Top 42 Most Popular Disney Characters That Start With I

top 42 most popular disney characters that start with i


Disney characters are memorable as they remind us of the good times. Happy memories are triggered every time we watch a Disney animation.


This is one of the main reasons we revisit our favourite Disney shows. To help us remember our favourite Disney characters, ENTOIN has prepared lists of them classified by alphabet.


Here is the list of Disney characters that start with the letter I. Surprisingly, we have very few characters that start with the letter I.


The rarity of the number of characters starting with I could be attributed to the fewer names that begin with I.


So, without any more delay, check out the list of Disney characters starting with the letter I.




1. Iron Man (Iron Man franchise)


iron man (iron man franchise)


Tony Stark is the genius billionaire behind the iconic Iron Man suit. He is a complex and captivating character in the Avengers and Iron Man series. Initially portrayed as an arrogant and self-absorbed playboy, Stark undergoes a transformative journey, emerging as a selfless hero willing to sacrifice everything for the greater good. 


He is brilliant as an inventor and his unwavering determination makes him a formidable force against any threat. At the same time, his wit and charisma bring a touch of levity to the team. Tony Stark, through his Iron Man suit, leads the Avengers team of superheroes in saving mankind from Thanos.


Despite his flaws, Stark’s unwavering commitment to protecting the world and his willingness to learn from his mistakes make him a true hero, capturing the hearts of audiences worldwide.




2. Iago (Aladdin)


Iago (Aladdin)


Iago is a parrot that works as a sidekick to the villain Jafar in Aladdin. He comes back in all the consecutive movies and TV series but has a reformed role as a companion of Aladdin.


Iago is named after the villain in Othello and plays a villainous role in the first movie. He is a loud-mouthed, sarcastic, evil-brained parrot.


Iago hates to work and loves the rich, extravagant, clean and comfortable life that Sultan’s castle offers. At the end of the first movie, after Jafar falls, Iago aligns himself with Aladdin to escape punishment.


Even though Aladdin knows about the evil brain of Iago, he takes pity on him. Iago is, in turn, touched by their good nature and silently vows to help them as much as his evil brain can.




3. Imelda Rivera (Coco)


Imelda Rivera (Coco)


Imelda Rivera is the matriarch of the Rivera clan. She is the one that set down the decree to ban music in the family, and this ban was dutifully implemented by all generations.


This was until Miguel faced his challenge with the ban. Miguel set out to convince his great-great-grandmother in the Land of the Dead to lift the ban. Imelda was a music lover in her youth. She met and fell in love with Hector due to their love for music.


After they married and had children, Hector decided to take his music to the world. He never returned, thereby breaking Imelda’s heart and causing her to ban music in the family.


As a person, Imelda is strong, hard-working, firm, yet the maternal mother of the family. She taught the family everything she knew and made them into the wealthy and thriving family it is.




4. Mr. Incredible (The Incredibles)


Mr. Incredible (The Incredibles)


Mr. Incredible is the world’s strongest superhero with a virtually indestructible body and incredible strength. Mr. Incredible loves to be a hero.


He loves to fight for justice and stop bad guys. However, there is always collateral damage, and these injured parties came back to sue them.


This frustrated him, and he tried to hide behind his cocky and brash attitude. When the superheroes group was disbanded and outlawed, he was sad but decided to adopt a civilian life as Robert Parr, an insurance agent.


He hated the desk job and the greedy insurance bosses who refused to pay the claims. Robert Parr is a do-gooder who cannot help save people, even though they hate him in return. He can appear arrogant, but he is a kind-hearted guy who only wants to help.



5. Ignacio Alonzo Julio Federico De Tito (Oliver & Company)


Ignacio Alonzo Julio Frederico de Tito (Oliver & Company)


Ignacio Alonzo Julio Frederico de Tito is the full name of the Chihuahua, Tito. He is a member of the dog gang of Fagin.


Tito speaks with a strong Mexican accent and likes to talk tough. He may be a small chihuahua, but he considers himself to be the biggest and strongest dog in the group.


Tito is a good-natured and kind-hearted dog at heart but can be pushy and loud-mouthed. He is persistent and does not let go. He loves to flirt with Georgette and pursues her with confidence. He is also a shrewd dog with a fiery temper.


