Top 39 Most Popular Purple Cartoon Characters

Top 35 Most Popular Purple Cartoon Characters


Purple is a color associated with royalty, power, and superiority. Traditionally, when we see this color, a feeling of richness, prosperity, and greatness is evoked in our minds.


However, the world of cartoons has a different opinion. In cartoons, many animators have colored their characters purple with different end results.


Some characters convey cuteness and create an impression of being pretty. While some use purple to express uniqueness and stand out from the rest.


Purple has also been included in the theme of dark colors that denote evil or wickedness. Sometimes it is a cool color to portray cold, unemotional characters.


Characters also appear flashy, bold, and eyeball-grabbing. In this way, purple has come to convey many different points of view and emotions in cartoons.


To explain the idea in a better way, here are the most popular purple characters from our cartoon and comic book world.


I have included characters that either have a purple body or wear purple predominantly in their appearance. I have excluded characters with the purple hair because it has a list of its own.


With that cleared up, let us check all the purple cartoons we love.




1. Thanos (Marvel Comics)


Thanos (Marvel Comics)


Thanos is a villain from Marvel Comics. Thanos is an Eternal-Deviant from the fictional moon called Titan. He has fought with many superhero groups, most popularly, the Avengers, the Eternals, The Guardians of The Galaxy, and even the X-Men.


However, Thanos is not a purely evil character like most villains. He can only be described as a self-righteous tyrannical megalomaniac.


He has seen the deterioration and eventual destruction of his homeworld and many more civilizations. It was caused by greed, overpopulation, indiscriminate power, etc.


So, he decided to take matters into his own hands and wipe out half the universe in an attempt to even the playing field.




2. Ursula (The Little Mermaid)


ursula (the little mermaid)


Ursula is the villainous sea witch from Disney’s The Little Mermaid. When Hans Christian Anderson wrote the story of The Little Mermaid, Ursula was a villain.


But the Disney animated movie and the subsequent animated film, expanded her role and importance. Ursula and her sister were sea witches whom King Triton had defeated.


He banished Ursula and killed her sister. Due to this, Ursula bears a grudge against King Triton and plots to derail Ariel.


She misguides Ariel in her attempts to find Prince Eric. She makes a deal to give Ariel human feet to win Prince Eric’s heart in three days.


Using the deal, Ursula sabotages all Ariel’s attempts.




3. Cheshire Cat (Alice in Wonderland)


Cheshire Cat (Alice in Wonderland)


Cheshire Cat is a character from Disney’s Alice in Wonderland animated film. He is depicted as a pink and purple striped cat who has a constant mischievous grin on its face.


In fact, the grin is so popular that the term grinning like a Cheshire cat is a simile for a mischievous or devious grin.


The background and origins of the Cheshire Cat are unclear. However, he acts as a guide to Alice from the moment she enters Wonderland.


The term guide is used very loosely here as the Cheshire cat appears randomly to Alice and advises her on the path to be taken.


His advice is rarely helpful, and most of the time, it lands Alice in a bigger mess or confuses her more.




4. Tinky Winky (Teletubbies)


Tinky Winky (Teletubbies)


Tinky Winky is one of the main characters of Teletubbies. He is the tallest, most significant, and oldest Teletubby with a triangular antenna.


He lives in Teletubbyland. Tinky Winky is also the most prone to giggles, as we always see him giggling for something or the other.


He is also a kind and gentle creature who likes to hum tunes all the time. Tinky Winky always carries around a big red magic bag.


He loves this bag, and many commentators have read this as a sign of a gay character. Tinky Winky’s effeminate actions, dancing, and red bag have all been interpreted as gay character traits.


This created a controversy when it was found. Many criticized the requirement of such a character in children’s cartoons.



5. Barney The Dinosaur (Barney & Friends)


Barney The Dinosaur (Barney & Friends)


Barney is a purple Tyrannosaurus Rex from the popular children’s TV series Barney & Friends. He is a huge stuffed toy that comes to life through a child’s imagination.


Unlike the actual dinosaur, Barney is not portrayed as a fearsome carnivore but he is a friendly, huggable character that eats all kinds of fruits and veggies.


