Top 49 Best Trolls Characters Of All Time

Top Trolls Characters to Watch!


Trolls is a computer-animated musical comedy film created by DreamWorks Animations. The film was released in 2016 with much fanfare as the cast was a spectacular combination of comedy and musical stars.


We got to watch Anna Kendrick, Justin Timberlake, Gwen Stefani,  Zooey Deschanel, Russell Brand, James Corden, Jeffrey Tambor, John Cleese, etc., create magic with their voices.


Trolls are based on the Good Luck Trolls range of toys. They were a series of dolls created by Thomas Dam, a Danish woodcutter.


The troll doll was a hit with children across Europe, as the cute dolls were made of plastic with brightly colored hair that was styled to stand up.


The characters created for the Good Luck Trolls were included in the film with a few additional trolls. The premise of the first film was a happy and fun-filled community of trolls being threatened by the evil Bergens.


These Bergens plan to capture the trolls and eat them to find happiness. The Trolls community has to come together to fight away the Bergens and save their village.


Based on the success of the first film, a sequel, titled Trolls World Tour, was released in April 2020.


An animated TV series was also created and telecast on Netflix based on the first film. Today, we shall meet all the lovable and fun-filled characters of Trolls, the movie, and the animated series.


Entoin hopes to introduce all viewers to the main and supporting characters with a short description of them and their relationships.




1. Poppy / Queen Poppy


Poppy / Queen Poppy


Poppy is the main female protagonist of the Trolls film series. She is the daughter of King Peppy, who was a very good ruler who often protected his people from the evil Bergans.


As a toddler, Poppy was also kidnapped and ready to be sacrificed to Prince Gristle Jr. Her father launched a rescue mission and saved her in the nick of time.


Poppy is a sweet, lovable, enthusiastic, and overly optimistic young lady. Sometimes she can be perceived as naive because Poppy believes that every problem can be solved with a song, a dance, or a hug.


She faces her biggest crisis when she realizes that not everything can be solved that way. Initially, Poppy has a crush on Troll Creek.


But she soon realizes that he has switched loyalties and gets disheartened. Later, she develops a good bond with Branch and has many friends.


Poppy was voiced by Anna Kendrick in both the films and the holiday specials.




2. Branch




Branch is the deuteragonist. He is a bluish gray-skinned troll with black hair. He is paranoid, overcautious to a fault, and a pessimist.


Branch survived an attack by the Bergans where his grandmother had to sacrifice herself to save him, and the incident scarred his soul.


Branch is the only troll in the entire village who does not sing, dance, or hug. He believes that singing and dancing will not save the day and stays prepared all the time for the worst scenario.


Branch can be described as a bit of a downer, and yet he secretly adores Poppy’s optimism and free spirit.


Branch secretly likes Poppy, but he can’t agree with her opinion that a hug can solve problems. He was a happy troll as a child but his experience made him a paranoid person who expects the worst at every turn.


However, being around Poppy and her infectious enthusiasm brings out his urge to sing and dance.




3. Bridget




Bridget is the scullery maid in the palace of Gristle, and she has an ardent crush on him. She is a bergen with grayish purple skin and bright pink blush on her cheeks.


Her crooked teeth make her smile appear endearing. Bridget is a trusting and naive Bergen who helps the trolls after Poppy promises to help her express her love to Gristle Jr.


Her naivety is often made fun of, and Chef calls her Idget instead of Bridget. As mentioned earlier, Bridget loves Gristle Jr and becomes his girlfriend with the help of Poppy and her friends.


Later in the series, she marries Gristle and becomes the Queen of Bergen Town. She is also one of the first Bergens to befriend Poppy.




4. King Gristle Jr.


King Gristle Jr.


Gristle Jr. is the son of Gristle Sr, who was the king of Bergens. Now that his father has been deposed, Gristle Jr. is the King of Bergen Town.


He always has a bad temper and appears rude. As a child, he was denied his chance at happiness when Poppy escaped.


This has put him in a very surly mood. Gristle Jr. is disappointed with his father and hopes to be a better King than him.


Under the manipulations of Chef, Gristle comes to the conclusion that attacking Troll village and capturing all the trolls will make him a likable King.


