Top 46 Best Tinkerbell Characters [The Ultimate List]

Tinkerbell Characters


Tinker Bell Characters Among all the magical creatures that Disney has created, fairies are the most fascinating, endearing, and lovable of all. The very mention of a fairy creates positivity, warmth, joy, and hope in all stories.


They are the mainstay in most children’s stories, fairy tales, and folklore. In fact, fairies had captured our imagination long before Disney bought out its animation to add colour and life to these characters.


Authors like Enid Blyton, Brothers Gimm, Hans Christian Anderson, J. M. Barrie, etc., have written many wonderful tales about fairies, fairy godmothers, and more. The fairy Tinker Bell is the creation of J. M. Barrie, who introduced us to her in this timeless tale of, The Boy Who Wouldn’t Grow Up, or Peter Pan as we popularly call him. While we are all well-versed in the story of Peter Pan and Wendy, do you know where Tinker Bell came from?


Disney has created a series of films that entrance us into the world of Pixie Hollow, where all the enchanting fairies live. Do we get a glimpse into what they do?


How they do it all the fascinating magic and the fun-filled world they live in. So here is the story of Tinker Bell, the most famous fairy there is. In a bustling city, on a cold wintery night, a baby laughed for the first time.


This magical laughter was carried on the wings of a dandelion seed. It flew to NeverLand and to Pixie Hollow, in particular. When she entered the world, all the fairies gathered around to meet and greet her.


They wondered what her speciality or talent would be. Under the watchful eyes of the Fairy Queen, Clarion, we meet Tinker Bell for the first time. We find out that she has a strong talent for tinkering, or one could call it inventing and fixing stuff.


Every time we find a broken toy that magically starts to work again…it is the tinker fairy who has repaired it. As Tinker Bell acclimates herself to the delightful world of NeverLand, we get to see one adventure after another.


Before Tinker Bell or Tink, as she is lovingly called, joined forces with Peter Pan, she was a part of an equally wonderful and fun-filled world. She was living with many fairies like herself with different talents.


We meet Silvermist, Fairy Mary, Bobble, Rosetta, and more of her friends. As you embark on this enjoyable ride into Pixie Hollow, here is a brief introduction to all the prominent characters and a sneak peek of who they are.




1. Tinker Bell


Tinker Bell


Tinker Bell, the beloved character from the animated series Tinker Bell, is a feisty and spirited fairy known for her boundless curiosity and determination.


As the iconic fairy companion of Peter Pan, Tinker Bell has charmed audiences with her mischievous yet loyal nature.


With her tiny stature, shimmering wings, and tinkering abilities, she embodies the essence of a magical and resourceful fairy.


Tinker Bell’s strong-willed personality is balanced by her kind heart and unwavering loyalty to her friends in Pixie Hollow. Despite occasional bouts of jealousy or stubbornness, she ultimately learns the importance of teamwork and friendship.


Tinker Bell’s character arc showcases growth, as she discovers her unique talents and finds her place in the magical world. Her endearing spirit and unwavering determination make her a beloved and iconic character in the realm of animation.


Tink is a fairy with a talent for fixing broken things. She has a closer relationship with Terence among all other fairies. Due to her friendly nature, she has many close friends like Silvermist, Iridessa, Fawn, Bobble, Clank, and more. We are also told that Tinker Bell has a twin sister, Periwinkle.




2. Silvermist




Silvermist is lovingly called Sil by her friends. She is a water fairy with a talent for flying fast and controlling water. She appears fair with long black hair. She wears a blue-green lily dress and blue shoes.


Sil is a loyal friend, but she is slightly out of touch with real-world terms. For example, when she hears the phrase explode with anger, she thinks the person really exploded into pieces.


She can also be clueless at times and a bit chaotic. However, in the books, she is described as a calm, practical, and collected fairy. Whether it is the books or the films, Sil is a fun fairy to be around.


She likes to keep things exciting and upbeat. There is never a dull moment when she is around. Another thing she loves is gossip. As much as she loves it when all the fairies of Pixie Hollow spend time together, she loves to have some juicy news better than anything.


Silvermist is single. She has no special friends that we know of. However, she has a best friend, Fira, who is the exact opposite of Sil. Fira is all fiery and passionate, while Sil is calm and practical.




3. Iridessa




Iridessa is a light fairy. She is lovingly called Dessa by her friends. She has dark skin with black hair tied up in braids and bun. She often wears a bright yellow dress with a sunflower on it.


