Top 30 Most Popular Arcane Characters


With fans waiting for the second season of the very successful Netflix series Arcane with bated breath, it is only fitting that we provide them with a list of characters that made an appearance in its debut season.


However, before we go on to do the needful, we must give due credit to Netflix for giving due attention to both the video game adaptation scene and the animated show scene in the recent past.


Therefore, it is safe to say that they seem to have learned a lesson from their previous failures, which is reflected in their backing of fabulous shows like Arcane. 


Based on League of Legends, Arcane is a critically acclaimed animated series that has set new benchmarks when it comes to animation.


So, before the second season arrives and ups the ante, let’s just make some time to acknowledge the well-sketched characters that have been sketched for fans, League players, and newcomers alike.


One reason why the characters come off as far more appealing and relatable to us is that some of them have been wonderfully humanized. Also, the storyline of the show manages to make a solid first impression.


It comprises an emotionally compelling plot and blends it with its spectacular blend of 2D and 3D animation. As you’d have expected, the result is a video game adaptation that turns out to be unforgettable, to say the least.


So, if you weren’t able to locate a thorough compilation of the characters that featured in the opening season of Arcane, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Therefore, we are hoping that you’re ready to dive into its rich steampunk world which is full of gorgeous animation.




1. Jinx/Powder




Arguably the most popular character in Arcane, Jinx was first introduced with a different name. The blue-haired criminal mastermind, who is one of the two main protagonists in the series, was once an adorable little girl called Powder.


The show provides an insight into her life and goes on to tell the viewers a lot about her intellect in a way they hadn’t seen or read before.


One of League of Legends’ most popular champions, she plays a crucial role in Arcane and is pretty much the face of the series.


That said, it is imperative to mention that her Harley Quinn style of unhinged antics also adds to her popularity. Needless to say, she was seen as a liability among her siblings.


However, this is precisely what inspired her to put all her strengths into proving her worth to both her siblings and those around her.


So, yes, we are only expecting her to grow stronger than ever before in the forthcoming season. More so because she is the kind of person who perhaps enjoys tormenting others and shows no remorse while doing so.




2. Vi/Violet




Played by the popular singer and actor Hailee Steinfeld, Vi is one of the main protagonists in Arcane. Since she is Jinx’s older sister, the series begins with the viewers catching a glimpse of how protective Vi is of her.


It was easy for us to give her the second spot here, for a number of fans were able to gauge that the badass Vi was, in fact, Jinx’s sister.


Sure, subtle hints about the same may have been dropped from time to time, but one couldn’t have been too sure. However, all the speculations were put to rest once the show premiered on Netflix.


What makes Vi a character to root for is the fact that her fists match her hard-hitting words more often than not. Indeed, she is a natural when it comes to combat.


A lot of her skills have been polished as she was maturing for she spent a better part of her childhood defending herself against enforcers. The fact that she lost her parents at a young age only pushed her to become strong-willed and fiercely independent.


While she was shown to be a temperamental and fearsome champion in the game, the makers did a fine job at ensuring her character was fleshed out for the critically acclaimed series as well.




3. Caitlyn




Sheriff Caitlyn, who is officially the Peacekeeper of Piltover, is another one of the League of Legends champions to have been portrayed interestingly in Arcane.


While she certainly plays a crucial role in the position that she is in, what adds further depth to her character is that she also serves as Vi’s partner.


Needless to mention, a budding romance between the two exciting characters is teased by the makers. Aside from being a competent detective, Caitlyn is also the eyes for the viewers who use her experiences to gauge just how messed up Piltover is.


Even though she goes on to become Vi’s “Cupcake”, one has to remember that the refined cop is best known for having a nice edge to her persona; a side that is perhaps best displayed in the League of Legends gameplay.


That being said, it is imperative to mention that Caitlyn was born into wealth and power as her mother happens to be a councilwoman in the city. Needless to say, most people around her expected her to have a reputable job and continue her family’s legacy.


While she is definitely privileged and a tad ignorant, it would be unfair to call her a hypocrite.




4. Jayce Talis


jayce talis


One of the main characters in the series, Jayce Talis was initially presented as a snooty inventor in League of Legends.


However, credit has to be given to the makers for ensuring that his character was sketched better for Arcane.


It is not surprising then that he is seen portraying an inventor who, aside from having a unique perspective on the world of Runeterra, also has a heart that seems to beat for the people.


He is passionate about his work and never allows the elders to prove to impede his work. In fact, he is more than willing to find clever political avenues to undermine their say.


Add to that the fact that his keen and inquisitive eyes are backed up by his undeniable intelligence. Since Jayce hails from one of the lesser houses in a city where class and status take precedence over almost everything else, he is not taken very seriously at first.


