Top 50 Most Popular Cartoon Characters With Glasses

Top 50 Most Popular Cartoon Characters With Glasses


Cartoon characters are traditionally expected to be cute, pleasing, and likeable. As a result, most common human ailments and conditions are glossed over. They are not represented at all or if any ailment is mentioned, it is downplayed to remove all negative connotations.


However, times are changing. Now, in the name of inclusivity, normalisation and representation, we are getting to see cartoon characters with common conditions and afflictions. In recent years, we are witnessing more and more animated TV series with characters who wear glasses, and who have a handicap or impediment of any sort.


In this article, we will see famous cartoon characters with spectacles or glasses. These characters are sometimes the central characters, lead characters, comic sidekicks, or even villains. But they all work toward normalising glasses and removing the stigma attached to people who wear spectacles.


Whatever purpose these cartoon characters with glasses serve, one thing is for sure. They have all made a place for themselves in our hearts. Some of them are cool, smart, heroic, and all-around adorable.


Some of them are bumbling jokers, while others are evil geniuses or regular everyday people who we might know in our own life. Either way, we look at it, these animated characters with glasses have served their purpose of entertaining us, telling us a good story, and endearing themselves to us.


So, with Entoin, let us take a look at all the top cartoon characters who wear eyeglasses.




1. Velma Dinkley (Scooby-Doo, Where Are You!)


Velma Dinkley (Scooby-Doo, Where Are You!)


Velma Dinkley is a teenage member of Mystery Inc., who is known for her intelligence and ability to solve crimes. She wears a baggy orange sweater, a red skirt, orange socks, and black Mary Jane shoes, and has a circular/square facial shape and thick-framed glasses.


She is fascinated by mysteries and can be competitive with others who are intelligent. Velma has a sharp wit, a bit of slyness and a love for secrecy. She is also self-conscious about her weight, losing her glasses regularly and claiming to diet.


Velma is a sceptic who always looks for rational explanations and overcomes her phobia of clowns. She is the brains behind Mystery Inc., and uses her capabilities to solve any crime.


She can identify fake jewels and cares deeply for her fellow gang members.




2. Carl Fredricksen (Up)


Carl Fredricksen (Up)


Carl Fredricksen is the central character of Disney-Pixar’s animated film, Up. He is an elderly and grumpy retired salesman of helium balloons and a widower of Ellie. Despite his stubborn exterior, Carl is shown to be a kind-hearted man deep down.


As a child, Carl was an imaginative boy and an admirer of adventurer Charles F. Muntz. After the death of his wife, he becomes bitter and lonely until he meets Russell, a young boy who helps him fulfil Ellie’s dream of moving their home to Paradise Falls.


Carl is initially annoyed by Russell, Dug, and Kevin. But after reading Ellie’s last message, he becomes a better person, saves Russell and Kevin, and accepts Dug as his pet.


Carl develops a paternal relationship with Russell and gives him the same soda cap that Ellie gave him when they first met, demonstrating his newfound love for Russell as the son or grandson he never had.




3. Nobi Nobita (Doraemon)


Nobi Nobita (Doraemon)


Nobita Nobi is the protagonist of the Doraemon franchise, who was a failure until Doraemon from the 22nd century came to aid him. Nobita is lazy, arrives late at school, is tardy with homework, and performs poorly on exams and tests, hindering him academically.


He is dependent on Doraemon, begging for multiple things, including vengeance on bullies, a better product than what Suneo brags about, and privileges. However, Nobita is a good-hearted and generous person who takes pity on stray animals and is kind to most people who need help.


Nobita’s best trait is his creativity, which leads to new and bizarre ideas for using Doraemon’s high-tech devices. He is also knowledgeable about science, the environment, and Doraemon’s gadgets. Despite not doing well academically, he possesses unparalleled marksmanship and has risked his life to save people in full-length movies.




4. Edna Mode (The Incredibles)


Edna Mode (The Incredibles)


Edna “E” Mode is a highly accomplished fashion designer and auteur who despises supermodels and finds superheroes to be the only challenge worthy of her talents. She has created original custom-made outfits for superheroes since the “glory days” and is always correct in matters of fashion.


Edna is called out of retirement to repair damage to Mr Incredible’s super suit and finds it outdated, but she sets about designing a completely new suit for him and the rest of the Parr family.


She insists on not including capes in the new design for safety reasons. Edna places homing devices in all of her super-suits as a matter of precaution, which leads to Mr Incredible’s capture by Syndrome’s island fortress after Helen activates the homing device.


Despite her caustic speech, she is well-intentioned, forward-thinking, and brilliant in her work.



5. Dexter (Dexter’s Laboratory)


Dexter (Dexter's Laboratory)


Dexter is a boy genius and the main character of the TV show Dexter’s Laboratory. He has a secret laboratory where he creates amazing machines and experiments. However, his sister Dee Dee often destroys his work, causing conflict between the two.