She is a kind and loving fairy who has a tendency to worry a lot. She is a slightly more grave person when compared to the other fun-loving jokester friends.


Before taking any action, she worries about the outcome, and this foresight is a unique trait that the other fairies lack. Although she might appear to second guess the plans of others, she goes along with them anyway so that she can save them in time.


Iridessa is a light fairy who has a talent for bringing light to fireflies, creating rainbows, etc. She temporarily gained the skill of growing plants quickly in one of their misadventures.


But, she lost the trait again. Iridessa is a friendly and loving fairy who is close with Fawn, Rosetta, Tinker Bell, Vidia, and Silvermist. She is also good friends with Bobble, Clank, Zarine, and Periwinkle.




4. Fawn




Fawn is an animated and mischievous animal fairy. She is considered the best animal fairy in all of Neverland. Fawn has tan skin and dark brown hair that she clips up and wears an orange dress with orange shoes.


Fawn is a mischievous tomboy that loves to play pranks on her friends. Her usual targets are Iridessa, Beck, and Horace. She is a friendly fairy that loves everything about animals and the outdoors.


She also has a nurturing and motherly side which can be seen when she is with her animals, especially Mother Dove. Fawn loves her job with the animals. It can be seen in the film Tinker Bell and the Legend of the NeverBeast.


Fawn was a minor character in the books. But in the animated films, Fawn is one of the secondary leads and a true friend to Tinker Bell. Apart from being an animal fairy, Fawn has a unique trait of empathy towards animals.


She can feel their emotions and help them calm down. The closest friends of Fawn are Beck, Dessa, Tink, Rosetta, Sil, and Vidia. However, Buck has a secret crush on Fawn.


We are not shown if she feels the same way throughout the series. Fawn is always busy with her pranks.



5. Rosetta




Rosetta is the resident beauty queen and beauty expert of Pixie Hollow. She is one of the earliest residents of the place and is considered a wiser fairy. Rosetta is fair with reddish hair that curls at the ends.


She wears a light pink dress with a brown jacket on it. Rosetta is a garden fairy who loves to dress up and look pretty. She speaks in a southern accent and can get quite sassy when upset.


This fairy is opinionated about things she does not like, and Rosetta does not do mud. While Rosetta is the eldest of the group of fairies, she is also vain and admonishes Tink when she plays among the dangerous plants.


Her vanity is her strongest trait. Rosetta has a talent for growing any plant in the quickest time possible. But, under the influence of the multicolored pixie dust of Zarina, Rosetta temporarily becomes an animal fairy, and she hates it.


She is close to Fawn, Silvermist, and Tinker Bell. She is one of the few warm fairies who falls in love with a winter fairy. She loves Sled from the Winter Forest.



6. Vidia




Vidia is a slightly more complex fairy when compared to others. She starts off being an antagonist but slowly improves her personality and attitude to fit in with the group.


In the later films, she becomes one of Tink’s friends. She is a tall and statuesque fairy with a talent for flying fast. She can also create whirlwinds to plant pollen quickly.


Initially, we see that Vidia is a jealous fairy. She thinks of herself as being the most special among the group. She doesn’t like Tinker Bell as she has a rare and vital talent for tinkering.


She even tries to sabotage Tink’s efforts by letting the sprinting thistle free. But, towards the end, she has a change of heart and accepts her. In the other films and books, she actively tries to help her friends and Tink, in particular, when troubles find them.


Although she continues to play pranks and tricks on the group, they are all harmless. Vidia would never accept this, but she cares for Tink and friends and overcomes all her envy and jealousy from earlier.


Vidia is a bit of a loner. She has a slight superiority complex at the start of the series, so she stays separate from the group in Sour Plum Tree rather than a Home tree.


But later, she improves herself. She even forms a soft spot in her heart for Prilla and Wisp.



7. Queen Clarion


Queen Clarion


Queen Clarion is the wisest and longest-serving monarch of Pixie Hollow. She has served the fairies of Pixie Hollow as a wise, noble, and caring queen. Despite her wisdom and experience as a queen, she is never intimidating or harsh towards her subjects.


She is as loving and approachable as any other fairy. This is her most unique trait. Queen Clarion is also called Queen Ree by the fairies. She has the queen talent in her.


Her responsibilities include guiding the new fairies during the Arrival day ceremony, resolving all minor and major squabbles and issues that her subjects face. She also advises, guides, and mentors young fairies in their hour of dilemma and need.


