Top 50 Most Popular Ugly Cartoon Characters

top 50 most popular ugly cartoon characters


Every time the mention of a cartoon comes up, we all imagine handsome/beautiful Disney princes and princesses, cute animals with big emotive eyes, perfect and poised people, etc.


There are a few ugly characters, but they are ugly only because the character demands it. However, in recent times, we have seen a change in trends where characters are purposely drawn with imperfections and flaws.


In the animated series Rugrats, we see kids with disheveled hair and clothes. In Courage the Cowardly Dog, grandpa Eustace, and courage are purposely created with dental problems, etc.


This trend of including imperfect images and ugly characters has changed the way we perceive characters and also promoted inclusivity.


To identify these ugly characters, ENTOIN brings you a list of the ugliest characters that we love to watch.


These characters may be ugly, but their endearing qualities make us want to watch them nonetheless.




1. Shrek (Shrek)


Shrek (Shrek)


Shrek is a big green ogre and the epitome of big, ugly, and scary. The name Shrek is derived from the German word Schreck, meaning terror.


In the film, Shrek is the protagonist who lives in his swamp, far from the nearest town, and minds his own business.


He is happy to be ignored and feared by people but hates it when he has to interact with living beings.


Shrek is a large pot-bellied ogre with lime-green skin. Shrek has wide eyes, a flat nose, and a mouth full of big teeth.


He is bald with two antennae-like ears. He dresses up in a rudimentary garb of a white upper shirt and a pair of brown pants.


He spends his day mucking around in the swamp, eating smelly foods, and scaring the villagers out of his forest.




2. Ursula (The Little Mermaid)


Ursula (The Little Mermaid)


Ursula is a sea witch in the story of The Little Mermaid. She is half-human and half-octopus and a mythical species called Cecaelia.


She was banished from the kingdom of Atlantica after she conned innocent merfolk and enticed them with spells to make their dreams come true.


She made them sign contracts that increased her power and duped them. Ursula is rumored to be created around the persona of Queen Latifah.


She has light purple skin with white hair. She is an obese sea witch, with octopus tentacles and violet suckers on the inside of the tentacles.


She wears heavy makeup with blue eyeshadow, red lipstick, and red nails. She wears a black off-shoulder gown and sea shells as jewelry.




3. Cruella De Vil (101 Dalmatians)


Cruella De Vil (101 Dalmatians)


Cruella De Vil is a fashion-obsessed evil heiress in the animated film 101 Dalmatians. She is the daughter of a wealthy socialite and spends her time and energy fueling her obsession with animal furs.


In the film, she decides to make a spotted fur coat with the skin of 99 Dalmatian puppies. Cruella De Vil is a skinny woman with sunken cheeks and a skeletal physique.


In her pursuit of fashion, she can go to any lengths. De Vil maintains her hair at shoulder length, and one side is white while the other is black.


She uses heavy makeup to look good, but it only makes her look ridiculous.




4. The Giant (Jack and the Beanstalk)


the giant (jack and the beanstalk)


In the animated film Jack and the Beanstalk, the giant is a menacing and formidable creature who terrorises Jack and the other inhabitants of the sky kingdom. He is depicted as a hulking, muscular figure with a fierce demeanour and a booming voice. 


His insatiable appetite for human flesh makes him a constant threat, and his booming catchphrase “Fee-fi-fo-fum! I smell the blood of an Englishman!” serves as a chilling reminder of his predatory nature.


Despite his fearsome appearance, the giant is also portrayed as a somewhat dim-witted and gullible character. He is easily tricked by Jack’s clever schemes, and his temper often gets the better of him, leading to his own downfall.



5. Beavis (Beavis & Butt-Head)


Beavis  (Beavis & Butt-Head)


Beavis is one of the titular characters from the adult animated series Beavis & Butt-Head, which was telecast on MTV.


Beavis is a typical teenager who is lazy, misogynistic, addicted to heavy-metal music, makes crude and insensitive jokes, and loves to stare.


Beavis’s first name is never disclosed. Beavis is a blond teenager who has been described as excruciatingly ugly. He has a huge pompadour that is out of fashion and wears band t-shirts all the time.