Despite his intelligence, Dexter sometimes fails due to carelessness and impulsiveness. His parents are oblivious to his lab’s existence, and he speaks with a Russian accent. He is naive about certain subjects, lacks wisdom and experience, and has a huge ego that clouds his judgement.


As he grows older, his personality changes dramatically. Dexter’s life revolves around his relationship with Dee Dee, and his daily events are depicted in the show.



6. Peter Griffin (Family Guy)


Peter Griffin (Family Guy)


Peter Griffin is a middle-aged man of Irish descent who lives in Quahog, Rhode Island, with his wife Lois and their children. He enjoys watching TV, listening to music, and eating breakfast cereals like Total, Trix, and Boo Berry.


Peter has a habit of proving his masculinity and can become jealous of other attractions Lois has in her life. He tends to treat his daughter Meg with the least respect, often embarrassing her or playing pranks on her.


Peter has a competitive relationship with Lois and is frustrated when she is “right” about issues. He is a fan of the Trashmen’s “Surfin’ Bird” and loves the song so much that he repeatedly sings it.


Peter’s character is known for his humour and his tendency to act impulsively.



7. Clark Kent (Superman)


Clark Kent (Superman)


Clark Kent is the secret identity of Superman, the last survivor of the planet Krypton, who was sent to Earth as a baby and raised by Jonathan and Martha Kent.


He has many superpowers, such as flight, enhanced strength, and heat vision, which he uses to protect the planet from powerful threats. He is also a founding member of the Justice League and a father.


Clark grew up in Smallville, where he became best friends with Lana Lang and Pete Ross. He learned important lessons from his parents about kindness and being a good example.


He also had to deal with difficult situations, like his mother’s cancer, bullies, and a bad harvest. Clark debuted as Superman when he took a job at the Daily Star and rescued a young boy, revealing his superhuman abilities to the city.


To hide his Superman identity, he disguises himself with black-framed glasses in his daily life.



8. Margo Gru (Despicable Me)


Margo Gru (Despicable Me)


Margo Gru is the eldest child of Felonius Gru and Lucy Wilde in the Despicable Me film franchise. She was adopted after being mistreated by Miss Hattie and initially had trust issues towards Gru and his minions.


Despite being sensitive and cautious, she has a sarcastic sense of humour and is often judgmental and smart. Margo is very protective of her younger sisters and often takes on the role of an adult.


She enjoys ballet and falls for boys, much to Gru’s discomfort. Margo appears in all three Despicable Me films and is seen to be accepting of Gru after he rescues her and her sisters from Vector’s kidnapping.


She also learns to accept Lucy as her mother after Lucy defends her honour.



9. Chuckie Finster (Rugrats)


Chuckie Finster (Rugrats)


Chuckie Finster is a character in the animated series Rugrats and its spin-off All Grown Up!. Chuckie is Tommy’s best friend and is known for his timid and easily scared personality.


He is 2 years old in Rugrats, 11 years old in the All Grown Up! pilot, and 12 years old in the series itself. Chuckie’s mother died when he was a few months old, and his father remarried a loving woman named Kira.


Chuckie has a puppy named Pepper and a poodle named Fifi. He is loyal to his friends and often faces his fears to help them. Chuckie is frequently the target of Angelica’s bullying and is the only character who did not come from a two-parent household before the remarriage.


He has fair skin, messy orange hair, purple square glasses, and wears diapers, green shorts, and partially untied red shoes.



10. Daria Morgendorffer (Daria)


Daria Morgendorffer (Daria)


Daria Morgendorffer is the main character of the series “Daria”. She is portrayed as a disaffected and cynical student who prefers intellectual pursuits to socialise with her classmates. Her deadpan sarcasm and stand-offish demeanour are well-known traits.


Her rejection by her peers and subsequent isolation has made her highly apathetic and she tends to avoid extracurricular activities, which has led to her being perceived as an unhappy person.


Despite her cynicism, Daria is highly intelligent and opinionated, with a sense of morality and fairness that often frustrates her family and school faculty. Her staunchness can lead to her being quick to anger and smug at times.


Although she is defensive and self-aware, she gradually learns from her mistakes and takes strides to reach out to others throughout the series.



11. Sam Sparks (Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs)


Sam Sparks (Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs)


Samantha Sparks, also known as Sam, is a protagonist and deuteragonist in Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, its sequel, and Cloudy: The Series. She is a weather intern who dreams of becoming a meteorologist and has a strong passion for weather.


However, due to childhood bullying, she dumbed herself down and played up her cuteness to fit in. Sam is outgoing, brilliant, and socially competent and becomes Flint Lockwood’s girlfriend. She is the rational foil to Flint’s whimsical imagination, acting as his conscience and grounding him in reality.


