Top 50 Best Female Disney Characters Of All Time [2024]

Top 50 Best Female Disney Characters


Disney has recently celebrated its 100th year as a major film production unit. Throughout the years, we have known it to smash box office records and set new benchmarks in character development.


Many of its iconic screen projects have gone on to cement their respective places in the hearts of the viewers worldwide; courtesy of the extraordinary female characters that they comprise.


As a matter of fact, some of these animated characters are considered to be iconic in popular culture today.


Be it the antagonists or the princesses, these female characters have managed to stand the test of time and turned out to be far more influential than one could have initially imagined.


As much as we like these beloved personalities, we also need to take a moment to appreciate the creators and voice artists for bringing them to life with utmost conviction.




1. Mulan




While some may call Mulan the most spirited of all characters, others would argue that she is probably too over-ambitious to be true.


Be that as it may, one cannot forget that to save her old and seemingly fragile father from enlisting in the military, she disguises herself as her father and joins in his place.


Even though she starts her journey on a rather rough note, she goes on to establish herself as a skilled warrior.


However, her true identity is eventually revealed even as she strives to save the army from destruction.


Despite the fact that Mulan comes across as a tad clumsy at the beginning of the story, one can see that all she wishes to do is uphold the honor of her clan.


Many consider her to be the greatest Disney female character to have ever been written for the big screen.




2. Moana




Moana is the titular protagonist of Disney’s animated feature film of the same name. She is quite an adventurer who has an inherent love for the seas.


The viewers get to see how she is chosen by the ocean to voyage across the sea and defend the world after her island falls prey to life-killing darkness.


The shape-shifting demigod Maui tries to always be there for her and help her in the most difficult of times.


As the screenplay proceeds, the viewer finds Moana returning the stolen heart of a goddess to its rightful owner.


The sea-loving girl stands out from the crowd in the sense that she is not only practically fearless but also strong-willed and physically capable of taking care of herself and her loved ones.


Like most of us in the real world, Moana also has moments of self-doubt. However, she never lets her challenges make her bow.


Better still, she takes immense pride in her identity and often allows her stubborn nature to take centre stage.


That being said, the background score in the movie complements her journey, which goes on to demonstrate that she is a hero in the true sense of the word.




3. Merida




A Scottish princess from the kingdom of DunBroch, Merida is the central protagonist of the Disney-Pixar animated film Brave.


She is a warrior in the true sense of the word. Reasonable and skillful, she knows how to wield a number of dangerous weapons.


Needless to say, Merida is a go-getter who does not need a man to come to her aid; precisely why a lot many women do and should resonate with her character.


Having said that, she also realizes when she makes a mistake. Her brave and dedicated personality is what makes her a true-blue Princess and, indeed, one of the finest Disney female characters of all time.




4. Leia Skywalker Organa Solo


Leia Skywalker Organa Solo


Leia Skywalker Organa Solo, popularly known as Leia Organa, is one of the main characters in the Star Wars original trilogy.


Her journey from being a Princess to a General is truly worth enjoying. When the viewers are first introduced to Leia, they see her playing the conventional damsel-in-distress.


However, she soon lets go of that persona and turns out to be a sharp protagonist in the Star Wars series.


Her knowledge and skills in military strategy are perhaps her biggest weapons and she knows when to put them both to use.



5. Maleficent




An incarnation of pure evil, Maleficent is the main antagonist and, quite frankly, the poster child of Disney Studios.


First seen in the animated feature film Sleeping Beauty, she is a malicious fairy who happens to be responsible for all the hardship in King Stefan’s kingdom.


Ever since her debut in 1959, Maleficent’s evil reputation has preceded her. She commands tremendous powers and has set new benchmarks for other wicked characters to follow over the years.


Needless to say, she is referred to as the undisputed Mistress of All Evil for a solid reason. It is not surprising then that she is both infamous and iconic in equal measure.


The character has also been played by Hollywood superstar Angelina Jolie in the Maleficent series of feature films.



6. Esmeralda




A deuteragonist of Disney’s animated feature film The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Esmeralda is referred to as the gypsy girl in Paris.