He is a Caucasian man with a pronounced underbite. He speaks with a hoarse voice and has a very creepy snicker.



6. Quasimodo (The Hunchback of Notre Dame)


Quasimodo  (The Hunchback of Notre Dame)


Quasimodo is the protagonist and the titular character of the animated film The Hunchback of Notre Dame. Quasimodo was found as a child, living in the streets, and Judge Claude Frollo abhorred the sight of him, so Quasimodo was sent to be the bell ringer in the dark Bell Tower.


Quasimodo was a kind-hearted and gentle person, but his appearance was hideous. He had many body deformities like a lump over his left eye, a hunchback caused by scoliosis, buck teeth, and an unruly mop of red hair.


His appearance scared the people of the town so he hid away in the bell tower, longing for friendship and love.



7. Squidward J. Q. Tentacles (Spongebob SquarePants)


Squidward J. Q. Tentacles (Spongebob SquarePants)


Squidward is an octopus in the Nickelodeon animated TV series Spongebob SquarePants. He is a co-worker and occasional friend of Spongebob and Patrick as he works at the cash register at Krusty Krab.


Squidward is a cynical, selfish, and overall unpleasant person. He is the opposite of Spongebob, who is cheery, happy-go-lucky, and optimistic.


Squidward is an octopus despite being called Squidward. He has a turquoise blue body with six limbs. Two limbs are his hands, and the four limbs are his feet.


Squidward has rectangular pupils in his round, half-closed eyes. He wears an orange shirt most of the time and lives in an Easter Island head.



8. Randall Boggs (Monsters Inc.)


Randall Boggs (Monsters Inc)


Randall Boggs is one of the scarers at Monsters, Inc. He is the main antagonist and hates Sully and Mike with all his heart.


He is jealous of Sulley for being the top scarer, month after month. At one point in time, he was a good guy and a friend of Mike, but his jealousy turned him evil and resentful of them.


Randall is a lizard-like monster with the power of camouflage. He can disappear completely. Randall Boggs has a purple body with a blue tail and three pink fronds.


He has bulging eyes that often become cross-eyed, as Randall needs to wear eyeglasses but refuses them. He loves to slither and sneak around using his camouflage.



9. Jafar (Aladdin)


Jafar (Aladdin)


Jafar is the evil vizier in the court of Sultan Hamed of Agrabah. He is the royal advisor who secretly wishes to dethrone the Sultan and take over his reign as the new Sultan.


He pretends to be a helpful, noble, and good-hearted man. Yet, he is a mediocre magician and seer who manipulates the Sultan into trusting him so that he can marry the princess to become Sultan.


Jafar is a tall, lean, and bony man who hides behind extravagant attires. He carries around a tall staff with a cobra head to channel his dark magic.


His face is lean and long with a long bulbous nose. He wears a thin black goatee and a permanent sneer on his face.


His exaggerated manner of speech pretends to show his obeisance and hide his true intent.



10. Scar (The Lion King)


Scar (The Lion King)


The Scar is a lion and the brother of Mufasa in The Lion King. He is the evil usurper of Mufasa’s throne and is the opposite of all the good qualities of Mufasa.


He is an arrogant, power-hungry, and jealous lion who only wants the power that the throne brings but not the responsibility.


Scar is a tawny and scraggly lion with a black mane. He is leaner and less muscular than Mufasa and this also makes him look less majestic.


He has almond-shaped bright green eyes that shine with envy and anger. To add a fearsome touch to his character, Scar speaks in an impeccable British accent and deep raspy voice.



11. Hades (Hercules)


hades (hercules)


Hades is not the same Greek mythological deity but a villainous Disney version. He is an evil, scheming, fiery-tempered god.


He is the god of dead people and hell, and being in that gloomy place has made Hades resentful toward the happy and carefree gods of Olympus.


He plots to take over Olympus by kidnapping and killing Hercules. Hades is a towering god with blueish-gray skin.


His eyes are sunken and dark with sharp teeth. His hair is a mass of blue flames dancing on his head, and he wears a nondescript black robe.


When Hades becomes angry, his skin turns red, and his hair bursts into yellow-red flames.