Underneath all the talk, Tito loves his dog friends. He enjoys the dog piles and playing around with his pals. He also loves electronic gadgetry.



6. Iridessa (Tinker Bell)


Iridessa (Tinker Bell)


Iridessa is a light-talent fairy from the Tinker Bell film series. She stays in Pixie Hollow in Neverland and works with her talent to bend and manipulate light.


This talent of Iridessa comes in handy to help light bugs, and fireflies, create rainbows, etc. Iridessa is an energetic, loving, and kind-hearted fairy.


The only problem is that she gets anxious and nervous when there is any trouble on the horizon. Iridessa can be called the mother hen who constantly keeps reminding her friends to be cautious.


Iridessa is also known as Dessa, and she loves bright things like sunflowers, lemons, yellow colours, etc.



7. Isabela Madrigal (Encanto)


Isabela Madrigal (Encanto)


Isabela Madrigal is a member of the Madrigal family. She is the eldest daughter of Julieta and Augustin Madrigal.


Isabela is the perfect golden child with the power of growing and creating flowers, and plants. She can make them grow more beautiful and colourful and even create new plants.


Isabela is often described as the perfect child with perfect poise, grace, talent, and attitude. However, she feels stressed out and burdened by all these expectations and impressions.


Isabela reveals that she does not enjoy being perfect and does not want the mantle of the perfect daughter. To meet the expectation of her family, Isabela agrees to marry the most handsome boy from the village. However, she doesn’t love him. This saddens her until she finally reveals her true self with the help of Mirabel.



8. Izzy Hawthorne (Lightyear)


Izzy Hawthorne (Lightyear)


Izzy Hawthorne is the deuteragonist of the Disney/Pixar film Lightyear. Izzy Hawthorne is the granddaughter of Alisha Hawthorne. She is a determined, confident, hard-working young cadet.


She aims to be as great as her grandmother Alisha Hawthorne and destroy all robots. Izzy Hawthorne lives in a world where Robots have overrun Earth, and humanity has been confined to a few safe pockets that are constantly under threat of attack.


Izzy Hawthorne, along with a group of young and aspiring cadets, forms a team that plans to end the Robot threat forever.


When she runs into Buzz Lightyear, she is excited and eager to prove her mettle. They go up into space, which she fears, but Hawthorne overcomes her fears and faces the challenge.



9. Ishani (Planes)


Ishani (Planes)


Ishani is a racer plane from the Disney film Planes. She is described as a stylish, sleek, mysterious, and exotic racer. Some even called her ‘Easy on the eyes and ruthless in the Skies’. She is an experienced racer but a good-natured, friendly, and helpful person.


Ishani is the love interest of Dusty Crophopper, and he turns to her for advice and guidance in the races. She is a super-competitive, talented and strong racer. Her single-minded focus on winning the races makes her a formidable opponent.



10. Incrediboy (The Incredibles)


Incrediboy (The Incredibles)


Incrediboy is the early name of Syndrome when he was a good guy before he turned into a villain. Incrediboy was the superhero name of Buddy Pine, and he was the biggest fan of Mr. Incredible. He hoped to become the sidekick of Mr. Incredible.


However, his offer was rejected, and eventually, the supers were outlawed. Incrediboy does not like rejection, so it turned the obsessive fanboy inside him into a vengeful sociopathic villain.


As he grew older, he became a megalomaniac who built Omnidroids to attack and kill, but they were all destroyed by Mr. Incredible.


This caused him joy and frustration in equal measure, as he got to watch his favourite superhero in action, and at the same time, he defeated him.



11. Inuit Tribe Members (Brother Bear)


Inuit Tribe Members (Brother Bear)


Inuit Tribe Members are a tribe living in Alaska during the post-Ice-age period. The Inuits are a tribe of Native Americans who believe in the great animal spirits.


They believe that the animal spirit guides and helps them in their journey on earth, and afterward. In the film Brother Bear, the Inuit Tribes are led by the Shawoman Tanana and three brothers Sitka, Denahi, and Kanai.


They are each assigned a spirit totem by Tanana, Sitka gets the Eagle of guidance, Denahi gets the Wolf of wisdom, and Kenai receives the bear of love.



12. Ian Lightfoot (Onward)


Ian Lightfoot (Onward)


Ian Lightfoot is an elf from the movie Onward. He is a young 16-year-old teenager who is taking tentative, scared, and jittery steps into his adulthood.