Sam moved around a lot as a child, making it harder for her to maintain friendships. When she lived in Swallow Falls, Flint offered to invent something to erase her presence, sparing her from heartbreak.



12. Meg Griffin (Family Guy)


Meg Griffin (Family Guy)


Megan Griffin, commonly known as Meg, is the oldest child of Lois and Peter Griffin and has two younger siblings, Chris and Stewie. Despite her birth name being “Megan”, her father changed it to “Megatron” on her birth certificate.


Meg is assumed to be 15 years old when the show debuted but turned 18 in “Quagmire and Meg”. Meg is depicted as a desperate teenager who is hardly noticed by her family, who frequently harms her physically and emotionally.


Meg is the butt of many jokes and bad luck, and her family avoids her company, disparages her, and reads her diary for laughs. Lois, Brian, and Chris treat her more normally but even Lois has been cruel and dismissive towards her.


However, Lois shows a slightly kinder side in “Call Girl” and is genuinely broken up when she believes Meg to have died in “Better Off Meg”.



13. Sherman (Mr Peabody and Sherman)


Sherman (Mr Peabody and Sherman)


Sherman is a 7-year-old boy who is the adopted son of Mr Peabody, a talking beagle who is also the smartest being in the world. Sherman is very bright, curious, and enthusiastic, and he has a crush on Penny, his friend who he initially hated but later developed a strong friendship with.


Despite being somewhat of a pushover and always obeying Mr Peabody, he is good-natured and loyal to those he loves, as shown when he risked travelling back in time to save Mr Peabody despite the danger involved.


He wants to impress Penny and often seeks her approval, which sometimes leads him to make impulsive decisions, such as showing her the WABAC time machine. Overall, Sherman is a lovable and mischievous kid who is always willing to learn and explore new things.



14. Mr Peabody (Mr Peabody and Sherman)


Mr Peabody (Mr Peabody and Sherman)


Hector Peabody is a talking beagle who is the world’s smartest being, and he appeared in the film, Mr Peabody & Sherman. As a pup, Peabody was incredibly intelligent and more interested in intellectual pursuits than regular dog activities, leaving him lonely without a family.


He devoted himself to the pursuit of knowledge and accomplished many things, including inventing Zumba, the fist bump, and winning the Nobel prize many times. One day he discovered an infant, Sherman, abandoned in a cardboard box and decided to adopt him.


Peabody is devoted to Sherman, but his intelligence sometimes makes it difficult for him to understand the delicacy and bonds of family. He tries to act cool and has a habit of saying terrible puns he thinks are funny.


Despite his flaws, he is a patient individual and protective of those he loves.



15. Arthur Read (Arthur)


Arthur Read (Arthur)


Arthur Read is the main character in the “Arthur” series. He is an average student in Mr Ratburn’s class at Lakewood Elementary School. Arthur is a mediocre pianist and enjoys reading books.


He plays many sports, including soccer, track, and baseball. He wants to be popular and is sometimes awkward when trying to gain popularity. Despite being friendly, Arthur sometimes breaks promises and lies to avoid questions.


He cheats when he feels overwhelmed or his friends insist he competes in a contest. Arthur loves desserts and is regarded as a messy eater but stops obsessing over them after learning about his unhealthy habits.


He is also reluctant to go to bed, which often gets him into trouble.



16. Chicken Little (Chicken Little)


Chicken Little (Chicken Little)


Chicken Little is the main character of the film “Chicken Little,” and he is Buck and Chloe Cluck’s son and Abby Mallard, Runt of the Litter, and Fish Out of Water’s best friend.


He is kind, intelligent, clever, and level-headed, but also paranoid and accident-prone. Due to the “sky is falling” incident, he is bullied by Foxy Loxy and Goosey Loosey and is determined to prove his father wrong.


Chicken Little is theoretical and abstract, interested more in ideas than social interaction, and has a brave, heroic side. He is also kind and supportive of his friends, even going as far as helping his enemies.


He has white feathers, and a red comb and wears a light green and white striped T-shirt with brown shorts.



17. Tina Belcher (Bob’s Burgers)


Tina Belcher (Bob’s Burgers)


Tina Belcher is the eldest daughter of Bob Belcher. Her personality is a quirky, boy-crazy, and socially awkward teenage girl. She has a strong conscience and a sense of right and wrong.


She displays an innocent, age-appropriate interest in sex and relationships and often gets into zany situations chasing unrequited crushes. Tina is a good student, loves to write and is confident in her own skin.


Despite moments of extreme selfishness, she is a good person who eventually recognizes her bad behaviour and makes amends. Tina Belcher is different from her scheming younger sister and artsy brother.


