Top 5 Best Badminton Anime To Watch

Badminton Anime


Badminton is one of the most fascinating sports ever created. It may not be the first sport that comes to our mind when we say “Sports”, however, it is definitely a rejuvenating experience as it gets competitive with every passing second.


And the anime medium has a few shows that you can watch if you are in love with this beautiful game. Therefore, to shed some light on these underrated gems, here are some of the best badminton anime that you can watch.


Make sure that this list is completed from your end and without any further ado, let’s dive into it.




1. Salaryman’s Club


Salaryman's Club


Mikoto Shiratori happens to be a prodigy at badminton. However, what separates him from being an actual pro is the fact that he had a miserable loss once. And that loss made him quit the game for a while.


However, when he was working in the sales department of an organization, he realized that the sport was still in him and continued to play the game even after years. However, he does so on the side.


And as the show progresses, we get to experience Mikoto’s life as he continues to improve in his life and move forward with badminton playing a huge role in it.




2. Hanebado!




This story is about the adventures and complications that arise when you are practising a sport. And that’s why you need to watch this show. The story focuses on Ayano Hanesaki who just doesn’t want to be associated with Badminton at all.


No chance. However, life takes some interesting turns when Nagisa Aragaki shows up. Nagisa is someone who stays alive in order to play badminton. And that enthusiasm managed to infect Ayano.


Later on, with the guidance of their coach, Ayano and Nagisa got together to make the most out of this incredible sport.



3. Love All Play


Love All Play


This series will give you an idea of how important a coach can be for any sport. And that’s why this is a series that will shape your perspective towards anime and the way it expresses reality.


The show focuses on Ryō Mizushima who happened to become a great badminton player, all thanks to his physical capabilities. However, he lacked guidance and that deficiency was brought forward as time passed by.


But when Ryo got admission to Yokohama-Minato High School, he knew he was up for a new challenge with new teammates and an incredible coach. This journey is going to be remarkable.



4. Blue Box


Blue Box


This love story will make you blush throughout. And that’s why it is a work of art that you need to watch at all costs. Blue Box is a series that focuses on the life of Taiki Inomata who happens to be a badminton player.


However, his skills are not refined enough for him to reach the Nationals just yet. Things get interesting when he ends up meeting his upperclassman who happens to be interested in Basketball.


He falls for her and after a few unexpected incidents, he is closer to her than ever. Soon enough, these athletes will experience the dimensions of life that are way more interesting than their own sports.



5. Emerald no Wa


Emerald no Wa


This is a short clip that you can watch that highlights the complexities and dilemmas of life in a sweet and unique way. The story is about a girl who is about to play against her opponent and she is a bit hesitant because she lost someone close to her, because she ended up injuring that person while playing badminton.


The bitterness of victory, defeat, and injury makes her quake from the core. However, when someone special comes close to her, she musters up the courage to hold herself yet again and continue with her rally with utmost confidence.


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