Top 18 Most Popular Curly Hair Cartoon Characters

top 18 most popular curly hair cartoon characters


You all have grown up seeing cartoons and motion pictures as a child. The more you see them, the more you realise that there is a dearth of characters with curly hair in them.


One major reason for this could be that the entertainment industry in the United States of America has always been a tad biased towards heroes and heroines with straight hair.


However, you have all witnessed a select few cartoon characters with curly hair trying their best to make their presence felt in popular culture over the years. In fact, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to claim that some of them have even gone on to make your childhood awesome.


Since curly hair is playful and fun, it ends up making a select few characters stand out. So, some animated characters have refused to make an impression by having straight hair and have, therefore, avoided coming across as boring.


Needless to say, they have gone on to fascinate you with their aesthetic appeal and appearances. Over time, their distinctiveness became directly proportional to the happiness you felt while watching them on the small screen; especially if you also had curly hair.


Therefore, in our story today, we are going to introduce you to some of the finest cartoon characters with curly hair, for they have done their bit to make hundreds of children feel special for having a similar hairdo and appearance across the world.


These characters have to be given due credit for having ensured that their hairstyle comes across as spontaneous and unpredictable in equal measure. You may find it difficult to believe that some of them have even pushed those with straight hair to try the curly and wavy look.




1. Mirabel Madrigal (Encanto)


mirabel madrigal (encanto)


We all relate to Mirabel to an extent for she is the only member of the Madrigal family who does not have any sort of power. Even though she loves her folks deeply, her powerlessness ends up making her feel like an outsider even around her people.


This is precisely why her remarkable journey in Encanto makes one want to root for her throughout its runtime. While her terrific sense of humour is something worth experiencing in itself, what’s even more pleasing is to watch her trying to find acceptance in her rather complex and indifferent world.


That said, the girl is blessed with tight and full curls and is easily the finest character in the animated motion picture.




2. Princess Merida (Brave)


princess merida (brave)


The tomboyish Merida is the Scottish princess from the kingdom of DunBroch, and the loving daughter of King Fergus and Queen Elinor. Being 16 years of age, her parents wish to choose a worthy husband for her, while she is very much against the idea of marrying; especially at such a young age.


Since she thrives on her strong will and rock-hard determination, she finds all the suitors to be ridiculous and unworthy. While she doesn’t pay any heed to her potential matches, she does aim to be like her father, who happens to be the greatest bear hunter and the strongest fighter.


However, Merida is a straightforward individual who has trouble with diplomacy. In fact, she can even be seen contesting her mother’s traditional views on the role of a princess. She feels that everyone should be the owner of their destiny. Over time, we find her doing her best to learn archery, swordsmanship, horsemanship, etc.


Needless to say, she represents the fighting spirit of the new generation in the face of the old customs and traditions. Besides her personality, her tight and bouncy curls also make her stand out.




3. Moana (Moana)


moana (moana)


Moana is our go-to girl when it comes to discussing girl cartoon characters with curly hair. She certainly does not need a male to come to her aid for she is strong and capable enough to fight her own battles.


Since she is so fiercely independent and strong-willed, it is amazing to catch her journey of self-discovery in the motion picture of the same name. While she goes on to teach a thing or two about always being there for our family and friends, her growth in the movies also ends up casting light on her extraordinary skills as an adventurer.


Add to that the fact that her long, thick, and curly hair makes her come off as even more alluring to the average viewer.




4. Otto Mann (The Simpsons)


otto mann (the simpsons)


Fans of the beloved animated series The Simpsons would remember this eccentric and entertaining bus driver from the show, who is usually seen driving the children to Springfield Elementary School.


The nice and silly Otto Mann adores his pet iguana, Iguana, and greets everyone with “Hi everybody!” What separates the guy from most characters in the show is that he is one of the only ones with wild and curly hair.


If you’re seeing him for the first time, you’ll feel that his hairdo gives off a rock-and-roll vibe; therefore, giving him a look most curly-haired guys would love to don.



5. Gratuity “Tip” Tucci (Home)


Gratuity "Tip" Tucci (Home)


The brave and kind Gratuity “Tip” Tucci plays the main lead in the DreamWorks animated movie Home. The caring and determined young girl is barely ever afraid of taking big risks.