At the same time, Ian Lightfoot is held down by his past fears, losses, and shortcomings. Lightfoot lost his father before he was born, but he idolizes him and yearns to meet him.


He feels his father’s loss at every step of life that he stumbles through. Lightfoot is a kind-hearted, loving, and caring young man who is socially awkward, unsure, and insecure about everything.


Lightfoot opines that if he had a father, all his doubts, fears, and insecurities would have been dispelled by him, and life would be perfect.



13. Ichabod Crane (The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad)


Ichabod Crane (Ichabod and Mr. Toad)


Ichabod Crane is a very old Disney short film that appeared in the 1949 animated film The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad. The Story of Ichabod Crane is very unlike all other Disney stories of that time because, for the first time, we see a protagonist lose to a villain, and his fate is unknown.


The story of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow is a Halloween tale that was later made into a feature-length film by Tim Burton.


In the animated short, Ichabod is a cowardly schoolteacher who loves to read books all day long. He meets the beautiful Katrina Van Tassel and decides to woo her and marry her for her wealth.


His plan runs into trouble with Brom Bones, who already loves her. He bullies and scares Ichabod with the tale of the Headless Horseman.



14. Isabella Garcia-Shapiro (Phineas and Ferb)


Isabella Garcia-Shapiro (Phineas and Ferb)


Isabella Garcia-Shapiro is the neighbour across the street from Phineas and Ferb. She is a sweet, caring, helpful, friendly girl of the same age as Phineas.


She is also a quick-thinking, intelligent, and resourceful person. She often participates in the activities of Phineas and Ferb and helps them in any way she can.


Isabella is shown to be a good leader as she guides her team of Fireside Girls Troop. In situations of trouble, she manages to keep a level head and calmly tries to resolve the problem.


Isabella also tries to calm down her friends and teammates, encouraging them to not get hassled. It is a critical trait for good leaders.



15. Indian Chief (Peter Pan)


Indian Chief (Peter Pan)


Indian Chief is the Chief Great Big Little Panther of Neverland’s Indian tribe. He is the father of Tiger Lily. Indian Chief appears intimidating at first sight. He has a stoic face and rarely smiles, except when he is delivering a speech in sign language.


Indian Chief is a very protective man who loves his tribe and his daughter above all else. When the Lost Boys, John, and Michael go hunting Indians, they capture a few Indians and bring them to the tree.


The chief believes that they kidnapped Tiger Lily as well and attacks them. He is remorseful of his misunderstanding when Peter Pan releases Tiger Lily from Captain Hook’s clutches.



16. Irish Dignitary (Frozen)


Irish Dignitary (Frozen)


Irish Dignitary is one of the four main dignitaries who attended the coronation ceremony of Queen Elsa. He watches on as the bishop ordains Elsa as the Queen of Arandelle and crowns her.


However, Hans arrives under the garb of a friendly person and manipulates everyone. Under the manipulation of Hans, the Irish dignitary misunderstands the situation and thinks that Elsa has committed treason and killed Anna. They sympathetically declare Hans as the ruler of Arendelle and watch on as he goes out to kill Elsa.



17. Ink Spot (The Little Mermaid)


Ink Spot (The Little Mermaid)


Ink Spot is a blue Octopus who can play the piano. Music is banned in the kingdom of King Triton, and thus Ink Spot and his band practice music secretly in the forbidden cave.


During one of her exploration trips with Flounder, Ariel discovers the band. Ariel and Flounder accidentally find InkSpot and his band, The CatFish Club band practising music in the Forbidden Cave.


This leads to their arrest by King Triton. As jail cells make Ink Spot claustrophobic, he and the band break out from the prison and escape. Later, we see Ink Spot and his friends enjoy music in the crowd when the King has lifted the ban on music.



18. Ikki (Jungle Book)


Ikki (Jungle Book)


Ikki is an Indian crested porcupine who lives in the Jungle along with Mowgli, Baloo, Bagheera, and friends. Ikki is very friendly by nature, and she loves to gossip.


She hates being startled and being a porcupine. When she is scared, she shoots out her needles. Ikki is a friend of Mowgli, Baloo, and Bagheera, and she hates Shere Khan. But she still helped him in hunting during the episode where Tabaqui quits the group.