She is an outspoken personality who is despised by the justice system and seen as an outcast. But, she never lets her rational mind stop functioning.


An epitome of hard work and humanity, she can be seen dancing on the streets to make ends meet.


Needless to say, not only is she capable of entertaining her audience but she is also strong enough to stand up for what she believes in.


Esmeralda puts on her savior’s face to protect the deformed bell-ringer, Quasimodo. It is not surprising then that she speaks her mind to support those who have been misled by the justice system.


Her determination and forgiving traits are her biggest strengths.



7. Raya




One of Disney’s most recent princesses, Raya is the titular protagonist of Disney’s animated feature film Raya and the Last Dragon.


She can be seen going on a mission to fetch a legendary dragon that has the power to redeem her land of Kumandra and its lovely people.


The movie features some noteworthy punchlines that inspire the viewers to take the first step, no matter how impossible or daunting a task may look.


Raya, who is also well-trained in martial arts, is a true friend who does not believe in leaving her pals behind.


She realizes that people can do so much more when they stick together. More importantly, she succeeds in giving out the message that someone doesn’t need to be called a Princess only when they have Prince Charming by their side.



8. Gamora




Created by Jim Starlin, this Marvel Comics heroine is a solid member of the popular Guardians of the Galaxy squad.


Widely known to be among the most dangerous women on the planet, Gamora is a former assassin who once could be seen working for her adopted father, Thanos.


However, she soon sets herself free and aims to deter him once and for all. Unlike her father, she wishes to make the universe a better place.


Therefore, she can be glimpsed fighting all sorts of crime with her brave Guardians of the Galaxy unit.


Needless to say, she seems to have been driven by the desire to do what is right.



9. Mrs. Incredible


Mrs. Incredible


Also known as Helen Parr and Elastigirl to the public, Mrs. Incredible happens to be the deuteragonist of the Disney-Pixar animated film The Incredibles.


She is popular for her capability to transform herself into different shapes and sizes as and when she feels it is necessary.


While she is part of a big cast in her debut movie, she truly comes into her own in the second installment of the Incredibles franchise and leaves a lasting impression.


She can even be caught taking down a woman who is trying her best to ensure that the public ends up despising superheroes.


Needless to mention, it is best if you don’t try to mess with the incredible Mrs. Incredible.



10. Anna




Anna is the large-hearted and, yet, socially awkward protagonist of the animated feature film Frozen. The younger sister to Elsa the Snow Queen and the contemporary ruler of Arendelle, she’d like nothing more than to mend her relationship with her sister.


Through her sharp mind and affection for her beloved sister, she is able to quash the eternal winter unleashed accidentally by Elsa.


That said, Anna is not only passionate individual but also protective of the people that she truly cares about. As a viewer, you are not left with many options but to hope that all her wishes do come true.



11. Rey




Rey is a very capable protagonist of the Star Wars sequel trilogy. Since she is a Jedi, one cannot dispute the fact that she has got to be strong.


She makes her debut appearance in The Force Awakens and brings a ton of energy to the team.


Rey goes on to become one of the leaders in the fight against the First Order and does not take a lot of time to demonstrate her acumen and undeniable skills.


During the course of her journey, she is seen developing an intimate and intricate love affair with the antagonist Kylo Ren.



12. Jane




Jane from the 1999 animated flick Tarzan is a quirky scientist who follows her father to become a biologist. Later, she can also be seen accompanying him into the African rainforest to study the wild.


Even though she comes across as objective and practical as an individual, she is soon seen falling head over heels in love with a handsome man named Tarzan.


Fearless and independent, Jane trusts her instincts and allows herself to get drawn to the man who was raised by gorillas.


Indeed, her magnanimity and kind nature are revealed once she stumbles upon Tarzan in the forest. That being said, what is worth mentioning about her is the fact that she never runs away from danger.


Instead, her unmatched zest for life only pushes her to study and comprehend things in her vicinity, no matter how dangerous they might be.



