, the cast members have helped big time in ensuring that the program goes on to become a fan-favourite since premiering in 2019.


As you sit through the series, you acknowledge how its brilliant writers, cast and crew have put so much heart into making every episode. Sex Education managed to make a space for itself among a plethora of acclaimed programs courtesy of its aim to answer complicated queries about love, sex, friendship, and our bodies.


Given that these are the issues most teenagers across the world try to deal with on a daily basis, the show resonated massively with them and, in fact, helped many even feel a little less alone at times.


Over the past few years, this quirky transatlantic series has been able to refreshingly show what a high school comedy could look like in today’s age and world. Therefore, we request you to pack your school/college bags one last time and chaperone Otis, Maeve, and Eric through this piece just as you did during the four successful seasons of Sex Education.




Official Announcement Of Sex Education Season 5


If you’re already a fan of Sex Education, you may well be aware of the fact that you have probably seen cast members Asa Butterfield, Ncuti Gatwa and Emma Mackey in its fourth instalment for one last hurrah.


Indeed, streaming giant Netflix has confirmed that the program has reached the end of its road. The show, which followed the students of Moordale and the whirlwind journey of Asa Butterfield’s Otis, amused us for four delightful seasons.


While no official reason for its end has been given, it’s obvious the show was going to culminate soon enough given that the cast was aging out of high school.


Also, the themes injected into the series played out well over time, which is perhaps why the makers decided that it’s better not to overstay their welcome. Now that the fourth season has culminated, the feeling is bittersweet but also fulfilling.


As expected, the finale of Sex Education did its best to give everyone the ending they deserved; therefore, making us believe that everyone’s stories had “organically” resolved themselves. We understand that it may not be an easy decision to make but we have no option but to make ourselves believe that it was only for the better.




Previous Seasons And Episodes Of Sex Education


In the first four seasons of Sex Education, we trace the journey of a teenage boy with a sex therapist mother, who decides to team up with a high school classmate to set up an underground sex therapy clinic at school.


For a handful of years, we have seen this bright team of teenagers mature as organically as possible, to the extent that we have ended up relating to some of them.


However, many of the show’s characters are now out of their teenage years and are keen to take on new roles. Since they were ready to graduate and move on to bigger things in life, it was only fitting for the show to tie up loose ends and seamlessly culminate.


Therefore, the respective stories of Otis, Eric, Maeve, and the rest of the Moordale gang, which entertained us for four solid years, have now bid adieu to us. We must also stress that cast members like Simone Ashley, Tanya Reynolds, and Patricia Allison had confirmed that they would find it very tough to return to the show even before its fourth season was declared as its last.


That being said, some of the top-rated episodes of the program were Episode 7 of Season 2, Episode 5 of Season 3, Episode 5 of Season 1, Episode 7 of Season 1, and Episode 7 of Season 3.


Each of the episodes in the series is46–83 minutes long.




Where To Watch Sex Education


The popular comedy-drama show is available for streaming on Netflix in countries like the United Kingdom, the United States of America, and Canada. So, what are you waiting for? Just go ahead and hit the play button on Netflix.




Google Trends Data Analysis Of Sex Education Season 5


A lot of you share the opinion that teen shows and motion pictures should end before the characters head to the university. That could be one reason why we saw Sex Education culminate with Otis, Eric and co. in their final year of sixth form.


Indeed, the makers feel that the show reached a natural conclusion and there was no point extending it any more than they did. Therefore, it is not surprising that the search trends related to the fifth season of the series have seen a drastic decline on Google, especially after the completion of its fourth season.


Usually, when a series is called off or completed, a decline in the number of searches is seen, and the case was no different from the critically acclaimed Sex Education as well.


Surely, the whirlwind journey of Asa Butterfield’s Otis and some other students of Moordale had to come to an end. It’s only a matter of fact that the stakeholders decided that they should say their goodbyes with the fourth season.


So, if you’re a true fan of the series, all you can do is hope that the characters pick up their A-levels and move into the world of university and the workplace, one step at a time.



Social Media Engagement For Sex Education Season 5


Right from when the fourth season trailer was unveiled, the team of Sex Education declared that it would be the final instalment. It certainly is very strange to see the characters that you have lived with for a good few years depart.


So, of course, both the writers and viewers share the opinion that some of the figures of Sex Education live in their heads and that they’ve become quite attached to them.


Needless to mention, some viewers of the show have even taken to social media to acknowledge their love for Sex Education and express their disappointment over the fact that it’s ended for good now.


A select few of them have gone on to stress that if Eric and Maeve aren’t going to be there for the fifth season of the program, then there is no reason for them to return at all.


That being said, there is also a section of the audience that believes that Sex Education flunked in its fourth season and, therefore, shouldn’t be renewed. On the other hand, its core audience would like nothing better than for the series to return in the near future with all the central characters making a comeback or a cameo of sorts.


However, those who’ve seen the fourth edition know that there weren’t any cliffhangers and everything had just resolved itself.



Expected Plot Of Sex Education Season 5


In the fourth and final season of Sex Education, we see the central characters trying to make their peace with the fact that their beloved show is coming to an end.


They seem to be ready to graduate from Moordale Secondary and take on bigger challenges of the world. But, do you think that there is a possibility that the series might return with a slightly changed roster of students and parents in the future?