Yet, he is reluctant to eat a whole troll by himself and proposes to share it with his subjects.


Despite his seemingly rude behavior, Gristle has loyal bodyguards who serve him well. He also has a fangirl in Bridget, who confesses her feelings for him with the help of Poppy and Branch.


Towards the end of the film, we see Gristle display a talent for rhyming and become friends with Poppy.



5. Biggie




Biggie is a big blue troll with short periwinkle hair. He is a member of the Snack Pack and his best friend of Poppy.


Biggie is also the tallest troll in the group, and this makes him easily recognizable to the enemy. Biggie is timid by nature, and he is a soft-spoken lad.


As a result, he is often targeted by his opponents and bullied. However, Biggie does not shy away from expressing his emotions with tears and loves to give and take hugs.


Biggie is the only one that speaks with a distinct British accent throughout the film series. He dotes on his pet worm called Mr. Dinkles.


He is the best friend of Poppy and the Snack Pack.



6. Cooper




Cooper is a tall Funk Troll who lives among the Pop Trolls of Trolls Village. He is a member of the Snack Pack and unlike all other trolls in attitude and appearance.


Cooper is a goofy guy who has wicked dance moves and harmonica skills. If possible, he is even more fun-loving and happy-go-lucky than your average troll in the village.


Cooper is a giraffe-like troll with pink skin and blue legs. He always wears a green hat to cover his downy hair.


It is very obvious that Cooper is not from the Troll Village, and later, it is revealed that he is one of the twin princes of the Funk Trolls tribe.


His mother is Queen Essence, and Prince Darnell is his twin brother.



7. Chef




Chef is a Bergan royal chef and the main antagonist of the first Trolls movie. She is a light purple-skinned Bergen and always wears her chef’s uniform.


Chef is an arrogant and proud bully who lost everything when the Trolls escaped with Poppy as a toddler.


She went from being a highly esteemed member of the court to being exiled. This causes Chef to have deep resentment towards the trolls.


She wanders the forests searching for the troll village and plotting her revenge. She plans to make a comeback with the troll captives and become the queen of Bergen Town.


Due to her bullying nature and hateful attitude, Chef has no friends. Both Trolls and Bergens are her enemies.



8. Queen Barb


Queen Barb


Queen Barb appears in the second Trolls film, titled Rolls World Tour. She is the daughter of King Trash of the Rock Tribe, and she aspires to cure the trolls of the pop tribe.


The main ambition of Queen Barb is to unite all trolls under the Rock tribe banner. Hence, she becomes the opponent of Queen Poppy.


Queen Bard can be described as a Rock Goddess with bright red hair and a rocker chick outfit. Outwardly, she is a tough queen with the poise and command of a leader.


However, in her heart, she is a softie who loves kids and her tribe’s people. She is a just and kind ruler, who is eventually befriended by Poppy.


He has many friends in her rock tribe. She is closest to Carol, Riff, and her pet Debbie. She is also close to Poppy and Val Thundershock.



9. Creek




Creek is a calm, collected, and serene troll among all the residents of the Trolls Village. He is a happy, friendly, fun-loving troll like the others, but he also likes to be the center of attention.


He always manages to steal the limelight with his wise words and zen-like attitude. Creek was the most trusted member of the Snack Pack team, and this makes his betrayal in the first Trolls film appear more shocking.


It is shown that all his wise words and attitude were a facade to hide his selfish and cowardly nature.


Initially, Creek has the love and respect of the SnackPack and Queen Poppy. He has a rivalry going on with Branch but hides it well.


After his betrayal comes to light, Creek is kicked out of the Snack Pack, and Branch takes his spot.



10. Guy Diamond


Guy Diamond


Guy Diamond is a walking talking disco ball. He is an in-your-face character who loves to give hugs when it is hugs time as per his bracelet.


He is the life of any party and is the first one to hit the dance floor. When Guy dances, he sends out clouds of glitter that sparkle and shine.


Guy appears to have silvery-blue skin and silver hair. He is always covered in glitter and has the most body-positive attitude among all.


For some reason, Guy’s voice is auto-tuned which adds to his uniqueness. Guy is a popular party guy without being boastful and arrogant about it.


He is friendly with everyone and loves his son Tiny Diamond.



