Top 22 Most Popular Breaking Bad Characters

Top 22 Most Popular Breaking Bad Characters


Fans of Breaking Bad agree that, at its core, it’s a character-driven show. While the others departments help the series excel big time, it is the connections that we form with many of the interesting and flawed characters that make it even more stirring.


Considered one of the greatest TV shows of all time, it thrives on a variety of characters who make the twists and turns of the program shine brighter with each episode.


Over time, Breaking Bad went on to become so popular that various spin-off shows and movies spawned, including Better Call Saul and El Camino, which are also highly praised. That said, the show’s true strength lies in the wonderfully crafted characters that have helped it become such an unequivocal masterpiece over time.


Therefore, it is only fitting that we look back at the legendary show and its equally legendary characters that have been brought to life courtesy of the electrifying performances of its cast and crew.




1. Walter White


walter white


Walter White is not only the best character in Breaking Bad but he is also one of the finest characters in the history of television shows. Played brilliantly by acclaimed actor Bryan Cranston, he serves as the show’s anti-hero, who has the viewers cheering for him in each season.


Walter starts his thrilling journey as an ordinary man who is battling cancer. However, we soon find him transforming into one of America’s most notorious criminals. We get to learn more about his background as the show progresses and his remarkable evolution is a testament to the show’s greatness.


So, while Walter is someone who can be scared easily, Heisenberg is a powerful entity that cannot be topped by anyone else in his business. Needless to say, his character arc is far from simple and his transformation is a reason strong enough for one to binge-watch the show.


Also, you understand how complex his character is when you take note of the fact that he is described as both a family man and a sociopath in the same breath. A creature of impulse, he can go to any extent to make sure that his family is looked after, even years after his probable demise.




2. Jesse Pinkman


jesse pinkman


Out of all the people on the show, it’s crystal clear that it is Jesse who changes the most. He is a fascinating character who is probably the least likely to come off as a drug dealer in the real world.


Portrayed by Aaron Paul, he serves as a partner and eventual enemy to Walt. No matter how hard he tries, most of his storylines seem to end in tragedy. While Jesse just can’t seem to get a grasp on setting things straight, he is also often manipulated by Walt to stay.


At times, one even feels that the pair is like a dysfunctional father and son. As the story progresses, we realize that Pinkman is quite compassionate as an individual. However, he allows his rough and impassive side to get the better of his everyday life and decisions.


Paul delivers superbly as Jesse and manages to bring his own raw strengths to the spectacular series. Indeed, the character’s street-smart and would-be-gangster attitude will make you want to root for him.




3. Gustavo Fring


gustavo fring


Giancarlo Esposito’s Gustavo Fring is a merciless drug lord and arguably the greatest villain in the show. He is the owner of Los Pollos Hermanos, which comprises a secret kitchen in the basement used to manufacture and traffic drugs.


As the series progresses, Walt and Jesse end up working for Gus, whose captivating presence pushes the audience to want to learn more about him. While he doesn’t come across as out-of-the-world or overwhelming, he is an unconditionally bold character who is as cunning and calculated as he is unpredictable.


When you first chance upon him, you feel that he must be a friendly and low-key man. Well, the latter he truly is but definitely not the former. We get to realise it as the story progresses. However, you’ve got to give to the man for being cautious about his business. Indeed, there is a solid reason he’s been able to establish himself as a multi-state meth distribution boss.


There is no denying that Gustavo Fring is a masterclass in character writing and that it could be tough to sketch more characters like him. However, writers across the globe must study him to ensure that they can come up with more characters that are somewhat inspired by him.




4. Hank Schrader


hank schrader


The sarcastically humorous and diligent Hank Schrader has to be one of the greatest and most endearing characters in Breaking Bad. This is precisely why watching him die is one of the most heartbreaking moments on any show in television history.


While he comes off as loving to his family and friends, it is his no-nonsense DEA agent attitude that gets the job done for the viewers. The way his character is written makes him one of the most natural ones in the entire story.


Schrader is more or less an ideal man. He does his best to fight for justice and provide for his beloved family. While he certainly is extroverted, his job also requires him to be fearless at all times.


Over time, you can’t help but admire him for taking in dangerous investigations to give his illustrious career a boost. Therefore, it is understandable why his demise ends up shocking everyone.



5. Skyler White


Skyler White


Indeed, most people who’ve seen Breaking Bad don’t hold Skyler in high regard. But, it is also a fact that her character undergoes a subtle change that needs to be acknowledged.


Actress Anna Gunn ably plays the dutiful wife who seems to be in two minds about her husband’s actions and, consequently, ends up looking for the company elsewhere. However, it does not take her long to realize that her husband wants the best for her and, therefore, becomes an accomplice to his actions.


Gunn is as convincing as she could have possibly been at handling the transitions of her character. While she does have her emotional moments and her actions aren’t perfect, fans sure can resonate with the many complications in her life.



6. Mike Ehrmantraut


Mike Ehrmentraut


Thanks to a consistent performance by Jonathan Banks, Mike Ehrmentraut makes a solid impression in Breaking Bad. The man was a former Marine Corps veteran and police officer in Philadelphia.


