Top 12 Best Nicholas Sparks Movies Of All Time

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Top 12 Best Nicholas Sparks Movies Of All Time


Nicholas Sparks is a novelist, screenwriter, and film producer. His novels are famous for their romantic themes, idealistic love, and all things positive about affection.


There is hardly any woman who has not watched or gushed over a Nicholas Sparks hero. If there are still doubts about his identity, then I’m sure the name of the film The Notebook is the best introduction to Nicholas Sparks.


Whether we love mushy romance films or we abhor sappy stories, we have all heard about the film and the author of that film.


However, The Notebook is not the only Nicholas Sparks novel that was turned into a film. He wrote twenty-three novels, and eleven of them have been converted into films.


Surprisingly, Sparks is also a film producer who made a TV film based on a story that he did not write.


If you are a Nicholas Sparks fan and want to catch all his novels that were adapted into films, then ENTOIN is here with a list of the top Nicholas Sparks films that you need to watch.



12. The Last Song (2010)


The Last Song  (2010)


The Last Song is a coming-of-age teen romance. The screenplay was also written by Nicholas Sparks, and in the lead roles, Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth were cast.


The much-publicized romance between the pair is said to have originated during the filming of this movie. The story revolves around a rebellious girl, Ronnie, and her estranged father.


During the summer, she and her brother are sent to spend time with their father in a southern beach town.


Although she resents her father, she slowly starts to reconnect with him based on their mutual love for music.


At the same time, Ronnie also meets and develops deep feelings for Will Blakelee. Will Blakelee was played by Liam Hemsworth, and he had to get a scuba instructor’s license before he could start filming.


He also had to learn how to play beach volleyball.



11. Nights In Rodanthe (2008)


Nights In Rodanthe  (2008)


Nights in Rodanthe is a more mature romantic drama based on the Sparks novel released in 2002.


This was the fourth novel by Sparks that was adapted into a film. The film was shot in a beach house called Serendipity that suffered a weak foundation.


A fan who loved the movie bought the house and moved it to a safer location while renovating it.


Adrienne Willis is facing a life crisis when her wayward husband suddenly decides to come home. Her teenage daughter opposes every decision she makes, so Adrienne is in a quandary.


To clear her mind, she offers to take care of her friend’s BnB for the weekend. Here she meets another troubled soul, and during the weekend, they connect and find solace in each other.



10. Dear John (2010)


Dear John  (2010)


Dear John is a romantic drama between a soldier and a college student. It is a love story on a slow burner as the soldier, John, has to return to the army after 9/11.


He continues to serve in Afghanistan despite being shot. On the other hand, the college student, Savannah, tries to move on and work on autistic kids as she aimed to.


But their love for each other never dies till they are reunited. Nicholas Sparks based the character of Alan Tyree on his son who suffered from Asperger syndrome.


Channing Tatum starred as the soldier John with Amanda Seyfried as his love interest. Dear John was the film to dethrone Avatar from the number one spot after 7 consecutive weeks.



9. Message In A Bottle (1999)


Message In A Bottle  (1999)


Message In A Bottle is the first Nicholas Sparks novel to be adapted into a movie. The film was shot in a house where the production team made renovations worth $250,000.


However, the homeowners were not happy and demanded the crew undo all the changes they made. It cost the team the same amount to undo the renovations.


Message in a Bottle is about a lonely man who writes his love story, places it in a bottle, and dumps it at sea.


When Theresa finds the message, she is moved and impressed with it and locates him. As she investigates the truth, they fall deeply in love with each other.


The critics were not happy with the film, but the audience loved it, and the film was declared a moderate hit after earning over $118 million.



8. The Choice (2016)


The Choice (2016)


The Choice is a film that is based on Nicholas Sparks' eleventh novel to be made and he also produced the film.


Fans have happily noted that The Choice is one of the few films where no one dies at the end of the movie.


Travis is a veterinarian and a ladies' man. He meets Gabby who has recently moved into the neighborhood. They both share a deep romance, which turns into love.


However, it is not a happy ending, as Gabby’s ex-boyfriend returns and proposes to her. Who will she choose is one part of the question and whether will they be happy is another part?


The critics panned the film as a formulaic story that has gauzy melodrama and a predictable plot.



7. Deliverance Creek (2014)


Deliverance Creek (2014)


Deliverance Creek is a television movie, written by Melissa Carter. The film was produced by Nicholas Sparks for the Lifetime channel.


The story was set during the post civil war era. This is not a romance drama but a historical drama.


Belle Gatlin Barlow is a widowed mother of three children. At the end of the civil war, she lost her husband and the sole breadwinner of the family.


