Top 29 Most Powerful X-Men Female Characters

Top 29 Most Powerful X-Men Female Characters


It’s obvious that a franchise as long-running as X-Men would stand to produce a ton of memorable female characters to add to its tremendously rich history. While most people believe that female superheroes are yet to get their due on the big screen, they also acknowledge that a few of them have been seen taking great strides on television of late.


Today, the franchise is known to lead an enormous cast of rotating characters and iconic villains who happen to be females. What makes these characters come across as both unique and authentic is that they are provided with deep, complex backstories, as well as the darker shades of the supervillains.


Needless to mention, one must think twice and hard before trying to mess with the women of the X-Men. Credit has to be given to the X-Men creators, Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, for starting to strengthen their female team members and making some of them as strong as their male counterparts over time.


Therefore, we are taking the onus to get you acquainted with the most powerful female characters in the X-Men *cinematic universe* today. While many of these characters are yet to be fleshed out on film, some of them have, indeed, gone on to shape the entire fabric of the longest-running superhero franchise.




1. Laura Kinney


laura kinney


Make way for Wolverine’s female clone who is finally introduced on the big screen in 2017’s Logan, which is set in a post-X-Men future. Laura Kinney is a young and highly skilled mutant, who has been on the run from the Reavers.


Soon, she is taken in by Logan and a dying Charles Xavier. We witness the former become a parent to the little girl in due time. Needless to mention, Logan, Laura, and Charles form a loving, chosen family by the end of the motion picture.


The fact that Logan is seen dying to save her and other mutant children makes for an unforgettable finale. While Dafne Keen’s breakthrough performance as Laura Kinney blew everyone away, her on-screen chemistry with Hugh Jackman left the fans asking for more.


Their chemistry truly succeeded in making us believe that the little girl was indeed created from the solden DNA of Wolverine. Thankfully, she is now free from The Facility which sees her as nothing more than a potential ruthless killer. It very well knows that she’s got all it takes to be the All-New Wolverine.




2. Lady Deathstrike


lady deathstrike


Lady Deathstrike is a brainwashed mutant with similar regenerative abilities to Wolverine. She is cybernetically enhanced with Adamantium fingernails and was seen playing a part in 2003’s X2. The film showcased her as one of William Stryker’s captive henchmen forced to do his bidding; specifically to assassinate Wolverine.


The franchise saw one of its finest fight sequences as the mighty Wolverine faced Lady Deathstrike in one of Stryker’s labs. To emerge victorious, Logan is forced to immobilize her by injecting her body with melted Admantium, which renders her incapacitated almost instantly.


Even though seasoned television actress Kelly Hu had a minor role to play as Lady Deathstrike, her nuanced performance managed to make her scenes with Wolverine quite memorable.


In the universe of the X-Men and Wolverine, it’s been made very clear that her hatred towards Wolverine pushes her to join other despicable elements. Aside from William Stryker, she is also known to be associated with Donald Pierce and his Reavers.




3. Negasonic Teenage Warhead


negasonic teenage warhead


The character of Negasonic Teenage Warhead, which has largely been altered from the original comic book role, appears in 2016’s Deadpool as a junior member of the X-Men partnered with Colossus.


What makes the goth girl and her attitude stand out is the fact that she is able to couple them with her ability to detonate telekinetic energy, which creates bursts of concussive force.


Along with Colossus, she helps Deadpool in his fight against Ajax and Angel Dust, even though she got off on the wrong foot with him. Not only that but she also goes on to protect his lady love, Vanessa Carlysle.


Actress Brianna Hildebrand’s portrayal of Negasonic Teenage Warhead was appreciated by fans of the Deadpool franchise. It’s been reported that the writers and producers wanted to go ahead with this character because they truly liked her name and portrayal in the comic books.


We can’t blame them for a goth girl with Canonball’s powers will always be more enticing to the average viewer than Cannonball himself.




4. Mystique (Rebecca Romijn)


mystique (rebecca romijn)


Rebecca Romijn’s Mystique may not have been provided with a ton of lines in the franchise, but she manages to make her striking presence felt quite comfortably. An expert fighter and shapeshifter, she first made an appearance as Magneto’s right-hand woman in 2000’s X-Men.