With the help of her four ministers, Queen Ree prepares for the four seasons and the changes they bring. She makes sure the animals and plants are ready for the changes in the seasons.


When she needs advice, she depends on her close friend Fairy Mary. Queen Clarion is one of the few fairies to fall in love with a winter fairy. In fact, Lord Milori and her fell in love despite the border separating them.


With one reckless decision to spend time together, Lord Milori lost his wings. After this, she passed a decree delineating both worlds completely. She is also close to Fairy Mary, who is her best friend.


Apart from this, she is loving and caring towards all the residents of Pixie Hollow, be it fairies, sparrow men, animals, or anyone.



8. Terence




Terence is the tritagonist of the Tinker Bell film series. He is a very hardworking fairy of NeverLand and has the most important job in Pixie Hollow. He has to collect all the pixie dust and distribute it to the fairies.


Terence is a dust-keeper sparrow man. He wakes up before everyone else and distributes a cup of pixie dust to every fairy in Pixie Hollow. While Terence likes to have fun and fool around all day, he has to work hard to keep things in order.


He is also a very kind-hearted and wise person and is ready to help others. He is the only one in NeverLand who can willingly speak to Tinker Bell when she is angry or annoyed.


So, he is the only person to tell her when she makes a mistake. When he plays with the other fairies, Tink gets jealous and sometimes says she does not need him.


Later, she apologizes too. Terence is a very friendly sparrow man and has many friends. However, he has a very large spot in his heart for Tinker Bell. He always looks for broken things that he can take to Tinker Bell and spend more time with her.



9. Bobble




Phineas T. Kettletree is lovingly called Bobble by the fairies of Pixie Hollow. He is a sparrow man with a talent for tinkering. In fact, he is a tinker geek who can talk about his inventions and ideas all day long.


He speaks in the Scottish lilt that makes him sound all the more lovable and funny. Bobble is always hanging around with Clank and talking and arguing about some gadget or the other.


As he considers himself a premium tinker geek, he has an opinion and idea on all innovations and gadgets. He, generally, stays in his workshop working on his latest ideas.


Yet, he can manage to make a bit of a mess with his clumsiness. Bobble is one of the only fairies to wear glasses due to his nearsightedness. Due to this, he also tends to invade others’ personal space to talk to them softly.


Bobble is a good-natured sparrow man who loves to help others and have rousing discussions on gadgets. For his friends, he will drop everything and come to help them. Bobble and Clank are best friends forever.


You can always find both of them together. Despite arguing all the time with each other, they are still very close. He also thinks of Tinker Bell as a good friend and his tinker buddy.


He is in awe of her beauty and tinkering talent.



10. Lord Milori


Lord Milori


Lord Milori is the leader of Winter Wood. He is a firm and intense sparrow man who is in charge of taking care of the Winter Woods and its fairies.


He is the tallest sparrow man and a very intimidating person. He is a caring and loving leader who knows what is best for his subjects. Lord Milori is highly respected by his fairies, and no one dares to speak back or argue with him.


Lord Milori is first seen in Secret of the Wings when Tinker Bell and Periwinkle realize that they are twins. Although they try their best to meet in secret, Lord Milori catches them sneaking around.


Though he is strict and forbids them from meeting each other, he understands their pain. He meets Peri in the library and explains the reason behind his decision. He only wanted to ensure the safety of his fairies.


He reveals that when winter fairies and warm fairies cross borders, they endanger the balance. This could cause irreparable damage to the wings. He shows his broken wings and tells his story.


Lord Milori is the secret lover of Queen Clarion, and due to their reckless actions, he lost his right-wing. Immediately they set the border restrictions to avoid other fairies from a similar fate.


His closest friend is Dewey, the librarian of the Winter Wood. Dewey is the only one who is brave enough to argue with Lord Milori.



11. Clank




Clank is a sparrow man with tinker talent. He is not the brightest tool in the box, but he is dedicated and loyal. He is also good at following orders given and, generally, follows Bobble around all day.


Clank is a big guy with a large heart. He has a wonderful personality that will win over anyone who meets him. He is close with his fellow tinkers, Bobble and Tinker Bell.


He has a very helpful nature. Clank wants to make things better, even if he does not know how to do it. This leads to a few messes and funny moments.


Bobble and Clank were the first people to befriend Tink when she came to Pixie Hollow. He showed her around the place, took her to the Tinker’s Nook. They even introduce her to how each season works.


He is best friends with Bobble and does everything with him. He willingly participates in all of Bobble’s inventions and plans and supports him all through them.