12. Drizella Tremaine (Cinderella)


Drizella Tremaine  (Cinderella)


Drizella Tremaine is the wicked stepsister of Cinderella in the animated Disney film Cinderella. She is a mean, greedy, spoiled, and arrogant young lady who wants all the good things in life only for herself.


She is the biological sister of Anastasia Tremaine. However, in the sequel to Cinderella, Anastasia reforms her ways, while Drizella continues to be mean and wicked.


Drizella Tremaine is an ugly person, both inside and outside. Her heart is a jealous heart that cannot bear to see others’ happiness.


She has brown shoulder-length hair, fair skin, black beady eyes, and short stature. Her envy reflects on her face as a sneer, and her behavior is most insincere and over-the-top. This makes her look crude and classless.



13. Queen of Hearts (Alice in Wonderland)


Queen of Hearts  (Alice in Wonderland)


Queen of Hearts is a playing card for the deck of cards that reign over Wonderland. She is from the Lewis Carroll Book Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and the animated film Alice in Wonderland.


She is a tyrant who rules over Wonderland with her obnoxious rules and quick-fire temper. Queen of Hearts is depicted as a portly and chubby woman with a big head.


She wears a little crown on her big head and loves to play croquet all day long. She dresses in bright red and black gowns, and her temper is legendary.


At the slightest opportunity, she orders the execution of her subjects and demands that her orders be followed to the T, however ridiculous they may be.



14. Grinch (The Grinch)


Grinch (The Grinch)


Grinch is the titular character of The Grinch, which was adapted from Dr. Seuss’ children’s book, How the Grinch Stole Christmas.


This animated film features the Grinch in the imaginary town of Whoville which is set to celebrate Christmas. The Grinch is a fantasy character who has green fur all over his body, with a face that resembles a cat.


However, he is not cute like a cat, as he always wears a scowl on his face. His face is pear-shaped, and so is his body.


The Grinch has spindly hands and legs but a pot belly. The Grinch is often accompanied by his loyal and friendly dog.



15. Sid (Ice Age)


Sid (Ice Age)


Sidney, or Sid for short, is a ground sloth from the Ice Age franchise. He is a lazy, slovenly sloth with no aim or goal in life.


He is abandoned by his sloth family and ends up forming a herd with unlikely friends, a wooly mammoth named Manny and a saber-tooth tiger named Diego.


Sid may be a lazy guy but he can talk a mile a minute without any filters. Sid has short fur and a short bushy tail.


He has a long neck and long claws on his hands and feet. Sid has bulbous eyes, and buck teeth and speaks with a thick lisp.


Sid is fairly clumsy as he walks into accidents regularly. As the film progresses, we also see him develop a slight paunch.



16.  Edna Mode (The Incredibles)


Edna Mode (The Incredibles)


Edna Mode, or E, is a major character from The Incredibles and its sequel. She is a designer of the superhero suits for the entire family of Incredibles.


Edna Mode is a bossy woman who knows what she wants and is a brilliant fashion designer. She is also a family friend of the Incredibles.


Edna Mode is a short woman with a mean temper. She bosses over huge guys and bullies them into doing her bidding.


The most outstanding feature of Edna Mode is the huge round eyeglasses she wears and the small button nose.


She has shiny short black hair with bangs like a little girl. But her sassy attitude is nothing like a little girl.



17. The Fates (Hercules)


The Fates (Hercules)


The Fates are the mythical beings who control the life of mortals from birth till their death. Clotho, Lachesis, and Atropos are the three fates, who are independent of all gods in Olympus and the Underworld.


They are grumpy, rude, arrogant, and difficult to work with. Even among themselves, they are constantly squabbling and arguing.


As far as their appearance goes, the three Fates are one ugly bunch. Lachesis is blue-skinned with a pointy nose and no eyeballs in her sockets.


She has a spider living in her nostril. Clotho has green skin and a pointy chin. She also does not have eyeballs in her sockets.


Atropos has mauve skin and green serpent-like hair. All three sisters share a single eyeball between themselves.



18. Yzma (The Emperor’s New Groove)


Yzma  (The Emperor's New Groove)


Yzma was the royal advisor of Emperor Kuzco in the initial days until he fired her from the post.


This angered Yzma, and as vengeance, she plotted to kill Kuzco and become the empress. She is an evil witch who considers herself to be the most beautiful woman.