In the finale, we do get to see the main characters more than eager to pick up their A-levels and move into the world of university and, eventually, the workplace.


So, if a spin-off ever springs to the minds of its makers, we could see the characters getting revived with more adventures at college. It is no secret that we live in an age where endless sequels and reboots populate the market.


Therefore, it wouldn’t entirely be shocking to see Sex Education return for one final bow. However, its makers have already clarified that the project will not be making a comeback for another season and that its fourth instalment was, indeed, the final goodbye.


Now, we all know that goodbyes are the worst, but let’s just celebrate the time we’ve had with the characters of the program. In fact, we are certain that some of you might even start binge-watching the series from the very start again just to feel that there is no possible end in sight, yet.


Well, whatever helps!



Top Characters In Sex Education


This group of high school students will tell you a lot about the inevitable complexities of adolescence, relationships, and sexuality through their respective stories.


1. Maeve Wiley

Maeve Wiley


Emma Mackey’s Maeve Wiley is known for her sharp wit and no-nonsense attitude. She is a strong-willed and intelligent teenager who seems to be growing up in a cumbersome household; for her mother has had her personal demons to fight.


Be that as it may, it hasn’t stopped Wiley from turning out to be a resilient and resourceful individual who is capable of making her own decisions. The fiercely independent girl goes through more ups and downs than any other character in Sex Education.


2. Otis Milburn

Otis Milburn


Otis Milburn, played by Asa Butterfield, has had a unique upbringing. The multifaceted teenager was born to a mother who happens to be a sex therapist. Needless to say, his background has ensured that he ends up learning a ton of things about human sexuality.


However, the awkward and introverted guy seems to be struggling with his own anxieties and sexual insecurities. Despite that, this engaging and easy-to-root-for character doesn’t shy away from acknowledging his feelings.


3. Eric Effiong

Eric Effiong


Ncuti Gatwa does full justice to his portrayal of a flamboyant and openly gay teenager who can be seen standing up for himself when he needs to. Indeed, his unapologetic sense of self and fanciful fashion choices ensure that he stands out.


Even though he banks on his unwavering confidence to make his presence felt in an impassive and judgmental world, the lad can also be seen battling issues of identity and acceptance.


4. Adam Groff

Adam Groff


Adam Groff is someone whose character arc is marked by a journey of self-discovery. While he first comes across as your trademark school bully, we soon catch him struggling to deal with his sexuality, insecurities, and the impact of his family’s high expectations.


Therefore, he resorts to having an aggressive exterior since he feels that there is a need to conceal his vulnerable and sensitive core.


5. Ruby Matthews

Ruby Matthews


Mimi Keene made quite an impression by playing the popular and assertive Ruby Matthews. The leader of the group of popular girls known as the “Untouchables”, she rightfully showcases the amount of complex emotions that teenagers often go through during their formative years.


The multifaceted nature of her character makes her relatable to the audience.



Important Crew Members Of Sex Education


The following crew members are responsible for bringing Sex Education to us.


1. Laurie Nunn

Screenwriter and playwright Laurie Nunn was born to British theatre director Trevor Nunn and Australian actress Sharon Lee-Hill. She is best known for creating the Netflix comedy-drama series Sex Education.


The lady has received a BA in Film and Television from the Victorian College of the Arts in Australia and is known to have done her MA in screenwriting at the National Film and Television School in England.


2. Ben Taylor

Ben Taylor is a director for film and television who has directed a long list of celebrated comedy dramas, including Sex Education. He has also helmed the TV series Year of the Rabbit and Catastrophe.


3. Oli Julian

Oli Julian, who has taken care of the music department of Sex Education, is an RTS award-winning composer, producer and arranger of music for TV, commercials and film. The man has worked on a wide range of projects over the past few years.


4. Jamie Cairney

Jamie Cairney is one of the main cinematographers to have worked on Sex Education. He has contributed to at least 13 episodes in the series and is also known for his work on Flowers and Detectorists.


5. Steve Ackroyd

Steve Ackroyd, who has served as one of the main editors on Sex Education, started his career cutting ads for the BBC. After having been headhunted by the commercials edit house Final Cut in London, he started to work on projects the Beeb, ITV, MTV & Channel 4.


Soon after, he started working on music videos and television shows.



Shows Similar To Sex Education


If you liked Sex Education, you’ll probably also find the following shows sharing some of its most endearing qualities.


1. Heartbreak High

Heartbreak High


This comedy-drama series aims to provide a fresh look at Hartley High over 20 years. We catch Amerie, along with her new pals Quinni and Darren, working on her reputation, while trying to balance her love and sex lives.


2. Easy



In Easy, we are introduced to an intertwined group of friends who seem to be dealing with issues of modern love, sex, technology, and culture in the city of Chicago.


3. Lovesick



Lovesick takes the pain to get us acquainted with Dylan, who finds out that he has an STD. Now, he must get back in touch with every girl that he has ever been with to let them know the bad news.


4. She’s Gotta Have It

She's Gotta Have It


Based on the film by acclaimed filmmaker Spike Lee, She’s Gotta Have It tells the story of one woman and her three very different lovers.


5. Fresh Meat

Fresh Meat


Fresh Meat is a comedy-drama series which follows a group of six students who are about to experience the most exciting things in their lives so far as they kickstart university.


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