He loves to eat a PB & J sandwich with milk. Barney teaches kids educational lessons, and he teaches children from the age group of two up to seven.


His songs and simple dance routines are created to convey simple life lessons, environmental lessons, ethical and social lessons, etc.



6. Count von Count (Sesame Street)


Count von Count (Sesame Street)


Count Von Count is a character from Sesame Street. He is a friendly Dracula who loves to count things.


He is there to teach the kids how to count things. The Count’s love for counting is so popular that his introduction song states, “They call me the Count because I love to count things.” 


His habit of counting leads to many comedic and annoying situations for the audience and the other characters.


He often appears on-screen with Bert and Ernie. The creator of the character of Count Von Count stated that he was inspired by Bela Lugosi’s Dracula when he drew up the role. It was built as a parody of that role.



7. Backpack (Dora The Explorer)


Backpack (Dora The Explorer)


Backpack is a character from Dora The Explorer. It is a purple bag that can hold everything needed for the quest.


It can be called a magic backpack as it even holds large items like ladders, spacesuits, and fishing poles.


Just like Dora, Backpack can speak English and Spanish. If the item is needed in the quest, we can surely find it in the bag.


To enter the segment and see the items, we need to loudly call out Backpack, and the sub-segment opens up with a list of items inside.


Backpack is a constant companion of Dora in all her explorer quests and has its own segment, as Map does.



8. The Joker (Batman Animated Series)


The Joker (Batman Animated Series)


The Joker is the greatest villain in the Batman universe. He is not typically purple but has a pale white face and always wears a bright purple suit.


He was a mob boss called Jack Napier, who fought with Batman at the Ace Chemicals industry and fell into a vat of toxic chemicals that turned him into Joker.


Joker is a sociopathic killer with a twisted mind. He has a cruel sense of humor without any remorse, sympathy, or kindness.


He is also a manipulative man who can make well-thought-out plans to trap and torture Batman. He is not above using anyone he can to get his end goal, which is to kill Batman and rule Gotham City.



9. Fear (Inside Out)


Fear (Inside Out)


Fear is a character from Inside Out. He is one of the five main emotions of Riley Anderson, and he resides in the HQ along with them.


Fear, as the name suggests, is a fearful, cautious, timid, insecure guy. He always looks for anything that could threaten, harm, or endanger Riley in every situation.


Although Fear is not scared of everything, he is extremely cautious. His main responsibility is to identify dangerous situations and warn Riley to avoid them.


He is also a very helpful, kind-hearted, and caring guy who decides to take over the role of Joy after Joy goes missing.


To keep Riley happy, Fear suggests that every other emotion compensates for the loss of Joy.



10. Ditto (Pokémon)


Ditto (Pokémon)


Ditto is a Pokémon creature with a purple formless body. Its ability is to transform into any creature or object that it sees.


Ditto does not have any fighting abilities, and its life, defense, speed, etc. are all low. Its main power is to transform, and it can retain the form till it concentrates on it.


Once it relaxes, Ditto will lose its form. This ability had helped as a rudimentary escape mechanism. Another drawback of Ditto is that it cannot evolve.


It will stay in the same form all through. However, Ditto has a unique ability that can breed with any other Pokémon in the daycare center.


Except for another Ditto, It can replicate all other Pokémons and breed with them.



11. Tico (Dora The Explorer)


Tico (Dora The Explorer)


Tico is a friend of Dora The Explorer. He is a purple skunk with a round furry body and wears a colorful vest.


He drives around in a yellow car and speaks Spanish. Tico is the best friend of Benny The Bull, and he assists Dora in teaching Spanish.


Tico is a furry purple squirrel who loves to travel around in vehicles. He can navigate any vehicle, from bicycles to cars and boats.


He can also ride a bicycle-powered airplane, a super-spy boat, a car, and more. Tico helps Dora in traveling across locations as per the map, during her explorations.


He also teaches children rudimentary Spanish.



12. Frieza (Dragon Ball Z)


Frieza (Dragon Ball Z)


Frieza is the main antagonist of the Dragon Ball Series. He is the arch-enemy of Goku, and he has fought Goku on many forms and occasions.