11. Chenille




Chenille and Satin are identical twins that are conjoined in their hair. Chenille is the lavender-blue twin with a purple-colored nose.


Her hair, which is joined to her sister’s, has a gradient of teal, lavender, and pink. Chenille and Satin are the most fashionable members of the Snack Pack.


Despite being identical twins, Chenille often opposes Satin’s ideas, and Satin opposes Chenille. Yet they are best of friends.


Chenille appears to be slightly more dominating than the twins and leaves Satin to follow her ideas.



12. Satin




Satin and Chenille are identical twins conjoined in their hair. Satin is the pastel pink troll and has an excellent fashion sense.


Satin, along with her twin, are the fashionistas of the village and make all the fashion decisions. Both the twins are BFFFs: Best Fashion Friends Forever.


They appear to have clashing personalities, but in times of crisis, they work together and get the job done.


Satin is the more adventurous and social twin, while Chenille is the calmer one.



13. DJ Suki


DJ Suki


DJ Suki is the resident DJ of Troll Village. She has the best knowledge and understanding of beats and tempo to create upbeat and party music every time.


She uses her DJ set, made up of natural insects, animals, etc., and creates amazing music. DJ Suki is a bit of a worry wart as she does not like failure and displeasing people.


She is a people pleaser and goes through all kinds of troubles to make others happy. However, she is also a kind and loving friend and a great party guest.


DJ Suki is very attached to her niece CJ Suki. She dotes on her. DJ Suki is also a close friend of everyone on the Snack Pack team.



14. Smidge




Smidge is the tiniest Troll in the village, with bright yellow skin and long blue hair that is tied up with a pink bow.


But do not be deceived by her small stature as Smidge has a deep resounding voice and is a fitness fanatic.


Smidge’s favorite catchphrase is Oh My Guh. Smidge is very disciplined and loves to exercise. She loves her friends dearly and gets excited about anything about her Snack Pack team.


Although Smidge appears tough on the outside, she can be adorable from time to time.



15. Mr. Dinkles


Mr. Dinkles


Mr. Dinkles is another member of the Snack Pack. He is the pet worm of Biggie with a greenish-yellow body and pink stripes.


Initially, Mr. Dinkles did not have many dialogues so we can only know what he thinks via Biggie. Biggie understands the thoughts of Mr. Dinkles and vocalizes all his worries. However, it is unclear if the worries are of Mr. Dinkles or Biggie.


The vocalizing apart, Mr. Dinkles is sometimes mischievous but generally a peaceful pet for Biggie. He is very close to Biggie and adores the Snack Pack and Queen Poppy.



16. Tiny Diamond


Tiny Diamond


Tiny Blitzgerald Diamond is the full name of Guy Diamond’s son. Just like his father, Tiny also has silver-blue skin that is covered in glitter.


Tiny is self-aware of his weaknesses and shortcomings, and hence he is concerned about exhibiting them. Yet, just like his father, Tiny Diamond is a proud glitter troll who loves fun, parties, and attention.


He idolizes his father and Queen Poppy. Tiny’s close friends are CJ Suki, Priscilla, and Keith.



17. Cloud Guy


Cloud Guy


Cloud Guy is a cloud from the Cloud tribe. While all other clouds stay in the sky and wander around all day, Cloud Guy prefers to come down to the Troll Village.


He is a mischievous cloud who likes to have fun by pranking others. His main target is Branch because Branch gets flustered easily.


Cloud Guy is a big fluffy cloud with lavender eyes and blue limbs. He gets bored easily and likes to prank trolls for fun.


He is also an emotional manipulator, due to which he gets out of any trouble.



18. Fuzzbert




Fuzzbert is a Fuzzling species of Trolls. He is made up entirely of bright green hair with a pair of orange legs.


There are no other distinguishable features like eyes, mouth, hands, etc. His voice comes out muffled due to all the hair, and he does not have a major part in the Snack Pack as a singer.


However, Fuzzbert has nimble feet, and when he dances, he is called Twinkle Toes.



19. King Peppy


King Peppy


King Peppy is the father of Queen Poppy. He is an orange troll with pink hair that has gray streaks in it.


At the start of the first Trolls film, he is shown as a younger troll who launches a great rescue mission and saves his fellow trolls from the Bergens.