19. Innoko (Brother Bear 2)


Innoko (Brother Bear 2)


Innoko is the sha-woman of the Chilkoot tribe in Alaska. She is a quirky and easily irritable woman. On one occasion, her tribe’s woman requests help, saying that the others in the tribe felt that the earthquake was because the Great Spirits disagreed with the marriage.


Innoko immediately retorted, stating if they came for the professional’s opinion or the tribesman’s opinion. Despite her snappy responses, Innoko is a wise woman and guides her people on the right path.


She consults the Great Spirits and advises Nita on the right course of action. She offers Nita the power to speak to animals to help her locate Kenai.



20. Ivy De Vil (101 Dalmatians: The Series)


Ivy De Vil (101 Dalmatians: The Series)


Ivy De Vil is the niece of Cruella De Vil, and she appears in the 101 Dalmatians TV series. She is a little child of eight or ten years and seems to be a very sweet, kind, caring, and lovable person.


It puzzles the Dearly family that such an innocent, sweet and kind lamb could belong to the De Vil family. However, it is revealed to be a ploy to cover up and misguide others, in case they are caught.


Ivy De Vil is just as sinister and devious as the rest of her family. In fact, Ivy is more manipulative, bossy, and dominating as the series progresses, and Cruella also falls victim to her.



21. Imara (The Lion Guard)


Imara (The Lion Guard)


Imara is an Outsider lioness in the animated series The Lion Guard. She belongs to the group of lionesses who supported Scar during his reign.


Simba had them exiled after he defeated Scar. During the events of Lion King II, Simba fought a battle against the Outsiders for Pride Rock.


Imara and a few other lions were welcomed back into Pridelands after they chose peace over fighting. Imara is the strongest lioness in the group, and she constantly proves herself and challenges herself. We can see her being stubborn and strong-willed, but her pure heart is also evident.



22. I.V.A.N (Lightyear)


I.V.A.N (Lightyear)


I. V. A. N. is the acronym for Internal Voice Activated Navigator. I. V. A. N. appears in the animated movie, Lightyear. The job of the navigator is to assist Buzz during his flight and prompt him when there is any error or malfunction that occurs.


Buzz hates I. V. A. N as it prompts out every error that occurs and keeps giving failure probabilities and statistics. He also does not appreciate the navigator’s attempts to activate autopilot.



23. Ian The Gator (The Princess and The Frog)


Ian The Gator (The Princess and The Frog)


Ian the Gator is an evil alligator that lives in the Louisiana Bayou. He is the leader of an alligator congregation that plans to eat Prince Naveen and Tiana, who is in frog form.


After being cursed by Dr. Facilier, Naveen and Tiana become Frogs who escape on the pair of balloons. However, the balloons pop over the bayou, and inadvertently, they land up on the back of Ian the Gator.


He is a sadistic, cruel, and hungry alligator. He plans to eat Naveen, who looks plumper and leaves Tiana to the other gators in the swamp.



24. Ice Titan (Hercules)


Ice Titan (Hercules)


Ice Titan is a titan from the Disney animated film Hercules. He is also known as Hydros or The Lurker. He is a bad guy and one of the Titans imprisoned by Zeus in Tartarus. He is released in an attempt to take over Mount Olympus.


Ice Titan is one of the four elemental monsters that terrorized ancient Greece. He represents the natural elements like frost, snow, hail, ice storms, etc. He, along with other titans like Pyros, Lithos, and Stratos, was created for the Disney animated film.



25. Queen Iduna (Frozen)


Queen Iduna (Frozen)


Iduna was the mother of Queen Elsa and Princess Anna. She was a member of the Northuldran tribe from the Enchanted Forest. As a child, she grew up playing with the elemental spirits. She was a close friend of Gale, the spirit of the wind.


A war broke out between the Northuldran and the Arendellian forces, the elemental spirits were angered, and they cursed the Enchanted Forest and its residents.


However, Iduna escaped the curse as she was away rescuing Prince Agnarr with the spirit Gale. Soon Iduna and Agnarr grew to love each other and eventually married each other. Due to her good deeds, the spirits gifted Iduna’s child, Elsa, with the power of snow and frost.