12. Fairy Mary


Fairy Mary


Fairy Mary is a tinker fairy, and she is the head of all tinker fairies. She might appear stout and short, but she is full of energy and enthusiasm when it is time to work.


She is also disciplined and a hard taskmaster. Fairy Mary is the head of the tinker fairies, and she is in charge of all the work and responsibilities being completed on time.


So, she gets very anxious when the deadline nears or in case of an intense situation. Fairy Mary is also adept at dealing with stress, and she gives tips, on dealing with stress, to Tink while working on the project for the Autumn revelry.


She is a motherly and nurturing woman. Mary feels disappointed when she sees Tinker Bell is not happy being a tinker fairy. Yet, encourages and nurtures her when Tinker Bell starts to create new tools for spring.


She is a very proud tinker fairy. Mary is best friends with Queen Clarion. She loves to sit and gossip with her and tell stories. She is also good friends with the Minister of Summer and her fellow tinker fairies, Bobble, Clank, and Bell.



13. Minister of Summer


Minister of Summer


The Minister of Summer is a bubbly, energetic, and enthusiastic fairy. She is in charge of all preparations for summer. Although she appears to be an indulgent mother who cannot control her children, the Minister of Summer can be surprisingly commanding when she wants to be.


The minister is a free-spirited fairy who loves fun and frolic. She is always up for a good joke and some games. She is a well-loved fairy that everyone wants to be with.


In fact, her laughter is so loud, it can be heard all the way in the Winter Woods too. The summer minister has a tanned, peachy skin tone with thick, curly orange hair.


She wears a flowing pink dress that is designed from a pink flower with a yellow button in the center. She also wears a pink flower band in her hair.


The Minster of Summer is good friends with all the other seasonal ministers, but she is closest to Fairy Mary. She also acts as the assistant to Queen Clarion when needed.



14. Peter Pan


peter pan


In the Tinker Bell books and comics, Peter Pan retains his timeless charm and eternal youth, embodying the mischievous spirit of Neverland. Peter is portrayed as adventurous, carefree, and full of boundless energy. His character radiates a sense of eternal youth and a refusal to grow up, making him a symbol of perpetual childhood.


The Tinker Bell books and comics offer a fresh perspective on Peter Pan’s character, exploring his interactions with the enchanting fairy realm and delving into the dynamics of friendship, loyalty, and the timeless allure of Neverland.


Peter Pan often interacts with Tinker Bell and other fairy characters, leading them on fantastical adventures. His charismatic and sometimes impulsive nature draws others into his whimsical world, creating a dynamic and magical narrative.


Peter Pan occasionally grapples with moments of introspection, hinting at the deeper complexities of his character and the loneliness inherent in his refusal to age.



15. Minister of Spring


Minister of Spring


If there is one word to describe the Minister of Spring, it is a Perfectionist. Although he is responsible for the season of spring that represents a fun, carefree attitude, recklessness, and new beginnings, the minister cannot be described as the same.


The Minister of Spring is a kind and nurturing sparrow man. He loves all plants and strives to make them as perfect as possible. While he is responsible for ushering in the season of spring, the minister gets very anxious about the preparations and plans.


He tends to overthink and over-plan the activities and events for the spring revelry. The minister is a loving and kind person who is friendly with everyone. He is always ready to assist Queen Clarion with his minister talent.



16. Minister of Autumn


Minister of Autumn


Minister of Autumn is a sparrow man with a minister talent. He is known for being a calm, collected, and kind fairy. He is hardly ever flustered, unlike his counterpart for spring.


He has the utmost trust in his team of fairies and never interferes in their job. The minister is a wise and logical being. He oversees the preparation for autumn in the NeverLand and in the Mainland.


While dealing with the preparations for the NeverLand, the minister completely entrusts the job to his team of fairies and trusts them to handle all eventualities. When dealing with the Autumn in MainLand, he stays with the team to coordinate activities and avoid mishaps.


The Minister of Autumn is always cool as a cucumber and collected while working. His calmness and wisdom bring calm everywhere he goes. He is always ready to assist in case of any emergency, like the events during Secret of Wings.



17. Minister of Winter


Minister of Winter


The Minister of Winter is a winter talent fairy who works with Queen Clarion to manage the smooth change over to Winter in NeverLand and the MainLand. Although being a winter talent fairy, she manages to live in Pixie Hollow.


She does not damage her wings and moves among her fellow ministers too. This mystery apart, the Minister of Winter is a very decisive and straightforward person. She is blunt and honest in her commands and opinions.