However, she stunned one and all by assuming the appearance of Wolverine while fighting Wolverine himself. As if that wasn’t enough, Mystique goes on to use her abilities to infiltrate Stryker’s underground base in X2.


Needless to say, she is a formidable villain on her own, even though she is always paired with Magneto in the first X-Men trilogy. The character also made a cameo appearance in X-Men: First Class after acclaimed actress Jennifer Lawrence took over the role.


That being said, it is imperative to mention that Mystique didn’t really have an ideal childhood for her folks couldn’t accept the fact that she was a mutant. Therefore, she had no option but to mature and work with Professor Xavier.


When she takes her natural form, you can see her donning blue skin with scales like a lizard over her body.



5. Yukio




Japanese fashion model-turned-actress Rila Fukushima impressed viewers and critics alike with her character projection of Yukio in 2013’s The Wolverine. While the full-length feature opened to mostly favourable reviews and did a fair amount at the box office, it also helped Fukushima get her breakthrough role in American cinema.


The Wolverine thrived on its authentic Tokyo backdrop and supporting cast and was considered a step up from the previous instalment, X-Men Origins: Wolverine. However, it was Yukio who turned out to be the scene stealer in more instances than one.


She was Mariko Yashida’s adoptive sister, who supports the titular character in saving Mariko from her ruthless grandfather and Silver Samurai. While she was seen fighting her foes impressively, she also possessed the ability to foresee people’s death.


Therefore, we weren’t stunned to see her strengths allowing her to become Logan’s self-appointed “bodyguard” towards the end of the movie.



6. Hope Summers


Hope Summers


Hope Summers can be seen making her film debut in Deadpool 2. She has been portrayed by Islie Hirvonen. The screenplay of the title shows Cable travelling back in time to undo the murder of his wife and daughter by the future Russell Collins, aka Firefist.


Towards the end of the story, Cable and Deadpool succeed in stopping Russell, which means that Cable’s family is alive again in the future. That said, fans of the comics must be aware of the fact that Hope Summers is arguably the most powerful mutant on the planet.


She was taken in and raised by Cable in the future. This means that she was a skilled and trained fighter when she returned. This Omega-level mutant has the power to emulate the abilities of anyone near her in their most effective form.



7. Katherine “Kitty” Pryde


Katherine "Kitty" Pryde


Katherine “Kitty” Pryde is one of the youngest mutants to join the X-Men. The character was seen making a cameo appearance in the first two instalments of the franchise and was portrayed by two different actresses.


However, we saw her in a meaty role in X-Men: The Last Stand where she was seen joining the fight against Magneto and his Brotherhood. Moreover, we do get to catch her becoming a field leader of the X-Men in the Days of Future Past timeline as well.


Her powers have certainly evolved and award-winning actress Ellen Page is able to showcase them to the viewers rather amazingly. It is imperative to mention that her newfound abilities make her play a critical role in the mission to send Wolverine back in time.


Even though Kitty returns in Days of Future Past, she doesn’t have a larger role to play.



8. Jean Grey (Sophie Turner)


Jean Grey (Sophie Turner)


Viewers who are familiar with the storyline of the X-Men series must be aware of what happened to Famke Janssen’s Jean Grey. However, the character did receive a reboot in X-Men: Apocalypse.


In the motion picture, she is seen as a student at Xavier’s school who is rather confused about her growing psychic powers. Sooner than later, we find out that she becomes instrumental in the fight against the Apocalypse.


In fact, we are mesmerized when we catch her stepping out into thin air confidently to take on the ancient mutant. Even though Sophie Turner is best known for her role on HBO’s Game of Thrones, she did her best to do justice to her character here as well.



9. Emma Frost


Emma Frost


Emma Frost is smarter than you think she is. While she is a telepath on par with Professor X, she uses this power to not only control almost any situation but also manipulate anything to her whims.


She was a mutant and a former member of the Hellfire Club. She later goes on to join the Brotherhood of Mutants and carries the astounding ability to turn her skin into a diamond, which makes her almost invulnerable.


Her telepathic abilities were so potent that they led to the X-Men’s war with the Inhumans; thus, making her one of the strongest telepaths to ever set foot on the planet.