King Peppy is known for his wise and inspirational words. He believes in Never leaving a Troll Behind. This heroic attitude is the stuff of Troll legends.



20. King Gristle Sr.


King Gristle Sr.


King Bergen Sr. is the father of King Gristle Jr. He was the King of Bergen Tow at the start of the first Troll movie.


He had a tough time managing the fickle-minded Bergen townsfolk and his only son. He tried to make everyone happy with the Troll feast, but King Peppy rescued them and brought great shame to him.


As a result, Gristle Sr. became unpopular, and under the machinations of Chef, the townsfolk forced him to step down and hand the reign to his son.



21. Chad




Chad is the Bergen bodyguard of King Gristle Jr. He and Todd are favored bodyguards that accompany the king on most of his trips.


Chad is the dark green Bergen with black hair and moles covering his face and neck. He has no special qualities or much dialogue throughout their film appearances.



22. Todd




Todd is the fellow bodyguard of King Gristle Jr. He looks similar to Chad, except that Todd’s skin is slightly yellowish with dark green hair.


Todd and Chad dress similarly, which makes it difficult to distinguish one from the other. King Gristle Jr often mixes up their names due to the lack of differences.


Yet, they work loyally to protect the king.



23. King Trollex


King Trollex


King Trollex is the king of the techno trolls tribe. He is the master of the best techno beats and a complete party animal.


As a King of techno trolls, his main aim and agenda is to ensure his people party safely and party long.


To ensure this, he will bravely confront any obstacle. King Trollex appears to be bioluminescent with dark neon blue skin and neon green hair.


King Trollex can also be a little mischievous when he purposely delays the song drop to frustrate his tribe.


However, they love him dearly.



24. Grandma Rosiepuff


Grandma Rosiepuff


Grandma Rosiepuff was the late grandmother of Branch. Branch loved her a lot and remembers her often in TV series.


Rosiepuff was a purple-skinned rainbow troll with mint-green hair. Grandma Rosiepuff loved children and always encouraged the true colors of every troll.


She was the most patient and caring troll ever. Grandma spent most of her time caring for troll babies, singing songs for them, etc.



25. Prince D


Prince D


Prince D or Prince Darnell is the twin brother of Cooper. He looks similar to Cooper but has subtle differences that can be detected upon close observation.


During his experimental teen years, Prince D moved away from Funk music and started to mix it with Hip Hop and tried new styles.


The personality of Prince D is more cautious than Cooper’s. He does not trust trolls easily, but he does not stop being friendly.


He is also a very encouraging guy, and he inspires Cooper to adopt a combination of Funk and pop music.



26. Delta Dawn


Delta Dawn


Delta Dawn is the Queen of Country music Trolls. She is also the mayor and sheriff of Lonesome Flats.


The centaur-like body of Delta Dawn is the most unique appearance of all trolls. Her bottom half is a white horse, and her upper body is orange-skinned with red hair.


She wears a big round buckle and a white hat. Delta Dawn is a country music troll and proudly defends her townsfolk.


She is initially resentful toward Queen Poppy, Branch, and Biggie for being Pop Trolls.



27. Val Thundershock


Val Thundershock


Val Thundershock is a Rock Troll, and she is the ambassador of the Rock troll tribe. She is an ardent rock fan and does not like it when she is not allowed to enjoy her music.


Just like any rock legend, Val Thundershock has an edgy personality. She is impulsive and easy to anger. She does not easily get impressed by anything.


Her best friends are Queen Barb, Queen Poppy, and her Snack Pack.



28. Legsly




Legsly is a Pop Troll and a member of Snack Pack. She is a lively and friendly troll who loves to sing and dance like every other troll.


She is of short stature and plump with a purple-colored skin tone. She has bright orange hair. She has the ability to make her legs grow longer or shorter as per her wish.


Thereby, she gets her name Legsly.



29. Riff




Riff is a rock troll. He is the right-hand man of Queen Barb and is ready to follow every order of hers without question.


Riff has a grayish-blue skin shade with jet-black hair. He wears a back beanie and a pair of fingerless leather gloves.


He coupled it with a rocker outfit. Riff is the best friend of Queen Barb and a laid-back guy.