13. Cruella De Vil


Cruella De Vil


Cruella De Vil is the central antagonist of Disney’s animated film 101 Dalmatians. What made her so notoriously popular is that she desired to use the skins of 99 Dalmatian puppies to create a never-seen-before spotted fur coat.


Often referred to as the “witch” and “devil woman”, her obsession with furs pushes her to go on a relentless murderous spree.


Be that as it may, even Cruella’s worst enemies think that she has style and charisma. Better still, she knows how to make a heroic entry and steal the show.


That said, her flair for fashion and furs makes her come across as sadistic. However, instead of making the viewers dislike her, it only ends up adding to her enigmatic persona.



14. Pocahontas




What can be more attractive than a person who has the capability to stop a war? Aside from the aforementioned fact, what makes this Disney Princess come across as impressive is that she can speak with both the animals and humans alike, and that too in different languages.


A free-spirited individual, Pocahontas likes to have adventures in her life and has enough courage to stand up for the people she loves.


In fact, she is courageous enough to let her lover John Smith go just so that she continues to be with her tribe; a haven where she always knew she belonged.



15. Vanellope Von Schweetz


Vanellope Von Schweetz


This deuteragonist in the movie Wreck-It Ralph has been voiced by actor and comedian Sarah Silverman. Vanellope is originally the princess of the Sugar Rush game. However, she decides that she does not want to be called a princess after all.


Instead, she now wishes to refer to herself as the president. However, she is soon toppled as the ruler of the Sugar Rush kingdom by an intruder named King Candy.


Not only does he take her throne but he also turns her into a glitch. However, after being introduced to the friendship of Wreck-it-Ralph, she musters the courage to turn her glitchy nature into an advantage over the other racers hovering around.


Needless to say,  Vanellope soon goes on to prove that everyone can succeed just so long as they are willing to succeed.



16. Kim Possible


Kim Possible


There is no denying the fact that being a teenager is super tough and that we have all been through that phase in our respective lives.


It is not surprising then that most of the problems that can be solved rather amicably come across as completely destructive while we are teenagers.


However, Kim Possible is someone who seems to have balanced her teenage life quite well. How she has managed to do that is way beyond me, to be honest. 


Furthermore, she seems to have vowed to stop any and every crime that she sees unfurl before her eyes.


Also, she has a ton of superpowers to boot. Well, that perhaps explains how she managed to do so well for herself at such a young age.



17. Elsa




While the relentless cold may bother mortals across the globe, it ceases to unnerve Arendelle’s queen Elsa. She stands out from the rest of the characters in the sense that she is the only one who was born with the otherworldly ability to control and alter ice.


However, the power that she possesses compels her to distance herself from the rest of the world. She does so in order to ensure that she does not end up harming the people that matter to her the most.


Along with her beloved sister, Elsa forms a seemingly indestructible duo that rules over Arendelle successfully.



18. Tiana




While most people do not easily acknowledge the importance of hard work and dedication, Tiana, the star of The Princess and the Frog, knows their true worth.


She is a fighter who is willing to go to any length to fight for what she wants. But then, the viewers catch her getting turned into a goddamn frog!


Despite all odds, we see her trying her very best to accomplish her life-long goal of owning a restaurant.


Her outspoken nature and determined personality help her go a long way. That being said, she also chances upon love as she continues with her rather cinematic journey.



19. Judy Hopps


Judy Hopps


One of the main protagonists of Disney’s animated feature film Zootopia, Officer Judy Hopps is the first rabbit officer of the Zootopia Police Department.


Since she is determined to make the world a better place and protect the citizens of her town, it won’t be an exaggeration to assert that she has gone on to break several preconceptions about her species.


Judy does not shy away from going against the government either. It is evident from the fact that she does her best to destroy crime rings run by members of the ruling government.


Whether you are a citizen of Zootopia or not, you can trust Hopps with your life.



20. Black Widow


Black Widow


Black Widow, whose real name is Natasha Romanoff, has got to be one of the most spectacular Disney characters of the modern era.