10. Rogue




Marie D’Ancanto, who goes by the name of Rogue, is a mutant who absorbs the powers or memories of any person touching her skin. She starts as an innocent young girl from a peaceful neighbourhood in Meridian.


A member of the X-Men and the girlfriend of Iceman, she is one of the most powerful X-Men members of all time. Since she can gain power by touching whoever she wants to, she is capable enough of touching Wolverine and developing his healing factor as well.


In fact, she can touch multiple people and gain all their powers at once. However, this power comes at a cost. For example, when Rogue touched Carol Danvers for too long, she not only acquired her ability to fly but also absorbed all of her thoughts and feelings, which, of course, was more of a distraction than a strength.



11. Scarlet Witch


Scarlet Witch


We all agree that the beautiful Elizabeth Olsen’s portrayal of Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) added authenticity to the inimitable character. One of the most well-known characters in the entire world of Marvel and the X-Men, she is the daughter of X-Men nemesis Magneto, as well as the half-sister of Polaris.


All thanks to her dysfunctional family, we have seen the character go through many phases of ups and downs. Scarlet Witch controls a very raw sense of power and even though she has faced trauma, she continues to be persistent.


Needless to say, the future looks bright for one of Marvel’s next breakout film characters of the bygone decade.



12. Blink (Fan Bingbing)


Blink (Fan Bingbing)


X-Men: Days of Future Past gives us a glimpse into the post-apocalyptic future of the X-Men where Sentinels have all but exterminated mutants. Fan Bingbing’s Blink, who is part of a crew that includes Sunspot, Warpath, Bishop, Shadowcat, Iceman, and Colossus, can be seen using her teleporting abilities to help her teammates evade capture.


Additionally, one can catch her opening and closing multiple portals, and, in the process, causing the sentinels to do irreparable damage to each other. Actress Fan Bingbing went on record to mention that she is contracted to play Blink in multiple motion pictures.


While we haven’t heard anything about her return yet, it’s obvious that the character has been adapted for the X-Men TV series The Gifted, in which Jamie Chung essayed the part.



13. Storm (Halle Berry)


Storm (Halle Berry)


Strom is someone who believes that actions speak louder than words, which is perhaps why she hasn’t been given a lot of lines to utter in the film. So, it isn’t surprising that she is involved in some of the best fights throughout the X-Men franchise.


In fact, she is seen infamously getting killed during a battle with the sentinels in X-Men: Days of Future Past. Sooner than later, she would go on to become a co-leader of the team along with Wolverine.


This happened after the deaths of Cyclops and Professor X, which even prompted a lot of strength and compassion to come through her. Therefore, she takes on the role of a mentor to younger mutants like Kitty Pryde and Iceman.


While the gorgeous Halle Berry doesn’t get a lot of screen time, we believe that she did the best she could with what she had in portraying the character.



14. Magik




Illyana Rasputin, who is better known as Magik, has been around for a very long time. While she’s the little sister of long-time X-Men member Colossus, her powers and demeanour end up making her the exact opposite of her big brother.


Magik has the mutant power to create teleportation discs. Since she gained her darker power during a tragedy, she heads to the demonic dimension, Limbo, whenever the circumstances get cumbersome for her.


In fact, you’d be surprised to learn that she created Limbo in her subconscious until it became real. Not only that but she even managed to grow up there before returning to the real world as an able young adult.


That said, it’s critical to mention that Magik mastered sorcery and became merciless in the true sense of the word while serving as the ruler of Limbo.



15. Psylocke




A member of the X-Men since the ’80s, Psylocke was a character that fans were eagerly waiting to see in the X-Men movies. Thankfully for them, Elizabeth “Betsy” Braddock was brought to life by the lovely Olivia Munn in 2016’s X-Men: Apocalypse.


Since we were all waiting for her to make a smashing entry to the movies, it was only fair to provide her with some of the best fight scenes in her debut screen appearance.


Needless to say, we weren’t surprised to see her cut a car in half (mid-air) and create a whip out of psionic energy to battle Beast. Munn was able to pull off those sequences rather convincingly because she had trained vigorously for the role by taking fighting and fencing classes.


That being said, rumours are rife that Psylocke might be returning for future instalments as well. Well, we hope so too.