Yzma concocts several poisons and complicated plans to kill Kuzco, yet they mostly fail. Yzma has sallow and grayish pallor with dramatic eye makeup.


She is obsessed with the color purple, and she limits the use of all purple colors only to herself and her secret lab.


Yzma is a tall and extremely skinny person with an angular figure. She has high cheekbones with hollow cheeks and spindly hands and legs.



19. Wile E. Coyote (Looney Tunes)


Wile E. Coyote  (Looney Tunes)


Wile E. Coyote is the predator who chases after his frequent nemesis, Road Runner. He is a part of the Looney Tunes cartoon show.


The name, Wile E. Coyote, is a play on words to indicate his wily nature. Instead of using his natural talent for stealth and patience, Wile E, Coyote uses complex and elaborate gadgetry and explosives that backfire on him.


While a coyote is a fox-like animal, in this cartoon show, he is depicted as a gaunt and skinny beast.


His fur is dirty brown with a lighter brown belly fur and face. He has long furry ears with a bushy tail.


However, his tail is messy and unkempt. Wile E. Coyote’s eyes always contain disdain, villainy, and arrogance.



20. Jumba Jookiba (Lilo and Stitch)


Jumba Jookiba (Lilo and Stitch)


Jumba Jookiba is an alien scientist from Quelte Quan. He is a self-proclaimed evil genius who conducted several illegal genetic experiments to create experimental beings like Stitch.


He made approximately 628 experimental creatures, and Experiment 626 is Stitch. As repulsive as his personality is, Jumba’s appearance is equally ugly.


His skin is pink and purple in patches all over his body. His figure is bulbous and portly. His head is like a dough ball with four eyes, two on each side of the head.


Jumba has two short hands and legs on his sides with four fingers and no toes.



21. Mother Gothel (Tangled)


Mother Gothel (Tangled)


Mother Gothel is the wicked old woman from the animated film Tangled. She is the wicked witch who is obsessed with youth.


Mother Gothel kept herself young over the centuries using a magical golden flower. However, after the birth of Rapunzel, the magic is transferred into her hair.


So Gothel kidnaps Rapunzel and locks her up in a tower in a hidden forest. Mother Gothel has thinning white hair that was once curly.


Her skin is saggy, with a multitude of wrinkles and age spots, Her veins are swollen with age and appear like snakes under her skin.


Her figure has lost its youthfulness, and she appears bent over and gaunt with age. Only with the use of Rapunzel’s hair can she stay youthful.



22. Ren & Stimpy (The Ren & Stimpy Show)


Ren & Stimpy (The Ren & Stimpy Show)


Ren and Stimpy are the titular characters of the animated TV series The Ren & Stimpy Show. Ren Höek is a crazy, psychotic chihuahua, and Stimpson J. Cat is a dumb and lovable cat.


The show was created in Canada and caused a small controversy for its language and themes.


The show was not deemed child-friendly due to the innuendo-laced dialogue and violence. Ren, as most chihuahuas go, is a dog on the edge.


He has anxiety problems and is very irritable. He is a skinny dog with big ears and a small body.


On the other hand, Stimpy is a good-natured and friendly cat who appears dim-witted. Stimpy has red fur on its back and a pale belly.


Its nose is a big blue blob, and he always has a genial smile on his face.



23. Pumbaa (The Lion King)


Pumbaa (The Lion King)


Pumbaa is the best friend of Timon and Simba. He appears in the animated film The Lion King and The Lion King 1½.


He is a smelly warthog with two horns growing from his snout. He has a huge body with tiny legs and has a smile on his face all the time.


Most of the animals avoid him as he smells awful, but it never bothers him. Pumbaa and Timon are a pair of outcast animals who forage for food in the forest and the grasslands.


Pumbaa is always hungry, and he is a glutton. He is a child-like, innocent person who appears stupid. But he is a happy-go-lucky character who only believes in the philosophy of Hakuna Matata.



24. Tasmanian Devil (Looney Tunes)


Tasmanian Devil (Looney Tunes)


Tasmanian Devil, also known as Taz, is a character from Looney Tunes. He is a native Australian species called the Tasmanian Devil, which looks like a brown dog that stands on its hind legs.