26. Improv Club Monster (Monsters University)


Improv Club Monster (Monsters University)


Improv Club Monster is one of the students at Monsters University. He is first seen at the table to advertise the various clubs and groups in the university. He tries to invite Mike Wazowski to join the Improv Club. We do not have a name for the monster.


However, it is amply clear that the club is not big or effective, as he fails to complete even one sentence of improv to attract Mike to the club. Understandably, Mike does not join.



27. Indigo (Sofia The First)


Indigo (Sofia The First)


Indigo is a wicked witch from the Disney Junior series, Sofia The First. She is one of the close friends of Lucinda and initially dislikes Lily and Sofia.


Indigo thinks that they were a threat to her friendship with Lucinda. We meet Indigo in the episode, Cauldronation Day, where Lucinda invites everyone to her home for her Cauldronation.


In a fit of jealousy, Indigo tries to usurp the ceremony and ruins it because Lucinda picked Sofia as her witch of honour.



28. Ipi and Topo (Emperor’s New Groove)


Ipi and Topo (Emperor’s New Groove)


Ipi and Topo are two elderly friends who live in Pacha’s village. They are great friends who always play checkers at the foot of the hills. We cannot distinguish their identities, but Ipi could be the tall bald man and Topo, the short robust man.


Both friends are well-meaning elders who are friends with Pacha and his family. They are tricked by Yzma into telling the address of Pacha during the first film.



29. Irate Chef (Emperor’s New Groove)


Irate Chef (Emperor's New Groove)


The Irate Chef is a chef who works at Mudka’s Meat Hut. We are not given his actual name, but we can deduce that he is a chef with fairly decent cooking skills.


However, Kuzco’s constant complaints and bickering about tasteless food and nothing edible on the menu get on the chef’s nerves.


He puts up with Kuzco’s nagging but breaks down when Kronk comes in to request a special meal order. He quits the job in a huff, and that is the reason for his title as the Irate Chef.



30. Ivan (Cars 2)


Ivan (Cars 2)


Ivan is a tow truck from Cars 2. He is the personal chauffeur of Victor Hugo, and he also doubles as his bodyguard. Ivan is built like a sturdy tow truck from top to bottom and can pull a lot of weight.


Ivan may be the strongest tow truck of all, but even he has a weakness. His weakness is pretty sports cars stranded on the highway.


Despite all his tough talk, when Ivan sees a sports car in distress with a flat tire, he is the first one to offer help.



31. Ivy (Tinker Bell and the Pixie Hollow Games)


Ivy (Tinker Bell and the Pixie Hollow Games)


Ivy is a garden-talent fairy from Tinker Bell and The Pixie Hollow Games. Being a garden-talent fairy, she is close friends with Fern and Lilac.


She can be seen cheering for Rosetta in the Pixie Hollow Games along with Fern and Lilac. Despite being a Garden-talent fairy, Ivy is surprisingly a crybaby.


She can turn on the waterworks when she is sad or happy. The other fairies find this both endearing and unnerving.



32. Iso (Avengers Assemble)


Iso (Avengers Assemble)


Iso was originally named Xiaoyi Chen. She was born a human, but as she was exposed to terragenesis, Chen became an Inhuman, thus gaining the name Iso.


She can generate sonic air pressure waves around her and control the air. Iso and her fellow Inhumans were trying to escape Ultron when Attilan fell.


The Avengers were imprisoned, and all Inhumans were forced to register themselves. After registration, Ultron controlled them and launched an offensive. However, the Avengers fought back and freed Iso from Ultron.



33. Princess Isabel (Elena Of Avalor)


Princess Isabel (Elena Of Avalor)


Princess Isabel is the younger sister of Princess Elena of Avalor. Her full name is Crown Princess Isabel Castillo Flores of Avalor.


Princess Isabel loves and admires her elder sister, Elena, and loves playing with her. However, Isabel is not a sports lover like Elena.


Princess Isabel is a precocious princess who believes in keeping her promises. She believes in standing by her word and dislikes people who do not keep promises.


Princess Isabel loves to read books, draw and invent new things. She has vast knowledge and uses the knowledge creatively.



34. Impossible Man (Fantastic Four)


Impossible Man (Fantastic Four)


Impossible Man is an alien being from the planet of Poppup. The Impossible Man has no name as Poppupians do not have names, and they know who they are.