However, he now serves as a ruthless bodyguard of Gus and is responsible for dealing with Walt and Jesse and mediating between them and his boss. While not much is known about Ehrmentraut’s backstory or how he met Gus Fring and Saul Goodman, what is fairly clear is that he is a near-perfect example of wanting to be good, but doing bad.


As the show progresses, we observe that he is concerned about his daughter-in-law and granddaughter, and wants to leave them enough savings for their future. This makes his ending all the more tragic in one of the show’s best episodes.



7. Saul Goodman


Saul Goodman


The popular Saul Goodman manages to grab eyeballs right from the moment he makes an appearance in the second season of the show. Although a lawyer, he barely ever thinks twice before breaking the rules himself.


All he cares about is money and once he is professionally done with his clients, their life or death doesn’t seem to concern him at all. While he is shown to be a sleazy lawyer in Breaking Bad, a lot of depth is added to his character in Better Call Saul.


In it, Goodman appears to be a flawed human who has kind tendencies that are often overweighed by his greed. While he didn’t have a central role to play in Breaking Bad, his unforgettable personality earned him the leading role in the critically acclaimed spin-off, Better Call Saul.



8. Todd Alquist


Todd Alquist


The talented Jesse Plemons was roped in to play Todd Alquist on the show, and it would be fair to say that he did full justice to his character. He starts as an unassuming and interested young man who doesn’t come across as threatening at all.


However, as the story progresses, we find his psychopathic signs taking precedence. Sooner than later, he and his Neo-Nazi family are responsible for subjecting Jesse to prolonged torment. Introduced as an exterminator for Vamonos Pest, Todd soon turns out to be a frightening character for just how disturbed he is.


His ruthless attitude comes to the fore when he is seen unhesitatingly shooting a kid with a pistol. Even when he is confronted by Water and Jesse for the same, he shows no sign of remorse and instead believes that he has done the right thing.



9. Hector Salamanca


Hector Salamanca


Actor Mark Margolis left no stone unturned to turn his inimitable character projection into an unforgettable one in Breaking Bad. One of the most interesting characters in the show, Hector Salamanca is held back by his old age and health condition.


However, his initial dislike for Walter and long-term hatred for Gus Fring is what keeps him going. Hector, who was once the powerful head of the cartel, eventually teams up with Walter to get the better of Fring.


He may be one of the least threatening villains in the series, but he sure is a character that a Breaking Bad fan will never not remember.



10. Badger




Played by Matt Jones, Badger appears with Skinny Pete in many of the show’s scenes; therefore, making the most beloved dynamic duo. He and his partner are close pals with Jesse and serve as a low-level meth distributor for him.


While not a lot has been revealed about him and his complicated life, the viewers are made aware of the fact that he has an interest in science-fiction television programs and movies, such as Star Wars and Star Trek.


While one sometimes feels sorry for Skinny Pete, Badger often comes off as the more positive and enthusiastic one. Not only is he passionate about what he likes but he can also be surprisingly loquacious when he wishes to be; something that often ends up annoying others around him.


Just like his partner Skinny Pete, he is also addicted to drugs and is looking for a hit whenever and wherever possible.



11. Marie Schrader


Marie Schrader


The wife of Hank and sister to Skyler, Marie Schrader is an unintentionally funny character whose antics are worth looking forward to in the show. Like every single human being on the planet, she has her good and bad sides.


While she is protective of the people she cares about, she barely ever practices what she preaches. Even though she doesn’t always have much to do in terms of the main storyline, Marie is an important side character who tends to shoplift when she is stressed out.


Not only that but she even went a step too far when she visited an open house event and ended up stealing a framed photo of an elderly couple while playing a fictional character she made up all by herself.



12. Skinny Pete


Skinny Pete


Skinny Pete is one of Jesse’s closest friends who is later recruited as a low-level meth distributor. While Charles Baker didn’t get much screen time playing the character, his earnest portrayal of the same certainly impressed one and all.


Even though he is sometimes depicted as not very bright, he is a street-smart guy who possesses knowledge not many do. He may be involved in illegal activities, but he is a well-liked character who manages to bring humour to almost every scene.


Needless to say, the well-intentioned individual allows the viewers to empathize with him due to his drug addiction and loneliness. He considers Jesse and Badger his family and is even seen giving his beanie to the former to stop him from getting spotted by the police in El Camino.


It goes on to say a lot about what loyalty and brotherhood mean to him.



13. Walter White Jr.


Walter White Jr.


Walter White Jr. may not be the central character in the series, but he sure is integral to its plot structure. Even though he doesn’t do anything special or noteworthy in the show, he does have moments in which he turns out to be the absolute scene-stealer.


While there’s no denying that he’s just a cog in the machine, one can’t ignore the fact that he is probably the only person in the entire world Walter loves unconditionally.



14. Tuco Salamanca


Tuco Salamanca


The frighteningly erratic Tuco Salamanca was the first major villain of the Breaking Bad series. A meth user who had his own empire answerable to the Mexican Cartel, he was determined to make Walter and Jesse’s life a living nightmare.