Frieza is the leader of the Imperialist army and the emperor of Universe 7. The personality of Frieza is very despicable.


He is a sociopath who kills indiscriminately and in the most heartless way. His cruelty is famous, and Frieza revels in the fear of his enemies.


He has immense power and does not hold back on it. Another aspect of Frieza is his regal etiquette, respectful language, and well-mannered behavior.


It works as an antithesis to his tasteless humor, sadism, and cruelty.



13. Randall Boggs (Monsters, Inc.)


Randall Boggs (Monsters, Inc.)


Randall Boggs is the main antagonist of Monster, Inc. He is a purple lizard-like monster with squinty eyes and the ability to camouflage.


He is a ruthless, competitive, self-centered, spiteful monster with a wicked heart. He is very jealous of Sulley and his fame as the beloved scarer of Monsteropolis.


During his young days at Monsters University, Randall was a timid and kind youth. He was Mike’s roommate and admired Mike for his confidence.


He wore spectacles and hated his camouflage ability. Once he learned to use this ability to his advantage, Randall was invited to join the Roar Omega Roar.


This fraternity encouraged his competitive spirit. When Randall lost to Sulley in the Scare Games, Randall developed deep-rooted envy and hatred for Sulley.



14. Lumpy (Pooh’s Heffalump Movie)


Lumpy (Pooh's Heffalump Movie)


Lumpy is a young Heffalump from the Heffalump herd in the Winnie The Pooh series. Initially, Pooh and his pals are afraid of Heffalumps and describe them as scary predators that eat other animals.


They exchanged many scary stories about these creatures leading to a Heffalump hunt. Roo takes part in this hunt and manages to catch a young Heffalump who turns out to be Lumpy.


After capturing Lumpy, Roo realizes that the Heffalumps are harmless herbivores. Lumpy, in particular, is a playful animal who loves fun and frolic.


With his pale purple body and tufts of pink hair, he is an adorable kid who becomes best friends with Roo.



15. Bing Bong (Inside Out)


Bing Bong (Inside Out)


Bing Bong is the imaginary friend of Riley Anderson in Inside Out. Bing Bong is a purple elephant with a pink dress and blue coat.


Bing Bong was created when Riley was three years old. Hence he has all the naivete, childish, and joyful nature of a kid.


He intends to help but has the intellect of a three-year-old. Bing Bong was set aside as Riley grew up, so he does not know the way out of abstract thought.


When Joy and Sadness lose their way, they enlist the help of Bing Bong to get back to the headquarters.


Bing Bong wants to help but is not equipped after a point.



16. Spyro (Spyro)


Spyro (Spyro)


Spyro is a purple dragon who originated in the Dragon Kingdom. He has the power to breathe fire and chase down enemies, and fight them.


He can glide into places that are inaccessible to others, and this ability proves to be invaluable for him.


As a child, Spyro is brash, impulsive, and always ready for a fight to prove himself. As he grows up, Spyro settles down a little but continues to trash-talk his opponents.


He is a helpful dragon that stands up for his friends. Sparx the dragonfly is his best friend.



17. Fifi La Fume (Tiny Toon Adventure)


fifi la fume (tiny toon adventure)


In the animated series Tiny Toon Adventures, Fifi La Fume is a purple and white skunk who dreams of finding love, like her idol Pepé Le Pew. Her full name is Fiona La Fume, and she is often shown to be attracted to Hamton J. Pig.


She  is a charming and vivacious skunk with a passion for romance and a penchant for French culture. She attends Acme Looniversity and has hilarious encounters with her unsuspecting admirers. 


Despite her powerful odour, Fifi is determined to find a partner who appreciates her for who she is. She’s a charming, flirtatious character with a big heart and a love for romance.



18. Dizzy Devil (Tiny Toon Adventures)


Dizzy Devil (Tiny Toon Adventures)


Dizzy Devil is a young Tasmanian devil from Tiny Toon Adventures. He shares many similarities to Taz from The Looney Toons but also has many unique characteristics.


Taz is the idol and mentor for Dizzy Devil and his favorite teacher at the Acme Looniversity. Dizzy is a hyperactive child who is always hungry.