16. Polaris




Since she is one of the strongest mutants adapted from the pages of the X-Men comics, there was a lot of anticipation around the first live-action depiction of Lorna Dane/Polaris.


Thankfully, fans of the franchise weren’t disappointed. On Fox’s television show The Gifted, Polaris is a ferocious, reliable, and proud mutant. While she may be struggling with mental health issues, she can also be seen using her magnetic abilities to not only break out of jail and interrogate a hostage but also to get other mutants to have faith in her.


Truly one of the most engrossing characters on The Gifted, Polaris is brought to life by the relatively unknown actress Emma Dumont, who has been seen playing significant parts in shows such as Bunheads and Aquarius.



17. Jean Grey (Famke Janssen)


Jean Grey (Famke Janssen)


One of the most popular female characters in the entire Marvel Universe, Jean Grey happens to be one of the most powerful mutants on the planet. Even though her powers were downgraded in the first X-Men full-length feature, they did start to grow rather steadily; so much so that she ended up being classified as a Level 5 mutant before you knew it.


While she’s always been an integral part of the squad, her most spectacular moment came in 2003’s X2. It’s a sequence that shows her sacrificing herself by using her telekinetic abilities to save the lives of her beloved teammates.


Played convincingly by model-turned-actress Famke Janssen, Jean Grey was the heart of the X-Men. She may have met her demise early in the franchise, but she was brought back to life temporarily.



18. Lauren Strucker


Lauren Strucker


Although Lauren Strucker is a character that was created explicitly for Fox’s The Gifted television show, she has now become an integral part of the Mutant Underground. Popular, assured, and self-reliant, she comes across as an ideal teenager who can create shields in a variety of ways.


Needless to say, we soon find out that she is, indeed, well-versed in her mutant abilities. She is also seen trying to rebuild her life with her family while avoiding apprehension by wicked government forces.


Natalie Alyn Lind, who plays Lauren in the show, is no stranger to the superhero genre for she has been seen portraying Silver St. Cloud in season two of Gotham as well.



19. Mystique (Jennifer Lawrence)


Mystique (Jennifer Lawrence)


The shape-shifting Mystique, who served as an antagonist in previous films, went on to become a hero for all mutants in X-Men: Apocalypse. Not only did she accept the leadership position and step into the role that Xavier usually occupied but she also led the young X-Men into the final battle.


The alluring Jennifer Lawrence successfully played Mystique; a character that is now recognized as one of her most popular ones yet. However, her run with the same was cut short and we aren’t really sure if we are going to see her reprise her role again.



20. Jubilee




Jubilee is a kind and fun-loving mutant, who has also been an inquisitive and dedicated student. Since she was quite outgoing and cordial, Professor X thought she would be the right fit to represent his school and welcome new students.


Those who have read the comics must be aware of the fact that she had a rebellious and spunky spirit about her, which most readers could relate to. However, from being the witty kid who was saved in a shopping mall by her fellow mutants, she has seen her character go through several inevitable changes over time.


Jubilee has that childlike spark in her, which pretty much resonates with most of us. Better still, she seems to have matured past her insecurities.



21. Moira MacTaggert


Moira MacTaggert


It’s true that not all female heroes wear a cape or possess superpowers to combat their foes, and Moira MacTaggert only proves the theory right. A competent character from the comic books, she was portrayed as a CIA operative starting in 2011’s X-Men: First Class.


She may have been featured as a romantic interest for Charles Xavier, but she also sees a lot more action in her journey. Not only does she assist the X-Men in the fight with Magneto on the beach but also against Apocalypse and his Four Horsemen years later.


The pretty award-winning actress Rose Byrne is credited with playing Moira with charm. Her performance as one of the only few talented humans among mutants won the appreciation of fans.



22. Angel Dust


Angel Dust


The box office success of Deadpool came as a surprise to some Marvel fans. However, what was even more surprising was that the makers decided to utilize Angel Dust as the main villain’s right-hand woman in the movie.


While she was a relatively minor character in the X-Men comic book universe, she was seen holding her own in hand-to-hand combat with Colossus. Furthermore, she was also allotted quite a few humorous sequences in the screenplay, including a wardrobe malfunction and one that saw Deadpool comparing her to a “less angry Rosie O’Donnell.” That said, credit has to be given to former Mixed Martial Arts champion Gina Carano for portraying Angel Dust ably on celluloid.