She often looks for attention from a boy in her class who ignores her most of the time. This creates a sense of discontent and awkwardness till she gains self-confidence.



18. Mirabel Madrigal (Encanto)


Mirabel Madrigal (Encanto)


Encanto’s protagonist, Mirabel Madrigal, is the youngest daughter of Julieta and Agustín Madrigal and the only Madrigal by birth without a magical gift. Despite this, she loves and admires her family, and her lack of gifts does not hinder her sociability or optimism.


However, Mirabel is insecure about not being able to contribute to the family like her gifted relatives and feels disconnected from them. Her pursuit to find answers behind the magic’s weakening leads her to discover hidden familial troubles and empathise with her relatives.


Mirabel persistently helps her family members understand their worth beyond their gifts, forms stronger bonds with them, and stands up to Abuela Alma for mistreating her and her family. Her greatest wish is to be fully included in the family, even without a gift.



19. Daddy Pig (Peppa Pig)


Daddy Pig (Peppa Pig)


Daddy Pig is a character from the children’s television show “Peppa Pig”. He is the father of Peppa and George Pig, the husband of Mummy Pig, and the son-in-law of Granny and Grandpa Pig.


Daddy Pig is portrayed as a silly, funny, clumsy, and fun-loving character who enjoys spending time with his family and friends. He has a tendency to be lazy and forgetful, but he can also be clever and is known to be an engineer or architect.


Daddy Pig has a big and round tummy, which often leads to him being teased or the target of comedy in the series. Despite this, he tries to take it with good nature.


He wears a teal outfit, black glasses, and black shoes and has a curly pigtail. Daddy Pig can also be stubborn and has a childish side, but he is a loving and devoted father and husband.



20. Roz (Monsters, Inc.)


Roz (Monsters, Inc.)


Roz is a character in the animated films “Monsters, Inc.” and “Monsters University”. She is a slug-like monster with brownish-yellow skin, grey eyes, and light grey hair. She works at Monsters, Inc. as the key master and administrator for Scare Floor F. Roz is also the leader of the Child Detection Agency and is given the name Number 1. She is grumpy, especially with Mike, because he fails to turn in his paperwork on time.


She is typically depicted as a scowling supervisor with dark cat-eye glasses. Despite her gruff exterior, she has a somewhat sympathetic side and allows Mike and Sulley to say goodbye to Boo before her door is shredded.


Roz wears a maroon V-neck vest, black cat-eye glasses, and dark pink lipstick.



21. Sadness (Inside Out)


Sadness (Inside Out)


Sadness is an emotion in the movie Inside Out, who was born at the same time as Riley and is the very definition of sorrow and gloom. She is often overlooked by the other emotions, especially Joy, who sees her as useless and prevents her from trying to contribute.


Sadness is sensitive and yearns to earn her place among the other emotions. She is smarter and has more common sense than the others, which proves expedient in the journey through Riley’s mind.


Sadness is pessimistic and negative, but she is also considerate and compassionate towards others. Her true purpose is to tell others when Riley wants attention. After finally being accepted by the other emotions, Sadness gains more confidence in herself and finds her place.



22. Professor Farnsworth (Futurama)


Professor Farnsworth (Futurama)


Professor Hubert J. Farnsworth is a character from the TV series Futurama, serving as the CEO of Planet Express and Fry’s nephew thirty times removed. Despite being well over 160 years old, he is still pushing the limits of the 31st century, showing his vast intelligence and knowledge.


He has a clone, Cubert J. Farnsworth, and a son named Igner. However, he suffers from intermittent senility, which contrasts his endearingly inept persona, making him appear arrogant and spiteful at times.


While being a defender of scientific progress, he can also be speciesist and tends to disregard his employees. Hubert has an ever-changing spiritual faith but generally leans towards a liberal one.


He also has a tendency towards nudism, as seen in “Near-Death Wish.”



23. Doc (Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs)


Doc (Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs)


Doc is the pompous, pot-bellied leader of the seven dwarfs in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Despite his befuddled speech, Doc is intelligent and reliable, and the other dwarfs look to him for guidance.


He encourages rational, organised behaviour amongst the dwarfs and is particularly kind towards Snow White. Doc’s fatherly nature can be seen when he deals with the comedically childish Dopey, who acts as his right-hand man.


However, Doc is weak under pressure, often falling into mild panic attacks and becoming too flustered to think of a decent course of action. In times of distress, the other dwarfs assist in rallying a cohesive suggestion, with Doc eventually taking leadership once again.



24. Geppetto (Pinocchio)


Geppetto (Pinocchio)


Geppetto is a character from Disney’s 1940 animated film Pinocchio. He is a gentle, old wood carver who creates Pinocchio, a wooden puppet that comes to life. Geppetto is a playful and whimsical man who spends his time in his workshop creating unique things.