He can eat everything that he encounters, just like Taz. Dizzy Devil can only speak in monosyllabic sentences and has a slobbering speech.


He lives alone in Mt. Acme and attends the Acme Looniversity, along with the other residents of Acme Acres.


Dizzy Devil has heterochromia. One eye is pink, while the other is green.



19. Yzma (The Emperor’s New Groove)


Yzma (The Emperor's New Groove)


Yzma is the main villain of The Emperor’s New Groove. She was the royal advisor to the previous emperor and worked with Kuzco as well.


She was the one who raised Kuzco as a child in the absence of his parents. That was the reason why she turned against him and plotted to kill him.


Yzma is very old and very ugly, but she considers herself to be the most beautiful person. She is also ruthless, vengeful, and power-hungry.


She can be silly and eccentric like most old people. Yzma makes complicated plans for her revenge that usually end up failing and cause her injury.



20. Peter Potamus (The Peter Potamus Show)


Peter Potamus. (The Peter Potamus Show)


Peter Potamus is a purple hippopotamus in the children’s TV show The Peter Potamus Show. He usually appears in a safari jacket with his friend So-So, a monkey.


They travel around in hot air balloons and explore the wildlife in the area. Peter Potamus is a friendly guy who loves to travel.


He loves to explore the world in his balloon and visit the different jungles and wildlife. The balloon also has a time travel dial that takes them to any specific period set on the dial.



21. Twilight Sparkle (My Little Pony Friendship is Magic)


Twilight Sparkle (My Little Pony Friendship is Magic)


Twilight Sparkle is an Alicorn and the Princess of Magical Mystery Cure. Twilight Sparkle was born a purple unicorn and grew up to be an alicorn.


She has the element of magic, and her dominion is over the magic of friendship. As she grows up, Twilight Sparkle becomes the ruler of Equestria and works on the magic of friendship.


However, as a child, she was asocial and did not like to attend balls and accept invitations to meet people.


Later, she understands the value of friendship and apologizes to all her old friends.



22. Share Bear (Care Bear)


Share Bear (Care Bear)


Share Bear is a care bear that was introduced into the family of care bears in 1985. They say sharing is caring, and the main ability of Share Bear is a tendency to share every last possession she has.


She is ready to give away all that she has to make others happy and as per her belly badge, Share Bear can create lollipops.


Share Bear is a care bear with purple fur, and her belly badge depicts two crisscrossing lollipops. One is pink, and the other is blue with a heart at the center of it.



23. Dino (The Flintstones)


Dino (The Flinstones)


Dino is the pet dinosaur of Fred and Wilma in the animated TV series The Flintstones. He is a prosauropod of the dinosaur species Snokasaurus.


He is small in stature compared to other prehistoric creatures like Mammoths and other dinosaurs. His height is barely taller than Fred Flintstone.


Dino considers himself the pet dog of the family and behaves like a canine on many occasions. Every day, when Fredd returns from work, he runs up to him and leaps onto him, and licks his face.


Dino also has many human-like emotions and almost speaks to express his despair, happiness, anger, or disappointment.



24. Harmony Bear (Care Bear)


Harmony Bear (Care Bear)


Harmony Bear is a care bear that lives in Care-a-lot. Technically, Harmony bear is a violet fur bear but in many of the episodes, her mauve fur appears lavender-purple in color.


She is a care bear with the dual ability to spread unity and togetherness, as well as music and symphony.


Harmony bear is a fun-loving bear whose belly badge is a rainbow-colored flower. Earlier, her belly badge was music notes which changed to twin hearts and are now rainbow-colored flowers.



25. Abira (Marvel Comics)


Abira (Marvel Comics)


Abira is an Atlantean who settled in New Atlantis on Earth 616 of Marvel comics. She is a warrior from the group called the Tridents.


Abira has a purple human form with gills to breathe underwater. However, she is unable to breathe on land and has to use water helmets or chemicals.


Abira has superpowers like enhanced strength, the ability to bear high pressures, fighting skills, superhuman speed, etc. She is an Atlantian who works with Doctor Doom and Loa to rescue Namor McKenzie.