Fortunately for the duo, Tuco ended up meeting his demise after having indulged in a shootout with Hank. While his shocking death left a vacuum in the unforgivable criminal world, it certainly allowed an already powerful Gus to manoeuvre his way into a stronger position.



15. Jane Margolis


Jane Margolis


Krysten Ritter’s Jane is one of the most complex characters in Breaking Bad. She starts as Jesse’s landlord and neighbour and eventually ends up dating him. However, right from the moment they start seeing each other, the viewers know that life’s not going to be a bed full of roses for the couple.


A tattoo artist and a recovering drug addict, she gives something to Jesse to look forward to in a world full of crime, threats, and betrayals. Better still, she excites the viewers who were totally cheering for a confused Jesse to have a companion.


While Jane’s presence meant that he could love someone and be loved in return, their relationship soon turns toxic as she manages to convince him to use drugs again. In fact, one of the most tragic and chilling scenes of the series shows Jane dying of an overdose and Walt not attempting to save her despite being there in person.



16. Jack Welker


Jack Welker


Also referred to as “Uncle Jack”, Jack Welker is the leader of a criminal gang with white supremacist or neo-Nazi ideologies. Before he turned into an independent dealer, both he and his nephew Todd Alquist were associates of Walter White.


This murderous, psychotic Neo-Nazi enters the show a bit late but manages to grab power when he finds an opportunity to. While his entrance may have marked the end of some of the show’s most admirable characters, his inclusion in the storytelling doesn’t let it lose any steam.


Jack Welker would probably be at the bottom of the list when it comes to being ethically sound.



17. Steven Gomez


Steven Gomez


Steven Gomez is another honest, kind, and hard-working man, whose fate seems to have betrayed him. He is the cop partner of Hank Schrader and, like many on the show, goes out with a bang.


What makes his character at least partly significant to the storyline is that he seems to be a bit too knowledgeable about the inner workings of Mexican gangs. Gomez does not take offence at Hank’s off-colour remarks about his ethnicity and serves as his right-hand man in the “Heisenberg” case right from the very beginning.


Although he is not among the central characters in Breaking Bad, his death does end up making a lot many viewers genuinely sad.



18. Lydia Rodarte-Quayle


Lydia Rodarte-Quayle


Portrayed ably by Laura Fraser, Lydia Rodarte-Quayle is an executive of Madrigal Electromotive and a covert supplier of methylamine to Gus Fring’s enormous drug empire. While she appears to be an apprehensive and anxious character, it is her very anxiety that perhaps saves her from getting deeply involved in cumbersome situations.


No wonder one can often find her doing everything she can to keep her name clear of any wrongdoing. Unlike most people in the world, Lydia’s anxiety triggers her quick thinking.


So, even though she is a mother, she can be quite cunning and ruthless when she needs to be. Driven by her greed and power, she experiences a lot of trouble in the “business”, but they are not enough to get the better of her.



19. Gale Boetticher


Gale Boetticher


The intelligent chemist Gale Boetticher is hired by Gustavo Fring to help set up the underground meth lab and assist Walt in cooking his meth. Just like the viewers, Walt is impressed by Boetticher’s background in chemistry and his coffee-making apparatus.


However, we find Fring making an unexpected visit to Boetticher’s apartment and telling him about Walt’s cancer. Expectedly, he is asked to discreetly learn and emulate Walt’s cooking formula just in case he succumbs to his ailments.


Therefore, Boetticher starts frequently questioning Walt about cooking meth. Unsurprisingly, he becomes suspicious of the man and understands that Fring might be behind his behaviour after all. Walt may have already been battling a life-threatening foe, but starts to fear for his life even more courtesy of Boetticher’s relentless questioning.



20. Huell Babineaux


Huell Babineaux


Huell Babineaux is the personal bodyguard and accomplice of Saul Goodman whose past remains a mystery; although a few things about it are revealed in the spin-off prequel of Better Call Saul.


Babineaux, who met Goodman through their mutual acquaintance and veterinarian, Dr Caldera, is known to have served some time in prison. But, the viewers do not really know why. Needless to mention, his enigmatic past and background make him an intriguing character to watch.



21. Andrea Cantillo


Andrea Cantillo


Andrea Cantillo is the mother of Brock Cantillo and the second woman to enter Jesse Pinkman’s life. However, unlike his previous lady love, she is seen offering the stability and maturity that he needs at the time.


A recovering addict herself, she is not the most exciting character on the show, but she certainly is impressive. Unfortunately, things do not go down well for her either as Walter White allows his sadistic side to come to the fore when he tries to kill her beloved young son.



22. Ted Beneke


Ted Beneke


Skyler White’s boss is as mundane as any other boss out there, and while he may not exactly be harmful, he certainly does end up rubbing us the wrong way throughout his in-and-out appearances on the show.


Ted’s presence in the series makes one witness how far Skyler is willing to go to find an out in her relationship with Walter. Beneke is your normal, imperfect man, who tries to come across as good only so that he can claim that he is helping his coworkers and their respective families whenever they need him.



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