He treats his creations as well as his pets, Figaro and Cleo, as his children. Geppetto is a loving and protective father to Pinocchio and is willing to go to great lengths to find his missing son, including facing dangerous situations like the whale Monstro.


He is a kind and forgiving person who is grateful to be reunited with his son, showing no intention of reprimanding him for his past mistakes.



25. Gretchen Grundler (Recess)


Gretchen Grundler (Recess)


Gretchen Grundler is a member of the Recess Gang and one of the main characters in the TV show “Recess”. She is highly intelligent and is the smartest among the main characters, excelling in mathematics, engineering, chemistry, and physics.


Gretchen often comes up with technical elements of T. J.’s plans and provides calculations and technology. She is also seen as a big sister to the main six and often argues with Vince.


Gretchen is nonathletic and falls for most of the stories told on the playground. She is friends with Ashley A., who was kicked out of her clique, but their friendship is seldom seen again.


Gretchen is also shown to have a dislike for kissing despite her strong grasp of natural sciences.



26. Scrooge McDuck (DuckTales)


Scrooge McDuck (DuckTales)


Scrooge McDuck is the primary character in the animated TV series DuckTales 1987, a Scottish duck living in Duckburg. Scrooge is known for being the richest duck in the world, the uncle of Donald Duck, and the loving granduncle of Huey, Dewey, and Louie.


He has a top hat and a blue frock coat with red accents, pince-nez glasses, spats, and a cane as his signature looks. Scrooge is a headstrong, penny-pinching businessman who is willing to do anything to accomplish his goals.


Despite his greed, he has strong morals and does things squarely. His extensive knowledge, intelligence, and experience from his youth help him emerge victorious from all the difficult situations he faces.


Scrooge is not very open about his feelings, except towards his family and loved ones. He is very protective of his money and treasures and every cent has a story behind it.


His biggest enemies are Flintheart Glomgold, Magica De Spell, and the Beagle Boys, who continuously attempt to rob his Money Bin.



27. Hank Hill (King of the Hill)


Hank Hill (King of the Hill)


Hank Rutherford Hill is the main protagonist of the American animated sitcom King of the Hill. Hank is a traditional American man who is hardworking, loyal, honest and believes in giving second chances.


Hank has a fascination for propane and knows every intricate detail about it. He is portrayed as an up-tight person and does not “cut loose” as easily as others. He is conservative and old-fashioned and he considers himself deeply set in his ways.


He is also portrayed as naive, gullible, short-tempered, controlling, emotionally distant, stubborn, and quick to judge. Hank is a family man and a Republican who admires pre-party switch Democrats. He is very passionate about his hobbies, whether it be sports, woodworking, construction or playing his guitar.


Despite his apparent naivety, he has been shown to be very clever in various scenarios.



28. Linda Gunderson (Rio)


Linda Gunderson (Rio)


Linda Gunderson is a character from the Rio franchise. She is initially portrayed as a quiet, bookish, and protective owner of Blu, a blue macaw. She is shown to be very trusting, even to the point of believing Fernando’s lies about Blu’s whereabouts.


However, she also has a daring and adventurous side, as seen when she hijacks a Carnival float to save Blu. Throughout the films, Linda’s character develops, and she falls in love with Tulio, her partner in rescuing Blu.


Their relationship blossoms from a nervous first meeting to a happy marriage. Linda is voiced by Leslie Mann in the films while Sofia Scarpa Saldanha voices the younger Linda. Overall, Linda is a strong and capable protagonist who is fiercely protective of her beloved pet and has a kind heart that leads her to act heroically in the face of danger.



29. Mr Mackey (South Park)


Mr Mackey (South Park)


Mr Mackey is the guidance counsellor at South Park Elementary and also the head of Public Health in the City Council. He is known for saying “m’kay” at the end of most of his sentences.


He is one of the few relatively sensible and level-headed adults in South Park. He occasionally taught classes at the school, including sex education. He was fired from the school after he passed marijuana around the classroom during a drug education class, which was later revealed to be stolen by Mr Garrison.


He is a prankster himself and enjoys messing with pranksters. In “Insheeption,” it is revealed that Mr Mackey is a hoarder as a result of psychological trauma as a child, and over the time of the series, he developed a very bad temper.



30. Johnny (Johnny Bravo)


johnny (johnny bravo)


Johnny, the character from the animated television series “Johnny Bravo,” is conceited, naive, and overconfident. He regularly flexes his muscles and tries in vain to win women over with his overly masculine demeanour. 


Johnny is distinguished by his good intentions despite his hubris, frequently finding himself in awkward and amusing situations by accident. He has a hilarious lack of self-awareness and consistently fails in his attempts to find love and success. 