Nonetheless, he manages to gain a lot of attention and respect when he goes on to create Hextech, banking on the assistance of a bright scientist named Viktor. Indeed, he is one of the most motivated characters in the story.



5. Viktor




Viktor might be an ambitious idealist, but fans are of the opinion that he is also the most tragic and complicated character in the League of Legends universe.


His hard work and willpower can be measured from the fact that he went on to become the assistant of Professor Heimerdinger, even though the odds were stacked heavily against him.


We say so because he was someone that grew up in the undercity and had to work his way to the top.


That being said, he seems to battle low self-esteem for he resents the thought of not having made a solid impact; that is until he chances upon Jayce.


Needless to mention, helping Jayce create Hextech not only reignited Viktor’s ambitious goals but also allowed him to let go of the burden of being born a cripple.


Props to the makers of the series for humanizing his character in the best way possible, and allowing the viewers to step into his shoes.



6. Ekko




Thriving on his time manipulation abilities in League of Legends, Ekko is introduced as a young friend to Vander’s group of foster kids in the Netflix show.


While he is initially seen as a lively guy serving as a shopkeeper’s assistant, a time skip makes him reappear as a much colder and impassive version of himself.


His amazing character design ensures that he has a leadership role to play in Arcane; one that allows his well-rounded persona to come to the fore.


Having said that, it is important to point out that Ekko is one of the few characters who is blessed with the power to take on Jinx in a battle and perhaps even come out on top.


Therefore, it’d be safe to assert that this fun and creative character is, thankfully, not too different from his game self.



7. Heimerdinger




Before we jump to discussing the character, it’d be wise on our part to mention that it is inspired by both Oppenheimer, the creator of the atomic bomb, and Schrodinger, a physicist, and creator of the Schrodinger’s cat thought experiment.


Yep, we probably knew you wouldn’t be able to figure that out so easily.


Now, since the character of Professor Heimerdinger is a deliberate attempt to pay a fitting tribute to two distinguished physicists, it is not surprising that he ends up becoming the most prominent voice on the dangers of science.


However, unlike the two real-world physicists, Heimerdinger is a Yordle; belonging to an enigmatic race that can live for hundreds of years.


While the game shows his goofy personality, in Arcane, he can be seen witnessing the corruption magic holds in the hearts of men.


Not only that but he is also shown trying his best to deter Jayce from creating Hextech.



8. Singed




Singed is an astute and mad scientist who might just happen to be the finest expansion of a character in Arcane.


While his role as one of the 40 original champions released in 2009 failed to do justice to his potential, the series made sure to give the Mad Chemist the time and space to flourish and make an impression in the true sense of the word.


Arcane presents him as a scientist who goes on to push the boundaries of discovery with his unprincipled experimentation; something that leads him to be cast out of the city.


However, his new and seemingly adventurous life in Zaun helps him in becoming a top player in the underworld.



9. Silco




Besides being a Zaunite drug lord and industrialist, the authoritarian Silco was also the adoptive father of Jinx. He was a brutal individual who happened to be a radical supporter of Zaun’s independence from Piltover.


Needless to say, he was willing to do just about anything in order to achieve the same. Even though Silco and Vander were close during their youth, circumstances and lack of trust pulled them apart.


The callous and intelligent man was of the opinion that base violence was the only way to stand against Piltover and unite the Underground in the inevitable power struggle.


His one true goal was to have the Undercity stand independent and he was even okay with killing people who tried to get in his way.



10. Vander




Vander was one of the most respected individuals by the denizens of the Undercity. The Zaunite bartender and the adoptive father of Vi and Jinx was a competent boxer who was known for his kind heart.


He was willing to die for his own convictions and for the people that he truly cared about. Needless to mention, he took a stand for what he believed in.


He and Silco were almost like brothers in their youth until time showed its true colors and pulled them apart for good.


That being said, Vander was seen as a father figure and protector by many. Also, he tried his best to act in the interests of the Lanes.



11. Ryze




What is worth noticing about Ryze is the fact that he is a relatively unfamiliar figure who makes an appearance at the start of the second episode of Arcane.


Even though viewers who are new to the franchise may not be able to make much sense of this mysterious character, he is still an important part of the League of Legends universe.


Ryze, who has deep blue skin and a host of arcane powers, harbors a desire to find the World Runes and save Runeterra from absolute destruction.


It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to claim that no other League of Legends magic user is as capable of the spells Ryze can cast.


Also possessing the power to teleport, he is someone who knows how to get the most out of his abilities.