Not only is she the first female representative of the Avengers but she is also a spy who has played a prominent role in the group’s inception and development.


One of the first and finest members of the formidable squad, this multi-faceted life-taker has gone on to demonstrate that she is an incredible fighter.


Her popularity can perhaps be measured from the fact that she has toplined a smash-hit superhero full-length feature.



21. Shuri




Shuri, the Princess of Wakanda, is first and foremost a Marvel Comics character who can be seen making her presence felt both in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and in Marvel Animation.


She is a master engineer who has contributed in a big way to the overall advancement of Wakanda’s technology.


That said, she is as great a warrior as she is an engineer and can be seen using her knowledge of technology to create weapons that only she knows how to wield.


While most of us stop trying to fix our computers when turning them on and off doesn’t seem to work, Shuri is someone who can deprogram humans just as easily.



22. Emma Swan


Emma Swan


Daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming, the determined Emma Swan also happens to be the leading protagonist of the first six seasons of the Disney-themed series Once Upon a Time.


While her punchlines make her come across as a savior, her appearance gives out the vibe of being a bonafide Disney heroine.


Even though Emma does not initially accept her magical origins, she makes peace with the fact that she has to play the role that she was always meant to.


Ever since the realization of her abilities dawns upon her, she starts to use her power for the greater good.


In fact, she is even seen sacrificing herself to evil so that the people that she cares about do not have to suffer.


Needless to say, Emma has a protective instinct embedded in her soul and can go to any length to defend those that she loves.



23. Scarlet Witch


Scarlet Witch


The badass Scarlet Witch is one of the first Marvel heroines to make it to our story today. She is a superhero who has appeared in a lot many blockbuster Marvel-related productions that have been backed by Disney.


Scarlet Witch, whose real name is Wanda Maximoff, has been created by both Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. She has the ability to control energy and she leaves no stone unturned to put her unmatched power on display when she goes on to demolish the Infinity Stone with one hand while holding back the dominant Thanos with the other.


She is one of the main protagonists in the Disney+ series WandaVision.



24. Minnie Mouse


Minnie Mouse


Even though her boyfriend Mickey Mouse might be more popular than her, Minnie has continued to make her presence felt right from the start. She made her debut appearance in 1928’s Steamboat Willie and was seen playing the traditional damsel in distress.


However, her character has evolved over time to have more layers. Needless to say, she can be seen being reasonable and frank when she has to be.


She can also not stand someone being mean to her. A true-blue style icon and a symbol of femininity, Minnie is someone one can easily fall in love with.


A lot many young women have come to identify themselves with this character since its inception decades ago.



25. Joy




Joy is one of the central protagonists of the Disney-Pixar film Inside Out. She is one of the five emotions inside the mind of Riley Andersen.


However, thankfully for both Riley and the viewers, Joy happens to be the leader of the emotions. Needless to say, she always wishes to remain joyful.


We can also call her understanding. This is because as the story unfolds, she does realize that the rest of the emotions in Riley’s mind also have a purpose to serve of their own.


Nonetheless, since Joy is the leader here, she puts Riley and her comfort over and above anything else. Also, she strives to make sure that everything runs as smoothly as possible.



26. Rapunzel




Even though Rapunzel is shown to be 18 years old, she has never really been allowed to step outside on her own.


However, she feeds a lot on self-realization and, therefore, comes across as the most well-rounded one character in the story.


That said, she hopes to have more than what she has in her tower. Needless to say, this fuels her desire to have long-lasting adventures in order to find her true self.


Sooner than later, she finds out that a major part of her life has been a lie. Be that as it may, Rapunzel’s kind nature is on full display when she is seen trying to sacrifice her contentment to ascertain that Flynn makes it out of her tower successfully.


While she may not have met a lot many people in her life, she does have an inherent idea about what it means to love and have it reciprocated.



27. Nala




The next character to make it to our list is Nala. Since she is a lioness, she’s got to be brave and powerful; something that is more than apparent in the animated hit The Lion King.


However, not many people would have initially been able to gauge that she can also turn out to be a great companion.