Vanity is highlighted by his fixation with looks and love of reflections. Johnny is a memorable and amusing character in the world of animated television because of his charming yet naive demeanour and his hilarious mishaps.



31. Mandark (Dexter’s Laboratory)


Mandark (Dexter's Laboratory)


Mandark is the main antagonist in the animated series Dexter’s Laboratory. He is Dexter’s rival and later nemesis who seeks to destroy both Dexter and his lab to prove his superiority as a genius.


Mandark is portrayed as an evil boy genius who wears nerdy glasses, a white dress shirt, blue shorts, long black socks, and brown shoes. He has a black bowl-cut hairstyle with an M-shaped opening at the bottom.


Initially, he was leagues ahead of Dexter in terms of knowledge and accomplishments but his lab and heart were destroyed by Dexter and his sister Dee Dee, which caused mental trauma and resulted in his scientific skills becoming less impressive.


Mandark’s dark desires and evil ego continue to grow throughout his life, and by adulthood, he became a full-blown supervillain who desires complete takeover and enslavement of the planet.



32. Marcie (Peanuts)


Marcie (Peanuts)


Marcie is a character in Charles M. Schulz’s Peanuts comic strip, known for her intelligence and unassuming sweetness. She was officially introduced in July 1971, and her character developed over time as Peppermint Patty’s best friend.


Marcie is a bookworm, and excels in academics, providing a contrast to Peppermint Patty’s ineptness. She also has a talent for music, speaks French fluently, and appreciates the arts. Despite her intelligence, she can be naive and goofy at times.


In Snoopy’s fantasy world, Marcie acts as his friend and confidant. She is one of the sweetest, most caring, and smartest characters in Peanuts.



33.  Honey Lemon (Big Hero 6)


Honey Lemon (Big Hero Six)


Honey Lemon is a major character in Big Hero 6, known for being a member of the superhero team Big Hero 6. She is an intelligent and bubbly woman with a passion for chemistry and nature.


Honey is known for her upbeat and optimistic personality, and she loves living life with her friends. Despite her cute personality, she can occasionally lose her temper. Honey’s intelligence is profound, and she possesses a love of danger and experiences surprising and sudden events.


She is also the most observant of her teammates and is known to be very environmental, believing in using chemistry to replace industrial and potentially pollutive methods. Honey also developed a love for art but kept it a secret from her friends, who eventually found out and were accepting.



34. Hans Moleman (Simpsons)


Hans Moleman (Simpsons)


Hans Moleman, born on August 2, is a mole-like man with extremely bad luck in the American animated sitcom, The Simpsons. He is best known for his 10-second short film Man Getting Hit by Football in “A Star Is Burns”.


The character is recognized for a running gag in the series where he gets killed by various accidents but returns unharmed later on. Hans has cataracts and is almost entirely blind, carrying a brown cane that was once shown to contain a hidden sword.


He has some jobs such as a mailman and a janitor. In the opening credits of the show, Marge strikes Moleman with her car. Moleman was once the mayor of Springfield and attended Springfield University for a short time.



35. Milo Thatch (Atlantis: The Lost Empire)


Milo Thatch (Atlantis: The Lost Empire)


Milo James Thatch is the main character of Atlantis: The Lost Empire and serves as a linguist and cartography expert in the expedition to find the lost continent of Atlantis.


He reappears in Atlantis: Milo’s Return as King of Atlantis by marriage and also in the third Atlantis movie. Milo is a 32-year-old man with light brown hair, fair skin, brown eyes, thick eyebrows, and large black spectacles.


He is a cartographer and linguist with formal training and tutelage from his grandfather in archaeology. He is currently employed at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, D. C. despite rumours that his relationship with his grandfather helped him land the job.


He lives with his cat and an extensive library collection.



36. Milhouse van Houten (Simpsons)


Milhouse van Houten (Simpsons)


Milhouse Van Houten is a character in the animated TV show, The Simpsons. He is ten years old and Bart Simpson’s best friend. Milhouse has blue hair, and a big nose, and wears thick glasses to correct his extreme nearsightedness.


He is known for being a nerd with regular intelligence but poor social skills. He is gullible and often led into trouble by Bart, who takes advantage of his friend’s naïveté.


Milhouse also serves as the school president of Springfield Elementary in the series. The character is related to Kirk and Luann Van Houten and has several nicknames, such as Fallout Boy, Winnie, and Milpool.


In the future, Milhouse marries Lisa Simpson, Bart’s sister, and they have a daughter named Zia.



37. Cyclops (X-Men)


Cyclops (X-Men)


Cyclops, also known as Scott Summers, is a mutant with the power to generate concussive force-based beams from his eyes. He is always seen wearing red glasses to help him control his powers.