26. Grape Ape (The Great Grape Ape Show)


Grape Ape (The Great Grape Ape Show)


Grape Ape is a giant 40-foot purple gorilla in the animated series The Great Grape Ape Show. The purple gorilla appears huge but has a child-like mentality with similar excitement and curiosity.


He travels around with his best friend Beegle Beagle. Because of his large size, everywhere he goes, Grape Ape is met with fear and scares people.


Once they get to know Grape Ape, they realize that he is a friendly gorilla.



27. Captain Ginyu (Dragon Ball Z)


Captain Ginyu (Dragon Ball Z)


Captain Ginyu is a very strong and formidable opponent of Goku in the DragonBall series. He is a purple-bodied humanoid alien who controls his own army of fighters called the Ginyu force.


His loyalty is aligned to the Frieza force and constantly clashes with Goku. Ginyu is a ruthless fighter with a powerful ability to swap bodies and very high battle ability.


Yet, Ginyu is a very honorable warrior who will not stoop to dirty tactics and unethical means to win.


He is also a very loyal leader and cares for the well-being of his teammates.



28. Old Kai (Dragon Ball Z)


Old Kai  (Dragon Ball Z)


Old Kai is a deity from the fifteenth generation of Kai. he is an old god of the Kings of the world.


Currently, he serves as the advisor of the Supreme Kai. Old Kai is referred to as Dai Kaiōshin Sama or Great Old Kai.


The personality of Old Kai is that of a lecherous old man, who thinks only about himself. He appears to be reluctant to help unless there is a gain for himself.


Yet, in the hour of need, he is capable of making great sacrifices. Old Kai has an unhealthy obsession with girls and dirty magazines.


In fact, Goku is able to get his assistance by loaning him Earth’s girlie magazines.



29. Hit-Girl (Kick-Ass: The Dave Lizewski Years)


Hit-Girl (Kick-Ass: The Dave Lizewski Years)


Hit-Girl is a young vigilante from the comic book and film series titled Kick-Ass: The Dave Lizewski Years. She is the daughter of Big Daddy McCready, and her birth name is Mindy McCready.


She was trained by McCready in all kinds of weapons and combat techniques to live the life of a vigilante.


After McCready dies, she takes on Kick-Ass as her apprentice and partner to hunt the Genovese crime family. Mindy McCready is a merciless killer without an ounce of mercy for the prey.


She is just a twelve-year-old but handles her emotions like an adult. From cussing to scheming and executing, all her actions are like an adult.



30. Waluigi (Super Mario cartoon series)


waluigi (super mario cartoon series)


Waluigi is a character in the Super Mario cartoon series. He is a tall, thin, and lanky man with a purple moustache, a long nose, and a sinister grin. He is often portrayed as a rival to Mario and Luigi, and he often tries to cheat or steal to win. 


Despite his antagonistic nature, Waluigi is also somewhat sympathetic, as he is often seen as being lonely and misunderstood. 


Waluigi is a popular character among Super Mario fans, and he has been praised for his unique design and personality. He is often seen as a symbol of the underdog.



31. Killgrave (Earth 616)


Kilgrave (Earth 616)


Kilgrave is an evil manipulative genius from Earth 616. He was born Kevin Thompson and was the son of two neuroscientists.


In their quest for a cure for a neurological disease, they experimented on Kevin Thompson. As a result, he gained unknown powers to manipulate other humans and control them.


He adopted the name Kilgrave and started to control people and manipulate them for his personal gain. He turned into a cruel and evil person until he met Jessica Jones.


He tried to control her like she did with others but developed feelings for her. However, Jones did not reciprocate kindly.


She outplayed Kilgrave in his own game and got him arrested for his crimes.



32. Madam Mim (The Sword in the Stone)


Madam Mim (The Sword in the Stone)


Madam Mim, also known as Mad Madam Mim, is a witch from the Disney film The Sword in the Stone.


She is a talented spellcaster with immense power and an equally big ego. She considers herself the best spellcaster ever and does not consider Merlin to be anywhere close to her skill level.


This overconfidence is her downfall. Madam Mim does not like to follow rules and has total disregard for them.


She is also conceited and hates all things that are positive or full of life. She has a morbid personality that is also sadistic in nature.