Although he blindly supports his queen, he finally questions her after getting inspiration from Queen Poppy.



30. Holly Darlin


Holly Darlin


Holly Darlin is a country troll. She is a delegate in the tribal council and a very happy and friendly troll.


She can talk a dime a dozen and loves to make people happy with gifts. Being a perfectionist, Holly Darlin always strives to do better.


She is best friends with Queen Poppy, Branch, Val Thundershock, Gust Tumbleweed, and the Snack Pack. She is a simple person who doesn’t like complicated things.



31. Moxie Dewdrop


Moxie Dewdrop


Moxie Dewdrop is a rainbow troll and lives in the Troll Village. She has magenta skin and bright pink hair.


Like every other troll in the village, she loves to sing and dance, but her specialty is dance. She can bust a move to any song at a party.


Moxie created the Razzle Dazzle dance move, and all her friends chant Moxie Rocks! When she starts to dance.



32. Debbie




Debbie is a Honduran white bat. She is the pet of Queen Barb of the Rock Trolls. Debbie adores Queen Barb, and similarly, Barb lovingly calls Debbie her Hairy Little Baby.


Queen Barb travels everywhere with Debbie and never leaves her behind.



33. King Thrash


King Thrash


King Thrash is the former king of the Rock Trolls tribe, and he has dirty blue-colored skin with a mop of black hair.


He wears a gothic rock outfit with a leather jacket. It is unknown the kind of ruler King Thrash was, but after years of playing rock music and doing late-night parties, his health is poor.


We can see King Thrash move around on a mobile throne, but his daughter, Queen Barb, adores him and looks up to him.


He is also good friends with King Peppy.



34. Dickory




Dickory is a bounty hunter and troll from the Hinterland. Dickory and his brother Hickory are yodeling trolls that are proud of their music.


But, when Queen Barb threatens him with losing their music forever, Dickory concedes to finding Queen Poppy for her.



35. Hickory




Hickory is the brother of Dickory, and a fellow Austrian yodeling troll. Similar to Dickory, he is a Hinterland troll and a bounty hunter.


They join the Country troll tribe to find Queen Poppy. Just like his brother, Hickory is a light green-skinned troll with orange hair and nose.



36. Harper




Harper is an artistIc troll who loves painting more than anything. He is a recurring character, but she is not known for singing and dancing.


Harper is an inspiration to all trolls who want to follow their dream. Harper has a turquoise blue skin tone with a bright blue nose.


Although he wears a white dress, she is covered, all over, with paint stains of different colors.



37. Veneer




In the animated film “Trolls Band Together,” Veneer is the brother of the main antagonist, Velvet. He is a skilled musician and producer who aspires to create the next big hit song. Veneer is characterized by his eagerness to please, his naivety, and his unwavering loyalty to his sister.


Despite his villainous association, Veneer is not inherently malicious. He is genuinely passionate about music and believes that his sister’s ambitious plans will lead to their mutual success. He is also fiercely loyal to Velvet and is willing to go to great lengths to support her aspirations.


Veneer’s primary weakness is his naivety. He is easily manipulated by his sister’s cunning and often finds himself caught in her web of deceit. He also lacks the self-awareness to recognize his sister’s true motivations and the potential harm they could cause.



38. Demo




Demo is a Rock Troll and the band manager for Val Thundershock and Blaze Powerchord. He finds the preparation for a concert to be the most interesting thing.


He is muddy blue-skinned, and his dark blue hair is spiky. He is friendly with all the trolls, and during a girls’ night out, Val and Poppy invite him to it and give him a makeover too.



39. Velvet




Velvet is one of the main antagonists in the animated film “Trolls Band Together.” She is a cunning and ambitious pop star who, along with her brother Veneer, seeks to exploit the musical talents of others for their own personal gain. Velvet is characterized by her sharp wit, manipulative nature, and insatiable desire for fame and fortune.


Velvet’s primary motivation is to achieve musical success at any cost. She is willing to go to extreme lengths to get what she wants, even if it means hurting others. Velvet is not above using underhanded tactics, such as blackmail and deception, to achieve her goals.


Despite her villainous nature, Velvet possesses a certain level of charisma and charm, which she uses to her advantage. She is also fiercely loyal to her brother Veneer, and she genuinely cares about his well-being.