He is a hero and strategist who has fought for peace and equality between humans and mutants since joining the X-Men. As the leader of his own faction of X-Men, Cyclops fights to protect a world that hates and fears mutants.


His power acts like a pressurised water jet that can knock back or cut depending on the focus, and his blasts are light speed. Cyclops’ mind has a particular psionic field that protects his body from the effects of the particles generated by his power, and his synthetic ruby quartz crystal visor is resonant to his mind’s psionic field, providing protection.



38. Connie Maheswaran (Steven Universe)


Connie Maheswaran (Steven Universe)


Connie Maheswaran is Steven Universe’s best friend turned girlfriend and a member of the Crystal Gems. She initially learned about Steven, the Gems, and their past after meeting Steven and slowly grew closer to them.


Initially, Connie wore magenta glasses, but Steven healed her eyes, and she does not need glasses anymore. She trained with Pearl and became a skilled combatant, often aiding the Gems during conflicts.


Later, she devoted time to studying and applying to colleges while supporting Steven as he coped with suppressed trauma. The two decide to meet up as she tours colleges and he tours the world.


Connie is a curious and attentive girl with hobbies including reading, violin playing and tennis playing. She is usually level-headed and sensible but can get distracted and feels guilty when her emotions affect her behaviour.


She also exhibits strong leadership skills when needed.



39. Bernie The Farmer (Shaun The Sheep)


Bernie The Farmer (Shaun The Sheep)


Bernie The Farmer is the owner of Mossy Bottom British farm where Shaun the Sheep takes place. He is ambitious and often pursues random flights of fancy despite his lack of comprehension.


He means well but is clumsy, short-sighted (literally…he wears glasses), clueless, sometimes uncaring, easily foolish and at times selfish. He communicates through gibberish and tends to regulate his daily tasks to Bitzer, who is always eager to please him.


The Farmer is quick to lose his temper should things not go his way, but he is an honest man who can always be depended on to do the right thing.


His endeavours have inadvertently risked his own safety, as well as that of his farm animals.



40. Judy Funnie (Doug)


Judy Funnie (Doug)


Judy Funnie is the older sister of Doug Funnie, a character in the animated series “Doug.” She is often portrayed as dramatic and wears purple and black clothes, along with a beret and sunglasses.


She rarely takes off her sunglasses. Judy is intelligent and attends Moody School, a school for artistically gifted teens, where she directs performances. Although Doug is initially afraid that she will embarrass him, Judy’s productions are well received.


Despite her drama, she is not rebellious and she has a good relationship with her family. Disney rejected a spin-off series based on Judy, but there are episodes featuring her in the original show.



41. John Darling (Peter Pan)


John Darling (Peter Pan)


John Darling is a character from Disney’s Peter Pan. He is the middle child of George and Mary and the brother of Wendy and Michael. Sometimes he is also called Dr John Darling.


John is known for speaking in a sophisticated way and having an interest in piracy, often playing the part of Captain Hook in games with his younger brother. He behaves in a mature manner by mimicking his father.


Despite his maturity, John is brave and loves to play all the adventure games with the Lost Boys. He takes on a leadership role when playing with the Lost Boys.


He has dark brown hair, and fair skin, wears black glasses and a white nightshirt, and carries a black umbrella.



42. Mr Smee (Peter Pan)


Mr Smee (Peter Pan)


Mr Smee is the secondary antagonist in Disney’s Peter Pan, the loyal first mate of Captain Hook. He enjoys piracy but is ultimately kind-hearted and loyal to Hook, to the point of jumping into action to protect him from the crocodile.


Smee is a bumbler and annoys Hook with his eagerness to please, but he also has his own agenda of convincing Hook to leave Neverland and return to a life of plunder.


Smee’s agenda is mostly driven by the threats and harassment from the crew, who see him as a means to communicate with the captain. Despite this, Smee genuinely supports the idea of the “health and happiness” of Hook.



43. Toby Turtle (Robin Hood)


Toby Turtle (Robin Hood)


Toby is a minor character in various Disney productions. He is a turtle friend of Skippy, Sis, and Tagalong in “Robin Hood”. Toby is usually hesitant to join in on the fun but is convinced to do so by his friends.


He is seen in “Mickey’s Christmas Carol” playing with Skippy and in “House of Mouse” as a guest. In “Chip ‘n Dale: Rescue Rangers”, Toby makes a cameo as one of the bootlegging victims freed at the end of the movie with a Ninja Turtle physique.


In “Robin Hood”, he supports his father at an archery tournament, is imprisoned for tax evasion, and is seen at the wedding of Robin Hood and Maid Marian.



44.  Professor Frink (The Simpsons)


Professor Frink (The Simpsons)


Professor Frink is a character in The Simpsons known for being Springfield’s mad scientist and college professor. He is incredibly intelligent but socially inept, and his inventions often cause more harm than good.