This way, she gets the results with minimum fuss. This winter fairy is a friendly fairy, but she also lives in Winter Woods. So she has less interaction with the warm fairies.


She is one of the few fairies who wear jewelry, and she has snowflake earrings. Winter minister has a close friendship with Lord Milori, who is the King of Winter Wood.


She also works closely with Queen Clarion to make arrangements for Winter. She also has a good working friendship with her fellow ministers.



18. Zarina




Zarina is a very talented dust-keeper fairy. She has a very curious mind that always wanted to probe into the other uses of pixie dust. Seeing that it was dangerous, Fairy Gary tried to stop her.


Unable to contain her curiosity,  Zarina stole a large batch of pixie dust and experimented on it in her secret lab. After an accident that destroyed the pixie dust distributor, Gary banished her from the role of dust-keeper fairy and sent her out of Pixie Hollow.


Out of resentment, Zarina seeks refuge with the Pirates of Captain Hook in Skull Rock. For this reason, Zarina is also called the Pirate Fairy. She continued her experiments for the pirates, and in the end, they betrayed her.


When Tinker Bell and friends rescued Zarina in The Pirate Fairy, she repented her actions and returned to Pixie Hollow. Zarina’s talents can be described as dust-keeper and pixie dust alchemy.


Due to her curious nature, adventurous spirit, and sheer genius, she was gladly welcomed back by the fairies of Pixie Hollow, despite being an antagonist for a while.



19. Periwinkle




Periwinkle is Tinker Bell’s twin sister. They were both born from the same laughter. While Tink went to Pixie Hollow to become a warm fairy, Peri went to Winter Woods to become a winter fairy.


She is a frost talent fairy who can make ice waterfalls and frost swirls. Just like Tink, Peri is also a loyal friend who loves abandoned, broken, and lost items.


She collects them everywhere she goes. She is loving, caring, and nurturing toward her twin that she meets for the first time. When Lord Milori decrees that winter fairies and warm fairies cannot meet, she is devastated but rushes to help save the Pixie Dust tree with the frost talent.


She has two best friends, Gliss and Spike. While Gliss is a fun-loving and excitable fairy-like Periwinkle, Spike is the opposite. Spike is a sarcastic and pessimistic fairy. She is also lazy sometimes and gets bored easily.



20. Rumble




Rumble is the antagonist of the Tinker Bell film, The Pixie Hollow Games. He is a storm talent sparrow man, and he has won the last four Pixie Hollow Games.


Rumble is aiming for the fifth championship victory. He is very competitive and determined to win. He also ignored his duties as the storm fairy to practice for the games, so he is also ready to cheat.


Rumble is a self-centered and narcissistic person who only thinks about winning. She also has a fragile inflated ego. He cannot accept defeat and his sense of self-importance and entitlement causes him to humiliate others.



21. Captain Hook


Captain Hook


Captain James Hook is the leader of the pirate ship, Jolly Roger. He is a fearless buccaneer of NeverLand and the archnemesis of Peter Pan. Peter Pan fights Captain Hook, chops off his right hand, and feeds it to Tik Tok Crocodile.


Captain Hook is an intelligent, manipulative, cunning, and cruel man who knows how to hold a grudge. But, at the core of his nature, Hook is an emotionally vulnerable boy who had a lonely childhood.


He is very mean to his crew and strangers, but he holds those he cares for close to him, like his Nanny Nell, his teddy bear, Capt. Cuddly Bear, Mr. Smee, etc. We can witness firsthand the manipulative and cunning side of Captain Hook in the film, The Pirate Fairy. He identifies the genius of Zarina and tricks her into working for the pirates, and keeps her till he learns how to command a flying ship.


Then he imprisons her in a lamp and dumps her in the ocean.



22. Mr. Smee


Mr. Smee


Mr. Smee is the first mate on the pirate ship, Jolly Roger. When Captain James Hook loses his ship and crew, Mr. Smee locates him and rescues him onto the Jolly Roger.


He is also very loyal to Hook. This could be the reason why he became the first mate on Jolly Roger. Mr. Smee is a genial old man who is soft-spoken and often seems like a bumbling mess.


He creates more problems as Capt. Hook has many megalomaniacal schemes. He has a love for piracy and dreams of spending his life plundering the seven seas. In his heart, Smee is a kind-hearted man who only wants to maintain peace and please everyone around him.


He appears to be a total misfit among the group of cutthroats and pirates.