23. Angel Salvadore


Angel Salvadore


Angel Salvadore is a mutant with the ability to fly with insect-like wings, which appear tattooed on her body. She happened to be determined and, yet, a naive individual who later acquired the power to eject flaming acid.


While working as a stripper, she was approached by Charles Xavier and Erik Lehnsherr, who persuaded her to join the formidable squad of the X-Men. Soon after that, she got acquainted with her other teammates and got to know their codenames and powers.


Angel possesses a winged flight capability that allows her to travel at an unusual speed through the air. However, like many other mutants, she has cynical regard for humans.



24. Dazzler




An interesting character with undeniable mainstream appeal, Dazzler made her cinematic debut in X-Men: Dark Phoenix. Her comic focuses on her love life, ongoing musical career, and a loose set of occasional supervillains to tangle with.


Needless to say, it sold well. The character, which first appeared in comics during “The Dark Phoenix Saga”, can use her mutant power to convert sound into light and has constantly been re-invented by her creators.


The fact that she changes with the times, and with the evolution of music itself, makes her far more exciting to watch and read about.



25. Domino




Created by Rob Liefeld, Domino is one of the earliest members of the team X-Force. She has the unique ability to make seemingly impossible odds a reality. She thrives on her striking figure and comes off as a one-woman army.


Furthermore, she can also be seen packing numerous weapons that can hurt whoever is unlucky enough to be considered a target. Needless to say, she possesses a captivating appearance and a haunting back story; each of which has helped her in breaking out into the mainstream.


Besides appearing in numerous cartoon and video game adaptations based on the X-Men, she can also be seen making her presence felt in the second instalment of the Deadpool film franchise.



26. Marrow




Marrow, a mutant created by the Workshop, grew up underground with a group called the Morlocks. However, she is saved by a thief named Gambit (who would later join the X-Men) after the Marauders, a merry gang of powerful mercenaries, go on to slaughter her people mercilessly.


She is recruited by Agent Smith and is injected by scientists with Mutant Growth Hormone. Sooner than later, she acquires the power to control the growth, shape, and toughness of her bone structure.


In addition, she also receives the power of the Regenerative Healing Factor, which allows her to heal from the wounds she gives herself while removing the bones from her body.



27. Storm (Alexandra Shipp)


Storm (Alexandra Shipp)


Halle Berry’s version of Storm in the previous X-Men motion pictures may have been poised and controlled, but Alexandra Shipp’s projection of the same is boisterous and more animalistic, to say the least.


Shipp’s young Storm happens to be a Mystique fangirl who has been recruited by Apocalypse to be one of his Four Horsemen. She is primal when it comes to kicking up wind, rain, and lightning, and the actress does everything in her capacity to showcase that she’s truly trying.


One can make out that she is struggling to get her powers out and, at the same time, not being in control in any way, shape or form.



28. Monet St. Croix


Monet St. Croix


We agree that Monet St. Croix is not as popular as other female X-Men members, but trust us when we say that the mutant, known as M, is one of the most powerful heroes in the Marvel Universe.


What justifies her presence on our list is that her abilities make her near-perfect. Not only does she have the power to use telepathy and telekinesis but she also has a genius-level intellect.


Add to that the fact that M can fly with a speed of well over 500 miles an hour, and since she has so many powers to boot, it’s only a matter of time before she goes on to prove herself as an Omega-level mutant.



29. Cecilia Reyes


Cecilia Reyes


As a Puerto Rican mutant of colour, Cecelia offers up a different perspective on the X-Men Universe. In The New Mutants, she was portrayed as a mutant with the ability to generate force fields.


Also, she was trying her best to ensure that the five young mutants learn to control their powers, with the sole aim to turn them into Essex Corporation’s killers. A skilled mutant-specialized medical doctor in Milbury Hospital, she happens to have grown up in a rough neighbourhood and, therefore, watched her father killed by gunshot right in front of her when she was barely 6.


That very night, she vowed to become a doctor to save lives; all while keeping her outstanding power to generate a force field to herself.



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