He has a jaw full of razor-sharp teeth that can bite into anything. Taz does not speak much but can make vicious sounds that scare everyone.


Taz is known to always be hungry. As a result, he eats anything that he sees, including ducks and rabbits.


He zooms around the place in a dust storm that spins like a tornado and covers large distances quickly.


Since he cannot communicate properly, Taz is the kind to shoot and then ask questions.



25. Mr. Krabs (SpongeBob SquarePants)


mr. krabs (spongebob squarepants)


In the animated television series SpongeBob SquarePants, Eugene Harold Krabs, better known as Mr. Krabs, is the greedy and curmudgeonly owner of the Krusty Krab. He runs the most popular fast-food restaurant in the underwater city of Bikini Bottom. 


His relentless pursuit of wealth and his unwavering stinginess are recurring themes throughout the series. Mr. Krabs is a complex character, often portrayed as an antagonist but also capable of acts of kindness and generosity, albeit often motivated by self-interest. 


He is a big red crab with two protruding eyes on the top of his head. His unseemly appearance is only rivalled by his colossal greed. His unwavering love for his daughter, Pearl, is one of his most redeeming qualities.



26. Shenzi (The Lion King)


Shenzi (The Lion King)


Shenzi is a hyena and one of the antagonists in The Lion King. She is the leader of a clan of hyenas who were exiled from the Pride Lands during the reign of Mufasa.


She conspires with Scar and instigates a stampede that kills Mufasa and Simba (purportedly). Once Scar comes into power, he allows Shenzi and her clan into Pride Lands.


Shenzi is a female hyena with yellow beady eyes. She has a jaw full of sharp teeth and cackles like a witch.


Shenzi is a gray hyena with dark gray spots on her back. She has spiky black hair on her head that falls like bangs onto her face.


Shenzi is a clever hyena whose only aim is to find food and water for her clan, and for that, she will align with anyone.



27. Roz (Monsters Inc)


Roz (Monsters Inc)


Roz is an employee of Monsters, Inc., and the head of the Child Detection Agency. She is a stickler for rules and proper paperwork.


This puts her in constant conflict with Mike who always has unfinished paperwork. Roz is an old slug with greenish-yellow skin.


Her eyes are a light shade of gray, and she wears cat-eye glasses. Her hair is a bristly dark gray color and has a mole below her lips on the left side.


Roz uses pink blush and lipstick on her dark red vest. This accentuates the strict and grouchy attitude that she displays.



28. Old Hag (Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs)


Old Hag (Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs)


Old Hag is the wicked witch or the evil queen of the fairy tale Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.


The evil queen is a stately and beautiful queen, who is obsessed with being the most beautiful woman in the world.


However, Snow White is declared the most beautiful woman, and this angers her to no end. The evil queen decides to end Snow White’s reign as most beautiful, and she disguises herself as an old Hag and goes to the forest to poison Snow White.


She wears a black floor-length robe with a pointed hat on her head. The old hag has two bulging eyes and a crooked and sharp nose.


Her sunken cheek, spindly arms, and bony fingers paint a scary picture to all who meet her.



29. Forky (Toy Story 4)


Forky (Toy Story 4)


Forky is an art project that Bonnie made and kept with her as a toy. Forky appears in Toy Story 4 and considers himself trash and not a toy.


However, Woody stops Forky when he tries to run away and reminds him that his purpose as a toy is to bring joy to Bonnie and make fond memories.


Forky is a spork that has been crafted in the art class. Bonnie sticks two mismatched googly eyes and a wax stick as his eyes and mouth.


A red straw has been modified to function as his arms and legs. He might look hideous, but he represents art to Bonnie, and she values him greatly.



30. Granny (Ice Age)


Granny (Ice Age)


Granny is a ground sloth by the name of Gladys. She is Sid’s grandmother, and the entire family escapes after leaving her and Sid behind.


We meet Granny in Ice Age: Continental Drift. Apart from being an old sloth, she has big building eyes, and one of her eyes is squinted.


Granny is stooped and shrunken with old age. Her hearing is not at its best either. As a youth, she sported a colorful afro but lost most of her hair now.