23. Rani




Rani is a water talent fairy who lives in Pixie Hollow. She is highly talented with water skills and has many tricks like, she can make water balls bounce on a surface, boiling water faster, etc.


She is the only fairy who cannot fly as she has to give up her wings to rescue the egg of Mother Dove. Whenever she has to fly to a place, Brother dove carries her.


Rani is also the only fairy who can swim in the waters as she sacrifices her wings. Most of her dreams are filled with swimming in the open waters, so she does not miss her wings much.


Being a water fairy, Rani cries easily. So, she is considered to be a very emotional person. However, she is very helpful to anyone who needs her.



24. Sled




Sled is a sparrow man with winter talent. He stays in Winter Wood and assists in gathering ice blocks for the snow-making machine. Sled is a gentleman and romantic at heart.


With his smooth-talking ways and South American accent, he charmed Rosetta, who is smitten by him. He is always helpful to the warm fairies wherever he can. He supplies ice blocks to Tink for her snow-making machine.


He is also good friends with Lord Milori, and just like him, Sled loves a warm fairy, Rosetta. Sled manages the snow owls and has a skill for working with winter animals.



25. Prilla




Prilla is one of the unique fairies of Pixie Hollow in many ways. Prilla was born out of the laughter of Sara Quirtle. This laughter was tainted with the essence of Sara.


This caused Prilla to have a few human traits in her nature. She can understand and speak in the human language apart from the pixie language. Prilla was born without any obvious talent.


She was considered a talentless fairy for a long time. Yet, she participated in all the events and quests of Pixie Hollow. During the Quest for The Egg, Prilla rushed to the Mainland to make children clap.


This ensured that a fairy could be saved. This is how she realized her true talent. She is the only Clapping Fairy. She uses this talent many times to save her fellow fairies.



26. Bess




Bess is an art talent fairy. She is the most artistic of all fairies and has a knack for beautiful portraits. When she made her first portrait of Tinker Bell, it became a fad with all the other fairies.


So much so that when Bess made a scenic painting, no one liked it. However, her good friends consoled and convinced her that her art was marvelous and encouraged her to continue.


Bess is a loving, caring, and funny fairy that loves to be free. She is a fun-loving fairy that likes to laugh and be merry. Bess is the best friend of Lily and Quill, and simple things make her happy, like the wind that makes her fly wonky, etc.


Her passion for painting is so great that she does not notice the splatter of color on her body and hair.



27. Wendy Darling


Wendy Darling


Wendy Darling is a human girl from the MainLand. This series of Tinker Bell is before either of them met Peter Pan yet. So, Tink meets Wendy as a young human girl who broke her music box.


This broken music box is the first item that Tinker Bell fixes. Tinker Bell, Bobble, and Clank visit the Mainland for the first time to return the music box. Wendy is a very beautiful child with a kind and friendly nature.


When Peter Pan meets her and her brothers, he takes her to NeverLand. This drives a wedge between the friendship of Peter and Tink. She gets very jealous and returns back to Pixie Hollow after that.



28. Kyto




Kyto is an evil dragon that lives in NeverLand. He is considered a more dangerous and evil creature than Captain Hook. He was imprisoned on Torth Mountain by Peter Pan, the Lost Boys, and Queen Clarion.


During the film Fairy Dust and The Quest for the Egg, the fairies have to take the help of Kyto to restore the egg. Due to his villainy, Kyto contaminates the egg with his evil.


Later, Kyto tries to escape his prison by tricking the gullible Tiffen Boys. He wreaks havoc in NeverLand and kills seven fairies. Fortunately, Tinker Bell creates Kyto Keeper, a new jail for him.


He is imprisoned in it once again by Tinker bell, Gwendolyn, and Terence.



29. Lizzy Griffiths


Lizzy Griffiths


Lizzy Griffiths is the human child from Tinker Bell and The Great Fairy Rescue. She is a nine-year-old girl who believes in fairies and builds a fairy home for any visiting fairies.


Tinker Bell gets stuck in that fairy house and is found by Lizzy. She protects Tink from her pet cat, Mr. Twitches. Tinker Bell and Lizzy share drawings and stories about their daily life in Pixie Hollow, which Lizzy saves in her field journal.


Lizzy’s father, Martin Griffiths, sees this and captures Vidia for research. Tink and her friends launch a rescue mission with Lizzy to rescue Vidia. As a result, Lizzy and her father form a closer bond too.