12. Mel Medarda


Mel Medarda


Mel is a Noxian aristocrat based in Piltover. She is an ambitious politician who and a noble member of Piltover’s ruling council.


She is also a disowned heir of the Medarda Clan and is, therefore, more than willing to do anything to ensure her rise to the top.


It is not in the least bit surprising then that her actions go on to change the course of Piltover’s history.


Even though Mel was banished to Piltover, she worked hard and utilized her political talents to become a member of the Council of Clans.


Sooner than later, the cunning woman established herself as an influential member of the council. While she can be seen caring for certain members of her clan, she does go on to clash with her mother a bit too often.



13. Ambessa Medarda


Ambessa Medarda


Ambessa is a Noxian warlord and the estranged mother of Mel Medarda. Since she was exposed to the dangers of death by her father at a tender age, she strived to imbue the same principles in her two known children; especially in her daughter Mel.


Needless to say, Ambessa aimed to mold Mel into a true-blue warrior and leader who could muster enough courage to survive on her own. Therefore, the latter owes a lot to her mother for the figure she turned out to be.


What was striking about the muscular, brown-skinned woman was the fact that she always appeared to be confident and never showed signs of emotional weakness.


In fact, Ambessa was known to have been an advocate of aggression and, therefore, merciless to her enemies; all thanks to her tough upbringing.



14. Cassandra Kiramman


Cassandra Kiramman


The matriarch of the Kiramman Clan and a member of Piltover’s ruling council, Cassandra Kiramman comes across as selfish and unreasonable in equal measure.


It is imperative to mention that the middle-aged woman, who is often seen wearing expensive Piltovan attire, inherited her family’s position on Piltover’s ruling council.


Known for her diplomacy and rifle skills, she is also very overprotective of her daughter Caitlyn. However, she can be seen using her political influence to ensure her safety as an enforcer.



15. Amara




Not much is known about the early life of this corrupt merchant and aristocrat who is based in Piltover.


However, what is perhaps known about her is that she made a fortune as a merchant and had a son named Rohan.


The shrewd woman was allowed certain leniencies in her trading ventures courtesy of her generous donations to Piltover’s esteemed Academy.


She cares a great deal about her business and can even be seen crossing boundaries and getting indulged in corruption if it helps her make profits.


Having said that, one can even catch her confronting people who seem to have obstructed her for any possible reason.



16. Claggor




This Zaunite orphan is the adoptive brother of Vi, who serves as the muscle of their little gang.


He seemed to have lost his parents at some point during his early childhood, following which he was adopted by Vander, who was the unspoken leader of Zaun.


Since he is a likable and good-natured soul, he goes on to become fast friends with his three foster siblings Vi, Powder, and Mylo in no time.


Together, they are seeing going on heists in Piltover. What separates Claggor from the rest of his gang is that he is the most empathetic and protective of Vander’s adoptive children.


His selflessness comes to the fore when he is seen going out of his way to defend Powder from Mylo’s harsh criticism.



17. Marcus




If a town has been described as “messed up” and unruly, it has got a lot to do with the corruption in its administration.


So, it is not surprising to note then that it has a corrupt Sheriff of Piltover Enforcers, Marcus, residing in it.


Marcus, who is known to have joined the Enforcers during his younger years, eventually went on to have an aggressive approach toward his job.


Always seen wearing his Warden uniform, he was overzealous about his job. Not only did he look down upon the people of Zaun but he was also fully capable of using extreme methods to seek “justice”.



18. Finn




Finn was a chem-baron and the boss of the Slickjaws. While he is yet another character whose early life has not really been elucidated in the show, it is, however, implied that he may have turned to crime as a teenager itself.


It is revealed that he came to believe that Silco was the perfect man to run Zaun after he ended up killing Vander.


Therefore, he was more than willing to work for him. Soon after Silco took control of the undercity, Finn made a name for himself as the boss of the Slickjaws, which was an illicit enterprise that specialized in brutal assassinations.


As an individual, Finn came across as arrogant, self-centered, and greedy. Like most selfish individuals in the real world today, he seemed to be deeply invested in his own money and power.



19. Margot




Margot, who is a chem-baroness and the boss of the Vyx, made a name for herself after Silco took control of Zaun.


She happens to be in charge of Vyx, which is an illicit enterprise that specializes in prostitution. Aside from this, she also happens to be affiliated with several other crime lords who are loyal to Silco.


Since she seems to be in complete control of the pleasure industry, it is only given that she cares a great deal about her business prospects.



20. Salo




Salo is yet another individual who was born and raised in one of Piltover’s ruling houses. Of course, he went on to inherit his family’s position on the city’s ruling council as he came of age.