Since she can be seen pushing the boundaries from time to time, she ends up saving the day more often than not. Needless to say, she can serve as a great example for kids as she goes on to demonstrate that one can achieve anything with courage and determination.


Known for her wild, dark brown curls, Tucci takes extremely good care of her by getting it the treatment it deserves from time to time.



6. Betty Boop (Dizzy Dishes)


betty boop (dizzy dishes)


Say hello to Betty Boop; a classic animated character who first charmed her male audience by appearing in the Talkartoon and Betty Boop film franchise. Yes, she does have a slightly enlarged head, but, instead of giving her an awkward appearance, it only helps her stand out and come across as even more alluring.


Classy and sexy in equal measure, her voice and body resemble that of the iconic screen sensation Marilyn Monroe. However, we do know for a fact that Boop was created for the screen long before Monroe became a global cinematic icon.


That being said, it is imperative to mention that she is regarded by many to be the first cartoon sex symbol to have driven guys crazy. It’s no wonder that her flirtatious demeanour, beautiful curly hair, and huge round eyes made people wish to see more of her.



7. Susie Carmichael (Rugrats)


susie carmichael (rugrats)


Make way for Susie Carmichael, who is undoubtedly one of the most amusing regular members of the series Rugrats. When she speaks, you can’t help but feel that she is full of wisdom and that she may have experienced a ton of things in life.


Her bright and energetic persona finds a good companion in her gorgeous hair. Needless to say, it complements her imaginative thought process and optimistic outlook towards life. While she can be seen offering friendly advice to her friends from time to time, she also often ends up throwing tantrums.


Also, the curly-haired girl shares a love-hate relationship with Angelica.



8. Missy Foreman-Greenwald (Big Mouth)


Missy Foreman-Greenwald (Big Mouth)


Missy Foreman-Greenwald is a crucial character who makes her presence felt in the Netflix show Big Mouth. Since she is only just in middle school right now, we can’t help but relate to her when she tries to figure out how she wants her future to look like.


While she sure is brave and righteous, she is also a very good friend to Nick. Besides her long and curly hair, what’s easy to like about her is that she is audacious enough to stand up for what she believes in.



9. Ginger Foutley (As Told By Ginger)


ginger foutley (as told by ginger)


The superbly smart and cool Ginger Foutley can be seen driving the Nickelodeon show, As Told by Ginger. Her friendly and helpful nature can be gauged from the fact that she can be seen putting her brain to use in order to come to her friends’ assistance.


In addition, she loves to create things and is pretty good at both drawing and sewing. Blessed with light brown curly hair, she dreams of becoming a fashion designer. Since she has such good hair, she believes in adding a bit of fun to it if and when possible.


Indeed, it makes one think that she must be full of life.



10. Franklin Armstrong (Peanuts/ The Charlie Brown And Snoopy Show)


Franklin Armstrong (Peanuts/ The Charlie Brown And Snoopy Show)


This supporting male character in the Peanuts TV show is a quiet but confident lad who seems to be one of Charlie’s good pals. Expectedly, he is the only person who is never rude to him.


While he is smart enough to earn straight As and Bs at school, he also has an interest in hockey and plays the centre field. Since he and Charlie have gone on to become super-close over time, they have ended up sharing a number personality traits; one of which happens to be quoting their respective grandfathers on a daily basis.


Franklin is blessed with black, curly hair.



11. Usopp (One Piece)


Usopp (One Piece)


Yes, we are duly aware of the fact that our story doesn’t specifically strive to include anime characters, but once you get a good look at Usopp’s black curly hair, you’ll be forced to discuss him.


So, trust us when we say that Usopp serves as a sniper in the popular pirate anime One Piece, and is perhaps one of its most realistic and relatable characters.


We say so because he is not only a coward who runs away when he sees something frightening but also because he is weak and a liar. Be that as it may, you’ll barely ever catch him giving up on his responsibilities.


So, even if he’s always beaten down, he makes sure to rise again and again. That alone makes him worthy of making it to our list, doesn’t it?



12. Darren Patterson (As Told By Ginger)


Darren Patterson


If you have been a viewer of As Told By Ginger, you may well be aware of the fact that Darren Patterson is quite different from his brother and father.