Granny has become a bitter, rude and unkind person who cannot perceive situations correctly. She often mistakes foe for friend and friend as foe.



31. Philoctetes (Hercules)


Philoctetes (Hercules)


Philoctetes, or Phil, as he is commonly known, is a Satyr. He is a creature that is half-man and half-goat.


Phil is short and pot-bellied with a round red nose. He is old, bald, and has two goat-like horns on his head.


Phil is a hero trainer and has earned great fame for his tough training and outstanding pupils. However, most of his pupils suffered bad luck and ended up in infamy rather than glory.


His most famous pupil was Achilles, and his death made Phil depressed. Phil gave up on hero training till Hercules, the Demi-God, came to him.



32. The Gruesome Family (The Flintstones)


The Gruesome Family (The Flintstones)


The Gruesomes are a family of monstrous goblins that move in as neighbors in The Flintstones. The family consists of Weirdly, Creepella, their son Gobby, and uncle Ghastly.


They live in the Tombstone manor, next door to the Flintstones and the Rubbles. Weirdly has green skin with a mop of unruly dark green hair.


He is short and rotund, while Creepella is tall and lanky with light green skin and limp red hair.


Gobby is different from his parents, with light blue skin and purple hair. He has a liking for strange pets like Schneider, the spidersaurus, and Occy, the octopus.



33. Eddy (Ed, Edd n Eddy)


Eddy (Ed, Edd n Eddy)


Eddy is one of three best friends from the animated show Ed, Edd n Eddy. The three friends, together, are called the Eds, and Eddy is the self-proclaimed leader of the group.


He has pink skin with three long black hair growing on his head. He is a short guy but hates it when it’s pointed out.


Eddy always dresses in a yellow bowling shirt and blue baggy jeans. Eddy is a lazy shirker who never takes responsibility to complete a task.


He makes half-baked plans to scam people off their money but leaves all the preparation to the other Eds.


In this whole world, Eddy loves money, Jawbreakers, his room, and Chunky Puffs more than anything else.



34. Professor Farnsworth (Futurama)


Professor Farnsworth (Futurama)


Hubert J. Farnsworth is commonly called Professor Farnsworth. He is a distant descendant of Philip J. Fry. Farnsworth was born in the year 2841 and has almost reached the 31st century with an age of 160 years.


He is the CEO and shareholder of Planet Express. Being over 150 years old, Farnsworth is geriatric with a bald head, innumerable wrinkles, thick eyeglasses, and a slight paunch.


He always dresses in a lab coat and house slippers. Professor Farnsworth has a penchant for using catchphrases like “Good news, everyone!” when he has to deliver bad news to them.



35. Sideshow Bob (The Simpsons)


Sideshow Bob (The Simpsons)


Sideshow Bob, a recurring character on the animated TV show “The Simpsons,” has a distinctive appearance and personality.


He is tall and slim, with a shock of curly red hair and a prominent widow’s peak. Sideshow Bob typically wears a prison jumpsuit or a green suit with a bowtie and carries a large, red-framed ruffled collar around his neck.


Bob is portrayed as highly intelligent, articulate, and cultured. He often speaks in a sophisticated manner and enjoys reciting poetry or referencing classical literature.


However, beneath his refined exterior lies a vengeful and sinister nature. Sideshow Bob is known for his obsession with Bart Simpson, driven by his desire to seek revenge on Bart for thwarting his previous schemes.


Despite his villainous nature, he occasionally has moments of vulnerability and even displays some redeeming qualities.



36. Herbert (The Family Guy)


Herbert (The Family Guy)


Herbert, commonly known as “Herbert the Pervert,” is a recurring character on the animated TV show “Family Guy.”


He is an elderly man, depicted as being thin, hunched over, and having white hair with a receding hairline. He wears glasses and his voice is soft-spoken and slightly nasally. 


Herbert is a pedophile, which is a highly controversial aspect of his character. He is known for his disturbing obsession with young boys, often luring them into his house with candy or other methods.


He speaks with a gentle and creepy tone, using endearing terms like “sweetie” or “whistle” when addressing the boys.


Herbert is characterized as a predatory figure with inappropriate intentions, which contributes to his overall unsettling and disturbing persona on the show.