Since he happened to be in a ruling position purely through chance, Salo just had to be vain and self-centered (no surprises there!).


While he does care for his own interests, he is also shown to be unethical and out of touch with his own people.


If that wasn’t enough, he made sure to clarify that shared a disdainful view towards Zaunites.



21. Kindred




While referring to Kindred as a character in Arcane can be a bit of a stretch, the intertwined figures do make a cameo appearance while Vi is seen exploring a brothel in the undercity.


They are seen unwinding together, with Lamb enjoying a pipe of something. Even when they are only trying to chill, those masks give the pair a sinister look, and that is precisely where the beauty of the character lies.


The two figures, often known as Lamb and Wolf, represent the twin essences of death. And, while they are separate, they are never parted.


Together, they are a force to be reckoned with.



22. Bolbok




Bolbok is a Piltovan aristocrat, who, at some point in his life, seemed to have obtained a coveted seat on the ruling council.


Since his entire race was apparently almost annihilated by magic, he goes on to develop a fear of the arcane in his heart.


Bolbok is a stereotypical politician, to say the least. We say so because not only does he come across as superficial and prideful but he also cares only about his own wealth and power. Reminds you of almost every second political leader you may have heard of, doesn’t he?


In one of the sequences, Mel can be seen describing him to Amara as a short-sighted fool.



23. Elora




Not much has been disclosed about Elora, who is the right-hand and assistant of Councilor Medarda. After she was banished to Piltover to the Piltovan Medarda branch of the family, she started assisting Mel in becoming a sincere Piltovan Councilor.


Therefore, she could be seen helping her in daily matters of the council. However, it is unclear what happened to her after Jinx ended up attacking the council chambers with her rocket.


Things look vague as of now because Elora was not present in the room when the meeting was in session.



24. Mylo




Mylo was a Zaunite orphan and one of Vander’s adoptive children. This also made him the adoptive brother of Vi and Jinx.


Known to have had a talent for lockpicking, he seemed to have lost his parents during a Zaunite uprising. Not long after that, the kid was taken in by Vander, who happened to be the leader of the uprising.


The bold and determined Mylo was seen accompanying Vi and Claggor as they went on to do jobs for Vander with sincerity; hoping that he would treat each of them as adults.



25. Renni




Renni is a chem-baroness and the boss of the Sludgerunners, which is an illicit enterprise that specializes in the production of chemtech.


Like most other crime lords, she also goes on to pledge loyalty to Silco after his takeover of Zaun.


It is revealed that at some point, she would have a son and undergo chemical modification in the hope that it permanently affixes green tubes to her nose.



26. Sevika




If Silco has made it to our list, it is only obvious that his right-hand woman should as well.


Sevika, who is a Zaunite criminal, shared a rocky relationship with her father. She was a resident of Zaun, who eventually became fed up with the Piltovan Enforcers bombarding the undercity streets.


Over time, she started to believe that the only way to earn the regard and attention of Piltover was by fighting back in an equally fierce uprising. An eye for an eye, she thinks!



27. Smeech




A Yordle chem-baron and the boss of the Scrap Hackers, Smeech is yet another powerful individual who happens to be loyal to Silco.


He is in charge of an illicit enterprise that specializes in cybernetic modification. Therefore, do not be amazed to learn that at some point during his life, he had mechanical limbs attached to his hands and feet to make himself appear as tall as a normal human.



28. Chross




Chross is a chem-baron and the boss of the Hush Company, who, even though was born and raised in Piltover, decided to move to Zaun after he realized that his skillset and personality suited the undercity better.


Having said that, he did manage to make a name for himself as the boss of the Hush Company, which was an illicit enterprise that specialized in matters of surveillance.



29. Tobias Kiramman


Tobias Kiramman


A member of the Kiramman Clan of Piltover, Tobias is the husband of Cassandra Kiramman and the father of Caitlyn Kiramann.


Even though the first season of Arcane did not focus on developing his character as much, what it did went on to showcase was that Tobias was a caring father who was perhaps not as strict as his wife.


Along with Cassandra, he decided to support the education of the young Jayce Talis after having seen potential in him.


Let’s see if we get to learn more about him in the upcoming season/s.



30. Teemo




One of the cutest yordles of all time, Teemo technically isn’t seen up and walking in the show. However, some eagle-eyed viewers have been able to spot the character in a couple of episodes.


Even though this recognizable mascot-like character from League is tiny in stature, one cannot deny the fact that he thrives on his larger-than-life personality; one which will be introduced to us pretty soon.


While there haven’t been any direct interactions with him in the first season of Arcane, a couple of hints have been dropped about him showing up in the subsequent season/s. So, let’s wait and watch what this character has in store for us.



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