The guy is not only Ginger Foutley’s best friend but he also went on to date her for a while. Sure, they call it quits later, but we do get to see them tying the knot having a daughter towards the end of the show.


Needless to say, his character plays a big role in the development of Ginger’s personality throughout the show. Therefore, it is not surprising to see them being there for each other whenever they are in need of support.


His dark brown, curly hair looks rather soft and wavy.



13. Gerald Johanssen (Hey Arnold!)


Gerald Johanssen (Hey Arnold!)


One of the most significant characters of the series Hey Arnold! Is Gerald Martin Johanssen. While he happens to be a good mate to Arnold, he is also Phoebe’s boyfriend; therefore, making the easy-going lad an integral part of the animated series.


It’s true that he doesn’t really believe in helping others, but it is also tough to negate the fact that he can be very loyal and caring towards those he truly likes.


Since he is the class president who considers himself very cool, he gets incredibly jealous when someone seems to be trying to steal his spotlight. This is probably due to his upbringing for he happens to be the middle child and, therefore, the one who gets the maximum attention.


We can see his short curly black being combed to the side in the show.



14. Tatsumaki (One-Punch Man)


Tatsumaki (One-Punch Man)


Well, yes, it is difficult to deny the fact that Tatsumaki’s green hair curls up on the ends, but it curls nevertheless. This S-Class Rank 2 professional hero is one of the three strongest heroes of the trusted Hero Association.


One of the most assertive telekinetic characters of all time, she is both bold and beautiful in equal measure. Also, her wonderful curly hair only seems to give her dynamic personality an extra edge.


However, we must make it clear that the brash and moody Tatsumaki can shock many by coming across as disrespectful towards most people; especially to those she deems incompetent.



15. Miranda Killgallen (As Told By Ginger)


Miranda Killgallen (As Told By Ginger)


Miranda Killgallen is one of the better-known girls among fans of the Nickelodeon cartoon As Told By Ginger. The fierce and mean girl happens to be Courtney’s best pal and is, therefore, cold to Ginger.


Since she loves to be the centre of attention, Killgallen takes it rather hard when someone seems to supersede her popularity. While she may come off as over-possessive, it has to be mentioned that she can also be seen as being nice to people around her.


However, she manages to hide it well so that her kind nature doesn’t come to the fore so easily. Her big, bouncy curls truly go with her persona.



16. Takurou Sakakiba (Persona: Trinity Soul)


Takurou Sakakiba (Persona: Trinity Soul)


One of the first anime characters with likeable curly hair to make it to our piece is Takurou Sakakiba from Persona: Trinity Soul. While he may be a good pal to the main protagonist in the series, what separates him from most characters is that he is a faithful lad who cares deeply about people who mean a lot to him.


While watching the show, we discover that he finds it incredibly tough to control his Persona after it awakens; until he finally learns to wield it properly towards the end of the series.



17. Sideshow Bob (The Simpsons)


Sideshow Bob (The Simpsons)


Sideshow Bob has to be one of the most popular infamous characters of the hit animated television series, The Simpsons. Originally named Dr Robert Undertank Terwilliger Jr, he starts his journey in the show as Krusty the Clown’s sidekick.


However, we soon catch him taking a different route altogether in the show as he begins a life of crime. What’s even shocking is that he starts his illegal activities by attempting to frame Krusty for armed robbery.


The former children’s entertainer-turned-criminal mastermind is also apparently a self-proclaimed genius. Not only that but he also happens to be a member of the Republican Party. Sideshow Bob’s defining feature is his curly, palm tree-shaped red hair which makes him stand out in a pack of characters on the show.



18. Dr Hibbert (The Simpsons)


Dr Hibbert (The Simpsons)


Let’s start by introducing Dr Julius Michael Hibbert, M. D., who is perhaps better known as Dr Hibbert. Known for his kind nature, he is arguably the most renowned doctor in Springfield.


Most of you may remember him for his deep and bombastic voice and for, of course, his habit of finding a good reason to chuckle at every possible situation. However, unlike most doctors in the real world, he believes in keeping a check on the funding of his potential patients.


One reason why most residents in town feel comfortable in paying him a visit is that he has an IQ of 155.



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