37. Uncle Ugo (Luca)


Uncle Ugo (Luca)


Uncle Ugo is a sea monster from the animated film Luca. He is the uncle of Luca and the brother of Lorenzo.


Ugo has a very frightening appearance, but he is a nice person. His appearance makes him seem off-putting and unlikeable.


Ugo is a deep sea monster who has big glow-in-the-dark eyes and antennae. His skin is transparent so we can see his inner organs like his heart, bones, etc.


He has a large mouth with a row of scary sharp teeth. His appearance is so ugly that his personality often gets overlooked.



38. Gargamel (The Smurfs)


Gargamel (The Smurfs)


Gargamel is a human in the world of Smurfs. He is the main antagonist in the series who wants to capture smurfs for different reasons.


He is a human who dresses in a black robe with patches and wears brown boots. He has balding black hair and a permanent scowl on his face.


Gargamel is an evil, wicked and sadistic person. He always wants to capture smurfs and use them for some personal gain or the other.


He holds a deep-rooted grudge against them and hates their happy and peaceful existence.



39. Morgana (The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea)


Morgana (The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea)


Morgana is a sea witch and the younger sister of Ursula. They are both evil witches who wanted to control all the sea creatures and take the trident from King Triton.


It is not clear whether she was also banished from the kingdom just like her sister or killed. Morgana has a squid-like body with a slender upper body and eight limbs.


She has green skin with long flowing hair and a mole below her lip on the left side. Morgana is known to be less talented than Ursula but hates being criticized for her mistakes.


She grew up always being compared to her talented sister, and this made her a crazier person.



40. Mr. Magoo (Mr. Magoo)


Mr Magoo (Mr Magoo)


Mr. Magoo is the titular character of the animated TV series and film series Mr. Magoo. He is not your typical ugly character, but he is a short, stout old man who is not exactly handsome.


He is bald and cannot see properly. This shortcoming leads to many comedic situations and problems for him. The stories of Mr. Magoo’s show revolve around the vision problem of Mr. Magoo.


He refuses to accept that he cannot see well, but rather he lands into one mess after another. However, he is lucky enough to escape unharmed from his escapades.


Everyone thinks he is insane.



41. Mr. Mackey (South Park)


Mr. Mackey (South Park)


Mr. Mackey is the guidance counselor at South Park Elementary school. He also serves at the City Council as head of the public health department.


He is one of the few level-headed, rational adults in the series. Mr. Mackey has a balloon-like head that is too big for his body.


He wears large oval spectacles. Mackey has thinning hair and dresses in a dark green shirt with a blue tie and slacks.


He dressed formally most of the time. Another annoying habit of McKay is his use of ‘m’kay’ at the end of every sentence.



42. Creeper (The Black Cauldron)


Creeper (The Black Cauldron)


Creeper is the right-hand man of the Horned King in the Disney animated film The Black Cauldron. He is one of the antagonists of the film as he is the loyal lackey of the Horned King.


He is an intelligent and evil-brained goblin, but he is often bullied and tortured by his king. As a result of the constant bullying from the king, who chokes him and brutalizes him, Creeper is a miserable-looking creature.


He has only one eye and short arms and legs. He is green in color with many missing teeth and crawls around everywhere.


Creeper has experienced lengthy torture and beating at the hands of the Horned King and became too fearful to consider escape.



43. LeFou (Beauty and the Beast)


LeFou (Beauty and the Beast)


LeFou is French for The Fool. He is the sidekick of Gaston in the animated film Beauty and The Beast.


He is a bumbling and dimwitted character who makes snide remarks about things, sometimes even Gaston’s behavior. For his remarks, Gaston bullies and abuses him, yet LeFou worships Gaston and stays by his side.


LeFou is a short and stout man with crooked teeth. He has a big bulbous nose that is pink all the time.


Being a clumsy man, he constantly stumbles into objects, gets hit by falling things, or gets hit by Gaston when he is frustrated.


He has messy clothes and unkempt hair like a drunkard.



44. Madame Medusa (The Rescuers)


Madame Medusa (The Rescuers)


Madame Medusa is the main antagonist in the animated series The Rescuers. She is a greedy, evil, and heartless woman.


She is hideous to look at and is completely unaware of it. Madame Medusa has flaming red hair that is wild and unkempt.