33. The Groke (Moomin)


The Groke (Moomin)


The Groke is the main character of the comic strip/cartoon titled Moomin. It is a Japanese-Dutch-Finnish cartoon series. The Groke is a female character who is sad, lonely, and melancholic.


She looks like a purple hill with wide expressionless eyes and a row of sharp white teeth. The Groke has the ability to extinguish all heat and warmth.


When she stands still, the surrounding grass dies, and a layer of snow is created. Once Groke sat o a campfire and extinguished it.


However, Groke always seeks warmth and friendship.



34. Beerus (Dragon Ball)


Beerus (Dragon Ball)


Beerus is the God of Destruction of Universe 7 in the DragonBall series. He was the main antagonist in the Battle of Gods film.


Beerus is a very powerful being. Hence, he was the leader of Team Beerus and Team Universe 7. Beerus is a purple cat-like god and he behaves just like a cat.


He loves to sleep and groom himself. He has a snappy temper when he wakes up from his sleep.


However, just like a cat, he is playful and loves to be the center of attention. He follows his whim and fancy by unleashing a world of chaos when he wants.



35. Grimace (Mcdonald’s commercials)


Grimace (McDonalds Commercials)


Grimace is a character from the McDonaldland series. He started with the McDonald’s commercial but was also included in the VHS series.


Grimace’s character was created as a bad guy in the first commercial and he steals milkshakes from children. Later, he was revised as one of the good guys.


Grimace is a simpleton. He is a slow-witted guy who starts every sentence with a Uuhhh… He understands what is happening at a slower pace but does not have a wicked or evil mind.


Grimace was discontinued after the 2012 series. But, he made a comeback in 2020 and was included in the Happy Meal toy collection.



36. Sour Grapes (Strawberry Shortcake)


Sour Grapes (Strawberry Shortcake)


Sour Grapes is one of the villains of the Strawberry Shortcake series. Her character has seen many changes over the decades.


Initially, she was a partner of Purple Pieman and constantly nagged and annoyed him about his failures. In the next edition, Sour Grapes became the sister of Purple Pieman but retained most of her irritable attitude.


She went along with most of his schemes to trick and rob others. Sour Grapes is aware of her shortcomings, yet she supports her brother in his nefarious plans.



37. Filfil (Sesame Street)


Filfil (Sesame Street)


Filfil is a muppet character that was introduced in the world of Alam SimSim and later transferred into the Sesame Street cast.


Filfil is the Egyptian word for pepper. He is a know-it-all character who has an answer to every problem.


Filfil intends to help his friends and others but ends up creating a bigger problem because he does not stop to ask questions.


He just forges ahead with his answers. When he was moved to Sesame Street, his name was changed to Murray.



38.  Shy Violet (Rainbow Brite)


 Shy Violet (Rainbow Brite)


Shy Violet is one of the Color Kids in Rainbow Brite. She embodies intelligence and is often seen engrossed in reading and pondering about colors.


Violet is known for her problem-solving ability among the Color Kids and is relied upon for her insightful answers. Despite her shyness, she readily offers advice and guidance.


As the embodiment of wisdom and enlightenment, Violet’s primary responsibility is managing the work of the violet Sprites, ensuring a steady supply of violet colors in Rainbow Land.


Her appearance includes a lavender bun hairstyle with a reddish-purple bow, large round light purple glasses, a reddish-purple dress, knee-high lavender socks with white trim, and reddish-purple maryjane shoes.



39.  Elizabeth Braddock (Marvel Comics)


Elizabeth Braddock (Marvel Comics)


Elizabeth “Betsy” Braddock, known as Psylocke and Captain Britain, is a British mutant with telepathic abilities.


Initially serving in S.T.R.I.K.E. Psi Division, her path intersects with her brother Brian’s superhero activities. After being blinded and having her sight restored, she joins the X-Men as Psylocke.


Her life takes a twist when her body is switched with Kwannon, an assassin ninja, but she eventually returns to her original body. Psylocke has been a loyal member of the X-Men, Exiles, and X-Force, even sacrificing her life at one point.


Resurrected by her brother Jamie, she continues her adventures and later embraces her role as a mutant Captain Britain.



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