30. Cheese




Cheese is an animal friend of Tinker Bell. He is a mouse who lives at Tinker’s Nook and helps out all the Tinker fairies. He takes a distinctive liking to Tinker Bell and often comes out to help her.


When Tink first arrives at Pixie Hollow, she is introduced to the mouse by Bobble. When she asks him if the mouse’s name is Cheese, Bobble says that it must be the case as he answers to that name.


Cheese loves to eat cheese, and he can track its smell from anywhere. He helps all the tinker fairies in carrying stuff around. He also helps in the search for Tink when she is held captive by the Griffiths.



31. Beck




Beck is an animal talent fairy. She can also speak to birds and understand their emotions. Beck loves to be around animals so much that she spends more time with them than with other fairies.


Beck is best friends with Fawn and Fira. She makes appearances in many episodes and helps out whenever there is any animal-related issue. Beck stays with the baby moles during the storm till their mother comes back.


She also nurses the wounds of Mother Dove when she is injured by the fox. Beck helps resolve a dispute between the hummingbirds and chipmunks in the Great Berry Battle.



32. Dewey




Dewey is a Winter fairy. He is the keeper of fairy knowledge and stays in the Winter woods. Although his talent is never mentioned in any Tinker Bell films or books, we can only guess that Dewey’s talent is to gain knowledge and retain it.


He has a lot of information on all kinds of things related to NeverLand. He also manages the library in Winter Woods. He is the only one who can complete a damaged book as he knows everything there is to know.


Surprisingly, Dewey is the only fairy who looks elderly too. He is close friends with Lord Milori and advises him on important issues.



33. Mother Dove


Mother Dove


Mother Dove is a bird with a pure heart and the kindest nature. She stays at the edge of Pixie Hollow, in the Hawthorn Tree. Mother Dove made her nest in that tree and stays alone.


She is considered the wisest soul, and every new fairy is taken to meet Mother Dove. When the great fire spread across Pixie Hollow and burnt down the Pixie Dust tree, all fairies were disheartened and worried.


Mother Dove did not leave the Hawthorn tree to escape the fire. As a result, she transformed into a great bird with immense knowledge about everything. She taught the fairies to make Pixie Dust from her feathers.



34. Fairy Gary


Fairy Gary


Fairy Gary is a dust-keeper sparrow man. He is the leader of the group of dust-keeper fairies. His primary responsibility is to collect a singular cup of pixie dust and deliver it to Queen Clarion.


Fairy Gary spends most of his time in the pixie dust depot, and he has to ensure that no foreign objects fall into the pixie dust well. He fishes them out if anything falls in.


Fair Gary is a Scotsman. He is proud of his Scottish heritage and wears a kilt at all times. He also speaks with a Scottish accent. Although, he feels embarrassed when other fairies refer to his kilt as a skirt.


Gary is a very disciplined and dedicated dust-keeper who does not like people who mess up his job. He once banished Zarina when she experimented with pixie dust.



35. Nyx




Nyx is the leader of the scout fairies. She leads the group of scouts that include Fury, Chase, Di, and Shade on missions. Most of her tasks include tracking dangerous animals, tracking down missing fairies, etc.


Nyx constantly clashes with Fawn because of her inclination to shelter dangerous animals like snakes, hawks, Gruff, and more. She has stern talks with Fawn on what animals are pets and the ones that are dangerous to other fairies.


Due to this, Nyx has severe distrust for anything that Fawn does. She also actively hunts down Gruff when she feels that he is a threat to the fairies of Pixie Hollow.



36. Fira




Fira is a fairy with light talent. She is the brightest fairy, quite literally. She can light up the whole home tree with her dazzling light. She is lovingly called Moth by the other fairies.


She is the best friend of Silvermist. Fira is a fairy with a fiery personality. She has a burning passion for her job as a light fairy and takes her responsibility seriously.


She makes sure that the mining fairies have sufficient light when they visit the mines. On her bedside table, she has a spray that adds extra glitter and shine to her light.



37. Gliss




Gliss is a frost talent fairy who lives in Winter Woods. She is the best friend of Periwinkle and Spike. We meet her for the first time when Tink visits her twin in the Winter Woods in Secret of the Wings.


Gliss can be very oblivious sometimes as she does not know that warm fairies and winter fairies cannot mingle together. Gliss is a fun-loving and energetic fairy. She likes to run around and play all day long.


She loves to go ice sledding and practice her frost talent.