She wears too much makeup with black kohl and fake eyelashes. Madame Medusa always dresses up in bright colors like bright red off-shoulder dresses, pink high heel shoes, purple fur coats, etc.


She has an obsession with diamonds and does not like to give up on something once she sets her mind to it.



45. Henry J. Waternoose III ( Monsters, Inc.)


Henry J. Waternoose III ( Monsters, Inc.)


Henry J. Waternoose III is the former CEO of the company, Monsters Inc. He inherited it from his father and welcomed Sulley and Wazowski when they joined the company.


He taught the scarers that young children were poisonous and instilled fear in everyone’s mind about children. In recent times, children are not as scared of monsters as before, and this worries him.


Waternoose is an obese monster who is bald and has five teal-colored eyes. He has six crab-like legs using which he can crawl up walls, and has six fingers on each hand.


He is a very scary-looking monster.



46. Eustace Bagge (Courage the Cowardly Dog)


Eustace Bagge (Courage the Cowardly Dog)


Eustace Bagge is a farmer in the middle of Nowhere, Kansas. He is the husband of Muriel Bagge, and Courage lives with them.


Eustace hates Courage’s cowardly behavior, but every time Courage saves him, he respects the dog. Eustace is a scrawny old man with a bald head and no teeth.


He has a long protruding jaw and long feet. He enjoys yelling at Courage and startling him in the dark.


His wife Muriel comes to Courage’s rescue, and this makes Eustace jealous. He never really liked Courage but accepted him because of his wife.



47. Oogie Boogie (The Nightmare Before Christmas)


Oogie Boogie (The Nightmare Before Christmas)


Oogie Boogie is a boogeyman from the animated film The Nightmare Before Christmas. He is considered to be the scariest of all boogeymen, and he is detested and feared in equal measure by the inhabitants of Halloweentown.


He is the nemesis of Jack Skellington. Oogie is the embodiment of all the things that children fear. He has a burlap sack for a body and it contains different types of creepy, crawly insects.


He lives on the outskirts of Halloweentown and has a penchant for gambling, cannibalism, and sadism. Due to his vile and treacherous nature, he does not like to take part in Halloween.



48. Victor, Hugo, and Laverne  (The Hunchback of Notre Dame)


Victor, Hugo, and Laverne  (The Hunchback of Notre Dame)


Victor, Hugo, and Laverne are three gargoyles that take care of Quasimodo when he is sent to the bell tower in Notre Dame.


These anthropomorphic gargoyles are active during the night. During the day, when people are around, they become stone statues.


As gargoyles go, Victor, Hugo, and Laverne are fierce, ugly, and scary looking. They have horns, long ears, strong bodies, and wings (Hugo).


Despite their appearance, Victor, Hugo, and Laverne are friendly, caring, and gentle toward Quasimodo. Hugo is the most mischievous, and Laverne is a motherly figure.



49. Mr. Denzel Quincy Crocker (The Fairly Oddparents)


Mr Denzel Quincy Crocker (The Fairly Oddparents)


Mr. Denzel Quincy Crocker is an elementary school teacher in the Nickelodeon animated series The Fairly Oddparents. He is generally referred to as Mr. Crocker, a sadistic teacher who loves to give Fs every time he is frustrated.


Mr. Crocker is considered ugly in his personality because he hates children but teaches in children’s schools. He has crooked teeth, a hunchback, and his ears are on his neck.


As a child, he was taken care of by fairies. However, at some point, he developed a hatred and obsession for fairies.


He creates devices to identify fairies and magic with the intent to capture them.



50. Rasputin (Anastasia)


Rasputin (Anastasia)


Rasputin is a Russian monk who dabbled in dark magic. He appears in the animated film Anastasia as the main antagonist.


Rasputin is shown as an evil cossack soldier with green skin, a gaunt face with oily black hair, and a beard.


He instigates others to kill the Czar and his family. In the film, as the soldiers storm the palace, Empress Dowager takes Anastasia and escapes.


Rasputin sees this and chases after them, only to die in the effort. However, as his grudge is unfulfilled, he remains in limbo and dabbles in dark magic to raise an army of demons to kill Anastasia.



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