Nala remains loyal to Simba throughout the feature film and does her best to persuade him to come back.


Strong, convincing, and loyal, she is a true-blue Disney heroine and a fantastic addition to our list.



28. Jasmine




Apart from the fact that she is a princess, what makes Jasmine a character to watch out for is that she is one of the first non-white Disney Princesses.


Jasmine is a true-blue rebel. She is a strong-willed character who does not intend to follow the rigid norms that society has set for her as a princess.


Instead, she wishes to do what she feels is right. That said, she soon finds herself in trouble when an influential wizard becomes hell-bent on stealing her.


Be that as it may, these obstacles do not really deter her from wanting to live life the way she wants to.



29. Nani Pelekai


Nani Pelekai


Nani Pelekai is the older sister of the main protagonist Lilo Pelekai in the show Lilo & Stitch. Even though not a lot of attention has been paid to her character, we do believe that she deserves to be on this list.


An excellent role model to both young boys and girls, she is mostly seen doing her best to provide for her family; especially for her sister Lilo.


Lilo, being the younger of the two, naturally resorts to a lot of mischievous activities. And, while Nani is an adult now who probably should focus on her own life, she ends up mostly doing things for her only family member.



30. Ursula




Ursula, who is also known as the Sea Witch, is the central antagonist of the immensely popular Disney animated feature film The Little Mermaid.


Half-woman and half-octopus, she is known to make deals with the pained merfolk. Basically, she makes them believe that she can turn their lifelong dreams into reality. 


Needless to say, the naive folks have no qualms about striking a deal with her.


Be that as it may, one can never underestimate Ursula’s magical powers. We say so because we have all seen her turn a mermaid into a human.


She is probably capable of executing all kinds of marine magic and is, therefore, a solid and one of the most unusual additions to story.



31. Megara




Megara might find it difficult to trust people in her life but she is one of the more fleshed-out Disney female characters that we are including in our piece today.


Her distrust of the people stems from the fact that she has been backstabbed in her life. This makes her wary of individuals who wish to get close to her.


However, as the screenplay of the motion picture proceeds, one does see her opening up a bit. Also, she can be seen sacrificing a lot for Hercules by the time the story climaxes.


Her willingness to sacrifice things for the person that she adores is what sets her apart from the rest of the crowd.



32. Belle




One of Disney’s earliest princesses, Belle is someone who has always been known for standing for what she believes in.


She is always looking for more than what life usually has to offer. And, even though her story climaxes with a love angle, she was never actively looking for a love affair in the first place.


Belle is an active character overall. We can say so because she can be seen doing her best to not only save her beloved father but also the Beast.


That said, she also comes across as someone who is pretty confident in her skin. That is precisely why she does whatever it is that she wants to do earnestly.



33. Daisy Duck


Daisy Duck


Only a very special person could put up with the many tantrums thrown by Donald Duck from time to time. And, Daisy Duck happens to be that special person.


She is not only there to handle Donald’s bursts of anger but she has also been seen reprimanding her boyfriend over his anger issues.


In fact, Daisy can lose her cool quite often as well, but she manages to calm herself down to come across as poised at all times.


Occasionally, but surely, she can be seen putting on her diva appearance. Also, her pairing with Donald Duck is remarkable, to say the least.


Indeed, Daisy and Donald are a match made in heaven, if you ask me.



34. The Evil Queen


The Evil Queen


No matter how much we pretend to despise the antagonistic characters, we cannot deny the simple fact that, sometimes, they can be far more intriguing than the heroes themselves.


One such character to make it to our list is The Evil Queen from Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs.


Obsessed with a sense of superiority, she has set the bar too high for other Disney villains to follow. While she is more than keen on killing Snow White in order to become the fairest of them all, a scene that shows her transforming into a twisted old hag remains as masterful as it was at the time.



35. Lilo Pelekai


Lilo Pelekai


The young Lilo Pelekai is one of the main protagonists of the Lilo & Stitch franchise. She is a young orphan who seems to have been a total recluse at her school.