The Poppupians have a collective conscience, and as long as one survives, their history and identity are perpetuated. The Impossible man has the power to manifest himself in any form according to his imagination.


This is a power that causes havoc in New York City, and the Fantastic Four are called in to control the situation.



35. Icarus (Hercules)


Icarus (Hercules)


Icarus is the best friend of Hercules in the Tv series, Hercules. He is the son of the famous inventor Daedulus. He comes from a wealthy family as his father is famous, and his mother has a prosperous pottery business.


Despite his wealth and fortune, Icarus is a kind, helpful, fun-loving, and caring boy. He immediately takes to Hercules and takes it upon himself to guide him through the Prometheus Academy. He has a crush on Cassandra.



36. Iris, a Goddess (Fantasia)


Iris, a Goddess (Fantasia)


Iris is an Olympian goddess in the Disney film Fantasia. She is the Greek goddess of rainbows and appears after a storm that is created by Zeus.


In Fantasia, Iris appears after the storm that Zeus and Vulcan create. She is depicted as a light-skinned goddess with a blue dress and purple hair. All the rainbow colours flow out of her in a streak and surround her while stationary.



37. I.O.T.A. (Miles From Tomorrowland)


I.O.T.A. (Miles From Tomorrowland)


I. O. T. A. is the acronym for Intelligent Outer Space Technical Assistant). It is a robotic assistant that can enter any machine and fix all the issues in it.


It can rectify any glitch and clear up any mess as long as it is coded correctly. I. O. T. A. was designed and created by Leo Callisto and helps in any kind of mission or activity, even underwater activities.


However, if there is any error in the coding, I. O. T. A. can increase problems instead of clearing them.



38. Interplanet Janet (Schoolhouse Rock!)


Interplanet Janet (Schoolhouse Rock!)


Interplanet Janet is a character from Schoolhouse Rock!, and she also features in Chip n Dale Rescue Rangers. Interplanet Janet has a rocket body with a head full of hair and metallic wings on her back.


Interplanet Janet loves to travel around the solar system and get curious about every planet, its satellites, the asteroids, and all. She likes to explore space and shine with the stars but hates black holes and fears them.



39. Ian (Legend of Tarzan)


Ian (Legend of Tarzan)


Ian is the little nephew of Dr. Doyle. He lives in the city and has a very insecure and timid nature.


He accompanies Dr. Doyle to Africa, spends the summer there, and immediately takes to Tarzan. Ian is enamoured by the behaviour and attitude of Tarzan.


Ian tries to imitate Tarzan in everything he does. This leads to some trouble as the animals do not accept him. After seeing Ian hurt by the animals, Dr. Doyle is upset and argues with Tarzan about sending him back to the city.



40. Ibid (Hercules)


Ibid (Hercules)


Ibid is the night owl of Athena and possesses great wisdom and knowledge. When Ibid sits on someone’s head, they gain great wisdom and knowledge.


Ibid can be described as a small blue owl with yellow pupils and an orange beak. Athena hides Ibid with Hercules as Ares has threatened to shave the head of Ibid in retaliation for her act of shaving his dogs of war. Ibid takes a liking to Hercules but hates Fear and Terror, who are the children of Ares.



41. Inger Eliassen (Atlantis: Milo’s Return)


inger eliassen (atlantis: milo's return)


Inger Eliassen is a minor characcter from the Disney animated film Atlantis: Milo’s Return. She is the manager of the village inn in Cliffside, Norway. When Kida and Milo find out about a rogue Atlantean beast, Kraken, they come to Inger’s inn for information. 


While staying in the inn, Milo and Kida learn about the deal between the Cliffside village mayor and the Kraken. This helps the duo in capturing the Kraken and eliminating a problem for mankind. Although Inger Eliassen is a minor character, her honest and righteous heart helps save the world.



42. Ice Ogre (Jake and the Never Land Pirates)


Ice Ogre (Jake and the Never Land Pirates)


Ice Ogres are scary, angry beasts that live under the Great ice bridge in the frozen section of Neverland.


These Ice Ogres guard the Blue Ice Diamond against greedy trespassers and pirates. Ice ogres are fierce and scary fighters who use brute strength to defeat enemies.


When Capt. Hook tries to ignore warnings and cross the ice bridge, but the ice ogre attacks him. Jake and Izzy rescue him from the ogre and locate the hidden treasure.



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