38. Gruff




Gruff is a giant NeverBeast from the film Legend of the NeverBeast. He is a colossal furry animal that appears scary and vicious. When he wakes up from his slumber, all the fairies are frightened and think he is a monster who wants to attack them.


Only Fawn has faith in him and befriends him. Later, it is revealed that Gruff is a legendary protector of NeverLand and the only one who can save the fairies from the Green comet.


Every one thousand years, a green comet passes by NeverLand and is followed by a green lightning storm. Gruff has to build giant lightning rods around Pixie Hollow to protect the inhabitants.


These rods absorb the lightning and save the fairies.



39. Lily




Lily is a garden talent fairy. She loves to spend all day in the garden growing plants and flowers. Her important responsibilities are to tend to the lawns and make the plants grow faster, the flowers bloom brighter, make the garden look livelier, etc.


She loves to spend her time tending to plants. In the books, Lily is the most vital garden fairy. The film focuses on Rosetta, but as she has a dislike for mud and dirt, Lily does most of the grunt work in the gardens.


She has a best friend called Bumble. He is a bumblebee who lives among the flowers.



40. Queen Tutupia


Queen Tutupia


Queen Tutupia is the queen of wand fairies. She is the tallest wand fairy in NeverLand. She is a very kind person who welcomes Queen Clarion and Tinker Bell when they visit her.


She gives them shelter and food. However, she is also a stickler for rules and guidelines. When the fairies of Pixie Hollow request for wands, Queen Tutupia gladly offers them one but lists out many dos and don’ts.


The queen loves the fairies and finds them to be very cute and endearing but does not approve of their manners.



41. Crocky




Crocky, also known as Tick-Tock the Crocodile, is a character primarily associated with J.M. Barrie’s “Peter Pan.”  Tick-Tock Crocodile is a giant crocodile with a clock inside, and the ticking sound alerts Captain Hook to its presence. The crocodile’s pursuit of Captain Hook becomes a recurring element in the Peter Pan stories.


In “The Pirate Fairy” film, we get a glimpse of the origins of Crocky. Rosetta accidentally hatches a crocodile egg and out comes Crocky. As she hatched the egg, Crocky developed a bonnd with her. He also helped her in defeating the Pirates.


During his fight with the pirates, Crocky swallows a clock while chasing a young Captain Hook. He also bites off Hook’s arm. Since then, Crocky became Tick-Tock the Crocodile.



42. Glimmer




Glimmer is a storm talent fairy. The fairy is the partner of Rumble from the Pixie Hollow Games. She is a clueless fairy who blindly believes everything that Rumbles tells her.


She inadvertently becomes the bad guy because of this. She is dedicated to participating and winning the games, so she ignores her fairy duties and trains all year long. This leads to quite a lot of friction with the other fairies.



43. Chase




Chase is a scout fairy from the team of Nyx. She is introduced in the film about the NeverBeast. Chase has long blonde hair that she ties up in a ponytail.


Chase has great scouting skills. She tracked Gruff by following the broken twigs, paw prints, and destroyed vegetation. Yet in the end, it is proven that Gruff was a protector beast and not a monster.



44. Queen Eewee


Queen Eewee is the queen of the merpeople. They live in the Mermaid Lagoon in Neverland. The nobles among the merpeople of Neverland have shells around their body. The shell around the queen’s body is the largest.


The size of the shell of a merman or mermaid denotes their status in society. The bigger it is, the closer they may sit to the queen at the dinner table.



45. Buck


Buck is an Animal-talent sparrow man introduced in the short film “How I Train: Fawn.” In the film, Fawn selects him as her partner for the Pixie Hollow Games due to his ability to stay on a frog for more than eight seconds, despite getting stuck in the strings.


In the “Pixie Hollow Games” special, Buck competes alongside Fawn and the animal talents, winning the first event but ultimately losing because they didn’t participate in the final event.


In “Tinker Bell and the Legend of the Neverbeast,” Buck is seen with other fairies, including Chase, discussing the mysterious roar they heard. Eventually, it is revealed that the roar came from Fawn.



46. Chloe


Chloe, a garden-talent fairy, is the main deuteragonist in the Pixie Hollow Games, appearing in both the short animation and the comic series.


She volunteers eagerly for the games, determined to break the garden fairies’ losing streak. Chloe’s partner, Rosetta, manages to overcome their differences, and in the final competition, they face cheating from Rumble.


Thankfully, Rumble’s partner, Glimmer, refuses to cross the finish line before Chloe and Rosetta, securing the first-place position for their team.



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