As she tries to manage the family farm, the local corrupt bank has its agenda to take over her property.


Barlow tries to resist and fight back, but she is declared an outlaw. She now has to decide whether being good or taking care of her family is important.


The film failed to generate interest, and Lifetime shelved its idea of making the story into a TV series.



6. The Lucky One (2012)


The Lucky One  (2012)


The Lucky One is a Nicholas Sparks novel that was released in 2008, and later in 2012, it was adapted into a movie.


Zac Efron and Taylor Schilling star as the lead romantic pair. The film received negative reviews from critics, but the audience loved it.


The story is about a US Marine, Logan, who finds a picture of a young girl, and this saves him from a motor explosion.


Later, while traveling in a hummer, their vehicle is attacked, and he services. Logan believes that the girl in the picture is his guardian angel, and after returning stateside, he sets out to find her.


Logan finds her, but she has her troubles to face. Logan steadily stands by her and supports her in her daily struggle till they fall in love.



5. The Best Of Me (2014)


The Best Of Me  (2014)


The Best Of Me is a romantic tragedy written and produced by Nicholas Sparks. The lead actor in the film was supposed to be Paul Walker.


However, he died before the filming of the movie, and he was replaced at the last minute by James Marsden.


Dawson and Amanda are childhood sweethearts and soulmates. After some unforeseen events, they split before the prom night and did not meet for the next twenty years.


With the death of Tuck, a mutual friend, they are both forced to return to their hometown. They meet there and rekindle their romance.


What happens next and whether they will find their happily ever after is left to be seen. Tuck's house is the same one from the movie The Lucky One, where Beth and her family live.



4. The Longest Ride (2015)


The Longest Ride  (2015)


The Longest Ride is the tenth book by Nicholas Sparks that was made into a film. The story was received positively by the audience, but the critics were not pleased.


In The Longest Ride, Scott Eastwood was cast as the lead actor. However, he almost lost the role because he was considered too old for the role.


Luke is a professional bull rider and falls in love with Sophia, who is an art student. Their worlds are completely different.


They both discuss it on multiple occasions and almost call it quits. However, they meet Ira, an old veteran who narrates his love story with his wife Ruth to encourage and guide them.


The young couple learns to overcome differences, and identify what is more important, and pursue that in life. As Luke is a bull rider, the film uses a real bull riding wreck by Agnaldo Cardozo as Luke’s wreck.



3. Safe Haven (2013)


Safe Haven  (2013)


Safe Haven is a slightly different Nicholas Sparks film. Unlike other stories, in Safe Haven, we have an antagonist who actively pursues the heroine and has evil intentions.


At the same time, we also have a small paranormal angle in the story. Katie arrives in the small town of Southport with a hidden secret.


He tries to maintain a low profile but slowly falls in love with Alex. Alex is a widowed father who has a strained relationship with his son but finally starts to connect with another woman after his wife’s death.


To help Katie along the way is Jo. She is a mysterious neighbor who accepts and supports Katie unconditionally.


In the novel, Sparks paints a more abusive and violent picture of Kevin Tierney, and Katie is correspondingly more distrustful and jumpy around people.


Alex’s character is described to be a retired MP, so he identifies this and helps her.



2. A Walk To Remember (2002)


A Walk To Remember  (2002)


A Walk To Remember is a teen romantic tragedy. Sparks wrote the story with the backdrop of the 1950s, but the director felt that today’s youth might not connect with that period, so he brought it forward to the late 1990s.


The heroine, Jamie, is based on Spark’s sister Danielle who also struggled with cancer. Lyndon Carter is a rebellious teenager and a spoiled young man who gets detention and has to work on a play.


Starring opposite him is Jamie, who is the preacher’s daughter and miss goody-two-shoes. Although they have opposite personalities, they connect while working on the play.


As their romance develops, we find out that Jamie is a cancer patient without much time to live. The film is a tearjerker, but it has good music that was mostly sung by Mandy Moore and Switchfoot.



1. The Notebook (2004)


The Notebook  (2004)


The Notebook is arguably the most famous Nicholas Sparks movie ever. The film is considered a must-watch for all mushy romance fanatics.


Although the lead pair of Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams appear to have great chemistry on screen, they did not get along during the initial days of filming.


Noah and Allie are soulmates but from different social classes. Allie’s parents disapprove of their love, and her mother goes so far as to hide all the love letters Noah writes to her.


Thinking that he abandoned her, Allie moves on with Lon Hammond, but fate intervenes, and they find each other again.


They clear their differences and patch up. The film is narrated in a flashback, while in the present, we see an old Allie who suffers from dementia and lives in an assisted living home.


Noah visits her and narrates his story to her.




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