However, her personality traits find a match in Stitch and the two end up becoming a dynamic duo. They are seen to be working together to find a place that can manage to accommodate each one of Stitch’s hundreds of cousins.


Needless to say, they try their very best to help people whenever they need assistance. Lilo tries to ascertain that nobody gets left behind as she progresses in her life, and that is precisely what makes her one of a kind.



36. Tinker Bell


Tinker Bell


Tinker Bell might be a sweet-looking tiny little lady, but she is considered to be one of the most admirable Disney faces today.


Ever since she made her presence felt in the first Peter Pan pictures, she has gone on to establish herself as a major attraction of the popular Disney Fairies franchise.


Even though Tinker is only a few inches tall, she has the power to make the people around her happy. Add to that the fact that she also has enough zeal to make the audience be in complete awe of her personality.



37. Cinderella




Cinderella is someone who seems to have been dedicated to doing good. She continues to keep her calm and is always humble; even when she is constantly perturbed by her condescending stepmother and cruel stepsisters.


However, an observant can also go on to assert that she is often seen running around and screaming, albeit not as loud as Snow White.


Even though she comes off as a one-dimensional character, she does manage to provide certain unforgettable moments to her viewers.


For example, one can never forget how she readies food for a crowd of mice. Also, one has to give it to her for keeping her calm even in the harshest of situations.


Indeed, a Cinderella is a rarity in today’s age and world.



38. Dory




Well, our beloved Dory might be a forgetful fish, but we are not going to make the mistake of forgetting to give her a much-deserved spot on our list.


While this adventure-loving character might not be the smartest fish in the sea, she has truly gone on to set a benchmark when it comes to her caring personality.


Even though she suffers from short-term memory loss, she does try to help anyone who needs her.


Needless to mention, this optimistic fish has a heart of pure gold and deserves all the praise and attention in the world.


So, what are you waiting for? Go get acquainted with Dory if you haven’t already!



39. Dottie McStuffins


Dottie McStuffins


This seven-year-old child happens to be the main protagonist of the animated Disney Junior series Doc McStuffins. She stands out from the rest of the crowd in the sense that she admires her mother too much and wishes to follow in her footsteps in life.


She can be seen taking really good care of the toys she owns. In a way, it makes her both caring and responsible as a young individual.


Moreover, Dottie is a loving daughter who is devoted to her family and her beloved parents.


Needless to say, we wish that there were more daughters like her in the contemporary world.



40. Captain Marvel


Captain Marvel


This superheroine from Marvel Comics, whose real name is Carol Danvers, is blessed with cosmic powers which she utilizes to protect the universe.


Created by Roy Thomas and Gene Colan, Carol is known to be dedicated to her work and achievements.


She has barely any time for anything ludicrous and always strives to focus on matters of significance.


While she manages to gain stupendous superhuman powers after having turned into Captain Marvel, she is almost equally brave and bold even before turning into a superhero.



41. Snow White


Snow White


While Aurora is mostly found sleeping in her movie, our next protagonist is primarily seen running around and screaming in a project that brought her into the spotlight.


As viewers, we understand that Snow White is naive, considerate, and sweet. However, it is this generous attitude of hers that often ends up landing her in trouble.


Having said that, she has also gone on to demonstrate why one should not accept anything from strangers.


However, we do believe that a little depth could have been added to the character to make her a tad relevant and relatable.



42. Yzma




Yzma is an amazing villainous character from The Emperor’s New Groove that has been voiced efficiently by Eartha Kitt.


She is known to be obsessed with taking the throne away from the egomaniacal Emperor Kuzco. In order to be able to do the same, she goes on to hatch several ridiculous plans over time.


Even though it is often clear that she may not be able to succeed in her over-ambitious endeavors, it is a delight to see her not give up despite the difficulties.


It is wonderful to catch the Emperor finding a formidable adversary in the dreadful Yzma.



43. Ariel




Ariel might be the youngest of the seven sisters but she prefers to enjoy her freedom and adventures, despite the many reservations of her strict father.


Even though she is obsessed with exploring, what matters to her even more is that she wishes to be where most people are.