Frink is known for using Tourette’s-like gibberish when excited and is never seen without his glasses. He has an IQ of 197 and is a member of the Springfield Mensa.


Frink is the inventor of various inventions, including hamburger earmuffs and the flying motorcycle. He has also discovered and cured “Frink’s Disease” and discovered “Frinkonium.” Frink has a closer relationship with Lisa Simpson due to her interest in science.



45. Callie Briggs (SWAT Kats)


Callie Briggs (SWAT Kats)


Callie Briggs is the deputy mayor of Megakat City in SWAT Kats: The Radical Squadron and a devoted ally of the SWAT Kats. She is kind-hearted, self-reliant, and fiercely dedicated to defending the SWAT Kats from accusations by Feral.


Callie is a super competent person who means business. She handles the day-to-day dealings of City Hall due to the incompetence of Mayor Manx. She is under constant pressure to keep the city running and vents her frustrations to the SWAT Kats.


Despite the danger she often faces, Callie remains determined and confident, and it is suggested that she has romantic feelings for Jake Clawson, aka “Razor”. Callie is a significant supporting character who forms a bond of love and courage with the SWAT Kats.



46. Cedric Sneer (The Raccoons)


Cedric Sneer (The Raccoons)


Cedric Sneer is Cyril Sneer’s son and helps his father manage his vast wealth. Despite being an accountant, Cedric would rather go on adventures with Bert and the gang in the Evergreen Forest.


He is a pink aardvark with thick eyeglasses. Cedric is one of the main characters of the animated series The Raccoons. He is the best friend of Bert Raccoon. He is known for being soft-spoken and shy but he is also a great team player and ally.


Cedric has a passion for sports, including hockey and baseball, and dreams of being discovered by a pro hockey scout. Cedric is dating Sophia Tutu, whom he adores and is very romantic with. He was raised solely by Cyril, with few memories of his mother.



47. Ernest Penfold (Danger Mouse)


Ernest Penfold (Danger Mouse)


Ernest Penfold is a hamster and Danger Mouse’s assistant in the animated series. He wears glasses and a blue suit with a yellow tie with black stripes. Penfold lives with Danger Mouse in a red post box in London but dislikes going on missions and is cowardly.


He often misinterprets instructions and talks nonsense, which frustrates Danger Mouse. Penfold is also used as a pawn by DM’s enemies and has a tough auntie who doesn’t believe DM is a secret agent.


Despite his selfishness and cowardice, Penfold occasionally saves the day and always supports Danger Mouse. He is well known for his catchphrases like “Oh Crumbs”, “Oh Carrots”, “Oh Crikey”, etc.



48.  Simon Seville (Alvin and The Chipmunks)


Simon Seville (Alvin and The Chipmunks)


Simon Seville is a main character in The Chipmunks series and films. He is the smartest of The Chipmunks and has a dry sense of humour and a keen wit.


He cares for Jeanette, who is smart like him, and they have a shy relationship. Simon wears big round glasses and is the brains of the group. He frequently corrects others while using his technical abilities to improve his standard of living.


He possesses an IQ above that of Einstein. He is the eldest of The Chipmunks and sometimes thinks he knows better than Dave, which leads to occasional arguments. Despite being mature, he can show childish qualities at times and is sometimes easily frightened.



49. Eric Cartman (South Park)


Eric Cartman (South Park)


Eric Cartman is one of the main characters in South Park, along with Stan, Kyle, and Kenny. He often acts as the main antagonist in episodes. While the other boys don’t consider him a friend, they end up having an unstable friendship.


He used to be Kenny’s best friend, but later on, Butters became his closest friend. Cartman’s appearances undergo some changes in a few episodes. He is the first among the boys to be shown without his trademark hat in the episode “Merry Christmas Charlie Manson!”.


In the episode “Succubus,” Eric visits an optometrist and is advised to wear glasses. That look of his with glasses became a fan favourite. Hence, I have included him in the list even though he does not wear glasses often.



50. Clyde McBride (The Loud House)


clyde mcbride (the loud house)


A complex figure with a mix of lovable traits and eccentricities is Clyde McBride. Clyde is awkward but kind, nerdy and cute, and he supports his pal Lincoln without fail. His enthusiasm for science fiction, video games, and comic books is similar to Lincoln’s, thus they have a lot in common. 


Clyde is wise beyond his years; he’s read up on everything from table etiquette to tax filing to childcare from periodicals in Dr. Lopez’s waiting room. 


Despite his lack of social skills, he is amiable and finds solace in Lincoln’s sisters’ company, which helps him overcome the isolation of being the only kid. Clyde’s character is complicated by his neurotic inclinations, which include his acrophobia, asthma, and caution regarding allergies. 



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