40. Blaze Powerchord


Blaze Powerchord


Blaze Powerchord is a Rock Troll and an awesome performer. He can play the mouth Guitar to perfection and likes to be the center of attention all the time.


As a performer, this quality works excellently, but off-stage, it irritates people. Blaze Powerchord is muddy purple-skinned with purple and blue hair.


Initially, he did not have a major role, but his constant appearance at the tribal council meets and concerts increased his presence and popularity among all tribes.



41. Dante Crescendo


Dante Crescendo


Dante Crescendo is a Classical troll. He is a very prim, proper, and posh troll that harkens back to the European nobility.


Dante Crescendo has a light golden skin tone with pink hair styled like classical musicians. His cheeks and nose are rosy pinks with a glittering gem in place of a belly button.


Dante Crescendo does not react to every situation. He only concerns himself with his music and matters that affect his music.


Yet, he is a very friendly troll and a perfectionist.



42. Lownote Jones


Lownote Jones


Lownote Jones is a Funk Troll with an orange skin shade. He has purple and red hair that is tied up in a bun.


Jones is a very cool and composed troll with panache in the way he speaks. He has a few quirks that make him interesting, but his patience and friendly nature attract everyone to him.


He is friends with Queen Poppy, Branch, and the tribal council delegates. Jones has a pet called Snug-a-lug, and he loves him the most.



43. Bibbly Bibbington


Bibbly Bibbington


Bibbly Bibbington is a Bergen living in Bergen Town. He is a shopkeeper who sells bibs. Bibbly’s shop is frequented by King Gristle Jr. because the king must have a clean and freshly ironed bib every time he eats.


Bibbly Bibbington respects and admires his king with all his heart.



44. Bernice




Bernice is another townsfolk from Bergen Town. She has a dirty purple skin shade with a bright purple nose. She appears gruff and arrogant on the outside, but she is a loving and caring Bergen who loves her pet Numnums.



45. Dad Cloud


Dad Cloud


Dad Cloud is from the Cloud tribe. He is the father of Cloud Guy. He is a strict and controlling father who likes to give free advice to the younger generation on everything.


Unable to keep up with Dad Cloud’s bothersome attitude, Cloud Guy runs away from the cloud tribe and starts bothering Branch.


Initially, Branch is supportive of Dad Cloud, but soon realizes his mistake.



46. Mom Cloud


Mom Cloud


Mom Cloud is also from the cloud tribe, and she is the wife of Dad Cloud. Her attitude is similar to Dad Cloud and she likes to interfere in the life of Cloud Guy and his family.


This behavior of Mom Cloud and Dad Cloud seems to annoy Cloud Guy who frequently escapes to the Troll Village to spend his day pranking Branch and the other trolls.



47. Janet




Janet is from the Cloud tribe. She is the wife of Cloud Guy and the daughter-in-law of Dad Cloud and Mom Cloud.


Janet has three children, Windy, Storm, and Jr. Janet has a white fluffy cloud body with lavender eyes and people’s legs.


She also wears dark square-shaped eyeglasses. Janet appears occasionally in the TV series only.



48. King Quincy


King Quincy


King Quincy, also known as Q, is the purple-skinned king of the Funk Trolls. He has a distinctive appearance with pink and blue dreadlocks and a yellow nose.


As a father, husband, and ruler, Quincy is kind, fun-loving, and wise. Despite knowing the past misdeeds of the Pop Trolls, he doesn’t hold it against Queen Poppy and explains the truth of the Troll Tribes’ history to her.


Quincy displays fearlessness and rallies his people to battle against the Rock Trolls. Alongside his wife, he recognizes that music comes from the Trolls’ hearts, not just the strings.



49. Queen Essence


Queen Essence


Queen Essence, the queen of the Funk Trolls in Trolls World Tour, is known for her calm and composed leadership.


She has guided her subjects through challenging situations with wisdom and care. As a mother, Essence shows deep affection for her son Cooper and takes pride in her sons’ musical talents, even when all music seemed lost.


Essence, along with King Quincy, embodies a traditional regal demeanour among the Tribal monarchs.


Essence realizes that music stems from the heart, and it is an unyielding expression that cannot be taken away.



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