Needless to mention, she is the archetypal Disney princess. She is determined, self-sufficient, loyal, and the heroine of a sensitive story that continues to resonate with a lot of young adults across the globe.


Her journey to self-discovery could not have been completed had it not been for her resilience and spirited thought process.



44. Queen of Hearts


Queen of Hearts


This tyrannical and eccentric ruler is the chief antagonist of the popular 1951 Disney animated feature film Alice in Wonderland.


Even though she appears towards the end of the movie, she manages to leave a lasting impression in just a few sequences.


What is somewhat funny about the Queen of Hearts is that she squanders much of her time struggling to behead Alice.


Indeed, her massive personality gives her a definitive edge. Therefore, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to state that this larger-than-life villainous character is also one of Alice in Wonderland’s highlights.



45. Mirabel Madrigal


Mirabel Madrigal


Mirabel Madrigal is the protagonist of Disney’s animated feature film Encanto. Even though she is sort of an outcast of sorts in her own family, she’d go to any length to do things to help them.


What is special about her is the fact that no matter what the situation, she does not allow bitterness to get the better of her.


However, she feels that she hasn’t been blessed with a special gift like most members in her family.


But, as viewers, we realize that looking out for the best interests of your loved ones is a priceless gift itself, which Mirabel pretty much specializes in.



46. Marnie Piper


Marnie Piper


Actor Kimberly J. Brown stars as Marnie Piper, who is the central protagonist of the Halloweentown franchise of movies.


Marnie is a young and innocent girl who seems to be obsessed with the idea of Halloween. However, she lives with her mother who detests the festivities.


However, things take a shocking turn when she discovers that she is a half-human witch who was born into a family of witches.


Even though she is astounded by the revelations, Marnie does her best to demonstrate that it is important to fight for what we believe in, no matter the consequences.



47. Sister Mary Clarence


Sister Mary Clarence


Whoopi Goldberg hit the ball out of the park with her outstanding portrayal of Sister Mary Clarence in the Sister Act series of motion pictures.


This passionate and endearing character turns a class of teenagers into a superb award-winning choir.


While Goldberg may have been involved with a lot of popular projects throughout her career, her character projection of Clarence continues to remain her most popular work to date.


Also, we seldom see a sequel turning out to be better than its predecessor. However, Whoopi Goldberg’s performance ensured that Sister Act 2 surpassed the first installment of the franchise successfully.



48. Meilin “Mei” Lee


Meilin "Mei" Lee


One of the main protagonists of Disney and Pixar’s popular animated collaboration Turning Red, Meilin “Mei” Lee is a rather unique character.


Now, we say unique because unlike any other character on this list, she has the power to revamp into a huge red panda.


However, it happens only when she is feeling a super-strong emotion. She can also be seen enjoying studying and learning new things; even though her friends do not seem to be too fond of most things that she likes.


The subject of Mathematics is one such example. While she does share a close bond with her parents, her relationship with her mother is a bit complex.



49. Elizabeth Swann


Elizabeth Swann


Elizabeth Swann is the tritagonist of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise of motion pictures. The series starts by showing the character to be in possession of an artifact, which makes her a target of the pirates.


However, she is saved by Captain Jack Sparrow quite a few times before she learns to fight for and defend herself.


As the franchise reaches its finale, the viewers get to see Swann earning the position of Pirate King and, therefore, becoming the very first woman to hold the title.


She is a strong woman who gathers the required strength over time. She strives to use her feminity and power to get through to the men around her.



50. Penny Proud


Penny Proud


Penny Proud is the main protagonist of Disney Channel’s The Proud Family franchise. She is a teenager who is sometimes be embarrassed by the antics of her father.


However, the talented youngster dreams of having a normal life, despite the restrictions that she has to adhere to within her family.


Besides being a competent singer, Penny is also a dedicated student. In addition, one can find her reciting poetry and making her presence felt on the football team.


While she also tries herself at cheerleading, one can even catch her getting a tad jealous when Dijonay becomes as fluent as her when it comes to reciting poems.



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